2013 ~ New Life on a New Earth ~ Judy Satori

A wonderful presentation by Judy Satori. 

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  1. Mesmerizing! This sounds so exciting to look forward to... Just imagine how much more Light this will reflect off of the earth plane, blasting off into other universes Earth's new divine geometry based on universal principles of golden ratios and infinite formulas, that are located on the different zero point locations throughout the earth plan, vertex points that access infinity dimensionality through doorways that provide vertices and faces of the dodecahedron, which would include the entire circumference of the earth plan. Now is this right
    ~Gregory Greg Giles~ After all this is your website! We want some answers so that we can ask you some more question...giggle... You get it! Answer us :)
    "Hexagonal circles"... Now, what does this figure have to do with divine geometric formulas in healing our physical bodies?