Buddha speaks through Elizabeth Trutwin ~ February 27, 2013

As channeled by Elizabeth Trutwin


Greetings! This is Buddha. We are in interesting times.
We now take full responsibility for the reflection of our thoughts, words and deeds made in this world. How we consciously express our energy in 5D reflects the Oneness of all life. There is a major shift in co-creating New Earth. Everything happens BECAUSE of you. You ARE the Creator. You think it. You become it. If you want something like Disclosure and Landings then you must make it more than a passing thought. Believe it. Bring It. No Sequester. Gun Control. World Peace. Enactment of NESARA. Become it.
As long as you are thinking WHEN? When can never come. Plan it into your day and there it is. Make it so. Pay Attention to Plans Laid for Disclosure. This is true for all the changes. They will not be brought forward until the Conscious Collective are awake and together changing their outer world. It is necessary for the Souls on Earth now to work together for change. There are a few things One may integrate into their lives on the Path to Awakening from the long sleep. Doing these things burns off old karma and frees one up to better understand and discern truth. Then One cannot be fooled by that which is false. When integrated they alleviate fear and suffering completely.
Self-Wisdom vs. Eternal Wisdom
Self-Wisdom. Know Thyself. One must take a personal inventory to flush out all the old habits and illusions still being perpetrated by your ego mind. This is a prison you have constructed for yourself. When you take a personal inventory it is important that you be courageous and honest about your downfalls. You MUST face up to who you really are. Not some mask or charade you put on for your lover or children, but the REAL you. If you are lacking in any area of your life, and if it is a chronic problem, then there is a part of you which requires correction. Course Correction. You are off the Path in that area. You must stop repeating the same mistakes again and again. Self-Wisdom is knowing that true happiness and fulfillment come from knowing Oneʻs purpose in life. This WILL come to you, but you must prepare. Each person expresses individually independently. Some travel the world visiting psychics, going to workshops and visiting healers. Your purpose will be revealed to YOU from YOU when you have done the inner preparation work in knowing Yourself. No one knows when the time will come and all One can do between now and then is prepare. Stop denying yourself this Divine Truth.
Eternal Wisdom. There is a Divine Spark of Source inside of you. You are God. You are Goddess. You are Mother-Father God. There is nothing you cannot create. Now that you are in the 5th Dimension it is very important to look at instant manifestation and begin experimenting with it. New doors have been open to you which were not available before. Eternal Wisdom is available to you from many sources. Following it takes you to higher and higher knowledge. A Kindergartener cannot be expected to handle College Coursework? Spirit will not reveal Higher Truths to you until you have presented mastery over the Coursework which precedes each step on the Path. Reading multiple website researching ʻwhatʻs newʻ is a big dead end. It will take you no where. You will be headed eventually for death without any progress made. Many have passed on this year. They chose not to go on at New Earth. This is a very individual choice. It would be in your best interest to match the steps you take in your own life to those needed to achieve Eternal Wisdom through Self-Discovery preparing yourself for the higher work.
The Light Shines Everywhere Lighting the Path to Atmic Wisdom
The Atma is the Highest Form of You. Imagine standing on Earth and a silver cord connects you from your crown chakra all the way back to Source Energy. As you stand in the descendant body you inhabit on Earth then you can look back up to Source and you will see all of your Avatara bodies living simultaneously in other Dimensions, layers and levels as this life now. Your Atma is the name of your Highest Self.
Atmic Wisdom is the knowledge which is held within your Eternal Wisdom. It is that which remembers who you are since the time of creation. It remembers its connection with the Angels and Galactics. It knows the answer to every question. It never forgot who it is. It never forgot what is what.
Everywhere you look you see the Path back to Atmic Wisdom. The sparkle in a childʻs eye when they laugh. The peace in the expression on a horsesʻ face. The burgundy and green on a leaf. The sparkle of sunshine on the sea. The Sun coming up over the horizon. Delight in these things, remain focused on these and you have a straight Path back home.
We Become A Receptacle of Bliss Due To Control of Mind
Many times in life you find you missed an opportunity which life offered you. Because you cannot see the potential of any new given opportunity, you do not quite understand – and you miss the chance. You have your mind occupied with fear in the news, the bills you do not have money for, rehashing what the neighbor said which was so wrong. You constantly fix your focus on the Illusion. You must first learn to discipline your thoughts and control your mind.
Until you become aware of your special purpose you should learn and follow the law of life which is to enjoy every minute, every day, every week and every year of your life. It is not to wait and do nothing until you figure out your special purpose. It will come to you when you have prepared yourself. It will be staring you right in the eyes.
When we give up duality nature of feeling happy or sad, hot or cold, angry or cheerful – when we have control of our senses – our body becomes filled with joy as it has merged with Oneness.
Correct Eating and Right Thinking
Everything in the Cosmos is a Vibration. The food you eat is a vibration. Eating meat which is cultivated in crowded conditions, killed and butchered for the masses carries that vibration. The Animal Kingdom is ascending with Humanity and Earth and they are asking Humanity change their ways. As your body becomes more crystalline it requires food filled with light. Green foods. Fruits. There is karma attached to everything you eat.
Physical disease is directly linked to what you eat. Toxins in the food cripple the organs and immune system and over time there is a breakdown leading to disease.
Mental disease is directly linked to what you allow in your mind. Correct Eating and Right Thinking allow Atmic Wisdom to flow through your body. Preparing yourself this way makes you a great vessel for wisdom. Ignoring these blocks any higher thoughts from coming through and it is a lonely journey of constant pain and constant searching for answers. Eventually, Death.
Our Forms Are Also Formless
We are wearing our Outer personality-self body. Our non-physical subtle bodies are formless. When we have prepared we are able to consciously be form and formless at the same time. We are not the body. This insight, this perspective makes almost everything else very unimportant.
We each have the ability to acquire the Atmic Wisdom for levitation, telepathy, activation of the third eye and many other gifts. Meditation and Contemplation are necessary to advance to this level. If you say you donʻt meditate because you are unable to still that chatter inside then you are imprisoning yourself in a body doomed to eventually die. You will start all over again from the beginning in the next life. It may be in your best interest to be courageous and learn to quiet the chatter. Music works well for this. It is not difficult. Try the Solfeggio Harmonics, for an example, or chanting. These are free on youtube. Even fifteen minutes a day to begin will change your life.
Master the Powers of Nature
Love. Light. Abundance. Knowledge. Happy Family Relationships. Nutrients For The Body. Beauty. Purity. Fertility.
Acknowledge any problem facing you. Then you can forget about it. Dwelling on lack in any form will manifest more lack. Ask your Guides to show you the solution. Be willing to allow the solution to come to you in ripe timing. Resist the urge to make the problem larger by discussing it and analyzing it endlessly. All Power comes from Source. Once you understand how to keep the channel open, all of the above will flow in without end.
Master Abundance
About ninety percent of everything that happens to you is created by you. About ten percent is not in your control. There is a lot in your control. It is your responsibility to keep up with those requirements of living on Earth. The societies we live in require us to keep up with taxes, registrations, upkeep on property, deadlines for work and other routine regulations we all agree to in this Illusion.
You have to decide if you will keep the channel open to abundance by keeping your nose clean, your house in order and the requirements for you and those you are responsible for organized and completed. Neglecting any aspect of this blocks abundance. One must be constantly vigilant because your environments change everyday.
Master Your Relationships
Many of you are very lonely. You are aware that your Twin Flame is out there and feel it is painful to think about them. Often One feels abandoned since they cannot be with their TF right now. They tend to blame this on their TF and feel angry toward them while at the same time longing for them and the pain is intense. There is an ongoing unhappiness relating to your TF that blocks you from developing a relationship with the other half of Yourself.
Many of you have a relationship with pornography. This fills that empty hole where the pain of longing for your perfect partner exists. Realize that as you attach these images to your sexual energy you are creating karma with those in the images. This can have a deleterious effect on your spirit. When you are focusing on an image of a person, a performer, you are attaching your energy not only to them, but to every person they have ever been with. This is a very negative low energy and unknown to you holds you in darkness.
Invite your Twin Flame into your life. Focus on releasing the powerlessness, hurt, pain, longing and change your relationship with them. Have fun with them. Meditate with them. Invite your TF into every aspect of your life – making life more meaningful right now.
One meditation you may do is to become small – the size of a blood cell. Jump into your TFʻs heart chambers. Meditate on hearing their heartbeat – swoosh, swoosh. Play recordings of natal heartbeats set to music as you focus on this. Allow the sensation that you are being rocked to float into your meditation. Feel completely surrounded by the love of your TF. This will feel like floating in the ocean, or rocking in a hammock. Swinging on a swing bedecked in flowers next to your love. Come into Bliss being there. Try doing this meditation for 2 minutes or 5 minutes. Do it at your desk. Do it watching tv. Do it at a party with others around and reconnect with the Oneness with your TF throughout the day.
Master Ourselves
Be Happy No Matter What It Looks Like.
Consciousness of Absolute Purity
As you continue to participate in higher and higher experiences you will crave purity.
Savitri is the name of the Light Source within each One. It is the Light from the Spiritual Sun and the Light from our Sun. It is the all pervading Oneness in all things. It is a great powerful energy you draw on more and more as you purify your vessel. Doing the preparation is absolutely required to understand greater teachings. If you are wondering around with questions about everything – keep asking and it will come to you.
Discipleship is The Path to Atmic Wisdom
Complete devotion to the Supreme Being is something to contemplate. Balancing your life and attracting abundance, fulfilling your responsibilities for your duty, exploring your special purpose, fulfilling positive ambitions and desires bring complete liberation.

Doing these things with the intension of watching the Planet flourish while enjoying every moment ~ fulfills your purpose of harnessing the power of pure love. This is Buddha through Elizabeth Trutwin, February 27, 2013 © All Rights Reserved. 
(Sharing has been permitted by Elizabeth Trutwin as long as credit and link is included.) 

New Earth Frequency Update ~ REV. CHRISTINE MELERIESSEE ~ Feb 28th, 2013 ~ Equilibrium of Light


We are still feeling the effects of the Virgo Full Moon from Monday, February 26th.  What a powerful energy we are receiving.  This moon represents our balance so the past can be gone and the future may be revealed.  It has taken us into a tailspin of energies that will affect us through the four body system.  Some of us experienced releasing old timelines from previous lifetimes that were ignited through our Etheric Body before the full moon and others are experiencing those effects presently.  Whatever is the case, each of us is expanding deeper into our Higher Essences for them to be the defining factor in our relations with ourselves and others.

What are some of the symptoms?  Intense energies, tiredness, cannot get enough sleep, extreme headaches or other areas of the body reacting, because they are being infused with the higher energies of light.  Our multi-dimensional bodies are trying to interact with our physical existence of the NOW.  It is important that we take care of the elements that do not serve us as it is changing very quickly which we are learning to move through it all.

The power of these energies cannot be measured by anyone as we have never experienced it before within any planetary function.  We are the pioneers moving into a new paradigm of experiences as we are trying to ground the energies.  The rest of this week we need to take time to allow what we are feeling to be fully activated within us.  When we have the periods of extreme uncertainty, it means that we need to take further steps to feel comfortable within ourselves.  We cannot stress enough how important it is to act within your Higher Self motives and remove the programming that has kept us stuck in dysfunction for way too long.

The fact that we may feel uncomfortable is because we are the new-born essence finding our way in a world that does not support the upgrades that we are receiving.  So it needs to happen for each of us in the way that we can handle it.  The Emotional and Mental bodies are on overload as they are not accustomed to feeling and acting in a new way.  We are the Children of the Light and must act accordingly.  Going too swiftly or slowly is not going to serve any purpose.  The most important pathway is “what is right for you in this moment”.

Express yourself through your feelings with compassion and love.  It is very important for us to speak our truth but understanding the other’s point of view.  It must not be in anger or aggression of the lower energies, but allowing the beauty of who we are to illuminate out to the world around you.  Connecting with the Mental body is essential, but it is important not to get into the states of “worrying” to the point of being judgmental to the self of why, how, and if statements.  Instead use the breath to connect with your Higher Self to activate the Divine Essence you are into your physical creation.  Allow yourself to be in an awakened meditation continually.

As Dr. Joshua David Stone always said, “Fake it till you make it.”  Use this technique to help align you with your Higher Essence within the physical body.  Eventually it will become a practice you don’t even have to think about.  Then the emotions will flow much easier especially in times of high energy exchanges like we are feeling presently.

It is important to utilize your Higher Self continually.  We are now in Mercury Retrograde which is a testing ground for allowing your higher essence to be your guide.  The cycle of Mercury in Retrograde can be challenging to communicate to others but think about how much better you will feel by accessing your Divine Will continually.  We, then, will not feel as challenged with the planetary interactions as we do when living in a physical world only.

Think about it ~ if you are living as if you are meditating, it is going to affect all of your life circumstances including working with computers, and all mechanical ways of communicating.  If you are traveling during this time, do not let the understanding of Mercury Retrograde effect the way you are living, but use it as a tool to rise above it.  It is a perfect time to work through the old timelines that you have been trying to remove out of your consciousness.  The world of communication becomes very acute during this cycle, but we don’t have to be enmeshed within it.  We can use it as a tool to move through the energies as we are doing with the higher vibrational changes.

2013 will have more of these challenges to help us walk into the world of the 5th dimension.  Most of us do not realize the depth of our essence that needs to be changed in the process.  We are going through a cycle of Rebirth.  Take an inventory of where you are presently to understand what needs to be changed and allow the energies to help you do so.

Each of these weeks going towards the Spring Equinox is assisting us greatly even though it may feel as if you are being challenged continually.  Nothing can stay the same and if you are on this pathway, “Congratulations” as you are going to help many others that will follow.

March is going to prove to give us more of the same so it is important to understand that each stage of growth there will be a short period of integration which will take us to the next level of advancing our physical bodies to receive the higher essence.  Embrace the change and it will embrace you.


What a beautiful week it is!  Each of you are experiencing such an expansion of the Light emanating from the Higher Forces of Light into the planetary existence that it probably has been quite challenging physically.

Grandmother Moon has been holding these frequencies for the past two weeks which is a direct result of what you have been feeling within your bodies.  As the energies have shifted greatly, between the Sun and the Moon they aligned within each individual person a new expression of balance.  These essences were ignited last week, continuing through the Full Moon of this week and allowing it to settle into each individual person.

What does this mean?  More equilibrium is occurring within the Masculine and Feminine energies.  It is common knowledge that physical humans have a tendency to be imbalanced in either the Mental or Emotional bodies.  This is due to your previous timelines that are being activated along with the lifetimes of karma you have endured.  It has nothing to do with the fact that you are a woman or a man.  We want you to understand that fact.

Where are you in your balance of the subtle bodies of light?  Do you have a tendency to be emotionally centered or masculine-oriented in your approach to life?  Do you think quite a bit before you speak along with worrying about every detail and needing more information for each task that you perform?  Are you more flowing and allow your Feminine Divine to assist you in the process of solving problems through your intuition?  Do you cry at the drop of a thought or emotion?  Or do you think about it deeply?

These are the elements to think about this week as the energies are taking each of you into a deeper level of yourself.  It is important to realize that what you are feeling or thinking is important but the flow of ideas must come from the Mental body into the Emotional body so that it is aligned in its true identity.

A perfect example would be:  You are thinking about a project, something to study, or a problem that needs to be solved.  So you sit and write an outline of a list of items you need to consider.  This is coming from your Mental body.  Do you then stop and reflect on who to create the process for the work you need to do?

If you are running in a Mental level, you probably would re-write the list, cross out things, and ponder for a long time.  Then you are not quite sure how to get started so you just jump into the process without looking at other variables.

If you are within the Emotional level, you might feel the thoughts intuitively but then become emotional of how to get started.  You know you can do it but the thoughts are not coming to you, but you see the vision, The Overall Picture.

Someone who is in full balance within the Masculine and Feminine Essence would take some time to meditate on the project or problem.  Get an understanding from the Higher Self or Guides to help formulate the process.  Then upon finishing the meditation, they would sit with their Higher Self intact and write the list. 

During this time, they might be activating their Higher Self with the breath as they are bringing forth the ideas.  This is the crucial phase as now the Emotional Level can be activated through the breath.  The visions will come and the ideas will flow more easily.

The Masculine Divine initiates the energies by bringing forth the ideas, setting the groundwork; whereas the Feminine Divine then activates the process to occur through the ability of visionary work allowing the process to be created.

This is exactly what the present energies represent.  Last week we talked about the timelines being purged and ignited.  Now the balance is coming into effect.  Not everyone is going to accept their internal equilibrium to be ignited due to elements that are too strong or weak on each side.  The process of changing it into a balanced state is not easy and each of you is being challenged to do so.

So what do you do about it?  First acknowledge which side of you, the Emotional or the Mental has the deciding rule.  Then, look at the characteristics that support the balance and rid yourself of the weak ones by activating your Higher Self in the process.  Learning which aspects are not fitting your highest purpose will help you, the physical being, to accept the process.  We guarantee you that the effects you are feeling from these energies are trying to help you accept the Divine Union of the Masculine and Feminine to be incorporated.

Also, look at the areas you are being affected physically.  Check which chakras need to be aligned and infused with more light or need to remove the parts that do not fit this higher essence.  It is important to realize that your chakras need to be cleared fully in order to receive the higher chakras.  If you are feeling ill in any of these areas, then attention must be put to the physical conditioning.  Each of your chakras represent the masculine and feminine within them so they must be balanced.  Breathing deeply through them daily will help align the energies.

Then take what you do not need and give it away through the Violet Flame, through Gaia, through the Rocks, Trees, and the Lands.  They balance themselves continually and when you ask for their assistance it will be given.  Then you show your gratitude by giving them a portion of your Light that you are receiving.  They will be very grateful and will flourish within the essence of GAIA.  Then, each of you is collaborating with one another.

The changes are going to be getting more intense and some land areas will be affected.  The most important aspect to remember is to not embrace the lower energies of fear and anguish.  But use your Masculine and Feminine Divine Will of God within you to decide what you need to know and embrace.  If you feel the need through this essence to relocate, then do so.  It is all about knowing what you need to do in each moment and be prepared but with balance of both aspects within the Love, Power and Will that you are.

We know it is a challenge presently and more will be coming.  But in between the moments of increased energies, think how much better you feel, are interacting, and accept the multi-dimensional self that you are.

We embrace each of you with the Arms of Light
The Unified Whole Command representing Many Masters of Light
So Mote It Be in Oneness!

To ignite your chakras with balance, check out Walking Terra Christa’s powerful series, Integrate the 22 Rays of God Into Your Chakras which is available for download.

©2013 Walking Terra Christa, Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, 5th Dimensional Mastery ~  All Rights Reserved.  No use without prior written permission allowed except for sharing the post in its entirety along with the link to this page; Walking Terra Christa/NewEarthFreq Update 2-28-13

Seeing into the 5th Dimension

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Triangle UFO sighting over Playa del Carmen, Mexico, Feb 24 2013, edited & zoomed

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Archangel Raphael ~ Reflections from the Yoga Mat ~ “Healing Hand In Hand With Gaia” via Bella Capozzi

As channeled by Bella Capozzi

❁ A subject that seems to be coming up quite frequently in readings is that of the obvious changes taking place in our bodies and the ongoing upgrades of our DNA. It seems that over the last several weeks there have been more and more people complaining of achy joints, fatigue, aggravated allergies and congestion…just to name a few.

I am by no means immune to this, myself. As someone who has always considered herself a person who “never gets sick”, this has been an interesting phase, indeed! Yes, I’ve had my share of sports injuries - and I’ve noticed that they have been really feeling sore and irritated all of a sudden.

But it’s been years since I’ve suffered form any kind of headache or cold, and I’m on week 3 of trying to heal from the beating I took when one of my dogs got spooked and pulled me down a flight of stairs. Thank heavens for the miracles of yoga!

During Savasana today, at the end of my Hatha Yoga session, I experienced Archangel Raphael stepping in, presenting himself to me as a brilliant green glow of light, right in front of my third eye. He kindly responded to my inquiry about the crazy things going on within our physical bodies, and he presented his answer in a very brief and easy-to-understand way. Exactly how I like it! Here is my experience:


As I lay still and felt myself detach, I witnessed a bright glow of green take shape in front of my third eye. I recognized Archangel Raphael immediately, and felt him confirm his identity to me claircognizantly. The orb started to move and transform, until before I knew it, it had become the Earth.

It rose higher and higher, until it felt as though it was hovering above my head. I watched as a crystalline white vortex took shape and began to spin up from the base of the sphere, until it was fully encompassed. The vortex spun faster and faster, until it became opaque and the planet was no longer visible. Physically, I felt a warm blanket of energy descend over me, and with it a kind of “buzzing” sensation (that’s the only way I can describe it). And then Raphael spoke…


“Seven days. Seven days, and all of your own personal healing shall be complete. The discomforts shall be gone. Patience is required of you now, and no minute degree of tolerance for the process being undergone by you and by others like you. It would be less than honest of me to lead you down the garden path, in saying that the reconfiguration of your present DNA structure shall not hurt a little bit.

Or that you shall not experience a few bumps and bruises along the way. The changes you are undergoing presently can be taxing on the system, and you may find that it takes you slightly longer to recover from the everyday maladies. Accept them as such, and remember that the rewards far outweigh the pain.

Let it also be known to you that your physicality is intertwined with that of the physical body of Gaia, in the most closely-knit of ways. As her body stresses and strains, so does yours. As she purges herself of toxicity and unwanted attachments, thusly do you do the same.

You are journeying together, all of you, Gaia and her children. Thereby, what affects her affects all. For aeons Gaia has most graciously weathered and born the effects of Mankind’s lifestyles, to her own detriment, I might add. Years upon years of this has affected both you and she in rather adverse ways, and the time is upon you now to heal. and so you heal together.

The aches and pains you are experiencing in your joints is the rising to the surface of lifetimes of pain and poison. You are experiencing the purging through these particular places in your body, and yes, it might very well become uncomfortable. Yet it shall pass, take heart. The same is true of that which appear manifest as congestion and allergic reactions.

Drink abundantly of the clearest water available to you, and allow yourself to rest when when your body prompts you to do so. You are intimately synchronized with Gaia at this time, so when she shudders and becomes restless, do take this as a cue that it is time to allow your own body a bit of rest and care.

Call to me for healing. Call forth your personal support system, your beloved ones. Appeal to your precious Father and Mother Creators for relief and all shall be given. Never try to go it alone, as you were never meant to shoulder all of this life’s burdens without assistance. And so it is."

❁ I’d like to also mention that after I got home from yoga, I noticed that the injuries from my fall down the stairs didn’t hurt as much as they had earlier, and my headache was gone. During the afternoon, I took my son shopping and I was actually struggling to stay awake! I ended up going to bed at 8:30 p.m.! This is especially bizarre for me, a lifelong insomniac, who has never needed more than about 5 hours of sleep per night!

This just goes to show that the veil has pretty much thinned to the point of insignificance, and it’s proof that our prayers have the potential to be answered more rapidly and in more obvious ways than ever before. We truly are so loved!

Copyright © Bella Capozzi. All rights reserved. You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you included this copyright notice.

Awakening with Suzanne Lie - The Arcturians and Symptoms of Transformation

By Suzanne Lie 

Our Dear Ascending Ones,
We, the Arcturians would like to address the symptoms of transformation that many of our Earthling expressions are experiencing. We call you our “Earthling expressions of Self” just as you may call us your “Arcturian Expressions of SELF.” For if we are a higher dimensional expression of YOU, than you are lower dimensional expressions of US.
This situation does not denote that we are superior to you, for we ARE you.
There is no sense of hierarchy in our statement. Instead, we are merely stating that your consciousness has its primary focus on the physical reality of the third/fourth dimensions, whereas our consciousness has it primary focus on the formless dimensions of the eighth through tenth dimensions. In both cases, it is not a matter of deserving or rank. It is, instead, a matter of choice.
You, our Earthling expressions, are choosing to increasingly shift your attention away from your physical expressions and more into your higher dimensional expressions. And we, your Higher Expressions, have been increasingly shifting our attention into the fourth and fifth dimensions to assist our Ascending Ones. Some of you will simply exit your form and return to your formless self. However, others have a dedication to assisting other humans as well as the planetary body of Gaia.
Those of you who have made this commitment are in the process of transmuting your third/fourth dimensional form into your fifth dimensional expression of SELF. It is because of this process that you will likely experience symptoms of transformation. You are experiencing these symptoms because the download and integration of your new Multidimensional Operating System and the consequential opening of your Third Eye is turning ON new codes of DNA in your biological computer/brain.
First off, your brain is regaining its former capacity and you are being re-programmed so that you can have usable access to a larger percentage of your brain. Furthermore, your corpus callosum is reversing its function. Before, your corpus callosum separated the masculine and feminine areas of the brain so that your reasoning and intuition remained in different camps.
Now the corpus callosum is being reprogrammed so that it functions as a bridge which connects the right - feminine, and left - masculine areas of your brain to such a degree that you actually creating a new brain. Whereas the old brain functioned from the Separation Principle of Either-Or, your new brain functions from the Unity Principle of Both-Always.
In fact, not only are the masculine and feminine hemispheres now unifying, they are being integrating into each other by the neurons that synapse back and forth across the corpus callosum at the speed of thought.
The masculine/feminine, thought/emotions, logical-sequential/holistic functions of polarity are being united within the center point. Hence:
Masculine and Feminine are becoming androgynous
Thoughts and Emotions are becoming consciousness
Sequential and Holistic are becoming perceptions
Without the effort of having to compare and contrast polarities, the cognitive “in-between” is connecting the two polarities into the “Infinite Unity.”
Finding the center flow in your brain assists you to find the Center Flow of the Galactic Center, into which you are now moving. Within this Center Flow is a tunnel of protection, much like our Arcturian Corridor.
This protective Center Flow emanates the FEEL of Unconditional Love into your High Heart and is perceived by your Third Eye as Multidimensional Light.
As your Third Eye and High Heart combine their messages of Love and Light your Divine Creative Force is activated. It is the combination of your thoughts, carefully selected by your intention and attention, in unison with your Unconditional Love, as received from your High Heart that ignites the Divine Creation of your “Spirit into Matter” Lightbody.
Whereas your physical body is more matter and less spirit, your Lightbody is more spirit and less matter. In fact, your Lightbody begins your transmutation from matter back to your innate form of Spirit. As you ground your the higher frequencies of Light streaming from the Galactic Center into Gaia’s body of planet Earth, you are plugging in the process of personal and planetary transmutation.
The humans, who are the Keepers of the Land, have volunteered to ground this expanding transmuting force into the Earth, whereas the Cetaceans have volunteered to ground this force in the water. Once grounded, these higher frequencies of Light replicate to create a body that has more light and less matter.
This expansion of light is greatly facilitated by the fact that Gaia’s planetary body is basking in the Multidimensional Light and Unconditional Love flowing form the core of the Galaxy. In this manner, the Flow from the higher dimensions is grounded into the physical plane with your in-breath, and you are sharing it with all life via your out-breath.
As the higher dimensional spirit/energy is integrated into the lower dimensional matter/form, the frequency of the form begins to transmute. There are components of your consciousness, body and life that will need to be released for they are too dense to transmute. In the same manner, areas of Gaia’s body are too dense to transmute and will have to be released.
This process of releasing density is the core of the process of transmutation of matter back into its higher frequency of expression of Spirit.
Furthermore, this transmutation will involve every area of personal and planetary life, whether it is an insect, a plant, an animal, a person, a planet, a solar system or a Galaxy.
The leaves of the bud that holds the flower dies so that the flower blooms.
The flower that holds the seed dies so that the seed can become a fruit.
The fruit falls upon the ground and dies so that its inner seeds can be released into the Earth to birth a new tree.
Death is just another word for transmutation.
The Earth vessel that you have worn is to be replaced with a Light vessel. The tree (the Tree of Life) represents your consciousness, which is forever repeating itself in different planets, time spaces, parallel realities, solar systems, galaxies and dimensions. The tree never dies, as it has created so many versions of itself that one version is in form somewhere, in some time and in some form of manifestation.
However, the tree may decide that it wants to return to the overview (higher dimensions) so that it can observe all its manifestation within the perspective of the ONE. In this case, consciousness returns to its Source to view all of its creations and collect them into its ONE consciousness.
Meanwhile, the human brain is one of the many creations that is preparing to leave duality and exist in the realm of unity. To accomplish this, the Mystical Marriage of masculine and feminine must be sealed in Light so that their child of love - Lightbody - can begin to expand beyond the cocoon of the physical Earth vessel.
As the gender-based version of the brain begins to merge into ONE Biological Computer, the DNA codes turn ON the system of ones and zeros to create the “Seed of Ascension,” which will replicate itself into the higher resonance of consciousness to match the higher frequency of your Lightbody.
As the higher Light from the Galactic Center enters your Crown, your Earth vessel accepts, grounds, and integrations the higher multidimensional energy into your physical Earth vessel. It is at this point that the symptoms of transformation escalate as the higher Light flushes out the lower frequency thoughts, emotions, memories, and physical toxins.
In this manner, your Earth vessel becomes LIGHT enough to begin its transmutation from the dense, physical body you have been wearing into the higher frequency form of your Lightbody. However, the Symptoms of Transmutation can be quite uncomfortable. Hence, we will now answer some common questions:

Arcturians Answer Questions about Symptoms of Transformation


From paradispublications.com

Tonight, I have an important message from the Pleiadian High Council from Planet Eros, our Home Planet from which Eros and I base our operations for this Code Blue Earth Mission.
Soferia (aka Psyche)

Dear Earthlings, Our Beloved Brothers and Sisters,
We are announcing a take-over of Planet Earth. Earth is our planet and it has always been our beautiful planet. Earthlings are our ancestors, and we are your ancestors. We are also your future “embodiments” as the elite educational community prefers to state it in order to disguise the truth. The truth is that the future is now and it has always been now. We are you and you are us. United in love, we have the POWER.

A certain group of Reptilians, in conspiracy with a certain group of Orions had moved in and taken over Earth in corrupt and illegal ways. They have been destroying earth and engaging in genocide of our people. Not all earthlings fully comprehend the depths to which these entities have driven their evil tentacles.

Many of you do know now that the Queen over earth is an illegitimate Queen and arrests are being made. There is much more. We had been cosmically prevented from intervening in the ways we had wished in the past, but everything’s changed. We devised ways to intervene to take back our planet that are not cosmically viewed as direct intervention. And now we have full cosmic support.

Today, we are making the official announcement that we are back and we are in control now. We have been working behind the scenes for more than 60 years to turn the Reptilian/Orion alliance on its head. Pleiadians from the future have slipped back in time to alter the course of events, embodying willing earthling bodies. We can do this because you are our ancestors.

We have been doing enormous amounts of work over the last few decades to turn the tide. What you see on the surface is just that - the surface changes we have made. We are multidimensional. What that means is that the surface of the new and promising progress you can see is truly just the tip of the iceberg.

We will be catapulting our works, our advanced technologies, and our world view forward faster and faster - much more rapidly than earthlings can possibly keep up with, so please get “tuned up.” What do we mean by getting tuned up? You MUST get informed about the “N.E.W. World View.” It is key to taking earth from ground zero to a fully functioning, healthy planet.

It is also key to being able to deal with the rapidly increasing complexity and chaos that is about to hit this planet at an unfathomable rate, as we continue our fast-track project to bring you all “up to speed,” so to speak. You have all been kept in the dark ages but we know you can do this. Many people have laid the groundwork and paved your paths. Listen to them. Follow their lead. They are truly here to help YOU, earthlings. You know who you are. You know who we are.

The Reptilians and Orions will continue to pretend they have power. In fact, they will act as if nothing has changed at all. As they do this, they will continue to try and employ their wicked tools to bring earth down.

They do know their days of ruling this planet are over and that they will each and every one be held accountable for crimes of high treason and crimes against humanity. They also know that any additional crimes they commit following this announcement will be subjected to triple indemnity to any victims of their crimes and three times the standard sentence of 25 years in prison.

And we are not, here, speaking of earth prisons, if you know what we mean. But on the other hand, they made their own beds. They created for themselves what lies up ahead.

That’s our message for today. You are well-advised to listen to Sōferia and read her work. She just published a new article today that explains the N.E.W. World View, which is highly recommended reading and will help prepare you for the chaos that will be appearing in the very near future. And know that all times, we "have your backs." You will get through the chaos smoothingly well!

Thank you,
The Pleiadian High Council
Planet Eros

Realizing Our Infinity as Spiritual Beings ~ Part 2 of 4 ~ via Wes Annac

As channeled by Wes Annac


Keeping a Positive Perspective When Becoming Aware

If you choose to become open to the actions of the cabals and the control that’s been enforced under the noses of humanity yet, right out in the open, you are encouraged to first work on developing a spiritual understanding of everything that happens on this world. Upon doing so, you can avoid a potential lasting negative perspective based on all that the cabals have done and have wished to do.
Finding out about the purposeful orchestration of the September 11th attacks as well as the initiating of natural disasters by way of advanced frequency-based weather warfare technology and a plethora of other things on the part of billionaires with influence, power and ability could put one in a state of fear or apprehension that the control such people have been allotted will be taken to extreme extents.
However, an understanding of the reality of the situation and the fact that everything they’ve done was in preparation for a cycle of evolution that they wished to see us unprepared for but that we have actually been well prepared for, will garner an understanding that our very awakening and our radiating of positivity will see the cabals unable to do anything anymore.

They Want You to Feed Fear

They want for us to be in fear of them and the plans that have not been and will not be allotted. They want us to fear the latest street drug they’ve Created; the latest engineered disease they will attempt to have spread; the latest funds they have stolen that were meant to be given to humanity; they want us to be in fear and apprehension about all of those things and plenty more, because we feed them and their astral employers when feeling any form of lower energy.
Poverty, famine, hunger, war – those are all things that feed negativity and suffering on a mass level on our planet, and we can answer to the very energies that have driven and allowed for such things to go on by first finding and fashioning an inner-connection so that we can raise our personal levels of positivity and feed very needed energies into the collective consciousness, and then by raising awareness of everything western society has kept us in a state of distraction about.
Humanity is encouraged to turn off the TV, quit worrying about which celebrity isn’t wearing the makeup we’ve been programmed to believe is important, and begin to see that too much of our planet is suffering. Too many people in too many countries do not get food or clean running water, and in the United States we take our clean water and muck it up by turning it into sugary, syrupy soda. Not to mention the fact that even in the United States, clean water that can be drank out of the tap seems to be a thing of the past.
Again – upon finding a positive and whole perspective in every moment, we can raise awareness of such things in a manner that makes allowance for the recognition of humanity’s infinite ability and power as spiritual beings. We can allow our perspectives not to be muddied by the knowledge we will gain of the actions of the cabals, and we can work toward opening our hearts and finding personal wholeness and sovereignty.

Opening the Chakras to Realize Infinity

It will be important for us to begin opening our chakras and finding a clear line of access to our inner states of perception if we wish to realize our infinity fully. Some of you reading this may be familiar with chakras, and they are essentially inner gates of access to our inner-perceptions and the bounties such perceptions offer. So many people who have found an influence on our world and spread truth and Light have in many cases, been acting as conduits for a greater truth and Light to come forth.
Here is some information about the chakras we all hold within, taken from Mind Body Green. (1)
“The 7 Chakras are the energy centers in our body in which energy flows through.
(…) It’s important to understand what each Chakra represents and what we can do to keep this energy flowing freely.
Here’s our quick summary of the 7 Chakras:
1. Root Chakra – Represents our foundation and feeling of being grounded. Location:Base of spine in tailbone area. Emotional issues: Survival issues such as financial independence, money, and food. More on Root Chakra healing
2. Sacral Chakra – Our connection and ability to accept others and new experiences.Location: Lower abdomen, about 2 inches below the navel and 2 inches in. Emotional issues: Sense of abundance, well-being, pleasure, sexuality. More on Sacral Chakra healing
3. Solar Plexus Chakra – Our ability to be confident and in-control of our lives.Location: Upper abdomen in the stomach area. Emotional issues: Self-worth, self-confidence, self-esteem. More on Solar Plexus Chakra healing
4. Heart Chakra – Our ability to love. Location: Center of chest just above heart.Emotional issues: Love, joy, inner peace. More on Heart Chakra healing
5. Throat Chakra – Our ability to communicate. Location: Throat. Emotional issues: Communication, self-expression of feelings, the truth. More on Throat Chakra healing
6. Third Eye Chakra – Our ability to focus on and see the big picture. Location:Forehead between the eyes. (Also called the Brow Chakra) Emotional issues: Intuition, imagination, wisdom, ability to think and make decisions. More on Third Eye Chakra healing
7. Crown Chakra – The highest Chakra represents our ability to be fully connected spiritually. Location: The very top of the head. Emotional issues: Inner and outer beauty, our connection to spirituality, pure bliss. More on Crown Chakra healing”
It’s been said before that we have even more chakras that serve as links to our inner-perception of realms beyond the perspective of the third dimension, and when the bulk of our DNA that has been referred to as “junk” is brought online, we will find an open access to every chakra that we don’t even know we possess within.
For now, we will focus on a couple of specific chakras in relation to finding your personal infinity.
What isn’t mentioned in the above reference is that the third eye chakra also breeds telepathy/psychic abilities in everybody who finds themselves able to open it through inner-searching and dedication. We all have these abilities within, and making the true effort to grow toward them and unlock them so that we can collectively enjoy and express our infinity will see us able to do just that.

Opening the Heart & Then the Mind

When I first heard about the third eye chakra, I was very excited to work toward opening it. I wanted to access the telepathic and energy-channeling abilities that opening our third eyes will see us able to do, and I was at first disheartened to find out the very advice I am about to give you all, which is that we should first work toward opening the heart chakra before we can fully reap the benefits of an opened third eye.
This is because our heart is actually an essential interpreter and channeler of energy, and upon opening the heart we will be able to channel higher dimensional energy of all different kinds and structures. The phrase “opening the heart” may sound a bit cliché to some, but it is meant in the very real sense of opening the emotional center of ourselves, which serves as a very potent gate to our inner-realms and to the personal infinity accessing such realms gives us.
So how can we access the heart chakra and begin feeling the flow of higher dimensional Love energy as it comes through us?
Well, the heart is represented as an emotional center for a reason. Obviously the physical heart does not play a strong role in influencing emotion, but the heart has always been looked toward as a representation of Love and this is because our heart chakra and the positive emotions we can find and access will open us up exponentially.

Kindness is the Way to Opening the Heart

Practice kindness toward those around you. Practice positivity in your everyday Life, as you’ll find yourself able to be positive and express what you will begin to feel within, in a myriad of ways. Recognize the Golden Rule for the truth it speaks, and treat others with Love, empathy and respect. Learn to understand and respect the plights of others, while finding and retaining a balanced center that won’t see you tipped overboard empathically.
When practicing this, you may be met with lessons of empathy and the theme of many of such lessons will be not to allow yourself to be martyred or not to extend yourself out too far in the name of serving others, and to recognize the balanced and measured yet still necessary service-to-self. Allow yourself to care about and help others, for doing so will help to open your heart and foster a connection to all that is positive and good, but to retain positivity we must show ourselves such positivity every now and then and if this means not helping someone one time out of ten; that is ok.
If the entire collective of humanity could practice fostering positivity and expressing such positivity toward all around them, we would very easily be able to come together and the differences we once argued so astutely over will be seen as hollow and unimportant in the grand scheme of Life.
Continued in Part 3 tomorrow.