I Am Interpreting Wisdom’s Source ~ via Greg Daugherty January 25th, 2013

As channeled by Greg Daugherty

I Am Interpreting Wisdom’s Source
The expression of inner wisdom through the heart,
In the expansion of enlightenment
By the love in action
Beginning the invocation of truth
With the final decision on reality’s definition,
Presents the transition toward peace
Through the celebration of the senses within anticipation
And their emotional fullness and security
To produce a freedom from doubt
And confidence in foresight.
Wisdom channeled through the heart
In the perception of truth
By the fundamental integrity of conscience
Finds the anticipation of potential
More able to identify the definite resolution
Of an undoubted solution,
And the sustenance of the truth’s reach
Through the reach of its appreciation
Lighting the creative expansion
Lovingly nurturing its reach.
To bring together the alignment
Of the I am single-minded clarity
Of the consciousness able to reach eternal truth,
A force for value fulfillment guiding growth
By using a trial’s final judgment
To find the solutions that allow the freedom
That opens the flow of truth’s trust
Must move through levels of trust
To bring the greatest understanding of trust
And the doubtless truth.
As the interpreter of wisdom’s Source
Proceeding with truth to dispel doubts
From a sagacity of successful mastery
Practiced in the defining of existence
At the final reach of the light of creativity,
The reliability of the philosophy
Encounters the context for the fullness of being
In an emotional equilibrium
That supports the communication of a common identity
Communicating the deepest understandings maturely.
As the inner ear connects with the higher self
To give the first inkling of the insight’s illumination,
The method of unfolding the comprehension
Steers, via a universal perspective,
The explanation of doubt’s elimination
Through the expansion toward the greatest equilibrium,
Offering the cornerstone and blueprint
With only the emotional hydraulics needed
To bring out the full flow of imagination
Unwavering in intent to cut through confusion.
The reception of inner gnosis
In the desire to know
If the overstanding of potential
Has connected the physical experience with a higher consciousness
To allow a conclusion from a focus fully accepted
Finds that the unification of ideas into a balance,
Where this reception meets this creativity
In momentary satisfaction,
Expands and transforms the self through this process
To bring forward the confidence that perceives illusion.
The vibration of the truth with a ring of eternity
Is felt by its resonance with the inner truth
Held by the feeling for the natural resolution
In the realm of the flowing anticipation,
Where the determined truths
Flow as a stream of solutions,
Each with its advancement of awareness
Issuing more appreciation and momentum
To the speedily expanding horizons
And increasingly purified awareness of the truth.
The depths of trust allowing the full light
That demonstrates the courage to see
From the accomplished understanding
Of truth’s matrix catalyzed into experience
Uses this definitive overstanding,
Whose strength lies in the cognition of the balance
It takes to support truth’s wholeness
All the way to the greatest equilibrium
To confidently connect the horizons
Which access the truth through their expansion.
The recognition of symmetry as trustable truth
In the clear comprehension of the unrecognized
Allows the perception of the moment
A larger framework of the pattern
That allows the clarity of vision transcending thought
To comprehend a flow of cognition
From a sense of the greatest equilibrium,
Where the questioning of the heart
Feels the configuration of unified
Truth and comprehension resolving mystery.
These steps through revelation into a new consciousness
In the breathing in of comprehension’s first level
Has this focused moment’s point of reference
As a firm foundation
From which the past is left behind
And the release into the new perspective
Reaches out of the manifested balance
At the edge of completion
As a new self-awareness
Complete with the clarity of the expanding overstanding.
(The Hierophant, Ace of Swords, King of Pentacles, the Emperor, 10 of Swords, 6 of Swords, Ace of Pentacles, 4 of Cups, Page of Wands, Queen of Sword - 1/24/13)