Council of Angels ~ The Oneness of All Loving All ~ via Goldenlight ~ February 23rd, 2013

As channeled by Goldenlight

Greetings we are the Council of Angels, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, and Archangel Raphael.

We wish to speak to you today of beautiful light-filled energetic upgrades, enlightening increases in awareness, and the expansion of our Selves into the higher dimensions, which are occurring for all of humanity, and all of the universe, at this time. All lightworkers on Earth are now aware that the universe, planet earth, and humanity are going through an “ascension” process. Ascension is simply a term to describe the raising of one’s frequency to exist in the higher dimensions. It a beautiful process of “enlightenment” or “raising of one’s frequency” that is occurring over time, not a one time event. It is the return of your awareness of being source knowing source, of your awareness of your journey home, of release from the illusion of separation from source. As most of you also already know, this is the first time on planet earth that the human collective has ascended into the higher dimensions with their bodies intact. We wish to offer to you today, higher dimensional “attunements”, or packets of light information, that will assist you in bringing your entire being into alignment with the higher dimensional shifts that are occurring for you and your planet at this time. You are aware that Mother Earth, Gaia, has now ascended into the 5th dimension. The beings that exist on her surface are now faced with the oftentimes challenging process of raising their frequency to match the higher dimensional frequencies now surrounding, and being emanated from, Mother Earth. The earth is a living being, whose soul is known as Gaia, and this planetary mother of yours unconditionally loves you and all beings who live upon her surface, as well as those beings who live within her surface (the Inner Earth beings of Agartha, who are beings that already live fully conscious in the 5th and 6th dimensions and beyond).

As we have spoken of in the past, one of the first things that will assist you in this process is Awareness. Awareness of All That Is, of your Higher Self, your 5th Dimensional Self, Mother Earth/Gaia, we the Angelic Realm, your Be-ing ness as a higher light being (for your human self is just a portion of the larger light being that is YOU). Awareness of the illusion of separation from Source, the illusion of all realities as you understand them, the illusion of space and time and matter. ALL is energy emanating from Source, all is Source knowing Source. YOU are an expression of source, you are the LIGHT of Source, you are the LIGHT of the World. ALL of you. You are all simply “remembering” this connection to source, remembering that you ARE Source, “remembering” ALL: the illusion of separation from source is not real, the illusion of the world as you know it is not real, and the illusion of time and space are not real. We define “real” as belief in the illusion of separation from Source. Nothing is truly ever separated from Source – all is an emanation or a dream of Source itself..the separation being created so that Source could know Itself. You are living in an illusionary sector of seeming separation in the vast Is-ness of Source. The feeling of separateness is an illusion. KNOW-ing this and SEE-ing this, then, causes the illusion to vanish instantly, transporting us back to our Awareness of Source and All that Is, and of us being an extension of Source and All That Is. This awareness propels us into the Higher Dimensional Realms and brings us to our awareness of Be-ing Source, of Being a Part of Source, instantaneously.

As you come into a higher knowing of your LIGHT Be-ing-ness, you begin to remember your part of being all that is, of being the love of source, of being the light of the higher dimensions. You begin to merge with your higher dimensional self, you begin to be aware of existing beyond time, that you have always existed beyond time, and you begin to be a part of the collective whole sending Love to Itself. You begin to be Aware of merging with the love and light of All That is. The illusion of separation begins to dissolve, the coming into knowingness of All begins to emerge. Your True Self begins to become the Creator and Master that it is, emanating It’s Light Unto the World of Creation and Being. You begin to become aware of the many levels of higher dimensional beings who are Loving you Unconditionally, as they and We are all emanations from Source loving source loving you. All is All and You are All and your Awareness of Being the Love of All brings forth the Love and Light of Creator Source into the new realities you are creating before your very eyes. Creation Source is Here Now. I AM Source and You are Source and all is One.

Many blessings of soft love and light to you as you continue on your journey of ascension, knowingness, Allness, and the beingness and creation of Source Loving All and you as Source lovingly breathing all of creation into existence in the love and light of source knowing source and all loving all, of source being you and you being source, in the Oneness of All and the Allness of One. May we all rejoice in the joy and knowingness of All of Us Being Source knowing Source, and of All Loving All.

Channeled by Goldenlight, © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit at top without alteration when reposting this message.