Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 9/22/12 ‘Announcing the Next U.S. President’

Stepping out now of the old world and into your new world are those of you who have made the grade as you say, those of you who have extended yourselves in many different ways beyond the reaches of your family, friends and contemporaries. We say to you, congratulations, for congratulations are certainly due here, as this has been no easy feat, no. Many of you have faced a steady stream of sometimes rather fierce competition, you may say, in the form of challenges and obstacles set before you. We remind you, it was not us who selected these challenges for you, but you yourself. We simply have taken what you had handpicked and placed it in your path at the time intervals that you had previously requested of us to do so.

Do you see and understand this clearly? We feel there are some of you who still believe that it is us, the members of the Galactic Federation of Light and our brothers and sisters of the Ashtar Command who have taken it upon ourselves and have decided and chosen for some reason to make your journey a difficult one when it could have been much easier. We say to you, this is certainly untrue, and we remind you that you are here because you wanted to be here and you wanted to learn from your experiences and your travels, and this is just what many of you have done. You have learned in many ways and you have all grown, each and every one of you have grown, and we say to you, none of you could have grown the way you have unless you had journeyed here and unless you had obstacles placed in your path, for these are the tools of higher education, yes.

This is what has accelerated your learning curve. It was all these obstacles and these challenges and these lessons sometimes hard learned that has molded you into the being that you are at this very moment. Many of you will continue to grow and to strengthen and to season as your seasons change from summer to fall. There are very few of you who have completed all your lessons here in the physical, we wish to make that clear. We say to all of you be on your toes, be on the lookout now that you know that it is our job not only to assist you, but to also present to you challenges. Now that you see this, you may see this as playing both sides of the coin, as you say, for we will place an obstacle in your path and then we will perhaps pull the rug out from under you, as you say, but then we will assist you find your way back on your feet and become balanced enough to leap the next hurdle.

Yes, this is what we do. It is a complex nature. It is a delicate balance that we perform and we do this quite well, and on a very regular basis. We do not take days off as you know, and since each and every one of you has at least one guide watching over you, you can imagine how much care and attention you are receiving constantly. Do you see this now? Do you see that there is constant pressure, you may say, on you? There is a steady stream of challenges coming your way at all times. You are never ‘safe’, although we use safe as a metaphor here, for you are never really in any danger. What we mean is you are never free and clear of any challenges that may come your way and this goes for today, your first day of fall as any other day throughout your past in this lifetime and any other of your incarnations into the physical and for you upon ascension into the higher realms, for this is where new sets of challenges present themselves, but we will say there is a vast difference here.

The tests and challenges you will receive here within the higher realms are real, let us say, tests and challenges of your capabilities and your resolve, your drive and determination, your willpower and fortitude and your cleverness and your abilities to calculate and to derive suitable solutions and plans of strategy. We say to you here is real and there is illusion, for again, you are living more a dream, more a play, and a play is more accurate a description certainly, for you have a stage that was prepared for you by stagehands, you have friends and family and foes who are more or less acting, for many of the things that they say and do have been scripted by you, with our assistance, and we are certainly holding up the cue cards for them, and this is what we feel is a very appropriate way for you to picture this.

Picture your friends speaking to you and picture us behind the scenes holding up a cue card for them to read. Yes, now you are getting the picture here. We are behind the cameras. We are holding up cue cards. We are shining lights upon you. We are ‘filming’ what you are doing you may even say, although do not feel we are secretly recording you because this is not true. What we mean is your life is being captured some way into history, for it is, for everything that all of you are doing here is important, nothing you are doing here is not. Look at it that way, and in this light you can understand why so much of what you are doing and saying and even thinking in certain cases. Not all and not many, but a few of you are connected in a way to a collective consciousness, so your thoughts are our thoughts.

Do you understand this principle? We can explain it to you by saying that we are all connected, all of us, throughout this entire universe. There are many of you who are not yet ready to join a stream or a collective of consciousness, a consciousness structure, of more than one being. Let us suppose that you become ready to connect to this consciousness. What it is you suppose you will experience? Well, we say you will experience thoughts that come through your mind that are not a product of your imagination or your thought processes, your thoughts, or nothing that you are reading or have just recently read or something you are watching on television or something you have heard a friend say or is saying, no. A completely random and what you may see as abstract thought quickly flashes through your mind.

Why is this so? This is so because we are thinking this and your mind, your consciousness is now one with ours so what we think you may think. Please do not get the wrong impression here that you are being ‘mind controlled’, and we wish to explain to you all that there is no such thing as mind control, in that sense of the word anyway. What you have on your planet is something that we refer to as the influencing of your minds, which is really a completely different thing. What you have are some dark individuals, some control freaks, if you will, and these control freaks wish to control the way you think and speak and act and behave. They wish to influence you in the ways that you spend your time and your money. Yes, this is what they are interested in the most. They are also interested in things such as your vote, though your vote is far less important than you may think, for your vote, your elections are completely rigged and they are also what we shall refer to as completely staged. Yes.

They have already hand-picked their presidential successors many years ago in advance, yes, for instance, your current president Barack Obama. He did not come out of the woodwork, as you say, and suddenly make this great stretch run at such a late hour and become the Democratic national party nominee, no. He was hand selected many years ago when he was still a young man in Africa. Yes, we just said that. You just heard us say that your president of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama, is not an American citizen, no. He is not only an immigrant, but he has never even applied for American citizenship. There you have another big secret revealed to you today. What do you think about that? Do you find that surprising? Do you find that shocking? Do you find that treasonous, for we do, and we see many of you do as well.

We say to you the reason he was hand-picked from another continent was that the cabal, and in this case the Illuminati chieftains, wished to select someone who could more easily and efficiently con you, thus continuing their agenda of complete and total enslavement and captivity of your people. The cabal was beginning to get nervous. They were beginning to realize that the human species was waking up, yes, this was their dilemma. How to lull them back to sleep? How to lull them back to a false sense of security and well-being? How to make them believe that everything is all right because one of them is now the president of the United States? How to do this? What they do is they prop up someone that represents change, and these individuals will get up on the podium and they will speak their lies and feed you with more false hopes and dreams and promises for a better future, but they certainly have no intention of fulfilling any of these promises of theirs, no. They simply continue the agenda of the dark ones, and it is this agenda that has continued ever since the moment that Barack Hussein Obama was sworn into office.

We tell you your presidents of the United States are not sworn to any public office, no. They are actually sworn in under a secret oath to the Illuminati. There you have another secret. It matters not which party assumes the presidency, for what you know as the left wing Democrats or right wing Republicans are but wings of the same black bird. The cabal simply decides it is now time for a change, and they do this little switcheroo, as you say, quite often. They will switch from a Republican president to a Democratic president, giving the illusion that change is occurring, but many of you have learned and learned quite well and quite clearly that no change ever occurs except the change that they, the cabal, and in this case the Illuminati, want, for that is who chooses your American presidents, the Illuminati, no one else, and certainly not the voters.

So they believe that it is time to give the illusion that change is upon you, and so they choose the alternative party to assume the role of presidency. There you have another secret revealed to you today, and we wish you to all remember this one, for this is one of the most important secrets for you to remember and keep on your consciousness, for there is a another big election coming up in your western world. The election of the next U.S. president is scheduled for this November 6th. This is only a month and a half away and already, as you can certainly understand, the Illuminati has selected their next president. So who have they selected? Well, we're going to tell you this right now, what do you think about that? We are going to share with you who the next president of the United States is going to be and he is not going to be Barack Hussein Obama, no. He is going to be Mitt Romney. Yes. Mr. Romney is going to be the president of the United States come November 6th.  

What do you think about that? Do you find that surprising? Do you find that shocking? Does this sadden you or frighten you or fill you with concern? Well, we tell you and we say this honestly that this certainly fills those of us up here with concern, yes, for Mitt Romney is another Illuminati puppet. Yes. This cannot even be considered a secret, for so many of you already know this. Yes, many of you have awakened and many of you have taken the time to learn all about your political system and your fraudulent election system. It matters not how many votes Barack Obama receives this coming November, no. It doesn't matter if he receives millions of votes and Mitt Romney receives none. Your voting machines will say otherwise, for your voting machines have been designed and built by cabal owned companies. Yes. We will even tell you the name of one of these companies is Diebold, for we feel it is very important for all of you to understand just who, and pardon the term those of you who are offended by such words, for you feel it is all lovey-dovey in your world and flowers and there is no room for speech such as this, but we tell you that you are sorely mistaken and we will use the term enemy, for these cabal individuals and the cabal itself is your enemy, yes.

There are no two ways about this and there is no other way to say this with kindness or with love or with gentleness or with poetry or with metaphor, for you see, an enemy is an enemy, no matter where it is you are or who it is you are or what it is you are trying to do. We see there are many of you trying to create a world of love and light and understanding and tolerance and a place where dreams come true and that is absolutely wonderful and beautiful and you will have just that, what do you think about that? But we tell you that you are not going to receive any of this before a little dirty work is done, before you roll up your sleeves and get your hands greasy, for this is what it is going to take to make this dream become a reality, and we say to you one of the dirty jobs that you must do is make the arrests of these individuals, for they have not for one moment let off the gas pedal on their very twisted agenda to enslave and even murder almost every single being on your planet except for them, of course.

They are going to continue living lives of luxury, surrounded by a group of hand-picked slaves. Yes. This is the prize that awaits the survivors of their planned genocide. Congratulations. You have really made the big time by treating these individuals with love and kindness, for this will be your reward, yes, for that. You are just who they are looking for too for this lofty position of slave. Yes, you, the ones in your Lightworker communities who are preaching that love is the answer to this problem then you shower these cabal individuals with your love and intent and your healing powers. Do you think this is going to somehow cure them? It is going to somehow change them and alter their perspectives and stop their agenda dead in its tracks? Are you serious? Do you really think this inside? For if you do, we need to have a long sit down and chat with you because you are living a dream, seriously, a very real dream that is soon to turn into an awful nightmare for you and your family and your friends and each and every member of your human family and we are not kidding here.

We are very serious when we say the ball is in your court. We are assisting you, but we are not here to bail you out, not for one moment and we will not. Do you hear what we just said? We will repeat this loud and clear and we will not use metaphor, for we wish you all to clearly understand what we are saying here. We are making a declaration, a statement, that if the Illuminati, if the cabal, succeeds in their agenda to imprison, to enslave your people, the human race, we are not going to interfere. What do you think about that? Do you find that absolutely terrifying? Well, you should. This is where the safety mechanism of fear may come in handy for you, for you better wake up somehow, and if it takes the shock of fear then so be it, because there are those of you walking around like zombies in your world, first of all.

There are those walking around in a complete slumber and don't even realize any of this is going on. For that we say that ignorance is bliss, for they are walking around in a blissful state because they are completely ignorant of anything that is going on around them and we say to them stay asleep, because even if you wake up a little bit you certainly can't help the situation now, for you have many long years of learning to do before you can even understand this game is going on. You can’t just wake up on Tuesday and on Wednesday become the star quarterback, if you will. Many of the leaders of your resistance movement have been awakened for, yes, are you ready for this figure, millions of years. Yes.

These are some of your big thinkers. These are some of your freedom fighters leading the charge on the front lines. These are not Johnny-come-latelys. These individuals have understood the dark and their agenda and their powers and their threat and their manipulative games and trickery and deceit for eons and eons of time. Yes. So you see who some of these leaders of your people are and we say to you treat them with much more respect than you have been, for they can easily pack up their bags and board one of our spacecraft, a spacecraft that they are a team member upon, and leave here and leave you to rot in enslavement camps, living lives of destitution and misery and enslavement. Yes.

These individuals we refer to as our Lightworkers are not nailed to this planet, no. They have no ties here at all. They are absolutely free to leave here any time and this means today, yes. Did you know that? Did you know that we have a deal with our Lightworkers that if they state unequivocally that they have had enough here, that they have learned all they wish to learn and they have experienced all they wish to experience that they can leave here. Yes. We will actually come down to your planet physically, in our spacecraft, even within the realm of your 3rd dimension and simply pick them up and yes, escort them back to their ship, to their careers with us, or if they'd like, they could even go home for while on vacation and then come back and return with us, for they have done their jobs and they have done very well, and we tell you they certainly will not be punished or admonished or even thought of as quitters, for they have basically done it all for you.

They are the ones leading all these campaigns and freedom marches and they are our channels and they have put up websites where Lightworkers can connect and they are using a bullhorn and shouting to all of you to wake up and that you are minutes away from being enslaved, and what do they get for their efforts? They get mocked, they get ridiculed, they get threatened, they get laughed at, they have become the town fool in many of your communities and we tell you this is a disgrace, and we tell you that we do not appreciate this treatment of our people who have come all the way here to assist you, humanity, the human race, you, your brothers and your sisters, your family and friends and your neighbors. They've come here to help you and you mock them? You throw stones at them? You tar and feather them in public? Yes, you do.

You try to humiliate them, and we see in some cases our very own Lightworkers doing this to other Lightworkers. Yes, and you know who you are you. You are reading these words right now. You know who you are and we know who you are and that is your biggest concern right now. It is us. It is not the cabal, for you will not have to suffer at their hands as humanity will if they do not wake up and assist and support these changes especially regarding the arrests of the criminal cabal, and speaking of arrests, let us continue with our discussion of our fellow Lightworkers who have chosen to tar and feather one of their own brothers and own sisters.

We say to you that you are soon to be placed under arrest. Yes. You have violated your oath of the Galactic Federation of Light or the Ashtar Command. Yes, you have. You have more than violated this oath, you have committed treason, and there is your charge. You are now charged with treason. It is even too late for many of you as these charges have already been read in our High Court. Yes. What do you think about that? Are you anxious to finish this message so you can continue your tirade against our channel and against us and against others who support our channel and our messages? Well, you might as well continue now with your verbose assaults, for you will not have much freedom time to continue this kind of behavior.

What is going to happen next for you, and again we repeat, you know who you are, you are reading these words right now and you are feeling them with anger because you have such hatred in your heart and we do not know what has happened to you because this is not what you're all about the last time we saw you as a member of our alliance or our brothers and sisters of the Ashtar Command. We say to you the next big moment for you is when we come down and ‘shake you out of bed’, if you will. We will remind you that you are a member of our alliance or our brothers' and sisters' alliance. You will then be quickly placed under arrest, yes. There will be no fanfare for you, no ticker tape parade, no paparazzi to snap your photograph as you travel home from your day at the office, no. You are done. Your career is over for you.

What do you think about that? Does this fill you with pride? Do you feel that you've done a good job here? We would like to know these answers and we are not going to even ask them of you today, for we do not care what you have to say today, for you will simply continue your rants and your ravings.  We will though in the future, be interested in what you have to say for yourself and you will have plenty of time for this in front of our High Court for this as well. You will be standing and you may even be standing there in handcuffs. We have yet to decide on your fate, for we have yet to decide if you are a threat to us. You certainly lash out at us in hatred and violent threats today. What is going to change for you tomorrow we wonder and we are concerned about this, and you may be returning all the way home in a jail cell, yes. We have them too on board our ships, did you know that? We need them in some cases, for there are certain beings that can be very violent throughout this, your lower 3rd dimensional universe, yes.

That may surprise some of you, but there are many planets throughout this universe that have, what we shall refer to as primitive creatures, in these worlds and they are found sometimes to be inflicting much injury and even murdering a number of their fellow citizens, and since we govern these worlds, sometimes it is upon us to do something about this. So we come down and we simply incarcerate these individuals for reeducation programs and treatments. Before they are reeducated though, they are certainly a threat and they pose what can be great danger to our personnel and even our entire ship, so we must place them in a suitable confinement. Is this understood, and is this acceptable to you all?

We feel it should be, because you certainly have enough prisons here in your world and we will say, out of all of the planets that we have visited throughout this entire universe going back millions of years that you have more prisons per square mile here on your planet than anywhere else. What do you think about that? Do you think that the term prison planet is appropriate for your world? We feel it is, and we use that term very often and you might as well get used to it too, because many of you, and we mean millions upon millions and even billions of you, will soon find yourself within the confines of a prison. Yes, for this is what the cabal has in mind for all of those of you who have spoken out against them, who have posted your content about a new world and a new vision and a new dream. Yes.

Do you think that they are not compiling lists of who you are and what they wish to do to you? We say they are, and we have access to these lists and if we read these lists aloud to you and posted them in a public forum on your Internet it would make you cringe. It would make you scream, for you are going to see your name right there, maybe even near the top of their very, very long list. Think about this. Does this wake you up a little bit? Are you going to drop this charade that all you need is love, because let me tell you something and understand this; love is not the answer at this time for your predicament. No, not even close. Love is a beautiful essence. It is a dream. It is a key that will unlock so many splendid doors for you and for all beings throughout this and each and every universe. Yes. There is absolutely no denying this.

We can go on and on about love and what love is and what love means to us, but this is not appropriate at this time. Do you understand this clearly, that it is now a time of war? You are in a war, and you are Lightworkers on the front lines, so get used to the idea. Drop this charade that we are going to send love and healing vibrations to the cabal and make them change their minds and drop this agenda to murder you, to enslave you, to impoverish you, to sicken you, to steal everything that you have and take everything that you possess within you for themselves. We say to you, none of you are safe from this, and if there are those of you that are selected for the high honor of slavery, we say to you, there are certainly far worse things than death and that is certainly one of them.

So go ahead and continue today with your ridiculous dream that love is the answer here when there are many men and women on your front lines who are shooting it out literally with opposing military forces aligned with the cabal, aligned with the dark and their dastardly agenda, yes. If you think that one hundred percent of your world militaries are on the side of the light, on our side and your side, you are very mistaken. We will say that the splitting of your military factions is just about fifty- fifty, yes. Think about that. Is that alarming to you? Well, we say it should be, because there's absolutely no reason for any of you to be so confident that your side is going to win.

What do you think about that? Do you think the cabal has not stockpiled an insane amount of weaponry and firepower and ammunition and troops? We say this is precisely what they have been doing throughout your entire modern history. Yes. They have been stockpiling nuclear weapons and all kinds of deadly weaponry, some very highly technically advanced. Yes, your HAARP system, as you know it has been dismantled by us, thank you. Yes, and we say to you that this is just one of their deadly weapons systems. Yes, they have others. We will even say many others, and they are still functional, yes. Some of them have the ability to incapacitate large numbers of troops at one time. Yes, this is true.

We do not like to report this to you, for we do not wish to instill fear among you, but we feel that it is time that all of you, and we mean every single one of you, wakes up and realizes that there is a war going on on your planet. There is a war going on on the surface and there is a war going on down beneath your surface. Yes, there are even battles going on for these underground bunkers, for we feel this important that they be removed, that they be destroyed so as not to give the cabal any place to run or any place to hide. Do you understand this? Some of these underground bunkers are outrageously large. Yes. They are so large you could fit football stadiums inside them, yes. Do you understand how large these are? We will say to you that you can take several of your largest hotels in your world and fit them into just one of these secret underground bunkers. Yes.

When you hear the word underground bunker you may be thinking it's a small dugout with a few bunks or beds and some equipment, and we tell you no. These are completely functional underground and hidden away cities. Yes, cities. They go on for miles, some of them, through their tunneling systems, and they are interconnecting cities, some of them quite large and very, very deep, down into the deeper depths of your Earth. We say to you, eradicating these bunkers and the threats they pose is not an easy task, for how does your militaries aligned with the light get down there? How do they navigate through these tunnel systems without experiencing firing upon them and a counter assault? We say to you, this is just what they are experiencing and this is just what is happening in your world. Yes.

Do you believe us when we say this? Well, you better believe it, for the men and women on your front lines certainly believe it as they are the ones getting fired upon. Do you think that they want to hear your dreams that love is the answer and that war is not and that violence is so reprehensible and there is absolutely no call for you? We don’t think that you would be too willing to preach this ‘love is the answer’ talk to them right now, for right now as you are reading these words there is yet another troop of our Earth allies engaged in a gunfight beneath the surface of your Earth. Yes.

There you have another report issued to you to keep you informed. What you choose to do with these reports is up to you, but we say to you to be smart and start taking these words we say to you very seriously, for you are going to find yourself very soon either barely living in one of the enslavement camps that have been built all over your world specially for you, or you are going to have the luxury of living at the palatial estates of these cabal members as their personal slave. Their personal slaves do a heck of a lot more than clean their homes and tend to their gardens and wash their cars and windows, yes. The members of the cabal are sexual deviants. They are perverts. They are masochists and sadists and we say to you that this is the future that awaits you if you are lucky enough to be selected as one of their slaves.

Do you think that you are just going to be chosen to clean their homes and drive their cars, taking them to where ever it is they wish to go? No. They are going to take only the youngest and the prettiest among you, and this includes men, for there are many homosexuals within their ranks. Yes, they are. Many of them are bisexual as well, for it matters not to them who they choose to have sex with, as what they are are deviants and to them sex is sex no matter who it is with or how they get it. Do you understand what we are saying? What awaits you is a life of slavery and sexual torture, manipulation and abuse. Yes. Does this sound like hell to you? Well it is hell, and we will not whitewash this for you. You are all getting ready for a long life of hell, and we are sorry if there are those of you who are going to be offended by our words today. We realize they are sharp and they are pointed and harsh, but we tell you, there is a need for urgency now. You need to wake up and snap out of this ‘love is the answer’ talk or ‘containment’ is the answer nonsense, this treasonous speech by some of those who call themselves Lightworkers and channels, for they are not channeling anyone but their own very limited perspectives and understandings.

We say to those that are propagating this lie, this falsehood, this hoax of ‘containment’ that your day is now coming too. We have convened, and we have decided that your actions in this regard of propagating this lie of containment has caused enough of a disruption and confusion to the brave men and women on your front lines that you have committed a serious crime. You have committed fraud. You have committed treason, yes, and you will be charged as such. What do you think about that, those who pretend they are channeling, who read the words shared through our channel Greg and then change the words around making it appear as though these thoughts are what they are receiving from those they pretend to communicate with.

We know that these individuals are going to read this message today, for we know they read them just about every day to get their ideas. Yes. This is what these snakes are doing. This is what these roaches, and we call them these names because they are not fit to be called your brothers and sisters at this time, this is what these individuals are doing. They are sabotaging our mission and in a very profound way and we are not happy about this and neither are our brothers and sisters of the Ashtar Command, and it is they, the Ashtar Command, who have asked us to share with our channel today this information that these individuals who are propagating this lie of containment have caused so much confusion and strife among the ranks of the men and women who are defending your freedoms.

Yes, this is what they are doing. They risk their lives to keep you out of enslavement camps and to keep you alive and free and this is how you repay them? By throwing them curveballs and confusing them and throwing them into further danger? We say to you, your actions in this regard are outrageous, and you will now learn just how serious of a crime you have committed. Arrest warrants are being prepared as we speak, and we remind you that we do not play under the rules of your current court systems in your world and these arrest warrants will be completed and signed by the end of today. That is how quickly we can roll the ball, and we say to those of you who pretend to be channeling higher dimensional beings and report lies and disinformation simply to bolster your own careers and to feed your ego and your thirst for attention that the ride is over for you. Your day of reckoning is upon you.

There will be a knock at your door and it will be soon and it will be authorities and you will be placed under arrest, and there are going to be many who wonder what happened to you and why you are no longer sharing your lies, or what some may see as channeled communications from Archangels and commanders of certain galactic alliances. There. We have just given you a great hint at who we are talking about, and we say to you her day has come. Yes, many of you may breathe a sigh of relief to hear that someone that has wreaked so much havoc, someone that has caused so much confusion, someone who has thrown a wrench in the gears of our mission, is now going to be removed from your society and taken to where she belongs for rehabilitation and reeducation, for this is what she needs the most.

She does not need this continued attention any longer, for this is only feeding her outrageous ego and is causing her to commit even more serious crimes, for an ego is like a drug addiction and needs to be fed with more and more drugs. Yes. This is a very good analogy of this, and what she is doing is she is inventing more and more outrageous lies as she goes along to feed this addiction, and we say to you she has already superseded the danger point and she has now put many innocent lives in danger and this includes yours too, you that are reading these words.

What do you think will happen if the troops aligned with the dark cabal win this war? What do you think will happen next when there are no troops to defend you? Yes, and as we said, if you are not one of our Lightworkers who are here on a mission in service to humanity we are not going to intervene. Yes, what do you think about that? Is that a wakeup call to you? Well, we say it should be, because what happens next is troops are going to move into your towns and rip you right out of your homes and throw you in a truck and dump you at one of their many enslavement camps. Yes, this is a future that is very, very possible to you at this time.

We have recently divulged to you one of your future possible timelines and we say to you this is certainly not the only one, for another timeline is just as statistically probable and this is the likelihood that the military units aligned with the cabal will emerge victorious from this battle of light versus dark, of good versus evil, and we say to you if this happens hell has come to breakfast, for these troops aligned with the dark cabal will now engage in their next operation which will be to purify their world of each and every human that has either spoken out against them or they suspect will speak out against them and make some kind of stand against them or even speak any words that they are not satisfied with, for they will control your every thought, your every word, your every action and your every dream, for this is what they want to do and what will stop them?

What will stop them, a bunch of unarmed and untrained citizens who did not even have the common sense to understand that there is a war going on and that your entire existence is at stake? What kind of defense do you think you're going to make at that point? We tell you now, today, this is the moment to make your stand, while you are still strong, while you are still united, while you still have systems of communication, for believe me, the first thing that the cabal is going to do if they win this war is unplug your computer systems. Yes. They are going to unplug all your phone systems, your cell phones, everything. They will cut off all your supply routes to your supermarkets, they will shut off all your charge cards and your debit cards and all your banks will close, for they no longer need you. They have everything that you possess. They have all your money in their bank. What would they need you for, to get your money out? Why would they want this?

For those of you who do not understand who and what the cabal are you better wake up and do some reading. Talk to somebody. Ask somebody who knows. They are all over your Internet, for they understand what their jobs are. They are Lightworkers. Light is again information. They are information workers, and perhaps we should just call them this for now on so there is no confusion as to what light is. Light is not love. You are not love workers. Do you understand? You are not here to spread love, you are here to spread light. You are here to spread information, and it is information that you're going to spread because you are going to do your jobs because you have taken an oath that you will and the first thing we want you to do today is to spread this message that love, although it is a beautiful dream, is not the dream that you are living right now. You are living more a nightmare, and there is a war going on and the cabal is the enemy and you are their prey and will be if you do not fight them back.

There you have it. This is what we wish to say to you today; your choice at this time is very simple. Forget all about ascension and forget your possible careers with the galactic commands. Forget all that stuff, because it doesn't matter if you are taken into slavery and thrown into these enslavement camps. Do you understand this? In many cases, you will need the physical vessel that you are within at this time as well, and you certainly will not benefit from getting killed. Do you understand this? Some of you think that your easy out, your ticket out of here is death and we tell you it is not, for many of you do not have higher selves, and where is it do you think you're going to go? You cannot walk around working on board our ships without a body, and to get a body you must incarnate. Yes.

Do you understand this? You will have to go through this entire incarnation process all over again somewhere else, because you certainly won't want to choose this planet because it will be a nightmare and it will be a nightmare for many eons to come because we have no intentions of coming back here anytime soon. We have a long list of planets that need our help and who are ready to accept our help and we don't need to spend one minute longer on a planet where most of the population throw stones at us and refuse to even accept that we exist, and they are not nearly ready to accept that we are here to help them and we are. We are here now and you best take advantage of this opportunity while it is still being presented to you, because we tell you we cannot stay here forever. We must pull out at one point and continue on in our service to others throughout this universe.

Earth is not the only world and you are not the only people in trouble or danger and in need of assistance. No. There are beings all throughout this universe that need our help, that want our help, that have asked for help and they are ready to accept our help and appreciate our help and we are not feeling very appreciated or wanted and we feel many of you feel you do not even need us here and we say to you, you are sorely mistaken and you are very close to making the greatest mistake of your entire journey and we say to you, think about it. Think about it long and think about it hard and find out who the cabal is and what their plans are for you. If you don't believe us, ask someone else, for there are literally millions of people around your world now who understand just who they are and just what their agenda is. You do not have to take our word for this.

We sign off for now, and if you find our words harsh and biting they were meant to be, for this is your wake-up call. This may be one of your last warnings that you need to wake up and take this more seriously and forget for now all this talk that love is the answer, for we tell you it is not the answer today and for your problems. We say to you love solves many problems and love clears many obstacles and love is a wonderful and marvelous and incredibly gorgeous gift from our Creator. We say love has its time and love has its place and love has no place in war and you are in a war, whether you like that word or not or wish to believe this, or you choose instead to live in denial, and we say to you denial does not have any place at any time. It is a very dangerous excuse and defense system, for denial will only lead to larger problems down the road because you have not had the courage or the sense to wake up and turn around and face your challenge. Denial is your biggest enemy right now, even greater than the cabal, but the cabal comes next. So your first challenge is to defeat denial that so many of you are in right now and face this challenge head on, for it is real and denial will not save you.

We are your allies, here to assist you in your time of need, but we will not be here forever and we say to you now that we are here and we are offering our hands in friendship and our alliance and we say to you, take advantage of this and do what it is you all know deep down inside has to be done and quit this charade that you are not in a battle for you are, and we are here to help you with this.

We are your friends, your family and your allies in your time of war of the Galactic Federation of Light.

As channeled through Greg Giles English Romanian - Spanish - Brazil - Bulgarian - Croatian - Dutch -German - Greek - Hebrew - Polish - Japanese Portugal - Romanian - Russian - Slovenian -Swedish - Traditional Chinese - Hungarian French Turkish



  1. so if the cabal control the voting machines then all republicans here should not vote to get Romney elected but they should step to the side and let the peoples candidate Obama get re elected.

  2. If Obama is "the people's candidate" then the "people" are incredibly misinformed and ignorant and don't deserve to have their candidate get elected.

    Spoil your ballot to show them you're not playing their game any longer.

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  4. Galactic Federation, you are not telling the whole story. People found out years ago that Barrack was hand selected to be the President. But wait, let me say this because you guys forget get the fact that how are the Illuminati is going to enslave the world when they don't even have the money to do so?

    For example the Federal Reserve got their printing machines taken from them in 2009, and the money that everybody has in their pocket right now is money that is has been shuffled around since 2010 because I haven't seen a new 20 dollar bill going on three years. You need money to start a New World Order, what are they going to do ask to borrow money from China to enslave China?

    Do you see how ridiculous you sound? You forget that the Federal Reserve is the life line of the Cabal and that is about to be foreclosed on before the year is out. The US Dept of Treasury is set to foreclose on “the Fed” by virtue of filing a UCC-1 financing statement and a lien on the Federal Reserve System.

    The Federal Reserve has held the interest rate for banks borrowing money from it (the Prime Rate) at Zero (0) percent, what does that make the U.S. Dollar worth on currency exchanges throughout the world? That right! You guessed it! Zero. China took the first bold move to permit non-aligned nations to engage a completely different financial exchange paradigm that is based on real value instead of “perceived” value. There will be other programs in the near future that drive more nails into the coffin of the NWO.

  5. So please Galactic Federation you guys are not the only one that know some shit. The Illuminati has no power anymore whatsoever. Iraq is right now in negotiations to get out of Chapter 7 bankruptcy and once that occurs their currency is going to RV which then is going to be used to bail out the EU and U.S. with a gold backed currency.

    So, you see, the meeting of the Non-aligned Nations in Iran was something very much bigger than a “breadbox.” It was the beginning of the end of “This System of Things.” From there on out, everything that the NWO attempts will be frustrated because the balance of all the illegitimately accumulated wealth that they now have in their possession will be jeopardized by any insane, outrageous, or contentious action on their part. Their wealth exists primarily as electronic figures in a system of automated management unique to just the countries that they control. As their influence continues to evaporate, the resources required for them to maintain their dominance and hegemony will dissipate as well. It is over for the Illuminati. And please Mitt Romney will never be President so you Glactic guys need to cut that shit out.

  6. Major dialog is under way on the Federal Reserve, and its essential replacement. Dislodging a pack of Sewer Rats takes time. An alternative Sovereign funding mechanism is needed, but removing the compromised "Bought People" to get Congressional action takes time. Redesigning a whole new United States and Global funding infrastructure has been evolving for years and is very much part of G7 and IMF consciousness. But remember what happened to Strauss Kahn in the IMF when he pushed too soon? A solution acceptable to Asia, the EU, and multi-participant key interests is part of strategic planning and dialog. Right now, getting the RV's and GS resolutions needs sensitivity and a firm hand. These are delicate times. Any wrong move gives them an excuse to backtrack, and evade a release commitment. A century of dead claws embracing the Global jugular needs diplomatic negotiation facing self-interest opposing parties in total opposition. Dislodging parasites is a specialist vermin removal task. Far more than you realize is very much in play, including serious Intel investigations into the Varmints and their hidden Corporate chains. Lifting them is the issue when they OWN Justice! That, and the compromised low lives engaged in Politics worldwide today being prepared to work together and avoid the inducements offered. Motivating ethical coordination from Snake Oil Salesmen? With respect, you can't even deal with a clear illegal and remove him. Contemplate the world's difficultly dealing with the mass of compromised dirt-bags holding State positions protecting special interests. A lot is being collated ready for phased release.

  7. Well that was definitely one message to remember. Was almost like getting a bollocking from my father, and boy did i remember those clearly.

    While i believe that quite a bit of today's message was aimed at those lashing out at Greg and the Chanel and The Galactic Federation of Light and other Light workers, and also those fakers and what not, but i see some of it was aimed at Lightworkers who need to step up the game and push hard!

    I'll be honest i was a bit disheartened to know that we'll be abandoned if we lose this fight.. i mean there are those of us who want to be free and live better lives, so i guess you could give everybody that option if the Cabal win? Everyone on Earth. They can say yes or no, you ask if that's their final answer, and then ask them again an hour or two later, and if they have the same answer, take them away or leave them be depending on what the want! It only seems fair (obviously an Cabal members/illuminati/haters/fakers and what not should be left behind!). Just a little thought!

    Thank you for today's message Greg and The Galactic Federation of Light, and to the Ashtar Command. You have my respect and i will do my best to spread more light of you and the current reality of things and our situation!

    With love and light and STRENGTH!


    Conan. England.

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  9. Greg Giles, tell the Galactic Federation their will be no enslavement of anyone on this planet for any foreseeable future. I'm telling you guys right now you better start doing some research and stop taking at face value everything the Galactic Federation says at face value. Because they are surely testing you guys out because they know most of you do not do any research at all and that is why today they can make such bold statements thinking that everyone is going to just swallow it. Well they got the wrong one because I put my research over theirs anytime of the day. The Cabal are no longer in power guys please understand this. It is over for them.

  10. I mean the Galactic Federation are making these statements as if the NWO still have a chance at world enslavement. When it comes to AA Metatron, AA Michael, Salusa, Mother Sekmeht, and even Ashtar their views on Barrack are always positive and lines up perfectly with the conditions in which alludes to the Cabal being out of power for example here what Ashtar says about the new law Obama singed dealing with arrest of the Cabal.

    Ashtar: “You heard the Masters Tara and Rama, our Beloved News Team, Truth Tellers. Obama signed the bill that was presented to him by those who are – they shall be called traitors – to give the authority to those who are doing the arrests. So what do you do, Beloved Ones? Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Gratitude – thank them for showing their true colors! Thank them. Well, to be very honest with you, they’re not very colorful. They’re kind of dark and dim, but they’ve done their parts so well!

    This is that Law Ashtar is talking about.

    WASHINGTON – President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) into law today. The statute contains a sweeping worldwide indefinite detention provision. While President Obama issued a signing statement saying he had “serious reservations” about the provisions, the statement only applies to how his administration would use the authorities granted by the NDAA, and would not affect how the law is interpreted by subsequent administrations. The White House had threatened to veto an earlier version of the NDAA, but reversed course shortly before Congress voted on the final bill.

    This is for the arrest of the Illuminati not American citizens.

  11. The interview with Arron Russo with David Rockefeller is very enlightening...Mr. Rockefeller thinks your just a surf and could care less about you. The interview is on you-tube.
    So if it's only 50/50 right now why would we want to give up our weapons before this all happens? We would be defenseless.
    I've done lots of research on religion and the government how they got the Strangle hold on this planet. What do you want us to do? Spread this information...take up the battle or just support the ones on the front lines.
    You can't jam this stuff down people's throats...they just don't see it. I understand we are all collectively one but give us some tools...have an Alternative Being show up on the faux news station people believe them...
    I also understand that we have to do the work...but gives us more tools PLEASE...I live in a place with less than a couple hundred people..and in the bible belt help! All the other stuff you spoke about tonight about how twisted they all are...50,000 people go missing every year never to be found now do I really wonder where they have scares me to think of how evil these Illuminati are and act.
    Love and we need the ones on the front lines You are the heroes today. Stay safe and give what they deserve and send them back to the light to do what it seems fitting.

  12. I'm sorry but this message did not resonate with me at all. All I can do is advise people to follow their guts.

    (if I'm allowed to say it)

  13. Dear Danie I`m glad the Cabal is not in control,but why do we see chemtrails evert day on the sky?!
    Why the Monsanto does not pack up and leave,why cancer and other deadly disaese isn`t treated with the knowledge as should be,herbs and any natural cure which has been exist forever,why is the vaccination to children causes crucial autism,etc... Oil companies,plastic usage... Just curious.

    Magdolna Szarnyasi

  14. Oh gosh... I can't believe Mitt is going to get elected... When I see the man smile it hurts me. He doesn't give a damn about us.......
    I am terrified for my brothers and sisters of the human race. I want to help them all wake up, but i would get looked at like i have 3 eyes if i were to tell a stranger that our brothers and sisters our family is from the stars and they are trying to help us. They would laugh and point and make me feel bad. I wish more people had open minds here... I will be forced to leave soon if things do not change and by what you said about romney being elected i find it hard to believe but i do believe it is possible brothers and sisters. I will continue to spread the light until i am absolutely fed up. My threshold is about to be reached though.
    Of course it is acceptable. What other course of action could you guys take?
    I believe you guys and it is extremely bad news...Ughhh :(
    Dont leave guys.
    I appreciate your help more than you can imagine.
    Until Tomorrow,

  15. This message says there is no hope. The average person can do nothing. They must trust somehow that earth allies win this war against the cabal. Apparently the odds are stacked against these allies who are disheartened and dissuaded from their mission by the idea of containment.

    All we have to look forward to is enslavement, and rape. Our job is to post information, yet posting information is the very thing that alerts the cabal to our presence and puts us on top of their rape list. We're basically screwed. Being awake and understanding the cabal's motives won't in any way help us, as there's nothing we can do to stop them but tell the unawakened who think we're nuts and don't care anyway.

    That's the message here. If you aren't on the front lines all you can do is hope something good happens. You can't take up arms as you aren't trained in combat. You really can't do anything because the cabal control everything. Apparently we can't even hope for the GFL to help because they're upset with us for not remembering our assignments. That confuses me as I thought all our past life memories were locked away where we can't access them?

    I've shared some information and now a large host of my friends think I've lost my marbles.

    Honestly, I have absolutely no idea what the hell is going on anymore with any of this stuff. I've known my whole life that the world was upside down, corrupt, and stacked against us. I've felt at war with some invisible dark force forever. Knowing it has in no way changed it one iota. In all the talking I've ever done to others about these injustices, nothing has ever changed. In fact all it has ever done is make me feel angry, depressed, hateful, and hopeless.

    There are some spiritual humans on this planet who make a lot more sense. If love isn't the answer, so be it. But feeling good is better than feeling bad. Either way, you're telling us we're screwed. I'd rather be feeling good when they drag me away to their camps. That'll be my front line and I guess I'll be going out in a blaze of...glory?

    I choose to focus on positive aspects and I enjoy watching them manifest in my reality. If I had an assignment I don't remember it. My gut tells me I came here to experience contrast; to learn and grow from duality and to enjoy my physical existence and follow my bliss.

  16. And please, they can have all the list of names in the world, how are they going to carry it out with no money to fund the project since their life line the Federal Reserve is almost defunct as the Lehman Brothers Bank?

    Guess what they are no longer in business due to fraudulent activity of money laundering just like the Federal Reserve will soon suffer from. Hell I live 20 miles away from the Concentration Camps you think I worried about being in one? !!Nope!! More like the reversal of the people that made that list is going to be in there pretty soon.

    We the people, our labors, our person, is then owned by the banking cartels just as your home us actually owned by the mortgage company. Don’t pay your mortgage payment and you’ll quickly see who really owns your home.

    Don’t pay your taxes and the I.R.S. has the “right” to garnish your wages and freeze your accounts. That is because our government sold us to the banking cartels as collateral many years ago. We are property used as collateral for the loans that our politicians take out against us. We are slaves – literally.

    When you see how things actually operate, you can begin to see how these enterprises operate much like organized crime. The government is the enforcement division, the I.R.S. is the collection division, and the big banks are for money laundering. So if the Lehman Brothers Bank got busted what makes you think the Federal Reserve is not on the brink of the same fate?

    Galactic Federation stop the bull shit because you know god damn well this game is almost over. The people have won the NWO has lost plain and simple. Talking about Mitt Romney go become President this fool can even make it past regular Joes who call him out on bullshit.

  17. Based on this latest message, we are in a 'do or die' situation. Many other channels are telling us that we have already won. Your message is very different.

    It is not just cabal fighters we are facing. We are also facing their black magicians. So where are our white magicians? They need to emerge now, for this is not just a physical war we are fighting.

    If the Galactics are trying to assist us now, then the next best action they can take is to expose this silent war to the general public now. The reaction will be the grand wakeup call.

    Those who go into denial can become victims, and those who take action can join forces will the Positive Military, Positive Secret Societies and Extraterrestrial Resistance Fighters. In the end, it is a battle between the nonhuman cabal and the human population.


  18. Greg and GFL, I mirror a comment on here that says to stay safe. You are our Heroes. I will do what I am able. I am also available when you need me. And yes, I know that my work has only begun and there is much more coming my way. And to think that the physical vessel that I chose along with skin color and heritage were enough to make life rough. Ha! Tis only the beginning. I am here for you GFL. Maybe the Diebold machines will backfire and cause the banks to lose the numbers of the wealthiest. I am here. I am working.

  19. Ariel... all of the changes you are speaking of have one thing in common. They are all attempts to make changes from WITHIN the system that the illuminati created.

    You mention the necessity for money... but the reality is that the necessary component of money is not exclusive to the currency system we have in place. Bartering can replace it, stealing can replace it, a brand new fiat currency could even replace it. It doesn't matter if the USD and the Fed die out... if it is replaced by another tool to facilitate trade that tool can be used by the illuminati to gain power and control. ESPECIALLY if they are still free to influence the creation of such an alternative.

    This particular blog post is clearly trying to point out how easily the illuminati can step in at this critical point and steer is in the direction of THEIR New World Order. As the old system falls away, the people will look for an answer. They will be ignorant and stupid and have no idea what ACTUALLY just happened with regard to the collapse of the old paradigm. In a single moment the entire ignorant population of the world will be directed towards their future.

    As long as the people are ignorant(lacking knowledge/light) they will be completely open to being manipulated. Not even necessarily manipulated by the illuminati... it could be an entirely new group. It doesn't matter who.

    As long as the people remain open to manipulation there will always be a possibility of slavery and darkness.

  20. Please, Mitt Romney is NOT going to be the next US president. It will be Obama!
    And since when doesn't love effect change? Jesus didn't fight wars, he turned the other cheek. We are Lightworkers, and that means we work for the light, and the light is love, because LOVE is ALL THERE IS!! I'm finding it difficult to believe all that you have painted for us today. I trust SaLuSa and I know that he would have warned Lightworkers long ago is there was any real threat to us from the cabal. I'm sorry, I believe and stand for LOVE. I will NOT fight violence with more violence. I abhor violence! I also know that the dark will NOT win! The Light will prevail. I trust and believe that with everything that I AM.

  21. The Matrix is run by beings, called Archons (Greek for rulers). They are beings that came from the Andromeda Galaxy and chose to experience darkness.

    This virtual reality control system is still in place to an extent and is usually referred to as the Matrix. On the physical plane, the control is maintained through Orion-Babylonian type debt-based financial system i.e.(Federal Reserve)slavery and through mass media mind programming. You see the Archons are very much out of power because the Federal Reserve was the main instrument they used to enslave us at is has been bankrupt since 2009 which is why their printing machine has been taken which is why again you didn't not see any new money printed after 2010. Please understand this.

  22. Something to add for Ariel.

    The whole 2008 crisis was engineered to test out the cabal's influence over the Western world's financial system.

    Not a single person was arrested for fraud. 0. Zip. Nada. No one.

    The entire debt crisis that spawned from this provided MORE power to the bankers. Now they completely dictate EU policies and they are literally closing their grips on the people of Europe. America is in the exact same situation, except they are not in a sticky union which requires more finesse on the political platform. The name of the game in America is keeping the people oblivious of the fact that they are owned... a much different game.

    But, as I already said, the biggest flaw in your opinion is your belief that money is some sort of a requirement of the cabal. They can print as much money as they want as long as the public continues to believe it has value. You and I may know that fiat currency is essentially worthless... but as long as the common man believes it is important and valuable the illuminati will retain control.

    Please do not make the mistake of thinking that other people are as informed as you are... it will only serve to disappoint you.

  23. "You see the Archons are very much out of power because the Federal Reserve was the main instrument they used to enslave us at is has been bankrupt since 2009 which is why their printing machine has been taken which is why again you didn't not see any new money printed after 2010. Please understand this."

    Citation required. I'm more than willing to discuss this with you as I have paid serious attention to the financial system and am well aware of how things work.

    However, the quoted statement is in direct contradiction with my own personal knowledge.

    Hell... Bernanke literally JUST announced that the Fed was about to start their open-ended QE3 stimulus. This is supposed to allow them to pump 40 BILLION per month into the financial system. They ARE still printing money, despite what YOU seem to be claiming.

    1. Perhaps they are not printing money. I think that these qualitative easing measures merely require the electronic creation of money - they just go on a computer and type in some numbers.

  24. Though I'm quite capable, I'm not interested in joining the military or police force and becoming part of the system.

    However, if there really is a silent war going on that is split 50/50, I encourage the positive forces to contact me, I'll gladly take up arms.

  25. Anon: You say nothing that I already don't know. You Say I mention the necessity for money, ''no'' I mention the fiat currency used by the Cabal to enslave us is becoming defunct. Which Is why they fear gold backed currency that backed by agriculture, silver and gold which is something they can not manipulate because it powers is derived from the very people that benefit from it and who support it.

    Because you forget one thing this new currency isn't going to start at the top and trickle down to us, no it will come by way of the prosperity packages that my own former bank manger told me is already in the vaults.

    Remember you said if it's replace by another tool, what is that tool please? I need you to elaborate on what that tool is, because I don't operate off of what ifs. You better come harder than that Anon. Talking about how easy the Illuminati can steer and step in at this critical point, what critical point have they not stepped in, they been in power for 100's of years how much stepping in can you make? Please I say this again it is over for them. Everything will be explained to them in detail so they will have no excuse to repeat this again. So stop the bullshit.


  26. Eu me apresento aqui para a guerra já que é uma guerra eu vou pra cima , pelo menos vou morrer tentando .Temos traídores aqui me passe a lista e eu faço o serviço.

  27. GFL....I just have two words for you...THANK YOU!!!!.... and ... THANK YOU!!! Really!!! It's about time you took off the kid gloves!!! I for one really appreciate what you have said. Every word of it is nothing but pure truth!!
    In my everyday life when I try to tell people how it is, it usually ends up not being very pretty. I have no conscious memory of being a GFL member, but I have thought many, many times that I'm just not of this world. And feel really, and I mean REALLY.. out of place here. And I've even thought at times that if I am from the planet Erra, or whatever, and came here to help out this planet, or just came to be an observer, that I've grown quiet tired of being here and have often said to myself: "Screw this place, and these idiot people!!!! I want to go home!" Then I have a bout of guilt, and feel like a quiter, repent, and keep on keeping on. BUT!!! If I am a member of the GFL or one of it's close, maybe, if I can at least go home for some R and R and maybe return that would sure be nice! Then I would say "Hey!!! Get me the @#$% outta here, and send me home!" Your call though...not mine. Then again maybe I'm just a poor delusional old dude in need of a shrink!!! Some sickie who needs a trip to the funny farm for his R and R and not some distant, gorgeous, utopian paradise. Anyway....
    Love and Light Everybody,
    Ray of Light 101

  28. Pleas Anon, I asked you once again for anybody else with sense, when was the last time you have seen a new 20 dollar bill? Since they seem to be printing more money. The QE3 is nothing but a cover for when the US Treasury bonds start popping up and people start spending again, wouldn't they wonder where the money comes from?

    They can then say, wow must be the new QE3 since they seem to indefinitely be buying up mortgage back securities with no end in site. This is how the new currency is going to sneak in under the new Dodd Frank Act that was passed in July 21 2010 which is going to allow people with the new currency to put their money into accounts that can't be touched by the Federal Reserve.

  29. Anon: First, let’s look at “regular” checking account…the kind you get when you unsuspectingly go into a bank and ask to open a checking account.

    If you have a checking account that gains interest, your account will automatically, by default, be backed by the Federal Reserve. There is one more thing you need to consider here. The bank will, more than likely, tell you that all of their checking accounts are “non-interest-bearing”. What they don’t tell you is that these accounts CAN be switched over to an interest-bearing account. This is the “danger”! This type of account does NOT fall under the protection of the Dodd-Frank Act.

    From the education we have been receiving, it seems the Federal Reserve will become an entity of the past. When this happens, it is thought this is the same time the USD will (or may) devalue or depreciate. Since your funds are backed by the Federal Reserve, your funds will depreciate.

    Now, let’s look at what will happen when you have your account protected by a Dodd-Frank account.

    The checking accounts backed by the Dodd-Frank Act will automatically default under the US Treasury Department. We are hearing the US Treasury currency will be asset backed. These assets may be gold, silver, agriculture, minerals, oil, etc. If the dollar backed by the Federal Reserve devalues, the funds backed by the US Treasury (Dodd-Frank Act) will be unaffected because they will be backed by real currency with a value. Your currency will retain the original value!

    Please, if you have questions, list them in the comment section. You should feel comfortable in your knowledge since it appears we are educating our bankers.)

    There is the new account right their that my former manger sent me via e-mail. So that how I know the new money is ready to go right now.

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Ariel: Please stop smoking crack. Get off the Light Bus and stop stinking up my air.

  32. So if we are to believe that you are here to assist, how do we access this assistance? If this is a war, how do we win? What do we need to win?
    What has happened here have been created for the purpose of slavery. Now that these created have realised they made a mistake, now it is time for them to assist us back to this pure form of this creation. We have been pushed over by the Pleiadians and created for a purpose have we not. And now that many of us are indeed awakened, now you tell us that ascension is not within our grasp. How could this be when we as a collective has been created by you and now it is you who will not assist us. What type of family is this? Family assist in the time of need. Rules do not apply to family only the bottom ine. So if this is indeed what is in the future for me and my family then indeed we will die from the physical vessel and reincarnate on another planet rather then face enslavement from this cabal.
    In lowest terms this message contradicts all of the other messages that I have read. You are honestly giving us no choice at all. Why are we being treated like we are not working here on the field. We are not all Military soldiers, but we are soldiers of the light and I can tell you right now that I will fight u til my last breath and will not become a slave to this shadow government.
    Love and Light

  33. Victor: Ariel: Please stop smoking crack. Get off the Light Bus and stop stinking up my air.

    You sure that's not your Jeffery Dahmer Refrigerator?

  34. I think the GFL are watching too many Alex Jones You Tube videos. While they may be informative, the are also generating the pervasive fear that can keep one "locked down" in this 3D realm.
    Que Sera Sera....and this too shall pass. Ascension does not depend on any particulat physical location as all points are one point and no point at all. One implies all and the conditional Universe is not where one ascends to, it is where one ascends from. It is the "rear view mirror" of life. You can not drive any vehicle with your vision facing reverse, if you attempt it you will crash as the direction you would be heading is not in your direction of momentum. No matter what the condition you may presently encounter, good, bad, painful, pleasurable, it is all the same in that is only a modification, if you will and a temporary one at that, of the Path and manifestation of the Divine. And being of the Divine, it is only a modification of yourself, but not the Divine. not the Real, not the unconditional transcendancy that you realize yourself to be once your absolute ascension occurs. The world will always be a condition modification and the same no matter where you go, because no matter where you go...there you are.

  35. I just want to make it very clear to everyone; November 5th! on that day,the day before Romney is declared president, there will be a mass leakage,if u will, of secret, hidden, and classified documents and information that will take place! for years now, sence hacking was discoverd, there have been people like us who have dedicated their lifes to hacking into governmental websites and collecting information from thoes websites that will, in a sence, help awaken the public to a better sence of their reality. So pleas everyone reading this, remember remember the 5th of november!

    And as for Ariel, you realy need to take a chill pill man. Yea it is kind of clear that we may be winning, but a few of ur points dont make sence. for one, NO they dont need money, do u have any idea of how much money theyve collected in their valts over the years?? and dont think its just paper money. ohh yea they got plunty of gold and silver my friend, thats all they need for currency.
    and second, chill the hell out! lol its kind of obvious they wouldnt waste all their time for nothing. Theyve already stated there going to be re-building earth so to speak. im pretty confident this was ment to scare us! too many people are so laid back thinking nothing will happen to them if they do nothing. ill tell you right now with that attitude and the research alone your deffinatly not going to help things! Understand that sometimes, you have to motivate people by scaring the piss out of them, so to speak. believe what you want, but i and surely greg are tired of seeing all these negative post of how they need to stop this or that. if you dont like these views then leave and belive whatever it is you want to believe. But i asure you, thinking weve already won is a big mistake on your part my friends. Do nothing and good WILL NOT fallow.

  36. My heart tells me that this message needs to be taken serious and simply.

    Now! we need to spread our messages and come together. No more fear of being ridiculed by family and friends.

    The end is near and it is up to us right now to decide what kind of end we want to have!

    Let's take down the Cabal...Now!

    I, for one, do not want to do this again. I want to end this now once and for all so none of us have to come back here in a different body and do this again.

    Come on yall! Now or never!

  37. Yes Rina, you are very welcomed to express your views. Everyone is, as long as their comments are expressed in a respectful manner to others. All opposing views are quite acceptable and even welcomed.

  38. I am working everyday to have my strong Intentions & PRAYERs on Arresting the cabal. This is the first message that now I am confused. I have heard from other sources that we are making many arrests and evetually they will all be arrested and sent to another planet wioth other evil
    I love the GFL FAmily, I will go anytime , to any planet is full of LOVE GARY

  39. Look the illuminati have been in power for thousands of years, do the research. So what makes people think its all said and done and we can all rejoice? I like hearing that changes are happening but hearing and seeing are two very different things. Are they not still in power, do they not still carry influence? I say we don't let our guard down until we know for sure we've won. My suggestion is to remain in love and continue your light work but add the agenda of the illuminati so that everyone could be aware of what is going on. There are still millions who don't know or care, its time they do both. I stopped caring what others think of me along time ago. We will all benefit from great changes if we can just be brave and do what needs to be done! David icke is a man I have great respect for, he has gone from being a laughing stock in his own country to being a prominent figure for change. This is not the time to let our egos get the better of us, have we not learned that by now? The more people that understand what is going on in this world the better off we all are! We are the change no one is going to do it for us, so lets do this thing and win this war so we can all finally relax. Fear is illusion but this world is one were fear rules, that's where we come in, we are fearless warriors of love and light don't forget that. If you are in love than you are not in fear, you can't do both so make up your mind and get this ball rolling. We are at the home stretch and we can do this together! Take solis in knowing your brothers and sisters are working hard with you taking the same amount of abuse as you, but if we don't than who will? I love you all, don't fear, keep working on yourselves but never stop spreading love and light until the job is done! Again the most important thing we can do besides remaining in love because that is more a personal choice for ascension, is to spread as far and wide we can of all the events people are blind to!

  40. Pardon... but while reading this long post with so much in it... I didn't feel one iota of fear! Horray! Love for everyone! I am love!

  41. Ok I'm in Australia where nothing ever gets spoken about.where are the FEMA camps here? Sounds like its going to be a walk in the park for us.because nothing seems to be happening here.i know the whole agenda and story and know they are building a mass character profile on me on some main frame to use against me or people like me one I want to know how I can help out...obviously I don't want the dark to win...should I join the army to assist the light?? But they probably wouldn't accept me cos they would he just read trying to wake people up but I get so much ridicule.i want to ascend too.and fighting the cabal will only perpetuate a state of fear which we don't want to in order to ascend.everything is getting so confusing and I really want to leave.i dont know if I'm part of the GFL or just a freedom and truth seeker.ive never insulted the GFL or the channelers cos I understand that even if it were fake it's assisting in raising people vibrations.but I do believe it's real and I have listened to about everything out there almost.for a year and a half now...can't you guys up your game to help assist us in waking people up or getting te ball rolling in some new fashion or not.i feel like you guys are all angry and stuff and it's a strange feeling....and if I were to be taken by a bunch of military folk for being a freedom fighter then if they gave me the opportunity to be a slave to them forever or die I would probably choose to die and then be back to square one...this is so confusing

  42. I support the arrests of the dark cabal and their minions! We need to keep spreading the word about the illuminati's puppets. Let's get this job done!!!

    Power to Truth and The Light!!!!


  43. Ariel,

    Well put together, I hear everything you're saying. I wouldn't be as confident as you though until I see some prominant people getting into police cars or disappearing from the scene. I've read about the liens on Fed. Res. banks but that action could be sent chasing it's tail in the court system for years. I've heard that no physical notes have been printed since 2010 but they don't need to if they've got sole access to codes for black screens to create digital fiat.

    On top of that there's $1.5 quadrillion in notional value leveraging the market rigging. They can hold the world hostage indefinately before an organic collapse would happen, gradualy, through inflation of the currency by regular flurries of quantatative easing and restructuring of long term bonds to buy up shorter term bonds . They can do it digitally and can do it by moving around securities and varied paper supposed assets on balance sheets. This is no problem, like moving deck chairs around on the Titanic, and collapse would eventually happen but they could keep it going for years. They know the Titanic will sink but they can buy time until they pick their spot.

    Right now 32 people have been served summons' to appear for a pre-trial hearing for 5 cases in front of Canadian courts and have until 2 October to respond to the charges. The charges include genocide, murder,torture, rape, medical experimentation and more. Among the 32 would be defendants are Queen Elizabeth II, Joseph Ratzinger, Prince Philip, Jesuit Superior General Adolpho Nicholas, Prime Minister Harper, the Archbiship of Canterbury and you get the picture. If the press don't report it then it didn't happen. So it is with Forclosure of the Fed Reserve system - no report, nothing to see and business goes on as usual. Why is the corperate press not reporting these things now? Who still controls the press? How is this still so?

    If there are serious moves going on to foreclose on the fed why are there no moves to foreclose on their mouthpieces? It doesn't add up. They like to see collapses coinciding with the onset of World War, but they could collapse the system and then do a food for guns deal in the U.S. followed by FEMA "protection" centres. You're in New Orleans right ? Do you think it's possible ? I hope I'm totally wrong.

    The court hearing I mention is very much worth spreading around, this is no small thing, it's Nuremburg scale charges. If you guys don't already know about this, spread it around , support this man; Kevin Annet - I.T.C.C.S. - this is a chunk of the illuminati, this is how they roll, their achiles heel. : VERY IMPORTANT - Facebook it,thanks

  44. What a nice, lovely, intelligent conversation. I'm enjoying the fresh dialogue bringing out to the attention of the mass consciousness . George K. is going around telling everyone he was tortured by the GF. Can you believe that. You know how much terror he's inflicted when you can see the terror written in the words of every light worker that knows the history of the Anunnaki. Try countering that! Huh. Good luck.

    That's just one example of the hurtles. Not to mention the Steve Beckow 's great misadventure on board the Starship Neptune. Light warriors every where seems to me on the verge of defeat, with the euphoria of false hopes that a higher power would contain these foreign predators, while earths allies renig out of fear, or waiting for some one else to do it all.

    The Cabal is so good at pitting nations and people against each other, they can even send in the goon squad to go through your wife's underwear drawer and use that as a wedge issue against you. How would I know if it were not for my own personal experience. My wife even had a 33° mason with a son that as an officer police's Facebook, offering her lots of money. This Time I told her she can have him. Lucky me, she chose me instead. But I just found out he told her he could have anyone killed if he wanted to -OMG! Where do I go to tell that one too? I'm at my Witt's end.

  45. Love and justice are the two columns of the temple.
    In this 3d world in wich we still live .
    Justice has to be applied otherwise chaos takes over.
    The earth allies need our support and awaken conscience to make the right election.

  46. OMG never could imagine there are beings could be so evil ...
    Its really breathe taking...
    Now I absolutely want them to be removed from this beautiful planet , one way or another...They dont belong here. Absolutely not...


  47. Granet everything seems a bit confusing right now, but heres a little bit of info you might find interesting. everything Greg and the GFL have been saying, and i mean EVERYTHING, is made to make us think! is it not? so right or wrong, it is here to motivate us, to get us off our lazy asses to do something about our fucked up world! Even if some how they dont exsist, that dosent make our world any bit saffer. Worse actually. But jsut remember its all made to make us think. and even as they said, we all have to create our own reality! our own perspective and opinions and conclusions! just remember that...

  48. How do we get it done? I try to tell people whats going on and they think I am a loony tune. They laugh. I dont see how people will wake up unless they have someting to go on. We need some leaked info or something like that so the masses can be informed. otherwise all others think is that its just another crazy nut.

  49. Anyone can go to youtube and view for yourself evidence of Chemtrails, Internment camps,and stockpiles of governmnet coffins. here's a quick link

  50. Illuminati spelled backwards takes you to the NSA Sight. Makes you think huh?

  51. I try to give people information about all this stuff. But at what cost? looking silly, getting mocked, or the idea being accepted? There needs to be a global wake-up call. and people need to open their minds. I would literally help in the front lines if need be, I love every human being, but I know love has no place in war. I want to be free. But there needs to be a literal wake-up call, millions, billions even need to see. If it takes a spacecraft? if it takes the collective concious to "wake-up" due to any needs be, i'm sure many of us do not want to be here anymore, we want to be free - every human wants to be free, we are not free. But we secretly want it, deep down below. Is the election of romney supposed to be the wake-up call? Because I seriously don't want to be a sex-slave, or die in a camp, because I will fight back with every fiber of my being. I want change. I want my life, my freedom, my body, and my RIGHT. and i am NOT ashamed to admit that I want help from our higher selves, or our brothers and sisters of the higher dimension or even our dimension. I accept all the help, we want you. I want you here to help us through this bullshit. I want light to win, I don't want this damn timeline that will literally fuck everyone over. I don't want to start over from scratch. I want more. I want my life. I appreciate the help from the front lines of the men and women to my fullest extent. I hope to fuck we win this, I don't want to lose myself if the timeline were to occur, I really don't.


  53. Ariel,

    Got to ask you. Your bank manager told you the funds are in the vaults. Did he say metals - backed ? Treasury issued notes ? Did he specify anything further ? Would appreciate more info Ariel, thanks.

  54. Remember remember the 5th of november!

  55. Excuse my bad grammar, I'm usually in bed by now, but I can't stop thinking about last message and how much of a betch reaction I made to one thing I felt I should have apposed that being accusing people of fraud.
    Seriously, you guys can arrest me for being stupid. These guys do need to be arrested for real. If its fraud and plagiarism, it's a must to arrest these guys.
    I always base myself on not being a tattle tell that is why I acted so dramatically.

  56. This has been my favorite message all year, there is a sense of urgency, a call to not show love to our enemies, I love it. I have question, If the cabal wins, that means the sea wall will not be built, it means many will die, then the great turmoil that will follow once you are gone, will it destroy their underground bases, won't it, or do they have the technology to soothe it out? Also, will the illuminati winning the battle, completely cancel out ascension even for the earth? Will there really be no way out for a very long time, does that mean, the dark will go unpunished, that is if no one ever does anything about it? The barren landscape controlled by the few, the ignorant people get what they deserve for not being aware of it? Maybe this is all one big lesson to learn from the ultimate challenge. Being abandoned by our only hope, for not having welcomed them, accepted them with open arms, for we are a collective, and as a majority not many do? So love is never the answer when confronted with a very formidable adversary. To arrest them them, fight fire with fire, sometimes violence does solve something, for they will not give up easily. Does that mean it is ok to use violence on anything that presents some trouble to you. Sometimes love does not get to people, just like the dark ones. Thank you GFL, the truth may hurt some, but the reality of it cannot be sugarcoated. Todays message resonated with me at an extreme level. I wish for all messages to be like this. Straight to the point, and with extreme urgency.i just hope this is not some sort of test to weed out people, because it seems to have a very unusual tone to it.

  57. Okay, I'm done with you. I have deleted people from my friends for saying less offensive things about Obama. This time I' m not just calling BULLSHIT on you but I eill not read any more of your messages. And even though I like Greg, I am deleting him as well. Have fun with your mindfucking games, because that is what they are. You are no more on a spacecraft than I am. You are EXACTLY what you accuse others of being: ATTENTION WHORES. And i know for a fact that goups like this have been saying this very same crap since tht 1040's whenever there was a chink in our armore lik Y2K an now this Mayan crap. ADIOS, bringers of lies. And thanks, i've beem waiting for you to drop the ball, so to speak. What do you think of that? What do you think of that? What do you think of that? (get a new reel)

  58. These cabal are attacking us we must defend ourselves. Got that date in mind Captain Kirk!

  59. Peter Naughton: Understandable that you want to see Prominent people, but you also have to look for them getting arrested in other countries like the Vietnam banking tycoon Nguyen Duc Kein back in mid August who is a well known multimillionaire of Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank who was accused of wrong-doing in connection with three private firms.

    And in another ironic twist their own state run Vietnam Television quoted the Police Ministry as saying in a statement ACB (Asia Commercial Bank) is 15 percent owned by Standard Chartered PLC. Which is a British multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in London, United Kingdom.

    It operates a network of over 1,700 branches and outlets (including subsidiaries, associates and joint ventures) across more than 70 countries and employs around 87,000 people.

    I think you know what I am about to get at right Peter? You said (They don't need to if they've got sole access to codes for black screens to create digital fiat.)

    I guess you did not read all of what I typed, they can and have no ability to no longer manipulate the markets withe perceived value (fiat digital money) because the new gold backed currency by it's own tangible weight of actual assets will flush out money that really doesn't exist anyway. How can you have inflation when the money used for has been printed going on 3 years? Please understand that Peter, stop with that what if shit, I am giving you what apparent and actually happening my friend. The press doesn't have to report anything because it's happening regardless, just be thankful for that much, you asking for a piece of cake that just hit the stove.

  60. I am very thankful to the GFL for their on-going efforts to win our freedom. God bless the GFL.

    I am also very thankful for our men and women on the front lines who risk their lives daily. God bless you each and every one.

    I agree removing and re-educating those who are causing such incredible problems through mis-information is the correct choice, the sooner, the better.

    I ask from my heart that all of us work together. There is so much at stake and so much yet to accomplish.

    I give Greg my love and support, for his incredible work and diligence.

    I ask to work more directly with the GFL and our brave men and women defending our world.

    I ask the light worker community to realize that the cabal are experts in manipulating people. Look at what people do, not at what they say. Republican or Democrat really does not matter at the highest elected levels. Our votes are counted over-seas, there is no election accountability.

    Tonight I gave my tour. I hope this gives the GFL a better understanding of how I can help.

    I ask that we all work together to free our world. I am truly grateful for everyone's efforts large or small.

    God bless.

  61. Federação Galáctica da Luz obrigada por esses esclarecimentos. Que Deus proteja todos os homens e mulheres da Linha de Frente, tudo está dependendo deles.
    Eu sei como aqueles que não têm respeito pelos outros agem. Eu não sou uma Trabalhadora da Luz (gostaria de ser). Mas se existe uma lista da cabala daqueles com os quais eles querem acertar as contas, eu devo estar no topo ou bem próxima do topo dela. Com relação ao bloqueio das comunicações, eles já estão controlando, produzindo "ruídos". Por exemplo, meu provedor altera o que eu escrevo neste blog (põem em maiúscula algumas palavras, altera a ordem na frase de outras palavras tornando a frase ininteligível).
    Eu amo este planeta e não quero um futuro negro para a humanidade. Por favor, não desistam de nós. Não tenho preparo militar, mas se pudesse eu ia lutar nas linhas de frete. Eu cresci na umbanda (uma religião mal compreendida pela sociedade). Mas graças a isso, eu sei muito bem diferenciar situações que, ao se trabalhar, requer amor, daquelas que se está lidando com magos negros extremamente perigosos do astral, matreiros o suficiente para acabar com a vida de quem se enganam pensando que essas entidades terríveis podem ser doutrinadas. (acredito que o origem delas seja a 4ª dimensão - não há esse relação dimensional na umbanda). Hoje não sigo mais a umbanda, pois entre seus encarnados também há muitos interesseiros sem respeito pela liberdade de escolha do outro. Mas isso acontecer em qualquer religião.
    Queria poder lutar de alguma forma contra a cabala e seus aliados. Como não sou canalizadora, não tenho minhas próprias mensagens, para chamar a atenção das pessoas para uma coisa maravilhosa que estava acontecendo, a promessa de ascensão, tenho postado no facebook algumas mensagens. O que posso fazer é prestar atenção para não postar nenhuma que fale em "contenção" em vez de "prisões".
    Poderiam, se houver oportunidade, explicar porque algumas pessoas não têm Eu Superior; eu entendi bem essa parte da mensagem? Como pode ser isso?
    Pergunto porque tenho sede de saber.
    Minha gratidão a todos vocês da FGL e ao Sr. Greg Giles.

  62. A really dumb question here....who is the GFL saying they are going to arrest for the lies and propaganda about containment?

    Thanks, Greg, for that kick in the ass. I really needed it this weekend. ;o) got so caught up in my own troubles, I almost gave up on ascension.

  63. Peter: Got to ask you. Your bank manager told you the funds are in the vaults. Did he say metals - backed ? Treasury issued notes ? Did he specify anything further ? Would appreciate more info Ariel, thanks.

    Absolutely, that is why Iraq once their currency is revalued is going to be centralized and used to help Europe and America which ties into the QE3. That's is why they showed that disrespectful film to incite another war to keep Iraq in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. But they should be out before this month is over with. This is the beginning of the end for the Cabal because Iraq is going to be used to bail out all of us.

  64. The comment about archangel Michael and mother Mary channels I made earlier I meant for real. I didn't actually know they channeled till like two commenters mentioned these guys. I feel these angels have other roles to play out than channeling us humans.

  65. Hit the nail on the head abotu the "Love is not the answer now, it is a dream for another time." Ive been struggling to preach this to my family lately who deny everything that I say, and responding: "As long as I love others, and Im happy, the world will be fine." Unfortunately, I lashed out at them for being selfish fools and I had to leave. Its extremely difficult to deal with this level of obliviousness.

    On anotehr note, I haveto agree slightly with a few of the others commenters here (I was very intrigued to read their response to this unique message). There has been a lot fo ground against the financial arm of the Illuminati, and it seems from our many sources of information that they will no longer have the funds to perpetrate their scheme any longer. So, I have to say, I still believe that we have a very strong chance of winning this war yet, and perhaps your message came off as slightly "hopeless" in tone. Though, dont dismiss my thoughts for a lack of urgency. I perfectly understand that its time to rock and roll with the cabal, and become the lightwarriors that we are.

    Thank you guys for this message, and I hope to see you soon. I hope I see you because Im prepared to make a difference on this planet, and hopefully not because there is nothing left that we can do.

    -Ikleenet Ididahdot

  66. Thanks for caring and sending this wake up call.

    I don't understand how one knows if she or he is a sleeping lightworker who have a duty and mission that is going unfulfilled. I many not be one but maybe I might know one or more who are and I can do something to wake them up.

    I do know that just a day or so ago I asked for information about what is actually going on in our world and today I read this message. So somehow I am tapping into some information but I don't yet understand what.

    I like so many others who have shared comments that they cannot talk to their closest family and other people about this because of their fear and push back of this information. So what is it that you are telling us to do?

    I have know for a short time that our voting system is a fraud and so I actually removed myself from that system. That is the only way I know to help out. If it is helping because I don't know of any other way. If my vote do not count then why should I vote?

    I do have a question about how the cabal used others to influence our results back in 2008. Is Oprah Winfrey aware of all voting fraud, the working of the cabal and all you mentioned? and was she aware of President Obama's citizenship when she endorsed him back in 2008? That was such a unique experience in our history that I am really disappointed that it has come down this. I was hoping President Obama was at least a US citizen. After all the evidence against him I knew he was not born in the US, but he is not even a US citizen. That is just so disappointing!

    I do want to know if our incoming Presidential results set in our timeline and cannot be changed? What do you all think of Ron Paul? Is he a better choice to be President of the USA?

    I don't feel afraid as I have heard a similar message from other sources and they have documentation of the information. They really care and did the research and have been reporting it. So I know this information to be true and real. What about the whole issues you brought up about the enslavement and living conditions of earth if the cabal wins. Is that also set in our timeline and cannot be changed?

    My thoughts are mostly on having no ideas what is expected of people here on this planet to do to stop this and turn it around. Informing us is only one part. What are we suppose to do about it?

    How can we put ourselves on a better course and defeat this system? What is it that we are not doing and need to be done?

    To me the time to be fearful and paralyzed is not now. I think we need a plan we can follow and if anyone knows who have the plan can they share it so we know if we have a part in that plan.


  67. Ariel,

    I don't see how the Dinar reval can work while the powers that used to be are at large and holding trillions of it. And you know they are. That drama's been running awhile now. Don't jump down my throat now but the Iraqi dinar story has always smelled off.

  68. Gold-backed currency isn't a new solution... or even a good solution. It's an old trick from our past which led us towards fiat currency.

    You claim that fiat currency is on it's way to being defunct... and I agree with you in many ways. It is having a rough time and people are becoming more and more disillusioned with it. But these people only have one foot in the water... they don't really understand how vastly corrupt the financial industry is. They just know that the financial system is in some serious trouble and they are no longer confident in the value of their financial assets.

    That's it. That is as far as the common man has gone with regards to "seeing" the financial system.

    So the financial collapse is complete... and we're pushed into a global currency backed by gold. Who has all the gold? You and I both know that the illuminati have (or, at LEAST, had) absurd amounts of the stuff. So what makes you think they won't be capable of manipulating a gold-backed currency? Hell, we already HAD a gold backed currency... they simply stepped in and took it over. Then, over decades of manipulation and accumulation of wealth, they eventually pushed us into their fiat currency system.

    So if we switch to a global gold-backed currency... what exactly is stopping us from repeating the SAME PROCESS that got us to this point?

    You point out the Fed being on it's last legs... but they really aren't. Most people still trust the banks and don't really believe they are a form of enslavement like you and I do. In fact, most people probably believe that they are BENEFICIAL to society! They think we NEED the banks to help us run a civilization for God's sake.

    As long as the general public are not aware of how things got so bad in the first place there is ALWAYS a chance that the illuminati can step in and steer us in the wrong direction.

    You do yourself a disservice by pretending that the illuminati are down for the count because their current financial system is collapsing. It's collapsing because they WANT it to collapse so they can introduce their new tool... global currency. Just because it's gold-backed doesn't mean there isn't an ENORMOUS amount of room for manipulation.

    As I already said... we HAD gold-backed currency and they slowly but surely took control of it and moved us to fiat currency.

  69. Phylis Stein- wow... are u kidding me? im sorry but that is one of the most dissapointing things i have ever seen. you my fellow human being are very missinformed! If you get offended because someone tells you that ur o so wonderful president isnt who u think he is, you are brainwashed. He was born in kenya! HAS NO PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP! what more do u need? just sad....

  70. Peter: (I don't see how the Dinar reval can work while the powers that used to be are at large and holding trillions of it. And you know they are. That drama's been running awhile now. Don't jump down my throat now but the Iraqi dinar story has always smelled off.)

    Tell me exactly how they are holding trillions of dollars when they are not even holding the money machine to print it? That doesn't make any sense Peter. How are they holding money that only exist in digital currency? Didn't you just hear that China is no longer using the dollar for oil? Why do you think they did that? Because like you yourself said it is fiat currency. You are not even listening to your own statements.

  71. Ariel... can you point me in the right direction with regards to your statement about the Fed being stripped of their ability to print money in 2009?

  72. As I said before a harsh tone is nessacary to motivate your children and friends ,"but with good and rightful intentions". And I stick to this comment.

    Thanks GFOL and Greg,
    This message was surely a kick in the head.

  73. I fully understand love will not win this war.

    How can we as lightworkers best assist the Earth Allies at this time?

    Please remind us, for it is important, what we can do to best serve the cause of light at this time.

    Also, If I had known, that through sincere intent and declaration that I could have been free from this Earth Experience, there may have been a few times in my life where I would have wanted that. I do not know what the future holds, but if things do not go well, I may take you guys up on that offer.

  74. This comment has been removed by the author.

  75. I see a jealous Ego running amok, nothing more. I will read no more of the crap he spews....this one was dark and nasty, with a heart dose of psychic-emotion manipulation.

  76. Anon: I agree with you to a degree. But you seem to forget how they wound up manipulating people into investing in the stock market with only 10% to put down. Well this is what happened that 90% that they let the people of 1933 get off with was the nail in the coffin for the populace, why?

    Because even though they had invested with only 10 percent on a 100 dollar bond, that 90 percent can be called back at anytime which it did, and guess what the people did not have the money to pay that 90% which then prompted crooked government officials to threaten people with jail times if they did not turn over their gold in 24 hours or else.

    And people not wanting to go to jail happily obliged and gave up their gold and that is how they took it out of circulation. Hell you can even watch that shit o Youtube it's call ''Zietgiest'' And that is how we ended up in the condition we are in today simply by being gullible to any thing that sounds good. I mean your whole argument is based on what if's my dude, so what if the people don't know whats going on yet but I tell you one thing Occupy Wallstreet was real impressive to me to say people don't know whats going on. I understand what you are saying by them using peoples ignorance of whats going on to further perpetuate based on what they don't know. Guess, you are dead wrong because Iceland is a prime example I suggest you look them up and find out what those people have accomplished in terms of them not knowing whats going on. You can have a whole new opinion on ignorance when it pertains to them.

  77. Hi the Galactic Federation of Light and the Ashtar Command,

    Ok I’m a little confused you say we are to get information out there and wake people up and then you say they could just as well stay asleep because they would need years of learning to be of any assistance.

    Why don’t you guys pick us up (us the ones that want to help and are willing to what ever it is we can to help out) and give us a full briefing so that we know exactly what is going on and what the truth is, because how can we help anyone wake up when we are confused?

    I for one am willing to go with you and learn what it is you guys know and what the tools are that we have to work with. Like we need to get the info out to the masses and I don’t think the internet is doing that very well is it? Couldn’t we put out a message out like a hologram in the sky that all can see and hear? Or something like that? But that is what I’m say we need to know what the tools are so we can come up with a plan because ultimately we have nothing for tools at the moment or so it seems to me! And we could make a much bigger impact if we had a team I think because it seems we or I (and my wife) are working alone and I know others feel that way also.

    What I’m saying is we need something big, we need more tools from the tool box there has to be some awesome tools out there why can’t we us them? There has to be a way without showing your ships that we can get info (or some kind of an event) to wake the people of the world.

    Come and get me and we can have a chat I’m ready,


  78. I think our spacefamily is making a statement about a few things here. I feel they are trying to make a point about how bad the cabal really is. Especially to the nay sayers and sceptics. They want us to feel collectively that these rulers are bad and bad things can happen to us. There are many on here that challenge their information but I feel it is just the way they say things. There is much going on here to stop our oppressors but the the job is not finished yet! This is what I am feeling about their message.

  79. Anon: Ariel... can you point me in the right direction with regards to your statement about the Fed being stripped of their ability to print money in 2009?

    What better direction then your own pockets? When was the last time you seen a fresh dollar bill? I was just at the casino and I asked the money handlers that same question and they were stunned to realize that they haven't seen any new money in two years. It's doesn't get anymore tangible then that. I just cashed my check two days ago and all the money I had was and has been used.

  80. I know alot about what the galatic federation said about lumanti and their plans. I resonated with this message. All though if the cabal wins wich i hope not and have faith for it will not if we do something. But nothing is for certain alwaYs. As much i love the Galatic federation of Light. I wouldnt let innoncent people be toutured if they did win. I know its not their job. But if i was knowing to save someone even if it doesnt go with your rules to only assit us and bring us to the level if we wish. As a human or a lightworker i wouldnt let them suceede light worker or not who is tourtured if there agenda comes true. I wouldnt allow the innocents suffer for what they didnt know if they fall in the list not because if there ignorant. But because they didnt know. I agree many people are ignorant about this subject of the possiblities of a take over. But i wouldnt let them suffer.but i probably see why now that its the reason why you wont interfere is because the only one who supposly could in the prohecy is Jesus CHRIST. WHICH HIS FIGHT FOR US. IF ITS TRUE. I NEVER ASSUME THINGS.But if it is and i believe in jesu as God that he will. But i cant say yes for i dont know entirely. So all that i might understand if so plans do happen you wont interfere the fight with us if the plans are succesful so maby its left to christ? Just maby. You said that you wont allow these plans to succeede. I dont know if i mis read. But that what i believed i saw. I understand we have to learn fromourselves. But there s something why even if they succede. If the ones who ignore and are ignorant but what abbout the innocent do they get a chance? What if there not lightworkers but children and elders who maby didnt ignore the possibilities. Whats there chances? These are all thoughts and questions that just recently came up in my mind. I found this message yea harsh but i understand you. I agree alot with it. Only one part of it i dont.Lightworker if iam or not im doing the job of one and just as been doing a bit of both .sharing information and spreading the word of love. And i didnt mean to if i over did it supposly i n a time of war. But i felt in some degree it needed to be their. Love wont solve everything in a time of war. I agree with that alot. But im only spreading positive messages that i believe u understand. That love is all we need if our world is alot better off than it is in a time of war. But love we do need. But it wont solve everythibng right away. I agree with that. But only can hope that chnages if are world prospers which i hope and will do my best in putting info to spread truth. I thankyou Galatic Federation of Light. Look foward to the next message. This is a harsh message. But understanding and interesting. For i didnt disagree but once. If im wrong im wrong. I accept it. But i believe im right for one point i made about the innocent. So thanks. For wacthing us and supporting us. I say my self i believ humaity will need you. For i need you. You are our family right? Apart of us in dna .genetics? Right? Thankyou. And always to peacce =)

  81. If the people let the cabal win i'll be done here. But until then I will do all I can to free this world and the people that live here I was in the military one time I know how to fight and I would love to help with the team that is fighting the cabal for our freedom right now. I'm older now and out of shape but that would not stop me from signing up to git rid of those turds that are keeping people sick by poisining our food stealing from us inslaving us this crap can no longer go on we have to stand up and say we have had enough of this because this is our world our land and we will fight to stop you no mater what it takes. Thank You Greg, Glenn and GFL for this wake up call we all need it.

  82. - To all those on the front lines, you're the true warriors. I wish I Could've gotten caught up to speed young enough to be able to contribute directly with these arrests as a member of law enforcement or military.

    To those of you, who are paid to fight for the dark cabal, no amount of money can buy your diginity back, look at what they are doing with chemtrails and the poisoning of people with GMO foods.

    Betray your masters.

    For they will certainly dispose of you once they've completed their agenda.


  84. I also ask, and am willing to sacrifice my life for the greater good of humanity. I am not afraid to die, i'm afraid to lose my conciousness, I am willing to lose it. I am willing to lose myself for the better of our planet. Please help me help you. Please. It's time to step up. We need to wake up.

  85. So here's a song I wrote about loving thine enemy, love heals all wounds eventually, even if it takes lifetimes. But eventually evil comes home to God's embrace. You may want to pay attention to the message GFL, I was inspired by God in this case-


    “I smote the dragon, the dragon did not see me.
    I said dear Lord, look what I’ve done.
    The Lord said, my dear boy you have not yet won.
    I smote the dragon, he merely played dead.
    I said to the Lord, what have you done?
    The Lord said evil never dies, merely transmogrifies.
    If you want to unify, you must love the dragon.
    I’ll bring that prodigal son home so he can make amends.

    I loved the dragon, he spat in my face.
    I said dear Lord, look what he’s done.
    The Lord said, my dear boy all things in good time.
    That dragon will come home some day.
    Love the dragon, love your tormentor.
    It doesn’t matter how far your oppressor falls,
    he’ll always have a home in the end.

    I loved the dragon, he said thank you.
    I pushed everyone away because I thought they’d never love me.
    You were the first to refuse to stay away.
    I tormented you, pushed all your buttons, tried to keep you away.
    You loved me, you scared me so, but you wouldn’t go away.
    I saved the dragon, he said thank you Jesus;
    you saved me in the end.”

  86. I really don’t see how we as individuals can help out enough by just telling the people we know about you guys or ETs being here. I have done that for years already and they just think I’m crazy and my family thinks I should be put in the loony bin. So how is it going to help if I get more people to back them up?

    What proof do I show people that there is a war going on between the light and the dark?

    The UFO stuff on the internet isn’t convincing the people that I talk to; they for the most part think everything is a hoax. Or it is secret government stuff.

    I really want to help but we do need some new tools guys,

    We need to have a talk,


  87. Dear GFOL, this message is not harsh truthfully. It simply states pertinent facts and reveals the nature of our circumstances.

    thank you.

    I have a question, to my understanding the earth is entering a band of highly charged particles known as the photon belt.

    In the past I had learned that most of the malevolent species and life forms on the planet will not be able to survive this upgrade in energetic frequency, because it is not a match for their consciousness.

    without the use of advanced technology how can the cabalists truly block this influx of energy from the centrul sun Alcyone or the galactic center (whichever one it originates from)

    Won't it effect them severely?

    I'm guessing from your posts that it will not, so unless the case is otherwise I'll wait for some mention of this in your next message.

    Anyway I will remain optimistic that in a gun fight the earth allies will win.

    Its the only way that this saga can end.

  88. Ariel,

    Gotta go to bed, can you post links to where you're getting your Iraqi dinar reval information ? Thanks - goodnight.



  91. domg, gota see this! right now!

  92. That's what I'm talking about
    (GOOD JOB)

    You people go tell everyone you know what the hell is going on.
    Don't worry about what they say, what they think. It's not your problem once you have told them.

  93. Peter Naughton: Here is the Iraq Dinar link.

    Trust me you will not be disappointed that site has good info.

  94. Perhaps readers here should read this article:

  95. Hi everyone,

    There is a lot of good people that want a better way of life and Gaia we have to help her we/you guys can’t just leave and let the cabal have her (Gaia) and all the good people that are doing all they can to help out. There has to be a way, you talked about some people would have to go to a new 3rd dimensional planet so why can’t you put them the (cabal and the sleeping) on that planet? And let Gaia and the awake be free?

    Don’t leave there is a lot of people that want you guys here,

    We want/need your help,


  96. Can you guys maybe discuss stratigies to wake people up? I posted this message to facebook, and will make it a public message as soon as I can get to a computer, but obviously that isn't enough.

    Also if I fit the criteria you talked about with arresting lightworkers, I'm honestly not sure if I do, or if Iever do in the future, just know Iwill not put up any resistance. Not that that would be an issue for you guys, but Ifelt it was necessary for me to include this in my comment.

    Light and love as usual

  97. I apologize if I have been confused at times. What I had planned before this message was to simply overcome my bad habit and ascend. I had nearly done it previously, I would think it would only take a month and a half to make sure that the habit is completely cleared from my system, though it may take as much as 2 months.

    It was my hope and belief that the Earth and those on it would be fine ultimately and If I left to the higher dimensions and observed what would be occurring on Earth I would not be crying in sadness at what would have occurred, but instead celebrating a job well done.

    This message, fills me with a fire, a red energy. Possibly the first ray.

    Part of me now does want to say, that I have had enough and have seen enough.

    I am not so sure about my original plan anymore after reading this message.

    I may be making that request to leave this planet in the future. We will see. I am glad you guys understand how we feel at times.

  98. The Pentagon is in direct opposition to the cabalists.

    Send them your support and strength,

    they knew that a war was brewing shortly after 9/11 when their building was used a scape goat to bring about totalitarian war.

  99. Thank you Gregg for telling the whole truth. Been waiting quite a while for it to be told.

    Headless chickens, running around, focusing on the material world. It will not matter who is your president.

    You have been told to clean up your diets, stop toxins, stop drugs, clean out your ego and get into a higher realm in your mind.

    Why have they told you this.

    The one thing that has been omitted, the one killer danger that is debunked, ridiculed, scoffed at, is psychotronic weapons, scalar weapons, microwave weapons. Frequency weapons that are going to trigger insanity, diseases, tumours, heart attacks and lots of other not nice effects. It is all in place.

    The GFL, have been carefully guiding you to be immune to these frequencies. But you will insist on lowering your frequencies.

    Please investigate this, and take the appropriate action to reduce you and your loved ones risk. It is closer than you think.

  100. If for some reason this war was lost, and it clearly won't be....

    But if it was lost, JESUS CHRIST will be the one to return soon.

    And he will then finish off every last one of them, in the meantime with many fighting their forces until the last soldier falls.

  101. GFL, you contradict yourselves by saying there are different timelines but that mitt romney will definitely win. If the cabal read your words they may lean towards obama winning again just to throw you off edge.

    Also, religions predict that the cabal will establish a one world government, enslave and hurt the majority of people, but that the Jesus will come to defeat them and the anti-christ.

    What do you say about that?

  102. Curious about the high pitched frequencies in your head. Here is a link to read about it from reading off a website a previous commentor left, thanks a lot for this.

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  104. I'm really glad you're going to round up these fake channels.

    just two days ago you didnt know where the tern containment came from and then after I ( I was ) and a few other posted ms. dillon's name suddenly you're going to make a move.

    I think this is great.

  105. I think the religious view many of you all, my dear friends have about jesus christ are not realistic. This great return too me seems like its not a literal concept.

    How can one man, even if he is somehow imbued with extra ordinary psychic and telekinetic capabilities over-turn entire armies.

    that would violate the law of free will. No one person can make a choice like that for all of humanity, it has to be a collective effort.

    I believe in the one true creator source but I think that this type messianic thinking is fantastic at best.

    It will be more pragmatic then that.

    Once again this is not too offend anyone, I just think that in practical terms its a stretch.

  106. I am pro Obama so this Romney prediction is a shock for me.

    I admit today's message sounds a lot like Alex Jones. So I can now suspect Alex Jones is a front end Light Worker.

    I feel the urge to scream, fight and do something but how? or What?

    Puerto Rico

  107. Hahahaha!
    You Greg really have fuckin' GUTS knowing so many will have a kind of massive strokes reading your channellings, and this one especially! It more and more seems to be correct the idea of a welding together, or warfare of the polarities of Evil/Good and Dark/Light, depending in what way one might see upon it, because in the end i think the result is the same really; to highten Consciousness :-)

  108. m a bit confused, excuse me. But I'm going to continue doing what it is I'm doing, which is make copies of my zine which I have artistically put together that has information about our ascension, about the existence of our star brothers and sisters, and pass them out to the ones who I believe will understand, free of charge. Maybe this message wasn't directed towards me specifically because I didn't resonate with it. My intuition is telling me to not worry and that Im doing exactly what it is I need to do but goddamn! I can't even accept the words you guys have given us, not because I don't believe you but I refuse to accept any of that to even be a possibility. I have a lot on my plate, I know I am doing and what I need to do, I refuse to give up.
    Is it up to the Earth Allies now? I want to know how I can help. If anything goes wrong GFL, please just take the children and be on your way.

  109. Humanity needs to resolve its lower dimentional energy. People like to believe that there is no threat and that nobody would be so mean to want to enslave the earth... And in this regard it is wise to wake up to the lines of corruption. I hope our earth freedom fighters can do there jobs unimpeaded. We have great need for the clearing out of the negitive agendas on earth... So we can ensure the peace on our planet.

    Humanity cannot wake up to the full realisation of love and light until it has faced what exists in the shadows and darkness. If people continue to run from what they fear and live in denile then they are only giving there power over to that wich they truly fear.

  110. Hello everyone and thank you all for your input tonight, and I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

  111. I AM a sovereign being, residing on Planet Earth. I will defend that sovereignty with vigilance and compassion. And I accept the consequences of my actions. My intention is always for the outcome that generates the greatest love. I understand that this means my actions may be brought into question on occasion. However my integrity never will. I AM that I AM

  112. what the fuck i always felt dark and fear in this channel why every time when i listen to other masseges i feel love an peace full plese people this masseges are surely comming from some dark force from now on im deleting this channel out of my list i know for a fact we have already defeated the dark cabal this channel put fear in to people fuck this channe good bye reptilians get a life go back to ur stupid planet

  113. According to Hatonn in a message channeled by Matthew Ward on September 1st 2012 regarding Disclosure:

    "First I want to say that I concur with everything you said about disclosure and why an official welcome is still on hold. And I thank you for explaining that our crews in ships are doing whatever they can to help you while they’re waiting to land and our ground crews are holding up their end too. We’ve been in readiness for a decade to get this show on the road!

    But getting on to when we’ll be “announced,” safety still is an issue, of course, but the new key is the November presidential election in the United States. It’s essential that the Obama presidency continues. This has nothing at all to do with politics in that country or any other! It has everything to do with the Golden Age master plan!

    The plan is according to what Gaia, Earth’s soul, wants. She wants a peaceful world with everyone having a fair share and everyone respecting all of her Nature realm. The highest universal council chose as a major player a soul with highly evolved spiritual status, ancient wisdom and world leadership experience in many lifetimes. That soul is Barack Obama.

    He was born with and has retained Gaia’s vision of Earth, and he has the inspiration and qualifications to achieve it. His reelection is imperative to the plan going forward because his opponent isn’t capable of or interested in making the changes the plan requires.

    We are totally apolitical and we’re NOT belittling Mitt Romney! It’s that he and those who share his views aren’t motivated to change the status quo where money’s concerned, and that gross inequity of the few with billions and the billions with little or nothing can’t go on and it won’t. Earth will not allow that imbalance to continue.

    I think more of the big picture is needed here. The master plan included that some individuals would cause the various kinds of suffering that gave many, many souls the chance to wind up their third density karma and balance other lifetime experiences so they could go along with Earth. When that part of the plan was completed about ten years ago, those individuals were supposed to join the light forces. They didn’t, and that’s why wars, prejudices, corruption, greed, divisiveness, terrorism and other destructive third density conditions still are going on.

    According to the original plan, by now all of that would have been long gone. It was intended that when Obama became president, he’d have worldwide support in unifying people of all nations and leading your world into the Golden Age. The plan called for you and us to meet up ten years ago and work together to clean up the mess on your planet caused by greedy, uncaring power players.

    Well, we’re still waiting and Obama’s efforts to get reforms going have been blocked by his foes in the Congress or the moneyed individuals who control most members. Through either death threats to his family or bloc voting, Obama has been forced into decisions that are against his conscience and his world vision. After he knew that he and his family had our protection, his mind was relieved of that deep concern, but he still has had to deal with unyielding partisanship and blatant lies or distortions of facts.

    That’s what’s on center stage in the US right now and what should be there is how that nation will cooperate with other countries to fix the sorry state your world is in! If our making an appearance becomes pivotal to Obama keeping his position, we’ll do that in sufficient time before the election. If we see that his reelection is certain, we’ll show up soon afterwards.

    Again, this is NOT political! Once we’re there, political differences won’t be an issue in any country. The truth about us and many other situations that will be disclosed will be.

    Matthew, that’s as close as I can come to a date when we’ll be “out in the open.” Thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak."

    Sorry, but I trust it more than today's message.

  114. Emerson Marques Pedro

    Sounds very suspiciously like the New World Order to me.

    Why on earth would Obama be able to change the world situation. Is America, you know the country that is bankrupt, going to provide prosperity to all the world. That would be a first, instead of robbing resources from other countries, redistributing wealth, is that likely?

  115. So my first concern with this post is that research shows Obama spent his childhood in Indonesia, not Africa!????
    In one breath you tell us not to be afraid or have any fear and then the next you tell us to be very afraid! Like we weren't already!!!!!
    Then you tell us if we do not suceed in getting rid of the cabal, which have weapons of mass destruction and military force and gas and guns then we will be enslaved and you will not help us wow that's pretty flippin' depressing.
    Here I have been listening to these messages and living love and light and starting to trust you guys and then you tell us you will leave all of us that have faithfully done the work you have asked: spritually awakening, talking to others, spreading love and light, which is all you asked in previous messages.
    So, to clarify, you are saying that if our military does not succeed in their mission of these arrests that we, your fellow brothers and sisters, your light workers, that we will be left behind to rot as slaves.....that is the thanks we get? for you are telling us that no matter how hard we work, if our police and military do not suceed in these arrests then all our work is in vain and we will be abandoned. Extremely depressing, indeed!:( Please tell me if I have misunderstood for I beleive I read this loud and clear.....this is very, very sad to me. For all of my hope was in my galctic brothers and sisters.... after reading this message I have very little hope if any at sad to think after everything we could just get left behind anyway, my heart is breaking for my small children who are beautiful starseed and don't deserve to live like that....I am beyond confused by these last few message, sigh....

  116. ya no, they talk alot about consciousness and what not, but what about the genetic structure of human beings?? obviously crop circles arnt here for no reason, and 99% of real crop circles portray a consciousness shift, AND some sort of DNA change. i wonder if they could shed some light on that!

  117. That's the way Light Being Love.
    Remind everyone what really matters here.
    This war won't be won with guns. It will be won with the sword of compassion you use to slay your your own personal cabal with.
    I AM that I AM.

    I infuse my every decision and action with the intention of greater Love.
    Share if you Love the momentum of Love the momentum of Love momentum of Love the.....

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  119. When i saw the topic of today's message, I knew our comments today are going to be chaotic.

    I believe the information you gave us today, I believe what you said about the election system. Finally you go back to the topic that provoked many people here.

    Seems they are still provoked today, I bet they have a TV in their house...

    Anyway, I respect you, I know a WAR is going on on this planet. I know it is serious now. But what I feel today is that you are too harsh on Greg's loyal followers, and I thought homosexuals and bisextuls are normal...they shouldnt be linked with evil. But maybe you were talking about sexual abuse against people's will. Then it make sense. But if you do feel homosexuals and bisextuls are deviant and bad please do point out and we can treat them in another way.

    Please tell us more secrets!




  121. This comment has been removed by the author.

  122. One last comment for the day, and sorry if any of you see this as rude because it is simply the truth! and if u dont believe so then your obviously still blind and asleep!
    Our entire world is run by people who want to take over everything! again if u dont believe that, go do some resarch and stop beliveing everything ur told. That being said, in this country of the US,our Presidents our puppets controlled by the world leaders! it is already PROVEN FACT that Obama dosnt have an american citizen ship,YES proven! Again do some damn research! And it is also proven fact that Mitt Romney has switched views on litterally every subject he has ever talked about in his campaign. PROVEN FACT people! Fuck.
    That being said, ANY and ALL chanelers claiming that EITHER president should be chosen is obviously only promoting personal beliefes. If after this you still cant see that,im sorry. Have fun being a mindless slave for the rest of ur life. im ascending with the soon to be 5d earth and im leaving this shit hole behind! If people cant come to an understanding of how life is here on earth, then they truely deserve punishment for their ignorance. and yes, refusing to belive in truth IS ignorance, nomatter how u look at it! Deal with it! change it! UNDERSTAND IT!

    that is all. goodnight, goodmorning,good afternoon, whatever lol. Love and light to all :)

  123. What happens to people who do not believe in Jesus? You know the billions who have not actually ever heard of him.

    Do they ascend somewhere else?

  124. As long as you have a good heart, you will ascend.

  125. Darryl

    Then why all this Jesus stuff and quoting the bible?

  126. I want to be clear that I am not ungrateful, because many of your previous messages have helped me bring great change, love and light into my life. I am just overwhelmed and saddened by this Agenda 21 and the fact that we could just be abandoned anyway, no matter how hard we work as individuals to be love and light...gotta be honest it just plain hurts and scares me which I imagine has now lowered my vibration....where to go from here...I will pick my self up tomorrow and just carry on because that is all I know how to do! I am survivor and I will do just that, as long as I can....Thanks for the encouragement here...I am being sarcastic by the way....I am praying that you will come help us, you will find it in your hearts to come take us to safety<3 PLEASE, I do not wish for you to get hurt in any way. So I pray that the arrests are completed very very soon, these awesome men and women making these arrests have my complete support! Good night

  127. I was mentioning God's promise that we will be free. Everyone with a good heart will ascend. I don't see the point of your question.

  128. Angels, archangels, ascended masters, are they neutral then?

  129. Neutral? no, their protecting us and helping us to make sure we make it to the 5th.

  130. So, bear with me on this, do all faiths have angels, archangels and ascended masters regardless of who their prophet was?

  131. There are many star races that was here on the earth before it was invaded by the reptilians. They are here now and will see we return back to where we were. This is has been said the ascension is a "homecoming". We are going back to where we were before we were invaded.

  132. ok, maby one more message..

    every day i get on here and i read the posts people put and i read every word posted by greg. Frankly im fuckin discusted by some of these peoples tones! Soooooo many of you, maby even you reading this right now,are acting apon misled information because you still have not widend your consciousness. just believing its going to happen is simply not going to make you ascend and i think alot of you dont see that. Also, if ANY of you think politics in any way shape or form can save us, your too far gone to help. Politics is the reason were in the mess were in today! and dont tell me its not cus i garen damn tee you ive alooooot more research then 90% of the people that get on here. so again, if an any way shape or form you think politics(ESPECIALLY MITT OR OBAMA) can save us, or a chanaler sais this kind of missleading information, then please do some fucking research.

    im sick and tired,as im sure Greg is as well, of all these misslead, missinformed, and missunderstanding folk who havent a bit of sence. Like the GFL has said, they are not evil or work for the cabal, they are just VERY missinformed or are easily confused because they arnt in tune with their comon sence or thier gut feeling. :/ its a sad sad world we live in when the truth of reality is right infront of us.. as far as im conserned, there are people living on this planet that, not even another hollocoast,would ever in their exsistance believe in what we preach. there really is a sence that some of us here are 'different' then the rest! We ,litterally, naturally understand the physics and psychology of life, reality, and this current universe we live in.

    i believe we ARE differnt then the average human. and we will NOT suffer the conseqences of the ignorant majority!! for if we do, the purpose of life and death make no sence and we are here for nothing! for it is not our actions that are causing this misfortune, its actually us who are helping in the ascention! so dont be afraid! You no who u are and you know deep in your core that theres something about you thats different! you just no it! dont be afraid, im quit confident that we are the ones with guides helping us! and we are the ones who,like jesus, will always have this sence of higher spiritual calling! and that, my friends, does not and CANNOT mean nothing!
    lol that is all :)

  133. Forgive my ignorance on these matters, but can I ask, will the chinese, russian, pakistani, indian etc all ascend also?

  134. If this is true that you have disbled HAARP then I commend you and thank you so much for your assistance. I am grateful for this!<3

  135. All those that have a good heart will ascend, regardless of country, race or religion. The 5th energies only vibrate at a higher frequency. The highest frequency in the universe is love. Those that dwell in the lower vibrations will not ascend and will continue their spiritual path on another 3D planet.

  136. No problem. The ascension is like the rapture, if you like. We will be "lifted up" and ascend with mother earth. There will be "heaven on earth", "as above, so below". Also, our spirits will have the Christ Consciousness within them. Lower frequencies like hurting someone, hate, greed etc will just not be because the energies are that strong. Love one another and helping one another will be in all of us.

  137. Lots of interesting perspectives and discussion. Thanks to some for the YouTube videos - I watched them all, and posted particular ones as you suggested, on my FB page. Yes, I'm also considered a nutcase now, and wonder if anyone ever looks at my FB page since I got more intense about all of this. I constantly ask myself if it's doing any real good if I've just scared people off, and lost what former credibility I may have had.

    Have to say I have some mixed feelings about the post tonight -- I can see both sides. Wish I had a true discerning ability at this point, though I've done my best to develop it. And about Obama -- there is a total disconnect with trusted sources, including yourselves, and I'm so confused now I don't know what to think.

    Thanks to everyone here. PLEASE do keep your 5d consciousness, and treat each other's posts here with the respect and tolerance which you want for yourselves. We are consistently warned against in-fighting. The dark energies feed off of our creating negative energy. Let's not allow this.

    Love to all here, the GFL, Greg, and Glenn (for your comments and YouTube posts).


    Okay, I'm done with you, greg. I have deleted people from my friends for saying less offensive things about Obama. This time I' m not just calling BULLSHIT on you, but I’ll not read any more of your messages. And even though I like you, Greg, I am deleting you as well. Have fun with your mind-fucking games, because that is what they are. You are no more on a spacecraft than I am. You are EXACTLY what you accuse others of being: ATTENTION WHORES.

    And I know for a fact that groups like this have been saying this very same crap since the 1040's, whenever there was a chink in our armor like Y2K, and now this Mayan crap. ADIOS, bringer of lies. And thanks, I’ve been waiting for you to drop the ball, so to speak. What do you think of that? What do you think of that? What do you think of that? (Get a new reel)

    BELL SAID: Hahahaha!

    You Greg really have fuckin' GUTS, knowing so many will have a kind of massive stroke reading your channelling, and this one especially!


    Maybe this message wasn't directed towards me specifically because I didn't resonate with it. My intuition is telling me to not worry and that I’m doing exactly what it is I need to do but goddamn ! I can't even accept the words you guys have given us. Not because I don't believe you, but I refuse to accept any of that to even be a possibility. I have a lot on my plate, I know what I’m doing and what I need to do, I refuse to give up.


    What the fuck ! I always felt dark and fear in this channel. Why every time when I listen to other channel’s messages I feel love and peace. Please, people, these messages are surely coming from some dark force. From now on I’m deleting this channel out of my list. I know for a fact we have already defeated the dark cabal. This channel puts fear into people. Fuck this channel. Good-bye reptilians. Get a life. Go back to your stupid planet.


    Hello everyone and thank you all for your input tonight. I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

    September 23, 2012 3:02 AM

  139. May Peace Upon Allah my Dearest Family.

    Thank you so very much for this message. i hope i am one of them who completed their journey here. to hear that would be amazing. and actually you made me to listen a perfect music this morning and i liked it so very much. thanks also for this one and now i am reading and typing my comment(s) during this. what a beautiful day to wake up with you and read your messages.

    my dearest family. i sense this. when i say or type to a friend especially about you i feel that you whisper me and this is really helpful. i love this. i know i am not alone and i love everyone of you and especially the ones who are with me. and i hope my thoughts are in your thoughts.

    okay. this is surprising and very interesting. i did not read the next paragraphs yet but i hope you have explained this. wow. this has been planned for so long ago? wow. i really do not understand what is going on on this planet.

    Mr. Romney? very surprising. so what is next? that is shocking so very much. i did not give a chance to Mr. Romney but you say he is going to be the next president. that is very surprising. it is very bad that Mr. Romney will win. actually if they both are cabal nothing would change. so here we go. we will work and make our beautiful dream true.

    i have believed that love is the answer but now i realize that it is not. it will not change how much we send love to them. they must be arrested and this must be now and after now. after that we can send our love to every being who have love in his/her chest.

    this is terrifying and very bad that cabal is coming through us. yes. this is true. there are millions of millions people out there just like zombies and have no idea what is going on on this planet.

    what a shame on us. we have trough stones to lots of amazing messengers. we have tried to kill them, to poison them, to disable them. what a shame on us that we are proud of our humanity. i ashamed myself for this. we are like stones and our mind/heart/conscience is like a stone and this is the obstacle in front of us not cabal... we are the way for them. this is basically a shame for us.

    we have our own brothers and sisters that try to make us gave up for lots of unnecessary reason. we kept coming after you my dear family. despite every negative word and sometimes i got negative to them but this did not help them and the positive ways did not help as well. they are in their spite and they will not give it up. we said them leave or be helpful but they did opposite and now i am not sure what to do with them. if we do not come together how can we win this war, with another word this situation? how can we be successful?(comment continues)

  140. my dear family. i am not comfort what they do and i am not sure how judge works. all i can say to this persons please wake up. time is for being one not being obstacles. this is not helpful. not at all.

    i am not afraid of them-cabal. here i am and there they are. i will continue to fight anyway. that is all.

    it seems cabal has its own ways to be saved but on the other hand we have you my dearest family. we still can make differences. we are capable of this. all we as human being need is a shaking hand and that is all. millions of people have potential to wake up and fight for their freedom and beautiful world. we still have chance and if we come together we will success.

    my dearest family. this message is so full of information about cabal's behaviors and i do not like what they do. this is like hell and we should stop them. we must remove them from this planet. they are like viruses and we have to make anti-viruses to eliminate them, to remove and send them to recycle bean and delete them from there too.

    my dearest family. i know that Archangels are high beings and i.e. Archangel Gabriel is one of the most important angels in Islam and it is said that He did his last duty on earth 1400 years ago. i read her messages and i thought how it could be possible but then i thought that i am not sure what is going on up there and i let go. now i am actually very happy to learn this. because she and some one like her was the cause of me to be confused. i was in dilemma and prayed to find a way. and even some one of them caused me to get doubt about you for the first time. because there was a gap among lots of messages. i feel that some one of them are coming from up but some one of them were suspicious and i am very glad that you made these all clear. thank you so very much my dearest family.

    my beautiful family yes this is a very beautiful call for waking up. i now know that it will be very good. thank you so much for telling us these all. we are appreciated for this. we will keep fighting and i hope we will make it. because i believe that humanity does not want any bad things any more. for we must stand on foot and payback and we have an advantage now. we can do that.

    my worthy family. here i am and ready for help. i leave you in love and joy up there. till next time i am Mehmet, your brother, ally, fellowship on earth.

  141. And for thoes of you who are thinking you can just "have a good heart" and youll ascend, its not that easy! please understand this. The bible does have truth yes, but 99% of its words are metaphorically spoken. Remember the bible has been translated waaaaay too many times to believe simply in the words on the pages.

    Again, do nothing and good will NOT fallow! asuming u can just love everything and life will be good will get you nowhere, seriously! There is waaaaay too much...ill call it sin, in the hart of almost every being in this world! And karma is a REAL occurance! that being said, we cant take our karma and our sin with us, THAT itself is what holds us back! so , before ascending, we must be at peace, not just with ourselves, but with the reality we belive for ourselves! Just simply 'thinking' that your full of love and light will not make your conscious pure! believe that!

  142. Draga GFL,mesajul de azi cred ca este socant pentru multi,dar dupa umila mea parere asa trebuia sa vorbiti inca de la inceput pentru a nu se ajunge sa se abereze in masa ,deja sa ajuns prea departe cu povestile de iubire dintre asa zisii Lucratori in Lumina si Cabala.Mult prea departe.Fiintele astea nu mai fac diferenta,ei cred ca daca ii bat cu flori pe Cabalisti se trezesc baietii si ii apuca mila de omenire.E strigator la cer de cata prostie dau dovada unii. Si cum spuneti si voi unii sunt zombii,au creierele spalate,albe imaculate nu vad ,nu gandesc,nu aud. Asta nu e scuza pentru nimeni,traiesc aici si ar trebui sa vada nu sa inventeze povesti cu zane si paradis ca e iad in adevaratul sens al cuvantului. Sper doar sa nu platim noi cei care nu suntem de acord cu asemenea tampenii ,nu ar fi corect,unii dintre noi fac tot ce pot ei din postura lor de oameni fara prea mare posibilitate si altii care au posibilitati ne ataca tot pe noi.E o vorba aici,,Este o lume nebuna”,dar cu siguranata nu vreau sa fac parte din ea daca sunt tratata ca un nimic fara valoare si nu se tine cont de parerile mele...refuz categoric sa fac parte din turma adormita si prostia ambulanta care umbala pe doua picioare pe aici.Voi face tot ce imi sta mie in puteri sa ajut ,poate vor mai fi urechi sa auda ceea ce incercati sa transmiteti prin aceste mesaje,chiar imi doresc sa fie cat mai multi cititori ai acestor mesaje ,dar sa inteleaga drumul aratat de voi nu tocmai pe dos rastalmacind cuvintele.
    Nu imi doresc sa vad lumea asta distrusa de propria sa prostie sau ignoranta ,nu,asta sigur nu doresc,dar e o vorba”Fiecare sa primeasca ce merita”...numai asa se invata lectia aici ,pe calea dura din pacate.

    Cu dragoste Maria

  143. Offtheplanet,

    Greg is making money by people coming here and clicking on his Adsense ads. That's why he tells people to "comment below", "we want to here your comments". When 5D beings can here your thoughts, words, feelings, and intent. Another slick trick from the devil to deceive them. He's got a lot of karma building up and a lot to answer for.

  144. Whatever happens kill off those perverts, and do it with all your love. I completely trust my fifty percent in winning because they are not made of hide-awayers like those fuckers of the cabal.

  145. To kirk smith:

    TRUE THAT! Releasing old grudges, forgiving oneself and others, anything that might hold you down in the 3rd dimension, soul-search and let them go. Material things, money, fame, ect... all this is working on your spiritual development.

    Mediating also will help lift your energy higher and release those old energies. Concentrate on breathing in and out for a least 1 hr will help raise your frequency.

    Thanks, Kirk. I hope this info helps some people. I'll post it again so everyone will see it everyday.

  146. No Otp!
    I didn't say that, i said following and i gladly repeat it. By the way, i think Armageddon has already started somehow

    You Greg really have fuckin' GUTS knowing so many will have a kind of massive strokes reading your channellings, and this one especially! It more and more seems to be correct the idea of a welding together, or warfare of the polarities of Evil/Good and Dark/Light, depending in what way one might see upon it, because in the end i think the result is the same really; to highten Consciousness :-)"

  147. LMAO! Y'all gon' get raped by the Queen of England! Hey, ever wonder if the Cabal is putting mind-control substances in your shampoo? It would explain why you people with the dirtiest hair have the most conspiracy theories!
    If y'all wanna see what a middle-aged tweaker rapist looks like, check out Glenn Giles' FB photos

  148. sane, or are you?

    I object to your offensive comments.

  149. thank you. I for one appreciate any and all help in getting rid of these rotten traitorous bastards. I'm on call, pick me up, would love to help.
    And thank you again, I appreciate you

  150. Barack Obama: From Honolulu (Hawaii), at the age of 6 moved to Jakarta (Indonesia) with his American mother (Ann Dunham) and her new Indonesian partner. Barack returned to Honolulu at the age of 10 to live with his American grandparents and continued his education in the USA.

    Sounds like an American to me, and not like a "young man from Africa" at all.

    Winnie van Dijk

  151. Barak Obama, not his real name, from Kenya.

  152. Sorry Greg, Now You have gone too far!

    The next time you sit before a
    channel or read a transcription, consider these seven items presented below. As you listen to or read the words of a channeller, also try to ask "what is the intent of the human speaking?" Is there any ego or Human agenda? If you detect it... then stop. There cannot be Human ego present for the information to be accurate and true. Spirit demands this of the channeller... I know. I also know from almost 20 years of live channeling experience that the message will ALWAYS be filled with love, and not fear. Watch for this!

    GUIDELINES FOR DISCERNMENT - New Realities Magazine - July 1987

    1. There will always be useful information for everyone. Beware of the channel that gives you useful information for only a few, or tells you that it's only for a special group or a sequestered number. It must be useful for ALL humanity, every single Human. This is an area of discernment allowing you to know you are hearing the truth.

    2. The message should be uplifting. Watch for an empowering message - NOT ONE OF FEAR, not one that drags you down - not one that makes you want to take fearful action or hide - but an enabling message! This is a staple of God energy. It must be there. It should inspire the listener and reader. Every recorded angel appearance before a Human Being has begun with "Fear not!"

    3. Spirit (God) will never, ever channel a message that asks you to give up your free will. Never! For your free will is what your experience on Earth is all about as you sit in your "chairs of gold" (a metaphor created in Kryon Book Six). Free will! FREE CHOICE is what drives your future.

    4. Spirit will never give you a message - ever - that asks you to violate the integrity of what you believe. You are honored in your thought processes. Spirit will never trick you or "talk you" into anything. The message must never violate your integrity. You must feel comfortable with it, and it must ring true to your heart.

    5. Spirit will never represent a channeller as being the only source. Watch for this, for there are many channels of Spirit and they all coordinate their information to create a bigger picture, especially in this New Age. They will NEVER represent themselves as the ONLY source of information.

    6. Watch for the fact that the information is normally new information. Beware of the channel that simply re-hashes the old, for they are not channelling anything but the ego of the Human Being. New information is necessary, combined with "core information," it is the entire reason for the channel. Think about it.

    7. Watch for the fact that channelled information should have spiritual solutions presented. Solutions to life challenges on Earth, via new information, is the purpose of channelling.
    Offered in Love,

    Lee Carroll

    Love and Light to All.

  153. Thanks again Greg & GFL, and for the rest of you commenting on here, stop thinking and analising what there saying,there's no riddle, no secret messages going on nothing to decode! Read what it says! How much more direct can they be? Wake up! Nobody important has been contained,removed whatever,there still doing what they always do and continuing there plan, you better get some arms and be prepared to fight because when they come to your home with 20-30 guys and stick a big gun up your nose its to late,don't you dare give up your second amendment,don't buy the BS false flags used as a weapon to disarm us, what can you do? Read about agenda 21 don't just watch a video on YouTube watch many and read the facts not peoples opinions, this is very real and psychopaths with guns can only be taken down with one, you try to give them a hug, go ahead,lol are you guys delusional? Love makes the world go around yes but the truth is not when your life's on the line, bullets don't give a crap and neither do these sickos you believe your gonna fix, wake up! Btw many on here are also saying that the Gfl needs our help NO they don't we humans need to help ourselves! There's a site I like to read from that gives lots of info you know very well who it is, well I spoke with her on the phone for over 2 hours she's a fake!! She knows nothing about what's going on in the world but swears Obama's a light worker and has many of you convinced! She knows nothing about his politics, I asked her and she said exactly" of course I don't know about politics, I don't have time for that" wth?? How dare she! She continued to say that she likes him because of how he talks and moves his hands!!! Are you freak in kidding me?? She's an idiot! And on top of that her so called reading was nothing more then chatting as girls do on the phone, when she saw that I knew my shit she was very careful after those stupid statements but did ask for a donation. I know what the real deal is I've met a few in my life and I am able to some unusual things myself and I'm telling you she and him are running a scam to pay there bills from people who want peace so bad tell pay for the delusion they are selling, this is very wrong people, I am looking forward to these users and liars being removed,I knew it by the call,it was worth my time investigating.You guys really need to deal with right here right now and worry about tomorrows ascension after the war/slaughter up to you where your gonna be and btw, comment or about Jesus turning the other ceeck all the time, BS! The one time Jesus flipped and engaged with violance was when he went after the money changers/bankers! Research on your own!!!

  154. Thanks again Greg & GFL, and for the rest of you commenting on here, stop thinking and analising what there saying,there's no riddle, no secret messages going on nothing to decode! Read what it says! How much more direct can they be? Wake up! Nobody important has been contained,removed whatever,there still doing what they always do and continuing there plan, you better get some arms and be prepared to fight because when they come to your home with 20-30 guys and stick a big gun up your nose its to late,don't you dare give up your second amendment,don't buy the BS false flags used as a weapon to disarm us, what can you do? Read about agenda 21 don't just watch a video on YouTube watch many and read the facts not peoples opinions, this is very real and psychopaths with guns can only be taken down with one, you try to give them a hug, go ahead,lol are you guys delusional? Love makes the world go around yes but the truth is not when your life's on the line, bullets don't give a crap and neither do these sickos you believe your gonna fix, wake up! Btw many on here are also saying that the Gfl needs our help NO they don't we humans need to help ourselves! There's a site I like to read from that gives lots of info you know very well who it is, well I spoke with her on the phone for over 2 hours she's a fake!! She knows nothing about what's going on in the world but swears Obama's a light worker and has many of you convinced! She knows nothing about his politics, I asked her and she said exactly" of course I don't know about politics, I don't have time for that" wth?? How dare she! She continued to say that she likes him because of how he talks and moves his hands!!! Are you freak in kidding me?? She's an idiot! And on top of that her so called reading was nothing more then chatting as girls do on the phone, when she saw that I knew my shit she was very careful after those stupid statements but did ask for a donation. I know what the real deal is I've met a few in my life and I am able to some unusual things myself and I'm telling you she and him are running a scam to pay there bills from people who want peace so bad tell pay for the delusion they are selling, this is very wrong people, I am looking forward to these users and liars being removed,I knew it by the call,it was worth my time investigating.You guys really need to deal with right here right now and worry about tomorrows ascension after the war/slaughter up to you where your gonna be and btw, comment or about Jesus turning the other ceeck all the time, BS! The one time Jesus flipped and engaged with violance was when he went after the money changers/bankers! Research on your own!!!

  155. Has anyone ever thought that love and light, peace and love, surrender, do nothing etc is a ploy for you to think its okay in the end.

    Ignore the world events and you will suffer the consequences.

  156. Thank you to the GFL for telling us how it is and going straight to the point. I personally don't know where our earth allies are at in the battle to overcoming the cabal and any information to gain awareness on the matter and what is at stake is very much needed to help us do our job on our side efficiently and to give us the motivation.

  157. @ Sadee knows:

    Barack Obama Sr. was from Kenya and studied in Honolulu where he met Ann Dunham at the Honolulu University, who he married in 1961. Later on that year Barack Obama Jr. was born in Honolulu.

    The President of the USA, who has my great respect, was born in Honolulu (source: Wikipedia)

    Winnie van Dijk (Netherlands)

  158. i have believed the republocrate 2 headed monster since ross perot never had a shot to win and forced to leave the race in 92......i am sad to hear love does not have to power to over take the dark and needs violence. as a student of ACIM i know there is more to the story...please p-leasse help me with a significant dark talking head go to jail......THIS WILL BE A GAME CHANGER....IT IS TIME TO SEE A SOROS OR ANYONE LIKE HIS STATUS GET WHAT HE DESERVES WILL DO MORE FOR US LIGHTWORKERS THAN ANYOTHER ON THIS PLANET. WE NEED A WIN.THIS WILL BE A BIG WIN.....THANKS FOR ALL U DO

  159. GFL:
    Another confusing message! Whatever happened to Ascension? You give us two scenarios: Either the Cabal wins and we're all slaves, or, the Light wins and then what?
    I don't agree that there are those who might choose death and have no higher self. (Unless, as in one of Dolores Cannon's books these are multitudes of people described as merely "background" for those on the "stage.")
    I am not going to accuse you of deliberately sowing confusion in our ranks, but the result is the same. I have previously asked you to show some sort of proof of your existence, but it is apparent you feel we must trust you and buy in to all your predictions.
    As I have stated before: We should be given the opportunity to Trust but Verify!

  160. wait for sume advance, what we can do better and when is first contact? - peace and love

  161. I think before the cabal gets to enslave humanity there will be a very deadly ww3 where i think they would lose anyway. You seem to have more faith in their power then many of us do GFL, I think they have too many enemies in the world to succed with their plans. Worst case scenario i see is ww3, in which our planet might get destroyed completely and become unliveable. Do you think BRICS will just roll over? Now that they are becoming the dominating force in this world. The Cabal run nations are weak, bankrupt, demoralizied, with few people willing to fight and die in world war 3. The same cant be said about the other nations, if there is worldwar 3, and i certainlyhope there wont be one the Cabal will lose it.

    This was a shitty channling by the way, too much fear mongering, but i agree on the lovey dovey stuff, but still its just too much fear mongering.

    Also i disagree on Mitt Romney becoming the president, I know for a fact that he is who they would like to have as a president, I also know they rig elections and vote counting. But i dont think they can make it look even for 5 minutes beliveable that Mitt won that election fair and square. Have you seen it when he has conferences, theres like 7 people there listening to him, bar the national convention. And should he win i will be a bit surprised.

    By the way havent you said a couple of times that the Creator has decreed that all of this is to stop? That they are not to be allowed to succed with their plans and there wont be a ww3, and that you are sent on a mission to make this decree happen? You have said this many times, and if you fail i hope it will be you in the courts of even higher dimensional beeings beeing stripped of your fleets, titles, luxuries and other things for you failure to accomplish his decree and allow this planet to have become an even greater cancerous tumor in the universe. Maybe you should think about that. Certainly the Creator would learn not to trust you to help or relive any worlds in such dire circumstances as this world should you fail. Then you can all go into retirement or something.

    And i have to say such massive amounts of fear mongering makes me doubt this channel a little. And no a few confirming well known things like Obamas questionable citizenship and other things like election rigging which btw is common knowledge, and should be that in your audience, will not legitimize this channeling, everyone who knows anything at all knows that. Stop pretending to be revealing secrets that is common knowledge on the internet, it does not make you look any better. If you wanna reveal secrets reaveal something secret.

  162. Potent message, don't really know what to make of all of it just yet. However, I feel it is the first time that the lucidity of the comments have trumped the message itself, as I got much more of a boost from them, and it made me proud to be amongst such clear straightforward thinking people. Before the trolls jump in, I wasn't talking about your comments, they are still as murky and mucky as they have ever been.

    No, I am talking those that offered plain sentiments about our dismal forecast, our lack of proper tools, feelings of general abandonment, complete lack of viable options on the political front, and the dressing down of the loyal troops. An army marches on it's stomach, and we have been fed garbage for so long that we don't know what real food is like anymore. We are forced to regurgitate this puke and feed it to those who have even less, knowing full well this entails passing some bile on to our comrades in the trenches. Our enemies are everywhere, in the trenches on the other side, in the trenches with us, in the command headquarters, even in the plants that supply us with our ammunition. We have long suspected we were firing blanks, now we hear that we were also shorted in the charge these blanks contained.

    We know full well that those we are sworn to defend are sleeping well at home in nice warm beds, while here in the trenches it is another story, we are hungry, cold, our boots are full of water, and our letters home are ignored. There are spies everywhere. The news that our generals are getting wobbly, and are busy dusting off their civies in preparation for an exodus is not very heartwarming.

    I am willing to accept that Greg had a brain fart, and some shady influences took advantage, but I refuse to believe that our only straw of hope is a complete fabrication and illusion. If there is no distinction between the Service to Self Romney, and the Service to Others that Obama represents, then what chance do we have? Our choice is between offal and trash? Henry Ford offered us the same choices for the color of the paint on his Model T...'You can have any color you want as long as it is black'.


  164. Can we stand some encouraging news?
    The Cabal’s Final Death Throes Have Begun
    September 13th, 2012 | Author: Quinn,
    As we reach the final home stretch of 2012, things are beginning to take shape with a new sense of expediency never seen before. The channels have all stated that their final activities in removing the Cabal have already begun and that these activities would speed up as we neared the end of 2012.

    SaLuSa said in June of this year, “At present we of the Galactic Federation ready ourselves for the final thrust against the last cabal.” (1) Look around the world and you will see this statement is quite real as we are now seeing on the world stage.

    The attack on the US embassy in Libya that killed a US ambassador and three of his staff is a prime example of what SaLuSa was saying. This so called “terrorist” attack that left four Americans dead was nothing more than a false-flag operation carried out in a last ditch effort to bring about a new world order who seeks world dominance through the enslavement of humanity. Matthew Ward confirms this in an August message to us where he states, “Even knowing that light beings from advance civilization above and on the planet have been foiling ‘black ops’ plots, the dark ones are keeping at it.” (2)

    Not only has the Cabal started false-flag operations, they have also perpetrated mass protests at US embassies all over the Middle East and have splashed them all over their darkly controlled major media outlets in the western world.

    However, we should not consider this a setback because our star family is there to step in to quell this blatant attempt by the Cabal to instill more fear in the hearts of the many sleeping souls who have not yet awakened to the truth. Sheldan Nidle confirms this by saying, “We can, if necessary, require that a number of these controlled media sites be properly discredited and shut down.” Sheldan also states in this same message, “The first requirement is to neutralize any dark-cabal media counterattack.” (3)

    I would expect at this point to see more of this in the western cabal-controlled media as they make their desperate last attempts on starting World War III. By using the media, they hope to create resentment to those residing in the Middle East and will use the fear generated from these attacks and protests to fuel their attempt at world domination.

    Despite these attempts, the Galactic Federation is not going to allow it to continue anymore and we will soon see this as these stories start to fall away from the public view. For the time being, please hold your light strong and send out around the world to help strengthen the efforts all those who seek to restore peace and harmony to this planet and her peoples.

    This is the home stretch we have all been waiting for!


    (1) SaLuSa channeled through Mike Quinsey, June 4th, 2012:

    (2) Matthew Ward as channeled thru Suzy Ward, August 2nd, 2012:

    (3) Sheldan Nidle, June 26th, 2012:

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  165. Brothers and Sisters,

    Very well, I fully accept and understand that we are in a time a war. I take this threat, this enemy, this foe extremely seriously. I will do anything I can to personally ensure these horrific, hellish scenarios do not end up playing out on our world.

    I know that I can inform people of your presence so that eventually you may come down to our surface and give us more personal assistance.

    I know that I can inform people of the criminal organization that has been attempting to control our world for hundreds of years.

    This is lightwork, information work. I know this is what I should have been doing this whole time, but this is another challenge or lesson I must have had prepared for myself, and as you said this is the wake up call. I will gather more light - more information - today and from there spread all that I can. But it doesn't seem as if there is much more I can do, or is there?

    I cannot suddenly take up arms and join our Earth allies, though I can continue to put my full support behind them; focus my creative intent upon bullets missing them, their missions being a resounding success, and the cabal crumbling away, powerless.

    I choose to put no imaginative efforts behind picturing the horrible things it is "possible" for the cabal to do, as this is not the reality that I choose create for myself and the people of Earth. It is not the reality any of us choose to experience.

    As you instructed us to say: "I am a powerful and eternal spiritual being. I will never let anything stop me or slow me from experiencing all the things that I wish to, when I wish to, and how I wish to. This is my declaration."

    I choose to experience the immediate and devastating defeat of the cabal at the hands of our extremely capable Earth allies. I choose, right now, that these hellish timelines you have spoken of will never become my reality or the reality of my brothers and sisters on Earth. I choose to experience only the best possible future scenario for our world. I choose, right now, for all those reading these words of mine to align with this vision and stamp out this enemy, this foe, this threat, who are - as you have reminded us today brothers and sisters - simply playing their part on this stage. Following their lines to the best of their ability, which although is certainly impressive it does not hold a candle to creative intent of the billions they would try to enslave and imprison.

    Yes, of course I am concerned that Mitt Romney would become president, but at the same time I know that when such a thing occurs the outcry it will generate will resound from us, across the cosmos, and help change everything. And perhaps that was the part of the divine plan all along. For I do believe in the divine plan, and I do believe this will all work out exactly as we wish it to.


  166. Yo Fco. Javier Rodríguez Fernandez, me declaro beligerante con la cábala y ruego me den un destino en esta guerra. Un cometido específico. Un trabajo, que puede ser a tiempo completo, mi vida vale lo que puedo ofrecer. Mi fuerza y lealtad.
    No temo nada . Gracias

  167. Other options:
    Greetings: I am Adrial, celestial of this universe, and I am Bren-Ton of Andromeda. We are most pleased to be communicating with you today.

    For several years now we have been saying to you that the time of choosing would come. Now is that time. We have been telling you that Earth would be transforming herself to a lighter density. We have been saying that all that would remain with Earth are required to raise their vibrations to match hers.

    At this moment there are three choices before you. First, you may raise your vibration to the point that you ascend to a higher/lighter density thereby removing yourself from the Earth plane. Second, you may choose to remain in the 3rd Density that currently holds the majority of Earth humans in a fear-based paradigm. Or third, you may choose to remain with Earth as she transitions herself to a higher/lighter density.

    Read the rest of this article on my blog at

  168. Oh No Greg!!!! People are going to tell on you. Go tell Obama!!!!
    I know what Obama will tell you.
    He will say, If you give me 5 dollars you could win dinner with me and Michelle. Reality check people.They don't care about you!!!!
    We have tried to be nice about the whole situation, but it not working to well. This is just a different approach. Don't be so shocked. I can't believe I read yesterday that
    some of you are still just deciding weather or not to tell others. Totally amazing!!!! Wake up and look around do you think things should be like this.
    I was in a goodwill awhile back telling some folks what's going on.
    Do you know what happen? They kicked me out of the goodwill.
    Can you believe goodwill took away me freedom of speech. What the hell is going on here. I want to know?

  169. I dont know but i could be wrong. But i feel Barrack OBama is the hope we can have without going into abigger mess. I like the man and the people around him. They trie repeatly over and over to block him when his administration he himself needed something past that will benefit humanity. I feel we would be better off with him. I hoping this selection doesnt come true so that its fair for the people. I hope the. men and women fighting for our rights gets them and exposes what is realy going on when elections happen or something. Yea lets face it they have us under their list. But they wont brake our spirits. Lets stop this bs. Lets fight for whats right

  170. These ae the truths that I have been waiting for. I know and try to tell those around me of these truths, but I am called a scary guy.I choose to fight to the end. I know and have known that the cabal read these sites. I am hopeful that the light will win this fight, and we will have the beautiful world that aaai have been dreaming about.

  171. These ae the truths that I have been waiting for. I know and try to tell those around me of these truths, but I am called a scary guy.I choose to fight to the end. I know and have known that the cabal read these sites. I am hopeful that the light will win this fight, and we will have the beautiful world that aaai have been dreaming about.

  172. I still believe in heros. If one has to become a hero so be it. Heros are the bravest spirits out their. I have faith that it will be ok. Lets create our futures by dreaming the bueaty to create and make it possible. Lets be aware and make awarness. Ive tried these things many times to all the people i knew to make awarness of the good possibilities and th badm i can only hope that they remeber what ive said. I know that this planet will be ours for our future. Of hope peace and love. With the truth. Its important to tell the truthl. Whose with me . I say we need the GAlatic afaederation of light. I know people will need you from all types not knowingly you. But theyll need something if such does happen. Those will be the innocent.

  173. To peace to love. You can only contain a bubble until it pops. Love and light to all.

  174. This comment has been removed by the author.


    We will place an obstacle in your path and then pull the rug out from under you, but assist you find your way back onto your feet and become balanced to leap the next hurdle. You are never ‘safe’. You are being ‘mind controlled’. Your thoughts are our thoughts. HUH !
    But then we say there is no such thing as mind control, yet these dark control freaks (cabal) will control your every thought, your every word, your every action, the ways you spend your time and your money. WHAT?

    We also say your president Barack Obama, is not an American citizen, he never applied for American citizenship. There you have a big secret revealed. Your U.S. presidents are not sworn to public office, they are sworn in under a secret oath to the Illuminati. There you have another big secret revealed. When it’s time to give the illusion that change is upon you, they choose the alternative party to assume the role of presidency. There you have another big secret revealed. Even if Obama receives MILLIONS of votes and Mitt Romney receives NONE, your Cabal’s Diebold Company’s voting machines will say otherwise. There you have another big secret revealed. Mitt Romney is just another Illuminati puppet. But this can NOT be considered a big secret; many of you already know this. YOOOOU DOON’T SAAAAY !!!

    We can confidently reveal today that the cabal is your enemy. IS THAT SO? There you have another big secret revealed. WTF? What do you think about that? Do you find that surprising? Do you find that shocking? Do you find that treasonous, for we do, and we see many of you do as well. NO BLOODY WAAAY !!!
    So, roll up your sleeves, get your hands greasy and arrest these individuals, for they will murder every single being on your planet ‘except for themselves’. WOW, THEY’RE SO EVIL, THEY NEARLY WIPED THEMSELVES OUT TOO.

    Those light-worker communities preaching that love is the answer to this problem, then shower the cabal with love and healing powers, thinking this is going to somehow cure them; that it’ll change the Cabal and alter their perspectives. Are you serious? We need to have a long chat with you. You’re dreaming. Seriously? Your dream will soon turn into an awful nightmare for every member of your human family. We are not kidding here, OKAY? IS THIS GUY FOR REAL?
    We are assisting you, but we will not help you. MEANING? Do you hear what we just said? We are declaring a statement that if the Illuminati imprisons and enslave you people, we are not going to interfere. What do you think about that? Do you find that absolutely terrifying? Well, you should. For you better wake up because you’re walking around like zombies in a complete slumber and don't even realize what’s going on, ‘cos to you ignorance is bliss.

    Our leader light-workers we treat with much more respect than we treat you, for they can easily pack their bags and board our spacecraft as team members and leave you here to rot in destitution in enslavement camps. GOT THAT !

    Are you going to drop this charade that ‘all you need is love’? Now’s a time of war!
    Drop this charade that we are going to send love and healing vibrations to the cabal !

  176. This comment has been removed by the author.

  177. I Stated in My comments when u posted ur message about "kicking in there doors"

    I told You then the only thing we are doing is Putting ourselfs and loved ones on there radar, I too AM being looked at by many of Friends and Family as a Screw BALL! for doing what was asked of me by you! Useing the 2 tools you told us about , UFO sightings and the Cabal! The other night there was a metior shower went straight passed my window , When I tryed to tell peeps about it THey said I was crazy! A METIOR SHOWER! SO telling them there is aliens helping us againts a secert society Is BONKERS! I do Try to do this none the less, I start of small Plant little seeds! Ask them questions " Whats the LAtitude longditude of the great Pyrimids Of Gizza?" WHats the Exact Number Of the SPeed of light?" I tell em both questions Have same answer! what do they think of that? most think its just a coiusadnce!
    I then ask then if they know What the word Apollo Means in Latin? That masonic Orders Are Devil worship when u get high enough! that NEil armstrongs Father was a 33 degree maison In the scottish MAsonic order, as are many of Nasa's space men and leaders. That the Nazi's never lost the second world war Germany did . The nazis simply went else were to carry on there work! Operation Paper CLip ! was to bring Nazi's to america and let them start a fresh ! SOme of who are now very high up within NASA! ANd the answer to the Appolo Question is simply "Satin" (the devil) why call your space missions devil 1? devil 2 ? devil 3 . etc. ect.

    I feel Im waitsitng my time trying to convince others to what i believe! I feel its time to take a differnt approuch , I have Kids and Believe me when i say this ! I would DO ANYTHING TO PROTECT THEM FROM ANY KIND OF HARM!

    PLEASE GUIDE ME, to my true Prupose here, Im ready to Join the movement . TO do more ! Im tierd of "SITTING ON MY HANDS" GOd Help the soul Who comes to my home in the dark of night and trys to enslave my FAMILY!

    I beleive your message has stirred up alot of emotions and people are willing to do what it take to DO THE RIGHT THING. AND up there game as we say! I know ask the same from you our brothers and sisters! UP your game! We require MOre Siteings , More COntact FAce to face! And most importantly More Instructions HOW TO FIght back! I have no doubt at all that there are many people reading these messages who would stop what they were doing and Help the fight If they were showed how! Most of us are still blind to what is going on ! Even the awkened ones! "were are these base's under ground , how many countries are they in , does this apply to just usa, or is it world wide ? HOw do we FIght Back? I have a Video camara sitting beside me and will hope u here my message and SHow yourself , so I can use this To start My own Movment and awaken The people around me! SO we can be prepared , I will be reaching out out For allies and information from across the big pond. lets c who responds!

    ANd i Urge all AMericans To write Rape on there ballits! becouse that is what they will be getting if the CAbal are to get there own way!

    every1 reading this you have a way to contact me Im looking for a response! Im looking for a THink TANK!

    SHOW yourselfs!


    Why make them change their agenda to murder, to enslave, to impoverish, to sicken, to steal all that you possess for themselves? Neither are none of you safe from being selected for the ‘high honour of slavery’. Far worse things than death awaits you as the cabal are sexual deviants, perverts, masochists and sadists, homosexuals and bisexuals, to whom it matters not who they choose to have sex with. You are all to get ready for a long life of hell. HELP US, DON’T LEAVE US, PLEEEEASE !!!!

    Go ahead; continue with your ridiculous dream that love is the answer. You are very soon going to find yourself barely living in enslavement camps built all over your world, specially for you light-workers and channels, for you are not channelling anyone but your own limited perspectives and understandings.
    For you light-workers and channels propagating this lie, this falsehood and this hoax. Your day is now coming. You who channel communications from Archangels and commanders of certain galactic alliances are snakes and roaches. Your day of reckoning is upon you. For you, HELL HAS COME TO BREAKFAST.

    There is confusion as to what light is. Light is not love. You light-workers are not love-workers. Do you understand!!! You are NOT here to spread love. And forget all about ascension and your careers with the galactic commands. Forget all that stuff. It does not matter to us if you are taken into slavery and thrown into these enslavement camps. For you, death is not your ticket out of here, for you do not have higher selves, and where is it you think you're going to go? HAHAHAHA !

    Btw, we have no intentions of coming back here anytime soon. We have a long list of planets that need our help, who are ready to accept ‘our kind of help’ and M.O. And we don't need to spend one minute longer on a planet where most of the population are stoned, and refuse to accept that we exist.
    We are here to help. We are here now and you best take advantage of this opportunity while it is still being presented to you, because we cannot stay here forever. We must pull out and continue on in our service to others throughout this universe. ADIOS AMIGOS !!!!!

    If you don't believe us, ask someone else, WHAT? for there are literally millions of people around your world now who understand just who they are and just what their agenda is. You do not have to take our word for this. WHAT DID HE JUST SAY?

    We say love has its time and love has its place and love has NO place in war and you are in a war.
    We are your allies, here to assist you in your hour of need. YEEA RIIIGHT

  179. You are going too far now Greg. All you have been doing is using your pathological liar talents to settle fear in people's minds and stomachs.

    My best loving advice for you is to get cured somehow and forgive yourself for all the lies and fears you have been spreading to feed your ego.

    Remember the movie Scarface? You are the main character and we are approaching the end of the movie...

    I still thank you yet, as this experience with you has taught me great lessons.

  180. Well, GFL, thanks for just feeding a 3 course meal to the opposition...why don't you just throw some sand down our barrels while you are at it? If you ask me, you need to hand the microphone back to whomever it was the day before yesterday, and send this hack back to the mailroom. By the way, now that we swore off meat, those cans of Spam rations are no longer doing it for us.

    Why didn't you just issue us all little white flags, at least we might be able to parlay them into more comfortable cells in the that now seems a shoe-in considering that their advantage seems absolute in all aspects. I find it hard to imagine a better pep talk...for the enemy!

    GFL, please understand, every channel is skating on very thin ice, and is one tiny thaw away from crashing though, and sinking into oblivion. As much as we love Greg, we would gladly see him sink like a stone if he turns. Obviously, we cannot permit a turncoat be in charge of the information stream. From your perspective, you need to protect your asset. If it becomes clear that our final hope is compromised, then I personally volunteer to cut the thread that holds the Sword of Damocles myself.

    A mutiny is never out of the question, and the most loyal and cogent among us would be at the forefront of any corrective action... we would be remiss if we allowed a poseur to lead us.

  181. Well today's message was shocking and made me contemplate everything deeply.

    First about Obama. How does it matter whether he gets elected or not? Recently other channels had started sounding to me as pro Obama election campaigner and I wondered whether all this is election strategies! no , they ARE DEFINATELY NOT, as ascension had been decreed long back, I read a 30 yr old channeled book, and of course thousands of year back Mayans had said the 'date'.

    Now , few sites say that promises of disclosure and ascension of earlier dates were a farce, so we are in doubt now. But the date had always been end of 2012, so I doubt any earlier ascension dates ( only sages and highly evolved could ascend before this)

    In our country at least we know most political parties and their leaders are 'birds of same flock' and function in same manner, irrespective of who gets elected!. I think you should also understand this. What use is a leader, even if he is honest, if his hands are tied down and he is a puppet of cabal. JFK was good and courageous leader you had who risked his life to disclose Truths ( which he could not)

    Ascension of World is not in hands of One person and does not depend on his being elected. It is decreed by God and will happen with the will and creative manifestation of the collective consciousness. In fact it is already decreed and will happen. Gaia has also chosen so.

    v. negative people have the mind sets of souls from 1 st or 2 nd dimension and they came here to learn lessons and
    fulfill their karma ( few cabal people are in this category and few could have taken 'role'to provide negativity to world, and majority can be artificial intelligence!) Well their 'sourcing' does not concern us , their actions do.

    Due to veil , cabal is busy hurting masses and not trying to evolve themselves. So they have created a timeline which is extremely gruesome. That timeline is extremely remote possibility, but its existence has been notified to us.From my side, IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. No. I am not creating it and I know the actions which are to be taken to create another timeline.

    This message has been a 'kick on the butt' for lightworkers to get up and take notice and start working to spread light( information). We dont want to 'cut a sorry figure' or regret later on of failing in our mission.

    My challenge at present is ridicule. After getting adjusted in 3 rd dimensional society and getting accepted, I dont want to uproot everything. But this has to be faced and be won, otherwise it will be heart wrenching to see people suffer in any ways , when you could have helped more to awaken and choose. People can 'choose ' only if they know what their 'choices' are. We just have to provide them with knowledge of those choices and leave rest to them.

  182. Wow, Greg Boudy, what a wonderful thing to say

    "I still thank you yet, Greg, as this experience with you has taught me great lessons."

    So heart-warming.

  183. Dear brothers and sisters,
    I totally understand how You feel when You come all the way here from other universe to assist us but only find You being sabotaged by some of the "information workers". But, please, please do not abandon us, we honestly want Your assistance to fight against the cabals.We can hardly win this war without Your assistance…So please, do not abandon those who have faith in You, and those who have not yet awakened. We want You here to help us!

  184. Dear brothers and sisters,

    they were never there to begin with.

    It's all hokey-pokey.

  185. who here has put out who they are and where they live and what they do and what they are about???

    I came here just about a month ago and i can only see the truth.

    I see back and forth by people who haven't even shown who they are in real life. For all anyone knows is they are scammers..

    People make sure you know people in 3D before you believe this stuff.

    That is why i presented my pictures and blogs and work from 1998 to the present so people here can ata least know who i am.

    Anything else is potential fantasy and role playing to gain followers who help their site gain clicks for google profits. These people also create side sites that people have to pay for to join. Its about the royal $$ for many of these people.

    I do know love works and God is love and i try to make a resting place for Love/God in my heart.

    People know that many things online are not true and also know that many online are cutting edge trying to get the truth out.

    Let your love/God direct you in discernment of which is which.

    Know your own track record to decipher if it it only for yourself to learn from what you do online. Many times what we think or hear is mostly FOR US TO HEAR!

    Jesus said let those who have ears hear!

    We can love and we can hate but we should know by now where hate comes from and that is from false fears incited in our minds by evil.

    Evil can only be defeated by love and by ignoring the false rumors and fears promugated thru yourself or others can you be totally free.

    We will all ascend as we have 3d bodies / shells that we will shed one day. Where will you be when that happens? Will you be on the side of love or evil?

    So please know love / god is free and free choice and that should never cost you money.

    I do not say do not come here but i do say do not make evil rich.

    Make love rich in your hearts because that is what you can bring with you into the next world.

    PS: If you look back at some of what was written in the last month you will find how after this blog was faced with the truth they addmitted they were caught but then made longer blogs to try to outlast the positive truthsayers. They also posted more of those aldo post asking people to go to that site to join which cost 50.00 just to look into it.

    Now they want more people to come here and the messages are all over the map..

    They even have their pegs and others who are here to support this blog and i am sure many of them have at least 20 or more fake google accounts to give 3 CHEERS TO GREG and these messages.

    The best thing about coming here is the true people who do care enough and do bring in other good positive information.

    Bless you all who truely care and may God / love overcome the evil in this world and i feel so sorry for those people who do evil because when they do shed their shells there will be hell to pay

    hugs love Danie Clarke aka DEClarke aka danielle clarke aka danielegrl aka justdanielegrl and amazonD or amazon D because i have nothing to hide and i have God/Love on my side watching over me and thats more powerful than anything else

  186. Danie Clarke.

    What is it you really want to say? I get lost in all of the above.

  187. Then what i said wasn't meant for you!

    we'll see who here can hear or gets this message as it is meant for me and if it speaks to another then so be it that is from above as i am then only the vehicle for that message

  188. om godness chill out...GFL...i am not stupid here...I am FULLY aware of the dangers here...the cabal/illuminati are evil...this has been the way of our world for eons of time...not a whole lot a simple man/woman can do about their needs for comtrol and money. My choice is to protect myself and other with LOVE from them. If they try to enslaving my group...well lets just say....were ready...I have so many in my group that are amoung those fully aware of HOW are government is controlled/and functions. LOL Romney? Oh bother...glad I am not voting for him! Oh wait I never vote!!!! THAT would be because I already KNEW that our votes never count! Known since I was a not believe me...look into my will see it...I do not do other things that Americans feel I should...but I have been awake alot longer and see the truth of who thinks their in charge. Lets end here...I am ready if I need to be.

  189. Hi Mr. Naughton. Mr. Pegalys is up there.

  190. I don't know why people think we already won. The annoying campaigning is still going on today between these fools. I nominate gandolf the White for president!!!