Arcturians Message for February 23rd, 2013 ~ via Karen Doonan

As channeled by Karen Doonan

Greetings dear ones, we are the Arcturians and we come to guide and support as much changes and shifts for ALL upon and within planet earth. The new earth codings are now anchoring and many of you may now feel these codings moving that which no longer serves to your waking conscious mind. The movement out of the heart space for these teachings works to SERVE you at SOUL level dear ones.

Many of you may now be "thinking"- "oh no not again, I dont like feeling like this" and may be adhering to the brains teachings of ignoring or trying to distract self whilst the teachings of distortion work to try to replant themselves deep within your energy signature. Dear ones this is not TRUTH and this is NOT supported under the new earth energies. Therefore all attempts at trying to ignore the deep emotions that now come up for healing will be thwarted. The new earth asks that you move into the new energies in balance and harmony. The teachings of distortion work to keep you energetically OUT of balance and these we ask you now to look at and begin to dissolve.

For many of you this will bring up feelings of fear and feelings of anxiety, the human logical brain may try to replay other events and experiences through your mind at this time in an effort to pull your energies back down in vibration. KNOW that at this time there is no anchor point, there is no reference point that the human logical brain can use for the deep cleansing and clearing that is taking place. As many of you have lived lifetime after lifetime experiencing deep pain and trauma you have effectively trained self to get used to the feelings of despair and emptiness that are part of the everyday human life for many on this planet. You have become so used to this that anything that appears in your waking human life that seems to contradict this is filtered out. Many of you are in the process of trying to dream your dreams into creation, as the dreams start to take shape the human mind is trying to convince you that the dream is an illusion and that "real life" does not work in that manner. Dear ones we ask for you to understand that the illusion is the pain and the trauma. It has been taught to you for aeons in order to keep your energy signature low and contained.

As you begin the process of harmonisation with a view to then proceed to ascension then the head will do its utmost to convince you that a life that is joyful and full of happiness is but an illusion. We are here to guide that you have a choice at all times, there are two roads beneath your feet, one is containing and suppressing and one is expansion and growth. The human logical brain is trying to make you choose the path of the head, this is containment for the head cannot dream that which the heart cannot feel. This is a TRUTH that many are trying to work out logically and we guide this is not possible. It is not possible to process emotion through the logical brain for emotion cannot be logically worked out. This is the role of the heart. Many of you are now in deep chaos allowing the head to overrule the heart, for the inner vision is guided by the heart, that which you can dream you can create. But that which you are held to by the brain is but containment.

The planet earth has moved in vibration and this has allowed access to higher dimensional timelines, these are accessed through the heart, there is no logic to be followed for it is a simple case of vibration, as you rise in vibration you are able to anchor more and more TRUTH. The role of the human mind is changing and it knows this so it holds on tightly. Dear ones many of you faced with a choice that is either following the heart or the head will naturally default to the head for that is what you have trained SELF to do for aeons. Each lifetime you have spent in a dimensional timeline has reinforced this way of living and BEing and now you are offered the higher dimensional timelines and many are now trying to logically think their way there. These higher dimensional timelines can only be reached by allowing the logical mind to take a step back and to follow the heart. Where you have confusion you have teachings of distortion. If a decision is TRUTH then is JUST IS. Where you are see sawing between mind and heart and mind and heart there is a distortion that the mind is trying to get you to filter out and many of you are filtering to high levels at this time.

Dear ones ALL JUST IS. That is a TRUTH that many cannot accept. LOVE JUST IS and this is a TRUTH that must be anchored before the next part of your journey unfolds for LOVE is the basis of the new earth and JUST IS. To ignore LOVE, to try to let the head present evidence that LOVE must be defined and certain teachings left alone is to walk in the lower earth energies. Many are now looking outwith for the answers that are found within and they are found within the heart space. Allow the tears to be shed if that is what the human vehicle asks for at this time for that is part of the process. The human vehicle is now being cleansed and cleared in preparation for more LIGHT codings and more changes and shifts in your energy signature. This cannot happen if you hold tightly on to the emotions. This is about cleansing from cellular level outwards. Holding on believing that all that you have experienced in your human life is the basis for all that will unfold in the next part of your life is to walk in the lower earth energies and to submit to the head dear ones. Life on planet earth is set to change dramatically and it will be nothing that you have ever experienced in your human form ever before so why would past experience be used as a reference point if it was not for further containment and to keep you in a holding pattern.

Many are holding back believing that they are waiting for people, places or events to happen but in TRUTH dear ones you wait for SELF for all is created from within SELF and SELF is the creator of your human life experience. The old earth energies taught you to hold on and to wait and to rely on those around you, this taught you to give control of your human life experience to other humans around you, this is not TRUTH and is not supported by the new earth energies. BELIEVE in SELF dear ones, have FAITH and TRUST in SELF and allow the new earth energies to show you TRUTH.

You came here to this planet in this timeline and dimension in order to expand and grow at SOUL level whilst incarnated into human form. The depth and breadth of this expansion is YOUr choice at all times. Do not fall to the old earth energies that teach that you need to wait or that you need others to help YOU at this time. YOU are ALL that is needed at this time. FOLLOW your HEART and ALL will FLOW dear ones for ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE.
We are the Arcturians and we walk with you at all times dear ones. Allow the heart space to open, allow the LOVE that IS to flow freely through YOU and ALLOW ALL TO BE AS YOU ARE.

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