Archangel Gabriel's Daily Channeled Messages for January ~ via Shelley Young

As channeled by Shelley Young

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Having an attachment to an outcome is one of the most limiting and frustrating things a human being can do to themselves. From your vantage point, it may feel like you know how things should be. But from the universe's ability to see and gauge all things and possible outcomes, how you perceive it is frequently not in your highest interest at all! Dear Ones, we cannot even express how much grander we see things for you, and so often we see you blocking things by being so attached to things looking a certain way. Release your attachment to outcome! Enter the flow! Embrace that movement, secure in the fact that when you don't try to force it to look a certain way, things will always turn out divinely perfect! By surrendering to the highest possible outcome, you become an incredible co-creator with the universe and help us help you. ~Archangel Gabriel

January 11, 2013
The universe is always giving you feedback. Always. If you are trying to make something happen and it is taking a lot of effort with little result, the flow simply isn't supporting that endeavour for whatever reason. On the other hand, if the winds of change sweep in, and everything falls into place like magic, don't over analyze it, Dear Ones! Allow the flow to sweep you along. Know that when you are out of resistance and divine timing and your highest good all align, magic happens and you can move mountains with ease. Trust. Read the signs the universe is always providing you. Understand struggle is not the way of the enlightening human being - supported flow, ease and grace is. ~Archangel Gabriel

January 12, 2013
Loving and honouring yourself is such a vital aspect of emerging as a human being of light. We understand that many of you have been conditioned to put others first, that to put yourself first is selfish and wrong. It can be difficult when you have been raised in that belief system to move beyond that, particularly if you are here to be of service because those with a service contract often have little concern for themselves and great concern for others. Dear Ones, you must find a way to put yourself in balance with this matter. If putting yourself first is too hard and uncomfortable, perhaps you could at least see start to see your needs as equally important as others. Lightworkers love equality! Can you love yourself equally? Nurture and encourage yourself just as you would another? See your health, wellness and happiness as important for you as it is for your brothers and sisters? Again we remind you that self awareness serves the whole and unifies, while selfishness serves only the one and separates. Love yourself, honour yourself, cherish yourself as a vital and beloved, equally important part of the whole. ~Archangel Gabriel
January 13, 2013

Dear Ones, you are in unprecedented times on your planet. There is no rule book. You are all the creators! You must find what works for you - what helps you stay in balance, what helps you feel joyful, what helps you focus on what you wish to create. This is not a time for angst! This is a time for celebration! Celebrate your successes on a daily basis. Love and support yourself as you are figuring out how to navigate the new energies flooding your planet. You are doing a wonderful job! ~Archangel Gabriel
January 14, 2013

Imagine a trip to the ice cream store. There are so many choices and all of them are wonderful! Dear Ones, why not approach your life expression the same way, where everything is a different flavour of wonderful? And guess what? If you choose, you even get the sprinkles AND the cherry on top! When you approach your life with such a positive attitude, you are energetically paving your way for more and more of a joyful experience. If you experiment with a flavour and find you don't enjoy quite as much as some of the others, you don't get caught up in it, because you realize it is still ice cream, and still a wonderful experience. Lighten up, Dear Ones! Your spirituality has been heavy and serious for so very long. Bring out your inner child and see life as a beautiful adventure that is filled with endless, wonderful possibilities. ~Archangel Gabriel

January 15, 2013

Today we wish to speak to you about the gift of the lull period. Lulls, or periods of time where there is little perceived movement, can be challenging. Enlightening human beings are getting much better at staying in the flow but can become very concerned when they feel a stall in movement. Lulls are always a wonderful gift! They allow you time to integrate what you have learned. They help you adjust energetically. Perhaps you were desperately in need of some rest and self nurturing, or you needed some time to honour yourself and your spirituality. Perhaps you simply needed some time to BE. It could be that you had worked so diligently you arrived in a space in record time and have to wait for other elements to fall into place. The key during a lull period is to rest assured that all is well! Take advantage of the quiet time that is being presented to you. Consider it a gift or a mini vacation. If you stay calm, accepting and focused and understand there is ALWAYS forward movement (you just are not able to see it at the time), you will be poised and ready to move into acceleration again when the energies support it. Embracing both periods of lull and acceleration are equally important when you are surrendering to the flow. ~Archangel Gabriel

January 16, 2013
If you wish to move into empowered change in the most direct and swift way possible, the way to do that is to surrender. People are afraid of surrender. Most people who want change are already feeling overwhelmed and out of control and perceive surrender to be even more of that energy. Nothing could be further from the truth! Heartfelt surrender allows the endless supports from the universe to sweep in and navigate you to your highest good. Surrendering to the flow is choosing the path of ease. Many people fear surrendering to the flow will amount to careening about wildly. Dear Ones, how could that be so? How could you be undirected with so many loving guides on your side? And again, we remind you, the flow comes with a steering wheel and feedback mechanism you can use any time you choose. It is called gratitude. If you do nothing more than use surrender, flow and gratitude, you will have all the elements necessary for profound, empowered change in your life. ~Archangel Gabriel

January 17, 2013
If you are experiencing trauma in your life or an issue that is painful to you, the first thing you must do is step out of any victim consciousness you have acquired with the situation. You simply cannot move into empowered change while embracing powerlessness. Then, step back and look at your issue. Ask yourself, what is my role in this? How have I energetically contributed to this situation? What growth might I achieve through this? Why would I have created this situation? What are the gifts of moving through this experience? You see, humans usually create trauma only after they have been ignoring the subtle bumps and nudges of their soul and guides for quite some time. Trauma serves to get your attention. It shakes you up and gets you to ask the bigger questions. The good news is, Dear Ones, that once you willingly start to embrace your growth and start to listen to the subtle guidance of your soul, you can begin to bloom and grow without needing trauma as the catalyst. Further, once you have truly assimilated all of the experience, there is no need for your soul to create it again. Once you understand these principles, you can start to move through you life experiences in a much more empowered way, and start to enjoy a smoother life expression. ~Archangel Gabriel

January 18, 2013
If you could only see how we see you, in your truth, you would fall madly in love with yourself. You are a human being of light, on the planet during these unprecedented times. You are courageous, you are a pioneer, a being of love. You are spectacular! Dear Ones, we encourage you to start to see yourselves in such a way. Celebrate your successes! Honour yourselves! See yourselves in your truth and glory and as you do you will not be able to help but love yourselves, and then, as a byproduct of that, you will draw even more love to you. Do you see how magnificent the system is? ~Archangel Gabriel

January 19, 2013
Are you walking your talk? So many enlightening human beings spend years gathering information and educating themselves with reams of spiritual information and then hesitate when it comes to actually applying it to their life paths. The education phase is a very important and necessary part of spiritual growth. It can last for lifetimes! But there comes a point, Dear Ones, where you will read and find you are not learning much new, and that is when you know the studying phase is complete and the applying stage is where your focus wants to shift. Do not be afraid to step into your spiritual shoes! You are completely safe, supported and completely encouraged to do so. That is the most vital part of creating a New Earth - not only walking your talk but using your skills to create a world that honours all and can be navigated with ease. You have, many of you, prepared for centuries for these now moments. You have earned the PhD. in spirit. It is time to step out of the classroom and into real life living that truth. ~Archangel Gabriel

January 20, 2013
Who are you? How do you perceive yourself? How do you define yourself? Does this perception match who you really are? Are you taking into account that you are a beloved part of the whole? A being of light? A glorious and courageous being of love? It is time to reevaluate your self definition. Then, it is time to ask yourself if your actions are living up to your truth. This is not about berating yourself with more negative self talk or putting unrealistic expectations on yourself. This is about getting clear about who you really are and what energetic legacy you wish to leave on the planet. In the vast majority of human beings, their self perception is far less than the truth of their being. Once you embrace your true beingness, without embellishment or downplay, and begin to live that truth, you will be stepping into your mastery. And that, Dear Ones, is when you will start living the life expression of your dreams. ~Archangel Gabriel

January 21, 2013
Many people have a story. It usually involves some event that left them wounded, that they wave like a flag as proof that they have been victimized. Some people get so stuck in that story, they have been sitting in those same energies for years and years. When you first meet them, often within the first half hour of knowing them, they will tell their story, further defining their victim consciousness. Sadly, many people simply do not know who they are without their story, attempting to find power in their powerlessness. We invite you to start living beyond. Live beyond your fear. Live beyond your disappointments. Live beyond your victimhood. Live beyond your woundedness. Live beyond your self limiting beliefs. Spread your wings and soar beyond it all. If you decide that you truly, deeply wish to heal once and for all, and surrender to that process, you can transform your life, and your story. There is no power from the bottom of the quicksand, Dear Ones. Grab the ropes that are lovingly offered to you all the time and embrace the freedom that comes from moving beyond your old, self-limiting ways of being and truly live, love and shine again. ~Archangel Gabriel

January 22, 2013
We spoke yesterday of how people identify themselves through their woundedness and how they've been victimized. Have you noticed how humans tend to do the same with others as well? "That is Jane. Her husband left her last year." "That is John, his father died when he was a child." You even greet each other daily with news of how you are hard done by. How many times do you hear someone respond, when asked how they are, with a litany of what is wrong? "I have a headache." "I had the flu last week." "The kids are sick." "The weather is awful." You all run around proving and reinforcing to each other that you are still victims! Dear Ones, don't you think it is time to evolve beyond those old habits once and for all? If you would only start to identify yourself with your truth, your divinity, your BEingness in each Now moment, you would change your lives so quickly, completely and profoundly! There is no glory in leading with what is wrong. There is no prize for being the most hard done by. Embrace your authentic power once and for all! Let yourselves shine in your truth and beauty, celebrate what is good, and support each other to truly LIVE. ~Archangel Gabriel

January 23, 2013
Many people consider themselves survivors. While we understand that statement is meant to show strength, it still links the person to the original wound. Why not consider yourselves whole, healthy, happy, and shining with wellness? What feels better? I am a trauma survivor or I am whole, happy and healthy? Do you see? Identifying yourself as a survivor of some sort of trauma energetically indicates a continued struggle. Whole healing occurs when you step completely out of the energies that made you wounded in the first place. Again, we urge you to start to see yourselves as shining brightly beyond your old stories. ~Archangel Gabriel

January 24, 2013
For our last message this week about creating beyond your woundedness, we wish to discuss the model for treatment of addictions. While there are many positive aspects to the 12 step model, continually identifying oneself by your woundedness for the rest of your life is extremely detrimental to recovery. I AM statements are powerful, and by linking yourself in such a way to the very thing you are trying to heal beyond is not using energetics in an empowering way. We understand that the idea behind always identifying yourself as an addict is to make you vigilant to not fall into that pattern again. But the entire model teaches you are forever flawed! Connecting to your higher power, standing in your truth, making amends are all things we celebrate in addiction treatment. But we would love to see people stand up and say, "I am John and I embrace my authentic power." "I am Jane and I am whole and healthy and balanced." "I am Bob and I am fully present and shining in my truth." How about, "I am Linda and I am safe and healthy and make good choices for myself!" Do you see? The huge failure rate in addictions is largely due to people never allowing themselves to embrace true healing beyond the disease. You simply cannot move into empowered change by focusing on the energy you do not want. We are not for a second suggesting your throw out your addictions treatment, but we are certainly suggesting you add in some affirmations that focus on what you DO want. It will be incredibly helpful. ~Archangel Gabriel

January 25, 2013
Dear Ones, you are learning how to navigate in brand new energies. The most important tools to do this are surrender, flow and focused creation. Surrendering with intent gives your unseen helpers full permission to assist you. The flow moves you where you wish to be in record time, and focused creation allows you to embrace your role of Creator Self. If you do this and use gratitude as feedback to the universe and a means of anchoring in the elements you want more of, you will be navigating these new energies with an ease and excitement you have not experienced on the earth thus far. It is an incredible time as the human beings of light discover how powerful they truly are. ~Archangel Gabriel

January 26, 2013
There are many human beings that are choosing not to stay and experience the new energies and are choosing to transition. They have simply experienced everything they have wished to in the body and are going to enjoy the show from the other side of the veil. We understand that going through the loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult things humans go through, and as such a major life experience, it often precedes a great leap in growth and spirituality. But where many humans get stuck is with the idea that they somehow did not do enough, that they weren't supportive enough, they didn't love enough, especially if they were not present for the person's transition. Please know, Dear Ones, that you can never, ever get a person's transition experience wrong! Transitioning is a very sacred and intimate event between the person's soul, their guides, helpers and ancestors. The transition event is always planned long in advance, and the perfect players are always present. Some people wish to have their loved ones present when they change form. Others wish to spare their loved ones the experience and memory of them taking their last breath, and choose to leave when the person is not present. Your passed loved ones do not feel judgment or anger towards you! They are viewing things from a higher vantage point, from greater understanding. What they DO feel is great love for you and tremendous compassion as they see and feel how pained you are with their loss. Trust that just as a birth is always divinely perfect, so are the circumstances when a person passes over. Your relationships always continue from a place of deep love and understanding, just in a different form, as the bonds of love can never, ever be broken. ~Archangel Gabriel

January 27, 2013
We have spoken quite extensively in the past of the lull period. A lull period is a period where things seem to be stalled, and there seems to be little to no perceived movement. Both accelerated forward movement and lull periods are part of the entirety of the flow, but lulls seem to be difficult periods for enlightening human beings. Lulls are important stages. They allow for rest and regeneration, they are a space for humans to receive and integrate new energies, to release what they do not need, to get clear on what they wish to create or to practice self nurturing or to just BE. Often they are simply a lovely break as a reward for work well done. But humans consistently seem to struggle during these periods, so we have a suggestion. What if you started to call the lull period a "sacred pause". Perhaps, by looking at in such a way you could learn to cherish and honour such times and treat them as gifts. By seeing the lull as a sacred time, it would be easier to embrace and give it the honour it deserves rather than falling so quickly into the idea that something is wrong. And perhaps, just perhaps, by seeing it as a holy event, you would start to truly honour and love yourself as we are always encouraging you so strongly to do. It is all wonderful, all divinely perfect, as is each and every one of you. ~Archangel Gabriel
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