Master Hilarion & Source ~ Dogs and God ~ January 29th, 2013'

As channeled by Hilarion

I was walking and I saw a dog by the side of the road,  and I kicked it, and behold, it felt good.
And God told me that from then on people would consider themselves and me to be enemies, and god said that from then on it would just be God and me.
I said thank you for the heads up, God.
God said .. I see the totality that you are, and the lilacs played within it.
This is my garden, the garden where my ‘children’ play.
The planetary based point of viewing perceives itself as a creature… human or whatever.
The more galactic, cosmic experience is of a wholeness, of the same nature as source, in source, and experiences itself more like source, in which all creation, and even one’s own 'creatureness' is playing, experimenting, learning, and evolving,.. in this ever dancing play of light and energy which each  creature also is.