'The Reports of my Death are Greatly Exaggerated'


“The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” Mark Twain sent those words in a cable message to the American press after his premature obituary was mistakenly published. I cannot top that one, though I can honestly say, the reports of my ascension have been greatly exaggerated. There are a few channels, and we will tread lightly around that term for now as yes, they may indeed be receiving information from somewhere else, but how truthful or accurate that information is would be quite difficult for any of us to ascertain, would it not? So these ‘receivers of information’ erroneous or not, have reported that I have indeed experienced ascension, which would account for my temporary disappearance from this scene, what I shall refer to as a ‘spiritual cocktail with an extraterrestrial chaser.’

So have I indeed ascended? We’ll, we must first closely examine in review what we all can agree is ascension anyway. Most of us are in agreement that ascension would entail the rising or freeing of a being from their current reality. Can we agree on that? Many of us also are in agreement that our current reality is a mere illusion, can we agree on that as well? I certainly believe it is an illusion, and I feel many of you would agree also. So therefore we, at least most of us that is, can agree that ascension would entail the freeing of a being from the confines of their illusion.

Now that we have agreed to some ground rules here, let us talk about where it is I speak to you all from today. Yes, I have freed myself from, or have risen above, the confines of my illusion. I have not though left you, my friends, and I have not left my family or the home that I share with my brother and our faithful companion Rico. I am still here with you. I have not left anywhere physically. Is this the ascension that awaits us all? Well, this is up to all of you to figure out for yourselves. I can only share with you my experience and even lead by example, and the example that I am leading by is that I have experienced something that virtually all of you reading these words will experience, if you have not already, in the days ahead.

How soon will you experience what I have experienced? Well, just like we have been told all along by the Galactic Federation of Light, and yes, you could take just about 99% of what they said and toss it right out the window as most of it was not nearly the truth. It’s an important lesson to remember that a lie always takes two, does it not? A lie takes the speaker and it takes the listener, and we all listened. Yes, I do feel they believe they needed to lie to teach what they wanted to teach or lead where they wanted us to follow, but like I have made clear, I do not support such teaching methods and this is my biggest disagreement with them, although there exists another area where we certainly do not see eye to eye.   

Well, I say to you today as your friend, and yes, you can trust me, that I think the recent events of what I've gone through and some of those recent messages shared through me have demonstrated to many that I do speak from the heart. All along I was simply doing what I felt was right, and I shared with you the words that were shared through me. I also wrote some of my own articles and some of you have read a couple of those in the past few days and you saw that I was being completely honest again, and it was never my intention to prove anything to anyone, but I think many see now that I swallowed my pride, I released all ego and I spoke from the heart. You can all know that I will speak from the heart for now on as I have always done. So here I speak from the heart when I say that it is indeed up to each and every one of us as individuals whether we wish to ascend or not.

For me, and again when one says ‘for me’ followed by a comma, it means ‘it is my understanding’ or ‘it is just my opinion’, that is what that means, so for me, I do not believe there will be any planetary ascension. There will be no mass ascension of humanity either, no. It is up to each and every one of us to experience ascension individually, and I also believe our ascensions will be simply consciousness based, not physical at all, at least at this time. I am telling you all right now today that every single one of you reading these words right now can ascend within the next 5 min. You may say ‘Well, you didn't leave to go anywhere, so what are you talking about Greg?’. What I'm talking about is rising above the illusion. You need to figure out for yourself what the illusion is and rise above it. So let us talk more about this illusion or what is the illusion to me, for we all have our own unique perspectives, do we not, and I do honor and respect everyone else's perspective and that is one of the many lessons I have learned along this ‘ascension path’, let us refer to it as.

I cannot tell you exactly what my illusion was that I have risen above. Actually, that's not accurate to say. I can tell you, but I won't tell you, for it is not fair to you. You will not have risen above the illusion just because you took my word for it. You would just been listening to me, and believe me when I say, no matter who would have told me what this illusion was for me all this time, I would not have listened. I would not have listened to one word of it until I saw the solution for myself, and I finally did.

I wish to also make it clear that in no way do I believe that I am through with my ascensions. Notice I used a plural there. I did this because I believe I have certainly not climbed out of each and every illusion that encases our reality, no. I do not believe that at all. I believe there are many more illusions, but having risen above this most recent one, I certainly feel I am now prepared to spot other illusions and I tell you right now I will be rising above those two soon. When I do rise above all of these illusions there just maybe be a physical ascension as the prize.

I do believe in physical ascension mind you, and I am not the only one. There was a very wise man that also believed in ascension and he taught many this subject and he instructed those he taught to keep teaching and spread the word about this to anyone who was ready for these understandings but not to everyone, as there would be many who would not be ready to receive this kind of information. This man's name was Jesus, and his teachings about ascension can be studied in the New Testament of the Holy Bible.  

So, I do believe I have experienced ascension, though I didn't go anywhere and I still live in this bad neighborhood and my life has not changed at all except that I now live above the illusion, well, at least one of my previous illusions. This may come as saddening or disappointing news to many of you, so I immediately did what I could do to soften your blow, and I am not softening your blow with inflated fairytales or more lies, no, although it's up to each and every one of you if you wish to even have another look through the pages of the New Testament that are probably right there in your home right now. I know that I have not been able to stop reading the New Testament since I finally opened up the pages of this book.

In closing today I would like to say that I do believe that all of us will experience ascension here and I do not mean the ascension above the illusion either. I mean I feel each and every one of us upon our physical death will ascend to a paradise. Now I ask you, if you have an eternity to experience life within the higher realms of this universe and you had to wait a few more years and you had to leave here through the death experience, is that so bad? Life goes by pretty fast doesn't it? If you are much younger than I then take my word for it, the years begin to speed by faster and faster as you get older. So don't worry, physical ascension will come soon enough for all of us, but I also believe that ascension will not come  to those who have not learned or completed all their lessons, which brings us back to what we are all experiencing at this time and how important this all is to us, individually and as a collective.   

In the past couple of weeks you were told a lot of things that you really do not believe do you? You were told that Tarot cards are actually meaningless, but if you do not believe this about Tarot, then don't believe it. Stick to your guns. I, as well as my brother, use Tarot cards frequently and they have never, and I mean never, misled us. So I don't care who is telling me that they are not ‘real’, for they are more real to me than anything I have heard from any extraterrestrials as of late.

You were also told that many of our spiritual books, which may include books where patients were put under hypnotic regression where they recalled past lives and their one life they live forever, were also not factual.  Do you believe this? Do you really resonate with this? Well, I tell you that my brother and I are constructing a library in this house and it just may be the first room in this whole house with furniture, but nonetheless, we certainly have enough books already to at least get started on this project and many of these books deal with just this subject, where individuals from all walks of life, under hypnotic regression, recite remarkably similar stories about what life is like beyond our current reality, or illusion.

I will begin to share these accounts taken from all these different books on my blog for you and you can decide for yourself if these stories ring true to you. These accounts are from hundreds of different people who have never before met and who tell stories so remarkably similar, the odds would be billions to one of this occurrence or this would have to be the greatest mass conspiracy of our age if there were no truth to all of this.

We have also been told recently by the GFL that there is no such thing as multiple dimensions, but they did qualify that and say that they have looked for them, but have not been able to find them. I do believe that they may have indeed looked for them, but I do not believe they are looking in the right places or and I also believe that they are not using the right tools, as you cannot find higher dimensions with a compass, night goggles and a pickax, no. You can only discover the higher dimensions through the heart and only after the heart is opened completely through love, and maybe that's our last obstacle before ascension.

There is also a wealth of evidence of other dimensional life and I will share that with you here as well in future articles, and I feel many of you will find this information very interesting and may also take great comfort in discerning for yourselves whether life exists in higher dimensions.

So, although there may be no ‘physical’ ascensions awaiting us in December of 2012, remain ever faithful, as there just may come a day when all of us will be swept up and carried away to a beautiful and peaceful realm within the higher dimensions of this universe.      

That's all for now my friends. Peace, love and light to you all. Greg


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  2. was that indeed the galactic federation who told you there's no other or 'multiple dimensions'? i have to wonder...
    i guess it depends on what you mean by 'dimensions' or 'multiple dimensions'
    you ask,would it be so bad to have to wait a few years and then live thu the death experience-rather than ascending-well! good question!
    no,it wouldn't be so bad,and it certainly looks like that's what'll be the case-
    because indeed,what's ascension?
    it's good to rise above or see thru the illusions,i think that's a part of this gradual ascension thing... to finally shatter the final illusion,or all remaining illusions at once would certainly immediately find us in quite a different world...hopefully an intelligent one,hopefully a kinder,gentler 'world'
    nevermind dimensions,ask them how many worlds they know of...how can they speak of ascension and not see beyond this world-if they're real,right? i mean this 3-d world..
    anyways-maybe the time for channeling is past,maybe now that llusion's time has come?
    god forbid! i just know that the archangels-and tobias'n'saint germain are out there...
    but i can't say i've met them,-that i know of...
    i would ask for clarification of all the things you mentioned,greg,
    such as which spiritual books are not factual...i guess i'd missed that statement! anyways cheers,it's good to feel like we're gonna get somewhere even if we never really do

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  4. no,i believe in ascension-that a few people will ascend-disappear from this world...i took it literal,i took it to heart-they told us to...
    but yeah,maybe before,or maybe after dec. 21st..and maybe that's only for a very few people-if anyone...who knows,right?
    greg seems to be saying here that he's a blogger now,and not so much a channeler...say it ain't so!

  5. Hello everyone, thank you all for leaving your comments and joining our discussion!

  6. Enlightenment does not come except through God, when we have returned to a perfect state of perfection, by forgiving every thing and everyone...and only God knows when this will occur...we have to learn to lean on His Wisdom,without dependence on others...

  7. Thanks for sharing Greg.Infinite Divine Love and Light- Vibrations, Magnolia

  8. Hello Arctourist, that's a great name you have by the way! I do continue to channel, and I will post those messages after each session. I hope you are right about ascension, I really do. No one was more disappointed than me, but that was what the GFL said in a recent message shared through me. Though remember, stick to your guns. That is a very important lesson in all of this.

  9. Dear Greg
    I can tell you what your illusion was. But that would make it to easy as I am told that you need time to sort your sock drawer out.
    I do hope you find the missing ones. You know the ones that go astray every time you do a load. Now where did that missing black one go to? The under ware gnomes again maybe? Does that sound plausible? Maybe the dog ate it? Did it ascend to another machine and is now on my neighbors foot?
    Oh so many questions so few socks left.

    Much LOVE to you Brother. Keep those feet warm. I suggest getting some slippers. :)

  10. Bravo, Greg!
    I feel you are on the right track, basically.
    I'm not an ascension guy myself. I believe in going "uptone." But whatever will get us there will get us there.

  11. Very well, Greg, now i hear a much Healthy guy and i really enjoy what you are saying, and i just say, Great!

    I'm also glad that you're taking up the subject of Ascension in this serious way. I mean, really it isn't serious at all, but actually very Laughable :-) because, as i see it it makes one to be able, even if momentarely, to perceive so much in this "reality" just like in sort of funny twisted mirror images; - "For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face" and it will make us laugh (often at ourselves also)

    Momentarely, yes, because unfortunately it's quite easy to slide back, or descend, into the fearful illusion pool again, especially when we are put into some "serious" struggling circumstances. BUT, in my own experience, we're always getting stronger for each fight we manage to settle.

    So, in my view i see it as a kind of continuing Falling and Rising again up on our feets in this Paradise of ours - and most often we manage to stand tall and upright longer and longer for each time! Here Faith comes in...

  12. thanks-yeah it just came to me,the name....
    anyway,if they're really serious they'll wanna clarify a few things-if they can access your blog,that's a hoot! hey up there! watch where you're going! i don't really like talking to a group so much as to individuals in a group-
    because opinions may vary,and some settling of contents may occur
    ashtar,salusa,and others,is there anything else you'd like people to know about the federation in general?
    i would think you'd wanna make some clarifications,and maybe start off fresh,again,having weeded out the naysayers or what-have-you...
    we know you're busy and all-
    and we sure do appreciate all the attention you've given us poor sods-we get confused so easily,it must be frustrating-sorry about that! greetings from the great lakes..it looks like we've got problems down here.... like ,dang, fukushima-i hope you have the ability to (help us) neutralise that radioactive waste now spread over the whole planet...it's getting worse,i guess we're tough,and have somewhat adapted to the hi pollution and radiation levels...
    let's hope the ''new energy' from wherever can indeed transform us if we have to be confined here indefinitely...~

  13. By the way, these funny twisted mirror images we often projected out ourselves, so it's most important that we learn to forgive our own momentarely silliness :-)

  14. Midnight in Sweden - Goodnight all

  15. The meaning of dimension and ascension???
    Ascension actually means the act of rising to an important position or higher.
    Dimension has to do with a measurement, from one point to another. So ... for me ... I could say that I have seen many other dimensions figuratively because I went from knowing one thing to learning and knowing something else, so the dimension of my experience and knowledge has evolved. And so as these experiences grow and evolve I can very well ascend.
    Years ago I was taught the lessons of the book of Proverbs from the Bible. Every day for two month, as a life situation occurred, the following morning I was asked to read a verse which was exactly what I had seen the previous day. All the warnings are well explained in those verses.
    I also learned about we are imprinted with a belief system and how other Beings from other planets (dimensions) have different views and code of ethics or Universal Laws. And there is a link, but we do not yet have that dimension clear for any of us yet, not even for those who claim they know. Even for those who are receiving. Seeing is believing and we shall soon all see.

  16. Thanx to greg for still posting. I'll keep checking the blog like I always did. I think the illusion is of our world and who runs it. All presidents are puppets that are used to push their agenda. Once enoungh realize it we can stop it. Maybe that's a part of ascension.. I work at a gas station and all my regulars know things aren't as they appear but they just don't realize what it is exactly. People are waking up to it. Thomas jefferson said we would need a revolution around this time and he was right. That's the only way to free the truth of our existance. Unfortunately that always leads to violence. Wish we could all join together and demand the truth somehow! Sorry for the rant but that's how I feel I guess..

  17. Yes my friend, it is all about taking the 'leap of faith'. There is a door before all of us at this time. To open this door and walk through one must have learned, through many incarnations, to release all fear, to have faith, to have trust in the universe and his or her higher self, guides, angels and our Creator. This door is not for everyone at this time, as many of us have reached different stages of our development. Choosing love over fear is the key that will unlock this door for all.

  18. wait I am lost in this discussion... have not been following for a few days...loaned my PC to someone..who lied and lied about what?

  19. Hi Greg,

    I am glad you still keep us update. I have a question for you. Did you ask your higher self about the ascension? If some members of GFL keep telling us the untruth, how can we trust them again about the denial of the ascension? Is that possible that at the final stage someone, even from inside of GFL try to confuse us? GFL is huge and I remember last time your high self asked you to discern by yourself. Do you still have contact with your high self?

    Many blessing

  20. Dear Greg
    I feel you right now need a good friend.
    Here is my email if you want to talk:

    As it comes to ascension i believe it is happening. The energies are increasing and i was clearing last month stuff i do not need. Also my family was clearing as i observed.
    I am suddenly more intuitive picking up people before they say something.
    Also there is feel of more peace and love around.

    As i see you Greg, your heart is always open for others and your motive is to help and share.
    Lets forget for a moment about star beings and lets focus on us down here.

    Chew on this for a moment:


    (from book conversations with god by N.D. Walsh)

    And do not forget your creative powers and create the life for yourself as your heart desire.



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  22. I am greatly encouraged by your reading of the New Testament. This is fantastic! Jesus is the True Light, He outshines all other "gods". No other god has come to Earth to die for all people.

    As you continue to read this Guidebook to the Supernatural, I will be curious to see if you find anything about the Christian's "ascension", known as the Rapture. We believe there will come a time very soon, that those who love Jesus, will simply disappear. (I believe the ETs refer to this as the "big event".)You will find as you read that these people are not destined for God's wrath, as the rest of Earth is because they have decided not to follow His Son. So we will simply change and be gone from this Earth. This will include all children, born or unborn. So if suddenly millions of people disappear, you will have seen that indeed this New Testament is the only True Book. Do not let the ETs discourage you from continued reading. Stand firm!

  23. I have done regressions on and with different people. I can say that these folks did have past lives even some went into future lives.
    The information that comes thru is for the person's higher good to help them in this life sort out all the previous lives and what they need to learn to HELP them in this life also.
    May times it is very simple...i.e. Take chances, love hurts, move on, live life. All very simple but means hugely to them. They understand and it helps them greatly.
    Many times things are very funny and other times very sad...they experience the loss of a loved one, or something as simple as ; a little child in china chasing chickens for fun or a person that is white in this life that is a Hawaiian on an island that has never seen a blonde, blue eyed person. It is the coolest medium I have ever used. But then you call forward the higher consciousness and ask them why they were taken to that life time...what was it they are to learn...and as I say it is simple things... to love one another...and the previous thoughts I stated. It is all JUST EXPERIENCE, the good the bad and the ugly. Brian Weiss has a great book "Many Lives , Many Masters and also Dolores Cannon's series "The Convoluted Universe" are great books to start with if you at all interested in multiple dimensions or past lives...
    Glad to see YOUR back Greg...life you've got to love it.
    P.S. I have been told anything issues on the left side of your body are from previous lives and issues on the right are from this life time.

  24. Greg, thank you for sharing. When it comes to our brother Jesus/ Jeshua I live by one of his mottos' "I am in this world, but not of it." I believe It was precisely the illusions that he spoke of. I have integrated the good, the bad and the ugly in my life because eventually what matters is how I choose to live.

    It doesn't mean that once I experienced transformation and awakening from my illusions that life got easier, on the contrary, it simply means that I became more open to experience everything in life. This is quite liberating. I cry, laugh, and feel it all, but it is not drama, it is compassion, and it is joy. You get to see the illusions for what they are, ILLUSIONS. One becomes more authentic, more loving and caring, and in that instance you see your fellow brothers and sisters as One and not separate.


  25. Funny you write about ascension today - the day i spent the whole day shopping for my new garden...i haven't had a real home since i was 14 but in just a couple of weeks i'll be moving in my own home in front of lakes, trees, dirt paths,well, my dream home n felt like the luckiest girl in da world n thought ''jeez, i dont need to ascend anymore, i've made it to where my life's perfect almost!" But then i started wishing that all my friends could come n live with me 24/7 n life would permanently be one big bubble of happiness, so yes, i'm still voting for ascension to take place so that all my friends can get to come n live in my house with me !!!

  26. i'm wishing for endless tea parties soon n the other kind of parties too ;-)

  27. What the heck .why say one thing and another so much now it has me confused and all over the place. This isnt making sense to me. Before it did when supposly you were writing the GFOL messages that you were receiving. And then you say they lied to us to test us or something like that. And then before you said it was the cabal.so all these gifts. New projects homes and blah blah blah. That i wish to see come true is all lies by them. Wait a minute if they existed .which i believe because ive experienced things i feel it might be related to them are all fake?. So heres a question why are they here?. Since your calling them that they said 99 percetn what was told through you written for us to read is a lie? To test us? Hearing this doesnt make me want to beleve in anything now because its to confusingm never a freaking straight answer. I kept all my faith and will continue forever. But how would i know?you see i always wanted to see our GFOL family come to us reuinte. What happened? Now they abadonded us? Because we must learn on our own? Why do i feel you dont know who they are now? So good news december 21 world continues normarlly? Isnt that boring? If its the truth well i dont have a problem with it. No suffering no pain. No changes. But that wouldnt make sense. What chanes will happen? Earth? Society viewpoints in belief? Are we going be free will the illumanti or secret societes be realvealed and be arrested for their crimes? What are you talking about why sway like this Greg? Did you question and have doubt? Did you truely find the truth of all of this.not al but alot? Why is it the messages vary to different now from a statemenbt from the GFOl to yours? I feel like what you been saying nothing now will be knowingly specialed happen in this world by 21st. This bothers me.

  28. Hello! You know I was just thinking these same thoughts about ascension earlier today. I also pulled a one card tarot reading to further validate my feelings. It was a 7 of wands, "Stand your ground." Meaning stick to your convictions, and that there are challenges, competition and tests up ahead. Even though I am only 25yrs old, I can definitely say that if there is one thing that I have learned in life that is very important to me, would be to always listen to my higher self, or my Master Guide. I understand that you are trying to get the message out, and I greatly appreciate that. You are a good teacher, Greg. Thank you for reading. To close, I'd like to share a favorite quote of mine: "When I have listened to my mistakes, I have learned." -Bruce Lee

  29. Hey Greg,

    I agree with you on some things here and you are right that no one believes what they are told they can’t it isn’t a belief until the neronet in the brain is rewired and the way it works is we get info or a “Seed” and then the universe or life will give us an experience and then we will have an “AHA” moment and then the neronet will rewire and now we have a new belief. The dendrites in the brain will literally reconnect in different places after the aha moment.

    Your path is starting out a lot like mine did many years ago I to started reading tons of books. I started with self help books to how the brain and its chemistry works to different religions and their miraculous healings to quantum mechanics and then I got to a point where what I wanted to know wasn’t going to come from any human so then I needed to get info from the spirit or nonphysical realms. It has been a long long road but well worth it all, I am not even close to the same person anymore. I see the path but there is no way I can get anyone to travel it all I can do is leave the bread crumbs on the trail.

    We can rewire our brains by choice once we know how and that is how ascension is gained. There is an advantage to taking your physical body with you because you can’t experience the 3D realm without a 3D body so once you ascend if you ever want to help someone or do anything on this plain you will need a body that vibrates at the 3D frequency. Yes you can do your growth on the other side (so to speak) but it is a lot faster to do your growth here and then move on. Know that this is very basic and it is a lot more complicated than this. It isn’t something that can be taught with words it has to be learned by doing and there are places that people can go to learn the art.

    Enlightenment is said to be the hardest thing we will ever do as humans. That is what Jesus was teaching he didn’t want to be worshiped he wanted people to ascend as he did.
    Jesus’ message was to do as he did but humans looked at what he did as impossible for themselves and so it is human nature to worship what they don’t understand. Now that should get a few people hopping and that isn’t my intent what I say is the truth and you can all ask your higher selves or any higher being about what I just said. Remember this is my truth and now it is your “seed” I just cracked open the door for a few of you that have the eyes to see and the ears to hear.


  30. Look guys with ascension do you think that maybe we will just become multidimensional beings and have an awareness and a body on multiple different realms. Look it says in the bible that the ones who will go up in rapture will walk the earth as kings and queens along with Jesus and teach. (that is the jest of it anyway). So just maybe we will become multidimensional being because if you put the puzzle pieces together for a bunch of different sources that is how it looks to me. It doesn’t make sense to me that us lightworkers will just leave when we are here to help but I do think when we ascend or become multidimensional beings that we will no longer be influenced by evil or negative anymore.

  31. From what I understand there is a threshold that has to be reached for everything to go smoothly and that is 55,000,000 awake, but there is going to be a number of those that will have to go before Gaia to pull her through. Those are just a few more puzzle pieces that has taken me time to come up with but this is just an idea remember that the collective consciousness creates reality and that is always changing but we can still guide our personal reality.

  32. "Before enlightenment, chop wood. carry water.
    "After enlightenment, chop wood carry water".

  33. if someone lied and lied and lied and lied, then suddenly told the truth, would you believe them?

  34. Perhaps the ascension is a mass physical death event. We will soon see.

  35. so now its all fake right? if it was all fake then why is there many bankers already arrested for fraud and all that?? it happened just like ur gfl messages said. and also china just started its own currency made of gold! just like the gfl said. and i do believe that there are aliens here who are angels that came to help us. ive seen there ships with my own eyes. and also the mayan calender says that in 2012 in december 21 there will be a golden age. this is the golden age that the gfl has been mentioning. so enough with the lies u r not fooling me one bit. and i hope everyone else can see it too. and if u really are greg then why dont u make a video and show us all that it is u? thats all...

  36. Thank You Greg for your message today. I believe My Galactic Family. They are a very loving. Can you please let me know if Disclosure will happen soon? Love to you Greg and my loving Galactic Families in the skies and inner earth.


  37. Dear Greg, Thank you for this message.

    Love & Light

  38. Dear anonymous, Yes, I would.
    truth can never be denied.

  39. Greg, I feel you may have been channeling what is referred to as hungry ghosts. The term hungry ghost is a negative entity found in the astral plane claiming to be something it is not. The 'hungry ghosts' said they were from the GFL but I feel they were not. I feel you are a good person and I wish you well. This is simply my intuition speaking. Now you are simply speaking from your heart. I send you beautiful blessings.

  40. Well Dear brother Greg. all i can say is i am waiting for the end all of these illusions and after that i will see what was going on.

  41. I really like this message today, Greg. I feel that it truly does come from your heart and soul. And you have a special gift with words. It's wonderful that you are sharing as you do.
    Thank you.

  42. I liked this message Greg.
    Greg, if you are interested in more books...
    there are some great books about other dimensions which were channelled in the early 1900s. There were a number of them, but the ones I am singling out are a trilogy, channelled by Robert James Lees. The first one is called "Through The Mists", then "The Life Elysian", and finally "The Gates of Heaven".

    I think you will thoroughly enjoy these, as I did, based on your latest post.

    You can find them on this website:
    then choose the Downloads link on the left hand side, then documents, then scroll almost to midway down the page to the links to the three RJ Lees books.

  43. Greg, the things that your claiming in this message that your saying that GFL has said all originated from the two really dark messages that you posted and took down just recently. These things were never stated in the rest of the previous messages that you have channeled before these. These things that your speaking of were only said in those two really bad messages. Have you considered that perhaps those two or so recent dark messages weren't really from GFL and that they were from dark forces like per-say a haarp-like source claiming that they were GFL?? Because that makes soo much more sense when you stop and think about it.. Seriously I think you're messages have been hacked more recently than what your thinking and your getting confused by how good the disinfo was in those more resent dark messages. Please consider what I am telling you and please take a closer look at what Im saying as I am one who very carefully reads all of your messages.

    Thank You

  44. "A Thousand Monks...a thousand Paths."

  45. If anyone thought awakening/ascension/enlightenment wasn't your job, you are making the same mistake as you did with religion(s). You just moved from one misunderstanding to the other. Take ownership and do it yourself. Stop waiting for a saviour. That saviour wanted to teach you how to do it yourself, not do it for you. REMEMBER..Awakening is not about self improvement. It is about finding your true self. Stop giving someone else the control by placing your dependency. They can't do it for you in first place and most they can do is to take advantage of you. Throw that mentality away. Be in control of yourself. Be your own master. Be the captain of your own ship. Better yourself and be the best you can be. Learn that boundary you are in is what you created and get out of it. There is no boundary. Get out and Be what you meant be.


  46. I must say this whole confusion about what to believe has left me quite shaken up.

    Greg and GFL, we need some straight answers now.

  47. Interesting message that brings out many truths Greg. I tend to agree with Glenn Oscars response today.

    I am taught that the whole purpose of these incarnations is to learn to "be in the world but not of it". Which means recognize that we are the creators of this journey and that we are learning to "crucify" this personality so that it becomes a perfect instrument to express our Higher Self even on the 3D plane.

  48. Wow Greg, sounds great that you have risen above illusions. I take my head of to you. I hope I too will one day find a way to follow your example.

  49. Greg, I am thinking now what possible illusions you have beaten. I am guessing it has to do with being one with all, feeling in your heart that we are not separate but indeed connected. That everything you experience is you. I say this because you ended your later messages with I love you, all of you. I find this very intriguing.

  50. Hey, Greg! Is your brother still alive? If so tell him to call me or something. Sheesshhhh!

  51. Greg,

    Do you really think that these messages were coming from the (real) GFL? Do you really think that the two deleted messages were coming from the same source as the previous ones?
    Will you continue to share the further parts of your book?

  52. Dear Greg,
    thank you very much!
    I was in depth reflexion all the day about your message, and I find it's very interesting.

    We are living in illusion and time is an illusion. Ok. I don't now how old are you Greg, but I agree time is faster and faster!
    When you say that we can ascend after our death, ok but, why should we wait so longer? Maybe some people need many lives in 3D (or in others dimensions), or 30, 50,70 years? Maybe some people are quickly?

    For me, and it's just my reflexion, I don't think time is important for our ascension but the experience that we are acquire in our lifetime is most important. We are here to learn and acquire experience.

    And when we are in a new incarnation, are we keeping all our "older" experience"?

    About physical ascension, I can see many changes in my physical body: my shape of skull, my visage, colors of my skin/hair/eyes, important lost of weight (and i'm not large!), and since august i'm grow up!! (2,5 cm and I'm 28 years old). It's really funny!
    I don't know the final result, but our physical vessel is in illusion.

    If all is illusion except Love, Unconditional Love, our heart is the key and the door.

    I send you much Light and Love from France,
    Thank you very much!


  53. Hello everyone, I did not remove any messages from the GFL. The only articles I removed were my own personal commentaries, and the reason I removed them was I had reached a different understanding after I had posted them.

  54. Dear Greg, I agree with you about the tarot, I agree with you on everything...and perhaps I have not interpreted you correctly, but to my knowledge Jesus said 'these things you can do and greater'
    With some of my experiences, I have an absolute belief that we can all ascend to higher realms without dying. I think that is the eventual destiny of us all, the evolutionary path we are all on, be it the long or short route. Jesus became a Master, then a Christ, and said we all have that power within us...if only we can open our minds to the possibility and begin (at least to wonder in it).
    PS.I enjoy your blog very much :-) xxx


  55. If this WAS all just a lesson for us to learn, it was quite an elaborate one.....I mean, sheesh! A year and a half to set the stage for this "lesson"? lol

    I do believe everything happens for a reason, and I did learn a lesson from all this, but I just can't help but wonder if there is another punchline coming or if that was the end of the joke.

    Thanks for sharing your points of view, for I'm kind of right there with you on a lot of this.

    Glad you're doing well :-)

  56. Greg you were messed with by lower astral beings posing as GFOL and ascended masters. Its well known that this happens to people and one of the reason they do it is to rob people of their hope with fasle predictions.

    Do not allow yourself to fall into the trap of thinking the GFL are false and spreading your confusion. Thats exactly what the negative entities want.

    Do not be deceived Greg...

  57. Greg thats not true! You removed the two messages that were channeled from a source that claimed to be GFL. These messages were the first 2 messages that came after the 3 days of your absence. How can you say that those were not channeled when they were specifically worded like they were and they even said that this was GFL?????????????????????????????????????

  58. Greg,
    I think the reason why the GFL denies all of these is to make us learn to discern for ourselves. You know, for us to tell right from wrong. There is such abundant evidence that I've cross-referenced on the Internet. And I still believe these. It's just my viewpoint though. And I honestly respect Yours, I always do.
    Peace, Love, and Light

  59. BelovedGregAspectofMySelf:

    We are One.

    The apparent death was death of the illusion/ego in some forms. You are lifting to another octave so to speak. Congratulations are in order, for you have passed through a fire and re-emerged. This is but one "doorway" of our inner progression.

    We of the One whom are intentionally growing are constantly "ascending" towards more and more full manifestations of the Source. Ascending in the public sense of the term's use, lately, has come to represent -of course- the lift to the 5th Dimensional State of Awareness.

    You have been in my heart these last few weeks, and still are ;-) It is a very nice place to be, for healing and re-charge; a quiet "office" of - can you recall the color? ;-)

    All is Well! I am so happy to see your postings so resonant with yourSelf in Light of recent adjustments~*~*

    I have barely begun to share how much insight, presents, pr*essence has been LIT up from connecting with your sight/site. But we readers must focus on the Uppermost of all messages, and soar above the clouds of drama. And so we are ;) ~!*~*

    More soon, I have much to share with you on the TWIN dynamics. <3 <3 <3

    Thank you for All you Are and All you have shared. So much gratitude!

    You are infinitely loved.

    ~Deedee Infinidee