Still Shining! Update to the Mysterious Events of the Past Few Days 10/1/12

Hello everyone, I just received a 'telepathic' message this morning and was told that my 'phone lines', and I am presenting metaphor here as I do not use an actual phone to channel messages', was hacked and I had received the last couple of messages from, well, I'll let you guess who was sending me these last couple of negative messages. It was not the GFL or the Ashtar Command, to give you a hint in the right direction. I am a little uncertain about all of this at this time, and I will write a longer and more detailed explanation later on today for you, for it is early here and I just wanted to get this message out to those who have been following the messages shared through me and have sent me their love and support over the last few days. Keep the faith everyone, just like all of you did when no one, and I mean not one single light filled person wavered in their beliefs after reading the last couple of messages I posted. Good for you everyone! We have been learning to hold fast to our convictions and you all did. Great job! You should all be very proud of yourselves. I also wish to thank everyone for your kind words and all the love and light you have sent my way over the past few days. I love you all too. Keep shining that light!