Ascended Master El Morya’s Weekly Message ~ February 26 – March 05, 2013 ~ Each Learning Opportunity is a Gift for Growth and Development ~ via Julie Miller

As channeled by Julie Miller

There is not anyone that cannot improve on their attitude in order to bring further positive development along their journey that illustrates their purest of potential at every instance that is part of their waking day. One of the key components dear ones is being observant of your attitude, how it affects those around you and ultimately your performance. 

When you start your day have you ever picked up on where your mind is and how your attitude is? What are you bringing to the table or the workplace? This is a reminder in regards to how your thoughts and feelings carry energy and have the potential to affect those around you. You are not expected to wake each day bright and cheery because we know some days the depth of your fatigue is greater than other days. Knowing full well there are going to be some gray days, it is up to you to create strategies to combat any negative thought forms or actions that may suddenly arise. We remind you of this dear ones, because once words are expressed or actions exercised, they cannot be taken back unlike feelings and thoughts that can be changed before you respond. Even during the grayest of days, you still are responsible for how you react and respond to anyone person or thing. 

Each day you are flooded with choices. One of the choices that you face is the inner communication you have in regards to uplifting yourself through self-encouragement and motivation. You can choose to begin your new day filled self-pity and doubt, some start their day in state of indifference, yet there are many that upon waking begin putting positive thoughts into their thinking process that is filled with Love; they are eager and observant of so many opportunities that are waiting to greet them. How you choose to correspond to your Inner Self will reflect how you perceive yourself and the world around you. We know you have been hurt, we are aware of the emotional pain you have carried and we remind you to realize and recognize that all that has happened has provided you with the opportunity on how to respond. 

Since you have been a child you have been taught and conditioned what is important according to your cultural beliefs, you have been led down many paths that created the potential to unlearn and to reprogram some of what you have been taught. Your parents and caregivers did their best teaching you what they thought you needed to know, but you have grown and changed – you have matured in more ways than many of you realize and as a result you find yourself beginning to question what you have been taught. You reflect and go inward with important life changing questions in order to find the solutions and you do and what is commonly the outcome is a change to your beliefs. Not necessarily a complete overhaul, but conscious changes that will help reroute your journey through the love and intention that comes from the purest recess of your being – through your beautiful heart. You begin to learn that YOU do have control over your life. It is you that ultimately decides which route to take and it is you through your inner conversations with your Inner Self that determines your attitude. Through your choices you can be either productive or unproductive, you make choices to listen or to rush ahead – choices are all around you. Remember dear ones, the effort you put into each task or part of your journey will be reflected upon the outcome. 

Now is the perfect time to begin reconfiguring your thought processes by taking the time to really learn what it is you want from your journey and learning who you are. This requires you to be truly honest with yourself. Within each of you is information that is no longer helping you but instead is weighing you down. It is up to you to make the conscious choice to discover your whole self from the inside. There is more to you than blood, tissue and bones – within each beautiful person on this Earth is a special person that has the ability and potential carry an influential voice that can be optimistic instead of pessimistic. By making positive choices each day you will be able to cheer yourself into victory while you are maneuvering through the many obstacles that face you each day. Stop being the self-critic and begin appreciating your whole being – you are worthy of your own love and compassion dear ones and this act of self-care and self-love must come first before you can truly love another. 

Self-Esteem and Confidence are one of the hardest inner obstacles for many dear souls to overcome and rise above. Many times these areas are hit with uncaring words and actions of others that may be resentful, jealous or are demonstrating other negative reactions. It is very possible to increase your self-esteem and confidence dear ones and the first step is wanting to make that change. 

The purpose of affirmations dear ones is to assist in reprogramming your own subconscious with positive thought forms. Your words even by thought carry immense power. We suggest to you to make daily use of affirmations especially when you feel a low in your personal energy or doubt is beginning to creep in. When you affirm, you are charging your spirit and self with renewed faith and determination. After you become use to bringing in affirmations into your daily routine, you will have a rise in positive actions that brings good in all you do. 

When you make the conscious choice to learn what it is that drives you, what stimulates your ability to take action in regards to your life you are bringing in positive change through your motives that are derived from the purity of love for yourself. Understand dear ones, when you take the motion to motivate yourself you will discover being very passionate about what it is you are trying to achieve is very important. When you begin a certain project, manifestation, prayer, etc., try beginning each new step with a smile, eagerly accept the love that surrounds you even if you cannot feel it – just KNOW that it is there. The more positive you are the more you will believe in your potential and where you are headed. 

Learn to visualize what is you are seeking. See it in the making, step-by-step as if in a dream. Don’t be elaborate with your visualization, let it come naturally and focus your intentions into images that you yourself can see in the making. This is very much like the basic principle behind manifestations. Visualize yourself already attaining what it is you are putting your heart and soul into. And work on this visualization each day, and you will see the changes that you will apply, you will witness new thoughts and ideas approaching that will benefit what it is you are working on and your tireless effort will create the desired outcome you have not only thought but visualized. 

The best way to recalibrate previous negative programming is through positive self-talk. Within each of you is a little inner voice. This voice has been trying to reach you for a very long time and for some it has and you listen but for others, they still rush through their day not giving this inner voice a second thought. This inner voice dear ones is where you gain the many answers you ask of yourself. This inner voice is what steers you into different directions and if you tune into it, and really listen you will learn that it has much to offer you that holds the opportunity to bring in more positive change to uplifting your attitude and provides you with a closer look at what you are saying to yourself and how it is you respond. Your inner voice will not come knocking on your door; but it will speak quietly through motions and directions that are felt through your heart. It takes careful observance to truly hear and apply conscious focus. Your inner voice is similar to that of a seed, the more you feed it and pay attention to it, the more it grows and develops. 

As we have discussed earlier on, your actions and your words once they are released cannot be retracted. We encourage each of you to be observant of your thoughts and where they are going to become spoken or written word. Comprehend dear ones, what you verbalize demonstrates what is you are truly feeling and if you are living through your heart you will become conscientious of words, thoughts, feelings and actions and if needed you will make the necessary steps to make corrections and bring needed change. Through the power of your words, you have the ability to direct you path in any direction. 

How often do you greet different people in the course of your day? Even if it is only a couple it is important to greet each person positively. It does not matter if you have worked with the same people for many years, what does matter is that you create a positive working environment that is based on your positive attitude. When someone does ask you how are you or how your day is, make sure you respond with confidence and enthusiasm without giving them all the details of your day so far. Even if during your day you have stumbled across some difficult challenges, turn that around with a smile, work through it with the confidence you have been building through positive affirmations and self-talk. Challenges are not there to bring you down dear ones they are presented to offer you many opportunities to do things in a more efficient manner that is both rewarding and uplifting. Learning opportunities surround you as gifts for growth and development that will create a positive outlook in all you do. *

What we have seen many times dear ones, is the inability of maintaining enthusiasm in all your ventures. Your Enthusiasm is the life force of your attitude. Having great enthusiasm and passion will allow you to exercise your skills much more effectively and efficiently. This is the hottest aspect of your communication, commitment, determination and most definitely your spirit. When you come from an enthusiastic place, you are putting yourself into action as if an inner spirit is working through your actions from that commitment that you have applied into what it is you are doing. Your enthusiasm is the most empowering tool you hold. 

The path you are one will bring you into higher levels of awareness. As you nourish your bodies you discover you need to nourish your spirit as well. Your spirit requires care and spiritual nourishment. When you nourish your divine spirit you are bringing yourself into your own empowerment but on a deep and profound spiritual level. When you realize that you have unlocked your own spiritual empowerment you will find yourself feeling more dynamic and positively motivated in all areas of your life. 

We know many of you are very serious and the focus you apply is paramount. We encourage each of you to add humour into your life and journey. The more laughter you add, the more Light you will encounter. Laughter and smiling is very healing, you know this to be true. Children have the ability to melt hearts through their smiles. The best thing about laughter and smiles is that everyone can do this, laughter and smiling does not require made up hair, or expensive clothes. Beauty comes alive within every person that smiles and brings laughter into their situation and life. It does not cost a thing other than a little effort and it creates wonderful love bearing energy to rise not to just your personal world, but to the world on a global scale.

Being physically active will also help to provide motivation and a positive attitude. Many dear souls look at their physical appearance as their means for their positive outlook. Maintaining a healthy physical body will encourage circulation and improve your overall thought patterns but understand dear ones your physical appearance is not all that illustrates who you are. We have witnessed many dear souls that focus primarily on honing their bodies into fine-tuned machines, but take little interest to their inner body; thus creating an imbalance. It is essential to find a balance that stimulates harmony, joy and satisfaction. It is up to each of you to discover what it will take to bring you to your successes through the application of your attitude. When you make the conscious choice to take each step with a positive attitude, you will be rewarded for your efforts. 

Within each of you holds an unmistakable power to make great changes happen that are good for yourself and will benefit mankind. You are never alone on your journey and you have a storehouse of resources within you, you only need to remember this every time you begin a new aspect of your journey. 

And so it is,

I AM Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Miller