Archangel Raphael ~ Reflections from the Yoga Mat ~ “Healing Hand In Hand With Gaia” via Bella Capozzi

As channeled by Bella Capozzi

❁ A subject that seems to be coming up quite frequently in readings is that of the obvious changes taking place in our bodies and the ongoing upgrades of our DNA. It seems that over the last several weeks there have been more and more people complaining of achy joints, fatigue, aggravated allergies and congestion…just to name a few.

I am by no means immune to this, myself. As someone who has always considered herself a person who “never gets sick”, this has been an interesting phase, indeed! Yes, I’ve had my share of sports injuries - and I’ve noticed that they have been really feeling sore and irritated all of a sudden.

But it’s been years since I’ve suffered form any kind of headache or cold, and I’m on week 3 of trying to heal from the beating I took when one of my dogs got spooked and pulled me down a flight of stairs. Thank heavens for the miracles of yoga!

During Savasana today, at the end of my Hatha Yoga session, I experienced Archangel Raphael stepping in, presenting himself to me as a brilliant green glow of light, right in front of my third eye. He kindly responded to my inquiry about the crazy things going on within our physical bodies, and he presented his answer in a very brief and easy-to-understand way. Exactly how I like it! Here is my experience:


As I lay still and felt myself detach, I witnessed a bright glow of green take shape in front of my third eye. I recognized Archangel Raphael immediately, and felt him confirm his identity to me claircognizantly. The orb started to move and transform, until before I knew it, it had become the Earth.

It rose higher and higher, until it felt as though it was hovering above my head. I watched as a crystalline white vortex took shape and began to spin up from the base of the sphere, until it was fully encompassed. The vortex spun faster and faster, until it became opaque and the planet was no longer visible. Physically, I felt a warm blanket of energy descend over me, and with it a kind of “buzzing” sensation (that’s the only way I can describe it). And then Raphael spoke…


“Seven days. Seven days, and all of your own personal healing shall be complete. The discomforts shall be gone. Patience is required of you now, and no minute degree of tolerance for the process being undergone by you and by others like you. It would be less than honest of me to lead you down the garden path, in saying that the reconfiguration of your present DNA structure shall not hurt a little bit.

Or that you shall not experience a few bumps and bruises along the way. The changes you are undergoing presently can be taxing on the system, and you may find that it takes you slightly longer to recover from the everyday maladies. Accept them as such, and remember that the rewards far outweigh the pain.

Let it also be known to you that your physicality is intertwined with that of the physical body of Gaia, in the most closely-knit of ways. As her body stresses and strains, so does yours. As she purges herself of toxicity and unwanted attachments, thusly do you do the same.

You are journeying together, all of you, Gaia and her children. Thereby, what affects her affects all. For aeons Gaia has most graciously weathered and born the effects of Mankind’s lifestyles, to her own detriment, I might add. Years upon years of this has affected both you and she in rather adverse ways, and the time is upon you now to heal. and so you heal together.

The aches and pains you are experiencing in your joints is the rising to the surface of lifetimes of pain and poison. You are experiencing the purging through these particular places in your body, and yes, it might very well become uncomfortable. Yet it shall pass, take heart. The same is true of that which appear manifest as congestion and allergic reactions.

Drink abundantly of the clearest water available to you, and allow yourself to rest when when your body prompts you to do so. You are intimately synchronized with Gaia at this time, so when she shudders and becomes restless, do take this as a cue that it is time to allow your own body a bit of rest and care.

Call to me for healing. Call forth your personal support system, your beloved ones. Appeal to your precious Father and Mother Creators for relief and all shall be given. Never try to go it alone, as you were never meant to shoulder all of this life’s burdens without assistance. And so it is."

❁ I’d like to also mention that after I got home from yoga, I noticed that the injuries from my fall down the stairs didn’t hurt as much as they had earlier, and my headache was gone. During the afternoon, I took my son shopping and I was actually struggling to stay awake! I ended up going to bed at 8:30 p.m.! This is especially bizarre for me, a lifelong insomniac, who has never needed more than about 5 hours of sleep per night!

This just goes to show that the veil has pretty much thinned to the point of insignificance, and it’s proof that our prayers have the potential to be answered more rapidly and in more obvious ways than ever before. We truly are so loved!

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