Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 9/3/12 ‘We are now Stepping up our Game’

Sands of time have poured slowly through your hands for many long eons of your journey through forgetfulness and lessons designed just for you, to bring out the best in you, to bring out what always existed within you, but that you wished to bring to the surface. For many of you, you have done just this. You have succeeded in many, and in some cases, even all of the goals that you set out to achieve. We see this as a miraculous outcome to your journey here, and we say to all of you who have given your best efforts to persevere and to learn so many difficult lessons congratulations to you for a job certainly very well done.

Your reward for this is also just what it is that you wish to experience. Reward does not come without tremendous effort on your part and you knew this. You knew so very long ago that one day you would succeed, you would rise above all of these challenges and obstacles, hardships, difficulties, problems and tests of your strength and your will, your drive, your determination and your fortitude, and you wanted to make sure that you were not at all disappointed with what you would receive from all your tremendous efforts here and this is just what you, with our assistance, have done.

You have gift wrapped for yourself many assorted presents, and among these gifts were tools that would now assist you make your life so much easier compared to how difficult it may be at this time for you. Some of these gifts will ease problems and difficulties you may be experiencing with your physical vessels, for it all starts here. It all starts with your body, does it not, before you may turn your attention to matters outside of yourself? So it is here that you felt would be the best place to start to rebuild, to repair, to remodel, to redecorate, and this is precisely the first gift many of you will open, for this is the first gift that you wished to receive once you reached this stage of your journey and you wished to reward yourself for this trial, so here it is.

Here is what your gift will be, and keep in mind, this is not only a gift from us, but it is a gift from your Creator, for your Creator loves you so very much and he does not wish for you to continue your journey through the use of a physical vessel tattered and torn like sails ripped upon the high seas. No, he wishes for you a brand-new vessel, a pristine vessel, a seaworthy vessel newly christened, and this is the first gift many of you will receive. You will receive new physical vessels, a new body, a body that is in most cases not very different from the body that you occupy today. What we mean by this is many of you will experience a shifting of your consciousness from one physical vessel to another, as you will not receive repairs or remodeling of the physical vessel you currently reside in.

This may come as a surprise to some, and it is surprises that you wished for yourselves and it is surprises that we love very much to present, so we are presenting to you your first gift that you will receive; a complete body ‘overhaul’, but it is not your old body that will be upgraded, instead you, your essence, your being, your soul, if you will, will be swept, carried from one physical vessel to another. This is a very simple process. It is not very complex, and you and your soul is in very capable hands. We have carried out this procedure many times in the past. We are not new to this kind of process or technology, for we are very well schooled and it is we, the members of the Galactic Federation of Light who invented this process, who pioneered this technique in the first place. It is our design, and we do take great pride in our accomplishment in this area.

We will gently lift your being, your consciousness structure from your body that today may be ravaged by age, by disease, illness or injury and gently move you to another form, another physical vessel that will be lying right next to you. This body has been preserved for you. This body has been kept in pristine condition. This body has been kept from aging any further than you wished it to. This body is the perfect age that you wished to appear once you have made this ‘switch’. This new body for you, in most cases, will appear to you, the Earth human, as being approximately 23, 24, possibly even 25 years young, no older than that and as we said, this is in most cases.

There are those of you who wish to appear older, for it is your job, your persona to appear older, to appear wiser, to appear as a sage, for a sage is indeed who you are. You are an elder, you are wiser, stronger, more learned, knowledgeable and experienced, and you wished for your new physical vessel to take on the personality that you truly are. For those of you who have chosen this route, we say to you we are greatly indebted to you for your service to others and your commitment in your chosen careers and professions, and say to you your gifts to others in this way will always be remembered, will never be overlooked or forgotten. We offer you many blessings for this, and we say to you that the body that you wish to emerge within is here, it has been very well preserved in pristine condition and it awaits you to lie beside it and then awaken in your new ‘shell’, as if a crustacean has vacated one seashell for another.

This is how we like to think of it, for it is no more complicated than this. For those of you who are going to react in fear, distrust and suspicion and begin to sound the alarms throughout your online communities that this is some sort of devilish trick, deceit or con and we, the members of the Galactic Federation of Light and your own families are in the business of stealing and selling souls, we say to you that the time for all this conjecture, accusation, suspicion and distrust is now well behind all of us. There may have been a time to present these possibilities and your fears and even your paranoia and spread these throughout your online and personal communities at home, but we say to you enough of this talk already. It is beyond silly at this point, it is beyond unproductive, it is beyond suspicion and paranoia. It is now entering the realms of destructive measure, of purposeful sabotage of our mission, and we will have to begin to take some sort of measures to contain and to control this sabotage, for we are now beyond the realms of free speech and free expression and you are now entering a zone that is more warlike, for it is you that are committing acts of treason, acts of war, acts of violence, acts of what you have termed ‘terrorism’, for you are purposely and willfully causing the emotion of terror to spread through your very own communities.

Some of you who are taking part in this spreading of fear and terror are not paid minions of the cabal. We understand this, our channel understands this, and many of those that follow these words that we share daily also understand this, but how is it that we can pick and choose and sort out amongst you who is a paid minion of the cabal and who is someone that has simply decided to do the work of the cabal at no charge? What is the difference here? We see no difference. We see a being who has purposefully chosen to exert his will on others, his community, his world and universe around him, and exercise this right by instilling fear and injecting terror into the blood of his entire human family. This is what these beings have chosen to do. They make great effort and spend exuberant amounts of time at their computers firing out conjecture, and accusation, and lie, and innuendo, and rumor and disinformation, all in the name of personal glorification and gratification. They have not for one moment considered what they are doing to their community, to their planet and even their entire universe that surrounds them.

They are committing a very violent act, whether this is the type of violence that you have become used to on your planet, for you see, the violence that you have become used to is not the type of violence that is committed in other sectors of this universe. In this universe, beings are protected from any violence from another in many various ways. Some of these ways are technological advancements that shield and protect a being from any other being or rogue projectile such as a comet or asteroid or any other challenge that may arise throughout this universe. Beings are protected, worlds are protected, planets are protected and galaxies are protected, and this is not the type of violence we are talking about.

Throughout this universe there is another type of violence that, in some cases, has been pervasive, for there are in the lower dimensional realms worlds and peoples who have not yet learned to get along with others, to treat others with kindness, with love, and they have not learned to respect the boundaries and rights of another. In these cases, another type of violence is applied because, as we have said, all beings can often be protected from any types of physical violence or intrusion. So what kind of violence are we discussing here? We are discussing more academic violence. Violence committed through the use of words, through the use of slander and rhetoric and the purposeful starting of rumor that they know will snowball and become a dangerous projectile in itself.

These beings who use these psychotronic weapons of war can often be very schooled, cunning and devious at what they do. This is what is happening here in your world at this time. There are paid minions of the cabal who are very well trained, do not think for one moment that they are a loose or a slipshod group of individuals, for they are not. They are very well financed, and most of the money that is slipped into their pockets is pulled out of yours. We wish to make that always clear, that the money they play with, the money that they use to control your planet and control you and manipulate you is your own money. They have stolen it from you. They have pilfered from you and they will continue to steal it and pilfer it from you until you rise up and say ‘No more! You will not take another penny of my money. I don't care what you are doing with it, for you have demonstrated you cannot be trusted with it. If you promise me you're going to build new roads or protect me or feed the hungry or cloth the poor I do not care, because I do not believe for one moment that this is where this money will go, for you have proven to me time and again that you will tell me that my money is going for these causes but you will take it and instead invest it in your war machine, in your propaganda machine, in your control machines, and I will not stand for this one more moment in time and I am now going to take back what power you have stolen from me and I am going to take back every single penny you have stolen from me and my family’, and that is exactly what is going on in your world today.

You have brothers and sisters who are fighting for your freedom. They are fighting for your health and your welfare and they are battling to take back everything that has been taken from you including your monies. This is what is going on behind the scenes every moment of every day, whether you see this or not, whether you believe this or not, we are telling you today and you could remember this sentence; there is a war going on, there are battles breaking out all over your planet. Simply because it is not reported on the news does not mean it is not happening, as a matter of fact, if it is reported on your news you may be pretty sure it is not really happening, and that is the way we see it from our perspective.

Everything that you are shown, everything that you are told on your television sets is a lie, is a work of fiction. We ask you; why do you even turn them on in the morning? This leaves us scratching our heads, as it is the number one tool used against you, to control you, to sicken you, to make you think things that you don't want to think, to make you believe things that you would never believe in 1000 years, yet so many of you believe these things because you have seen somebody, a paid actor say this on television. They read from a teleprompter. The scripts are written from their high offices, just as our messages to you are written from our high offices and shared to you through our channels. Their scripts are written by agents of the cabal. Why do you listen to their garbage? We cannot answer this, only you can, but we can urge you to turn off your televisions and take away from them one of their greatest and most powerful and most effective weapons of destruction, of propaganda, of mind control, influence and persuasion.

Thank you so much dear ones for allowing us to share our thoughts with you today. We love you all so very much, and this is why sometimes it may seem as if we are chastising you, although we are not. Sometimes we must act as your older brother or older sister, you can understand this can’t you? From our perspective, we see so much more than you because we remember all of our past incarnations and all of the lessons that we have learned consciously, so in a way we have certainly experienced more than you, although when you do return to full consciousness this will change of course, and you will know as more and even more than we know and have learned and experienced, but right now this is not the case.

The fact remains that we see more than you do. We utilize that advantage and we wish to share that advantage with you, and this is why sometimes we speak to you as if you are our kid brother or sister. It is because we love you and we care about you and we wish no more than you wish to see you and your world continue on in this manner. We wish to change everything right now, at this very moment, but we cannot, for we are not getting enough assistance from you, the people of Earth.

There are those of you with jobs to do and all we can do day in and day out is urge you to do them. We cannot force you to do them. We can explain to you why these tasks are so important to be carried out, we can assure you that you will be rewarded through your efforts, we can assure you how your planet, your world and your communities will change once these tasks are completed and we can paint for you a picture of what will happen if these tasks are not completed, and this is not a pretty picture and we do not like to talk about this often and as you have noticed, we do not.

We refrain as much as we can from painting you any dark scenarios that may arise through your lack of effort or your failure to achieve certain goals. We do this because we do not wish to plant these dark seeds in your garden. There are those of you who think that we slip these negative connotations into our messages to trick you, to influence you, to mind control you, and we say to that this is a load of rubbish. What we do is very clear for all to see. We build you up, we help strengthen you, we give you confidence, we remind you of the powerful and eternal spiritual beings that you are, we encourage you to complete your tasks, we assure you that we are protecting you, we advise you on how we feel it would be most beneficial to all of you to proceed and we organize and structure programs and projects that will see to the benefit of all of the people of your world and your planet as well, as she too is a living, breathing and conscious being.

This is what we do, and for those of you who still insist that we are perpetrating a con, a hoax or a scam and we have notions of conquering your planet, we say the time for your rhetoric has now ended. You, the paid minions of the cabal and even those of you who are simply making what we see as a very imprudent choice for yourselves, you are now going to be rooted out like ugly weeds in a garden, for this is all you are at this point, as the time for these games, for these shenanigans, for these ploys, for these tactics, for these underhanded measures has now reached its end. We will take certain matters into our own hands, this you can be sure of. We will not wait one moment longer for our Earth allies to do some of the tasks that we have now decided to do.

This does not, and we repeat loudly and clearly for all of you who seem to read some of these messages as if you are half-asleep, we say to you we will NOT carry out the arrests of the members of your criminal cabal. We have made ourselves clear on this point many times in your past and we will always remind you of this, as this is one task that you must complete yourselves as has been decreed by your Creator, and there is no way we will overstep our bounds and go back on our word and the promise that we have made to your Creator, who is also our Creator.

These arrests we remind you again must take place. If they do not, the projects and programs that we have spoken of will not take place, for we are not stepping one foot on your soil until we feel it is a safe place to work, for we did not come here to step into a battle zone. We have had many battles in our storied history, you can be assured of this, and we pick and choose our battles very well and very wisely. We do not just enter frays that are not our business, and what is happening here in your world is not our business. Believe it or not, although we are your family, we are just visitors, and whether you, the people of Earth choose or not to free yourselves really is inconsequential to us. We will have broken hearts, we will be saddened for you and we will lament how many wonderful opportunities you allowed to slip through your fingers, but we will not allow these emotions to drag us into a war that is not ours, it is yours.

We have, as we have assured you, leveled the playing field somewhat. We have taken away the cabal's most powerful weapons, as you may have read recently throughout your online communities. The story that reported that some of the most powerful worldwide weaponry possessed and used against you by the cabal has now been unplugged, has now been dismantled and cannot and will not be used against you, the people of Earth, is accurate. These are the kinds of things we will do for you and we will continue to do for you, but we will not take this battle into our own hands. This is your war. The playing field is now very level. There is absolutely no reason why your highly trained troops and law enforcement officials cannot proceed and carry out and complete these warranted arrests of the criminal elements of your cabal.

We say again; we are not asking the citizenry of your planet to pick up arms and go kicking in doors. We made that point very clear in a previous message and it was misunderstood, as again there are so many of you who are reading these messages with one eye closed or your mind completely on something else. You are jumping to conclusions and you are spreading rumor, innuendo and accusation. You are making our organization look bad, and we cannot be any clearer in these messages. We clearly advised the ‘Earth allies’, who all of you should know by now are your organized, highly trained and official military factions of your world, coupled with your official, highly trained and skilled law-enforcement agencies of your world. This is who your Earth allies are. The people of Earth, the citizens of earth, are not the Earth allies.

The citizenry is not included in these discussions, for it is not the job of the citizen to bear their own weapons and it is not their right to make illegal and unconstitutional arrests of other citizens. This is not applicable under your laws of your nations, and we fully understand this and we would never advise any of your unlicensed and unofficial citizens to take any part in any of these arrests. For all of you that have helped spread this vicious rumor that we called to the citizens of your planet to take up arms and kick in doors and make unwarranted, illegal and unconstitutional arrests we say shame on you, for some of you are simply not using your God-given minds while others have purposely spread this rumor, this disinformation, this poison, and is you, those who purposely spread these lies, these deceits and are sabotaging our mission who will now be dealt with in ways that only we can deal with you.

We have powers of violence control as well. In other words, and let us be clear about this, our ways are not violent, your ways are violent, and we have ways to control your violence. Have we been clear about that dear ones, that it is not violence that we employ, it is violence we stop, and we will now make every effort to stop the violence that some of you are committing throughout your online communities, and again, you are committing an act of violence and words are your weapon. So if any of you feel you have nothing to worry about because you haven't made a fist and struck another being we say to you that you are in for a very rude awakening, for the acts of violence that you have committed-you have committed with your tongue, and we have ways of dealing with you, and we will.

This is all we have to share with you today dear ones and we say to you that for those of you who want a better world, for those of you who want all the things that have been discussed and all of the gifts that can and will be offered to you once your tasks here are completed we say to you we will not desert you, we will not leave you, we will not leave your side, not for one moment. We, your brothers and sisters are here with you and we will continue our fight. It is just that some areas of this fight are your domain and you must complete these assignments yourselves, that is all.

We are certainly living up to our end of the bargain and we are even upping the ante, as we never had any intention of coming here and silencing those who have attacked us or abused us through the use of words, but a point has been reached and we now have convened and we now have reached a unanimous decision that these words that have been used against us are acts of terrorism. They have now breached the realms of free speech and expression and have now escalated into the realm of psychotronic warfare.

This is a well used tactic in this universe, and we are very experienced and well suited to protect ourselves from this sort of terrorist act. We have very proven and effective methods to deal with these assaults and this is what we now will do, and for those of you who are on our side, who now stand on the side of law, of truth, of justice, of love and of light you can take solace in knowing that we are now stepping up our game. You wanted to see some changes in your world and you wanted to see us make some of them, well you are now going to witness what it is we can do when we choose to do it and put our minds to achieving a goal.

We are your fellow comrades in arms, your brothers and sisters, your fellow fighting forces on the front lines battling for good. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.


As channeled through Greg Giles English 



  1. To demonstrate that the GFL is indeed reading our comments, yesterday I commented that I am very comfortable with a sizable increase in the length of the messages shared through me. Today's message is 4400 words, our longest message ever and almost three times the length of our average communications. I feel this clearly demonstrates that our ascended family is indeed reading our comments and also taking them to heart. Great job crew!

  2. I apologize, but this the first channel from the GFL that I really had no desire to continue reading once you started going on..on about the fear (3-4 paragraphs). I understand it must be necessary info for some of your readers/other involved, but it is NOT for me and as a very sensitive soul I do not want to intentionally allow this in my consciousness not even from the GFL. Thank you for all you do. Love and Light,

  3. I was sooooo very pleased to hear you are turning up the volume on these verbal attacks that are so very un-warranted. My spirit and soul are with you and support you all the way!! Like the Japanese Admiral said after they bombed Pearl Harbour " I fear we have awakened a sleeping dragon" With great love and respect for my beloved Starborn brothers and sisters...Gord Beneteau

  4. Hey Greg, I was thinking the very same thing today as I read the posting, that I was so pleased that it was so long!! Keep it up GFL the longer the better!!! G Beneteau

  5. Good for us, good for you. Its about time. Can't wait to see some results of all of the above.

  6. Thank you Greg Giles for channeling another message. I know you probably do not get much appreciation all the time, I deeply appreciate what you are doing and allowing those of us like myself who are unable to channel messages (yet), to hear from the GFL.

    I certainly understand the position of the GFL about all of the negative people out there, but I do not think it's a good idea to start using the terms "psychotronic warfare". I think that one thing everyone, especially the GFL needs to keep in mind the reasons people might be posting such comments. The first group would clearly be Cabal agents. Another group might include people who somehow or for some reason read channeled messages, but should not be, the messages are not there for themselves, and the whole idea of change frightens them. These could very well be the same people we encounter frequently, those that believe that if you do not look like them, dress like them, or think like them, there is something wrong with you or your views and they will make sure you know about this. They start with small comments which then escalate. There is one other group though that I think is also important to keep in mind. The last group would have to be individuals who are awakened or newly wakened, who believe in ascension, have or are learning about what is really going on in the world. These people simply lack the faith that the GFL are good guys, after if I remember from Star Trek (TNG - First Contact) which said something like "Throughout history conquerors have often said they come in peace", this is the same thing that the United States has done when they invaded other countries. These people are simply lost souls, good guys who simply see corruption and those will shady motives at all cross roads, that have caused them to lose faith in anyone trying to help others.

    This is a long rant, but I think it's something to keep in mind. There can be no doubt though that we should all remain civil and polite, which is something I try to do my best at no matter what I am faced with. It just hit me a moment ago that sometimes the most vocal and critical are simply those that are seeking the most help.

    I'd like to say to anyone from the Earth allies who is working on rounding up the cabal and their agents. Thank you very much, hopefully things can be brought to an end first.

    Anyways, I for one cannot wait for my new body. It makes me wonder thinking about getting my memories back what kind of person I am, what I did before I came to Earth, what kinds of things did I accomplish and most importantly what is my real name?

  7. I think this was a very good message!
    Imagine trying to help someone you love and only repeatedly get bad talk back, its tiring and frustrating. So I feel it was a good message.

    I like the info also on the new body/vessel. I have had 2 dreams where I ha e tried out My lightbody. Fantastic!! Cant wait To use it.

    Thanks Greg for your excellent work. And thanks GFL and Ashtar CMD for your fantastic work!

    Love and Light Always

  8. This message really resonated with me deeply!! I appreciate every single one of your efforts to be clear & concise! There is nothing i have read from you that makes me question your motives or intentions here!

    I feel I am doing my part & my job although i always question what else i could be doing or what more i can be doing! I surely feel i am doing the best of what i know to be right & to my mission.

    I do read books that help me to expand my awareness, i do go into nature, & sometimes spend my time inside because i need to constantly heal myself from all the various energies around me! I do occasionally play games to get my mind off of everything. & i do occasionally spend time with friends to relax! I do become easily overwhelmed when there is too much going on.

    I am also raising my vibration by making consciously positive choices! Thank you so much! I cannot wait to return to full consciousness & see myself from that perspective, if not already :)

  9. Thanks for your offer to help beyond the $50 minimum. There is no maximum. As this learning and information may be so valuable to a lot of people on the planet , and sponsors and benefactors like you are needed for us to keep operational and grow this project to meet those needs. Thanks you.-For a yearly subscription , a minimum of $50, that you can get back by inviting 5 people , who send you $10 out of their $50 . This is only a minimum ($50) there are no maximums. No limits to the sum offer-able, and 20% goes to you... There is no limit to the number of 20% payments you can receive. ---

    Thank you, but I'm not sure this Great Galactic Pyramid scheme has a place in this venue

  10. I want them, The Galactic Federation of Light to know how happy they make me and at peace when I read their loving words. I know I will return Home to my Soul Family. It brings deep bliss with the happiest tears I've ever had, knowing I can go to a place where I feel right, my True Home. So thank you so much, you bring a smile to my face everyday and fill my heart with bliss. Love and Light,

  11. Have you ever see a good "real" movie though, for example: "Dances with Wolves" or "Celestine Prophecy"? Some Television isn't evii, what about the Animal Channel or Comedy, are all comedy shows evil? Is the weather channel evil?! Excited about a new body, not sure about that though...

  12. With all due respect - it is strange to me at least that this GF group must constantly try to legitimize themselves, and to say again and again you can trust us, do not disagree with us, if you question anything we say you are on the dark team, etc.

    I note that SaLuSa, Matthew, Washta and the GF group through Sheldan Nidle, Ashtar and others through Wes Annec, Saul through Ron H. and most others never need to justify themselves or to try and convince the readers of their legitimacy.

    It's only this group, who almost daily chides us to not question what they say, for our own good.

    Either something is very fishy here or they (you if you are indeed reading this) must lack skill in communicating with earthlings in english, for your constant attempt at justifying yourself is in itself a suspicious thing to be doing.

    Perhaps, you should choose another GF speaker from amongst yourselves who does not come across with so much guilt and criticism - which in itself calls the messages in question.

    Can anyone name any other source that constantly tries to legitimize itself as this one does? Should not the truth of what they say be self-evident as it is in most of the others? Have not most of the other sources reminded us that if a message contains negativity or criticism that it is not from a higher source?

    Is this an attack? Am I cabal shill for posing these comments? Is questioning and disagreement allowed in this branch of the GF? Have we not been lead astray for most of lives by simply accepting things as presented and not questioning them?

    I've brought up similar points before and as of yet, Greg, the GF or anyone else has not made even one tiny comment, explanation or anything else in reply. This is exactly how the cabal politicians have acted all our lives. If they are asked a question that doesn't fit their agenda, they ignore it and speak about something else in their reply.

    Will expect a blank stare in response to this as well.....

  13. Great gift and ready to wake up.




  15. Unfortunately messages like this are still necessary, for the indoctrination process and systems have worked very well indeed. Thank you Greg for doing these channelings; you are a massive lighthouse to say the least. You keep us going to fight the good fight day after day; you give us hope and you are able to keep and strengthen the connection with our invisible families from the stars. The light is what will banish dark and I really look forward to the day when messages like these are no longer necessary. Love and Light

  16. I like longer messages also. Thank you GFL & Ashtar Command and Greg. These messages are the source of force to make us continue to survive and work towards the light.

  17. Mr. Giles says: "So if any of you feel you have nothing to worry about because you haven't made a fist and struck another being we say to you that you are in for a very rude awakening, for the acts of violence that you have committed-you have committed with your tongue, and we have ways of dealing with you, and we will."

    Yes, I have nothing to worry about Mr. Giles. I do not fear anything or anyone except for God. Keep your threats to yourselves. I am just worried for you. You need help. Urgently.

    You will be recorded in the history as another Applewhite, as another Jim Jones, another Luc Jouret, another Licerio Moreno, another Eduardo Gonzales Arenas, another Chen, another Claude Vorilhon.

  18. OK I am on to your tricks..

    Yes i know many people have signed up to this paying site and are playing roles here but i am not appreciating people continuing to draw me back here. I want to be long gone from here. I am not into these scams.

  19. My passwords will be changed many times

  20. the dave -

    GFL did seem pretty harsh today. They do seem to be defending themselves here. This site is unique because they welcome comments from everyone and have really encouraged anyone to speak their opinions. I have looked at both sides of the argument. I can see buying into the fear because "How do we really know what their intentions are?" But over and over and over the GFL reminds us they are supporting us. They are our family. They have been here for many thousands of years. And this is their service of love for us. They love us. They wish to help us. They know who we are. We are the ones who have forgotten. They clearly did not come to conquer us or they would have done so many years ago. They have the superior technology.

    I know how important it is to stay positive and raise our vibration if Ascension is what we choose. They are just saying it's time to get things moving. Let's stop with the negativity and bring in the changes. So I am really interested to see what happens next. A new body that never gets tired or sick and looks 25? Oh yeah. Bring it on! We are on the cusp of tremendous breakthroughs. Free energy? Yes! Mass arrests? They are talking about our freedom and our remembering Who We Are! They are simply saying they have had enough of the bickering. It's time for action.

  21. I have to say that when I read the Connmunication from our commanders channeling i felt quite fired up and ready to start, how should i put this, shooting masons? And even though i got the point that this channeing was aimed at your earth allies and didnt start posting around the internet that we were now allowed to start or revolution because the military has failed us. I recognized that this was how I felt, and then i thought to myself maybe it was the energy in the channeling itself that made me feel like that, and if so would it not be your own fault if say others would get riled up by this energy and go with that instead of using their mind as you say. People want a revolution, and if a violent one is the only one they think they can get they will probably take it, JFK said something along thoose lines.

    So if you channel channelings with an energy meant to fire up people for taking down the cabal, maybe you should not have them posted all over the internet, and then when the wrong people get fired up you start blaming them, for what may be your own fault. But rather deliver theese messages in person or by other means to the very specific people it concerns. Since you are the higher and more wise beeing you should maybe have considered that this would happen with such a channeling, or perhaps you overestimate us to much, i think maybe you do. Look at our civiliszation, seriously look at it, there is no need to overestimate us.

    Now about yesterdays message, I personally am quite sure i do not want to ascend, there are things i want to experience in the lower dimension, and when you say that when you come up to the higher dimension you are there forever, it just makes me more sure that i shouldnt be ascending, what if i come up there and find out i dont fit in at all, i have nothing there that interests me or suits me, but I am stuck there FOREVER. This is a dilemma i do not want to have so I think ascension is not it for me. Because I dont really think i fit in your higher realms. Now this raises a lot of questions what am I to do? What will happen to thoose who dont ascend? And can I start a new incarnation soon? One not so very much directed at finding out about stuff, this life seems to have little purpose and almost completely pointless to me, it seems to have even less purpose now. And some of the things i want to experience cant be experienced in this life, because they cant be experienced the way i want to experience them now. I dont really expect you to cover any of this in a channeling because you probably dont want to talk about other scenarios then the golden age one...

    Well this was my message hopefully someone up there that is meant to read it will read it.

  22. Yes arrests,wars,cabal,sad world.Lets bring that gold age.You can move me.

  23. Hi Faruk!

    Even if you dont trust these messages chanelled through Greg Giles, you must admit there is definitely some good advice.

    Remember you do not need to follow these messages if they dont resonate with you. Just ignore them and do your own thing i.e. listen to your own intuition and be honest with yourself.

    Please tell me about what spiritual experiences you;ve had, I've love to know!

    Love & blessings brother x

  24. how does one MAINTAIN a positive vibration of love whist struggling with lack of motivation and apathy?


  25. "We are certainly living up to our end of the bargain and we are even upping the ante, as we never had any intention of coming here and silencing those who have attacked us or abused us through the use of words, but a point has been reached and we now have convened and we now have reached a unanimous decision that these words that have been used against us are acts of terrorism."

    1. You are not living up to your end of the bargain. According to you the Seawall Project would have started about two weeks ago.

    2. Just because people like me point out your flaws and contradictions doesn't make us terrorists. Maybe your the one who lives in fear? You are afraid of those you actually read your current messages and compare them to past messages and call you out on the differences.

    3. Go ahead and step up your game, come after me, defend yourself from my words, I'm not afraid of you one bit. I take your existence as seriously as I take those Seawalls that were supposed to be put up...

  26. Thanks for your service Greg. Thank You light federation for your guidance. Thank You mom for teaching me, "if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all." There is no reason for insults. If these words dont sit well with you then dont read them. Its simple & logical. Raise your vibrations & you wont feel the need to down another, reguardless of their belief. Pick the weeds outta your own garden. Dont let someone elses experience effect yours. One Love! Peace, Love & Light to all.

  27. Thank-you GFL, I am beginning to 'feel' you and it feels like "family". Thank-you for your love, may I offer you some of mine in return xx

  28. Exciting post and exciting times!!! This was a great read and Greg and the GFL, you are all very much loved and appreciated! I look forward to your stepping up of your game and I can't wait to try on my new, vibrant, pristine, younger me!

    I look forward to your next message with great eagerness. In love and light to all. :-)

  29. Dear GFL,
    Jean and I are absolutely honored and very proud to be in agreeance with you, we are one, our brothers and sisters! We want so much to ascend and join together with you today, NOT SOMEDAY, BUT TODAY! But we know we must wait.
    In our hearts we feel so deeply connected and bonded together, it is very hard to continue in 3rd dimension.
    In the midst of the fact that we are having to move and this is taking up much of our time and energy, we are working to make connections with people and share with them the knowledge that we have gained. As soon as we are finished with our move, we will step up our efforts to awaken those who are still asleep.
    Just this weekend we have made contact and shared some of what we know with several people.
    Moving on, Jean and I are thrilled that we will receive the gift of new bodies as our current vessels are plagued with aging issues. I need extensive work done on my teeth, but have not had the funds to get the work done.
    We are very impressed with your inventive abilities and skills, creating new vessels for us. We have complete confidence in your vast knowledge of taking us out of our fatigued bodies, and gently placing us into our new vessels, we have no fear and certainly no desire to slander you our brothers and sisters.
    We do understand that this is our war, not your war. We are also very thankful that you are taking action in removing all of those that are as ugly weeds in a garden, none of us need this low viabration contamination!
    Thank you our Creator and our brothers and sisters for all that you are doing, we love you all so very much!
    Steve & Jean

  30. I'm glad, brothers and sisters, that you are now taking action against those who doubt and shout against us! They must be silenced and rid of, for the serve no great purpose, of love and light!

    I still have one or two things to improve on, and need to stop with my harsh lashing outs at other people from time to time, but i feel i am becoming much better in myself, i just wish i could talk to somebody from my galactic family or comrades, or perhaps to become my guide? I want to be spiritually involved, yet i do not know my guide or have never heard from them. I feel this would be a good step towards vibrational raising and talking to you, brother and sisters.

    Thank you for today's message. It was long and welcomed!

    With love and light!


    Conan. England.

  31. If any of these messages are true, I hope this one is. It may sound selfish, but my human body has been in pain for many years, and I have patiently endured it. I feel I want to help people and to be prepared for the transition, but my physical limitations often discourage me. If you can, please give me a new body.

  32. I like "No BS GFL" better, still words whether typed spoken or written are all hollow unless followed by tangible, sincere action.

  33. I guess the Galactics can get pissy too. This is a distinctly angry message. For me, I prefer this kind of 'let me tell you straight' talk as opposed to the 'love you dear ones' dance.

    I have previously commented on the disrespect that many commenters have shown. I have always thought it foolish to mess with technologically superior beings in stupid ways . . . since they could make your tongue disappear.

    The scenario being painted about consciousness transfer to other bodies confuses me. I thought we were to ascend with our existing bodies as our Mother ascended. Getting rebooted into a younger, healthier version of myself sounds kind of scary. Kind of shades of 'The Body Snatchers'. Yes, we like to create movies that scare the crap out of us.

    There is clearly much more to what is about to happen that we can't imagine. Because it is beyond our realm of experience, a fear response will arise. That fear response does not come from defiance or subterfuge, but it is a natural human response to something totally unknown to them. Our cabal may be changing bodies on a regular basis, but to the general populace this is Big News.

  34. Faiza,

    I really wonder, how you resonate when someone threats you. I really wanna know. Let's say someone in the street threats you, and call you lab rat, how you resonate?

    We are human beings my friend, we do not resonate. All these new age bilges (resonations, energies, dimensions, positive vibrations etc etc..) take you out little by little from the real world. Of course there is a spirituel realm but it is not that easy to research it. One of your legs must be in this world, for instance right now, when I am writing this, on the other hand I keep on working, because I have to pay my rent. And this must show you somethşng. That I am here in goodwill, I am trying to tell the truth I see, but some of you don't wanna get disturbed, 'cause you are happy with these games and toys.

  35. Very long message guys! I read the first bit about getting my new physical vessel and that made me very excited! I say bring it on - my 51 year old vessel is full of aches and pains. I'm sure the one you have there for me is no older than 25 for that is when I looked really great (no ego intended) :)
    I don't know about the other stuff you are talking about, I'm careful what I read on the internet. I think by now the majority of people know that you are above board. We wish that you land your fleet and start to interact with us. It is overdue. I for one cannot wait to meet you all. It's been a long time for me.
    I love you guys so much! We are family. Love, joy, blessings, peace, happiness and every good thing to you and your crew.
    Debbie xx (those are kisses)

  36. You know the idea of having a new body like avatar is cool. But theres something i feel why change into another body when one body can be corrected. I mean ill do it. But i wt my own blood and flesh of the same just to upgrade without being transferred. This is why ancension confuses me. Isnt their a way of just recreaing and fixing your body without moving. Because i have no illness. I just want certian things cured.lets say strecth marks and other problems. By why switch. Please tell me theres a way to acend with your same body. Is there?


  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. All I can say (other than thank you for the message and your efforts) is that I would be more than happy to take a more active part in taking down any part of the Cabal. I'd rather put myself at risk than wait any longer.

  41. I love you brothers and sisters and I fully believe that you guys will step up your game. The tables are tuning and the karma is coming back to the people that have done bad.

    Faruk, get out of here. Why do you even care. Let us believe what we believe and you go somewhere else. You keep coming back and posting negative things on here. Why? It makes no sense, you make me believe you are a lunatic trying to spread fear. If I don't believe something and something makes me mad I don't continue viewing it. Take my advice and use your time more wisely. Geesh. I will not read your response so don't even bother because it will be filled with more negativity that I don't have time for. Take on an activity that makes you happy instead of upsetting yourself by reading Greg's words. It really makes me sad to see you commenting on these posts day after day after day. You are only harming yourself. Light workers do not resonate with your words because our intuition tells us to listen to them. Nothing you say will change our opinion so why bother? It is a lost cause. I saw your 3 page long comment the other day and skipped over it. I'm sure most people do the same thing.

  42. Nathan,

    It was not 3 page comment, it was 3pages of lies of your Mr. Giles.

  43. I agree with the GFL that all the negitive comments, not only written, but also posted through videos needs to be halted ASAP. It helps nobody and only instills fear and confusion. There is more than enough truth to the existence of extraterrestrials which are benevolent friendly beings looking out for us, and helping protect everyone from the malevolent cabal and its actions.

    For anyone wanting to know more about what and who the cabal is, do a search on YouTube for Federal Reserve, and you will have the names of the groups and individuals behind everything...

  44. I also have experienced internet attacks on myself as well as personal and spiritual ones and almost gave up being on the internet at all, due to that. I do understand your message completely, and listen to the audio version several times, and I do support your stand and side of this fight. I spent my whole life trying to understand why this world is so violent, and why aggressive people walk all over you and are very proud to do so.

    I know every nation on this planet exploits its poor and needy masses and pits us aganist eachother for thier wars that keep a few living in opulance. In other words we are on a war lord planet.

    I get it, I am here, I may not know everything but I am trying to quell hate the best I can, and I do get stuck in the mud sometimes, feel free to point out anything I may have a misconception of or am doing wrong, I do not get upset about getting corrected when Im wrong, or am afraid to admit I am or was.

    I do believe our planet is alive and is a ship more or less, and what you say about moving souls is normal, I know that and also know we are also conditioned to not believe or know about these things.


    I keep two sites usually for safety reasons in case one gets hacked, or attacked, etc... I learned to not put to much real things on the internet because there are those who exploit it and enjoy doing so.

  45. correction - aka casielon, is my other page here, Andrew

  46. Ahoj všetkým. Najskôr sa chcem poďakovať za možnosť darčeku nového fyzického plavidla – tela , ktorý s radosťou, láskou a vďačnosťou príjmam a som ochotný hneď ako to bude možné tento darček realizovať. Nemám žiadne obavy z tejto technológie, pretože som si vedomí toho, že ja nie som toto telo, ktoré dnes obývam, toto telo je len nástrojom mojej duše pre jej vyjadrenie v tejto realite. Preto veľmi rád vymením tento nástroj, ktorý je teraz už mierne poškodený za nový nástroj, ktorý mi umožní lepšie vyjadriť sám seba v mojich širších rozmeroch vedomia včetne tejto reality. Ešte raz ďakujem za túto možnosť a hneď ako to bude možné k s láskou a vďačnosťou žiadam o prevedenie tejto zmeny. K tomu ďalšiemu plne chápem a akceptujem Vaše stanovisko, že Vy nebudete robiť zatýkania za nás, len dúfam, že Zemský spojenci budú mať dostatok síl i odhodlania doviesť túto úlohu do úspešného konca. To čo sa dnes chcem s Vami podeliť je myšlienka o tom ako si predstavujem svoje pôsobenie po zahájení prvého kontaktu. Hovorím sám za seba, ale predpokladám, že takých ľudí ako som ja bude mnoho. My , ktorý čítame a príjmame Vaše správy, vyhľadávame všetky dostupné informácie o vzostupe, prvom kontakte a podobne, sme Vaši budúci vyslanci na Zemi, ktorý sami na sebe budeme demonštrovať a ukazovať novú technológiu a zmenený spôsob nášho života, ktorý sme zmenili vďaka spolupráci s Vami. My sme tí , ktorý sú ochotný ísť do každého kúta Zeme, aby sme ponúkli pomocnú ruku každému človeku, ktorý je ochotný a schopný prijať našu pomoc. To sa netýka len ľudí, ale i všetkej prírody a planéty samotnej, ktorej sme veľa dlžný. Takže môžem povedať, že s láskou Vám ponúkam všetky svoje služby, spolu so všetkými svojimi schopnosťami a celou svojou osobnosťou, ktorou dnes som.

    Hi all. First I want to thank you for the opportunity to gift the new physical vessel - the body, that with joy, love and gratitude, and I am willing to adopt as soon as possible to implement this gift. I have no fear of this technology, because I know that I am not this body, which now inhabit this body is only an instrument of my soul for the expression of this reality. Therefore, much like I change this tool is now slightly damaged with a new tool that will allow me to better express myself in my knowledge of the broader dimensions of the tube reality. Thank you again for this opportunity and as soon as possible ks love and gratitude I ask about the design changes. This further fully understand and accept your position that you will not make arrests for us just hope that Earth's allies will have enough strength and determination to bring this task to a successful end. That's what I want to share with you an idea of how I imagine its operations after the start of the first contact. I speak for myself, but I suppose people like me will be many. We who read and accept your message, seek out all available information on the rise, the first contact and the like, we are ambassadors for your future on Earth, which in themselves will show and demonstrate new technology and changed the way we live, we have changed thanks to the cooperation with you. We are the ones who are willing to go to every corner of the earth, in order to offer a helping hand to every person who is willing and able to accept our help. It is not only humans, but all of nature and the planet itself, which we owe a lot. So I can say that with love we offer all our services, along with all his skills and all his personality, which I am today.

  47. wow, that fact that you responded so quickly makes me believe it's your job.

  48. Let Pure Love and Light win, that's what I wish for, I long for. My heart's desire is for every being to thrive, to live in harmony and peace. The message's here usually inspire and intrigue me. Thank you for that.

  49. Thank you Greg for message and for all the efforts of the GFL!

  50. Another great message; And thank you Greg for working hard to bring forth the sweet message.

    I wish all could understand and develop unconditioned love~

    ~ tick tick tick ~

  51. I responded so quickly, because I can quickly read.

  52. yes, i love to see these verbal weeds to be rooted out. they are simply nothing more than nuisance.

    also love to see the dark cabal to be arrested, but it is almost impossible to see the Queen of England, prince Philip, prince Charles and Tony Blair to be arrested, is not it?

    However, what i love most is to shift my concious to my young body.
    would you make these happen today?


  53. It is disappointing for me to hear you say you may just pull out & not help us at all if these slackers do not do their job because I have been dealing with this type of thing all of my life. I have always had to take up the slack for those that did not do their job but this one is not in my ability to do. Would you really leave those that are ready to ascend & have done their job because of the ones that won't? I pray you are just trying to motivate them by your strong statements as so many of us have earned this, have done their jobs & like myself have been waiting for this all of our lives. I pray for the quick arrests of the Cabal so the rest of us can get on with this project. I am so looking forward to a new body as this one is pretty wore out so I can be of more help to everyone that deserves it. I have done my job & am waiting now for them to do theirs for it is all I can do. I welcome the GFL with open arms & can hardly wait to meet you & start working together.

  54. I wonder why Mr Lies, sorry Mr. Giles's lies do not disturb you Nathan. Maybe it is YOUR job eh?

  55. Danielle Clarke is an ugly weed that must be pulled. Let us tend to our garden and out our weeds. The GFL has you Danielle clearly in mind, if you had not read today's message you are commenting under. You are committing a terrorist act and you will be dealt with. You have already played far too much of a very dangerous game. My advise to all is that when you come upon Danielle Clarke's comments do not stop to read them, do not even pause for a moment. This is what he wants, and this is what the cabal wants. They wish to waste our time and suck our energy like vampires. Do not give in to this. His comments are nothing more than lies, disinformation, divisive and inflammatory rhetoric. He aggressively attacks these communications claiming they are nothing but lies, but makes sure he is here every single day leaving not one but many comments. Why would this be so? What is he gaining from all his work? What does the cabal gain from all his work? Whether he gets paid for his actions matters not, as he is actively engaging in psychotronic warfare.


    ATTENTION: !!!

    Posted on 09/03/2012


    As stated in previous postings and shows, arrests I said were going to happen are now taking place.

    To date there are eight individuals whom are to be arrested.

    As everyone has heard, Nancy Pelosi has been reported as the first arrest. I am waiting on the exact location of this incident. When it comes available it will
    be posted.

    The List : Nancy Pelosi, Michell Obama, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Barack Obama,George H.W. Bush, Timothy Geithner, and Eric Holder.

    These arrests are to be carried out one a day until the list is complete.
    The arrests are being carried out by Interpol and United States Martials.
    This is an effort being carried out by the international community.

    .M.L.A.T.- ttp://

    ~ Drake

    United States Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties

  57. Anyways, I have to get some rest now. But I'll be ready tomorrow or the other day with not 3 pages, but with 30 pages of lies of your Mr. Giles. Anyone who curse and threats me gets the matching response, Giles or his followers or the dark entities who obsessed Giles.

  58. Faruk is a weed that does not even need an introduction, as it is plainly evident to everyone here he is a weed that must be pulled, and pulled you will be Faruk. You have been outed. You have been identified as a terrorist, as you are repeatedly committing acts understood throughout this universe as terrorism. I suggest to you to read today's message, as it certainly concerns you and your future, and that is all I have to say to you my friend.

  59. First, I am not your friend. Not everyone can be my friend. Secondly, a man who exploit others by defeateining his ego never can be my friend. Thirdly, lairs never can be my friend.

  60. Dear Faruk,
    Why do you fear God? God is Love.
    When I was stood over at gunpoint by men who wanted me to help them break into a friends place I put my hands behind my back, looked them in the eye and said to them, "do whatever you have to do, I wont help you break into my mates place". They walked away 20 mins later confused and embarrassed. If someone threatened me by calling me a lab rat I'd squeak at them till they stopped laughing.
    I've had dreams of co-creation since going to my first Amway meeting 20 years ago and realized that my self esteem would not support that concept. I've worked diligently over the years. I left work late last year with an inheritance that I duly burnt up and have been living in relative isolation, day to day now for 4 months, . I had a glimmer of hope that my efforts were starting to pay off last week when I went shopping with my last $50. The chicken had been discounted by $3.75 which meant my groceries came to $49.50. Last night the final piece of my 20 year puzzle fell into place and I now believe I can start to truly co create.
    Why do I tell you all this Faruk? Because you need to know it. Because I'm just an average guy like you with faith. People say they have faith but what they are asking for is a magic wand.
    The Galactic Federation of Light is, from our perspective, like a magic wand. But no one can just pick up a wand and wield it without serving a wizards apprenticeship. (Apart form Harry Potter of course). I visit this site and sites like it because I believe in Santa Clause. My parents couldn't convince me he wasn't real. Please allow us to enjoy the moment, now that he's making his way down the chimney.

  61. And Faruk, If you don't believe that human beings are resonant, you, my friend, are on the wrong web site. Because I wouldn't be concerning myself to much with the ascension.

  62. Dear Peter,

    Yes of course, I understand. All those who wish to sleep and dream St Claus dreams can do so. But what will happen when the dream is over? Was not the reason of all these to awaken?

    I just can not stand the ugliness in the messages, we are human beings, we have our honours, do not we?

  63. Ascension is the escaping method of those who could not find what they wanted on this world. Why do you wanna ascend?

    The right term must be enlightenment, not ascend.

  64. I'm eating popcorn & reading the comments all with a big ass smile on my face while laughing periodically. Get On My Level. XD

    1. Ha, leave it to bekkoning to add a little levity.

  65. And another thing......If everyone focused on their own healing instead of distracting themselves with other peoples problems we would have already finished our apprenticeship and and now be hanging out with Harry.
    It's poor form to tell someone they have problems and need help unless you can offer them that help. Part of the solution. Or part of the problem

  66. I think I described my feelings rather well yesterday concerning Ascension, but something you mentioned in today’s message grabbed my attention. With all of my heart, I trust you. I am in many respects blinded down here, and the only faith I have is that my team is in my corner. Indeed, I can feel the presence of this team; my family, brothers and sisters, the entire organization back there in my corner. Be it in the far recesses of my mind, the skies up above or the energetic presence of a crew member in my very room; I no longer fear the unknown. And you are absolutely correct… you see more than I do.

    With that in mind, I must not be so brash on my decisions. You are upping the ante… we must follow suit. I cannot falter at this time in the game. I’m dealing with a high level of distortion down here and I must do all in my power to make certain that which I desire the most is carried out. Yesterday, I discussed my concerns surrounding my personal Ascension to a new reality and how it might affect others on a more personal level. Simply put, I do not want my Ascension to cause shock and harm to those who love me who may be unprepared for such a sudden disappearance. But I cannot ignore my initial calling to serve humanity and help shift the flow of this mighty river called humanity towards the light. Perhaps I can assist more strongly from the vantage of a new reality? Maybe my concerns and questions will find answers soon and I’ll look back on all of this with a smile, but in case not, I feel the need to ask the following:

    If allowed, I would ask that those who know me best in the higher-realms be given the authority to supersede intentions I may harbor down here if they feel it conflicts with my overall, deeper desires. I simply want the following to be taken into consideration… Humanity at large comes first, including Gaia… consider the effect on those I love most next; absolutely anything and everything to ensure their health, happiness and journey… Consider me personally, last. I will gladly endure whatever is required of me. I will find challenge, growth and happiness on any rock, plane, or dream this or any other Universe can throw at me. If I’m anything up there like I am down here, I surely spend great time going over moral quandaries. The outcome is surely subjective and will have many potential futures; I only ask to consider that which is clearly most important to me; the people, this planet and those small few who I would trade anything for. I am sure their signature is evident in my current being.

    Thank you for today’s message, Greg.

  67. I don't comment that much but since you definitely know you are monitoring these I don't see why I shouldn't comment. I would say I resonate with about 95% of all of your messages and take them to heart every day. It is actually what I look forward to everyday. I do think in the next couple of messages it would be nice to see some information on our true origins (lemuria, Atlantis, etc) and how they delt with the earths kundalina, ascension, and all the new energies moving in like we are witnessing today. And also maybe about religion and its influence on people. Who created, why did they create it, how much truth is behind it, what events actually took place, etc. I think that would be a real eye opener to a lot of lost souls out there that are reading these messages. Thanks for everything you all you do gor it is greatly appreciated by the ones that are open to vastness of this universe which we are greatly blessed to even be a part of. And thank you Greg for taking the time to do this along with all of the GFL light beings out there.
    Peace, love, and blessings

  68. Faruk, first of all, if you feel dishonored by me, apologize. And thank you for clearing up the friend thing. I'll remember that. You are correct of course. tomato tomata, enlighten, ascension, lets call the whole thing off. Once again you are concerning yourself with my spiritual path rather than your own. Why do I want to ascend? How do you know I haven't already.
    Faruk, my acquaintance/foe, please go do something productive.

  69. Flamey is another ugly weed that needs pulling. Interesting name choice Flamey, as if your intention is to inflame or instigate? He or she takes time out of their busy day to come here and read these messages and spew negative opinions each and every day, all the while professing the GFL does not even exist and these messages are frauds. Why does someone keep returning here like a lost puppy dog if they are so convinced these messages to be nothing more than a lie? Are you so sure about yourself and your opinions Flamey that you are willing to play with fire, as you too are committing an act not tolerated in this universe.

  70. Thank You Greg for all your work and under duress I should imagine. I have to say your blogs have helped me a lot to keep on track. When I read them I feel a bit of home and family and it makes me happy. I don't understand what the nastiness is about in the light community. It is very upsetting to me that we are not all working together to anchor the light. I know I have a job to do and am still not knowing what all that is except it is about healing and transfering energy somehow. I am pleased that the blogs are getting longer because I never like it when they end. I am going on a camping trip tomorrow at Lake Siskiyou where I will be working on my light, vibration, and heart. I just have to tap into my skill sets then I will be happy. A new body sounds nice. One without pain and loads of energy sounds wonderful. I do feel my years, but that is okay. Mostly I just want to say again to my friends and family "I Love You" and I know you won't leave me here.

  71. I am a bit confused by this message. I like what "the Dave" had to say in regards to this and wonder at the same things he's wondering.

    I have questions, first of which is: why do I need a new body? If I'm ascending with earth, won't I be getting a new body/vessel anyway? A lighter version? I'm 51 and very healthy, although I wouldn't mind looking 25 again.

    Secondly: what does it matter what these "naysayers" are saying? My thinking is that higher dimensional beings shouldn't care what these people are saying.

    I did question the message about kicking in doors and citizen arrests as it occurs to me that our military, police, and other law enforcement agencies are bought and controlled by the cabal. We can't rely on them to make the arrests as their agencies are corrupted. In my mind that meant citizens would have to fit the bill of arresting the cabal. Are the police and military our earth allies or are they an arm of the cabal?

    There is a lot of confusion here and a lot of contradiction compared to what others like SaLuSa, Hilarion, AAM are saying regarding ascension. There is also a website allies of earth dot com or some such thing that paints a picture of the enemy of humanity as those bearing gifts, calling us brothers and sisters, family, etc. My inclination is that its cabal created, yet when these messages get threatening, I begin to wonder what's really going on. I resonate with most of what's here but threats from enlightened beings at us humans stuck in 3D hell...well, it's hard to understand. There's a lot of information out there and sometimes it's hard to know what's real and what's not.

    Thanks for your message. It is inspiring. Namaste,

  72. Dear Beckoning,
    can I just have the pop corn?

  73. By the way, this is one of my favorite blogs ever.

  74. Dear GFL,
    Jean and I are wondering if you have any information concerning the Agarthans and the Light Chambers?
    We have heard that people would be going underground to Agartha and taken to Light Chambers which they will be in for three days. While in the Chambers there bodies would be transformed back to the age of 22 to 25 years old or so with no health issues.
    Do you know anything about this? Is this simular to the process that you utilize?
    Will some go to Agartha and some go with you?
    Love to you all,
    Steve & Jean

  75. Greg,

    I don't mean to be disagreeable, but I have a question.

    Why does Sheldan Nidle's take on body change differ so much from the GFL version you have carefully given us here, Greg?

    Sheldan indicates we will be escorted to personalized chambers to undergo metamorphosis whereas the GFL here explains a body switch.

    Here in duality, it is a bit tough getting the details correct, but if you can offer any explaination as to why this difference exists from such well-received and respected channels, it would be appreciated by many.

    Further, some indicate we are being changed by the light energies as we proceed through 2012. I'm sure many of us wonder what is really going to take place.

    In a big way, the details don't matter as much as the ascension results and living in the Now is part of realizing that goal.

    Love and Peace to All.

  76. Oh, and Greg, thanks so much for your efforts. That truly is a lot of work you did on bringing us this message.

    Many thanks and blessings to you and all.

  77. @Greg

    You are so funny. You don't even mention the Seawall project in your reply to me, you know that same seawall project you said would start about two weeks ago, so I think you even know it was a fake to begin with. I admit it though I come here just about everyday because your post and resulting comments offer a great comic value that I just cant pass up. It's just so funny to see someone claim to channel higher dimensional beings yet their messages barley reflect that claim. You are making false promises, creating separation in your posts, turning your readers against who ever questions what is being said in your messages, painting people like me who hold you to what you say as terrorists. Go ahead and pull me from your garden (what ever that means lol) but until then I will be here to call you on out on your contradictions.

    Yours Truly,

  78. Dear Greg and GFL: I appreciate your message today. Near the end of it you said: "we say to you that for those of you who want a better world, for those of you who want all the things that have been discussed and all of the gifts that can and will be offered to you once your tasks here are completed we say to you we will not desert you, we will not leave you, we will not leave your side, not for one moment. We, your brothers and sisters are here with you and we will continue our fight. It is just that some areas of this fight are your domain and you must complete these assignments yourselves, that is all." I want to say I am not sure after all you said if "we common citizens" are meant to be doing some "things" right now. I have responded before that I am unclear on what else I can possibly be doing, but even after your long description today of 'no longer tolerating' the online violence, vicious rumors, etc. in the quote I copied/pasted it appears there are still some "things" perhaps that we should be doing. Is this true? What "areas of this fight are my domain?" Please forgive me that I don't understand!
    Much love...

  79. "We will continue this method up your coastlines many miles and this will take many days, and this is why we feel the urgency to begin this operation with you almost immediately. We will say that it will be at least a couple of days and even at the most two to three weeks before we begin, but we say to you to take heart of what we say, for we will be beginning this operation very shortly as much needs to be done in a very short time."

    That message was posted over a month ago, and still no explanation as to why nothing materialized in that three week time period you gave.

  80. Dear Victor, I go from amusing , (in my opinion at least), to ruthless in No Time. ;-)

  81. In Native Culture... the way the Elder's and Chiefs handled youngsters who were being annoying or disrespectful, were simply overlooked.... and not spoken to until they acted or spoke accordingly. It was the silence that became unbearable and slyly taught them to look into themselves.

    I like this approach.... sort of choose wisely your battle kind of thing.

    I feel we are wasting precious time on this nonsense..

    ( I know my family will read this and say... "and this comes from someone who likes to say F@ck... a lot"

    only a suggestion ?

    Thank you Greg for being beautiful and helping me get through my days.... from one long Islander to another!
    much love.

  82. Hello All,

    I know I can't answer for Greg on your questions, but I am compelled to comment on the sea wall issue with my opinion.

    Reason for delay: Progress of earth inhabitants is not at level expected... or... perhaps some progress has been made, but due to dangerous conditions for all involved, it is being worked in secret.

    Just a thought for those wondering to ponder... Just my two cents to take or leave.

    Love and Light to you All.

  83. Hello Jean, please go back a few messages and read 'Your Lightworker Assignment: Choose Your Sword'.

  84. I usually just read Greg's messages and don't involve in other people's negative comments but what surprise me is that if one doesn't resonate with the Greg's messages why spend time and energy to attack others. If i don't agree with something i wouldn't read it and i wouldn't try to change anyone. It absolutely makes no sense to me what are these negative beings doing on this website?

  85. Dearest Galactic Federation of Light, The Ashtar Command and Greg Giles. Thank you for this message. I honor every single and solitary word you speak. I resonate with your retoric as the truth.
    We have all, at times in the past been lied to but that was something that we all had to learn about here in the 3rd dimension. Who is lying and who is not? How to discern this comes with experience unless it is someone who is of a very dark nature and refuses to learn. Why would anyone want to be like that? Learning is expansion and that is what the universe is all about, expansion.
    Learning how to resonate with things may be difficult for some but it is an inherent feeling that one gets when they read something or listen to something that makes them feel good. That teaches them something about themselves of the highest good. It's like a good song or video that you never get tired of hearing or watching. Keeping an open mind is also necessary. Learn people, learn!!!

    Dear brothers and sisters of our galactic family, you have made your point loud and clear. It is an honor to know you are here for our welfare. That in itself would be enough for me but my origin is from Sirius and I do know you and I are one as we all are in this universe. Love and light!
    Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja!

  86. Hello Faizaintoascensionsoon, love is the ultimate motivation. It is love for our Creator, our universe, each and everyone of our brothers and sisters and every animal and creature in this entire universe that motivates me to do all I can to make this a better place for all of us. Answering the call of duty and honor may be an emotion that must be experienced before one learns it is what drives them, so I can only suggest you to give it a try. Drop everything that results in nothing but wasted time and discover for yourself if you resonate with the feeling of satisfaction upon the completion of an assignment that benefits so many others.

  87. "We have powers of violence control as well. In other words, and let us be clear about this, our ways are not violent, your ways are violent, and we have ways to control your violence. Have we been clear about that dear ones, that it is not violence that we employ, it is violence we stop, and we will now make every effort to stop the violence that some of you are committing throughout your online communities, and again, you are committing an act of violence and words are your weapon. So if any of you feel you have nothing to worry about because you haven't made a fist and struck another being we say to you that you are in for a very rude awakening, for the acts of violence that you have committed-you have committed with your tongue, and we have ways of dealing with you, and we will."

    What you are saying Greg is that the GFL will deal with me personally because of my attitude on your site right? Well than why isn't the GFL dealing with the members of the cabal who murder, torture, poison, and starve people to death everyday? Am I really that much of a threat that I get the direct attention of the GFL and the members of the cabal only have to deal with the "Earth Allies" that are supposed to arrest them? Oh my, I'm flattered.

  88. I've come here everyday since April this year.
    This blog had always been a very good place to me. But something has gone wrong here. Especially when the 'weeding' thing is going on these days. Mr. Giles, do you really know what you are doing now? It has gone very wrong here. Seriously. This could get very ugly and be very dangerous. I am Chinese and I know very well what might be going on here.



    Don't forget what Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, "Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that."!!!!!

    Don't forget, we're all one!

    1. Greetings to the kind Chinese person that comments above.

      Makes me wonder about my stamina to jump in on weeding. Hmmm. Too many times I read things from the cabalists & my joy would grow dim. Not because I believed but because they are dark energies writing the attack-comments.
      Dark entities are still abundant & they attach to those streaming emotions.

      Like going to a horror movie. BAD IDEA.

      I feel the "weeding" process is very important but in a Greg way, not my way. I'm ready to splay them out & send them off to the galactic sun to be rearranged as new entities.
      Weeding can be done with Love.
      To assume this message has any darkness whatsoever is very short-sighted.

      Plus, he's channeling GFL so if a human is making that call suggesting "darkness" from the 10% capacity of his brain whereas GFL is speaking from higher vibration...
      Who Ya Gonna Listen To??

      Love & Light & Weeding makes a beautiful garden with lots of strong nourishing food & beautiful flowers.
      So Be It.

  89. Lisa, I like your comment alot! I agree with that, I truly believe we all should look inward at our selves for that is where our true selves lay. None of us got to where we are today without doing this! Unfortunately you are right I feel it a waste of time to focus on basics we all had and have a chance to learn. I feel it is time we begin uplifting each other and creating a radiant beautiful garden where we can all grow healthy and strong!

  90. Please be aware! "Inciting the spirit of judgment and fighting" among the crowd will very possibly result in a disaster; both mental and physical one! Stop it!

    I am not a terrorist for saying these things! I am just pointing out some histories for people here to reflect on it by themselves!!!

    Human! Don't repeat the mistake again and again!

  91. To ”I've come here since april this year” I respect your concerns and understand your hesitation. Its obvious there is a bit off fear in you're comment for you feel that some of the evil that had happened in your counrty will repeat. I assure you this will not happen we are not attacking anyone nor throwing hate at anyone but you must realize that this is a battle of good and evil. The only way to raise the vibrational level of this planet and ourselves is to be in and work with love. So we must distance ourselves from those who do not have the same understanding such is the nature of this reality but balance will be restored! With love and light!

  92. I noticed that the message was long too today. But It did not bother me to read the extra bit. I am okay with it being this long. It said stuff about getting a new body.

    I like the idea of getting a new body. This one is kind of worn out and fairly toxic with fluoride and other junk.

    Hmmm, alright excuse me for a second if I make a leap of understanding and skip over a missing piece of evidence and come to a theory that is not wholly supported by your message. Which I have reread. Is this new body going to be chosen or designed rather by our higher selves? You mentioned it would have the age we wished to appear. But did not go any further than that. So I guess the question is how much of the rest of the details is up to us. And is it up to future us, ascended us, or 3d us or higher self us? It was stated that this was one of the first gifts to be given. Is it given before or after ascension? It seemed as though (in the context of the other messages) that it would be before ascension. Because if it was one of the first gifts, it would not make sense for it to be after ascension as it seem there were gifts talked about happening before that. It would be nice if you guys just gave Greg a Simple numbered list in which the order of events is to occur. It is tedious to cross reference every message that talked about what order an event is to occur to make one's own list to see what has to happen first. What I know is kind of that the seawall project has already started. unless I missed a message about that being delayed. And that most of the other stuff is going to start once most of the cabal has been arrested. Then the first major thing will be disclosure and that is to open the flood gates to the gifts and the projects and I don't really know the order of those either. Again I apologize for my human memory. If I was already asceneded it would not be difficult to simultaneously compare all of the messages side by side to see exactly what was said specifically on what occasion.

    Sorry if I am just thinking on paper as it were. Anyway, I think the idea of a body is pretty cool. I am all for it.

    I wonder if it is similar to body switching like I had dreams of doing, which I believe to be messages by my star family.

    In the dream, I was kid on a school bus, and I was hanging out at the back of the bus.(I realize school bus is kind of a metaphor for something that served a similar purpose at that time). I had 2 friends who were girls. We switched bodies with each other. Apparently having sex with each other while switched bodies was forbidden or something like that. It might not actually be, but it was in the dream anyway.

    Also, I will be more careful with my rhetoric. I apologize if some of my words have been of a violent nature. I try very hard to not say those kinds of things. But I will admit sometimes I get lost in strong feelings and coarse rhetoric. It is not my wish or intention to defame you. And again I apologize if my actions have not matched this intention. Mostly I am just curious about more details.

    But there is something I am curious about. And I hope I say it in a way that it does not come across in a negative way. But I have wondered or perhaps feared at some subconscious level, what happens if the people(citizens) at Earth demand peace. But the Earth Allies fail to deliver.Of course this thought is probably irrational because I have read many other channeled messages that state the arrests are proceeding. SaLuSa through Mike Quinsey and Sheldon Nidle's channelings both state that they are occurring. And I believe this blog might have said it too at one point. Forgive me if this human memory fails me.

  93. Thank you for stepping up the game now!

  94. To the best family imaginable! all Hail!

  95. Messages are getting longer, Awesome!

  96. COMPLETE BODY OVERHAUL! haha I Love IT! I will wait my turn. :) he he

  97. I look forward to practical actions that remove the darkness of our world. I have mixed feelings about the strong emotion coming through. It is from a place of central calm and faith in God, that our best work is performed. May we all be victorious in the light!

  98. Thank you, Greg for the channeling n thank you GFOL family for the constructive criticism n wake up call!

    It's time to for me to also "step up" my game n fulfill my mission.

    I'm extremely excited n looking forward to the new body!

    Cheers to the removal of the cabal!
    Liberation is at hand!

    Much love all.

  99. Loved this message and all of them
    GFL Sisters & Brothers

  100. To the GFOL. I dont have anything against realy about transferring the soul to a new bosy. But i am going speak the truth of how i feel about it. I just feel why go to a new body i only wish to fix mine and still acend? Is this not possible. I understand for people who are ill injured. Without libs or some disease thats rare but i know acension can be better than this . I like the idea. But why cant i acend with my own first body that i wish to fix making it new insytead of reciving another new one? Because to me it feels like then im not me . My first body is my own. I only wish to acend with this body and then fix it and perfect it more instead of reciving a new one. Which isnt badm i just dont know how i can relate to it. Please explain these things to me. And i want to know everything i wish is possible or not? Because i would have a new body but when you think about it. You say wait a minute why cant it just cure right all in one? And still acend?

  101. I will admit that I have spent more time analyzing your messages in my comments than I have spreading love and light in my response. I will try to do more of that too from now on. I think my intuition was telling me that as I was writing my last message.

    I am analyzing your messages mostly for the benefit of my critical thinking skills and my discernment. Hopefully it will help me in my ability to identify those cabal agents pretending to be lightworkers who post divisive stuff in our online groups. Hopefully I have given you guys plenty to analyze too =)

    (We can make into this something of a game, ehehhe.)

    Go analyzer people go :*)>
    (that last emoticon should have appeared as a clown with a goatee)

    Anyways thanks for putting up with me. And my silly mental games =)

  102. es gracioso ver que al parecer las personas que leen mensajes de luz...bueno pareciera que tienen en promedio una edad superior a los 30.yo por mi parte solo tengo 19 aun asi si fuera necesario un cambio de cuerpo yo aceptaria ese regalo.

  103. Greg Giles Update: Greg is asking for souls and going after those who bad-mouthed him!!

    Yep, this is why he was banned from those other sites (Galactic Free Press and At least they got sense enough to get rid of him from infecting their members. And it's only going to get worse. The closer we get to ascension, the more he's going to show his hand of how much of a devil he is to ensnare the sheeple that still follow him. He has to!! He has to get as many souls as he can before ascension.

    But don't let me stop you from follow Greg because "it resonates with me". That's fine. Once you agree to let Greg take your soul, let me know how that new body feels because I'm resonating that once you give Greg your soul, we won't be hearing from you again.

    Question to you Greg Giles followers: Why do we have to switch bodies when we are going to get a 5D body on ascension in a few months anyway? Answer: Your not getting a new body, it's a trick. The devil have to have your permission to take your soul and saying that it's a gift from "The Creator", is another trick to the newly awakened people who don't know any better. He has now threatened to go after all the people who bad-mouthed him. Tell me, does that "resonate" with you, or do you just look for the good sentences and ignore all the negatives and walk away? I really like what you have to say about this. The "GFL" channel says they are going to come after us.

    "We are certainly living up to our end of the bargain and we are even upping the ante, as we never had any intention of coming here and silencing those who have attacked us or abused us through the use of words, but a point has been reached and we now have convened and we now have reached a unanimous decision that these words that have been used against us are acts of terrorism. They have now breached the realms of free speech and expression and have now escalated into the realm of psychotronic warfare."

    "This is a well used tactic in this universe, and we are very experienced and well suited to protect ourselves from this sort of terrorist act. We have very proven and effective methods to deal with these assaults and this is what we now will do, and for those of you who are on our side, who now stand on the side of law, of truth, of justice, of love and of light you can take solace in knowing that we are now stepping up our game. You wanted to see some changes in your world and you wanted to see us make some of them, well you are now going to witness what it is we can do when we choose to do it and put our minds to achieving a goal."

    So, if I'm reading this right...the GFL is not going to help us fight the cabal. The cabal, that have enslaved the world for hundreds of years, lied, tortured and killed untold millions of people, but instead they are going after people that bad-mouthed them over the internet????? 5D SPIRITUAL, HIGHLY ADVANCED LIGHT BEINGS ARE GOING AFTER REGULAR PEOPLE THAT TALKED SMACKED ABOUT THEM ONLINE??!!!! IS THIS WHO YOUR FOLLOWING??? You have to have your head examined if you follow him after this!!! Good Luck!

    1. Daryl Terry-

      good message to SKIP :-)))

  104. To Geraldo Martell: Greg's soul switching to another body is a lie to take your soul. You will be getting a new 5D body on ascension. Greg is trying to trick and steal as many souls as he can before ascension. You are ok, don't worry. You will be taking that body with you and it will transform in the new one. Take care. ;)

  105. Peace, love, and healing...wonderful news.

  106. When someone's actions and behaviour goes beyond a limit then it has to be dealt with. Initially lots of light, unconditional love, tolerance and patience has to be projected and space and time has to be given for realization to dawn.

    But beyond a time limit things have to be dealt as it is a law of nature and is decreed by God. The strength of words come from the Source itself and happens only after a respectable period of tolerance and patience from one's side.Impatient burst of anger and histrionics is not a highly evolved soul's way, but anger which is just and fair after a long period of tolerance is the way of' law of nature'. Deep understanding of this fact is the reason souls in highly evolved societies don't lash out at each other.

    Its written in the book 'conversations with God' that if one keeps on hammering other on his head then one day the other procures a big hammer to bang you once and for all, and this is the reason highly evolved societies don't hammer each other as they know one day they will get back what they are giving out.

    And thanx for the new and healthy body.

  107. When someone's actions and behaviour goes beyond a limit then it has to be dealt with. Initially lots of light, unconditional love, tolerance and patience has to be projected and space and time has to be given for realization to dawn.

    But beyond a time limit things have to be dealt as it is a law of nature and is decreed by God. The strength of words come from the Source itself and happens only after a respectable period of tolerance and patience from one's side.Impatient burst of anger and histrionics is not a highly evolved soul's way, but anger which is just and fair after a long period of tolerance is the way of' law of nature'. Deep understanding of this fact is the reason souls in highly evolved societies don't lash out at each other.

    Its written in the book 'conversations with God' that if one keeps on hammering other on his head then one day the other procures a big hammer to bang you once and for all, and this is the reason highly evolved societies don't hammer each other as they know one day they will get back what they are giving out.

    And thanx for the new and healthy body.

  108. Dear Gregg

    I have all these pesky ascension symtoms, head tingling, visions, voices, ringing in the ears, seeing energy like you would not believe. Even seeing the matrix in full 5D. A year ago my body (aged 60) suddenly rejuvenated, from broken arm, arthritis, chronic fatigue, into a healthy vibrant one, and gets better day by day.

    But seeing as I intend to stay in this 3D, can you recommend how I can stop this darned process.

    I got no answer yesterday, so I am trying again.

  109. This comment has been removed by the author.

  110. Purrrrfect!
    Up The Ante YES!!
    Weed the garden.
    I feel a VERY strong emotion to read uplifting info & I wish to be in company with Light. I Am certainly not a fluffy new-ager & I will call situations out, including my own moments of purging shadows ( my own, ancestors, womankind).

    I like the Warrior Power that is flowing from GFL & Greg. The most powerful Peaceful Warriors are honed to perfection by interacting with Little Petty Tyrants - like many of the ego obsessed cabalists that were commenting.
    Castaneda has this spelled out, can google- petty tyrants.
    I always have @ least 1 PT in my life. Its a drag but I know there is a higher reason.


    FANTASTIC MESSAGE. Now off to my power packed sleep after a deep Holosync meditation. Blessed Be

  111. The GFL is similar to the Marines, Navy and armed forces of the Earth, they are the forces sent by the governing body in this Galaxy known as the Galactic Federation of Planets. They are not here to issue romantic and flowery words and messages that suit the senses of some people who only like messages that are very abstract and flowery in its construction and form. What good does it do when all you hear are nicely crafted words but void of truth and relevance and genuine concern? Love and light is good but it doesnt need to hide all the time behind the veil and wall of hypocrisy using words that are either just plain non-sense or non relevant. What good is it if you can deliver some hefty highly poetic words but could not address the real and exact issue of the matter? Dont you think you will only create confusion?

    You see true and honest concern is communicated via direct and straight to the point words and messages. You may prefer them say it in an indirect way filled with beautiful abstract words but in the end you will only misunderstand them and not get the heart of the matter.

    You see just because the GFL's message doesnt sound most of the time like your average channelers or some fake cabal messengers it doesnt mean they are not in line with the principles of love and light.

    Instead they are here to establish
    galactic order, peace and assist us in the restoration of the Earth and its people from the affliction of long standing darkness endured for thousands of years.

    So dont be offended when sometimes the tone of their messages are somewhat very direct. For they are after the truth. And what better way to say it than say it in its raw state and tell it like it is? In this world we have been indoctrinated with so many lies expressed in beautifully crafted words, designed to deceive the average people.

    The GFL is not like that. They are true and honest in what they say. The programs and projects they intend to undertake may have been delayed or postponed for sometime but nevertheless it will be implemented as mentioned by them. What they are waiting for is "safety" until the substantial amount of the criminal dark Ones have been removed out of the public circulation. They will ultimately proceed once the gangsters of darkness have been significantly dealt with and unable to pose any treat to the people who will work with the GFL in performing the many projects they have planned to do.

  112. Finally got an answer. To stay in 3D all I need to do (and keep all my benefits) is love and care for the earth and all her creatures. Tend to MY garden, accept the weeds which provide a home for many beneficial insects, feed her, be with her, talk to her. I am to visualise the skies as being clean and natural, the seas to be the same. I am to accept the species leaving as their job is done. And I am to accept that a large proportion of the negativity here is to finally cleanse the earth.

    No mention of people though, wonder why.

  113. OMG. What in blue heaven is going on?

    Will I remember who I was before, in this new body?

    How do you know if there are not criminals on this blog who would welcome those new bodies to get away from being identified?

    How many of these posters have been tested for bad karma? Does posting here absolve one from any wrongdoing and a free ticket to the 5th and all its fun?

    Why do they call people who don't agree with them terrorists to hunt down? If people have other beliefs and post it here, are they automatically the enemy?

    This sound like a lot of humbug to me. I don't think these space people are that shallow. That's why, to be on the safe side let's all do the following:

    In case this is just another message with which to construct a cult grouping, let us cancel the darkness of evil with the eternal light of our creator.







  114. Dear Daryl Terry,
    It's your lucky day. I'm still on the fence and thus my soul is up for grabs. Make me a better offer and its yours. I AM toilet trained, great at parties, I can build walls,and and once claimed, I AM very loyal. Get in quick though. I AM a man in demand.


  115. Love & Light & Weeding makes a beautiful garden filled with lots of strong nourishing food & beautiful flowers.
    So Be It.

  116. Oops, almost forgot. I AM a lover, not a fighter... if you know what i mean. :)

  117. To Erin 111: Sorry, I don't do drugs. Next time, just say no. If not, seek help.
    P.S. Greg does not channel. He is a fake. FYI.

    To Peter Karanikas: I don't take souls, but ask Greg. He looking for a few to take down with him.

  118. Good morning from eastern Europe!
    Flamey said " What you are saying Greg is that the GFL will deal with me personally because of my attitude on your site right? Well than why isn't the GFL dealing with the members of the cabal who murder, torture, poison, and starve people to death everyday? Am I really that much of a threat that I get the direct attention of the GFL and the members of the cabal only have to deal with the "Earth Allies" that are supposed to arrest them? Oh my, I'm flattered.

    I agree with Flamey! Are we ugly weeds? And Cabal members are beautiful flowers?
    I think there is an urgency to pluck away the Cabal from the Earth, then land on the planet and
    tell the people the truth what is going on here....
    Because not so many people are reading this blog. I think no more than 20 000, really.

  119. This comment has been removed by the author.

  120. Erin 111111,

    You don't have to bow before Greg and his Goof. You are welcome to go directly to Source and 'It' will place you according to your frequency of vibration. Or do you prefer to remain this anonymous Erin 111111, hiding behind the scenes with your skeletons and baggage like most posters on this blog. Scared to face the truth about yourself?

  121. And btw Erin ????, weeding drops your IQ by 8 points.

  122. Dear GFL....I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  123. This comment has been removed by the author.

  124. Well said, Hozanna! But I'm afraid Erin 11111111111111 has taken one weed too many.

    To Faruk, Flamey, sadee,: Keep fighting the good fight!! Greg is now banned by Galactic Free Press and Also his Swedish translation has stopped as well. This is why he's so hot under the collar now. His reach to deceive people took a HUGE DROP!! Let's keep up the pressure!

    To Greg Giles: How 'bout them Seawalls???

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  127. Hozanna, be careful with that word - flabbergast!
    For example,
    "I thought you were cutting down and here you are totally flabbergast."

  128. Janina, I'm flabbergasted!
    So there actually are more sane people on this planet. What do you eat or drink to come up with such fantastic wisdom of the ages?

    Greg said people created the cabal and use it like a drug. They inject themselves with it, then start hallucinating, seeing evil demons all over the place. In their banking, education, religion, media, hollywood, even in their food and drink.

    But you say they are real and that we're not just seeing things as his gfol is alleged to be saying. Just be careful though. You may be branded an anti-sucker and hunted down like the pest.

    I don't see you asking about the progress on the construction of those seawalls? You don't strike me as someone who'd forget about that.

  129. I don't ask about the seawalls as I don't think we need them now.
    Earth will go terraforming soon and all the waterlines will change. So what use?

  130. Can anyone enlighten me. Is the GFOL the same as those lightships we see on You Tube or even what people say they see moving around in the skies sometimes? Aren't they the funny looking alien beings?

  131. May peace be upon Allah, my Dear ascended, lovely and worthy Galactic Family.

    words are not enough to explain my love that i have for you. times change we grow up and see the difference of lots of thing. but deep down we have bad sides too because we are human beings and we have been imposed with lots of violence. but it does not mean we will act to it. we always have another way to do works. so i left all bad ways to harm people or my galactic family or beings in universe(s).

    Allah has created a powerful weapon which is love and it is very enough for making anything. when we find it we find also peace, joy and harmony.

    many years i looks for real brothers and sisters for some one that worthy and understand me. and now i have you. i loved lots of people but in the end lots of them left me and i am not sad for that. everything has reason and when i saw that i liked it. all were for the true love which is a part of it is you my dear family. i know you will read this words and i am so happy for that. wow. you read my writings. you feel me, you understand me, you see me. you love the Creator who I also love. you love every being especial if it is in the side of positive.

    i like to wear that new body but i do not know how to do that. but i trust you and so i like that trust too. i saw a dream this morning before waking up. i saw that i was being prepared for ascension. that was a good feeling. unfortunately i could not see the result whether i did it or not. but it is okay. i do not mind it. because i this: my heart is with you. i love you and i feel that you love me either. i accept what you offer. i accept that love so very much.

    i also love Greg for posting these beautiful messages. i looked for this things for years and now i have these. so thanks you so much for that.

    i want to say that there always bad people or beings or whatever.

    and please feel free to contact me my dear family. also thanks for the dreams i see these days. they are pretty cool. i see you in them.

    please let me know when you want to do something for me. i love you all. see you soon. i hope that soon will come very soon because i cant wait to see you...

    be in love, be in joy. be in our hearts as always. i hear your voice your whisper...

  132. Dear Online family,

    As far as our Comments here....Please stay in your light and do not let others words get to you. If it is of the light read, if it is not of the light, send them a smile, blessing, or flower and move on. Send messages of love and light and do not try to change them. Their soul will recognize the light, so stay in it;-) !!!!!!

    Dearest Greg, wow you have amazed me, thank you xoxox

    Dearest GFoL,

    Yesterday message sent me vibrating with such joy! I have my magic words and will be joining you in 5D soon! I was so excited I was floating.

    Today's message was exciting too, but then went into all negative stuff that I had trouble reading, it lowered my vibration, although I know it is important to read, I feel that it is not my job as a light worker. But yet I am a little confused as to what my job fully is so I can Focus on that and relax, and have the full comfort that I am doing my job, as others do theirs.

    My brain is a super computer and I start configuring and then try to stop and try to feel how to ascend, how to raise my vibration, how to be love, to be service, to be light, to re-member who I am, to breathe, to smile, to be happy, to cleanse, to clear, to teach, to hold space, to protect, to heal, to be free, to release, to forgive, to stand in my power, to dream, to meditate, to be in nature, to play, to have passion, to have self-discipline, to see the divine in all, to feel the heartbeat of the earth, to cleanse and clear energies of the land, to send love to all around the globe, to have self love, to give without recognition, to laugh.. a lot, to honor my body and take care of it, to speak my truth, to have compassion, to say hi to the plants and listen to the winds, to know that I am safe, that I am loved, that I am love, to awaken my psychic abilities, to eat whole foods with containing a life source, to pray, to chant, to create sacred space, to call in the elementals, guides, God, Goddess and the Ascended masters, to get out under the stars, to be Present, dispel worry, and fear, to trust, believe, to be courageous, and believe in myself.... to just name a few. This is a lot. I try to narrow it down and only work on a few, but this has become who i am..... I do all of these things and more, but I don't feel I am called to help with the arrests, and this stresses me a bit out;)

    Questions I have: what i listed are these my job? at least for now?
    Did I choose to ascend in the 1st wave? or will I stay here to be the warrior I see in my dreams? Will you make contact before ascension? Shall I get my affairs for my families sake in order?

    Can you please give us some tools for remembering.

    Thank you, I love you all xoxooxo

    With warmest aloha and starlight,

  133. thank you greg .....and to my family of light i love and miss you. i read gregs messages over and over cause it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. xoxo

  134. My inclination and intuition to the topic of "New Body" that will be given as we ascend and the current body that we have is 'convergence'. Much like what happened with Jesus/Sananda he now have a new higher dimensional body including the body that he had when he was still Jesus on Earth. And having the best of both worlds meaning he can slide from one dimension to another without a hassle. Unlike, when you dont have any of these bodies and have to journey into a lower dimension and you will have to incarnate which means you will lose your memories. This 3D body convergeance with a new higher dimensional one will have its privileges and advantages. For one thing we will not be susceptible to diseases and aging very common in this low dimensional world. A 5th or so dimensional body will free us from the constraints of - for example gravity. Meaning we can fly. A 5D body is immortal. Thats why this coming evolution is restricted from those who dont deserve this because it is very dangerous to fall into the hands of the non-deserving individuals who still harbor and retain a high level of darkness in their character.

    This is why those who will not ascend will be transferred to the 2nd Earth at the backside of the sun.

  135. Greetings to Greg and to my friends and family, the Galactic Federation of Light. Thank you for your endearing persistence and unending love and light. I have felt in my heart that I agree with all that you have attempted to communicate and share here, even if the messages are not always perfectly clear for the average human brainwave frequencies to grasp. I thank you for seeing me and allowing me to see you in the sky every night, I grok you my family, as well as Greg.

  136. So, no one wants to have a healthy body, because you will drop this earthly one like a dirty rag?

    I get a bit confused, my body now is vibrant, healthy, full of energy, (bounding around affecting other people in good way too) I look younger, supple, almost athletic.

    I have been reading that ascension will not be an instant thing, some are saying 2013 and beyond.

    Why would you not want health NOW?

    Why are you all looking to some unknown date, resigning yourselves out of this existence?

    Why would you allow this planet, YOUR HOME, to disintegrate?

    Answers would be most useful. But I notice that you all seem to have tunnel vision, eyes blinkered to a (possible) future that does not even have guarantees you will be included.

    Why do I bother? Because perhaps I am slightly ahead of you and want you to ask the questions that will get you there.

  137. Peace, love and light to all - all is as and will be as it should be .....

  138. To all my fellow light workers I will advise you to remember that there are two emotions humans experience. Science tells us this! These two emotions are love and fear all other emotions stem from these two. When you are in a state of fear it has been proven that your DNA molecule will constrict and coil tighter which limits the antenna on your DNA molecule and shuts you of from the energies of the universe, source energy, higher self, and lowers your vibrational level. When you are in a state of love your DNA molecule unravels which allows you to access more antenna on the DNA molecule which in return allows you to access these energies and raise your vibration. This concept of fear and love is the same as good and evil, they are the same. (love= good fear = evil) Anyone that ever committed any type of violent crime was not in a state of love, right?! (please don't misunderstand. I don't mean that if you have posted a comment out of fear out have ever been scared that you are evil. Fear is just the tool in which evil uses to act through human actions and words. If you are using fear as a tool in your everyday life that is evil.) So there are truths to this reality, when you open your heart which will open your eyes to them! Also we can say that if the universe is love which it is! Then we can say that fear is illusion! We also know of other illusions such as separation and time. We are all connected and time doesn't exist. Try to see the universe without the illusion of the ego. So to sum up what I am saying we are all at different levels of spiritual evolution and understanding which is apart of the unique circumstances we face here on earth. The individuals that lash out in fear fit two categories in my opinion, lost souls and evil souls. We must do or best to help out all lost souls (by lost souls I mean a person who has good intent but may have become lost in the illusions of this reality) but if it becomes apparent that you cannot help that soul or have suspicions that it may be an evil soul( has ill intent) then leave them alone and allow the universe to take care of them. For they will be looked after in which ever way that will benefit them most. In some cases there will be karmic punishment for their actions. We must stay strong in our goals and remain united! We know who to be suspicious of and who we should ignore right? It took me a long time to reach certain understandings, most of them I learned at a young age and as I got older they began to sink in more and more culminating into all that I've come to understand in the recent years. We have all done this work on our selves to reach the levels we are at today. Have faith in yourself and your beliefs! Keep your swords sharp and may your light shine through all the darkness!

  139. Would it be possible for the GFL to share with us more technical details about how consciousness works? I would love to learn something from them that I can use to expand upon and hopefully explain to others. When I say details I mean from a scientific and quantifiable standpoint.

  140. I had told you before Mr Lies, keep it clean. You can not say anyone terrorist here. I am a son of a country who gives her sons martries to terrorism everyday. But as you live on Moon you don't know anything about anything. You and your followers, your worhsippers make me sick. Go out and ge3t some fresh air. Go and get a life. Go and get a real job, try to be a man.

  141. We have all done this work on our selves to reach the levels we are at today.

    What work exactly? From what I have seen these people are totally confused about what to do.

    Gregg is finally telling truth, but not the whole truth. He says it is not an easy task, but no one seems to ask what they need to do.
    Let there be light, and illuminate everyone about how to get there.

    Free will and truth to all creatures on this planet. Messages of support do not aid understanding of HOW to do it.

  142. This comment has been removed by the author.

  143. Manuel Pineda, I don't see you furnishing any sources for your claims. Can we please have a bibliography at the end of your speeches so that we can: 1. see where your sources got this information from and if their informants are credible, 2. test their logic for ourselves, 3. see if you properly understood what they wrote before we accept the punishment you're so easily dishing out to your 'non-deserving'individuals, which may even include yourself in the end. Or may we assume it all to be mere conjecture on your side.

    ... And be careful to not hastily judge others, 'lite' worker.

  144. "The time is now to let go of what has been, regarding the lies and deceptions of the old world order. The time is now to focus on what you choose! What do you choose dear ones? (response from group - love, abundance, peace, compassion, prosperity, health, justice, freedom, self-acceptance). And in your speaking of these words – of that which you choose to manifest – in this is your freedom birthed – from there are none who can hold you down at this time! It is no longer possible to bind you; to limit you; to keep you chained down through fear, which has always been the greatest tool of the New World Order. For now that you understand that you are able to manifest what you choose, not only individually but collectively – so you find that you are free! You are free! You are free and in your power, finally!

    Notice the emotions that are within you as you hear our words – emotions such as hope, joy, liberation and power! Only words that bring these emotions into your energy field are appropriate at this time. So many channelled messages are available now – you must learn to scan your energy bodies quickly as you begin to read the words so that you feel whether the words you read bring the vibration of fear or of freedom.

    And so it is, Divine co-creators of the New Age on Gaia, that we bring of bring words of hope, love and Light into your energy fields. Blessed are we, in order to be able to communicate with you in this way. Our hearts are with you always. Namaste."

    Watch on YouTube here

  145. Why would anyone spend so much time subjecting themselves to information they don't believe? They either recognize a truth that fear won't allow them to accept. They love the argument. Or they have an agenda.
    if you are passionate about your truth send time with people of similar beliefs and use the force of numbers to get your message across. if you're not passionate about your truth then maybe it's time to re-evaluate what you believe. If you enjoy the argument maybe it's time you let a little love in your life. And if you have an agenda, maybe it's time you let a lot of love in your life. Because the only agenda worth pursuing is the Love of God. And if that is your agenda, arguing is redundant.


  146. It's about time Greg, that the GFL step in and take the bull by the horns. However, I can see the wisdom of letting these 'weeds' grow big enough and obvious enough so they can be pulled up roots and all. The kind of comments offered by these misguided souls is never constructive in the slightest way, they never point to anything positive, just dwell on what seems untrue to their blinkered views. However, we can see now what are flowers and what are weeds, so it is time to get to work and clean out the rank growths before they take over the entire garden. I concur with you and the ones you have identified, and agree that it is time for these aimless dissidents be removed from the round table, and be placed on the other side of the conference room doors. We have many things we would like to discuss here, but nothing can be openly brought forth as long as we have these neurotic disruptive elements free to divert the dialogue to their disgusting bullshit. I have been on this quest for many many decades, and have had countless encounters with other trolls over the years...not one of them ever was able to free themselves from their little self made prisons. They tend to use the site they hate as a platform to recruit others to join them in their sabotages. They use the very openness of this forum to launch their attacks, often leaving a long trail of disquieting barbs that must consume a great part of their day to produce. I think that just ignoring them at this stage is not the right answer, there will have to be firm action taken to move the game along a little. It is unfortunate that it has to come to this, but mere words are no longer going to be enough, the posts Greg leaves are proof of that. I don't know how many of them are actually paid to do this type of dastardly deeds, but the quality of their comments leads me to conclude they are working this job for free on their own volition. It is their own twisted conceptions that seems to inspire them to do this, and I think they fully expect some God to pop out of the mists some day and praise them for their astute observations, their diligence and perseverence...they see it as a test, and they are not letting their god down.

  147. Anon, I don't think you'll ever get a clear answer on the subject of consciousness. The Russians were about to crack it when the program was abruptly stopped when the 'Cold War' ended. 'Remote viewing' is the closest you'll ever get to the facts, I think. Apply for a booking at the Monroe, Farsight, Stanford Institutes, etc. You may be lucky.

    Otherwise, forget about it. Non will be forthcoming. It's a tightly guarded secret.

  148. Groupthink, very dangerous to step into. Being German I understand the effect of such a mindset.

  149. Pegaly, can you please keep your ire in check and your paragraphs shorter. One tends to lose interest halfway through your many lines of insults and it's rather disquieting to the peaceful souls who visit here.

    Once you managed to calm yourself down enough.

    You say you've been searching for decades. Has it ever occurred to you that you may have been searching in the wrong places all this time? This being one of them. Just a thought.

  150. I see recurrent posts of an interesting nature:

    Imaginary people engaging in conversations with their imaginary friends.


    what is that fear? why does someone act like that? what is that concern? what happens to them when some ones read something and have heart beating so fast? do they feel something different from their first situation?

    so lets tell something. we all are in a confusing vessel and for many centuries we have been told that something will change and now is the time but what is that fear comes with it? i ask everyone. why are you fearing? Allah (God) has created us and protect us. He does this with someone He has and it makes sense because in this universe everything grows up together. so when this happens we grow up they grow up etc.. we all make a progress together.

    so if someone Like GFofL has been doing this don't be surprised and afraid. in the ends of times the beings on earth and skies will come together. so just stay in love and be together. our purpose must be the same. we have to build united humanity reality.

    just do not be afraid. what GFL offers us is not fear is nod a bad thing. but we as human beings are so used to fear that when something normal or good happens we doubt. what is that feeling? just try to break your own barrier. then you will see that eternal happiness which has created by Allah(God) for every being. He is generous and He is merciful...

    last i want to say to Faruk who is stuck with lab rat and obviously he does not know the mean of it or the benefits of it. so i suggest him to read Sadıklar Planı which is a perfect book has been written by a high council of Sirius and he can understand what it really means... or he can read something on as Sirius mission...

    who has fear can read something on that site. it has english version too.

    be in love and joy... greeting from bursa turkey... love you GFL so very much.

  152. Thank you, Greg and the Galactic Federation of Light!

    Your messages are and always have been easy enough to understand.

    Thank you, GFL for putting up with some of us. Thank you, Greg for keeping going.

    I have been awaken and with you for some time now. When I am called, I will be ready.

    I love all of you so much!

    Thanks for stepping up your game.

    Johnny aus Paris,Texas

  153. Hozanna, the reason science struggles to define it is because it's intangible. It is not something you can dissect. It is something you experience. And that requires you looking inside yourself and looking at that which is uncomfortable. Which is why it's so difficult to define. Our duality predisposes us in such away that we avoid doing that.It is not intuitive. We need to look beyond the hallucination that is fear and see it as such - just a hallucination. No one wants to put their hand in a fire. The pain is real. Fear simulates that pain. But if you push beyond the discomfort you expose it for what it is. Bluff, in the name of protecting you from an enemy that no longer exists.Beyond that bluff lies your consciousness.

  154. I hope the beings from these lightships seen in the sky, won't use the Internet as a medium to communicate with the people of this planet. Too much lying, deception, pornography, etc. are carried on this broadband. The satanic cabal created this tool for their enslavement of the masses.

    Please, whoever's manning those lightships, do not use this instrument of evil to meet the masses. Land your spaceships amongst the poor and needy. They will welcome you like they did Jesus.

    Feed them, heal them, shelter them, educate and protect them from the haughty and the hypocrite, most of whom are loitering on this very blog, banging on your doors.

    You won't find them in the field caring for the downtrodden, no. They're only in it to save their own skins. Bugger them!

  155. Hozanna:

    You are not a peaceful soul, so don't include yourself in those who come here to learn. You are a confused, bitter and flippant airhead, and have nothing of a positive value to offer here. For every slacker like you, someone else needs to work twice as hard, just to come out even. You should be ashamed of yourself that you cannot see the destructive potential of your idiotic comments. I will keep my comments as long as is necessary to bring my point across, and people like you need to either keep taking your meds for ADD, or not...which ever works best for you. You may want to consider what your comments look like IF all this ultimately turns out to be true. Just letting a few items of new age jargon fall from your lips now and then does not make you an individual on the ascension path, just like all the other trolls around here who think they know the lingo, but don't actually understand the language.

  156. Hozana and Pegalys,
    Please guys, don't follow each other down a path that ultimately dissempowers you both. I never see anyone asking the question "how did you come to that conclusion? what do you mean when you say that? have you ever considered looking at it form this point of view. I believe there is truth - that We are All One. And then there is everyones version of truth. Which is how our indivdual dualities manifest. Enlightenment is the process of assimilating every one of those truths so that your truth becomes I AM that I AM. Lets not fight over who is right and wrong. Lets have some fun with it. What I see happening is everyone has become so caught up in the ascension that they've forgotten to live their lives and enjoy the process. Cause truth be told, the things we have to do can sometimes verge on the ridiculous.

  157. I was not talking to everyone sadee. Not all of us have done this work on ourselves here. By work on our selves I mean by looking at our own actions, thoughts, intentions and looking for a deeper meaning in life. Most of us have done this which has led us to certain understandings. I believe this to be true because that's how it happened for me. when I was younger I would think about life and its meaning and why there was so much suffering. Only to come up with my own answers from out of no where. I knew I had a distinct connection to all life and the earth. I knew that god was unconditional love and that he was the universe I was apart of. I knew that suffering stemmed from the mind and that I wanted to help others. I knew most of this at a really young age. I was fascinated with knowledge and learning. I have really enjoyed astronomy and physics though I'm not that great at math.This process of analyzing life and myself went on my while life. Every time I messed up in life I looked at it with the most clarity I could muster and tried to learn from it and move on. I really tried to see things for what they really were without me creating something that wasn't true. To tie all this up it took me to start looking inwards at very young age to realize I wanted to be in service to others and to our creator who works in love. I have had many other epiphanies thought my life and have the pleasure of understanding that all is well in this universe and that there is nothing to fear as long as love is in your heart! For the record before I go I have had many times faltered in my life and lived in fear. Those moments are why I am here today! I would not know who I am if I did not mess up so I could realize what I really wanted from life. All lower vibrational aspects of life are not for me. I very much feel ready for experiences that are much more uplifting for me and my loved ones. I am very exited about being able to have jobs in service to others in this universe! Love and light!

  158. Pegalys
    How did you come to the conclusion that Hozana is not at peace? Not wanting to single you out here. Because you may be right. Lets be true Light Workers and discover your reasoning so that if you are right we can all help Hozana find some. And in so doing we can all gain your perspective and take a step closer to enlightenment.

  159. Oh pegaley. How I see your true colors shining through. Pretending to be light, you speak from the dark labyrinth of a shady character.


  160. Eu senti uma preocupação grande com os homens e mulheres de nosso mundo realizando as prisões.Parece que estão indo de modo devagar é por isso que vou intencionar minha luz a eles ,elas neste momento.

  161. Hi Greg,
    I always love your messages as with this one. This one was extra long. The 8 to 13 minute messages seem best for the general population especially during the week: Sunday to Thursday. Friday and Saturday may be better for the long ones...thought most people have a 20 minute attention span.

    I'd say after 12 mins. you would start to lose people except for the verbal terrorists...they are into slashing and Trashing. These are damaged goods wanting to spread their poisons/viruses of nagging doubts and fears to ruin a beautiful garden, or "a rotten apple that can spoil the barrel of apples" principle. Obviously, they have their own agenda to stick to...and like useless sticks/weeds need to be put in the fire and burned...over and done with. Next!
    Blessings! :-) <3

  162. Hi GFL Take out the HARP weapons and the chemtrail operations now let all see this and a big low fly bys would do the trick Thank you all. The time is now to act

  163. thank you.. every day your messages are increasing my excitement for a brand new world:-) something new,fun,loving,peaceful,adventurous and spiritual:-) looking forward with great anticipation and patience for the gifts of the creator:-)
    much love to you all. thank you:-)

  164. So, Pegalys, you are supporting someone whose messages you are not sure if it's true? By this line:

    "You may want to consider what your comments look like "IF" all this ultimately "turns out" to be true."

    And yet you have the audacity to attack me with a barrage of insults for pointing your precise statement of doubt out to people?

    Which side are you on? The light or the 'lime'light?

  165. And Peggy, I also noticed you only come onto this blog to take on what you perceive to be Greg's detractors.

    Seems like you're always ready for a fight. I don't sense a shortage of inflammatories either.

    Go for anger management, pops.

  166. Deva P oison.

    "I'd say after 12 mins. you would start to lose people except for the verbal terrorists...they are into slashing and Trashing. These are damaged goods wanting to spread their poisons/viruses of nagging doubts and fears to ruin a beautiful garden, or "a rotten apple that can spoil the barrel of apples" principle. Obviously, they have their own agenda to stick to...and like useless sticks/weeds need to be put in the fire and burned"

    How do you guys live with yourself.
    I make my points, but the kind of indignance you guys carry around with you. WOW! I'm definitely not like that and won't stoop that low either. So have it your way.

  167. Peter Karanikas, you sound like dr. Phil. Cheap psycho, though.

  168. thank You Wonderful Family in the Sky and Earth .thank you for the messages and today message,they bring always ways to reflect ,enjoy think in deep different way from the ways we were using and educate here from so long time .I wonder how it is that someone don't feel Your love in the heart reading your messages ,your wise advice;i felt really bad in my heart reading kind of words in some posts ,if someone don't like the messages stop read them without make who is reading with joy, feeling terrible reading some post ,well it is like try to separate people that can start be friends not reading almost all post for don't feel bad because you don't know were can happens to find bad words .Thank you Gregg for all your dedication to give us the words of the Brothers and Sisters of the GFL,i thank you with all my heartand i thank You Family in the Sky for help us and stop the bad words in the posts.I wish to You all in the sky and on Earth one wonderful new special day full of health ,joy and Love ,Peace for all the wonderful creatures with You and your Ships ,with lots of love and gratitude patrizia

  169. Hozanna:

    Please spare me your feeble attempts to defame me, you are just one more 'weed' that needs to be pulled. Like most weeds, you will most likely not leave the garden willingly.

    I, along with many others, have made thousands of positive comments to channels over the years, that is, when we are not distracted scraping gum from our shoes. I would rather discuss what we all need to do in the future, but it seems you and many others would rather waste time on these personal matters which you are using to clog up the system. The GFL has decided that it is time to get into gear and move ahead, and having all this deadweight tied to our back-bumper is what is holding back this tour from commencing. Unless you can find a way to act in a supporting manner, they have decided to cut that tiny little string that was dragging you along. All I am interested in at this point is HOW they are going to do this, as the millions of words I have expended to awaken people is not sufficient to do the trick. Even the well tooled words Greg channels are not working for those such as yourself, that are more than happy to keep snoozing in your cabal built box of religious othodoxy. However, keep posting your little quips, that way we can more carefully identify what species of weed you are.

  170. Dear Hozana,
    Doctor Phil has helped millions of people. So I'll take it as a compliment. Someone has to appeal to the cheap psycho's. They are as much a part of the divine as you.
    And if it's meant as a criticism I'd like to know your reasoning. We can always do things better.


  171. Dear Pegalys,
    If all you are interested in is what the Galactic Federation of Light is going to do for you I wish you well in your travels. Because God helps those who help themselves.

    Take care.

    P.s Do try work it out with Hozana. You're going to need each other.

  172. Thanks guys I still like these mesages. Lets all keep an open mind. But still think for our selves. I choose to listen to these because i have seen things and want to connect the dots if i can. I always will think for my self and keep an open mind. Peace. I am no sheep .but i will follow whats right in my heart.

  173. Ja, jeg må sige at hvad der gør mig mest glad er denne ny krop. Det glæder jeg mig meget til. Jeg troede det ville være nu, altså jeg gik i seng og når jeg stod op ville jeg være flyttet til en ny krop. Som jeg forstår det er det ikke før alt dette 2012 er overstået, lidt meget ærgerligt idet jeg har brug for al det en ny god krop har at give mig. Udover det er jeg enig med det givne budskab. Tv er og bliver en gang hjernevask. De der er uenige med gfl, og det er jeg ind i mellem - nogle gange synes jeg de er nogle paphoveder der ikke holder hvad de lover, som f.eks. at komme med denne frie energi, de kan holde sig væk med mindre de er sobre i deres uenighed. Der er da også nogle gange jeg tænker "tak skævben, hvad er nu det for noget ..." men i det store hele forstår jeg godt deres argumentationsform, mener at forstå deres hensigt. Jeg håber også det er sandt, men da lidt bange for at blive taget ved næsen, det indrømmer jeg glad og gerne. Det er jo ikke pebbernødder dette spil. Tilbage til mit udgangspunkt. En ny krop_ Ja tak og helst i går. Vh.

  174. :-) Voi sapete quale sarebbe per me il dono più grande.....sorridere! Sarò lieta di accettarlo, anzi super gioiosa!

  175. Good Morning. It is always refreshing to wake and start this day with a message from our Brothers and Sisters.

    The Television is definitely a tool used by the Cabal to create Zombie like individuals. Many, many decades ago studies were performed on humans and the effects watching Television had on the minds. Conclusion:Brain activity was all most to the point of being comatose, Zombie like. A great tool for brain-washing indeed.

    If there is a need to be entertained. Entertain your minds eye with a good book. Try Edger Rice Burroughs books on "John Carter of Mars", a ten book series. Then he also has "Tarzan" as a series and let me tell you that Johnny Weissmuller was a good Tarzan, EGB s Tarzan is "The Man". Any one read the book "Dune". How about "Johnathon Livingston Seagull", great stuff there also. The Minds-eye is affordable, no electricity grid to plug into. No HD Flat screen required. Commercial free. And, the best part of this is you can take that book and go anywhere that gives you solitude, sit down and turn on the Minds-eye.

    There is but one thing left to say. There is a great need also to remember. Especially in the United States. Next time you are around your coffee discussing please include those sitting around a coffee table through out all on Mother Earth wanting the same as you. World Peace. For we of all nations of all continents are all One. One with the Creator, One with All Human forms, One with Mother Earth. Amen.

  176. WOW peggy! Mind if I borrow some of YOUR 5D lines as compost for future posts?

  177. Peter Karanikas, what's with you trying to play mediator between myself and that pompous puss of a Peg?

  178. I'd like to know this. Are those spacemen and spacewomen in the lightships in our skies what is called the GFOL or not?

    I have a strange feeling the cabal and the gfol bandied around on these blogs are one and the same thing.

    Because "You may want to consider what your comments look like if all this ultimately turns out to be 'un'true."

    Will you thank me then?

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  181. As I read the comments of all the people who have made them here, many thoughts go through my mind. Though not religious, I AM religiously Spiritual. I have made it a point to research and study as much information as I can get my hands on in my search for the truth. I have learned to discern the difference between what is true and what is false. I have learned that 'ALL paths are true' though not ALL that is presented as knowledge is true. This being the case, I have found that following my Inner Spirit promptings, that 'Still Small Voice within me, has ALWAYS been right in revealing the truth. In this I find that the examples given by Jesus the Christ provide food for thought in discenment. Here are a few:
    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.
    Judge not, lest ye also be judged.
    As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.
    Pull first the plank out of your own eye, before trying to pull the one out of your brothers eye.
    In saying all this, my intention is not to point a finger at any of you who feel it is your job to warn or deter others from listening to the messages of our Beloved StarLight Family, because for whatever reason they do not resonate with you. I feel sure that many would agree with me that they have the same tools and are capable of discerning the truth for themselves. For those who feel compelled to listen, yet are not sure, I urge you to ask your OWN Inner Voice, that part of God within you, for as Jesus again said "If any of you lack of Wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all accordingly, and is no respecter of persons."
    I ask those of you who make these derisive comments to consider this before opening your mouths, so to speak, by what you write here:
    AM I thinking out of fear or Love? Am I treating others (thought, word, or deed) the way I would want to be treated?
    I also would urge you to remember this: Those of us who come here to listen, did NOT come here to listen to you. We are NOT YOUR children. We are capable of discerning for ourselves. I also would like to say that since I respect your right to say what you feel, urge you to use respect in the WAY that you say it. Remember, by your OWN words, will you be judged. I would urge you to examine your own motives for all that you are saying here. If you are truly trying to help others, your approach leaves much to be desired. Perhaps in your zeal to save others, you might try becoming a preacher.

  182. Hozana, I want this to be really clear. I don't play when it comes to matters of the soul. Any soul.
    I also don't play when I recognize behaviours that impact on Gaia's ascension. Greg, and channelers like him have created spaces like this for that purpose. To facilitate the ascension of the planet. To share information with Light Workers from a higher source so that we can pull together and get the job done. These are not spaces to get warm fuzzies from slandering each other. Amd this comment of yours, "WOW peggy! Mind if I borrow some of YOUR 5D lines as compost for future posts?" is nothing but pointless slander.
    If your ego struggles with the idea that someone might mediate one of your arguments then your agenda is clear.
    Send Doctor Phil my regards..


  183. This comment has been removed by the author.

  184. Keep the faith Shikamary, Your new body is on the way.


  185. Peter,

    I am so glad someone actually brought up the fact that every person's behaviour impacts on Gaia's ascension.

    Gaia seems to have been completely left out of the equation.

    Do you all love the earth, of course you do, then what are you doing to help her?

  186. My prays have been with you for some time now GFL, and we thank you. We need all the help we can get. God bless---In---Love, Light & Life.

  187. Thank you so much for this blog Greg. I can't wait for my new body and a new one for my grandpa especially! Namaste.

  188. Peter Karanikas, I think it's more for the ascension of his own name. Period. And I don't want to hear from you or Pegalys, ANYMORE.

  189. sadee knows, we spread love and light all around?

  190. Comment to GFL:

    A wise man told me that he knows two people who are good friend. The first is #LACK OF KNOWLEDGE#. The second is #FEAR#.
    When one is there, the second always turn around.

    Those who are telling lies about GFL, spreading fear and making sabotage of what you plan to do lack knowledge.
    The lies and sabotage through Internet are attracted by those who lack knowledge. ‘’LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE’’.

    To receive KNOWLEDGE, somebody should open his heart an go WITHIN. Nobody else can give this knowing-ness to somebody else.

    Until those guys go within, they can’t stop spreading fear. Knowing that spreading fear and telling lies hurt you, they will continue to do this until you become crazy.

    I appreciate your idea to give us a NEW PHYSICAL VESSEL. I would like to have it right here right now.
    Appreciate my appreciation for what you are doing. Appreciate the different positives comments I see about you. Let these appreciations give you a smile and warmth in your heart.
    Let go and read with detachment what people can write here and there.

    Are able to open somebody’s heart and give to him KNOWING-NESS? If no, THEN, stop focusing on what people are telling here and there.

    I’m Nsegbe Siegfried

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