Rh Negative Blood - The Holy Grail Bloodline - Grail Children


  1. Knowledge is beautiful isn't it? Thank you. The first part of this piece is in line with Zacharia Sitchens 'The Lost Book of Enki and Enlil'. Much of this also is in line with what I have been taught at RSE. I was so moved I saw her face....copper haired beauty.

  2. I had a thought night before last and I wasn't going to share but now I am.

    All Lightworkers are linked hand in hand (left palm under, right over to prevent fumbling...attention to detail is in me, sorry) in a circle out in space around our beloved Earth. I kiss the hands of those on either sides of me and we are, every one of us filled with love. We send love to her and all things within and upon her.
    It was quite powerful and very beautiful. Love to all x

  3. We Were Recently Notified Of My Son's Mixed Phenotype..
    KIDD jk AB- Negative Found In His B+ Positive Blood..
    His Cells REGENERATE Giving Credit To Our Spiritual Family Cover Up!!
    Peace And Blessings To All!!

  4. I simply cannot stand steam and humidity, really makes me ill and gosh i'm so aneamic, i have to take iron tablets every other day and i change colour...my bff finds it totally crazy how i physically change colour depending on my mood n health...i go from looking real pale, to a shiny golden bronze god-like colour, to red and sometimes real dark...i dunno how my body does it !!! And of course i see spirit etc, must be of such descent...hope your leo-like symptoms are not that much of a trouble now dear Greg now that we're in winter, my lion-like i.e leo-like friend :-)