Obama Responds To Alex Jones, or 'How to Spot Propaganda in One Easy Lesson'

What I so strongly object to about Obama's retort to allegations he is a willing participant in an agenda to steal away the remaining rights of U.S. citizens is when his Vice President Joe Biden, standing beside the president in a sign of solidarity, forces a fake laugh at 2:40 of the video, a sarcastic chuckle which was choreographed and practiced beforehand for that precise moment of this speech. This is a very deceptive and cunning propaganda technique, and if you keep an eye out for this tactic you will spot it being used very often. This underhanded tactic is used to influence people that what is being discussed is nonsense, is stupidity, is not even worthy of any serious consideration and that whoever speaks of this subject should only be laughed at. I find that absolutely reprehensible, as what issue can hold more importance than serious discussion of an agenda to steal from the American people the only thing they cling to, what this country was founded upon, our freedom.

Greg Giles 


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