Mayan Elder Speaks of the Prophecy of 2012

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Communique from the Great Divine Director – Tazjima November 27th, 2012

As channeled through Tazjima

I AM the Great Divine Director. It has been awhile since we last spoke through our messenger, but there were many things she needed to do in other places and other times. It is confusing to some who are new to our way of being, living in a Multiverse. One cannot comprehend that you, as an individual are part of a greater being, first your soul and then your soul family, and beyond.

It is possible to simultaneously live many lives at the same moment. With the intense energies impacting the planet during the past few weeks, our messenger’s soul felt it better to withdraw somewhat and to allow our messenger to rest. And so she has come through the ordeal ready to serve, again, as she has always, with an eager and generous heart.

We come to you with tidings of great joy. The time of year approaches that has traditionally served as the celebration of the birthday of Jesus. Know that this time of year served much longer as a festival of light, serving as a time when hearth fires were renewed and when people knew that after three days of stillness, the sun would again begin to rise towards the equinox. Light would again take precedence over the darkness of the night of the spirit.

Notice that I say night of the spirit. It is true that when autumn approaches in the northern latitudes of your planet, the nights get longer and the weather colder. It does not mean that the spirits of the people diminish in power, for your ancestors would turn to each other and create time to tell stories, make songs and dances, to build furniture, to weave and sew garments, to make stews and bake cakes and bread.

They learned to share their experiences through story-telling and poetry. They learned to plan for the coming season for planting and gathering. They worked with nature, going within, praying and fasting. Some of their wise ones would measure the movement of the stars and moon and report back to the elders and the women’s council; others would dream or travel to other worlds within and bring back their tales and wisdom.

Where do you go on a cold night? Do you sit in front of a television set, beer in hand, eating chips or do you sit with your children, telling them stories or reading from a book? Do the members of your family talk to each other or do they sit in separate rooms, watching different shows, playing on the computer or on a game set? Do you exercise your creativity through journaling, dreaming, art work, music, dance and theatre? Or are you content with letting someone else supply you with entertainment?

Building a new world takes courage, determination, focus and imagination. Exercise your eye-mage, your inner eye by taking your attention away from the repetitious news and gossip that is fed to you and create stories, see images of yourself in other settings, places, times and spaces. Learn to speak to your soul, to your soul family, to your family of light. Learn to listen to your heart and reason with your mind.

What is it that you wish to see and do and be in the new world? You are the creator; you are in charge. Be strong. Be daring. Be courageous, even outrageous… and you will discover soon enough that even your most outrageous dreams will fall short of what is to come, what is coming just around the corner.

Many changes must come upon the earth, but with the undivided focus of the lightworkers and starseed, the changes will come — be willing to dream them into existence.

We go now, but will return soon to speak to you, again.

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Message from Spaceship Athabantian - Physical Events of Earth will Heighten - Mark Kimmel - November 30th, 2012

More severe weather. More earthquakes. More volcanoes. More shifts in climate. These are not ordinary times…”

As channeled through Mark Kimmel

I am Taugth, celestial of the cosmos aboard Athabantian. I am one of many who are empowering the Grand Transformation. I am here today to give you the perspective of one who sees the extent of your transformation.

When we say that you should concentrate on raising your vibrations, we do not mean that you should raise your vibrations only to exist in the same paradigm, rather we are encouraging you to raise your vibrations to exist in a new reality, a paradigm of love and light versus the existing paradigm based on fear.

Those of you who are highly conscious (vibrating at a high frequency, holding the 5th Dimension) know that your world is changing. You feel it in your body, see changes in others, in events and structures. In general you hold optimism about what is to come as the result of the transformation. Those who cling to the fear-based paradigm do not wish to admit to these changes, although most believe that something different is happening. For them there is a sense of foreboding about future events; generally they view each day as much the same as the prior one.

We have asked Mark to supply the following definitions to help you understand the extent of what lies before you:

• Extrapolation: To infer or estimate by extending or projecting known information. (Predicting the future based on the past.)
• Discontinuity: Lack of continuity, logical sequence, or cohesion. (Totally shifting from one paradigm to another.)

What you are facing is a discontinuity of such massive proportions that you will not recognize your old selves in a few short months. Many humans attempt to extrapolate from their current paradigm to see the future. This will become even more prevalent as the energies of change impact all. What we foresee is nothing like what is current. There is a fundamental discontinuity about to occur. Extrapolation will not foretell this future.

Do not be afraid of the transformation, for it will be quite wonderful. Yes, you will endure some hardships, such as being without what you now feel you need to be comfortable. Look beyond those creature comforts, because in the New Earth all that you need will be provided. However what you then need will be quite different from what you now need, or believe that you will need in an extrapolated future.

We would now share a somewhat misty vision of what is to come for you. Keep in mind that this picture involves not just planet Earth and its humans, but all in physical form within creation. It is an enormous event, unlike any that has occurred before, ever. We are speaking here of the Grand Transformation out of 3rd Dimension. The vibrations of the higher densities will integrate with physical density, and the rigidness of the 3rd Dimension will be no more. This will create a heretofore-unknown reality.

This undertaking is so grand that it involves all celestials of the universe. It involves those who create universes, the creator gods, and energy organizers. It involves those who uphold these universes. It involves the All There Is, the GodHead. And yes, it involves your star sisters and brothers. It is much beyond a simple showing of the presence of your brothers and sisters from other star systems, or a transformation of Earth. It is an event of enormous proportions, affecting all in creation.

You the humans of Earth are the focal point of this magnificent transformation. You, who have agreed to spearhead this transformation, are honored by those of us from throughout the cosmos. Millions of your brothers and sisters from distant planets and all manner of celestials are gathered about your tiny sphere to witness its transformation, and to partake of the consequences of that transformation.

From our perspective, as ones who observes from the starship Athabantian, we see your confusion about events that are transpiring on your world. I now ask you to see these events from the perspective of ones who observes from a larger perspective. For a moment, view these events not from your ground level perspective, but from ours. There are arrayed about you and intimate with you the beings who created your planet in the first place. There are those who fashioned the surface of your sphere: oceans, land, and atmosphere. There are those who brought the plants and animals. And there are those who brought the first humans to your planet.

In Earth’s most auspicious beginning all was of light, harmony, beauty, and majesty. There are many of us who watched these last million years as your planet underwent the awful changes from a sphere of light to a sphere of darkness. We watched as your ancestors wallowed in fear, violence, hatred, and greed. We watched as earlier civilizations brought light to the planet only to succumb to the darkness. We have also watched as certain of you climbed to sufficient consciousness where now you can return your planet to its former majesty.

This is the moment. This is the great shift from darkness to light. All will be transformed, from the darkest to those who are filled with the light, from those who live in fear to those who live in the light. And all will awaken with a realization of what is now around them while they will retain memories of their past.

It is for these reasons that we have taken so long to prepare this Grand Transformation. It is not a matter of evolving from one track of development to another, from one way of being to another. All extrapolations fall by the wayside.

This time was delayed until now because you, the humans of earth, were not sufficiently conscious to be able to receive that which is coming. It has been attempted before with little success because you were not ready. It was always incumbent upon those who incarnated on Earth to make change possible. That is why so many have come from around the universe to incarnate on your planet.

Never was it to be allowed that we would force changes on Earth, or the rest in physical form, from above. Always it was to be the intention and actions of the beings of Earth to spearhead this Grand Transformation.

Your brothers and sisters from distant planets have long awaited this moment. In starships they gather about you by the millions. They originally came here to send light to help the planet, and to assist your transformation in a brotherly and sisterly fashion. But they always knew the importance of the transformation of Earth and her humans. Most recently they have come in vast numbers for they foresee this as the moment.

All is in place now. The Grand Transformation has commenced. Very soon you will experience events that are undeniable. Many of you are already feeling the changes that foretell what is coming. You feel it in your bodies. Your dreams forecast a new ways of seeing. Your emotions play havoc as they sense what is afoot. The infusion of energies that began some months ago is now ramping up and will continue to do so. Your emotions will escalate; your minds will seek to comprehend that which is not comprehensible. And you who are awakened will be called upon to assist your earthly brothers and sisters.

Physical events of Earth will heighten: More severe weather. More earthquakes. More volcanoes. More shifts in climate. These are not ordinary times. There are no extrapolations to foresee these events. These are the times of transformation, the times of discontinuity. Look beyond these events to the majestic New Earth. We are here to encourage you until that most auspicious moment when all will become known to you, and all will transform.

And yes, Mark, Abiquor will play a part in all. From its position in the 5th Dimension, its principal function is to anchor the Grand Transformation of the Earth. Those of you who hold its energy of manifestation are grounding the energies of change into your planet.

All in the universe support your transformation as the key part of the Grand Transformation. All send their blessings to each human of Earth. 

I am Taugth, and I am privileged to have provided this message for you.

United Nations Votes to Recognize Palestinian State

If I see not one other piece of evidence whatsoever, this lone event convinces me we are indeed living through an age of great and positive change.

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The Return of Christ - Every Eye Shall See Him

A very beautiful presentation!

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Gemini Lunar Eclipse ~ Power of LOVE - An Astrological Perspective of the Coming Days - Kelley Rosano

As channeled through Kelley Rosano 

The Gemini Lunar Eclipse on November 28 reveals the power of Love. This is our last eclipse in 2012 and the final Gemini eclipse until June 2020. We have a loud noisy party going on. The planets, asteroids and stars are engaged in multiple conversations. There is a massive amount of information being shared. However, it is wise to use our discernment in what is relevant, useful and what can be ignored.

Many people are feeling that we have just survived a severely intense Scorpio cycle. We are rising out of the dark and into the dawn of the new day. Freedom loving, optimistic and expansive Sagittarius is revealing glimpses of our bright future on the horizon.

The Gemini Lunar eclipse is an opposition between the Sun (consciousness) and Moon (unconsciousness.) Oppositions create awareness’s that come to us externally. We can own our power and take responsibility for our choices and behavior. Or, we can project our patterns, our unconscious aspects of Self onto other people. We are at choice. The more we practice conscious awareness. We will see that the Law of Attraction matches our thoughts and feelings.

In other words, the evolved soul recognizes that we create our reality from our thoughts and feelings. Humanity collectively creates our shared reality. This is the mass consciousness. On the other hand, people who are negative and constant complainers. They will not recognize that they too are creating their reality only unconsciously.

The Gemini Eclipse will move into the shadow of the Earth for a few hours. The Moon has no light of its own. The light it reflects is from the Sun. During the Eclipse the Moon will be in the dark. This pulls us deep inside of Self. The Gemini Eclipse gives us the opportunity to go to the core of our being and discover who we truly are. We can live from our playful, joyful and authentic nature.

Authentic power comes from our true essence, heart and fortitude. You are a powerful creator. Using our focused intention on what we desire to manifest, build and/or create. We can make our dreams real. At the Eclipse, the universe will support our highest good and the highest good for all concerned, for instance:

♠What are your next best steps?
♠What are your heart’s desires?
♠What will strengthen you financially?
♠What will build your inner power, passion, creativity and Love?
♠What will increase your health, well-being, vitality and Joy?

Venus, Mercury, Saturn and the North Node are in Scorpio during the Gemini Eclipse. Reminding us that as we emerge out of Scorpio’s ashes of the past. We are completing our 3D (third dimension) karma, karmic relationships and karmic initiations until 2013. We are processing pain, trust issues and betrayals. Yet, these negative emotions will fade into the mist with no lingering memories. As we move higher in vibration. We will be free from these ancient haunting happenings.

“Memories of unpleasant experiences will eventually fade completely into the background of your consciousness, and in time be forgotten. Often the only thing that keeps them in your minds is the pain and distress experienced but once in the higher vibrations you will cease to bring them back.” ~ SaLuSa, Mike Quinsey

There is a Yod, a (Finger of God) pointing towards the Gemini Moon. The divine lovers Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Capricorn are sextile (pleasant opportunity). Venus and Mars are the legs in the Yod. The touchdown point of the Yod is the Moon. God is pointing at the Moon. The Yod message is that we are to live from our heart. Having an open heart heals Self and others. The ego tells us that it is not safe to live from love. If we do other people will take advantage of us. Or worse, people will make fools of us. That is the 3D limited thinking. The past does not equal the future. We are awakening. We are evolving. We are the new human being. We all desire to feel safe, secure, loved and respected. We are one human family. All Are One ~ Oneness Consciousness. We can nurture Self and others.

♥Is it time for love and partnership?
♥Is it time to expand in a new direction?

♥If money was not a concern for you, what would you be doing?
Saturn in Scorpio is showing us our weakest links. For instance, where have we been cutting corners? Saturn in Scorpio can reveal the ugly truth concerning a person, job, relationship and/or situation. What are we ignoring? Where are we out of our integrity? Saturn is the master teacher, supreme builder and judge. She will give us the step-by-step instructions to achieve lasting success and security. However, Saturn always exacts a price. There is a cost with Saturn. For instance, Saturn requires our integrity. Saturn demands patience, perseverance and determination to reach our goals.

Saturn is the final dispositor of the Gemini Lunar Eclipse. In other words, Saturn is the planet that the rest of the planets “answer” to. She is like the final arbiter in a dispute. This is how we determine the Eclipse dispositor. We start with our Gemini Moon. Mercury rules Gemini. Mercury is in Scorpio. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto. Pluto and Mars are in Capricorn. Saturn rules Capricorn. Therefore, the final dispositor is Saturn the ruling planet of Capricorn. Saturn says “The buck stops here.” How much are we willing to invest in time, energy and money to reach our dreams? Are we willing to give it a hundred and ten percent? Saturn in Scorpio needs to know. Failure is not an option with Saturn. Mediocre is barely tolerated with Saturn. Hard work, sacrifice and commitment pay big dividends with Saturn.

The Gemini Eclipse encourages us is to release the past. Let go of what no longer serves our soul evolution. This can be a job, relationship, beliefs and living location. We want to release our intense focus on illusory things – the worries and anxieties of daily living. This includes our own inadequacies. We can accept life the way it is by practicing the Law of Detachment:

Law of Detachment:

1) When it begins (relationship, job and situation) it is always right.
2) Who shows up is exactly who needs to be there.
3) What happens is the only thing that could have happened.
4) When it is done. It is done.

We are transiting through the last of the water and fire signs, Scorpio and Sagittarius. We are at the part of our journey where we are to achieve Self mastery over the lower ego emotions. Scorpio rules emotional truth. Sagittarius is the cosmic truth teller. The celestial message is to live by our truth, heart and our authentic nature. This creates inner peace. Our inner peace builds outer peace in our life and world.

You are a powerful creator. We create our reality with our thoughts and feelings. Be the magician. Create inner peace to replace anxiety and fear. Merlin the magician teaches us to use our heart, mind and emotions to create what we desire. This empowers us to turn water into wine. We can achieve our goals in 2012 and 2013. What are you creating at the Gemini Eclipse?

The Gemini Eclipse is reminding us to celebrate our lives. We are heroes for being here at humanity’s and Earth’s graduation 12.21.12. The courage it takes for people to be willing to go through massive changes and growth in their lives is commendable. Life’s journey in 3D holds cycles of pain, stress, delays and frustration. Yet, if we expand our consciousness, we can rise above the negativity. We can begin to see that life can be pleasantly surprising. In the most wonderful ways, life gives us passion, JOY, and exhilaration beyond our wildest dreams. There is much to celebrate.

“Take a walk in the brisk autumn air. Celebrate the seasonal changes you see around you as you celebrate the changes within you. There is much to celebrate.” ~ Ivo/Lisa Dorr

Love and Peace,
Kelley Rosano

Gemini Full Moon Mantras: I Am LOVE.
I Attract More Money than I can spend.
I Am ready for the New Opportunities that are now in My Life.
Astrological Events

Mercury Retrograde November 6-26
Neptune Direct November 10
Chiron Direct November 14
Mars enters Capricorn November 16
Sun enters Sagittarius November 21
Venus enters Scorpio November 21
Gemini Lunar Eclipse November 28
Mercury enters Sagittarius December 10
Sagittarius New Moon December 13
Uranus Direct December 13
Venus enters Sagittarius December 15
Sun enters Capricorn December 21
Mars enters Aquarius December 25
Cancer Full Moon December 28
Mercury Enters Capricorn December 31
Share the Love! Pass this message on!
Thank You! You Are Awesome!

© Kelley Rosano All rights reserved.
Please reproduce in its entirety with authorship and author's website clearly stated.

Archangel Michael - IT IS TIME FOR A SPIRITUAL TREASURE HUNT - Ronna Herman

As channeled through Ronna Herman

Beloved masters, the SPIRITUAL TREASURE HUNT began in earnest when you, the Star Seed, started to respond to the nudgings of Spirit in the last half of the twentieth century. The vibrational frequencies of spiritual, mental and emotional awareness are bombarding the Earth and humanity in full force. However, you must have prepared yourself to receive this magnificent gift beyond compare. The treasures and miracle cures you are seeking can be found by tuning into the frequencies of love, joy and compassion. You must learn to maintain a loving indifference to small slights, differences and disappointments. You have millions of cellular response triggers, some are very powerful, some quite weak, with many frequency levels in-between. Practice and aim for balance and harmony as you engage with your Soul Self and not with your ego desire body. The pure Love found within your Sacred Heart and the wisdom of your Sacred Mind will give you the truth, power, compassion and fortitude to follow the nudgings of your Higher-Self/Over-Soul, for it will guide you to the innate, inborn condition you seek. Each of you were placed in a particular energetic environment with harmonic frequencies that would be most advantageous in assisting you to learn the life’s lessons you chose before coming into this incarnation. In addition, you were given special talents, gifts and strong inclinations to assist you in learning your life’s lessons so that you could fulfill your chosen life’s mission.

Returning to the narrow path of ascension in consciousness is the beginning of transcending opposites where there is no good or bad, right or wrong, only harmonious personal choices within the accepted spectrum of duality. As a functioning Self-master you are learning to choose only the best choices for the benefit of ALL. It is vital that you free yourself from the strong, constricting forces of the solar plexus, which creates the push-pull interaction with others who are living in the third- / fourth-dimensional reality. You must strive to become harmless in order to tap into the wondrous God frequencies of Light stored within your Sacred Heart. First comes neutrality after which, over time, your capacity for love will increase to include all levels of creation. Gradually, as you tap into the more refined levels of your mental nature, you will begin to understand and integrate the many symbols and geometric patterns of the fifth dimension. Knowledge, talent and a high I.Q. does not create a genius. It takes concentration, courage, perseverance, tenacity and an ongoing drive, along with integrity, to tap into your spiritual genius potential. You must tap into and pursue your desire for excellence and strive to live your passion to the very best of your ability.

You are living in extraordinary times. To one degree or another, every human Being’s Soul-self is straining to be released from the prison of thought forms that were placed around the physical/mental and emotional vessel at birth. The strain of bondage is affecting all of humanity. The ego creates the illusion of separation and instills a fear of nonexistence, which creates a self-centered drive for survival: “me verses everything that is not me.” Awareness of the vaster Self begins with the Soul’s nudgings to explore beyond the limitations of the ego-self.

Striving to know one’s true Self can be a wondrous adventure or a painful, seemingly never-ending journey. Too often those who are struggling with the early stages of Self-mastery find that they cannot stand the pressure of the dramatic changes taking place within their personal world, and so they shift back into the frequency patterns which are comfortable. Even though they are dissatisfied and unhappy with their current personal reality, it is familiar territory, and they are not ready to move beyond the strong bonds of the mass consciousness belief patterns. These fragments of self that each of you has created are very strong-willed, and for many dear Souls it is a difficult struggle to gain control of the lower self. Those still stuck in the “herd state of consciousness” follow their leaders without question. They take the path of least resistance, which has already been established by others. They follow the ways of the past, for they fear the future.

As you access the more refined domains of expression, your knowledge and use of Light, Sound, color and, especially, the important Sacred Breath will greatly increase and will become an integral part of your spiritual philosophy of life. We implore you to take advantage of all the tools of mastery that we are supplying, for all of you are at a critical stage in the evolution process. The physical structure of those still mired in the third- / fourth-dimensional environment are in great distress as more and more strange maladies emerge. The origins and cause of many of these maladies cannot be diagnosed, and the traditional methods and drugs will not heal them. Therefore, the medical experts are becoming more frustrated and puzzled as to why so many new chronic conditions, for which there seems to be no permanent cure, are affecting the masses.

You must endeavor to shift from self-judgment to Self-love, which creates a resonance that extends beyond the physical body and begins to affect others. When it grows forceful enough, it can even assist in the healing process for those within your sphere of influence. The human body is a magnetic pole within the spectrum of Light and shadow or within the positive and negative forces of cosmic electromagnetic energy. The physical vessel is a complex organism which contains the Essence elements of all the lower dimensions: mineral, vegetable and animal, as well as the Stardust elements of Creator Light.

You have learned your lessons well, my sweet friends. You are mastering the ability to govern your thoughts and keep your emotions on an even keel. You have learned that pure Love must originate in the wellspring of the Sacred Heart, and you must first honor and love yourself before you can radiate this blessed gift to others. You are making great strides at becoming nonjudgmental and discerning as you allow situations and interactions with others to flow around you. You are fine-tuning your Inner Awareness so that you quickly garner the wisdom that is to be derived from theevents of the moment. You are gradually beginning to sense the serenity and the magic of the higher dimensions as you weave in and out of the different levels and harmonic frequencies of consciousness.

Yes, there are still many lessons to be learned, and there always will be. However, you now have the insight to see the justice and perfection in the dance and drama of life that you must experience each day. You are being prepared to take a giant leap INWARD, OUTWARD and FORWARD, beloveds. The time has come for you to assume your proper role in this great event called, the Ascension of Earth and humankind. Your Light Quotient must blaze forth so that it can connect with that of other en-LIGHTEN-ed Beings, and in doing so it will gain strength and momentum. Eventually it will permeate and infuse the Crystalline Etheric Web of your home planet so that ALL will benefit from the CREATOR LIGHT OF TRANSFORMATION.

Remember, using your “LOVE POTENTIAL” means sharing your earthly talents, gifts and riches with others. Love is the catalyst for Creation. By igniting the Adamantine Particles of Light which have been allotted to you and then sharing the resulting fruits of your labor with those around you, a steady flow of Sacred Fire Light to and through you will be assured. It is important that you understand the power and magnitude of the refined Creator Light as well as knowing how to use it effectively. Adamantine particles are much finer than the oxygen you breathe. When done properly, it could be calledSoul breathing or breathing with intention whereby you breathe in the elements of Creation, energize them with your loving intention, and then radiate them forth into the world of physicality. In our last message we told you: The SACRED WHITE COSMIC FIRE, Adamantine Particles, that you magnetize to you as an awakened Self-master must continually circulate. Only a certain amount, that which is appropriate for each Soul to integrate at his/her current level of en-LIGHTEN-ment, can be stored within the physical vessel; the balance must be RAY-diated out into the world of form.

As a gift, to assist you in the integration of the maximum amount of Creator Light, we have asked our beloved messenger to share a process that we inspired her to create. This is a gift of great magnitude; however, as with all the tools we offer to you, you must make use of them if they are to be effective.

I am honored to assist you to traverse the twists and turns you must endure on the ever-upward path of Ascension.. Won’t you join me as a standard bearer in this, the advanced phase of expression and learning on planet Earth, as you prepare to move back into the realms of higher consciousness so that you may reclaim your Divine Birthright? Reach outward, beloved ones, reach inward as well, we are waiting to shower upon you all the love and gifts from our Mother/Father God that you can absorb.


I AM Archangel Michael

Jesus - You Will Live for the Joy of Living Instead of to Earn a Living - November 30th, 2012

As channelled through John Smallman 
Energy — the field of power enveloping all that exists — is something you hardly understand at all as you restrict yourselves to the environs of the illusion.

However, that is all going to change very soon. You will discover that all your energy needs can be met easily, abundantly, and without further damage to the planet – drilling, mining, and burning are quite unnecessary – as those with highly advanced and well-developed technologies come to assist you in repairing the areas that have suffered under those harsh and unsympathetic methods of accessing the materials that provide energy for transport, heating, lighting, manufacturing, and other industrial needs.

A new age of wise and informed thought and creative intent will make life on the planet a joy instead of an unrewarding chore just to ensure your survival.As the new age of peace and contentment envelops you all in happiness and prosperity, your senses will be much enhanced, furnishing you with a far greater understanding and enjoyment of all aspects of daily living.
An immensely satisfying bonanza in the arts will stimulate your creative juices which will run far more freely and abundantly, giving rise to a vast increase in artistic activities in every field with which you choose to engage. You will live for the joy of living instead of to earn a living, which makes complete sense, especially in comparison to your present need to work almost unceasingly in order to cover all your commitments and responsibilities.

You have been working your way persistently homeward towards this — your natural state of being — for eons, as you well know, although there have been many interruptions and distractions that have diverted you from your path.

Those are now all behind you as you power forwards to complete this arduous venture which has taken you many lifetimes over billions of years in the illusion. It is very difficult for you to grasp that these seemingly enormous periods of time are as but a momentary instant snatched from eternity — so incredibly brief that they never existed at all.

When you awaken, that will make sense, but for now of course the idea is quite beyond comprehension. Nevertheless, notwithstanding all of this, the apparent time remaining before you are going to awaken into joy is very short.

During this period of excited anticipation and expectation, continue purposefully with your intent to be the way-showers and Light-bearers that you are, by demonstrating acceptance and compassion in every moment of your daily lives. You have been doing this most effectively for some considerable time (as you experience time), but the push is now on to end this repetitive cycle of karma-driven incarnations for humanity, and I am giving you this reminder because it is all too easy for you to forget the essential task for which you incarnated this time around as you get caught up in the dramas and distractions of daily illusory living.

Make a point of bringing to mind frequently throughout the day the fact that you are spiritual beings having an Earth experience. In fact, do it whenever your mind goes blank or seems to lose track of what you are doing – that often occurs to bring your attention back to your spiritual purpose – and then you will find that you can recall what you were intending to do or were actually doing far more easily. Focusing on the spiritual aspect of yourselves frequently and momentarily really does make it easier to cope with the mundane everyday matters that occupy so much of your time, and which often cause you undue stress.

You are all exactly where you are supposed to be – where you planned to be when you designed your life path for this incarnation – at this moment in your evolutionary history. Accept life as it occurs, and with grace and gratitude, because it is your choice to be here now, having whatever experiences life presents you with. By being here you are assisting untold numbers of others with their awakening process, even though both you and they may be completely unaware of it.
Your ability to remember the reason for which you incarnated is very severely restricted so that your egos do not attempt to hijack your capabilities for their own devious purposes. You understood this when you formulated and agreed to your contract prior to incarnating. Remind yourselves of this when doubts or anxieties arise within you, and ask for help!

You will receive it, though not necessarily in the form you think would be most appropriate. But you will know that you have been heard and that you have received it because your stress and anxiety will decrease. When that stress reduction occurs, notice it, give thanks for it, and then you will find that your stress and anxiety reduce even further.

You are never alone without access to all the assistance that you need. Ask for it, expect it, and pay attention – as I said, it may well not be delivered in the form that you imagined – and as your stress and anxiety reduce remind yourselves that all is divinely taken care of, and that your awakening is therefore ensured.

Your loving brother, Jesus

DECEMBER 21, 2012 AND BEYOND - WHAT MAY HAPPEN ! - Compilation

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Michael - Understand, Please, that your Intuition is the Voice of Spirit – Ron Head November 30th, 2012

As channeled through Ron Head
It is good that you opened yourself to the message from our dearest friend, Francis.  Please remain open to others.  We will continue to keep access to you clear as long as you keep to your preparation routines. 
We highly value the reach and effectiveness of our trusted channels at this time.  They are performing wonderfully under very difficult circumstances.  Within short weeks now, they will find themselves suddenly with greater awareness, capabilities, and ease in their roles as all surrounding and inner resistance will be removed.  You will also very likely find it necessary to find ways to limit for yourselves the number of us whom you channel.  Even now many clamor to be heard.  That is the reason we often use the collective ‘we’.  And when we do not, often we identify ourselves as councils, collectives, federations, etc.  There is an agreement reached and a spokesman chosen to make these connections, else your budding abilities would soon be overloaded. 
Also, while in the third dimensional environment of polarity, it has been advisable, indeed almost mandatory, for you to protect yourselves from negativity and interference.  You are soon to reach a point that will preclude such things as they depend upon the illusion and you will have left that behind. 
One point only we would make this day.  We notice the increasing frequency of requests to many of our channels for confirmation of this or that.  We frequently say that this information, given in this way, is available to all.  When you find the need to ask for the confirmation from another, you are really saying, “I do not trust my intuition.”  That is alright, dear ones.  But understand that your aim now should be to find the trust within yourselves that will allow you to believe what is being told to you. 
Understand, please, that your intuition is the voice of spirit.  Booming voices do not issue from Heaven and instruct folks.  It is that silent ‘voice’ in the heart which you need to hear and listen to.  And each of you has as great an access to the truth as any other.  In fact, it may soon become almost difficult for you to ignore it. 
You have reached a point now where many feel ‘as if they are about to pop’.  Perhaps you feel like dancing in the street.  Our anticipation is as great as your own.  The change in your hearts and awareness is mounting.  Soon it will be time for us to say, “welcome to our world.” 
It seems unnecessary for us to tell you to be of good cheer, but we say it anyway.  We surround you with love.  Good day, dear friends. 

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Archangel Indriel - The Light Has Worked Steadily and Slowly, but Quite Surely - Wes Annac 11/30/12

As channeled through Wes Annac
Inspiration from a message through  Bella capozzi fashioned a connection with dearest Indriel, and it was interesting to bring this soul through because I had never connected with Indriel’s specific line of energy before. We breezed through various different subjects, and it is hoped by both of us that this message is helpful.
A magnificent array of ascended beings will begin making themselves known to you dear souls via your third eyes and all other chakras that are beginning to become opened at this time. It is I, Indriel, and I am here to welcome you to your fifth dimensional ascended Eden.
But you may say to me, “I don’t see anything different about this New World that we are being told we have entered”. Trust, dear hearts, for you are being guided into your New World and what you decide along your paths is most important, for you will find the higher realms you have been looking toward by employing the continual effort in yourselves to connect with the energies of so many ascended souls who are making our ways to you with happiness and ease in our hearts.
It is becoming so much easier for us in the higher realms to access the energies of you dear souls on Earth, as you are all opening up to us and from the perspective of the higher realms, it has become very clear that your veils and instated barriers are simply too small to hold you dear souls back any longer. The Light quotient upon the Earth is so vastly pure now, dear souls and if only you could see the enormously-strong and wide-reaching effects of the Love energy you are continually manifesting and bringing through yourselves, you would be assured completely with no doubt in your minds that what you are going through is real.
The times are changing on your world and the power is shifting back into the hands of the Light and while the cabals on your world have had their day in the sun, recent events that have manifested and will continue to manifest on your world are truly displaying that the road for change is being paved marvelously and with much more of a grace and ease than many would expect, because of the waiting time involved in enacting such changes.
The Light has been working steadily and slowly but quite surely, and the manner we have worked on the projects we are to bring forth for your world in the time ahead is one that builds up steadily and powerfully and when this building-up finally reveals itself to you and your world, the rapid progression of so very many Lighted events will leave your heads and hearts spinning and you will perform so much work in such a small amount of what you would perceive as time.
Time on your world is speeding up and has been for some time, and all is to lead to the ultimate merging between the realms of the third dimension and those of the fourth and fifth. The higher Light planes of the Earth have been permeating and transmuting the realms of the third dimension for some time but the rapid progression that is building up into a full -on transmutation is being seen-to by the Celestial forces overseeing your Earth and the transmutations that are to occur will be much stronger, purer and more potent than the transmutations that the collective of Earth has performed thus far.
Part of the reason for the power of these transmutations that will occur on a mass, planetary level is the rapid timeframe that they are to commence. While many of you may feel that the Light forces have been dragging our feet in introducing disclosure and a wide array of paradigm-shattering events that will break-down and expose the latent density of your world to humanity, our plan has been built-up to a point that very potent and rapid change is to come forth and many events will be manifested quite rapidly upon your dear Earth, one after another.
In these most special of times, it is so important for you dear souls to recognize the good that you are spreading upon your world.
You are acting as literal Light beacons for the entire unawakened collective to benefit from, and as you allow yourselves to further absorb the energies that you are finding within yourselves with increased ease and clarity at this time, you will find an easier maneuvering around your daily Lives and you will find that with the garnering of an enchanted, enlightened perspective which includes employing balance in everything that you do; you will find that Life is much easier than many have assumed it to be and you will find yourselves enjoying your Lives more than ever before.
We ask you dear souls to shift your focus of what is important in these times you are in. We Love you all so very dearly and we understand completely why you dear souls have been looking toward the manifestations that will precede your ascension but we ask you to look toward your everlasting moment of Now and see what you can do in your Lives to make your experience a better, more enjoyable one.
While the vibrations you have been toiling in have indeed been quite rough, many have looked toward the manifestation of disclosure as well as a plethora of other paradigm-breaking things that will indeed be manifesting on your world, as a time wherein all of their stresses and problems will melt away and while disclosure and the many other events to be unfolding on your world will indeed be marvelous, there will still be so very much work to be done and your Life paths will continue on, in a more accelerated manner.
Every lesson; every unsurfaced and hidden pain or trauma that you dear souls have yet to transmute within yourselves; every problem that you face on this world during your experience of Life on Earth; this will all still be there for you to work toward transmuting and your Galactic brethren will not be doing the work for you, dear souls. Your Galactic brethren and we as well have worked so very hard to see your ascension play-out and to see all on Gaia’s surface who are ready to ascend, be able to do so but the work is yours to be done in your personal Lives and on the world stage.
You have seen so far, entire groups of souls who have stood up to the cabals and gotten the truth of your reality out to many dear souls who have benefitted from such truth and found an enlightened perspective because of it. We take delight when the messages of one of us are able to be known and read around your world, because we have so very much information to give you about your past, present and about the marvelous Golden Age you are heading into.
You dear souls have become quite aware of your Golden Age and have made so very many efforts to anchor and assimilate the energies bringing it unto yourselves and we wish you to know that your conscious experience of the realms of the fifth dimension and beyond will be unlike anything you could possibly expect.
How could we describe the realms of the fifth dimension to you dear souls on Earth? Imagine your entire reality being a fluid-like energy that you can change and transform. This energy still makes itself known in various different forms; the most prevalent of them being sound and color. Sound and color will reverberate continually around you in your reality, and you can integrate certain energies, sound frequencies and colors unto yourselves to Create specific things within the realms of the fifth dimension.
Happiness and joy will be the most prevalent feelings within yourselves and you will find yourselves able to accompany any Loved one who has passed on or who has not yet ascended when reaching the realms of the fifth dimension.
We note that many of you worry of Loved ones who may not choose to ascend and as has been stated before, upon ascending to the realms of the fifth dimension you will reach states of consciousness wherein time does not exist and has no effect upon your interaction with others. You will be interacting with the higher self or group collective oversoul of your Loved ones and you will be able to interact with them specifically because they too will have eventually made it to the realms where time does not exist; even if it takes them a few more cycles than you.
You dear souls are going to find such a collective upliftment and harmony with everybody around you and we do not exaggerate when we say that you will know and befriend souls who are at present, on all different sides of the world.
Each and every dear soul from every continent will become very close and you will not know your Earth collective just as ‘friends’ and rather, each dear soul who decides to ascend with you will be known and held close to you as family. Your Galactic brethren will be seen as family as well, as will we.
Oh dear souls, you have such an extended family awaiting your return to our realms of pure consciousness but [before ascending], you must find a collective unity with each other on the grand, mass level that is already being attained at present and that will continue to be attained and built-upon in the time ahead.
The lessons that the colony of Atlantis went through were indeed those of finding harmony with others around them before their great shift into the realms of full consciousness. The Atlanteans were oh-so close to realizing their collective evolution and most of you know why these dear souls did not attain such an evolution, but you are already proving to find a collective unity that is very real and very strong, though your mainstream media will not yet display this to you.
You are being fed continual fear-based stories in your mainstream media and what you are seeing on your televisions is instigated fear, hurt, violence and separation. Humor is used very specifically to promote separation on your world, and you can recognize when hate or separation is played-upon as your levels of discernment are rising greatly.
Your Earth experience and the ‘box’ that many are still trapped in are indeed finite and can be left at any time. Of course, you dear souls are not quite yet able to zoom-away from your world in a spaceship, but you can zoom-away from your world and this very Galaxy by turning within.
Each and every one of you now see the clear path that is being laid-out before and by you, and every action will affect the direction of this path in small or big ways, depending on the choices that you make. Some of what you go through in your Earthly Lives will serve to teach you which vibrations, mindsets and heart sets to stay away from because you are beginning to feel when such things only cause you hurt and pain.
The lower vibrations are prevalent on your world in various different forms, but we note with joy that many of you are beginning to recognize whenever something is simply out of resonation with yourselves and with the realms of consciousness you are growing toward. You dear souls have Created your realities based on the beliefs that you could not Create your realities and what you are now finding as you climb back to the higher realms, is your ability to realize the fluidity of your reality and Create based upon that inner-knowing and feeling.
There are a great many Earthly things that can stop one from perceiving the higher realms without the filters that such things can instate upon you, and while we will happily come to any soul who wishes to feel our energies, we say that any instated barriers can inhibit a contact with us but you dear souls are finding the awakenings that serve to show you the hollow nature of much of what you have fed [while on Earth].
You will never be fully blocked or inhibited from reaching the higher realms and even the souls on your world who have lost their way and are feeding darkness, are not cut-off from the higher realms or from the Love of our Creator because there can be no separation from our Creator. We are our Creator in every sense of the term and even the souls feeding darkness are Creators and Godsparks in their own respect; it is simply that they have temporarily lost their connection to their Godspark.
From our position in the higher realms, we are able to look upon you dear souls and salute you as you undergo experiences that test you to your limits and cores. We are able to peer down into your Earth experience, even if only temporarily and experience, see and feel Life as you do for a moment.
We are able to feel for a moment, the densities that you go through and whilst we only feel them to our own extents because of a wish on our part not to feel them in their fullest form, we still have an inkling of understanding of what you are going through and we hope to help you realize and find the higher realms once again within yourselves by offering our perspective and the support that you deserve and require along your paths.
You will find things that far surpass your sphere of perception and what you have thought as possible, and we ask you dear souls to keep the faith as often as we do because as of yet, you have only an inkling of understanding of the higher dimensional experience and as you are feeding and feeling it in increased purity at this time while you realize the prevalence of the higher realms within yourselves, the miracles you are to experience will not only meet and surpass your expectation but will again, be far more real and wonderfully-intense than you had perhaps expected.
We Love you all so very dearly, and I exit this unique experience with Love to our scribe and to each dear soul absorbing this communication. It is hoped that my specific energies have been able to assist each one of you along your Life paths and it is because we Love you all so very dearly that we wish to help you find our realms and planes of consciousness once again.
Thank you to Archangel Indriel.