Spiritual Glossary ~ via Ann Heifets

As channeled by Ann Heifets


Antichrist (see Lucifer)
Chakra (see Inner Temple)
Christ Consciousness
Divine Emptiness
God (see Source)
Inner child (see Inner Temple)
Inner Temple
Light Implant
New Adam and Eva
New children
New Church
New Commandments of God
New Earth
New energy
New Jerusalem
New space of light
Old energy (see New energy)
Personality, light personality and personality in God
Space Masters
Spiritual Israel
Trinity (Triple basis of the world)
This is a spiritual library, which contains all the information about the spiritual life of mankind and of specifically every human being and of humanity in general and of human groups, this is a huge information center
Only of the mankind or in general?
Through the library Akash you can go to the other information centers, there are inputs-outputs in other information centers, in other libraries. But, as I see, the Akash is bounded to the Earth and humanity.
I then ask: why do it exists and what is the meaning of its existence?
- This is a storage of knowledge, storage of information
I have got that it is under the Earth's crust. But in the spiritual, there is no difference, where there is the Akashic records, they are everywhere. It exist, as a reference material, so, when something is not clear, you could go there, find out for yourself and close it.
This is transition of consciousness into a new stage where human being feels oneness with the cosmic family, with all beings, with all Creation, feels himself equal, friendly and brotherly with all the other creations of Father.
Ascension takes place in waves, and it all depends on what wave you are.
Imagine the sea and the wave, the wave comes, she comes to a peak, and, if you can, you will go along the crest of this wave, if you can't, you will go with the next.
Ascension takes place in waves, energy is going in waves. When we speak about Ascension, we mean also Ascension of consciousness and as a consequence the Ascension of dense matter. Here we mean the ascension of the human spirit and its transition to a more subtle, more conscious plan.
Channeling is a phenomenon, process, during which human being is going beyond his usual consciousness, is making himself free from the conventions of his consciousness and commonly accepted consciousness and by connecting to consciousness of other beings, transmits information verbally, making it available to many people who themselves could not do channeling.
Channeling, as widely phenomenon, flow, appeared recently, about fifteen years ago, although, of course, there were always people with such abilities.
Now more and more people with these abilities appear, the flow expands, and very quickly.
This phenomenon is related with the processes that are going now on Earth, and not only on Earth, and is a very powerful tool - both for people as a means of comprehension of reality, and for spiritual forces - as a means of communication.
But this is a temporary equipment and temporary phenomenon, because soon it will cease to be isolated phenomenon, but will be a natural state for many people. Temporarily this is called channeling or channel.
Christ Consciousness
This is consciousness of Source, which He gives potentially all of their children, This is consciousness of Source, which He gives potentially all of their children, it is in a hidden form, in a hidden form inside each of us, but not every one of us faces this phenomenon within himself, and therefore not everyone can see it when it comes to us in our lives and see this phenomenon.
Therefore, the main task of not only our work, but all the works that currently occur, is the awakening of the Christ consciousness within each human being, focusing the view of human being on that grain of the spirit, which is inside all of us. And the purpose of this site, our works is that human being would see this grain inside himself, and if he sees it, he would open it inside himself and enter it.
And this process enlightenment is the process of awareness of Christ, awareness of the grain of the Divineness, of the energy of the Christ consciousness inside. And the more a human being realizes that he endowed with the Christ consciousness, the more he is enlightened, the easier, the more beautiful this process occurs.
Not only human beings, but also all the living are endowed with energy of The Christ consciousness, i.e. this is energy of Creation, energy of the divine ray in action, but in different beings it is manifested in different ways.
All the living world, the whole of nature on the Earth and all beings are endowed with energy The Christ consciousness, this is that crystalline basis on which all Creation holds itself, just the Christ consciousness is sometimes replaced by another word, but by vibrations, by feeling the human being that faces inward to the grain inside himself, will feel the energy of the Christ consciousness, even if it is be called something different, will vibrates on it and go to it in the mutual relations. Therefore, we can say that the Christ consciousness is a spiritual crystalline grid of all Creation, which inside of us is manifested as the energy of the Christ, and is inside every human being.
This is what came out from the Father and is in communication with Him, that is manifested in different ways, in different spiritual forms and faces. Creation all the time tries to merge with the Father, consciously or unconsciously.
Divine Emptiness
This is state, location, condition for creation. This is what is inside of every human being, but also it is everywhere; this is the place where all spiritual thing, all new thing are born, this is a place, where the creation of new forms of life is happening, a place where a new the creation is happening.
This is process of consecutive cleaning of all bodies beginning from the physical one, of the whole structure of subtle bodies, it is linked with taking away distortion of ego and with awareness of all parts of ourselves as light ones and as one with Source and as bearers of God's will.
This is the consecutive refinement, rise of all the bodies in those spheres, areas where they feel yourselves as light ones, experience yourselves as one with the Father, and serve on the ray of divine will.
This is what happens to many of us on earth because all conditions are created in order to human being don't identify himself only with dense material body, and realize himself widely as the whole system of subtle bodies, as a space human being, star human being, sunny human being because all of this, if you look widely, those are our bodies.
And awareness of the structures of all the subtle bodies as himself, consecutive awareness as himself - this is an enlightenment - when human being is thinking of everything around him as himself and of himself as everything. But here it is very important to separate the subjective experiences from the objective ones. What does that mean?
The real enlightenment comes from center of being, from the point in the heart, you could say, or from the light child, or from energy of Christ consciousness, there are different names, but the main thing is that it comes from the center of a human being, and moves in circles, expanding in circle movements, a human being is gradually beginning to aware of everything around himself as himself, this can often cause at some moment painful sensation, but this would not to be afraid because it is naturally.
What is the final stage of enlightenment?
The final stage of enlightenment is when we feel ourselves equal with God, as God's partner and as God's child and partner - this is the goal of enlightenment, when we realize the whole system of subtle bodies as ourselves, here it is important to highlight the word realize.
Inner Temple
What is included in the concept of the new Church? Immediately I got that it is connected with the New Jerusalem.
Inner Temple is a space of light, which is inside every human being, it includes all of the the wealth of every human being, which he gained during his entire existence, all of his incarnations, all of total life - light one, no light one; it presents all of the faces, all the elements of the light life of each human being, taking into account everything. This is the place where human being can serve inside himself, where he is in direct communication with the Father.
How to relate the New Temple and the New Jerusalem with the inner Temple?
What is there in the Kingdom Of God, in the New Jerusalem, all of this is present in the Inner Temple. Each inner Temple is quite unique, completely different, completely unrepeatable. This is the real space, which is inside each human being, but not everyone aware of it. As we aware of it, we open the doors inside the Temple and open new and new space.
The structure of the temple is very individual, but nevertheless it has common things, and what is this common? The common thing is structure: in the center there is the Father (Mother), Father as a center point, and Mother as a space around Him.
What understanding of this understand in the inner Temple? This is as far as you aware of yourself as part of one, as far as you aware of your relationship with the Father, so the Father manifested itself in you, as your center, as your basis.
People that are developed, highly spiritual, they have the whole Temple that is lit by the will of the Father, i.e. everything that happens within them, is happening inside the divine Will, which they have given the opportunity to manifest within yourself.
People are less developed have many places in shadow, and often the Father can not to manifest Itself fully and in fact manifests, perhaps, as some ray of light, as a point of light, perhaps, as some thought, and therefore very it is important to you in your work in the inner Temple to aware of themselves as part of God and thus to create for God opportunity to work in you.
There are other structures inside of the Temple. There is a place for developed beings which help you in your serving, which provide you with everything you need to serve in the Temple in right and good way. This is the spirit channels. They are represented by different rays and different beings, by archangels, but again, in that degree in which you allow them to work with you, in which you opened for this communication.
In this context, it is very important to figure out how chakra system relates to the Inner Temple. What do they want to say to us about relations between chakras and the Inner Temple?
Chakra is energy center, and the Inner Temple is a spiritual space. Of course, without energy, without energy supply the existence of the temple is impossible, but, on the other hand, the Temple by its value greater than the chakras system, because a human being can change his form, then and the system of chakras would change, Inner Temple would also transform. But anyway it in its properties is more unchangeable than the structure of chakras, for Chakra system is more tied to the physical body, while the Temple is more tied to a spiritual body. But as long as you live in this body, of course, it is important for you this link and that energy would come through the chakras in clean, correct and good way, so all the work related to the chakras it is helpful to do; this good for your well-being in order to provide the temple with the spiritual energy, in order to be enriched with energy.
So, in the temple there are creatures that are serving, helping us to orient ourselves in the spiritual space. What else is there in the Temple? There's actually a lot of parts, because, as we have said, every temple is different, and each one is built differently.
Also there is inner child.What is the inner child? It's part of you that for many of you related to feelings of childhood, but in fact this experience of yourself in more correct mutual relations with the world and in fact is not bound to physical age, although for many of you this associates with childhood, when you feel yourself in correct mutual relationship with the world and people around you, and you are more harmonious than when you're in adult age. And this state of harmonious communication is called inner child.
Often people make the practice of contact with the child because people thinks that having returned to the pure state you will see with pure eyes everything that is happening.
It's all correct, but you must keep in mind that your inner child has his place in your inner Temple, and he also serves and works together with you.
What else is there in the Inner Temple?
In the Inner Temple there is protection, i.e. this is such arch, like dome, that makes sacred and invincible all that space, i.e. even in heavy, gloomy situation where you think that everything is lost, part of the temple is preserved under the dome, and there is a hall, such heaven hall-peace, where storms of life or collision can not pass through, can not get to this place, because it is under protection.
In fact many people are so afraid of their own peace, it seems so unreal to them and wrong that they themselves run from this place. And very sad to see that you forget this place of absolute peace inside yourself, your inner Temple, you forget it, dodge it, consider it as unreal, illusory thing, as Lucifer whispers to you. Don't believe this.
What else is there in the Inner Temple? This is a place that is totally, that is absolutely protected from all attacks, from of all the distortions, but it is compressed in you to a such state that you can not see it, and to enter it. So express your intention to serve inside your Temple, to work together with all light beings that are inside your Temple, don't let inertia forces, the forces of evil and all alien, dark beings even come close to your Temple, protect it, protect it with intention, with approval, that I and the Father are one, the Father is inside of me.
And the Father, that is inside you, will show you the way of your serving, He will show you how and where to go. Because we do not go on a zigzag path unknown destination, we go onto clear ray, which the Father from his Will shows to us. And being inside each of us He shows to each one his way. And here is there is one of the destination of the Temple: that human being inside yourself would see his way and would walk go onto this ray.
Visitors, other being can enter the inner temple. It is open to all light beings, to all our ones. It is closed for those who go there with selfish intentions, with desires for themselves to grab up something, to take something for themselves.
Aware of this, give yourself a account in what is happening.
If you feel that someone in the spiritual comes to you, find out his intention, send the ray of the Father to him. If this is creature of light, it will be attracted to that ray, if this isn't creature of light, it will crumble ashes.
Take care of your temple inside you, do not let the barbarians to destroy it and somehow to encroach on it, because then great efforts have to be put to rebuild it all over again. Although in spiritual it is certainly not going away, remains somewhere in the matrix, but to pull him back inside you and rebuild it you have to make a great effort, give yourselves a account in this and do not let dark ones to encroach on your Temple.
What else they want to say about the inner temple?
Now The Father is saying:
- My children, I'm so glad that you now have heard about your inner Temple and about the fact that you in entering me will create even more splendid Temple inside me. And our common House will be enriched also with your House, your uniqueness. So we are waiting for you and for uniting of all Temples in one Temple, which is our new Earth, which is our new free spirit and which is our new free creative humanity. Amen.
Light Implant
Light implant is light membrane, or, one might say, the body, which is located inside the human being and which is given to him as a gift for some of his services to Light or achievement. With the implant he will be able to detect and understand information - subtle, non-verbal, spiritual - and make it a part of himself.
- What is this information?
- This is light information from light beings, which still has very weak verbal equivalent, but the information as itself is very meaningful, very voluminous, very basic, and thus it will be easier to human being to orientate in the spiritual space, easier to arise, easier to communicate, and he himself will become lighter, less physical, more spiritual in connection with the growing of the implant.
Special beings, special creatures are growing implants who is helping in their installing in the body of people.
Implants may be some, even many, they, as locators, are located on different spiritual levels and aimed at different vibration, at different fluctuations. To the human being who decides to evolve spiritually, of course,it is necessary these implants, as one of the instruments in his new life. Therefore express the desire so that this implant would be gifted, built into you, say that you want this that is necessary for you. Your desire here is taken much into account.
You say inner intention for this would happen with you. And soon you will see how system of your sensations , your perception of the system and the level of of your life as a whole will refine. This is the task of the implant.
What is Lucifer?
It is the entity, which was formed, was born in the process of creation, in the process of creation of our reality. This creature is not a light one, but is the reflector of light, it is a reflected light.
His existence as reality is a temporary phenomenon, and like any part of creation, he has a opportunity to return to the Father, but now we can not see any desire of him that he's going to do this.
But he tends to place yourself into position at such angle to the light Source, i.e, to the Father, so that many people'd take his reflected, cool light, i.e. illusion, mistakenly for reality, and thus he tends to refocus not only people, but also other beings on creation with a center into him, that we would take the reflected light for the true light and would cease to serve to God, and serve to him, to the reflected light.
New Adam and Eva
Created by the will of God, as the crown, this being - Adam and Eve - contained in himself completeness of God thought and also contained many other creations of God-the Father.
He - the first human being – is thought as the partner of the God in His plans and His work, and also as the son of Creation. The God did not have secrets from first human being, He shared and assumed in further to share everything that He has with him. But when Adam and Eve (we will be saying in one word: Adam, because the first human being includes Adam and Eve, divided into two ones), when Adam had descended from the ray of Divine Will, and his choice had fallen on the ray of self-will, there was a failure of Divine clocks, failure of rhythm of life, both Adam and Eve had fallen in that condition, when for reaching of Divine Presence you need to make more efforts and all the same by the highest standards It remains for you unreachable.
They inside themselves have chosen this, they inside themselves were turned out, nobody known for what.
And during many millenniums distortion of consciousness made access to Divine will practically impossible or very complex, - for that illusion, which Lucifer has thrown on consciousness of people, that duality is the only kind of life, the only kind of existence. And many generations after generation this Adam had been lived in separation from Will of the Father, and even if in some moments he woke up and raised his eyes to the sky, then Lucifer's net of distortions had attacked upon him : well, you by yourself have chosen to develop in dualities.
And even those glimpses of the divine will, which was very quickly distorted by Lucifer to his interests, because Lucifer gather free will from all the people free will and by that energy lives.
But it is not necessary for you to give him your free will, you have to live by your free will, which belongs to the Father, and the Earth belongs to the Father, and we ourselves belong to the Father.
This is just an illusion, into which we have fallen.
But illusion is illusion that to have the beginning and to have the end, unlike the Source which has no neither that one nor another.
Therefore in our will to stop this, to give our life, to give all Earth which had been given to Adam and Eve, to give our free will, to return it to the Beginning and to live in the way that was supposed to. And these new Adam and Eve, about what now we are now talking, - those are we ourselves, which have decided that we'd validate themselves in the Father as free children of the Father, as it was supposed to be initially, we reject illusion of duality, we reject illusion of self-will, of life on our own mind, for what is such mind? This is whisperings of a devil, whisperings of the Lucifer, and we connect our will with free will of the Father. And, thus, we are new Adam and Eve.
And at a new stage of this our life new spiritual laws are given to us, and new spiritual life of the Earth and people in general - those who is ready to it - is beginning.
Therefore what Mary was saying in her works about that there is a redistribution of people by spiritual principles, relocation of people on spiritual families, it meant, that people will be divided on a degree of awareness - on those who wholly aware of themselves as children of the Father, and on those who aware, and on those who does not aware but who potentially has such possibility, and those who has consciously given their free will in the hands of Lucifer, and they will go from this Earth together with the Lucifer, and the Earth will turn into what it has been conceived. But for this - it is concerned now to everybody - it is necessary to everyone to claim with his free will, that I and the Father are one, to stop to live on his own will, to stop to live in illusion, that was created by the Lucifer on this planet, and to start to live his free life, as it also has been conceived.
And soon will be opened on the Earth new spiritual school for these new people, to them new laws will be given, another spiritual life will be beginning at all.
But these new Adam and Eve are the basic fundamentals, new cells, the cells of new life, from which later will outgrow a new spiritual life, this is that new human being, light human being, this is new Adam.
< New children
The children, who had come with a new level of consciousness. There are children, the children, which we raise, love, which are growing in our family - those are new children. And there are children, as spiritual beings, also called new children. Our site is called Children of Light, i.e. we unite under the name everybody - we mean that we, adults, are new children, because we are entering the new light world, and our children are new children in relation to the previous generation; and the children that are unmanifested, spiritual children, with whom we have been working on recently, those are also new children, since all of Creation now is waking up.
We call everybody as new children, and we are glad that we can afford to call everybody as new children because new children are being more awaken, more open to the Source.
What's new here? With what these children new ones?
- They are new with their more awareness, they have higher degree of awareness, they are in different way, but each in his field, in his degree, awares of himself more as part of One, being in different places of creation and being in different forms; their qualitative difference is that they are more open and more aware of themselves as part of One, that they are not closed in the distortion of their ego, but again, for everyone it is in a different way, that they recognize all beings as their brothers.
New children are beings with a more open mind which accept themselves and others as part of One, that is, not through comparison, but through acceptance, really experiencing all beings, as part of One.
New child can be an adult, can be just born baby, and being from a higher plane may also be a new child.
New Church
What is a new Church?
Since now all religious communities are falling apart - as it mentioned in the paragraph about Adam and Eve, that dissipates this illusory reality established by Lucifer after human beings have entered into a relationship with him - then many human institutions that have been established around real light phenomena (including the Church, in the condition in which it is) are falling apart. And a new spiritual Church is creating..
What is a new spiritual Church?
Initially, when the first church was established, it was the gate to the House of God - thin frame, through which you can enter the spiritual world. But then it is, of course, has acquired human buildings, access of light had being stopped, and only the buildings remained.
What will be a new church? This is creation of new light consciousness, a new human consciousness. Although why does Adam have it in our new Church's view, why does new human being have a new Church when the whole universe is his Church, when God is talking with him and the whole universe is his temple, why does he have a new Church? And at all what's included in the concept of new Church?
Jesus is saying that, of course, is correct that the whole universe is the Church, but there is a spiritual classes, spiritual levels, and an undeveloped human being cannot be to be equal with God only because he realized suddenly that the entire universe is his home. That means that the new Church is like a stage, a new spiritual school, where teachers are highly spiritual beings, that absolutely does not negate the fact that the whole Universe is our home. But in parallel, there are spiritual schools where come to be teachers beings of light, Masters, to work with us, not in way we used to, when teacher is above and disciple is below, but to work in free spiritual puzzle, in the free spiritual development, because we have brought our experience, they have brought their experience, but still they're teachers, we are disciples yet. And this new spiritual community is called new Church. But the word Church here again conditionally, but because it was used on our site, we take it and so explain here.
This is the place where is our learning of new spiritual laws is happening, where teachers can manifest themselves, where we can fully demonstrate our abilities, where they will to work with us and where we can work with everybody.
You are just invited, they don't say to you that it is necessary for you, but if you want, you can work in new spiritual Church, it is one of the spiritual world's sections, free admission, exit is also free, if you feel that at some moment you want to take this class, you can get it, if you want to leave it, you can leave.
I think it will be, probably, a question, what are those classes?
Each high spiritual entity, like archangels, enlightened master, they work onto their ray and have their tasks, and our dedication to the task of the ray in the direction this ray is the task of the new church. For example, what is the point of service onto such ray, what is the difference between the rays, what the uniqueness of each ray, what unity of each ray. But if you choose to develop yourself on your own, by yourself to found out what is each ray, to go through your experience, in alone - this is also accepted and appreciated.
Actually a lot of knowledge on each ray has been accumulated, and Masters are only waiting to share them with us, because when they give, share, they also through this would gain very much.
New Commandments of God
This is a new law, which is given to us, to people, in the transition period, at the time when we are parting with our illusions, our own conception.
About the new spiritual law that exists inside the House of the father, we have somewhere heard something, know something, but we do not have a complete set of them, and the new commandment is not a new law itself, this introductory part, transition from our state to the state of knowledge of new spiritual laws. These laws are, in a sense, temporary, but they reflect the essence of the transitional time and the essence of the process of transition. This is what is actual for people who are in the process because when the transition to some extent ends, a new law and new commandments will be given, and we will see this law as the bridge between the old life and new life.
New Earth
This is a place inside each of us, to where is happening the teleportation of humanity.
New Earth is free from the distortions of the ego and carries inside itself all the best that was worked out by mankind for its life, not only mankind, but also other worlds, which were on Earth, - the plant world, the animal world, the world of minerals.
The best of what happened on Earth in its history, all pure, all uncontaminated - all presented in New Earth, the best music, poetry, art, because the reason of their appearance was spiritual, and now they blossom in New Earth with new colors. But the most important thing is new ascended human being, pure, free of the ego, new Adam.
New Earth is a place, where a new civilization, a new spiritual the world, the new Creation of the Father start to develop
New energies and old energies
New energy is a new light flow, which is now directed to the Earth and that works inside the human body and outside. This energy is with high vibration, high light awareness, it is the energy which the Earth and the people are actually been waiting for a long time, and a lot of energy, prayers has been spent to pull this energy. And now this is starting to happen, now they are coming here at the request of the people, at the request of the Earth. This is the energy of unconditional love, this is the energy of insight, this is the energy that gives us a lot of opportunities, a lot of abilities, which awakens clairvoyance, second sight, levitation, all abilities that are unusual for a 3-D human being.
They are given here now in a large quantities absolutely for everybody, but only a few human being open eyes on this, let this enter inside themselves and allow them to work within themselves.
This is the energy of unconditional love of the Father, which was during some time on the Earth for us reachable in small quantities, and it was like a miracle. And now it is given by large emissions, but it may be on a much larger scale: as soon as we start to take this torrent, it will increase, and the more we will receive it inside ourself, the more we become aware of it, the greater the flow of new energies will come on the Earth. So accept this as a gift, believe in this, open this inside yourselves. The more you reveal it, the more the light will be given to you, the more your DNA will be revealed. All of this is unconditional love of the Father, which reveals everythig.
What is old energy? This is, as I see it, when the light of the Father comes here in small quantities and mix with the energy of the human consciousness, the human mind, and result is that old energy, on which human being lives, i.e. he receives a little light, a small portion of the light, because nothing can exist without light at all, this is mixed with the energy of his mind, the energy of his consciousness, with the energy of this third dimension, with the energy of this illusion, in which he exists. And the result is energy, which is not light and not dark, but in fact it is dark in comparison with the new energies, it is very heavy and negative. But when human being lives in it, it is not aware of it. This energy is slow, viscous, and in such way all the events of life are going, when it seems that the light has come, and you can live…
About old energies we do not need to tell much, because everybody is acquaint with them, almost all of us were born and grew into them . Old energies are what surround us, our concepts, there is some amount of light there, but it's very small, slight, and basically that's what our consciousness creates, those concepts, which are fed to us by society, the media and our pseudo leaders.
What else they want to add about new energies? The more human being will take, the more their frequency will increase and with the more volume they will be enter our lives. So let everything happen, as has been said many times, let the new energy enter your life.
New Jerusalem
It has been said, what was old Jerusalem. It was assumed that Jerusalem would be center of the world. To Jews God's laws were given, and the peoples had to become a servant of the law and radially transmit the law across the earth through themseves. But they chose to stuck on their mission more than on the light that has been given to them, the light had separated and had been at some distance away from the Church, although still had been present.
When Christ came, he raised the light on the step above, creating new Jerusalem, that is, kingdom of God.
Clearly, this is not the kingdom of this world, this is the kingdom of the new Adam, the New Jerusalem is a kingdom of love and grace, you can read about in the New Testament, and in other books. but important for us, for everybody to see the new Jerusalem as reality, that's what seemed to us as being cut off and in Heaven, that is, what seemed to us impossible to materialize, to see it as reality in which we actually go, as reality of our life, as reality of our everyday relationships and as reality that sent down to us on the most common everyday life plan.
This is state that called New Jerusalem, that is, state of the kingdom of God, of grace, of love, which you must experience not separate from life, but as life itself. And being experienced, as life itself, new Jerusalem establishes inside us new spiritual laws. This light-information puts everything in its place, it is the law itself. And in the state of the new Jerusalem light works very active, the light is like manager who puts everything in its place in spiritual, that is, New Jerusalem is something with which you must live every day, this is the state of our daily life. This is our state of permanent giving, serving through themselves, serving to your family, of life on the Commandments and experiences of all the world as New Jerusalem.
If all of us unite in this experience of that new Jerusalem is the reality which is given to us, and each enrich it with his individual experience and his individual concept, then this is what Christ said, and then this is what is necessary for all of us now, just to realize that New Jerusalem is with what we live today, that this is the kingdom of God in the present moment, in any present moment. And live with it, be in it, let God manifest itself in every moment of your life.
This is new Jerusalem. All other constructions, there are a lot of them in fact, but they will adjust and be manifested in the world of the reality that we create with our thoughts, our actions, our aspirations. I.e. New Jerusalem is we ourselves, oddly enough, all the other instructions of the laws will be given later.
New space of light
This creation of many light consciousness. Each of us with his aspirations, his desire creates this new space, and at the same time, this is that option, that light which cames down from above, this is a space where human being finds himself spiritually pure, free of karmic debts and other contaminants, where he is immortal, such as he was originally conceived.
But at the same time all people in this space are very different, because eachrepresents a unique idea of the Father, unique message of the Father, and this new place of meeting of light beings on our site is called the new light space.
Personality in God, light personality, and personality in God
- Personality and light personality - those are two different stages, light personality is on a stage above, simply personality is on a stage below.
Personality, as usual people themselves think, is the identification of oneself, "me", with ego, considering connection with soul, as anticipated thing, as a separate one, as something extra.
Light personality is personality that found itself in the Father, and it sees itself, here embodied, as manifestation of this divine personality. It has all properties of the Divine personality, is not linked with distortions of the ego and can operate on different planes, including those on Earth.
What is personality in God? This is your higher 'self'. Divine personality is an individuality, which realized itself entirely and wholly as part of the One, and is developing inside the Father, as part of the One, this is what you and your "self", which was approved, is in the Father, and the light personality here is just a manifestation of this personality.
This concept is somewhat out of date because before in past prayer was an essential tool for communicating with the God as treatment. But now when you have moved to New Earth, this concept is somewhat out of date, because all your entire being, you yourself is the prayer.
However, for those, who is on old Earth, old concepts, the explanation is:
Prayer is a way of appealing to God, when the soul aspires to the Source, to the Father and finds inside words, necessary means, necessary signs to expressing of these feelings. And these signs are folded into this appealing, which is called prayer.
Prayer is a whole message from the individual, from a being to his beginning, it is the aspiration of the soul by vector upward, it is the desire to take into oneself the will of One and merge with Him.
There are common prayers, that uniting many individuals who is appealing in one spiritual impulse to the Father, and then it has great power, but it is absolutely not necessary, because sometimes one private individual action has greater strength than a collective appealing.
The words of prayer, those signs, they are born from inside of the creatures, the same prayers that are offered from Above, most of them are serving as scheme, skeleton so that every being would fill it with content. Therefore in any proposed prayer - and prayers, offered by us, and in any other proposed prayers - it is important to see by inner sight the spiritual thoughts, spiritual basis and onto which Ray it is, at what kind of spiritual structures it affect, what spiritual light it covers. And if you agree with this internally, then you can accept this inside of yourself, unite with this energy internally and appeal already with your own words. It's very important to be accurate during prayer in energies, not in exact words, because repetition of words is simply a recurrence, it does not change anything.
Source/God is infinite beginningless beginning; the cause of everything that exists; what is found in all that exists, but at the same time, beyond the reach of, what is knowable on the path of spiritual self-realization, by the way of research itself through science of spiritual knowing. It reveals itself always wholly and always to the end, not hiding any of its parties, any of its faces, any of its manifestations, is open always completely and up to the end, comprehensible to the extent of our openness, is the source of love, of light, of joy, of all that we perceive here, as positive, but also always aware of itself as One, always conscious of itself, as beginning, never loses its quality to be One, show yourself as One, to manifest himself immediately and to the end.
Space Master
What means Space Master?
Creature that combines great knowledge, knowledge about many creations, many Universes, many planets, about many spiritual creatures, because he, on the one hand, has witnessed these creations, on the other hand, has experienced this at his spiritual experience. and therefore Space Master is a being very the voluminous and very many-sided, very multi-syllables, which with some of his faces reflects many of light spaces, many phenomena, many creations. But he works at the same time with very many living beings, and when a being is ripen just to be able to come in contact with the Space Master, he renders, he manifests himself in some way, visually or unvisually, no matter, he opens the door, the being inside himself and leads him inside of himself to his spiritual knowledge, to his spiritual laboratories in order that the disciple would define direction. He, the space master, does not indicate the direction of the development of the disciple, he offers, and the disciple chooses from the proposed things that close to him. And where the direction is chosen, defined, the master is showing him the way, he gives him the right impulse, gives codes for the proper development in the right direction. It is the task of the space masters. Yes, to some extent the soul of space master leads the soul of his disciple in his spiritual life, so you can also to say, at the expense of those codes, which he put into him at first.
Such disciples may be very many, they can be in different places, in different directions. Himself Space Master is onto the ray of active service and realize the Will 0f Source in such way - multiplanned, multilaterally.
Space Masters are many, Christ is the Space Master, Buddha is, many of the ascended masters are. Of course, they are all individual, but such individuality beyond our understanding, the disciple can not judge about level of the master, the disciple can only communicate with the teacher and get his codes, his impulses, his wishes. Therefore, we can not judge about uniqueness, but we can attract with our intention the master, one or another, i.e. one or another energy.
If you met with space master, he is always beside you, it's a matter just of our spread and our openness to the information, which lies next to us. If you've already entered into mutual relationship with him, then you are in the his view, because he responsibly treats everything what he touched in one way or another.
We can endlessly speak of space masters, because they're beings so voluminous, so many enclosing...
Spiritual Israel
What is included in the concept of the Spiritual Israel? This is new spiritual community of aspiring people. If someone does not like the word Israel, it can be changed to a 'new spiritual formation'. It does not matter, there is no underscore of the special mission of Israel, we have identified it in such way just because we live in Israel, and so for us it is close, clear.
Sun is a portal portal, into which there are messengers from different spiritual planes, from different religious communities, there are works there all the time.
We perceive it as a source of life, as a center, as one beginning. Through the sun basic vital impulses go to the Earth, and the light control on Earth, collegial management are carried out. Through the sun the major spiritual planes, spiritual guidance are passing.
What is the Trinity? What is 'three in one' basis of the world?
This phenomenon, in which the Father knows Himself, knows Himself in development, recognizes its complexity, his infinity and vastness. This is one of his models, where He sees Himself as reflected, and where He can see Himself in constant development, in constant change. This model, created by Him for self-development and self-discovery: God-the Father, God-the Spirit (the Mother), and God-the Son. Different consciousness perceive this differently and interpretate it. And here it is important not interpretations of consciousness, but truth.
Trinity is the reflected Father, where He sees at each step, in each of the three ones, himself - wholly and to end, as necessary and at the same time complementing one and at the same time whole one.
There are another explanation of the Trinity? Faith, hope, and love, for example?
When human being is with an open heart, an open mind, he would easy enter through this model and embrace the Father. Ana The Father knows His children, His creation, and in this sense, the Trinity is a rich model, that is receiving at the same time giving.
God-the Father is masculine beginning, God-the Spirit is the Mother, God-the Son is the creation.