Is the Galactic Federation of Light Evil?


I was asked this morning by those who I have formally shared messages for if I would speak with you all  today and clear up a certain point. I agreed, as I do see there is a little confusion circulating at this time. There are many at this time who somehow believe that because I will no longer share the messages that were being sent to me, that I believe the Galactic Federation of Light is an evil or dark organization. I have even received e-mails and personal messages from those who are saying “I I told you so.” I cannot tell you how inaccurate this is, as this is not my position at all. So let me make myself perfectly clear for everyone right now. Do I believe the GFL is evil? Absolutely, unequivocally, no. I do not believe that those who had formerly shared their messages through me are evil, or bad, or dark or wish any of us harm or ill intent. The only reason I will no longer act as a channel, or what I refer to as a typist of these messages, is that I do not agree completely with some of the teaching methods this organization employs. That’s it. I also see this as a mere matter of differing opinion, nothing more and nothing less.

Now I would like to clear up something else. All I can tell you is that there is at least one being who has been sharing their messages to me and through me to you. I cannot even be sure now if there ever was more than one source of these messages, however, I do feel it likely and even very probable there were in fact many who were writing these messages and sharing them to you through me. I just can’t say for certain, that’s all.

Do I believe the name of this organization is the Galactic Federation of Light? Actually, I do not, though it’s certainly possible. I do not really have any idea what they call themselves and I ask all of you today, does it really matter? What's the difference what they call themselves, do you agree? So, as many of you have noticed, I no longer refer to them as the GFL and I no longer refer to the name Ashtar Command, for I cannot know for sure if these two organizations even exist, at least organizations that go by these specific names, though they certainly may. All I can tell you for sure is that someone somewhere has been sharing messages to me and I shared them with you, and they still are communicating with me. As all of you now understand, I am no longer interested in being a ‘channel’ of these messages, which leads us to something else I find relevant.

Whoever is the source of these messages being sent to me does not take no for an answer. Let me explain. I have told them countless times now that they have absolutely no right or permission by me to begin speaking to me, either telepathically or through the use of radio waves or however it is they manage do this and no matter what they wish to discuss with me. Just so you know what I'm talking about, last night alone I woke up while receiving more communications from them three or four different times. They also began speaking to me when I first woke up this morning. That's four or five times in one night and at least a week or more after I first told them, and I have told them on far more occasions than once, that they have absolutely no right to begin to speak with me and I do not wish to hear one more word they have to say. Do you think that this would be enough for them? Well it is not. Now you can say, well, then they are dark or evil, but I say no. I just see them as a little rude and a bit pushy and also kind of busybodies who cannot take a hint. That’s all. Nothing sinister.

They think they can get through to me and perhaps help me stay clear of future, what they see as, unwise decisions, but that’s just impossible and they need to understand this and leave me to make my own choices completely by myself. So what is it they want? They do wish to help me in some way, but I will not share my personal life with you all and I am sure you do not want to hear it. They simply feel that now that I am not going to work with them and channel their messages that I may fall back on old patterns. I simply feel I need no one’s assistance in my life in any way. So again, this does not make them evil. I wish to make it clear, their motivations seem to be nothing else other than they wish to assist me and assist others. So you see why I certainly feel they are not evil or dark in anyway?    

I tell you this as I feel there will be others who are contacted, yes. This is my personal belief, though I wish to point out, I have received no information that this is their intention. So, what are their intentions anyway? Well, it seems they wish to help others, whether it be to help others rise above drug addiction or even other personal issues. While I do believe they wish to help people, I do not agree with the manner in which they undertake this endeavor, at least in whole or entirety. In other words, I do not agree with their ‘business practices’ let's say, though it is only my business when it concerns me, isn't it? It's not my concern or my business how they interact with any of you, my dear friends, and again, I wish to remind you all I do feel they only wish to make this world a better place for everyone.  

Sooner or later they're going to move on from me and I look forward to this day and I will let you all know if and when this happens, but keep in mind, I don't think this will happen anytime soon. Whoever the source of these communications, they are certainly persistent, I will say that. This does not mean they are evil or dark of course, no. Remember also, there are many subtle shades of gray too, and no, I do not believe for one second that these individuals are gray aliens. I wish to make that perfectly clear.

So who are they then? Well, I certainly can’t be sure, and I also feel it’s up to all of us individually anyway to discern this for ourselves, if this matters to you. How could any of us learn this for certain anyway? They are not exactly forthcoming with this information, and even if they were, it probably would not be the real story anyway, so I give up on trying to figure that one out. It really doesn't matter though to me. Does it matter to you? Why would it matter where they come from or what they call themselves?

I have always felt a man is defined by his actions. So how do we define the actions of this organization? Well, I define this organization or alliance as those who wish to help the people of this planet, and therefore help this entire world become a better place. This I do believe, and I am very glad to know this and it does fill me with a measure of hope and considerably more confidence than I have had for our world and our future, though I also have misgivings, as who can know for sure that we will all be in agreement with our direction down the road? If they truly will honor the ‘one law’ that they have spoken about, which is that no one shall have the right to violate the rights of another in any way, then I would certainly be much more comfortable with all of this.

You are free to come to your own conclusions, of course. One thing is for sure, I am just as curious and interested to see where all this is leading and just what kind of twists and turns it may all take in the days ahead and even in the distant future, for I see this whole thing unfolding over a considerably long period of time. Hold on to those ticket stubs friends, this show is not nearly over, and really has only just begun.  

I do hold respect for whoever this organization is or these organizations are. I simply do not agree completely with how they do some things and I have discussed this with them too, and they were kind enough to offer me their perspectives. They take a contrary position, and they have also made a few interesting points to me in recent private conversations. I have come to some different opinions about some of these areas I had previously questioned. I don't see us ever seeing eye to eye on everything, and what's the difference? I honor and respect their rights of free will and choice, the only problem I see here is that they are not completely honoring mine.

You are sovereign beings and it is not my business how you feel about all this or what you may choose for yourselves in the future, which may include whether you will be receiving any of these communications personally or whether you choose to continue to follow the words of another who receives these communications, and I do wish you all to know that I honor and respect each and every choice you will make and I will not try to convince you or persuade any of you to alter your course in any way. Everyone has the opportunity to learn a great deal from all of this. I certainly have. It’s all up to you what you choose to do with all this information and this opportunity to learn and to grow.   

Greg Giles