Creating Detailed Reality ~ via Greg Daugherty ~ January 24th, 2013

As channeled by Greg Daugherty

Creating Detailed Reality
In the vast realm of potential in the mind,
Determining the truth in knowledge
For the potential of value fulfillment
Involves the organization of ideas
Along the will’s focus of intention
To design the value’s vibration
Where the meditated consideration
Of the illuminated truths
Produces the blueprint
Of a newer paradigm of consequence consideration.
The unseen emotional reality,
Felt in the pursuit of the skilled resolution
Performing the defining of existence,
Offers the realm of the expanded awareness
In which the design for strong desires
Of joyous expansion
Provides for the contemplation of potential
Aligned with the intent of the cosmos
Able to motivate the great work
Continually transformed.
Trusting unconscious wisdom
Absorbed in the pleasure of love’s greater truth,
The confidence from the ownership,
Deep in the improvisational inventiveness,
Of the power from attuning to the process
Of wisdom’s unfolding of inner strength
Manifests the mastery of personal philosophy
Unifying wisdom and understanding
Into love’s form of the greater truth
Projected into the expanding paradigm.
Self-trust recognizes potential
In the attention to beauty’s detail,
And the underlying anticipation of discovery
Postulating the comprehension
Of beauty’s channel to balance
Brings, through this dreaming outside of time,
The contemplation of potential
Able to find the sense of purpose
For the manifesting of balance
And volition of resolution.
To become more conscious of self
In the endeavor to integrate lessons learned
Into the belief patterns creating reality,
The guiding ideals that form the identity
Controlling the direction of desire
Use the emotional understandings of joy
To create the expansive space
Where the full illumination of self
Brings all resources into play
For the next breath of comparable consciousness.
The center for intuitional studies
Investigating the creation of the disciplined balance
Places the qualifications for determining balance
In the ideology of the greatest equilibrium,
With the balance and integration of opposition
Into the wave of ease,
Settling into the flow of thought
Riding the wave
Into the effortless creation of balance
Giving the continual foundation for change.
The influence of the wise intuitive
Creating the balance of reality’s detail
Affects the rational perspective
With the illuminating insight
To open a pathway to the greatest equilibrium
With an empathic perception
That blends into the thoughts creating materiality,
Trusting and flowing with the higher self
To begin the physical delight
Of ideas modified into beauty.
The access to balance for the intuitive powers
Called for in the study of the unknown
By one taking steps to obtain a desire
Of the innovative mind expanded
Allows the alignment of trusted knowledge
That manifests the harmonious path
For the emerging thought
Moving toward the desired comprehension,
Which produces the recognition of balance in all things
And the furtherance of the study of the unknown.
Understanding higher truths through trust
From a quest for the rewards of enlightenment
Is the foundational stance for stability
In the truth’s initial comprehension,
Where the loving trust of the strength within
Chooses from this harmonious structure
The frequencies to be trusted
In the cognizance
Of the endeavor’s successful founding
And larger pattern of experience.
As a channel to the greater equilibriums
Found in the practices of vibrational control,
The mastery of self and environment
Defining personal space
Forms the philosophy through practice
Of the creation of the openness
Able to facilitate the balance expansion,
Bringing truth into the light
Where the primal balance connects with the greatest equilibrium
To move the philosophy forward in the furtherance of reality creation.

(The High Priestess, 8 of Pentacles, the Emperor, Ace of Swords, Strength, 6 of Cups, 4 of Swords, 6 of Wands, Ace of Pentacles, 5 of Swords – 1/19-21/13)