Channeled Interview with the Pleiadians ~ Crisis of Faith ~ via Wes Annac

(Message from Wes Annac) I’m reposting this because of the reader interest and the many comments saying how much it has helped you all. Again, I have no desire to cease communicating with any of the sources coming through me despite what is said in this message and in fact, you can expect many more interviews with the Pleiadians in this manner through the enthusiastic temple that is me.
Personally; they continue to validate their existence to me and I faithfully and happily continue along this path. For those who are really struggling, it’s hoped that this message is helpful.

The Pleiadian High Council: You are with us dearest Wesley, and we have many Crew Members stationed around you to make sure that no negative or misleading entities attempt to come through and deliver information that you know to be out of resonation with what is currently occurring on your planet and within you all. (1)
Wes Annac: Thank you so much, dear friends. As you know, this past while has been rather difficult for me. It has nothing to do with December 21st as you also know, but it seems as if negativity is still the rule of the day here on planet Earth. Do you care to comment on that?
PHC: Negativity is dissolving increasingly at this time and we do understand that it doesn’t seem to be so. We wish you to know that your actions in staying centered and radiating positivity out to whoever will care to absorb it will see the negativity even more diminished than it already has been.
Wes: Thank you dear friends, that does help a bit. I do understand the need to remain positive and stay centered, but what can we do if we feel the difficulty is becoming a bit too much?
PHC: In your case, dearest Wesley; the negativity you are experiencing comes from not one source, but multiple. Are we correct?
Wes: Indeed you are, dear friends.
PHC: We know that you are experiencing and surfacing doubt about the validity of this work you are doing and we wish you ask you dearest Wesley – how do you feel about our communications? How do you feel about the manner in which we speak through you? Do you feel as if we are genuine, or misleading?
Wes: Well, I’ve honestly felt that you and your communications are genuine for every bit as long as I’ve done this work. Otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it!
PHC: Indeed, we revel at your courage and determination to continue along a path that has tested you and at times, alienated you as you continued to stand up for your beliefs and what you know to be real.
Dearest Wesley, we are not a thought-form or entity based within your specific consciousness. What we mean by this is that we are not an aspect of your higher self, as some would believe in relation to channeling. You are all able to channel your higher selves and aspects of your higher selves who will give you guidance along your paths, but you can also connect with a myriad of other beings who do indeed possess our own specific perspectives and who do have different opinions and beliefs as to how the ascension of your Earth is to play out.
Wes: I find it a bit strange that different ascended entities have different opinions and perspectives. Would you care to comment?
PHC: It is similar to how you on Earth possess different perspectives, beliefs and ideals and yet, you are still experiencing a similar dimensional growth and learning of lessons. Everyone on Earth is experiencing the third and fourth dimensions at present as you begin to glimpse into what the realms of the fifth have to offer you and as you have been noticing dear Wesley, even your fellow awakening Lightworkers possess differences in opinion and perspective in relation to how the ascension of your world is playing out and the assistance you are being given at this time.
Wes: What should we do if we feel that this assistance is not what we’ve believed it to be? I don’t want to put you guys “on the spot” like this, but what can we do if we experience a real crisis of faith?
PHC: Dearest Wesley, we know that this question is bred out of your own experiences recently and we say that no matter the specifics of your beliefs; no matter if you believe in us, the Ascended Masters, the Archangels or the Sirians, you are still ascending as an individual and as a planet and we encourage your continual climb to the higher realms, no matter the manner in which it comes about.
Wes: So you’re saying that if I wanted to, I could completely scrap my beliefs of you and all channeled entities (I don’t want to), and that would not inhibit my personal ascension?
PHC: Why would it, dearest Wesley?
The specifics of your beliefs do not define your entrance into the higher realms; the actions you choose to put into play along your paths and the perspective you allow yourself to have in any given moment will determine the progress you are making.
You do not have to believe in us or the assistance we wish to give to find ascension; though we do have much to offer you and are excited to share as many communications and updates as possible with you dear souls, about the ascension of your world and about the very assistance we wish to give. This assistance will be given, but it should not be expected necessarily and, in our humble view, should not be solely looked toward as a determiner of ascension.
Wes: Well thank you, dearest friends. I guess that my own personal “crisis of faith” has had to do with the seeming continual criticism of channeled messages. I’ve also realized a lot about our connection that’s put me a bit “on edge” – such as the fact that we routinely speak but I have not met you in person.
PHC: Oh yes, dear Wesley, you have met us. The ship sightings you have been given and will continue to be given when you find yourself able to look for them, have been of ships that are a part of our fleet. Our Council and our overall race have special Motherships and smaller Light ships, and we have been permitted to show ourselves to those who can become open to our presence. (2)
You can begin to see us and recognize that it is us, dearest Wesley, but we know that this answer does not quite do justice to (what) you put forth.
Wes: Thank you for the acknowledgment, dear friends. I just see so many souls who are completely assured and set in their growth without having to look toward Galactics or any other source but themselves, and I perceive myself as looking toward outside sources or encouraging others to do so by continuing to publish our communications.
PHC: This, dear soul, is why we and you alike have encouraged every soul to turn within and find the impressions and communications from us for themselves. Truly, every one of you can do this and we knew going into the very idea of communicating directly with humanity that some misunderstandings would come-forth, and that the focus of humanity would perhaps be shifted toward the external in manners that were not intended.
We have wished to communicate with you dear souls and detail our updates in as precise of a manner as possible to keep you up to date with all that is occurring but at the same time, we encourage you all to turn within and find our energies and the energies of your higher selves, whom are very important for you to connect with.
We are happy and honored to be able to deliver our communications through willing Earth hosts, and the belief of the reality of our messages will determine how pure or unfiltered they are at the time of communication. Wesley, you are experiencing doubts about our communications and the validity of our very existence at present, are you not?
Wes: Guilty, friends. I know that it has to do with my personal process and is a catalyst that will likely lead to a stronger connection with you. I guess it is just disheartening to see the continual disbelief in and criticism of channeled messages, from the perspective of someone who has devoted themselves entirely to channeling.
PHC: Are you not feeding a bit of this doubt and criticism in yourself at present, dear Wesley?
Wes: Indeed, I am.
PHC: And so you see how your feeding of the criticism and doubt, as well as your allowance of it to enter your perspective and change you feel about us and our communications serves to have an effect on the messages brought-forth or at the very least, your ability (or perhaps willingness) and clarity in bringing them forth?
Wes: Yes, dear friends, I do see that. Thank you.
PHC: We do not wish for you to hang yourself up on this one issue, dear Wesley for indeed, there is so very much joy and wonder for you to experience.
We have wished for you all to know that we specifically are one facet of the Light Forces helping your planet to ascend. We are one collective out of so many who have devoted ourselves to your ascension and you, Wesley, are a part of our Light Forces. Every soul reading this message is, and so many of you have incarnated unto the Earth to bring the Light forth that you know and can feel within is crucial to the ascension of all on the surface of the Earth.
Wes: Thank you, dear friends. I guess it’s up to me to take that “leap of faith” and continue along this path of communicating with you.
PHC: Communicating with us and the other enlightened beings and collectives who give their messages through you has been your path thus far, dearest Wesley, but you are the Creator and controller of your reality. Our feelings cannot get hurt and so, you will not hurt us if you wished to turn away from us to refine your goal in a manner that sees you shying away from our communications.
You could end up believing that we are only an intuitive aspect of your mind or of your higher self and you could chose to shy away from us and begin your channeling in a different manner, and we would honor this path as we honor the paths of every soul who does not believe in our assistance, our presence, or the validity of our communications.
We are speaking through other Earthly hosts at this time and even if they were to turn themselves away from us; that would be well and dandy for the communications we send to Earth are one facet of the overall work we are performing in any given moment.
Wes: It is reassuring to know that I wouldn’t be somehow turning away from my path if my perspective became too dampened and I chose a different route.
PHC: Is this how you are feeling in this moment, dear Wesley? Do you wish to turn away from our communications and shift your focus toward a different avenue of assisting your world?
Wes: Honestly, friends, I don’t think I could answer that question. I get the absolute most joy and fulfillment from communicating with you and every time I have a doubt or fear, a communication with you just helps me to work through it all and see that everything I’ve been working toward actually is real.
PHC: We do understand the difficulty in accepting a presence that you perceive not to be around you yet, and if you could see how many of our ships that are even just a part of our specific Council and race are stationed in your skies and very near where you are currently stationed, you would indeed see that everything you’ve all been working toward is realer than you could imagine.
We do understand that the mentions of our ships and things you cannot yet physically see (2) may not help some of you but in the same vein, the reminder that we are here and that we are in your skies has helped a great many Ground Crew members who, just like you Wesley, have felt discouraged at times or as if what they are working toward is a farce.
Our scribe is experiencing a catalytic doubt related to his personal process of rediscovering us as well as the greater and hidden-away aspects of himself and dearest souls, we say that it is ok and in fact, sometimes necessary, to experience a crisis of faith. It can be necessary to experience this because the feelings that arise during such a faith-crisis can usually be catalytic and related to lessons that stem from past Lives and for some, the childhood of their current.
For example, dear Wesley; your fear and apprehension about our existence and the work you have put in being false stems from the fact that you have always felt as if you were on the wrong track or as if you were not doing what you should have been in any given moment.
This fear was bestowed upon you during childhood when you were taught that the perspective you possessed was the wrong one. You were told that any ability you may find hidden under the surface has a physical and reasonable explanation, and especially our presence or any topic that is perceived to be too “out there” by the majority of your world is seen in just that light.
Wesley, you are also dealing with the collective energies and the energies of those who are close to you, which teach you (the energies) that physicality is the only reality around you and that any enlightened beings or the realms they come from must not be real because of the nature of density (and physicality) that seems to be never-ending.
Wes: I’d like to return to that aspect of the discussion for a moment because again, density and negative events just seem to be ongoing in my Life recently. Can that matter be commented on?
PHC: We say, dear soul, that your personal phase has been intensified to extreme extents and you have been led and led to continue to employ the balanced center that you know will aide you. As difficult as this may be to hear, dearest Wesley, we would like for you to observe your reaction to everything that happens in your Life.
Do you find that at times you had perhaps overreacted? Do you see at times that your employment and assurance of positivity could have put an end to the seeming barrage of negativity? You are the Creators of your reality, dear souls, and you decide absolutely everything that happens to you.
If feeding or enforcing negativity, negativity will come to you and this is an absolute.
As you dear souls have heard, your Creations are now coming to you in a much more rapid manner and this can account for the continuance of a plethora of negative things that can truly have their manifestations ended if the perspective of the one who is Creating them can itself be changed.
Wes: Thank you so much for that explanation, dear friends. It makes absolute sense and means a lot to me.
PHC: We are so happy to offer our assistance, and we are especially happy to be able to break through the shell of discomfort, worry and anxiety that has attempted to clog your perspective as of late.
Wes: Thank you, dear friends. I think it goes without saying that I will more than likely continue our communications with the faith I’ve always had, in the face of detractions or disbelief.
PHC: If you wish to stay along this specific path, dear Wesley, it is only important that you not let the perspectives of others cloud your own and at the same time, it is important to allow for the perspectives of others (to be expressed).
Wes: I understand, friends. I only wish that others could allow for mine also!
PHC: Indeed, is that not the wish of all on your dear planet?
Do you not all wish as if those around you could just “get” what you’re getting and “feel” what you’re feeling? This is human nature, dear souls; to want another around you to possess the same beliefs and perspective as you do but that is what’s just so wonderful about your Earth and about each of you Living on your Earth; you are different.
You are all different and you have different and unique perspectives, and while there are some souls who are contributing so very much to your ascension movement and to the awareness preceding your ascension movement who have undertaken roles that require the criticism, detraction or misunderstanding of our communications, our existence and the very help we are with you to give; again, this only shows the uniqueness of the beliefs of each and every one of you and we say that without that uniqueness, you may all indeed agree with each other but the expression and individualism intended for a planet of incredibly diverse souls would simply not be there.
Wes: Thank you, dear friends. I understand completely what you are saying. I guess one of my biggest concerns or “fears” was that I am somehow on the wrong track of helping humanity with these communications or that I am encouraging others to seek externally rather than internally.
PHC: Again, dear Wesley, this stems from fears that are bred out of the collective influence all around you (as well as bred from childhood). The collective influence can have a very strong effect on one’s perspective and when you can get away from the density of everyone around you and find a clear, meditative state, the reality of the higher realms and us souls existing within the higher realms will return to your memory, knowledge and understanding
Wes: Thank you so much, dear friends. I’m going to let you speak uninterrupted for a while before finishing this up.
PHC: With much appreciation, dear Wesley. There is so much happening beyond the conscious perception of humanity at present and while many of you could be experiencing the crisis of faith that our scribe is experiencing and working through, we ask you to hold strong to your vision of the New World you all wish to see come about.
We will indeed be with you to help you repair your world and while some may see this statement as a proclamation that we are your “saviors” or that we will be doing the work for you; as so many of you know by this point, this is simply not so.
We wish to bring into reality, the amount of work that is to be done (to repair the Earth). The cabals on your world have purposefully Created many ghettos and high-poverty areas, and they experience wealth as a result of the suffering and poverty of others.
There is much pollution manifested and fed on your dear Earth and this is one of the biggest areas of concern at present, but with the feeding of the Light energies you can all help see to it that the pollution manifested on dearest Gaia’s surface every day does not have the effects it could have upon Her and your bodies and sprits.
Humanity as a collective must rise and proclaim your dissatisfaction with the method in which your world is currently functioning, and the collective vibrations will begin to be geared toward peace, harmony, and an establishment of a real and true financial system that will benefit your entire populace until, of course, the fast-approaching time wherein you will not need a financial system reaches you.
That time is indeed coming very quickly, and you may see the new financial system as a temporary stepping-stone to the worldwide abundance and eradication of need on a collective level.
While many of you are indeed weary travelers at this point and the energies coming in may continue to test you and temporarily bring you down, we say that it is all a part of the indeed difficult refining and cleansing process you have been a part of for some time now. We can only give so much in the way of assistance, and our communications are intended to inspire, motivate and uplift you dear souls but the high realms anchoring upon your third dimensional Earth will not continue to go unnoticed by your world.
We understand that some of you could be wary of general predictions and we accept this, and we will give our communications in a manner makes allowance for the (needs) of each and every one of you.
We Love you all so very much, and we remind you that your ascension is real and that the etheric realms you can begin to discover and even meet with us upon, are just as real. Wesley, we would Love many more communications in this manner, because the “testing” you have put forth for us has helped us tremendously in guiding any souls who may be experiencing more difficulty than they expected.
We reiterate that you do not have to believe in us to know that your ascension is real, and we know that you shining diamonds will work through the last bit of intense density that is yours to transmute, and come out of every lesson you’re being given with the continued strength and resilience that has seen you already so well established on your paths.
Wes: Thank you so much to the Pleiadian High Council. This communication has indeed helped me and, having finished it, I will take a rest and ponder all you have given.
(1)-The Pleiadians were saying this to me as a response to the affirmation I make before every channeling session that only beings of the highest and purest Christed consciousness and intent are to be with me, at the time of channeling and at all times.
(2)-I actually had an incredible ship sighting last night (Jan 23) and I used a pair of binoculars to get a zoomed-in view of what was supposed to be a simple star. It wasn’t a star!
The colors were absolutely radiant and beautiful and it actually looked like a colorful and Lighted carousel….it has certainly restored any vestiges of lost faith for me.