Saint Germain ~ The Sightings of Your Current Heart are Overwhelming ~ via Méline Lafont ~ January 31st, 2013

As channeled by Méline Lafont

Precious beings of Light, my friends and brothers/sisters of heart. What a magnificent movement of Light is taking place here on Earth and beyond. This movement is astonishing to behold and it is occurring within you all: within your hearts and also within your minds. Let me thank you for it, as I AM deeply moved by this.

Little by little and step by step these creations of Love are now unfolding themselves within you all to be fully manifested in your own personal time and space. You all are flourishing like beautiful flowers, becoming these roses of Love. These flourishing flowers are all of you!! One by one and day by day, we of the Light are gaining more and more space on your precious Gaia, and in the minds and hearts of your precious Selves.

The current movement of Light and the current state of consciousness have never ever been so high like they are at present. Not even the Atlantian, Lemurian or the Mayan cultures which were so high in enlightenment back then, cannot be compared to this present global movement in awakening.

Simply because this is a global awakening and not a culture or the awakening of a continent like it was in Atlantis. This time the awakening takes place on a Global scale, and therefore Ascension is here for all of you dear souls out there, together with beloved GAIA!

There is no escape from the movement of Light, as it washes away all the old patterns and brings in renewing like a ‘refresh button’ , bringing you to the expansion of your own True Light. There is no escape from Love, since Love is all there is and Love is all that is! There can only be true compassion when Love fills the joyful heart.

All is and stays respected in all ways! There will never exist fear again in your selves, as the heart is not choosing for this type of creation anymore. The balancing of the heart is proceeding gently as we speak, reaching a harmonic balance of the yin and the yang, the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, so it might stay so for infinity.

The Masculine energies have done their work for the last 13.000 years or so and now the time for these beautiful and refined Feminine energies, have come to bring you all the process of purification on Earth and in yourselves.

Let these Divine Feminine energies refine yourself into this blissful state of being that you are, into this pure and Loved Self. It is this Divine power of Light, this pure and strong beauty of Love, and the wisdom of you all that will bring the new way of Life.

This new way of life is bringing the birth of Purity and unity consciousness ; the Oneness! It is your inner heart which is speaking the language of Love again and is bringing forth Divine wisdom, the language of Light and compassion. Vortexes of Light are created and Light codes are planted in the collective forms of you all. It is about forming this Oneness, this “All That Is” into your reality again .

You all have these inside of you, these vortexes of Light, these patterns of Light; each and everyone of you! You are integrating the Highest form of yourselves and of your God selves; Presences of Divine Light. There is so much beauty in this world that has not been seen yet.

The outer world and its complexities, is seemingly attracting your attention more than your own inner beauty and world of creation. The latter is being ignored; you are ignoring yourself ! Do understand that You are the walking beauties on this Earth my dearly beloveds!

There is NO greater thing than your true Inner Spark of Divine Love. This Inner Spark is your God Presence and it is the birth flame of the Mother Father God Presence of Light, and this is in each and everyone of your dear hearts.

It is time to stop searching outside of yourselves, for the true beauty cannot be found outside of you, when it is actually yourself; your inner heart. The physical eye cannot reflect true beauty if the inner beauty is not felt or seen through the inner eye . It is a misunderstanding to only look through- and only make use of your physical eyes, for they cannot reflect or absorb what your true beauty is all about..

It is all about you, my dear friends.. You are the ones who are this world, this creation, this beauty, this Light, this Love and beauty of God. There is no other world than you.

Once you have duly accepted your true and beautiful selves, a huge step will be taken within the expansion of your True selves, shining into this beauty and into Light.

There is not much more to do than to accept at this time that you are of Light and that you are a co-creator God of Light wishing for an understanding with each other, for a cooperation and harmonic way of living, for a new world where everything and everyone is ONE again, for the freedom of your being; which is limitless, and most of all for the expansion of your true selves.

There is no greater world than your inner world of which you are a part and where you are the lead figure in creation. There is no other world taking over this old one, than your own inner world. It is what you make of it yourselves. This is the key Ladies and Gentlemen, that you are this New world; nothing outside of you is, my dear friends.

And I entrust you all with this new world, I trust all of you to make something good out of this all, for yourselves and for others around you by bringing your true Love to others, by being the Light that you are and by supporting others in doing the same. You might support others in doing the same for their own reality, by being there for them when times are difficult to do so, when tracks are lost and faith has gone.

There is no greater responsibility than this , and I entrust you ALL with this. That is how much faith I have in all of you , into your hands and hearts of creation. That is how much I believe in you all and how much I truly and deeply Love you all.

That is my Love and support to you all and it is my pleasure and honor to be with you all during this time of manifestation and during this beautiful Golden age: my powerful Aquarian Age.

Let’s all focus ourselves now more deeply on this current phase of Ascension, let’s roll the dice and take a leap in faith.

It is all going wonderfully, even if the outer world is not presenting itself like this, you may trust me that it is going beautifully and all is going in the exact way as it has to go. This all to make sure that all of you will be able to take advantage of the chances you need, during this important time of Ascension.

Now, integrate and absorb this message and energies well, my beautiful brothers and sisters of Light, as these next few steps will now be taken more quickly and will become more intensive again, just as your previous year has been. Only this time it will be on manifestations, creations and not so much on integration again. It will be about true planned matters becoming your reality if You do so and if You choose so.

With this, I leave you all to absorb this message and while doing so, I will stand by you all providing you all some Light if things are not clear for you to understand. Always at your service and with all of my Love.

I AM that I AM
Master Saint Germain

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TRANSMISSIONS FROM THE ARCTURIAN MOTHERSHIP ~ Multiple Realities Part 7 ~ Swirling Patterns of Light ~ via Suzanne Lie

As channeled by Suzanne Lie

Mytre and I had quietly listened to the Arcturian’s latest Transmission to Earth. We realized that this message also meant that we would soon be bi-locating to the timeline of our Pleiadian ascension. Mytria had been telling me about that timeline, as I had forgotten it. Actually, I had forgotten that timeline because it was too painful to think about while I was so far away from my home.
However, as Mytria filled me in on how I, too, participated in that reality, the old guilt that I had carried was completely released. Of course, just as I finished that thought, the Transmission ended and the Arcturian turned around to address us.
"We are pleased that you understood how this message applied to you as well," the Arcturian telepathically said with that glint in Its aura. I was beginning to interpret a form of emotion that is transmitted by our dear friend, not through facial expressions but through fluctuation in Its aura.
"Yes," the Arcturian again responded to my thoughts.
"You are realizing that all Life is, indeed, an energy field. Some life is encompassed by a lower dimensional holographic encasement. However, once returning into the higher dimensions, the restrictions of form are instantly replaced with the freedom of a mutable Lightbody.
"Here on the fifth-dimensional frequency of the Mothership, there is little differentiation between physical form and Lightbody, as they constantly intermingle. However, in the higher frequencies of the Ship, we fully relax into our myriad multidimensional expressions. Much as you and Mytria take off your Uniforms and relax into something more comfortable, we relax into our Lightbody, or even our pure Essence.
"Since we meet with many Beings, cultures, and frequencies of form, we usually wear a body when we are interacting with our visitors. Of course, there are some visitors who never enter the fifth-dimensional level of our Ship, and go directly into the higher frequency levels to which they are better suited.
Since you and Mytria are about to engage with the ascending humans, as well as the ascension timeline of your own society, you will usually be wearing your humanoid body.
"Are the two of you ready for bi-location to your Pleiadian reality?"
I looked at Mytria encouraging her to comment first. She responded by saying,
"Yes, I feel completely prepared for this adventure. In fact, within my memory I have two versions of our ascension. In one of these versions, I am alone as Mytre is here on the Ship, and in the other version, Mytre and I are together.
I have been telling Mytre about this second version, but I would like to ask you, dear Arcturian, to explain to me a bit more about all these Parallel Realities.”
“Will we now create another reality in which Mytre and I are together during our ascension? Also, will this reality of our being together during the ascension somehow supersede or rewrite the other Parallel Realities? I must admit that I am still a bit confused by the concept of Parallel and Alternate Realities."
"Dear Mytria," spoke the Arcturian, "the concept of multiple realities is, indeed, confusing to those who still hold a form. While wearing a form you are inclined to want to encase your experiences in pictures, which you can order within your brain. However, when you are formless, you no longer have any specific areas of your body, nor do you have a body in which to archive certain pictures, actions, thoughts and/or emotions.”
“While free of form, you experience your Beingness as a swirling energy pattern in constant motion infinitely intermingling with other swirling patterns of energy. Hence, pictures, sensations and orders of occurrence are no longer a component of your belief system.
Since you concurrently experience myriad experiences and sensations of the many energy patterns with whom you constantly interact, you live in Unity Consciousness with myriad differing, yet intertwined, versions of reality within the NOW of the ONE.”
"Until you have experienced your SELF as a swirling vortex of energy, the concepts of multiple, parallel and/or alternate realities will be just beyond your complete understanding. At the same time, allowing these concepts to slowly integrate into your thoughts and emotions is an important, final stage of merging with your Higher Expressions of SELF. When you and Mytre are assisting with both the Pleiadian and the Earth ascending ones, you will be asked the same question that you are asking us now.”
"Thus, we will model for you an answer similar to one that you will give. Please realize all Beings who resonate to the higher sub-planes of the fifth dimension and beyond, perceive your Lightbody more clearly than your form. In fact, your form appears to us as a core within the Light. This core is of the same form as the body that you believe encases your light. However, in reality it is your Multidimensional Light that encases your form. You will soon have that same perception. “
"YOU may need many experiences of your true SELF before you become accustomed to seeing your higher expression of SELF more clearly than your physical core. In fact, you will not become accustomed to that vision until you are fully accustomed to identifying your "SELF" not as your lowest frequency physical core, but instead as your higher dimensional Lightbody that emanates from and surrounds that physical core.”
“You will also realize that your Lightbody does have a semblance of the form of your lower frequency body, whereas your true SELF is a swirling pattern of light.
We recommend that you both begin to be consciously aware that your humanoid form is merely a core that will be unnecessary in the higher frequencies of your reality.”
“The physical core that you will wear on the ascending worlds, as well as the lower fifth dimensional form that you wear on the Ship, are both within your Lightbody. Hence, you can store them there to wear whenever you need them. Furthermore, soon you will be storing your Lightbody within your swirling pattern of light. Thus, your many frequencies of SELF are stored within your swirling energy patterns, which is infinitely stored within the ONE.”
“We, the multidimensional beings of the Mothership, discovered that if we did not step-down the frequency of our resonance and wear a form, many of our visitors could not relate to us. Hence, we have learned to read the expectation of our visitors, and create an image that would be comforting to them.
You and Mytre have escalated your frequency more than you realize. Hence, you will have to remember to create images of yourselves, and/or your Joint Image of fully merged Divine Complements, to which the ascending ones relate.”
“We will now guide you through an exercise by first being your example. You are accustomed to perceiving us in our Lightbody form, which has a semblance of a humanoid form. Watch now as we release that illusion and present our true form…"
Mytria and I watched in wonder while the illusion of the Arcturian humanoid form began to unravel into an ever-expanding vortex of light. At first the vortex was only a bit larger than the former form, but it increasingly grew larger and larger. Before we could realize it, Mytria and I were completely encompassed by the Arcturian's swirling pattern of light.
It is difficult, if not impossible, to convey the sensation of being inside of the Arcturian. I once had that experience while the Arcturian wore its Lightbody. However, even though Its Lightbody was of such a high frequency that it took my breath away. That experience was mild compared to this one.
Mytria and I instinctively held hands to double our grounding force, as well as to assist each other to remain conscious.
This energy field was so very high that we were concerned that it would short-circuit our neural patterns. Fortunately, with that thought, the Arcturian lowered Its resonance just enough so that what was beginning to feel like we were disarticulating, slowly took on a feeling of unconditional love and total bliss.
We were in complete Unity, not just with the Arcturian, but with the Mothership, as well. We felt absolute unity with every element of life on the Ship. As our experience began to expand into the higher frequencies of the Ship, I became concerned for Mytria.
Fortunately, within our total Unity, she felt my concern and reminded me that she had experienced being in the swirling form of a planet. In fact, as she sent me that thought, I completely felt her experience of Being a Planet.
“I could feel the Arcturian guiding me to surrender into that feeling. Instantly, I WAS our Pleiadian PLANET. In fact, I felt my impression of Being the Planet simultaneously with Mytria's impressions. Within the same moment, I was also the entire Mothership. The frequencies of the Mothership that I could barely tolerate before, now felt warm and embracing.
I could feel how Mytria’s consciousness of swirling energy was of a slightly different tone and hue than mine. Within the same NOW, I could feel how the Arcturian’s experience of Being the Planet was very different from Mytria's and my experience, yet augmented them both.
At first I was confused by the myriad stimuli and was beginning to "fall out of the experience." However, Mytria projected her familiar reassuring energy into me, which instantly grounded me and allowed me to LET GO into the Flow.
As soon as I released my old warrior suspicion and defense mechanism, I began to relax into the Flow. It was then that I began to fully feel my own swirling energy patterns. Then, I could simultaneously feel Mytria's swirling pattern and that of the Arcturian. They were different, but blended into a beautiful tapestry of light. Within the NOW of the ONE, we were all unique expressions of the Grand Unity of Life.
I discovered that once I totally surrendered into my own energy, there was a quantum jump in my sensation of sharing two other experiences. Once I had released my concern that I would become lost within the others, instantly, there were NO others. There was only ONE expression of “WE.” We were completely intermingled into ONE, yet WE were fully aware of each of our Divine Sparks, from which the swirling patterns of light originated.
Within exact Unity, Mytria and I simultaneously KNEW every aspect of Parallel and Alternate Realities. We knew this because WE were the living possibility of every decision made manifest by our actions. We knew this because WE were ALL the living alternate expressions of SELF in every reality. With this realization, our experience slowly came to its conclusion.
Together, we observed as our vast swirling energy patters coiled back into our Lightbody. We then experienced how our Lightbody slowly constrained itself back into the lower, fifth dimensional form to which we had been limiting our sense of SELF.
As the holosuite came back into focus, we felt the Arcturian whisper into our Heart-Mind, "We are so pleased to have shared this experience with you. Soon, you will share it with others."

A Personal Message to Me from the Ascended Masters of the Far East ~ Step 2 ~ Knowledge for the Transmutation in the Process of Transformation ~ via Meline Lafont ~ January 31st, 2013

As channeled by Meline Lafont

(This channeling is actually a personal message to me. These Masters are known by the book of “Life and Teachings of The Masters of the Far East” by Baird T. Spalding, a wonderful book I was told that, unfortunatly, I have not read yet.
They came in early November to give me guidance in my Transformation and Transmutation process that is still running.
Since this guidance includes important tips in it, I decided to share my message with you all. Keep in mind that this is a personal message to me, and this can vary from person, and therefore there is a chance that this does not resonate with your person and heart. The entire channel consists of 20 written pages and is composed of parts from the entire channeling and includes steps. The first part was posted on January 9 and This is the second part of the entire message, the third part will follow later in the coming days. Much love, Meline ?)

The second step in the process of this transformation is the knowledge about the transmutation itself. Transmutation implies that a certain energy is transferred into another energy by means of neutralizing it till it reaches zero point, whereafter it is given a new charge and molding it to conform your desires. Admittedly, this is the most difficult step of the transformation process in which you currently find yourself. Before starting the actual transmutation process it is required that you master the first step with the minor distinctions, that you accept it and make it yours.

(This is now as good as completed for you, dear Méline, preparing you for the final step of this process of Transformation. You have experienced a huge expansion of your consciousness which you compensate with what you want to achieve in the NOW.

This gradation in the expansion of your consciousness will bring you many high facets of your self-knowledge which in themselves will lift you out of your current reality. Slowly but surely you dwell in the eternity of the NOW. You have reached the outer limits of your expansion of your consciousness. Do not worry, beloved Méline, you are very busy spiritually and also enriched ! Congratulations!)

We will continue sharing about this whole process of Transmutation :

1. Allow yourself the time to rest regularly and to spend time on yourself. This is very important to think about yourself in this most special time.

2. Try to establish a fixed pattern of meditation in your daily life and practice it daily, preferably several times a day.

3. During your meditations it is of paramount importance that you ground yourself thoroughly and connect with Mother Earth’s Being : more specifically with Her Heart portal and chakra. This chakra is the most purest form of Being and contains all the information, the Light and Love, the codes and the most precious activations necessary to complete your transmutation.

Take this daily dosis in acceptance into your own portal and heartchakra. Finally, integrate these energies and transfer them in substances which will be activated and spread by means of the kundalini. It is your body and temple which are executing this transformation; so you are the one who does this and activates it.

4. You must become aware that you carry countless incarnations in your cells and they request a sharing of this information. Only that which serves you further on belongs here; the rest has to be released and cleansed.

5. The most efficient way to reach this is to share and to ask all of your cells in order for them to achieve their own mutation process and to already begin with it. Again : you are your body in manifestation so you are your cells as well.

Those cells of yours will, to the extent possible, enlarge considerably to ease this process of cleansing and of releasing the outdated and useless information. So you are at liberty to again be free and to form more light. Your cells are your existence in this form and embodiment, so communicate with them and take good care of them.

6. Remain firm in your conviction that everything you do has consequences and yields results. This is the Divine Law and describes perfectly what you are doing now. In case you go through a Transformation, you are the Transformation also. In case you go through a Transmutation, you will also be this.

However, in case you do not go through it, than there will be no results and none to expect. It all boils down to being confident and to know that you can and do it and just BE! Promise yourself to never let yourself down and to uplift yourself out of depressing circumstances. You have a personality, you are a BEING and you are connected to God. You are a reflection of God, you are a creation of God.

7. This is the most important part in the whole process and it deals with your self-image. Becoming aware, knowing and accepting who you are, who you are meant to be and who you always have been. You are You and nobody else.

Nobody is You and nobody will ever become this : know this now and accept it as your true Self and as the truth. Nothing is further from the truth than denying your true Light. For once and for all, become convinced of your true Self and accept it. Know who you are and know yourself like nobody else can. Have faith and release your self-image of who you think you are in your incarnation.

This paradox has been instilled and imposed upon you but it is NOT your true self in expression. Take good care of yourself by Lovingly accepting and recognizing your own true Self. Your true Self is on the brink of breaking out and expressing itself fully. You are presently going through this process, and duly reaching the end stage of it.

8. Always follow your heart, your true Self who communicates with you from Love. In all circumstances continue following your heart in Love and Enlightenment. Working and talking from this language you will not operate from your ego nor will you be misled. Feel your heart that uses a light language and a vibration when communicating with you.

9. The last part involved is one that may not be skipped over as it is inextricably linked. It seems contradictory as seen from all the previous parts. RELEASE ALL INFORMATION ABOUT YOURSELF AFTER HAVING ACCEPTED IT! To know is to accept but that does not mean that a kind of charge may be placed upon it.

To know is a state of being in which you dwell. It carries no charge neither a denomination nor an ego. That’s why it is important to really release without there being any charge involved. Than one stays in a knowing and in a state of being.

In order to achieve a Transmutation, everything has to be brought to zero point. Zero point means no charge. And than we begin the last final step towards Transformation, which implies the knowledge of Transformation.

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Michael ~ You are Being Released ~ What Do You Do Now? ~ via Ron Head ~ January 31st, 2013

As channeled by Ron Head

It is now obvious to those who are awakening that there have been great changes made by the rising energies within this last month, so much so that many are not only noticing the changes within themselves and each other, but are communicating this. There are, for some, even glimmerings of psychic openings where none were before. Almost all of you in this awakening state are feeling yourselves primed and ready for you know not what.

Our message to you today is that you do know what. It is the manifestation of your heart’s deepest urgings. There has always been a time for this to happen. That time is now. The conditions in which you find yourselves at this point are best described as release. You are being released. What do you do now?

We suggest that your hearts and your highest selves know the answer to that and are much better prepared to handle it than you are. They have worked long and diligently getting you to this point, answering each intent and desire in your heart. So what we would recommend for those who have done their clearing and learned to spend time in their heart space is, throw the reins up onto the neck of your horse and hang on. Release.

Do today what is given you to do today. You need only concern yourselves with staying in alignment, keeping your state of joy and love alive. There is no reason to worry, no gain comes of it. Only keep your focus on that which brings you joy. Your Creator, your higher selves, and your angels need only your request that they steer the ship. Once you have been able to do that, you will find it much easier to spend time sharing the love and peace you find within with all others. And that, dear ones, is the place to be. But if you are in constant struggle to answer your own needs and wants, it is very difficult to truly devote yourself to others, is this not true?

Yes, you can make an effort to do so, but you always find yourself falling back. Find the place of knowing that you are worthy, loved, and provided for. Then you will find that your heart readily begins to wish the same for all other beings.

We understand that a very great number of you have understood much of what we are saying now for a while, but those to whom that applies will please understand that there are now numbers awakening for whom these concepts are just being discovered. There are still more than a few who consider themselves lightworkers who struggle daily with the same old problems. Let us, we on this side and you on that, help them free themselves from those old situations and feel the freedom of this new energy, this new world. Their contributions are going to be needed as we move ahead now.

Love, light, and joy be yours this day. We will speak again.

Ascended Master Saida Khatoon ~ Thoughtlessness ~ via Shazi ~ January 31st, 2013

As channeled by Shazi
Signpost to the Source

Hello Son,
When a person leaves his mind empty and lets the higher consciousness communicate; he actually negates his ego and keeps the message pure.

There are no personal interferences or inclinations towards anything.

His mind is void of thoughts and is connected to the Divine silence that reaps him the reward; from the Creator; knowledge and knows how much the reward is.

For this increases his wisdom and insight.

Thoughtlessness is escaping or even nullifying the material world and the influences for the ego. For it only pollutes our thinking and ruins the internal sight that is sacred. For it connects to the Divine source.

My dear ones seek the void of emptiness that is the gate way of knowledge and the SELF.

Your mother; live in the state of emptiness and connect to your wisdom internally.

The Manuscript of Survival ~ Part 261 ~ via Aisha North January 31st, 2013

As channeled by Aisha North

You have probably started to question yourself and this whole process more than once lately, and that is easy to understand. As we mentioned in our previous message, you are currently in a kind of holding pattern, and this can in many ways be likened to a void where you have seemingly nowhere to go and nowhere to return to. In other words, faith and trust seems to be the only things keeping you going, and for many, both are already starting to grow thin on the ground. Again we say do not berate yourselves should the temper grow volatile these days, for it is not more than natural if you feel like lashing out at someone or something at the moment. Again, the reason for this is understandable, for you have been so fired up by all of these energetic emissions you have partaken of lately, and as such, you feel more than ready to go. But now, it will be like you are stuck on the launching pad, motors ready to roar into full power, but you seem to have lost connection with the command center. So there are no clear directions, and there are no orders to do anything, so all the while the only thing you can do, is sit there seemingly unactive whilst gnashing your teeth in frustration.

Well, we are well aware of your situation, but again, all we can offer is the same old litany of please know that all is well, and even if you may feel more than a little disconnected from it all, you are not. But again we say, this period, although at times mindbogglingly frustrating, is a very important one too, for it is not the idle wait it may feel like at the moment. No, there is indeed a frenzy of activity going on, and for some of you, this activity has started to seep into your consciuosness at odd intervals. There might be some intense interconnections going on during your nighttime, where your body will feel like it is receiving commands and information the likes it has never encountered before. You may have instances of ”abnormal reactions” to call them that during daytime, when either yourself or others will seem to be out of sorts or out of synch with everything around you.

So yes, you are not idle, but much of the goings on will be hidden from view, so again it is indeed our role to pop in at regular intervals to give you a much needed thumbs up. For you have not lost connection to the command center, and your orders have not been revoked. For your mission is still on, and you are in fact proceeding as planned day by day, hour by hour. So again we tell you that there is no stand-down, it is merely a part of the regulated proceedure, and even if you feel like you are stalled, you are actually moving rapidly ahead. We know that this will seem to be at odds with the feeling you will encounter at frequent intervals at the moment, but please understand that this is because your whole sensory system has been redesigned, and as such, it will feel like you are standing still when you are actually whizzing ahead. It is much like when you have been travelling at a certain speed for a very long time, and it feels like you are actually slowing down when you are in fact travelling just as fast as you used to. In other words, your perception of advancement has changed, not the actual speed in which you are proceeding.

So again we tell you to try to savour these days, even when you feel less than inclined to do so, and know that you are in fact speeding towards another of those very important passages that will make its mark upon your body and soul. So remember to breathe deeply, and just release anything that comes aknocking from within, for otherwise you might feel more than a little bloated from the pressure that will build up. For there is indeed much going through you at the moment, and we do mean that both in the mental and physical sense, so try to keep it moving in any way you can. For you are not at a stand still, and you should not act like you are, so just let it go as soon as it comes up, and you will at least feel the relief of sensing some of the action that is going on at the moment. Thank you, that is all we have for now, we leave. 

The Ascended Masters ~ Your Power as a Collective is Absolutely Enormous ~ via Wes Annac ~ January 31st, 2013

As channeled by Wes Annac

Humanity is and will continue to be reflecting the pure vibrations being pumped into dear Gaia’s Light grid, and you can all help to express these energies and bring them through yourselves as you continue your journey of realizing your power and Godhood.

Your Creations are coming to you in a much more rapid manner at present and if you can allow all that is happening in your personal Lives and on the world stage of be viewed through a lense of knowing the change that is about to come forth, you will see that everything happening is indeed falling into place in accordance with the plans the Light Forces have drawn up for the personal and collective ascension of your world and every one of you.

We ask you to have faith in your natural abilities as Creators-in-training, and to realize that your bodies are naturally meant to be receptors for any energy you wish to bring through yourselves.

If you dear souls wish to employ the old energy or the energies of separation and hatred, the vibrations expressed through you will be fed into the Earths collective consciousness in such a manner; wherein the employment of positivity will serve to help upgrade dearest Gaia’s Light grid and see you all well on the track to further bringing the Light energies to your world in the bold and brazen ways we know and can feel you all wish to.

So very much is being reworked at present which is why we ask you to allow yourselves to rest if you feel you need to, because you cannot always continue on with your daily routines if your bodies need the rest that is sometimes required as a result of the increasingly-pure ascension energies you are being given.

Whilst your bodies have been used to the vibrations and densities of the third dimension, you are now assimilating and taking on Light energies that are of a much stronger purity. These energies are much more powerful than those your bodies have existed in and expressed for so very long, which is why the integration process may be a bit more difficult at times.

This is as well, why many of you have felt (disillusioned) and as if you do not have the great and grand access to your inner-reserves of Light that you do. You have always been able to access these Light energies and now that many of you are beginning to be able to, you are finding the joy the higher realms have always had to offer as you find yourselves able to access and feel aspects of the higher dimensions that you may have feint memories of.

You will all begin to discover things about yourselves and about your inner-realities that you could only slightly remember at present, and you will see things about the land around you as well and about dearest Gaia that would only be at present, a feint impression of a memory.

Many of you have taken plentiful Lives on the surface of dearest Gaia, even when She expressed Herself in her purest fifth dimensional form and this can account for some of the slight memories many are beginning to unlock and regain access to, of feeling parts of Gaia surface that were in a much better and purer condition than they are in now.

Yes indeed, the actions of Man on Gaia’s surface have served to bring Her down exponentially but as Gaia’s soul now exists in the fifth dimension and will be working with Her collective from such realms, Her surface is and will be beginning to reflect this happening as your collective increasingly realizes the need to end the way your world is being run, in favor of sustaining your dear planet for generations and generations to come.

The importance of rebuilding Gaia is shortly to be introduced in a manner that will see everyone on your world understand it, and you can all begin to put forth the needed concepts of rebuilding your world and minimizing the pollution manifested on Her planetary body every single day, because dear Gaia simply cannot resonate any longer with the lower energies manifested by way of pollution fed on Her surface.

The lower vibrations as expressed on Gaia are indeed finding their influence diminished as you all begin to find your personal awakenings, and this has indeed always been a part of the plan and it was known that the collective of humanity would eventually begin to see the need to repair their world and restore Her condition though admittedly, we had anticipated your realization of this in a much more rapid manner.

What has been termed “global warming” has been a mite overhyped so as to scare the collective into thinking that the end of the world was fast approaching and you will notice movies to that extent that spread the underlying fear-based message, but the true message underlying the global warming theory as it has been discussed is that humanity must work together to begin rebuilding your dear world and seeing Her a healthy planet, for you are all Gaia’s cells and what you do to and on Her surface is vital to Her health.

If it were not for the mitigating efforts performed by many facets of the Light forces, the surface of your world and the realms beyond Her surface would not be in the brimming shape they are currently in.

These realms are in such good shape because of the Light energies given out by every dear awakening soul who is beginning to see the need to bring an end to the feeding of pollution and density of any kind on your world, but it is still the task of the collective of humanity to see what has been done and to rightly put an end to it so that you can all begin to enjoy Gaia as the sovereign being She and each one of you are.

We wish we could stress how strongly the actions of Man do affect Gaia and her planetary health in any given moment, as Gaia’s health has been one of the reasons for the presence of benevolent Galactic scientists who have been studying Gaia for a very long time.

Your Galactic brethren have been stationed in your skies for some time, performing a myriad of different tasks that are to ultimately benefit your Earth along Her planned ascension, but one of the most crucial aspects of their job is to study your Earth and how mankind’s actions are affecting Her body structure in any given moment. There is indeed a lot of pollution manifested on your world every day and this is one significant area that will need to be improved as humanity comes together and sees the harm that has been done on the surface of dearest Gaia.

You are helped of course, by us and your Galactic brethren as well as a plethora of other aspects of the Light Forces who are doing all that we can to bring forth your ascension and assist in your collective awakening as much as possible.

We are here for you dear souls and we can be called upon while we all play our own respective roles.

The elementals help your Galactic brethren to mitigate the pollution manifested in any given moment; we as well as a plethora of other individuals and collectives give our communications for all those who are awakening to absorb the energies behind and benefit from; and you, the incarnate Lightworker collective, have undertaken the most difficult jobs which is why we wish to assist you by giving you information and spiritual energy along the way of your (sometimes) rough journeys.

Whilst so many of you still do not yet realize it, you are playing the absolutely-crucial roles of Light disseminators and givers for the rest of the collective of Earth to absorb as it increasingly seeps into the collective consciousness of the Earth and begins to gain influence in the minds and hearts of each individual human being.

You are all allotted complete and total freewill whilst on the surface of the Earth experiencing your third dimensional Lives, and an aspect of this unlimited freewill has entailed letting you Create your experiences as you seek, despite the potential harm they could cause to you or to Gaia and dearest Gaia has allowed this experience to play out on Her surface because She Loves and cares for you all so very deeply.

Yes, you may look around your dearest world and see many areas of Her surface that are hurting because of the pollution and general density manifested. We implore you to send your Light to each and every area and aspect of Gaia you feel may be hurting, because your Light energies are needed so very gravely so that they can illuminate the darkness that has been fed as well as the density, pollution and hardship manifested on your world; especially in a certain few areas.

We implore you all as many other (souls) have in the past, to collectively-meditate on the healing of your world and to begin coming together in the most potent of ways, for you all have so very much good to spread and Light to give as a collective and we can feel your sheer willingness to get matters off of the ground and begin doing all that you can to bring the New World into shape and form as it increasingly descends unto your reality.

You are the Light bearers, dear souls, and your power as individuals is strong while your power as a collective of Light beings with a clear purpose and intent is absolutely enormous. There is so very much good you can all begin to do as a collective, and we will continue to be with you to offer you assistance and guidance as you find your wonderfully-developing increased states of consciousness.

We ask you as well, not to be in a state of fear or apprehension at this time for while you are and will be continuing to peel away and integrate layers of yourselves who would hold you back, your very dealing with such elements of yourselves is seeing them increasingly vanish away from you as you turn your perspectives and attention toward the Lighted landscapes of infinite possibility, and wonder what lays before you now.

We know that you can feel and begin to tune into the infinite landscapes of etheric beauty lying just beyond your conscious third dimensional perception, and you all have the ability to tune in to the indeed wonderful and strong current of energy constantly making its way to you and through your bodies.

Your thoughts and feelings feed into the waves of energy being and expressed through you, and you are all traveling with a beam of Light extending far up above your bodies and far below as you are energetically anchored to the Central Sun, which lights Agartha, of dear Gaia. You are anchored unto dearest Gaia in the most wonderful ways possible, and we know that many of you dear souls can feel this whenever meditating or otherwise focusing upon a deeper state of consciousness and awareness.

As many souls on your world are already beginning to find and understand, what to you has been termed meditation for so very long as the energies of the higher realms were previously more difficult to attain for those in your history who have practiced meditation and the other attempts to attune to the higher realms; what has been termed meditation for so long will begin to be realized as a simple maneuver in attuning to and connecting with the Light energies prevalent all around you all of the time.

The fourth and fifth dimension have always been just as prevalent on the Earth and in your experience as the realms you perceive from have been; it is simply that we would not want to spoil your lower dimensional experience by having you perceive of realms past the conscious awareness of the octave of reality you experience your Lives on. Therefore, an agreed-to veil of forgetfulness is established so that you can properly go about your lower dimensional experience and learn the lessons that serve to expose you to the higher realms increasingly as you grow toward them.

As you dear souls are finding, your unfolding higher dimensional experience is not brought about in a single “snap” or with a single moment and is rather, a process of continually integrating and peeling layers of the illusory reality that you are experiencing, to transmute them and help bring them back into the Light and as you continue on in this process you will find a times that it is indeed a rocky road, but it is a road well-traveled and one you have become very familiar with.

We say this in this manner because you dear souls have traversed so many lower dimensional planets and indeed, even incarnated on a few, in the name of bringing them and their collectives into the Light.

You have traveled the third through fourth and fourth through fifth dimensional ascension patterns on quite a few lower dimensional worlds whom you used your natural Light to help bring back into the understanding of theirs, and you have well-traveled the realms you currently perceive from; it is simply that the lower dimensional realms of the Earth are much more intense than those of a plethora of other different worlds.

Many of you who are awakening have long begun to realize this and we are happy to see your ability and ease in transmuting the densest of vibrations as you go about your daily endeavors without realizing that you are absolutely glowing with the pure Source energy that so many of you have went out of your way to anchor upon yourselves and introduce to the entire collective of Earth.

You have allowed your Godselves to shine through in marvelous and wonderful ways while performing your continual transmutation work, and while the densities you are transmuting can leave their mark on some of you in the form of negative feelings and emotions that are not directly related to your surfacing and transmuting processes, we can feel that you are beginning to make your ways through each and every difficult or seemingly-negative emotion with the ease and grace of the Creator, who’s realms you have departed to assist this beautiful planet and Her collective in realizing and achieving the beauty that was once so prevalent and understood on Her surface.

Begin to attune to and ride the waves of energy you’re being given, for you will find so much uncovered and waiting to be accessed by you and for you when doing so.

You will find the encoded communications of us Ascended Masters, of your Galactic brethren and a plethora of other souls, and you will unlock and find in the natural blueprint of your DNA, bountiful astral landscapes that you will so enjoy working and playing upon. You will enjoy every aspect of the higher realms, and we can feel that many of you are already beginning to find the joy you have wished for as you find your conscious experiences beginning to get better and better.

This may not be relevant for some of you who continue to experience difficulty in your personal Lives, and we ask you to hold to your reserve and faith that what you are doing by simply being on the Earth is aiding the Lighted, positive side of your experience in ways that you could not yet fathom; because they are simply so wonderful.

You know at this point, that to find happiness and wholeness in one’s Life one must be able to attain and feed happiness and positivity in any given moment. Sadness can be beautiful if expressed and understood properly, but it can also serve to bring one down and trap one in a void of one’s own Creation that one then attempts to fill with various Earthly things that only serve to hold one back in their natural growth.

This is a general lesson that has been offered to so many of you in a plethora of past Lives, and you are beginning to traverse all of the lessons you’re being given with might and with a grace that you are looked upon and revered for throughout a plethora of planets in this beautiful Creation of all of ours.

The realms of spirit will continue to be brimming with energies and encoded messages for you all to receive, feel and benefit from, and you can bet that the assistance you’re being given will become easier for you to receive as again, you are hollowing-out and refining your temples to absorb and integrate increasingly-pure Lighted energies which will come on the back of enormous changes in perception and an understanding that the higher realms have truly begun to anchor themselves unto the surface of your beautiful world in very real and intense ways.

The collective of Earth has fed the lower energies of darkness, density and separation, and the energies have in turn grown in influence and allowed the collective to feed them even more as their influence grew and grew. The density expressed and fed on your world basically became a trap of humanities own making, but the Lighted energies your collective will begin to feel will see you realizing the effects of your actions in continually feeding the once-strong influence of separation and hate.

Those are old energies which will no longer survive on your fifth dimensional New Earth, and the collective will soon understand that the energies, actions and emotions they have fed have had a very real impact on their Lives, on the world stage and on how events play-out on your world in every moment.

Joy will continue to make its way to you as you find yourselves able to pick up on its frequency much easier, and your increasing ability to pick up on the higher dimensional frequencies and the very concepts that bring the higher dimensions forth within yourselves will see you able to break away from the influence of density as so many of you wish so dearly to be able to.

Each soul within your collective exists in different (sub) dimensions and frames of consciousness and understanding, and we have allowed ourselves to be expressed as the One general collective oversoul we truly are, in a format that allows for the multidimensionality of each one of us.

There are some of us who have Mastered certain lessons along our dimensional growth, and we are now helping as many souls who exist on more distorted planes of reality than we currently do, in finding the realms of consciousness and awareness that will see them understanding the lower dimensional lessons that everyone on your world is being given, so that they can (traverse such lessons) and find the higher realms in themselves again. (1)

Every soul will re-find the Light of the Creator eventually and in their own time, which is why you are all encouraged to put much of yourselves in your processes but not to worry if you do not feel at times, that you are seeing the results of the efforts you have put in; for you absolutely are and will be whenever attuning to the brimming vibrations now available to you all.

You have the most wonderful opportunity now to find and feel the infinite realms of Creation within yourselves, as we in the higher realms do not exaggerate when we say that you are unlimited and infinite beings and that you can truly do, find and feel anything you wish. We do not exaggerate when we say this and we will continue to remind you of your power, of your Godhood and your Divinity.

There is absolutely nothing you cannot do or find within yourselves and we know that when you can feel this truth in the intense manner that you will begin to in the time ahead as you increasingly grow toward the realization of your Godhood, you will find that any limitation you have employed in yourselves has been fed and instated by you entirely and has no real basis in the pure dimensions of consciousness wherein you are an infinite being of pure consciousness who can Create anything you desire or wish for.

There is a lot waiting for you, dearest souls and there is so very much for you to explore within yourselves, which is why we ask you to enjoy yourselves as you continue in your inner-searches for indeed, you will find some things within you that are quite wonderful and lightening and will serve to bring Light to your everyday, conscious perspectives.

When you can realize that you are always natural conduits for the energies of Source to be expressed through, that natural connection you maintain to your inner-held Creator Light will fashion into an everyday understanding of your inner-Godhood and divinity and this connection, dear souls, will see your daily Earthly Lives as wonderful as any higher dimensional experience we could have.

As you Create the higher dimensional experience upon the surface of the lower dimensional Earth, you transmute the very vibrations and influences that have supported the lower dimensional structure and framework, and you illuminate the darkness that has needed illuminated with your natural Light that you maintain a strong and supreme connection to.

We only ask you to feel the Light energies in any given moment, dear souls, and to make every effort in yourselves to manifest positive and good vibrations for you will be feeding such vibrations into the (central sun) of dearest Gaia, who will use them to benefit the parts of Her dearest surface that have needed healed the most.
You will begin to hear very much in the time ahead of the areas of your world and the humans inhabiting such areas experiencing poverty, lack and need on a massive scale. You will begin to hear of the plight of the poor in every country they exist in more often, because the suffering of the majority of the masses can simply no longer continue.

Your awareness does indeed need to be focused on the areas of your world that need immediate repair, and we hope to see many of you instrumental, now and in the time ahead, in helping to bring about abundance for every soul on your world as you work together as a sovereign and united humanity to restore dearest Gaia to Her pristine fifth dimensional condition.

Of course, there is much we are helping to oversee concerning the delivering of abundance to every area of and soul on your world and while there is much we cannot yet express due to the sensitive nature of such information, we can say that the areas of your world experiencing poverty and lack on a massive scale will indeed be the first to receive the abundance that they require.

We are focusing our goals at present, on establishing protocols to bring forth abundance in the countries and continents of your world who’s citizens’ needs have gone unattended to for far too long and as we are working with the Light and might of the Creator, we know that the plans we are putting forth in delivering abundance to the needed areas in very real ways will not be met with the resistance they would have originally been met with.

We have worked with positive factions of your world’s Militaries to bring forth abundance for areas of your world that need them most in the past, as have we worked from our positions in the higher realms to help secure food shipments and the establishing of clean water for souls who have been unable to consume anything healthy for far too long.

There is much we are doing as we work with the positive factions of your Militaries that you do not yet hear about and of course, you will soon be hearing about our actions as well as those of the Galactics and every other facet of the Light Forces.

Abundance will indeed be delivered to every last country on your world and the needs of every soul will be met as disclosure is introduced and you all begin to understand that your work in repairing your world is just beginning. We are focusing first on the areas experiencing the most poverty, and this includes areas of the United States that experience poverty; in many cases, quite purposely as the cabals have orchestrated and caused poverty on your world in every country while keeping the abundance and freedom for themselves.

Indeed, the areas of your world experiencing poverty are kept down quite on purpose and the citizens of most of these places have to deal with much more than hunger and poverty. Souls in poorer places are routinely targeted by the police forces of such places, and many souls are kept down and targeted for simply being who they are or (Living) in the areas they are in.

Hard drugs have been purposefully created to create addicts who are then sent to jail if caught with their addiction, and we say that every soul who is addicted to drugs will be rehabilitated in the time ahead and offered the opportunity to start anew, rather than being punished for being hooked on something that humanity has been exposed to as a part of the plan of the cabals to keep you down and usurp money from you dear souls in any ways they can.

Yes indeed, there will be many (revelations) that will shock you and as we make our final impressions for this communication, we remind you that your higher dimensional center will take you to your personal inner-realms of full consciousness.

When you fall out of balance you lose track of your true Selves, your Godselves, and when you are balanced you are able to see that truly, everything is wonderful and there is never anything to worry about or be concerned of. There is work to be done, yes, but this does not mean your vibrations should be lowered in the name of helping your world.

You can help your world and help yourselves from a balanced and Loving center, and we leave you for now with the Love we have always wished for you to feel.

Thank you to the Ascended Masters.

(1)-From my point of view, the fact that many of the Ascended Masters have “mastered” certain lessons along their growth is what gives them the label they’re represented as; they are not called Ascended Masters because they somehow preside over us or are our “masters” whom we give our power away to as some would suggest.
I don’t know if the statement “we are your Ascended Masters” resonates with me as at the very least, the Ascended Masters speaking through me only wish to assist us rather than have us see them as our masters. They’re not! We are our Masters and while they and others will give us assistance, our personal power is ours and nobody else’s.
Even they have told us this before, and I’m confident in stating that again, they only wish to give us assistance and reconnect with us.