Do You Know this Person Outside of Facebook?

When you choose to decline or even accept a Facebook friend request, you will be asked this question by Facebook. Whether you do know the person outside of Facebook or not, you may wish to consider clicking 'yes', that you do indeed know this person from outside of Facebook. The reason is Facebook, in an attempt to cut down on spamming, will penalize the person sending a friend request for every answer that comes back 'no', I do not know this person outside of Facebook, even if you accept the request. A mere two strikes in one day will result in a suspension for the person sending the friend request. Considering the fact that there are many of us today using Facebook, as well as other online communities, to connect, to share information between us and to strengthen our bond and solidarity as one in order to institute positive changes in our world, you may wish to always click 'yes', therefore clearing the lanes of our new infrastructure and connection.