The Planet Iarga - An Introduction

"The people of Earth do not have the values or ethics of an advanced civilization and this is blocking the way for the people of Earth to achieve ’Cosmic integration’" 

The planet Iarga is a planet about ten light years from our Sun. I first became aware of their most advanced civilization when I read a book by Stefan Denaerde, and Lt. Col. Wendelle C. Stevens. 

His first contact occurred while on his boat with his wife. In the middle of the ocean they bumped into this flat metallic object laying in the water. He saw a body floating in the water and dived in to save the person. To his surprise the individual was wearing a type of metallic suit. Upon pulling him to safety, the metallic under the water lit up and another being came towards him with a human body, but an animal type face.

Stefan tried to escape in his ship but it wouldn’t move. The extraterrestrial beings got the body and then left. From the platform on the UFO craft they politely bowed. Stefan began to become more relaxed when they spoke to him in an English voice and thanked him for rescuing their crew member.

They proceeded to tell him that they came from another solar system. This began a long discussion which ended up in an agreement between them for Stefan to spend two days with them on their ship, while they shared with him about life on their planet. I would like to share with you a little of what they had to say over these two days. They began by telling Stefan that they had not made themselves known to humanity because we, on earth, do not know the laws of higher civilization. They went on to say that we do not, on earth, have the values and ethics of an advanced civilization and this is blocking the way for the people of Earth to achieve cosmic integration.

To share advanced technological information to a backwards spiritually and socially developed planet would be a crime and against cosmic laws. They said that here we are carrying on probes to mars when half the world’s population lives in poverty and hunger. Cosmic isolation can only be lifted when a minimum of culture has been reached. The Iargans stand approximately five feet tall. They were originally amphibians. They have webs between their fingers and toes. They are a very advanced society compared to ours, both technologically and spiritually. This communication with Stefan was the first open physical contact.

They invited Stefan into their space craft and showed him a type of holographic film of their planet and civilization. Their planet has a much thicker atmosphere, so the people of Iarga do not see bright sunlight, and see nothing of the moon or stars. Iarga is a green planet with a type of misty light. They refer to Earth as the blue planet. 

Temperature extremes are much less, but rain and snow can be ten times greater. The ocean is a bright green color. Their population is 100 times greater than that of Earth. Iarga is almost completely covered with water. Their amount of dry land is much less that that of Earth, so they have to be extremely efficient in how they run their society. Stefan viewed the most amazing transoceanic rail connections and housing facilities. They also have no money on Iarga. They have an entirely different kind of political and economic system based on total equality for all. They call this system cosmic economics. It is not like communism or capitalism.

They hold selfless service, immortality, and cosmic integration as their highest goals. There are no class distinctions and chores are shared by everyone. The women are total equals to men. Their society is totally based on a type of "Christian love". Their sex drive is totally different than on Earth, for theirs is born completely of love and not lust. A man and woman relationship, based only on sex would be considered completely degrading. 

The consciousness is very much in tune with mind over matter. They view Earth’s isolation as bring that not only of isolation from extraterrestrial intelligence, but also from God and the goals of His creation. Our isolation will end when the masses of humanity acknowledge God and their true purpose for being on Earth. There is much more I could share about this most fascinating civilization, however, for the purposes of this book I just want to give you a taste and flavor of this most interesting galactic neighbor. These beings may look strange to us in appearance, but not in terms of what lives in their hearts and consciousness. 

For more information: "UFO Contact from Planet Iarga".

This intro was copied from article of  Dr Joshua David Stone on


  1. The shapershifters are all satans workers don't fall for them..

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  2. I really like this story because it's so unusual.

    But no idea of its veracity. Have not heard so much as a peep about Iarga from any other source that I have looked into.

  3. Haha..Yes it sounds like a good idea ton follow in this particular races' footsteps.. ;-P They sound pretty fair. And they sound like they have ascended very well indeed..Thanks for sharing!

  4. I have to say he is pretty handsome!
    Must of us single woman look forward to meeting our galactic family:) We are not afraid!!!

  5. A system with no money, aiming towards immortality, resonating a real love vibration, relationships based on love, equality...all these are signs of an advanced spiritual society having left materialism behind and progressed to better is defined as the application of knowledge/science and so, technologies would be as vast as there are knowledges in the cosmos...they say aliens came down n helped build pyramids through advanced technology in the past, but why did they still leave mankind in such conditions...because technology has to be distributed to a mass worthy of it basically, from what the article says...i wanna go to the place all the mayans disappeared to as that feels right to me in my heart...whoever took them away took them off this planet for a reason...they ascended to a better world, right? And the largans apply mind over matter - may be that too is technology but of a spiritual nature, not of a 'using tools' physical nature...this whole technology concept is a big thing to me because mind over matter is spiritual but usage of tools is a physical's no wonder so many different ascension possibilities are out there...and i feel the places people will be ascending to are as diverse as the people themselves involved in this process. Gosh knows if any of us at all will be left down here...soon most probably birds of the same feathers will really be sticking together! n flying off together too!

  6. Also, i do know that ascension to me means freedom from all shapes and forms...and that shape-shifting would be a totally natural thing for me n my fellow peeps who share my new home...that's total freedom to me. ugg so bored of being contained in a 3D body...

  7. Thank You Greg for continuing to bring in new information... I was thinking that its nice to see you give yourself a little break from channeling and allowing others channel different information through you... It really must be exhausting to hold so much energy of different information from different locations throughout Creation an a daily bases as you were doing... I say enjoy your girlfriend, kick up your feet, have a nice meal and enjoy the rid...Thanks for sharing this information with us:)

  8. Wow. Neat encounter information. This is a good opportunity to practice unconditional love while being introduced to new-to-us beings.

    Nice contribution to the light community.

    That is NOT to say that this is reliable, but it doesn't matter; its all entirely possible and plausible.

  9. Hey, can you please post some more stuff of your higher self again or the treasure hunt or something other than chanelling ET pleeaase...had a good few days of it n i'm feeling extremely homesick and gagging for spacial n heavenly reunion's like if you keep talking of chocolate for days, then you'll soon wanna have some NOW, so no more talk of star family now please:-( We need to come back down to this planet for a bit...n stop missing featherland.

  10. This 'quarantine' theme seems to be a recurring message from numerous sources. "LET ME OUT OF IT"...Oh, I forgot, that's up to me :-D Thank God!

    Owly (I've abbreviated your name, hope that's ok): I didn't mention this to you before because it was when I was in the midst of a mild spin-out (not so mild actually)...but, my morning after I read you liked the nickname, I heard an owl hoot hoot a few times outside my bedroom window, and I laughed but at the time it was just a small one of many synchronicities. My housemate tells me she has never heard it and I haven't heard it since. Please come back, I love owls. They're wise.

    RH: I'm happy you're here!

    1. Hey Linda!
      Sorry I almost missed your response! One of my animal totems is Owl. Also Crow, and Unicorn, and Dragon. Sometimes they come to me in dreams, or in waking life. My friend the Crow sits outside my window-and he is always there. :-) But once I set the intention, they will visit when needed. I have had many come and visit when a message or lesson was needed to be grasped, including Spider, Dolphin, Bear, Butterfly, and Cricket, but Owl, Crow, Unicorn and Dragon are permanent. I have these Medicine Cards that comes with a book that has served me well. It's called "Medicine Cards" by Jamie Sams & David Carson. Another book that I come back to when I feel compelled to do so is "Animal Speak : The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small." by Ted Andrews This one goes into depth, and is for those that are looking into Shamanism, and those that are serious about learning. Its really neat. I'm glad you are happy I am here, the feeling is mutual. And thank you again, Greg! :-) Have a good night everyone!

    2. Oh, and the Carlos Canstaneda books are really cool, too. He shares his knowledge of the teachings of Don Juan. It's like going on a ride without actually taking the necessary steps to getting there, if you know what I mean. And I'm no Shaman! That's for sure, but I don't mind learning about it and dabbling here and there while on the sidelines. ;-P

  11. Anonymous: You really gave me a laugh!

  12. Mind AS matter is a what we're here to realise, creators we are. That's alchemy.

  13. @ Danie Shapeshifters are not satin workers they are just people who have allowed themself to become attached with entites from different dimensional realities to become apart of their human DNA which over time their own human DNA begins to change into the entity or animal that they have allowed to host their own human bodies for so long... Which in another reincarnated lift time, after the One they are now living, they will become that form of entity or animal that they have allowed themselves to connect with in this life time... There is no such thing as satin in the form that we have been mislead to believe in such an evil entity... Lift is all about FREEWILL AND MASTERING OUR OWN HUMAN MIND AND THERE ARE NO IF AND OR BUTS ABOUT.

  14. ah,linda,the world works in mysterious ways,maybe it was some kind of link between us,transpired through our noble that we have a similarity,which is of course the divine love,and dear greg,and our galactic friends.i will pray,for you linda.
    Its always interesting when i learn about a diffrent race,just think about the possibilities,its mind boggling,some of the `et`s`we have invented on this earth could,and probably are,real.example,clingons,and other `star trek` beings,`planet of the ape`s`,type beings,avatar,and so on.maybe this is one of the subconcious links we have with the outer universe,by thinking about,and re-creating these other worldly beings.maybe close to us planets?
    hope everyone who reads this is well,and love to all.xx

  15. Shape-shifting is from a dimension where all of creation is seen as beautiful and there is no judgement as whose shape is better or not...i cannot believe that people are still seeing greatness through limited be in 12D is only possible after we have allowed ourselves to be completely one with every single entity of ALL THAT IS of all dimensions in unconditional love n equality and angels sometimes appear to people as orbs, sometimes as humans, sometimes as ufos...jeez spirits/ residents of the highest dimensions are not bothered about their forms, why bring down all things of greatness through such judgements? To cast judgment is just fail to accept unconditionally the truth n beliefs of others n constantly wanting to make others feel bad because all ye wanna do is compete with their visions n those who look down upon such spiritual freedom, i say...yay, you'll most probably get stuck in a human body for a long time and some animals i know have greater visionary power than ye! I'm sure God is a flower, and an ant, and a human, and a zebra...since he's the DNA that supports the whole of existence, so he must also be one in unconditional consciousness with the entire cosmos and loves and accepts all the forms unconditionally that are a mere manifestation of himself...God too is shape-shifting all the time...ascension itself is a shape-shifting process...spirit is not dense in thought n at is totally flexible and one with the whole cosmos.

  16. I feel i really have to point out that the shape-shifting i have mentioned in my case has nothing to do with shamanism or help from outside attached spirits...i meant going back to the spirit person i was prior to incarnation in this body n life...some people may find it hard to imagine life without a physical body but all real incarnated angels n fairies know how un-natural it feels to be contained in such a dense physical vessel...the higher the dimension we come from, the lighter our bodies n the less bound by shape n form we twin flame turned into a blazing light being who illuminated the whole beach we played at when i was only 7 and we also used to both shine a pinky glow together even though back then i thought it was a game!!! all my life to me, it's been very hard to be in such a dense physical space n we from up there must really really love this earth n its inhabitants to leave behind our freedom of spirit n incarnate as lightworkers as jeez it's damn hard being in a body n i cannot wait to be Me again, a spirit who is one with eternity n all that's within it, totally limitless n unbound...a plant, an animal or an angel...where i come from, it's all one n the same in spirit.

  17. How could 600 billion beings live on a land mass smaller than the Earth's land mass as you imply in your article that they live on their land mass? The only way I see that happening is that they either have buildings tens of thousands of feet high or live very, very deep undergound. Not to mention food production. Of course I guess they could eat food disks, pills or have Star Trek type replicators.