The Beginning of Spiral Time ~ Valerie E Girard

Many years ago, a shamaness drew a simple drawing for me. It contained a curve and a straight line joined at the base. The line represented the ego, the curve the flow of spirit.

She explained to me that in our lives we are inclined to follow the ego inclinations: “I want”. This is often at the risk of straying from the natural flow or the guidance of spirit, “I surrender”. However, we constantly have the opportunity to reset by the lessons that come to us by the insights we gain from them. She included a line connecting linear time with the curve of spirit. This represented a nudge from spirit to connect us back to the flow, usually in the form of a lesson.

She also noted that Spirit knocks three times with small lessons. If we fail to gain the insight to release our linear ego path fueled by our willfulness, then we may receive a big lesson that will strive to knock us back into the flow. Hopefully we get the message before this happens.

I have been thinking about this experiment called freewill. One sees countless examples of how it operates in the world. Humans make choices most often out of their egos unless they are following a spiritual path. Even then, we humans tend to struggle with our inclinations. How many choices based in freewill cause suffering?

This linear dream has allured humans by the notion of freewill. This ego based dream has been ensconced in this reality for eons. Most humans act out of desire, addictions and illusion. It is often difficult for them to exert the power of their freewill for the good of all. Perhaps it is time for this dream to unravel.

Recently, while in deep meditation, I was invited to contemplate the value of free will versus true freedom. Free will alludes to dualism or polarity. To be truly free, we do not engage in dualism. When we are truly free, there is no temptation to choose action that will harm ourselves or others. When we are aligned with the Divine, we naturally flow with the Divine, meaning we evolve continually. With Spiral Time, we flow freely because we do not resist the intent of Spirit!

Spiral Time creates ascending and widening circles that connect us to others and to the fabric of a more aligned dream that is potentially emerging. Thoughts manifest outwardly as synchronicities, letting us know we are in Spiral Time. I am counting these synchronicities as the days unfold. I observe the spiral flow in dreams where I am able to return to the theme and people in the dream even after I awaken and return to sleep.

Spiral Time is Will, as in the Will of the Divine. It is magical. It is evolution. It is the Intent of Source to expand. It unifies, It includes. It illustrates connection. It is a unified field that includes the both Conscious Reality and the Dream.

The first step is to begin to observe that linear time has ended. Observe the unwinding by noting synchronicities and magical events. Observe your soul’s desire to flow and surrender. Breathe. Be. Release and let go. Have you noticed? Spiral Time has begun.