Ascended Master Saida Khatoon ~ Self Realization ~ via Shazi ~ January 29th, 2013

As channeled by shazi

Hello Son,
The art of self realisation is necessary for spiritual ascension. To recognise and understand the SELF is to realise the wisdom of God.

To be inquisitive to learning is to lay down a path for one to travel; it is the intention to learn that creates the energy and rive for the mind to carry out any task including all material to spiritual.

Without the first step of intention, nothing would be manifested and the energies from the universal consciousness would not be sourced.

Self realisation is an inner quest for the hidden and secret library of the SELF; and this is unique to one's own identity and life path.

Every one has a unique finger print and ideal; this is the same spiritually too.

Often a person can be kept a part from family and friends then merge later on in life.

In the original Akashic record that we have found, to find the original path, God wanted US to travel; only then we would find our life’s worth and tasks.

Otherwise, the mysteries of our life will continue and the frustration of not knowing what lies ahead would continue.

My dear light beings look inwards and feel in silence to YOU.

Your mother; the words are necessary to aid in your quest for the inward journey of YOU.