'The Reports of my Death are Greatly Exaggerated'


“The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” Mark Twain sent those words in a cable message to the American press after his premature obituary was mistakenly published. I cannot top that one, though I can honestly say, the reports of my ascension have been greatly exaggerated. There are a few channels, and we will tread lightly around that term for now as yes, they may indeed be receiving information from somewhere else, but how truthful or accurate that information is would be quite difficult for any of us to ascertain, would it not? So these ‘receivers of information’ erroneous or not, have reported that I have indeed experienced ascension, which would account for my temporary disappearance from this scene, what I shall refer to as a ‘spiritual cocktail with an extraterrestrial chaser.’

So have I indeed ascended? We’ll, we must first closely examine in review what we all can agree is ascension anyway. Most of us are in agreement that ascension would entail the rising or freeing of a being from their current reality. Can we agree on that? Many of us also are in agreement that our current reality is a mere illusion, can we agree on that as well? I certainly believe it is an illusion, and I feel many of you would agree also. So therefore we, at least most of us that is, can agree that ascension would entail the freeing of a being from the confines of their illusion.

Now that we have agreed to some ground rules here, let us talk about where it is I speak to you all from today. Yes, I have freed myself from, or have risen above, the confines of my illusion. I have not though left you, my friends, and I have not left my family or the home that I share with my brother and our faithful companion Rico. I am still here with you. I have not left anywhere physically. Is this the ascension that awaits us all? Well, this is up to all of you to figure out for yourselves. I can only share with you my experience and even lead by example, and the example that I am leading by is that I have experienced something that virtually all of you reading these words will experience, if you have not already, in the days ahead.

How soon will you experience what I have experienced? Well, just like we have been told all along by the Galactic Federation of Light, and yes, you could take just about 99% of what they said and toss it right out the window as most of it was not nearly the truth. It’s an important lesson to remember that a lie always takes two, does it not? A lie takes the speaker and it takes the listener, and we all listened. Yes, I do feel they believe they needed to lie to teach what they wanted to teach or lead where they wanted us to follow, but like I have made clear, I do not support such teaching methods and this is my biggest disagreement with them, although there exists another area where we certainly do not see eye to eye.   

Well, I say to you today as your friend, and yes, you can trust me, that I think the recent events of what I've gone through and some of those recent messages shared through me have demonstrated to many that I do speak from the heart. All along I was simply doing what I felt was right, and I shared with you the words that were shared through me. I also wrote some of my own articles and some of you have read a couple of those in the past few days and you saw that I was being completely honest again, and it was never my intention to prove anything to anyone, but I think many see now that I swallowed my pride, I released all ego and I spoke from the heart. You can all know that I will speak from the heart for now on as I have always done. So here I speak from the heart when I say that it is indeed up to each and every one of us as individuals whether we wish to ascend or not.

For me, and again when one says ‘for me’ followed by a comma, it means ‘it is my understanding’ or ‘it is just my opinion’, that is what that means, so for me, I do not believe there will be any planetary ascension. There will be no mass ascension of humanity either, no. It is up to each and every one of us to experience ascension individually, and I also believe our ascensions will be simply consciousness based, not physical at all, at least at this time. I am telling you all right now today that every single one of you reading these words right now can ascend within the next 5 min. You may say ‘Well, you didn't leave to go anywhere, so what are you talking about Greg?’. What I'm talking about is rising above the illusion. You need to figure out for yourself what the illusion is and rise above it. So let us talk more about this illusion or what is the illusion to me, for we all have our own unique perspectives, do we not, and I do honor and respect everyone else's perspective and that is one of the many lessons I have learned along this ‘ascension path’, let us refer to it as.

I cannot tell you exactly what my illusion was that I have risen above. Actually, that's not accurate to say. I can tell you, but I won't tell you, for it is not fair to you. You will not have risen above the illusion just because you took my word for it. You would just been listening to me, and believe me when I say, no matter who would have told me what this illusion was for me all this time, I would not have listened. I would not have listened to one word of it until I saw the solution for myself, and I finally did.

I wish to also make it clear that in no way do I believe that I am through with my ascensions. Notice I used a plural there. I did this because I believe I have certainly not climbed out of each and every illusion that encases our reality, no. I do not believe that at all. I believe there are many more illusions, but having risen above this most recent one, I certainly feel I am now prepared to spot other illusions and I tell you right now I will be rising above those two soon. When I do rise above all of these illusions there just maybe be a physical ascension as the prize.

I do believe in physical ascension mind you, and I am not the only one. There was a very wise man that also believed in ascension and he taught many this subject and he instructed those he taught to keep teaching and spread the word about this to anyone who was ready for these understandings but not to everyone, as there would be many who would not be ready to receive this kind of information. This man's name was Jesus, and his teachings about ascension can be studied in the New Testament of the Holy Bible.  

So, I do believe I have experienced ascension, though I didn't go anywhere and I still live in this bad neighborhood and my life has not changed at all except that I now live above the illusion, well, at least one of my previous illusions. This may come as saddening or disappointing news to many of you, so I immediately did what I could do to soften your blow, and I am not softening your blow with inflated fairytales or more lies, no, although it's up to each and every one of you if you wish to even have another look through the pages of the New Testament that are probably right there in your home right now. I know that I have not been able to stop reading the New Testament since I finally opened up the pages of this book.

In closing today I would like to say that I do believe that all of us will experience ascension here and I do not mean the ascension above the illusion either. I mean I feel each and every one of us upon our physical death will ascend to a paradise. Now I ask you, if you have an eternity to experience life within the higher realms of this universe and you had to wait a few more years and you had to leave here through the death experience, is that so bad? Life goes by pretty fast doesn't it? If you are much younger than I then take my word for it, the years begin to speed by faster and faster as you get older. So don't worry, physical ascension will come soon enough for all of us, but I also believe that ascension will not come  to those who have not learned or completed all their lessons, which brings us back to what we are all experiencing at this time and how important this all is to us, individually and as a collective.   

In the past couple of weeks you were told a lot of things that you really do not believe do you? You were told that Tarot cards are actually meaningless, but if you do not believe this about Tarot, then don't believe it. Stick to your guns. I, as well as my brother, use Tarot cards frequently and they have never, and I mean never, misled us. So I don't care who is telling me that they are not ‘real’, for they are more real to me than anything I have heard from any extraterrestrials as of late.

You were also told that many of our spiritual books, which may include books where patients were put under hypnotic regression where they recalled past lives and their one life they live forever, were also not factual.  Do you believe this? Do you really resonate with this? Well, I tell you that my brother and I are constructing a library in this house and it just may be the first room in this whole house with furniture, but nonetheless, we certainly have enough books already to at least get started on this project and many of these books deal with just this subject, where individuals from all walks of life, under hypnotic regression, recite remarkably similar stories about what life is like beyond our current reality, or illusion.

I will begin to share these accounts taken from all these different books on my blog for you and you can decide for yourself if these stories ring true to you. These accounts are from hundreds of different people who have never before met and who tell stories so remarkably similar, the odds would be billions to one of this occurrence or this would have to be the greatest mass conspiracy of our age if there were no truth to all of this.

We have also been told recently by the GFL that there is no such thing as multiple dimensions, but they did qualify that and say that they have looked for them, but have not been able to find them. I do believe that they may have indeed looked for them, but I do not believe they are looking in the right places or and I also believe that they are not using the right tools, as you cannot find higher dimensions with a compass, night goggles and a pickax, no. You can only discover the higher dimensions through the heart and only after the heart is opened completely through love, and maybe that's our last obstacle before ascension.

There is also a wealth of evidence of other dimensional life and I will share that with you here as well in future articles, and I feel many of you will find this information very interesting and may also take great comfort in discerning for yourselves whether life exists in higher dimensions.

So, although there may be no ‘physical’ ascensions awaiting us in December of 2012, remain ever faithful, as there just may come a day when all of us will be swept up and carried away to a beautiful and peaceful realm within the higher dimensions of this universe.      

That's all for now my friends. Peace, love and light to you all. Greg