Belief and Visualization ~ via Brian the Dragon ~ January 19th, 2013

As channeled by Brian the Dragon

We're going to keep this one short. Sometimes, when facing fear and doubt, it helps to face what the "worst case" could be and then decide that just won't happen, transmuting the fear. So we ask all those who want to bring about a paradigm shift... What is the worst case? Your actions and energy does have impact, so we imagine the worst case is that no shift occurs in your lifetime and the world is just a better place for generations, even if you individually are disappointed. We see a shift occurring, however obviously we should be honest that the potential always exists. We believe that would be your "worst case" because of what you came here to do. So, obviously that is not what you want to aim for.

The trick is to believe. You are the ones bringing seeds of change and it's not as much through action but through belief and setting example. It's your energy that moves things, and this is invisible. It is so important that you believe.

And the main way to believe is visualizing what the future will look like. Make it real.