The Network of Love that Links Us All Together ~ via the Crystal Team through Lindsay Ball ~ January 27th, 2013

The Crystal Team through Lindsay Ball

“Atlantean times were such joyful times, and you are now beginning to see, sense and feel that this can actually become a reality in your dimension. The excitement that is occurring among awakened souls is growing,and your energies are raising in line with energies on a universal scale.

For, dear ones, you are not alone, and as you begin on a conscious level to accept this fact as a fact and not a supposition or a possibility, so you are opening your lines of communication to be in alignment with all other lines of communication being made available to you at this time.

Two-way crystal communication

As you were made aware (in a recent meditation), crystals within the Earth remain in communication with crystals above the Earth, so these crystals that we know are part of the Earth, have stored within them the history and the love of the Earth and all the universe, the love, understanding, and compassion of your shelter, provider and home. So these aspects remain with the crystals used by yourselves for meditations, healing, decoration even, within your homes.

So the communication of those used external to the Earth, are still in communication with those within the Earth, and this two-way link provides valuable information and assessment within all levels of communication within the universe and beyond.

Can you begin to see and sense the enormous level of communication and the network of love that extends inside and outside your beautiful planet, and how this glorious web enfolds and links you all together?

And as those whose energies are raising, those souls who are waking up, those souls who are on their journey, as their love and light shines brighter and more powerfully, so this adds energy, love and brightness to the energy of the communications network, and inspires, encourages and assists all humanity, all life forms, to grow in spirit, in awareness and ultimately in love.

And so you are all doing great work just by reading these words and absorbing these energies for you are linking all these aspects of yourself that are already stored within your crystalline grid, your DNA, your cellular structure, your unconscious mind, that know these things already and have been waiting for the right time to open and integrate into your physical conscious beings.

Beings of light

And so your light will beam out strongly and lovingly for all to see, sense and acknowledge on all levels, you are being fully switched on and linked to your true soul essence, to your true self, to your true path and purpose in this existence that you have chosen to have at this special time.

Light and love is being made available on so many levels and one of these is orbs which are beings of light transformed into a state that can manifest within your plane of existence which can bring in intense amounts of guidance, love, inspiration, assistance, and work with you on an energetic level in many ways to assist yourself and other people within your orbit.

Your images of orbs can be meditated upon so that you can absorb the beauty and energy of them even though their light being presence has returned to its normal state.

Changes are occurring

These gifts are sent to you and are permitted to be seen via your camera equipment for the benefit of you all at this time. Enjoy their beauty and be grateful for their presence here at this time.

And so as all these evidences, and events occur, as more and more awaken to the potentialities and possibilities of what life can be like, and that this can actually happen, changes can occur in a positive way and indeed are occurring, then as we approach these wonderful events, the skies will light up, and joy, celebrations, light and love will be experienced on a massive scale and we await these events with great excitement, love and positivity.

So, dear ones, we look forward to seeing the outcome of these events. With our greatest love.“

Channelled by The Crystal Team through
Lindsay Ball – Atlantean Crystal Master
Copyright @ Lindsay Ball – you are invited to share this article provided that it is not altered or taken out of context in any way and a proper credit line is included, thank you.