Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 9/23/12 ‘The Harvest’

Picture if you will in your minds the most perfect and unimaginably beautiful place to live that you possibly can, and picture yourselves living in this new breathtaking wonderland and picture your friends and your family and animals and birds and trees and lakes and rivers and a sparkling clean ocean that you can swim in, that you can sail on, and picture all these things coming to you now. This is what we wish for you to do today dear ones, for we wish for more of you to begin to consciously create your new surroundings, for soon you will see these walls being built around you, so to speak.

Soon, construction of your new world will be made known to you. You will see what it is you have been building through your thoughts and your dreams and your hopes and your inspiration. Whatever it is that drives you, whatever it is that motivates you will be yours. This is how it is all unfolding for you, and we wish to see more of you taking part in your new Earth's construction. We see many of you posting beautiful photographs and we say to you this is a very good way to start, but we wish for more of you to do even more. We wish for more of you to take the reins, as you say, and begin to airbrush your world around you. To do this, you simply imagine in your mind just what it is you wish for yourselves and this includes what it is you wish to do for a career, what it is you will do for hobbies and fun, and what it is you will do for pleasures and excitement and also what it is that you do for others.

Yes. This is a very important and necessary component to your new world, what it is you do in service to others, for this is the foundation. These are the roots of the tree of your new home. You are going to all learn how to be of service to others on a full-time basis. You are going to learn the importance of selfless service to individuals who are not you and who are not your family and who are, in many cases, not your friends or even your next-door neighbors. You are going to learn to grace other people's lives, people you may know as strangers, people you may see walking on the street or shopping at the market. People who you do not know, but you do know somehow, someway, for they are your planet mates, they are your brothers and sisters even if you do not know them by name.

We wish for you to picture this, for this is going to be a part of your reality, and as a part of your new reality it must be created, does it not? It does, and you need to begin to create this now for it to be able to manifest in the not too distant future. So we ask those of you now who are attempting to consciously create their new world through the posting of photographs and beautifully uplifting and inspirational content to begin to envision in your minds what it is you will be doing for others in your new world. So what is it you can be doing? Well, we say to you that you certainly can be helping them in many different ways. To name a few, we would say that you can be helping them in the construction of their new home that they are going to live in upon the christening of their new world.

By their new home, we mean their actual living residences and not your new Earth, which we often refer to as your new home metaphorically. Today we are speaking of actual living residences, though, they may now differ quite a lot from the housing constructions you have become so accustomed. Your new world will be rather different in many different ways, and let us speak today a little bit about this as we feel many of you are quite interested in this and would like to know more about just where it is you are to be living.

We say to you that you will be living in homes that are constructed through our means of superior technology. These homes will be beautiful, let us start right off the bat, as you say, and tell you that. They will be gorgeous. They will be breathtaking. They will be heads and shoulders above the living spaces that many of you live in today. How so, you may ask? This is a very fair question, for after all, this will be your home for perhaps the rest of your experience here, though we remind you, this is not your permanent home, no, not at all. As we have explained to you, most of you, and that is mathematically most of the eight billion or so people who live on your planet, will be returning to their planets of origin, or returning back to their careers with one of the galactic commands that are here right now in space and sky. We are here, as well as you are here, as visitors and visitors only.

Do not get too accustomed to your new homes and even your new lives, for they are going to change almost as soon as you begin to become accustomed to them, almost as soon as you begin to learn how to use some of their functions properly. We say to you we not wish for you to feel disappointed at all because of this rather hasty departure, no. Think of it instead as a short summer vacation for you, a vacation away from the lives of drudgery and toil and possibly discomfort and even homelessness that you may know today. Think of it as a respite before your journey continues, and continue it will, and your journey will take you to places that are also beautiful, for many of you will be journeying on into the higher dimensions of this universe, yes, and we feel many of you are already feeling the excitement and the anticipation of this grand achievement and event.

We say to you, it will be soon now that many of you begin to grace our doorway and step in to your new lives within the higher realms of this universe. This is one of the more important reasons we are here. We are here to assist you make this transition, and by this transition we do not only mean your ascensions into the higher realms, for many of you are not ‘scheduled’, if you will, to experience ascension at this time or any time in the foreseeable future, no. Many of you are simply going to experience a transition in your lives and we are also here for that purpose too. So your first transitions that you may consider a remarkable change for you will be your move into a brand new home, designed and built by us, by our architects and our builders. Yes.

You will be in very capable hands here, as we have been building homes for beings throughout this entire universe for millions of years. What do you think about that? Do you think our resume is convincing? Do you have confidence in us that we can design for you and build for you a beautiful new home that you will simply love? We wish for you to show us this through your comments today.  Demonstrate your faith in us. Leave us a comment today and let us know that you have faith in our building capabilities. We say to you, your faith in us will not be misplaced, for we take great pride in all areas of our work, and those that are committed to the design, the form, the function and the construction of new homes for beings throughout this universe also take great pride in what they do and we will tell you they are very talented at their art.

Yes, and this should make many of you very happy and soon you will see just what it is they can accomplish working together, as long as you have faith in their work, for faith and confidence is such an important aspect of your new and ever evolving world. Faith and confidence go hand-in-hand, so we shall just call it for today faith, for it is such a beautiful word, is it not? So many of you have shown such faith throughout all of your journeys. You have shown faith in the face of tragedy. You have shown faith in the face of starvation. You have shown faith in the face of invading armies, yes, and you have even shown faith upon death. Yes. You believed throughout your entire journey that you would journey onward even after death. Why? Why did you believe this so strongly? Why did you believe the things that you may have only read in a book or were told by a preacher man? Why indeed?

This is the question that we pose to you today; why is it that so many of you believe the words that we share with you about what awaits you on your journey. Is it because you have some kind of proof of this, for we remind you, we have been very careful not to offer any of you any level of proof whatsoever, and this may explain to you why some of our messages have been rather mysterious, why some of you feel some of our messages may have been misleading, why some of you feel that some of our messages have not delivered, why some of you feel that there are aspects or components of our channels past that you may not find very agreeable or that you may not approve of.

Do you see where this is leading? For those of you who have strengthened your powers of intuition, you are beginning to get the picture. You are beginning to surmise that you have been tricked, if you will, you have been lured along the way for a very important reason. You have been tested, yes, and what was being tested? Was it your powers of observation? Was it your ability to compile logical and tangible evidence and base a decision upon that? No. You have been tested and it was your faith that has been tested, and through these tests it is your faith that has been strengthened, yes. It is your faith that is so important to you on your journey at this time and at all times moving forward now that we felt it was very important for all of you to begin to rely solely on your powers of your faith. Yes.

There you have today's secret being revealed to you. We purposely avoided presenting to you any forms on any level facts or provable evidence, for we felt that it was too easy for you if you were handed proof of anything, proof of our existence, proof of our benevolence, proof of our honorable intentions to assist you, proof that you are creating for yourselves a new world, proof that some of you will be ascending into the higher realms, proof that you will be offered so many life-changing gifts, proof that the members of your cabal will be arrested and your people will be freed, proof that everything and anything that we have said is true in any way. Yet, so many of you believe everything that we are sharing with you through our channel and our channels.

We say to those of you who have made this choice, who have made this commitment, who have found a way to trust mere words coming from a complete stranger on the Internet , for it is you, yes, it is you that will now reap the rewards of everything that you have earned through your powers of faith. Yes. There you have it. You have earned it and you have earned it through nothing but faith, for it was your faith that now opens this door for so many of you. Yes, this is what we have been doing all this time ever since the first message we have been sharing through our channels, ever since the first words we have shared through our channel Greg.

We have been molding you, strengthening you, building you, testing you, yes, and we have good news for you. You have passed this rigorous training program and now you are ready to implement your new powers of faith by bringing forth through this power of faith everything that you held in your heart as truth, simply due to your unshakable and unmovable and unstoppable belief and power of faith. Yes. Congratulations are certainly in order here, so we say to all of you congratulations, you have passed the test. You have completed your training program in this one so very important area. You now have demonstrated for the entire universe to see that, even though you have been shown nothing in the form of proof, in the form of evidence, and you have not been guaranteed anything, you somehow believed it all to be real, it all to be true and it all to be soon a reality for you and all of you.

This is what you have done, and for those of you who believed that others were suckers, as you call them, and they were stupid and foolish and blind to believe all this because they were offered no proof, it is you and you alone who did not pass this test. Yes. We are sorry to report this to you, but there are those among you who have, what you know as, 'failed' this test. They have not passed this part of their curriculum, no, and because of this they will naturally have to be tested again. They will have to undergo more training in the ways of faith, possibly somewhere else, removed from here, for it is not fair now that they now know the secrets or the answers to this test.

Do you see now? Do all of you who see now who have instigated so much trouble and strife and hostility throughout your online communities, blasting others and criticizing others and judging others because they were demonstrating what you could not, that they are demonstrating faith and you are demonstrating a lack of faith? You insisted on being handed proof on a silver platter, and we told you we would not do that for you, so instead of you finding a suitable solution, instead of relying on something that is already within you, you chose to lash out, to ridicule us, to mock us, to call us liars and thieves and conquerors and manipulators. Yes, this is what you chose to do instead of simply relying on something that grows so naturally within your heart and that is the tall and healthy and sundrenched stalks of faith.

Yes, faith grows like great and beautiful crops within your heart and we are the harvesters. Yes, this is who we are. We have come here to harvest the wheat that has grown so tall and now it is ready for this. Do you see now the error of your ways? Do you see now where the choice that you have made has led you? It has not led you to this harvest, for you have shown that you are not ready for the harvest. No. You need more growing, you need more seasoning, you need more sunlight, you need more rain and you need more care at the hands of an experienced farmhand. Yes, and we, your guides, are those farmhands and we, your guides, see you are not ready for harvest, so you will not be harvested, no.

We are presenting for you metaphor here, but to make it clear what we are saying, what we are saying is there are those of you who are now not ready for all of these things that we have discussed with you. Have we been clear now about this? We will even say there are those of you who have demonstrated that you are not ready for ascension. No. You have demonstrated that you are not ready for careers with our command or our brothers and sisters of the Ashtar Command, for they too are harvesters. Yes, and they too have been testing you. They have been tending to their fields of wheat and they too report through us today that there are those of you who have shown they are not ready for the great harvest that you may know of as ascension.

So when have you heard these metaphors before? In what book may you have read or even heard about through others posting phrases from this book that describes a harvest? We would like to find out how many of you are catching this drift, as you say, and you are relying now on another aspect of yourselves that has been purposely strengthened and tested by us throughout this recent period of your lives. How many of you can use your powers of intuition right now and try to devise where you may have heard the term ‘harvesting’ when it comes to beings and not necessarily where it refers to crops. This is what we ask you today, and we will leave this without revealing to you the answer, for we wish for you to talk amongst yourselves and possibly even share some passages, if you will, of these texts that may speak of a harvesting that will one day take place here on your Earth, and we ask you, when there were those of you who had possibly read these texts, were you offered proof at that time and did you find a way to believe and to trust what these texts may have said, or did you lash out at it and throw these texts out the window and curse in blasphemous rhetoric at the proposed writers of these words.

That is what we ask you today, and we are very interested in your responses, for your schooling, if you will, on the powers of faith and belief has not ended, no. The school bell has not rung and class has not been dismissed on the powers of faith and belief, we issue that bulletin to you as a clue for you to keep on your toes, as you say, for there will be more tests of your faith coming very shortly and we say to you this test will be extremely challenging for you, and we are so excited and eager to find how many of you choose to rely on your newfound powers of faith and how many of you choose an alternate course for yourselves and choose instead to continue to ridicule, to slam, to try to debunk, as you say, to scream liar and blasphemer and frauds and deceivers and manipulators and devils.

Yes. There will be those of you who call us some or even all of these things and many more things as well, for what we have to share with you in the coming days and not too far into the future now is something so incredible, something so enormous, something so unbelievable that will be so life changing for many of you, something that may be quite unbelievable for many of you to accept, but nonetheless, you are going to hear this from us for one reason only and that is because it's truth and each and every one of you deserves to learn the truth. The truth of who you are, the truth of your world, the truth of your universe and the truth about all of your brothers and sisters here, who they are and yes, who they were in your distant past. Yes, and that is the hint that we will leave for you today.

We wish to speak to those of you about your ancient history for a moment. Consider this a history lesson for those of you who missed a few days of class along the way, and this is okay, for your journey has been a very complex one with many different classes and lessons for you to learn, so we certainly expect you to miss a few here and there. So here we go with today's history lesson, history lesson number one for today. You are all great and powerful and very wise and experienced beings who have come here on what you may know as a holiday, what you may know as a vacation, what you can certainly describe as summer school, and this is a very appropriate term, summer school, for you are not here forever. In many cases, you are not here for a very long time, but you are certainly here to learn, but you are also here to play, and is not summer the season of play?

We see it as that from our perspective and we feel many of you would be agreeable to this metaphor, so we will say that you are here to learn, you are here to play, and you are only here for a short time, so we would say the metaphor of summer school is quite appropriate and rather charming, so we will go with that. So here you are at summer school and it is now fall, so are you seeing where we are going with this already? Yes, it is time for many of you to go home. Yes. How is that for delightful news, our dear students? It is time for many of you to board the ‘buses’ one final time and go home, and the really good news is you never have to come back to summer school, no. You will, of course, continue learning and experiencing things that will enable you to grow stronger and grow wiser and grow more learned, yes, because you will always be a student and you will always have teachers. The only difference is many of you will now also be teachers, though it is even fair to say that all of you have been teachers as well as students throughout your entire journey here and throughout your entire journey throughout this entire multidimensional universe.  

We are sure that our channel Greg understands this, for this is his most favorite expression. ‘We are all each other's teachers and we are all each other's students’, and Greg will never forget those words, for those words were spoken to him by a very special person. So who was that person? Well, we will say that this person is someone that he has known throughout many of his incarnations, yes. We are giving Greg a hint here as to the identity of one of his closest and oldest friends, and we are not just talking about here during this lifetime, no, we are talking about a friend of his that goes back now many countless thousands of years. Yes. Greg's friends name is Nathan in this lifetime, but this was not his name in previous incarnations of course, and this is only natural as each and every one of you usually chooses for themselves their names, and yes we remind you that you have chosen your names prior to your incarnation.

Many of you feel your names are a product of the choosing of one or both of your parents or a relative, and we say to you, no, this is certainly not the case. Your parents were what we call ‘impulsed’ to name you a certain name, yes, and it was your parents that were impulsed to do this by you. So how did you accomplish this feat since you were just a baby? Well, we say don't worry about the mechanics or the secrets of how this works. Just know that it was you, yes, and no one else that influenced, we will use that term, your parents to name you a very specific name.

So why did you choose the name that you have today or that you have had throughout previous lives? We will say the names that you have chosen were for a very specific reason and some of these reasons had to do with offering you clues to your true identity. Yes. There you have yet another groundbreaking clue for you all. Your names will help you decipher who it is you truly are. In some cases, who it is you used to be in previous incarnations. Greg, our channel, certainly understands this, and he has figured out a long time ago how to search for clues in his life starting with his own name. Yes, and we are sure Greg will share with you more of how each and every one of you can search for these clues in your life.

Greg has even written a long book just on this subject. What do you think about that? Greg's book is called ‘The Great Universal Treasure Hunt’, and we find that a very delightful and charming name. Greg will not release this book to the public, for he was asked not to, after he spent many years writing it and compiling so much data and clues that he has discovered. We asked Greg not to release this book to the public, for there were certain parts of this book, certain secrets, if you will, that we felt it was not time yet to make publicly accessible, no. It was not the time for that and it is not the time yet for that still, yet we say to Greg and we say to you that Greg can certainly share certain portions of this book with you now, and we are sure that he will happily oblige, for this is what he does. He works in service to others and he does what he can to help others along his journey as he has been so assisted.

So we are sure Greg fully understands which part of this book we do not wish for him to release and we feel he understands which parts of this books he can, and we are certain that we do not have to even discuss this with him, for he fully understands what section or what chapter of this book cannot be shared with others at this time. We will say there will come a time when it is perfectly alright for Greg to share this secret or concealed chapter, and we will say this time will even come soon and Greg knows just what we’re talking about, don't you Greg?

Yes, Greg has just said to us that he understands just what we are talking about, so what are we talking about? Well friends, we are not going to reveal that to you yet, but we will say to you that it is an enormous surprise for you and your people. Yes. This something that so many of you have talked about and debated and even argued and fought over for so very long and we are going to end all that bickering and debating and speculation and even lies about this very soon, and we say to you this will be for many of the people of your world a life-changing announcement, yes, and that is all we will say about that.

So, returning to our discussion about clues that you may have left along the path of your life, as Greg so poetically described in his book. Yes Greg, we have read your book. Did you know that? We certainly did, and you may be asking yourself ‘How in the world did you do that, because I have hidden it away so good in my house? Well, we say to you we have ways to do this, and Greg is laughing right now because he cannot figure out how we did this, how we accomplished this, but we did Greg, and we read your book and we found it charming and we found it very accurate and we found it very funny in some places too. Yes, you are quite a character Greg, and we say to you the events that you describe in your book happened just like you remember. Yes. You have a very good memory and you have a very vivid way of describing just what you saw on that particular evening and you know just what we are talking about.

Yes Greg, that was us, just like you had finally figured out after two or three years after this amazing event in your life. Yes, you've figured out that that was us, the members of the Galactic Federation of Light having fun with you, but not poking fun at you, but allowing you to enjoy something that was, let us say, unworldly, unreal, higher dimensional, incredible, mysterious, fun and exciting, and we certainly feel you enjoyed that evening to its fullest, for you still talk about it today and we know you still think about it all the time and we say to you we are so glad that you enjoyed that evening and we say to you that evening was far more than just showing you a good time, if you will. Yes.

That evening was just what you are thinking it was about right now. It was to remind you of something, and remind you of something we did, for you have put all the clues together and you have come to a very firm decision and no matter what some of your friends say who believe that you are absolutely out of your mind for believing this, we tell you right now that you are absolutely right. Yes, you are, and do not ever let anyone talk you out of it and do not ever waver in your conviction, for you have found the truth. You have found your way to it, and you were not offered stacks of proof and evidence, but you relied on your faith. You believe that the events that you experienced that night were very real and not a product of your imagination or a hallucination or due to some sort of intoxicating drug as all of your friends and family accused you of, for we know that this is not true, for we were there. Yes.

What do you think about that Greg? We feel this is going to be music to grace Greg’s ears, because he has wanted to discuss this with someone for so long. He has wanted to discuss this with the people that were involved in that experience. Yes. He has always wondered so much about it because it was so full of mystery, yes, and Greg, we say it was so full of mystery because yes, you were actually plucked out of your reality and placed within a new one, one that could not possibly make complete sense to you, for it was scenery. Yes. We built an entire neighborhood in a downtown city that was fictitious, that was a part of a movie set, if you will. It was not real. We built it. We designed it. We constructed it, and we led Greg right into it and Greg understands this.

Greg understands that this place does not exist in his 3rd dimensional reality, for he has looked for it. Yes. Did you know that folks, that Greg actually got on the Internet and looked at satellite imagery of this entire area to find out where it is he could have possibly been standing that evening and he could not find it. That's right, and it is only a couple of miles from his house in Los Angeles, yet he could never find that spot again, and we say to you Greg, job well done, because you figured out it was not a part of your 3rd dimensional reality. Yes. Greg was very disappointed he could not find that spot again, but he knew it did not mean it did not happen and that's the key here our friends.

Greg never gave up on his conviction and his insistence that this happened. He could not find the spot that it happened. He could not find the clues that were presented to him that night. He could find no witnesses that saw this. He could not understand how this could possibly happen right in the middle of downtown Hollywood. Yes, in Los Angeles. He could not figure out how he could have been led there, although he believes that his consciousness was influenced to allow him to drive to this secluded location and Greg, bravo again, for that is just what we did. We ‘visited’ your consciousness, if you will, and together we ‘convinced you’, again, if you will, to drive out of your way even though you were on your way to your very good friend Jennifer's house, and Greg has always wondered ‘Why in the world did I take that detour when it was just a couple of more minutes to Jennifer's house and I've been there one hundred times?

We say to you Greg we helped you turn that steering wheel, yes, and you know exactly what we're talking about. Yes, you do, because you remember the very moment you turned that steering wheel down a secluded dark alley in the middle of the night and you have said to your friends and your family one hundred times “I am far too streetwise to do such a thing, but that is just what I did. Why did I do that?’, and Greg knew all along that his consciousness must have been influenced and we say to you Greg, job well done, for that is just what we did and that is exactly why you made that detour in the middle of the night out of your way when Jennifer was very impatiently waiting for you. We say to you that evening was fun for us just as much as it was fun for you and we enjoyed it immensely and we know you had a good time and that fills our hearts with joy, for that was part of that evening's festivities as well, to give you a good time, and we know that you feel that that was perhaps the greatest night of your entire life and we say we are glad that we can assist you in this way.

So continuing on with our discussion today, we will say that many of you have left clues in your life just as Greg has. Yes, and Greg will take you by the hand because we know he would just love to do this for you, and he will show you just where to look for these clues and we are sure Greg will agree with us and tell you that the very best place to look and the very first place to look is right in your own name. Greg's name is a very special name. Greg chose this name for a very specific reason and Greg knows exactly what this reason is and this is the first place we will start when we begin to unveil to you our next big secret that will come in a future message. Yes. We will begin with Greg's name and we will say to those of you right now that if you begin with your name you may find startling and ground shaking clues as well, and Greg will be happy to assist you with this, won't you Greg? Greg says he will, so we will leave you with that today.

We will say to you that there are many clues that many of you have left for yourselves and that not all of you have taken the time or had shown the interest to do this, but for those of you who have, we say, your clues will lead you to a treasure so unimaginable, for they will lead you to just who it is you truly are. And that is the theme of Greg's delightful book, The Great Universal Treasure Hunt, for these clues will lead you to a treasure so great, as Greg says, that your entire reality will change, alter, just as Greg's entire reality changed for him that one evening. Yes. You see, your reality can change and it can change through your thoughts and your will and your intentions and your dreams and your hopes and your desires and your efforts. Yes.

Greg's reality changed that evening because we assisted him with this. We assisted him to change the parameters of his existence. We changed the walls and the scenery and the chandelier and even the floor and the furniture, yes, and we will do this for you. Greg understands fully the powers that we possess, for we changed for him an entire city block in the middle of downtown Hollywood in the middle of a weekend evening. Yes. How do you think we could've done that and left no sign or trace of our existence, for believe you me, Greg had searched for it and could not find one shred of evidence that this entire evening actually took place.

These are the powers that we possess, so we say to you and we remind you again the importance of this; have faith in us. Have faith in your new world. Have faith that we can design it and construct it so beautifully and do this we will, and we will do it for you and we will do it for one reason and one reason only, because we love you and there is absolutely no other reason we are doing this. We say to you today to rely on something other than facts, rely on something other than tangible pieces of evidence and documentation and what you know as proof. Instead, rely on something else that has the power to change your entire reality, for proof and documentation and records have absolutely no power to change anything for you. It is faith and faith alone that will construct for you the walls and ceilings and the gorgeous chandeliers of your new 5th dimensional home.

We are your planners and your builders and your fellow dreamers and creators of the Galactic Federation of Light. Have a wonderful day all of you. We love you.
As channeled through Greg Giles Romanian