Ascended Master Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~ February 22 – March 01, 2013 ~ Express Yourself through the Loving Energies of the Divine Mother ~ via Julie Miller

As channeled by Julie Miller

The expression of the feminine aspect of each dear soul that moves in and around the bountiful Earth that is called home was the primary spark of your creation. Her energy is primal and filled with awesome power and this force speaks clearly as the feminine form or aspect of God – she is known by many as the ultimate divine being as well as the main foundation for all the knowledge that is available for you to acquire. The Divine Mother has much to offer each dear soul, man or woman – within her is an unspeakable healing force that comforts, nurtures, supports, guides and loves firmly yet so gently. 

When you make the conscious choice to connect to the Divine Mother dear ones you are bringing yourself into receiving the guidance to deliver yourself from the tight grasp of many delusions. Through her consistency, love and patience she will guide you to certain processes that will allow you to release all discordant energy and any misunderstandings you may have picked up along your journey. It is essential dear ones to release all heavy, low energy as this energy can create blockages and stagnation. When you open yourself to her loving energies you begin to express yourself in a kinder and gentler way that will be well received by those that are closest to you. Through her guidance she will bring into you new concepts on furthering your development of patience which is always needed at every turn of your journey. Trust in her energy dear ones. Her energy will never weaken you, but strengthen you – her energy will help you find the balance that is so needed for each of you to achieve and maintain. The Divine Mother, the feminine aspect of God loves each of you and will answer your call when you are in the middle of any personal crisis. Allow her to show you the way to newer solutions that are not only a benefit to you, but carry great light energy that is of benefit to all of mankind. When you allow her into your life, be prepared for great changes to begin taking place. 

When she brings you under her wing she will take you down a wondrous path of self-discovery that will fill your heart and soul with natural beauty, great wisdom and unconditional love that you will learn to find within yourself and in your surrounding global community. It is well noticed dear ones that this feature of God doesn’t receive as much attention on a consistent basis. Even though there are more dear souls beginning to wake to the call of God’s Divine Light - old beliefs still need to be removed and replaced with newer more efficient ways of being that are filled with Light and Love stemming from the heart. We encourage each of you to not overlook the benefit of bringing this divine source and spark into your daily spiritual exercise that has impressive regenerative powers. 

It is important dear ones when applying the teachings of the masters and other deities and guides that you understand both the feminine and masculine aspects of their teachings. To only apply one mode will create and imbalance and balance is crucial. Upon surrender to the Divine Mother you will discover your whole self becoming necessary vessels to demonstrate and express the natural flow of infinite love and intelligence that is highly needed for your ability to know and understand what it is to feel bliss as well as to access the purest of wisdom. The Divine Mother’s frequency is one that we urge each of you to reach more often. 

There are still quite a few dear souls who do not know how to experience the energy and vibration of the Divine Mother. It is quite simple dear ones. All you really need to do is increase your ability to express appreciation to the primary source of not only your life but all life and offering commitment and devotion that will be pure and unwavering. As you bring praise to the Divine Mother you are opening up to the energies of the Universe and allowing the grand Universe to be your ultimate educator. Try and remember dear ones, all that you possess as talents, gifts, skills, etc. were given as divine gifts from the creative and feminine side of God. The Divine Mother loves each of you and through the gifts she has bestowed upon each of you she is able to work with you each time you access her quiet strength and dynamic yet loving energy. Regardless if you are man or woman, she is with you. 

Becoming more appreciative will create an energetic connection that will propel each of you with the wisdom of your environment and through intelligent signals that you will keenly be able to recognize as your awareness of the world around you increases for the highest of good. It is imperative dear ones to be able to have value for what you have and for other people, without attaining the understanding of the importance of value, your ability to interact effectively and articulately will decrease your capability to grow and develop appropriately. Understand dear ones that when you express appreciation you are justifying the Divine Mother and her goodness that is moving around you and through you. When you demonstrate a lack of appreciation you illustrate the immaturity level of your being and that your connection to the Divine Source is weak. It is through the connection with God that you are able to enforce the purity of your heart. 

Remember dear ones when you apply appreciation you are working from positive action. It does require constant diligent application of maintaining the appreciation of the guidance you receive from the Divine Mother and being able to follow her direction. It is essential dear ones to make room in your busy schedule to re-evaluate your decisions and where your path is heading. When you are ready, pray to God using choice words speak of your need to learn more in order for you to gain more knowledge so you may continue progressing forward and to observe ALL of Him and learn to recognize your own transgressions. The Divine Mother will help guide you dear ones towards the path to redeem yourself from any wrong doings you may have done or any that have been done onto you. When you are ready to accept this part of yourself dear in full truth and honesty this very act tells God how sincere you truly are and how appreciative you are for all the guidance you have received through Him and from the feminine aspect of Him that you have come to love and appreciate as the Divine Mother. 

When you demonstrate yourself in an unappreciative manner you are in fact dear ones weakening the connection you have with God, it becomes less pure. Take a moment each day to speak of your gratitude through prayer, meditation or other means of communication you might use when speaking to God. The more you illustrate appreciation and gratitude the more you become centered and open the flow of abundance and joy. Showing thankfulness increases the value you have for yourself, for the many choices you make and all actions you exercise. Congratulate yourself for the many things you have done and for the successes you have achieved. It does not matter if what you have achieved is small, what matters dear ones is that you are able to show yourself unconditional love and compassion which will help increase a more positive flow of actions from you in all that you do each and every day. 

Replace all your fears and worries with thank you. Through your challenges you are provided many opportunities for positive growth. Stop seeing only the negative and see there is both and all is to be appreciated because all provides knowledge. Do not fear asking for directions from God. God will show you mercy as God does love each of you. 

As you learn to express yourself from the close work you do with the Divine Mother remember dear ones you are still responsible for all your actions and words. The many gifts you have been given dear ones we encourage each of you to bring each gift into a positive progression of energy. Learn to reinforce your own feelings when you give thanks for the gifts you have been given. As you become more comfortable showing gratitude you will create an abundance of joy that will lead you into a sense of deep fulfillment and understanding on a profound level that you are indeed unlimited. 

Recognize within yourself dear ones that you are combined with both male and female energies. Make peace with these energies and learn to bring them into balance. Invoke the loving nature of the Divine Mother to assist you with this and feel your connection to the source of life become stronger. Even with the Divine Mother guiding you, it is imperative to remember she cannot make the choices that she guides you to. You are blessed with the ability to make conscious choices and we understand dear ones that you appreciate the value of great effort and the rewards focused effort provides that is filled with pure love. We understand as well the great effort you apply to discipline yourself along this journey and we applaud how far you have come. Never lose sight of what you are aiming for or of the goodness of your own Self. You are the Light and the Love of God and there is so much waiting for you – reach dear ones with the purity of your whole heart and believe without any doubt that you are paving the way to your own greatness with every step you take. 

And so it is, 

I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller