Clearing or Replacing Chakras ~ Petra Margolis ~ January 26th, 2013

By Petra Margolis

Clearing or replacing chakras.

Many are talking about the energies but are not really adept in working with energies as all they do is talk about it and think that the energies will do the work for them.

Energies are moving and actually evolving within every situation and if you are able to see them you can actually work with them.

This is not easy and it is not really something anyone can teach you as it requires you to consciously experience and see them.

Seeing every energy is something that is almost impossible as a human as we do not have the experience as a human to really see most of the energies, especially the higher energies. We can feel them and know they are there, but we have no clue how to really see them as well.

Our human brain and mind are focused on seeing energies in a physical form. All we see with our human eyes and mind are shapes, like a table, a chair. We do not really see the energy that makes up this form. This translates itself into what we can see within the spiritual realms, as there we also see shapes and forms, worlds that are a bit similar to the earth reality at times, just more vibrant, in a different feeling frequency and most of the time also different colors then what we see within the earth reality.

Energy workers are able to see energies, but as an energy worker myself I know that seeing all of it through every dimension is still something that is very complicated as I do not have the vision to completely see, or to be more correct the understanding as a human to see every particle of energy everywhere.

I do know that some have no idea what is really possible if you can work with the energies, but I can give you an example of what my experience is.

Many think that clearing chakras is very important, and it is, many think it takes a lot of time and this is where you are wrong.

If you can work with energies, see them, you will be amazed as to what is really possible as far as spiritual processes.

So here is my example, I was doing a chakra clearing on a friend of mine, it was done long distant, she was on the phone in California and I was in Florida. I started working on clearing; she was just sitting there relaxing. We didn’t talk, but when I got to the heart chakra and had a good look at it, I decided that this heart chakra was so messed up that it would be better to just completely replace the heart chakra. I know many have not heard about this, but yes you can actually replace a chakra when it is really not working anymore and repairing it is almost impossible. After all it is just energy, it is created out of source energy, so you can replace it with source energy that is pure and start over with a new chakra.

I started with removing the old heart chakra and this is where my friend suddenly screamed, not because of pain, but because she felt a hand going into her chest. Now not everyone will feel this, but she did and so I explained to her I was removing the heart chakra and replacing it with a new one. She felt it being removed and she felt a new one being placed.

Now I don’t suggest you go around and start replacing chakras, you really have to have knowledge and know how to create a new one from source energy, consciously know how the energies work and this is not done by thought. It is more a last resort then something that is done on a regular basis.

It is not something that I can teach; it is something that I learned from within my own being as I connected up with parts of me that had this knowledge already.

I do not know if everyone has this knowledge as it is something that is not commonly known even amongst energy workers.

This goes a bit further then working with Reiki or any other energy, where you are just a conduit for the energy.

I would never have thought of it myself, but Isis, as my guide, brought it to my attention and I didn’t start to work with it until I knew completely how to do this by practicing first with energies and learning how the energies of a chakra worked, how they were created and how to make sure it would be compatible with the energy of the person I was working with.

As the chakra has to be aligned with what is already within this persons energy bodies, you cannot just replace it with a blob of energy, as this energy would not be able to act as a chakra as it does not have the right directive as to what it is supposed to be, and do within the energy bodies of this person.

Just one example, but something that can be done, and there is so much more that can be done to assist people in progressing faster within their spiritual process.

This is why there were mystery schools, as this is where these teachings were available to the students that were accepted, as not everyone was accepted.

Mystery schools were focused on learning how to work with energies consciously; they worked with light, sound and so much more to assist in working with energies consciously.

And this is where we are today, much of that knowledge is lost and some of it is now being retrieved by those that went through some of those mystery school teachings.

The problem we have is that losing those teachings changed the awareness of many as it turned into passively working with the energies instead of actively working with the energies.

These days a lot of times we work with the energies through spoken words and thoughts, but it is not as powerful as actually being able to work with the energies in spirit.

Words and thoughts start to move energies, but it is a much slower process and a more passive process compared to when you work actively with the energies to move them, to create with the energies.
I wouldn’t say I myself am an adept at it, as I am learning all the time and there are many things I cannot do as I do not have the knowledge on how to do everything, create everything with energies.

Working with energies becomes a lot more difficult when it comes to the overall creation of a reality as so much more is involved and that knowledge is not really available yet. There are so many things to take into consideration as many beings and their spiritual energies are involved in creating something like for example a new reality. I actually don’t think something like creating a new reality can be done from one’s human level of understanding.

I do know that we are practicing working with the energies even though it is on the more passive level of words and thought. We do this by discussing, sometimes arguing, and disagreeing with each other. This is what brings movement of energies that start clearings, healings and more.

If we stayed within an energy of complete agreement, the energy would be stagnant and change is not possible when the energy is stagnant.

So all of you who do not like disagreeing, or speaking of minds, even being angry at times, realize that much of these feelings and emotions do bring in change.

Change within your own being, but also change within the overall consciousness, as energy is moving and allowing for change to become more present.

I just wanted to bring attention as to what is possible and the replacement of the chakra is just one of many as far as what is possible to really speed up your spiritual processes.

From one source to another
Petra Margolis