Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 9/18/12 ‘The New Celebrity’

Balancing between your old ways and your old world and your new ways and your new world are many of Earth’s children at this time. You have been teetering, if you will, between these two differing realities for quite a long period of time now, for the changes that are now rapidly becoming a part of your new reality have actually been happening for quite a long time now and these changes are not just without you, but they have been happening within you.  As part of these changes, part of you has had to change along with them. This has been part of the program, if you will, for you as well as your new world, for you must change and adapt as well to your now ever-changing world around you. These two aspects of your reality, your world and you, must experience metamorphosis together. One cannot change without the other changing, thus a mismatch would occur. Both have to change and both have to raise their frequencies to a much higher level, so what has been happening is you have been changing as well as your world has been changing.  These changes go hand-in-hand and there cannot be any other way.

There are many of you leading the way in regards to these changes and there are others of you who are, let us say, slowing the process down a bit, even some of you at times quite considerably. This presents a bit of a problem for your Earth, your planet, as she wishes to change. She wishes to experience metamorphosis like a caterpillar to the butterfly and she wishes to spread her wings and fly into the higher realms of her universe where she rightfully belongs and always has. There are those of you, her own children, who are holding her back in several different ways and it is these ways that we wish to have a little chat today about.

What we are talking about here is habits, tendencies and ways that some of you have been living your lives, not just through this present incarnation, but through many previous and successive incarnations as well. It is imperative that you shed these lower dimensional aspects of yourselves. There are not too many more tomorrows to do this kind of work. So what are these changes? Well, we will say that many of these changes have to do with your habit of illicit drug use. There is no poetic way to say this sentence. There is no way to soften it, to soften the blow or desensitize it or to make it pretty. There is just one way to say this; many of you are what you call hooked on drugs. This is a shame, but this is actually more than a shame and we shall explain why.

Many of you are here for very specific reasons. There are those of you here to purposely get hooked on these substances and it has been your task to get unhooked. There, we said it, and it's pretty straightforward, is it not? There are many of you whose pre-incarnate blueprints called for you to experiment with certain of these substances, get hooked on them, and then find a suitable means to break these habits. This may seem quite strange to you or odd or even unfair, but you have to understand there is a reason for this. What could possibly be this reason? Well, we would say that for at least a number of you this reason has to do with previous lifetimes that you have lived here and perhaps even on other planets. Yes, these habits and tendencies of yours have gone back well past this current incarnation. You have battled substance abuse for more than this lifetime.

Do you understand that? Can you understand why you elected to incarnate here at this time and allow yourself to get hooked on these substances, therefore creating a challenge for you to overcome? We feel many of you now would clearly understand this and understand that there is no trickery here. There is no conspiracy here to get you hooked on drugs and then tell you that you may not ascend because you have not broken this habit now. This was a challenge that you yourself wished to face in this lifetime. You set the pins, as you say, and it is your task to bowl them over, it is no one else's. If this is the case and you purposely set up for yourself that you would get addicted to one or more of these substances and then you lined up for yourself friends that would help you get addicted to these substances and the circumstances that would assist you to get hooked on these substances, would it be proper for us to come down in our ships and wave a magic wand and get you unhooked from these substances? No, that would not be proper at all, for what would this be doing for you? How would you be learning any kind of a lesson if we were to do this?

We feel many of you will now more clearly understand that it is not our job or our responsibility or our  right to come down to your world and fix the problems that you may be having through the use of our superior technology or healing modalities or psychological programs. No, this would not be fair and it would not be fair to you mostly. You see, you need to learn how to get yourself off of these substances. You understood that, and that is why you incarnated under these circumstances. It's pretty cut and dry, as you say. It is very straightforward. This is your challenge. Many of you now know the secret. You now know the reason behind your incarnation in the first place. You now know what your major challenge was that you laid out for yourself.

Do you feel that is a load off your shoulders, as you say? Do you feel that is a liberating revelation for you? Do you find this all surprising? Are you surprised to learn that one of the drawbacks that you have in this life, one of the aspects of your life that has hampered your journey so is the reason that you incarnated, and is not actually hampering you from learning your lessons or finding your purpose, for we tell you that you have indeed found your purpose. Now many of you have, and we feel many of you now will get on the ball, as you say, and begin to examine yourself and examine your life and examine this drug. There, you now have your assignment for today and for each and every day forward until the day and the moment of your ascension. You cannot have it laid out for you any more clear than that.

This is now crystal clear to you. You must find a way, find the strength, find the courage, find something else to do with your life except to look for another way or another excuse or another dollar to do more drugs. We do not wish to be cold or insulting about this now, but we are not going to enable your drug dependency. In other words, we are not going to support it, we are not going to take it lightly, for we feel you should not be taking it lightly so what kind of role models or teachers or guides would we be to make light of this or not take this seriously, for this is a very serious matter. You certainly believed this was a serious enough matter to base your entire incarnation upon this one lesson.

We are not saying that there have not been other lessons for you to learn and we are not saying that you have not indeed learned them, for many of you have done just this. What we are saying is you now have this lesson at hand whether you have passed all your other tests or learned all your other lessons or not. This is your new challenge, and this is the only challenge for you at this time, for this is how you laid them out. You laid them out in sequential order one after another after another. Not two or three at a time, for we, your guides, as well as you, felt that it was better this way, that it would be more organized this way, and in this way it would allow you to focus on one task, one challenge, one obstacle at a time and overcome it.

So there you have it. There you have what is your assignment at this time, although we do say this is your challenge to overcome at this time and not necessarily your only assignment, for you do have other things that you could and rather should be doing, but we do not see these as challenges now. Helping to spread light throughout this world should not be a challenge for any of you, for where's the challenge here? You have your computers, you know what words to use, you know what photographs to share, you know who we are , you know why we are here, you know of the changes that we plan with you and for your world, so where's the challenge really? Well, we do not see a challenge, so we will refer to this as your assignment and we wish for all of you to continue with your assignments. Do not drop them for you now realize there is a challenge at hand now. We wish you to continue your assignments while you work on defeating and eliminating these substance abuse habits from your lives.

We know you can do this. You knew you could do this before your current incarnation. Otherwise you would not have set this challenge up for yourself if you knew it could not be defeated, for what would be the point in that? Another opportunity for you to incarnate and do drugs throughout your entire adult life and maybe even your teenage life, no, this was not the plan at all. You are not on vacation here, trust us. This is not vacation time, this is work time. Yes, it may seem like a relaxing vacation for some of you, but take our word for it; you are not here to enjoy yourselves, really.

We realize this sounds coldhearted, but it is true. You have an eternity to enjoy yourselves. Yes, this is what we are saying to you. Many of you will be ‘graduating’ into the higher realms after your work here is done. We ask you; is this not vacation enough for you, for you will have an entire eternity to play, to experiment, although we do remind you there is work here to be done as well, but your work here is vastly different than your work in a 3rd dimensional world, a place where your work goes highly unrewarded, uncompensated, and tires you and defeats you so. Work here is a pleasure, work here is an honor. You are very well compensated as well for your work here, and we say to you that you have an eternity to enjoy these fruits that grow on the tree of the higher dimensions, but you are not there yet. You are here in your lower dimensional world, so we tell you the time for these enjoyments, for these pleasures, for these gifts and opportunities is not yet upon you.

Today and every day forward until you experience your very own ascension is a day for work, is a work day. Not a weekend, not a holiday, not vacation time. Do you understand what we have just said here? We wish to see a number of you field this question today. We wish to see that you fully understand what we are saying. You know who you are, those of you who are battling addictions of either illicit drugs or even prescribed medications, for they are the same thing as illegal drugs. Yes, we have just said that. We are not talking about medications that are assisting you to survive or that are taking pain away from your bodies, no. What we are speaking about is mind altering substances that you may have been able to obtain a legal prescription for, and this includes medical marijuana, yes.

For those of you who think you are, and forgive the expression here, getting a free ride on this one, you are not, for this is skirting the rules, but not really, because we don’t see this as skirting the rules at all. We see this as not successfully clearing your obstacle that you have set up for yourself. Instead, you have found yet another way to ‘cheat’, if you will, to navigate your way around the rules and convince yourself that it is okay to continue on in your illicit drug use, the use of mind altering substances. Yes, this is what you are doing, and we say to all of you that are using these drugs on a regular basis, and will we say regular basis, as this does not have to be several times a day every day, this could be a couple of times a week, this can be once a week, this could be twice a month, whatever it is, if it is on a regular and repeating bases then we say to you that you are addicted to drugs, yes.

For those of you who feel that your drug use is simply recreational and you can quit any time because you don't need it and you are not addicted we say then great, fantastic, that is wonderful news, now prove it, because you have to before you ascend. Yes, there is the catch. You have to prove it to us and prove it to yourselves before you ascend. What do you think about that? Do you think that is unfair? Well, there's no one to talk to about this but yourself, because these are the rules that you established. Yes, these are your rules. You stated to us before your current incarnation that if you do not break the habit of illicit drug use than we are not to assist you to ascend, we are not to lift one finger to help you leave your current confines of your 3rd dimension.

When you think about that, do you think that we are lying here? We ask you seriously, do you really think that we are taking such a large part of our day out to lie to you each morning? Seriously, you cannot really believe this do you? Don't you think that we have many other things that we need to be doing today, but instead we write these, what could be very long messages out prior to our conversation with our channel, and then we all gather together in a room and read these communications out to him all at once therefore strengthening our signal to him so he can get just about every word exactly right just as we wanted it to be shared with you? When you think about that, do you think this is all a lie propagated by our channel? Do you think that he spends all day writing these long messages out and then spends the next day sharing them all over the Internet and then fielding so many countless questions about them? No, we don't see this as even a reasonable assumption or suspicion, no, not at all.

For those of you who find it a challenge to swallow, if you will, these messages and the information we are sharing we say to you what in the world would be the point of all of this? Do you think that our channel Greg is prospering in some way from spending his entire days on these messages? We tell you he is not. He and his brother are struggling greatly at this time; we wish to inform you of this. They have no money. They have a house that basically is four walls and floor, for they have not a stick of furniture. That's right. You may be very surprised to learn this. They have two plastic chairs, one in front of each of their computers and they sit in front of them all day doing their lightwork. Yes, even Greg’s brother Glenn has now joined your ranks as a Lightworker.

He was scheduled for this a long time ago, but he too had a very hard time swallowing all this, even though his brother was diligently performing his lightworker duties right in front of him for such a long period of time. He thought his brother crazy. Yes, he called him crazy and a lunatic more than a few times. They had what we shall call many ‘debates’ about this and Greg told him ‘Have some faith in me. Have some confidence in me. I’m your own twin brother for crying out loud. Why do you think I've suddenly lost my mind? Don’t you see the beauty in all of this? Don't you see how much this all makes sense? You yourself Glenn have said our entire lives you don't feel like we’re from this planet and you feel like we’re not like everybody else. There is something going on here and now I tell you I've discovered where I am from and I have discovered why I'm here. Why do you not see this?’

We know many of you, our beloved Lightworkers, are also having these debates with your family and friends and we tell you just hold tight to your convictions because there will be a day when the sun rises and shines the light upon them. Yes, each and every person on your planet, unless they are completely blind or stubborn and fixed in their old ways, will see the light one day, and they will see that all of you today were the pioneers of your new world. You were the leaders. You were the movers and shakers, not some of these rich fat cats, as you call them, on TV who claim to be the movers and shakers of your world because they deal some real estate or they are in show business or they are famous sports figures, no. These people will all be forgotten. Yes.

When you think about that, do you think that is surprising? Do you think that is outrageous? A pipedream, as you say? Well, we have news for you. The people of your world who will be the most famous individuals on your planet are our Lightworkers, and they will be known for the work that they are doing now and will continue to do through the years and through the ages. When you think about that, do you find that thrilling? Do you find that exciting? Do you see the possibilities now opening up for you? Do you see that there will come a day when you will receive the recognition that you deserve? Do you see a day when your family and your friends will stop calling you crazy and a dreamer? Well, we do, and we say to you this day will come.

Stay strong in your convictions. Do not ever waiver. Do not ever let anyone make you doubt yourself. These are words that Greg lives by. He has learned never to let any of his friends or family persuade him in any way from following his beliefs, his convictions, his dreams for himself and his world around him. He has told his family and friends and his brother many times ‘Do not let anyone ever interfere with your journey. Do not let anyone else's doubts or fears or lack of confidence get in your way and allow you to make yourself begin to doubt yourself’,  for his friends have doubted him for a very long time. Can you believe they didn't even believe that he had a twin brother? Yes, for many years his friends laughed behind his back because they believed that he was crazy speaking about this twin brother that no one ever saw. Yes, this is true. His twin brother was locked away in a prison for over a decade. Yes, this is true. Greg's brother Glenn spent over 10 years in prison for stealing money. That's right. Dirty little scraps of paper is what his crime was and he gave up over 10 years of his life living in a cage.

What do you think about that? Do you think that is fair? Do you think that is right? Do you think that is proper? Do you think that is justice? Well, we don't, and we are going to do something about your prison system. Yes, we are. Your prison system is barbaric by any standards throughout this universe. Yes, that's right. There are not too many worlds that have been permitted to allow this kind of barbarism to take place. Is that surprising to you? Are you surprised to learn that your planet Earth is one of the only planets in this entire universe that has a prison system such as yours, where there are living souls trapped like rats in cages? Yes, and we're going to do something about this.

We are going to change all of this for you. We ask you; what do you think about this? Does that make you happy or does that frighten you? Do you think we're just going to take a key and swing all the doors open and let all these, what can be violent criminals, loose into your world? Well, we would never do that. We have programs to reeducate individuals, and by reeducate we don't mean have them read a book and pass a test and therefore they are free, no. When we say reeducate we mean they will leave our program new beings, new souls, new individuals. They will not any longer have any desire to commit the crimes that they have that have put them behind bars in the first place.

What do you think about that?  Do you think we possess these abilities, this knowledge, and in some cases, these technologies? Well, we do. Again, we are not here to fill you with lies. When we say we can do something we can and you can believe this, and this is what we are going to do for you and all those locked away behind bars, some of them for the rest of their lives. Yes, some of these individuals have committed awful crimes; there is no two ways about this. A number of these individuals have taken another human life, yes. This is regrettable, this is a tragedy, this is obscene, we agree with you on all of these points, but we say to you there comes a point where sitting in prison until you age away and die is not a suitable solution and we feel many of you will agree with us here.

What we propose is to allow these individuals another chance at life, yes, and this is what we are going to do. We are going to take those from your prison systems and reeducate them in ways that will change their entire outlook, their entire philosophies, their need in some cases to harm another or to violate certain laws, and when we say certain laws we don't mean each and every law that is on your books, for we are going to change that as well and we feel many of you will breathe a sigh of relief, for you know just what laws we are talking about.

There are laws on your books that don't allow you to speak certain words or do certain things that any free individual should be permitted to do. We feel that illicit drug use is a choice. It is what we consider a right. If you wish to smoke marijuana in your own home, then whose right is it to say you cannot? When we say that there are a number of you who need to break the habit of using these drugs, we say this because this is what you wanted, it is not what we want, for what business would this be of ours? When we say that you need to break these habits in order for you to ascend, this is because these are the rules that you yourself have written into your own story, into your own life. We did not write these rules for you; we wish to make that clear, when you speak of this kind of choice.

There are many of you who have incarnated here and your incarnate blueprint has nothing to do with you getting hooked on drugs and then getting unhooked on drugs, we wish to make that clear. Many of you simply have found your way to these substances and have chosen to experiment with them and we do not see this as a problem in any way, for what businesses is this of ours? It is your life, it is your journey and it is your choice, and we honor and respect the choices of all others and this is what we wish to change about some of the laws in your world.

Your governments feel it is their business and their right to throw you in prison for this choice and we say not your governments, no one, has any right to tell you what you can and cannot do as long as, and this is the key and this is important for you to remember and commit to memory, as long as you are not violating the rights or hurting anyone else in any way, shape, or form. There is your law. You can call it the one law that you will have on your books. Yes. What do you think about that? Can you believe that? We will totally tear up all your law books and instead insert this one short sentence and this will be the law that you all live by. What do you think of that? You can do anything it is that you wish in your entire world as long as you do not violate the rights of another or hurt another in any way.

What do you think about that? Is this exciting to you? Does this give you hope for your future and perhaps your family and friends who may be languishing in prisons, or does this frighten you? Do you feel ‘Oh my gosh. Now that there are no longer all these crazy laws on the books I will not be protected.’ What we say to you is where in what we just said allows another to cause injury or harm to you in any way, shape or form? All of the transgressions that may occur in your world are covered through the law of this one short sentence.

What do you think about that? We would love to read your comments today under today's message and ask you what you think of your new and single law that will be on your ‘book’, we shall say, for you no longer need a giant pile of law books explaining all these different and very confusing laws, no. You will have one book. It will have one page, and on this page will be written one sentence. What do you think about that? We say to you your world will be a new world that is free of all these unnecessary complications, laws, rules, policies, guidelines, restrictions and taxations. All of it, all gone. It will be such a simple place to live to allow all of you to enjoy your journeys unfettered by all these particular restrictions and sanctions of your individual and sacred rights.

We bid farewell to you today, for we have reached the end of our conversation that we have written for you, and we say to you that we will return again shortly to speak to you, but we do not wish for you to so quickly forget what we have spoken to you about. Instead, we wish all of you to focus on the words that we have said and remember them throughout today and throughout every day going forward. We wish for all of you that are at this time immersed even in the slightest way in what we shall refer to as illicit or recreational drug use to break this habit, for you do not know for sure if this was a part of your incarnate blueprint, if this was a stipulation that you entered into your agreement that if you did not break the chains of this drug use that you would not ascend. You do not know if this is the plan for you so we ask you are you going to gamble with your future? Are you going to gamble with your ascension simply to continue smoking marijuana or using any other drugs?

We say to you it is not worth it. We say to you to weigh this drug use with what you already understand awaits you. When you consider this, when you consider the paradise and the incredible lives that you have waiting for you and you weigh that against smoking your morning marijuana cigarette or popping your prescription pills throughout the day we say to you which do you prefer, because this choice is entirely yours. You can stay here in this 3rd dimensional prison planet for as long as you want, or you can put down the bottle, put out the marijuana cigarette and step foot out of that prison cell into a paradise.

We say it is all up to you, it is your choice, it is your life, it is your journey, and we will honor and respect the choice that each and every one of you has made or are about to make, for that was the agreement we made with you before you left. We say to you today; what is it you're going to choose? And again we remind you that it is you yourself that implemented these rules. You stated unequivocally to us “If I do not break the shackles of these addictions then I do not deserve to ascend, so I do not wish to ascend and I will stay here in this 3rd dimensional world until I find a way, until I find the courage and choose a new way to live my life.’

We wish nothing but the best for you and our hopes and our prayers are behind you every step of the way, and we say to you that this is a challenge that you can overcome, if it were not, you would not have written this challenge in to your incarnate blueprint and that is the bottom line, that is the truth. You have made no challenge that was impossible for you to overcome, we wish you to know this and we wish you to believe this, for this is simply truth. We know you can do it. You know you can do it. Now do it.

We are your ascended family here to guide you and lead you out of that prison you call a world and into a world that we call a paradise. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.





  1. I hope the GFL doesn't consider my Edy's Fruitbar Coconut popsicle a drug. I'm pretty sure I won't eat it in the winter as it will be too cold. Does this mean I shouldn't buy the fudgesicle I was going to get? But popsicles are a gift from the Creator or Gaia or someone to me. Aw and here I was hoping the new ascended earth would have popsicles on it.

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    1. How the hell do you delere comments? Please tell me how to do it as I often make huge misrakes on this little joke one pinkey keyboard and have tried many timed to delete them but could not, even when I went to my PC and used that keyboard. Thank you!

  3. Quitting marijuana. Right now, forever. A little motivation from this message helped. Thank you. Starting now. <3

  4. Sometimes, it's like you're reading my thoughts.

    Thanks for all you do Greg.

  5. Does this include Tobacco cigarettes?

    1. I was wondering the same thing. I think it does. I enjoy a nightly tobacco way more then marijuana. Lots of good points today.

      Thanks Greg

  6. I don't use drugs or tobacco etc etc etc ..

    Its good your talking about this to people but are that many people here using drugs??

  7. Thank GFL, and also, thank you Greg so much for these messages. When I stop and think about the struggles that you endure, I must say, we endure it together my friend. A lightworker finds many hardships here on this planet, and many of them are things that others don't take so harshly. We are victims of ridicule, and such things as the mundanities of life, and they trouble us and disturb us in great manners. But I am not sorry, because we are the ones who put these bags upon our backs and weighed down our souls, so that we could build our inner strength. Brother on Earth, and from the stars, we are going to make it, and when we are finally standing in the light of our own creation, many will see us and hold our efforts high in their hearts and minds. This is the day that will make it all worth while, so again, thank you for your hard work, and we shall move forward unscathed by others until we finally arrive at our destination.

    I must say, also, GFL, that with each passing message, it becomes easier and easier for me to share how I really feel, and what I eally believe with others. It does cause many problems at home, and sometimes it really puts me down, but I just keep trucking. These messages contain such a powerful truth, and my worries about "when it will all break down" seem to diminish as opposed to " I know they will break down." This is good for me, because it was a very big obstacle for me.

    Hello from you Alpha Centaurian starseed, Ikleenet Ididahdot, who just discovered his come planet is Kentauri Ambu! Hope to see my family and friends soon.

  8. This is truly exciting, and wonderful news. It's crazy that we have all these laws dictating behavior when it so often just comes down to common sense and the Golden Rule. This is wonderful . . . I have believed all of what you wrote for some time, and had little hope to see such change in my lifetime - before I knew about our Ascension. My younger brother's life was ruined by such laws. He used small amounts of illegal drugs, never was a dealer, and never harmed anyone. He was so highly intelligent - he had a lawyer's mind, and one of the most compassionate hearts I ever knew. But with the prison records, he could never get a decent place to live or to work. He passed several years ago at only 50 years of ago. His spirit was so very young - he looked way younger and could relate to people of all ages. Maybe he will help with your reforms, from where he is now - I'm sure he would be willing, unless he has some other service now. I so look forward to seeing him again. Much love to you all, and to Greg and Glenn for their amazing service and faith. I wish I had money to send them - I would do it in a heartbeat!

  9. Wow, another amazing and heartening message for lightworkers and seekers everywhere.

    Such a beautiful simplicity to look forward to... More freedom than ever and such peace of mind without the "car registration" bill and the taxes of so many sorts.

    I send my love to all those who are undertaking the task of breaking their addictions. Love to all and thanks to Greg.

    This is a nice community. Love to all.

  10. These messages remind me of home. I have always hoped there was a better way to deal with 'criminals' other than throw them in a cage. It's brutal, senseless and unintelligent to think that punishment for the sake of punishment is any kind of solution, especially when it does not foster reform.

  11. The FIRST time I saw your photograph on facebook, Greg, I immediately knew I needed to connect with you and I have been blessed ever since by your incredible gift to all of us on our beloved planet. I understand the need to have faith in yourself, to have confidence in yourself, and to stand strong in your beliefs...and I AM so grateful to you for doing just that. I say BRAVO and THANK YOU!!!

    RE: The ONE LAW -- I am inclined to feel that there are those who may strongly defend their drug use and addictions by saying that they are not violating the rights of others and are not harming anyone. I would like to hear the GFL's response to that possibility. Illicit drugs/addictions have not been a challenge for me, at least not in this incarnation, but I can almost hear someone I know who smokes pot on a very regular basis saying that he violates no one's rights and harms no one when he uses in the privacy of his own home.

    Thank You, GFL, for your love, guidance, compassion, patience, and wisdom!

  12. I can't imagine the difficulties you, Greg, have had as a Galactic Messenger. Your service should be highly respected, instead it is characterized as make-believe or worse. I honor your efforts, which are pretty impressive, to keep us informed.

    I am still struggling with the thought of Star Families and Earth Families. The Galactics have stated that Earth Families are really actors who, life time after life time, serve in different relationships as part of that life's lesson plan. Though I believe this scenario, I find it hard not to have a special feeling for my spouse and my children and my parents and my sibling in this life.

    And I truly do not understand the concept of Star Families. We left them life times ago to go to Earth School, while they remained 'Home' or joined a starship crew that monitored Earth activities. Can you explain what a Star Family really is in one of your future messages?

    In terms of addictions, there are more than drug and alcohol abuse to be considered. Addictions to gambling, eating, sex, violence, exercise and so on should also be included as those habits that need to be addressed before Ascension can be accomplished. We've invented lots of them to cope.

  13. I absolutely believe and support rehabilitation and not incarceration and pray it happens sooner than later!

  14. Wow! I love the new law and again I feel you must be my family, darn near everything you say is something I've thought about and dreamed about. It was hard to quite smoking marijuana. By hard I mean it took me wanting to quite for some time now, but I had done it for so long and have wanted to quite for so long that it was actually easier than I thought. knowing what's in my heart has lead me to discover who I truly am which is not the drug at all! It was a way to pass the time and hide from the cruel reality of this world. I feel so much better and stronger knowing I am facing my life head on without something to aid as a buffer against life. It was fun and even helpful in some ways but I do believe as my uncle would say ”there is a time and a place for everything but this is neither the time or the place.” The place being the higher realms which it would be quite pointless there I believe. When you have the love of the creator in your heart there is little room for childish things. So I say to anyone struggling with an addiction that if I can do it you can too. We all have the same amount of potential! There isn't anything that you can't do if you want to, we are all one and all creator, that's alot of potential being creator! Good luck and I love you all! Thanks for the message Greg and all my higher dimensional family of unconditional love and light!

  15. I could send you some cash flow your way if i knew where to send it. Maybe you could upgrade from plastic chairs to a nice comfortable couch. Your the man Greg I allways look forward to your messages. Its the least I could do.

  16. Boa noite querida Federação Galáctica da Luz, caro Sr. Greg Giles e presados leitores destas mensagens.
    Queridas consciências que com tanto amor nos têm orientado através desse devotado canal, eu tenho 52 anos e não fumo, não bebo, bem como, nunca usei drogas, nunca usei. Eu sempre respeitei muito o meu cérebro, o qual considero um presente de Deus.
    Querido Greg Giles, é admirável que, mesmo envolvido em tanta dor e limitações, você consiga manter tão alto grau de elevação espiritual. Você é um modelo a ser seguido. Eu o respeito mais ainda por isso.
    Com relação ao sistema prisional e às leis, aqui no Brasil, nas escolas de Direito e no meio Jurídico há muito debate buscando uma solução para esses problemas. A grande maioria de condenados são pessoas que cresceram em ambientes difíceis, com escassos recursos (insuficientes para as necessidades básicas) ou amparo, as quais acabem presas por se envolverem em algum crime. Por outro lado, os grandes crimes financeiros, ou mesmo um outro crime qualquer cometido por pessoas possuidoras de muito dinheiro, geralmente são mais difíceis de serem punidos (ou nunca são punidos).
    O grande problema, ao meu ver, são as mentes criminosas, não afrontam a lei movidas pela necessidade, mas por só saberem agirem dessa forma. Mas, pelo o que vocês disseram, vocês têm tecnologia para resolver o problema. Isso é maravilhoso.
    Além disso, sem dúvidas, as leis deveriam ser bem simples, mas para isso, nossa forma de viver a vida deveria ser diferente, como imagino que seja, por exemplo, na 5ª dimensão.
    (Eu não duvido de vocês, eu cresci numa religião em constante contado com o astral (seja lá o que realmente é). Eu tenho é medo da desonestidade de pessoas manipuladoras que, com conhecimento e acesso a tecnologia aqui da Terra, poderiam enviar mensagens se passando pelas editadas por seu canal, apenas pelo prazer de tentar controlar).
    Eu amo vocês Federação Galáctica da Luz. Vocês têm sido a Luz que me tem guiado. É de forma sedenta que busco os seus ensinamentos. Eles têm sido valiosos para mim.
    É com muito amor e gratidão eu me despeço de todos.

  17. I love the sound of this law. Freedom and life all rolled into one!

    Thank you for today's message! I am rather tired, so my answer is short and to the point, but i wanted to reply before going to bed, as i wanted you to see my response quickly, for it matters to me how quickly i respond to your messages!

    With love and light!


    Conan. England.

  18. That is a very good, simple law!!
    Yes , as for Greg's situation. Let me know if I can help?
    I need to quit smoking cigarettes and that's for sure, I enjoy them with coffee and especially after a meal or a glass of wine.

    As for yesterdays question , I am
    going to think positive and calm the waters of my soul and think about slight tremors. I will send the fear that I had, packing and on it's way.

    Calmness, Love, Peace and Hope be with us all!!


  19. Thank God , I am not addicted to any drugs or alcohol. The prisons in this world our terrible place to put people for making big mistakes in there lives. As always
    I enjoy every message. I learn something all the time.
    Love you all very much GFL

  20. Hello,

    Thanks for the message today. One of the issues I have come to know on planet Earth is that adults are treated like children. In the USA when people live to be 18 they are considered to be young adults yet so many have little adult responsibilities. They are treated like they have to prove they are adults and still when they try they get a huge pie in the face that they are not yet ready to be adults. That has always confused me.

    Many in this young adult group cannot wait to reach the age of 22 so they can finally buy alcohol, and even cigarettes legally. The reason is at that age they are now starting to be seen like having some potential as adults, but still not yet because now they have to prove to be responsible with this new privileged, yet we live in a society where older adults are abusing the same substances and others, so these young adults are just following their lead. It is baffling. Like an endless loop. Maybe this message is the opening in the loop where people can jump off and start a better process. One where we create a much better world to live and enjoy life with our loved ones.

    The other thing you brought up is the one law. It is a great law and my only question is what happens if that law is challenged or broken by anyone? My child often ask me what his punishment will be if he gets in trouble with me. When I tell him what it will be his next question is, "forever?" So it is nice to have that one rule, but we must be mature enough to live by it and respect each other for it to work for us.

    Just my opinion for today. Thanks again.

  21. I could send a small amount - it all adds up. Let us know how we can send something to you both.

  22. I could send a small amount - it all adds up. Let us know how we can send something to you both.

  23. I could send a small amount. Please let us know how or where.

  24. I'd like to send a small amount. Please let us know how we can do this. Thanks!

  25. Let us know how we can send you something.

  26. For the first time I felt today's message is not for me.

    I have never seen the drugs apart from on TV, never been introduced, never ever tried , never had any interest, not even curiosity and none of my family and friends have been engaged in drugs.

    Actually, I hate to take medicine even I'm ill but forced to take it by my husband who diligently follows doctor's instructions.

    I do not think there are not THAT many people on drugs as GFL indicating, do they?

    All living things are wrapped round by aura. Narcotics apparently destroy this aura and significantly weaken the energy.

    I am sorry to hear Greg is financially impoverished. Why are so many great ones not financially awarded?


  27. The Universal Laws, by Drs. Milanovich and McCune in, The Light Shall Set You Free (1998),

    I agree with you about the laws, our planet is exploited with them by many people who use them for injustice rather than justice, agree about rehabilitation, ours seems to make pepole worse rather than better, as far as prison goes.

    Also think the laws on the link above are ones probably in higher realms that make them different than our prison planet.

    We do not have a good education system here period, that is a cause of our own effects.

    It is nice to have freewil and all but that freewill is crossed when someone rips you off through deception, and that is unfortuantely how it is here, we doubt everything because we are told so many lies all around.

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Actually some prisons in Europe are better than 3 star hotels with all luxury facilities.

    With human rights tacked well, most of the European jails are very comfortable to live in and so much so, some prisoners keep coming back.

  30. Glad to hear you mention then prison systems again and i totally agree there has to be serious change in that area of our society. Its not so bad in the country i live in, but in the rest of the world is it just horrible, aboslutetly horrible, even in the US and here in Europe. And its probably 10x times worse in place like Africa.

    Other than that i quit my hash habit a while ago, but i dont think that has anything to do with my life contract anyway. Furthermore it is also possible i would not know of any of this had i never started smoking hash, but that can never be known for sure.

    And i also like the law stuff, too many crazy laws in this world for sure.

  31. Hello everyone, thank for your kind words and your always appreciated input. Hello Stargazer, that is a very kind and generous offer my friend, though we feel we are very blessed enough just to be here now doing this kind of work. Again, thank you for your kind offer.

  32. Greg's higher self is situated in such a high dimension and he is well looked after by the galactic friends, why would not he step into a vortex to get some money? You know , GFL, what I mean?

    It can only mean that getting out from the poverty might be one of his agenda without getting in a vortex?

  33. Thank you for your loving, caring, and honest thoughts today. That one law is the one perfect law. This is what i basically let run in my life-experience. It makes me feel better and in return makes the other person feel better, it's a win win.

    love and light to us beings.



  36. This comment has been removed by the author.


  38. 5D beings would never instigate violence or threaten another being.

    5D beings would not use negative words, statements or phrases in their messages.

    5D beings would not send false information, projects and programs to lightworkers.

    5D beings would never inject their ego in their messages.

    They do however:

    5D beings always bring forth messages of unconditional love and compassion.

    5D beings always asked for "your highest good" to come out of any situation.

    5D beings asked that you work on your spiritual development and focus on the GOD WITHIN.

    5D beings only offers advice, tell you to seek the truth and they're with you no matter your decision.

    Look at all the negative words!! This is a tactic used by the dark entities. Negative words carry negative vibrations and energy. Even saying it in thought, because thoughts are energy. In the dvd, The Secret, like energy attract like energy. So the more you continue to read negative words, phrases, situations, you are attracting negative energy and inviting negative entities and situations to you.

    Look at this message talks about:
    Drugs, prison, addictions, living souls trapped like rats in cages, Does that make you happy or does that frighten you?, A number of these individuals have taken another human life, yes. This is regrettable, this is a tragedy, this is obscene,...AND THESE ARE WORDS AND MESSAGES COMING FROM 5D SPIRITUALLY, ADVANCED STAR RACES OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, COMPASSION, ENLIGHTENMENT AND UNDERSTANDING???

    Look at all the negative words, phrases, situations and experiences Greg is giving you. Greg even mentioned it in his last message about negative energy. The more you talk about it, say it, think it, you are creating negative energy around you and the planet.


    And yet you do this over and over and over, from one negative situation to another. These, folks, are the tricks of the dark ones, which is hidden in plain sight. They're are explaining that it is bad to be on drugs and other negative situations by telling you the negative situations and scenarios to get off them while saying them at the same time. Thereby, they can put all the negative words in their post and say "we're just explaining to you to get off them, that's all" so no one would blame them for spreading negativity on the internet. Cleaver trick, Greg and your dark masters.

    Unfortunately for you, I'm going to spread this info to the other sites to inform them what you are doing. And they will tell others, and once again, your plans to draw the naive and newly awakened is foiled.

    Better luck next time. Try something else.

    1. H ridey i think you have it wrong. I have an open mind. But all those are questions. Its ok to question if you feel theres a suspicon. Or your not resonating with these messages. But when i read messages like yours you put words and twist our views if greg is good or bad. I dont find these messages hurting me. Not even once. I feel like im learning the best of my ability. Im not going be ignorant and say greg is right but i belive he is. I used the word believe. I dont like assuming even if i think its true. But i feel no disrespect your causing a great deception to lure us and kill the messagenger. Like how the hebrews killed the message of christ because they thought he was stupid. Yet they were trapped in their prisoned mind of deception and lying. This is considering religion. Christ is obiovously seperate from religion. So jesus is alien. Jesus is God which i truely belive. As i belive greg is a messenger but not a prophet. A speaker using the word of grace. So with much love. Its good to think outside and question. But i have a pretty darn good feeling you know your here to cause confusion.or your confused. You might see us confused. But it isnt like we are not aware . So with peace and love i hope that we can just stop this attack on greg. I have a problem when preacher tie jesus and salvation on tv programs for 300 dollars of donations just to be saved. For what? So a man can get richer. I dont come here blank minded but i dont think greg has a reason to make money off of some followers to live alife and tell these things that are to concidently true.

    2. My message is to Darryl Terry. I hope you listen to what ive said and understand your points. But truely i ibeliev and i say this with love. You need to listen.

  39. Good message, but do understand that med weed, aside from being yet another addictive substance, is also an exit drug that can be used to help one get off of other substances, namely tobacco, alcohol and prescription pills.


  41. My boyfriend won't LET me quit marijuana. He say's I'm a a horrible person when I don't smoke it =/ which I know is a lie, but he makes me feel terrible about myself and basically forcing me to smoke it cos he argues with me and his behavior becomes extremely difficult if I don't -.- I even came to him a few weeks ago telling him of a job opportunity in the mines as a chef and he wouldn't let me quit smoking marijuana. He layed the guilts on me saying I was abandoning him and that he'd never see me. Trust me I don't WANT to smoke pot at all. I have tried to quit numerous times and it just makes me suffer withdrawals over and over and over again because of my boyfriends control. I already left him and broke up but I had to come back and sort out the real-estate contract, so we are together again - Even though I don't really want to be with him anymore cos he is truly horrible to me sometimes, and he cheated on me with his ex -.- I need help~! please help me I can't do it by myself~! =( He says that you guys are not real and that no-one is going to come and help us and to stop reading these silly messages on the internet, even though reading this stuff makes me happy, I don't know what to do~! =( =( =(

  42. To Jorge Noda, do you really believe that they have barely nothing, like the "channeled info" says? Or is this message sounds like it's full of (bullcrap)ego, looking for sympathy?

  43. Hi everyone,

    I was wondering when the drug thing was going to come up, but that is a good thing, I think.

    I also like the one rule idea and I think it’s a good idea to rehabilitate the people in jail and let them go on with life.

    I have the same problem with some family and friends with them not believing what I say and them thinking I’m crazy but it has been that way for many years and I won’t let anyone sway my thinking.

    Sorry to here about your situation Greg and Glenn I wish that I could help in some way, I could if you want to move west I could give you a place to live, let me know anytime.

    I think I covered everything, thank you for a great message today again, I am always looking forward to reading them once, twice or even more sometime and then I listen to the audio also once or twice. I can’t get enough I love how the messages make me feel I’ve felt all alone for so long and now it is great to have a like minded family.


  44. I LOVE your one, simple law. It says it all, and it's what should guide us all now.

    On another note, could you PLEASE compensate Greg and his brother for all the time put in on these messages? I hate to think that they are destitute while the rest of us reap the benefits of Greg's channelings!

    You have said you take care of those who help you--well, I sincerely hope you will do so for Greg...and soon.

    Thank you.
    Many wondrous blessings always.
    Karen Mack

  45. I think Stargazer's idea is a very good one. Greg, are you willing to set up a Paypal account or something where we can donate some $$?

    I can't think of anyone more deserving of getting a bit of compensation for all the hours you spend helping us all!

    Blessings always,
    Karen Mack

  46. Hello friends.
    Thank you very much for the message. I would say any regular action is an addiction if you get emotional when considering dropping it. Even if it is playing tennis every Saturday.
    Hi Greg. I value your service very much. If you need financial help in this world please let us know as I have the circumstances where I can help with that. A PayPal donation button would do.
    Much love and may all of you get peace and liberation.

  47. I am happy to report I quit using marijuana 5 months ago. I tried stopping for years and couldn't. I even had a medical marijuana script. When that script expired, I didn't renew it and that's when I stopped. I suppose I was ready as it wasn't any big deal. Now I love being sober and clear. I have no desire to smoke any more. If this was my goal, I have achieved it!!


  48. """"you stated to us before your current incarnation that if you do not break the habit of illicit drug use than we are not to assist you to ascend, we are not to lift one finger to help you leave your current confines of your 3rd dimension.""""

    OK but I have quit multiple times - I don't NEED pot~! I don't WANT it~! i have proved over and over that I don't want to smoke it. My boyfriend is FORCING me to smoke it~! he is HORRIBLE to me when I refuse it~! when I say NO, he calls me a horrible person and tells me that I NEED it~! this makes me really sad. I just want to run far far far away and not have to deal with the situation that I'm in - I'm stupid -.- so so so stupid, why did I let him walk all over me? Why didn't I just break the lease and snap my simcard? why was I not strong enough? Now I just got a new job and we are asking if we can renew the lease cos I can't afford the money it costs to move house again - setting myself up to become stuck here again aren't I? Please help me~! -.-

  49. To Meridian Gestalt, go to the police and explain what is going on. When he gets marijuana, have the police ready as a set-up, hidden outside. Then when he is smoking it, have the police come to the door and say that "we need to see (boyfriend's name), could you come outside, please? We have a report that drugs are here." And they will take it from there. Tell the police everything and let them handle it after that. You may be able to file more charges against him to keep in in jail for a long time. Hope this helps and take back your power!! HE CANNOT FORCE YOU TO DO ANYTHING UNLESS YOU ALLOW HIM TO DO SO!! REMEMBER, HE CANNOT FORCE YOU TO DO ANYTHING YOU DON'T WANT TO UNLESS YOU ALLOW IT!! JUST DON'T DO IT AND GO TO THE POLICE!!

  50. Dear Greg and Glenn, you have been through so much and you know what it will mean to leave this 3rd dimensional world full of negativity. You have the focus that is necessary to do so. Thank you for being strong for all of us. You are our rolemodels. Thank you so very much!
    Many blessings and lots of love to you both.

  51. Wow this is awesome, I stopped smoking Pot and doing psychedelics about a month ago. Let me tell you, smoking weed was a daily habit and so was smoking cigarettes. One day I woke up and it was weird because I was just like, "This no longer makes me happy" It was like a switch got turned off in my mind. I am so glad I overcame this. My friends are still having a hard time dealing with this new me. Also alcohol. I had been a serious alcoholic in the past drinking a full bottle on a regular night. I am safe to say my days of getting inebriated are completely over and my new drug of choice is meditation. And last night I went to a concert and EVERYONE was doing some sort of drug. I set the example by staying sober. Today and every other day my roommates smoke pot and I sit by them and don't participate. I laugh at the situation now because I know it is supposed to be like that. The temptation is there haha I wont give in though!
    I fully understand what you are saying brothers and sisters. :)
    I KNEW there was a reason why I have been so stuck on, "I dont want to smoke or drink man" Last night i must say, i almost gave in before going to the concert but it was my soul guide telling me, whispering, "don't do it Nathan" I listened and tonight I am extremely proud of myself.
    I think it is a great idea to set them free after a program. No one deserves to be locked up in a cage. Not even animals deserve this.
    I have ALWAYS thought that this should be the only law. As long as you do not harm another being everything should be alright. Respect. I am now convinced that this is the law of the universe and it is implanted deep within my dna and that is why i have these feelings.
    Thank you for these words. I needed them.
    I Love You All.

  52. To Meridian Gestalt, if you still need help on what do to, email me at

  53. Okay, Geez. I'll quit smoking weed and tobacco, even though they are art forms. I'll quit drinking alcohol. If you don't want me to robo, i won't. It would help me heal and cope with what i've been through. If I do do it a couple of times, just be cool. If I do it, it will be with the intent of mastering telepathy. at least the basics of telepathy. you've seen me make greater leaps where i've called it and then done it and you've seen me do it so many times. last time i robo'd, you wrote about how there was a positive infusion of light. i'm not addicted to robo. i've only done it a couple of times and it is such a great leap in consciousness that it's not something that you can even do with any kind of regularity. i'm just saying forgive me for getting into the vault of telepathy (or at least trying my best to). once i master telepathy, i won't even need to do drugs to get more in tune with conscious creation. i may not even get to robo before the seawalls get installed and everyone is like look at all of the spaceships. i'm just saying that i'm doing it with the intent of shifting the timelines to where the spaceships are on the ground. you get my rap.

  54. Well first of all, blessfully, I can say with a clear conscience that I am not addicted to any legal/illegal drugs and do not have them in my life whatsoever. The only drugs I have in my life, b/c yes they are are drugs, but they are accepted drugs in our society that I am well aware I need to greatly decrease in my diet are: caffeine and sugar.
    But I do pray that my Lightworker brothers and sisters who are addicted find motivation to release themselves from this self imposed bondage which I have dealt with in pastlives.

    Wow, Greg! You need to put an optional donation link on your site b/c it's time. No, I don't have much, but if each of us donate esp how much these messages REALLY mean to us - it would begin to make a difference for you in your life and you could also know that it is all given in love.

    Our prison system. Wow, don't get me started! It is indeed a cage and the recidivism rate is appalling. Clearly showing that it DOES NOT work and only makes better criminals and reinforces the "Extreme Lack/Desperation/Violence mindset and cycle. My perspective has always been of what the inmate is feeling after a crime not what the victim feeling. Not belittle, ignore, or disrespect the victim in any way, but to get the entire picture, b/c it is a 2 way conversation at the soul level. Yes, PLEASE CHANGE OUR HORRIBLE PRISON SYSTEM so that it is FAIR for EVERYONE :)

    Lastly, it's funny b/c the One law you said you would have on the books is the One Law I have always had in my head and in my heart. It is The Law of One...right? It is perfection.

    Thank you GFL as always and thank you Greg.

    Love and Light,

    PS: Greg please put a "Donation" button on your site so that we can begin to reciprocate you in some way for your time, work, patience and esp and love that you put into these messages.

  55. Yep, I agree. A Donation button for Greg. It should be simple with PayPal.

  56. I stayed away from marijuana always by instinct, but my friends cannnot really quit.

    Hi Greg, I never thought u r in such a bad economic situation. I just want to say thank you because its your hard work and messages make me realize my connection with my spiritual guide and the help I received from our family.

    Please, accept some help from others as we should always helping each other throughout the difficulties.

    The one law I had in mind is that :
    Don't force anything upon others if one himself doesnt like it to be applied to himself


  57. Call the police? jail? -.- uuugh, I don't want to deal with the court system, we just got taken to court for unpaid arrears when I left - he couldn't pay all of the rent even tho 4 of his friends were staying here after he kicked me out [all of them were on drugs and ruined the carpets and even invaded our home a week after we kicked them out, graffiti'd on house, smashed the windows, ripped up lawn, ripped out letterbox], so all these charity's helped us pay for it all, seriously, we have been through so much that I am not going to call the police again, I'm sick of dealing with court/police -.-

    He needs to realize that he can't keep on doing the things he does, and fast. He doesn't even want to listen to me, everything I say he needs confirmation from other people - then when they say the exact thing I just told him - I say "see?, when are you going to start listening to me?" and he goes "I know I know, I need to listen to you more", but doesn't -.-

    Anyway I don't want this to turn into a whole thread dedicated to the situation I'm in lol, seriously I'll figure something out, it's just hard to stay strong ALL of the time =/

  58. Greg thank you so much for what you are doing right now and not giving up and for dealing with circumstances you find yourself in you are Magnificent!!! And galactic federation of light I feel that law would be one of the most glorious changes to this world yet because with the laws.we.have now, it makes some people seem like criminals when they are not.

  59. Just want to add sth ,the new law system is so nice, but it would be even more beautiful if we could make our world a place that no one needs to commit crime anymore.


  60. Another well written lesson. All law encapsulated into one "Golden Rule"..."to do unto others as you would have them do unto you". What a breath of fresh air to be released from the shackles of all these controlling human laws! I am ready for that!!!

  61. Dearest members of the GFL, this one really hit home. I am one who chose to go through drug experimentation as a teen and drug addiction to prescription pain pills as an adult later in life. It is a very rough and hard journey to take and walks one through the very gates of despair. The family of recovering drug addicts is a very strong spiritually inspired progream and I am referring to both AA and NA )narcotics anonymous. I was a member of these groups and shared this family of these groups for several years.I also came close to death by suicide twice due to chronic pain and addiction . My other journey has been one of sadness and depression as well as a very painful disability that I apparently chose to have completely misunderstood by anyone except my own mother. I have had battles with loneliness, abandonment , heartbreak and all these tough lessons here . Now to the medical marijuana I think that is a good thing at this point. I say that for those who will remain in 3D .I do not see any need for any type of drugs whatsoever in our New EArth. OUr happiness will come from all the joys of Life that come from people who live from the heart. Love is my "Drug" if you will. People here have many very strange addictions and propensities and that is their own choice for sure if they want tattoos and piercings and such. I want to be able to easily fit into your galactic society where happiness and peace is a normal state of existence. Where people are considerate of each other. I Love the One Rule. It is similar to Do Unto others as ou would have them do unto you. The Golden rule, or , Love God with all your heart and your brother as yourself. All the law is summed up in these words. and What is God, God is the Divine Burning Eternal Flame of Love. I am blessed that I chose the road of Addiction . It helps many who have no God to find a Higher Power,.it is deeply spiritual . and I am no longer in it but found my own Spiritual Awakening to be outside of a group that continues to maintain every day that they are an ADdict forever, which I am not. Medical Marijuana has helped me with pain, but I know that I have chosen to quit this as well as other habits and such you mentioned, eating meat is another tough one. I did quit smoking YEAH, that was the tough one. I am very surprised about the criminals. The violent ones that hurt others , the pedophiles, you say you can rehab these people with such warped minds? where do they belong ? in 3D? But I agree that very many people are in these prisons and it is very inhumane such as in solitary confinement. A lot of the black and minorities are there as a result of living in poverty and other circumstances. yes I want to live in Paradise, I want to ascend and leave 3D behind and I am dead serious about this one thing I know. I do not want to stay here and am ready to leave all of the meat, marijuana or whatever else behind to be HOME> Vandy Kathleen Moore Washington

  62. It seems to me that of the best way's to ascend internally and naturally is to become fully conscious! !! Pain is the ultimate teacher. It brings to Consciousness the source of the damages brought to bear by the higher and lighter frequency's of light and joyful vibes. The lower energy's of stress are brought in externally from the filthy unnatural conditions that are on the plan-et and shared by the body we received from her. Bad EMT energy's are everywhere stressing out the cellular connections in and around us... We are soaking it up from Teevee, Cell phones, power lines etc. Substance abuse can also include an addiction to sugar (alchohol) and even breads and dairy products do the same thing that many illegal substances do ... Cows milk contains pleasurable substances that keep a calf coming back for more... There are may unbridled,unhealthy and unnatural passions? Sex addiction triggers some natural chemistry in us that is extremely pleasurable... it's can also drive some people crazy if they are forced to withdraw from it by some unforeseen circumstances... It's not to say that any of these are bad habits to do until they can not be consciously bridled and useful to ones overall well being. There are many addictions that are running a programs underneath your conscious sense of awareness. Clean Air, raw natural food and crystal clear water are natural addictions that carry good energy to cells that are building blocks to a solid vibrant structure. If they are polluted with unnatural low energy and destructive poorly charged, dead toxic substances? They need to be cleared out to make way for the new... There is an internal bio-war inside you. There are many low frequency energy's that soak up the living element of your cellular structure that are difficult to even detect. Consider what a small grain of LSD can do to your conscious mental energy field... I never say never... I think we all need a bit of dopamine triggered to give us joy and happiness.. but there are natural way's to do it... when it's time to cast out the old used up low frequency demons replace them with good new energy habits to occupy the space and replace the unnatural way's with new supercharged energy and light that will lead a body into a new light and life. Why live in a world full of misery, pain and suffering? When you can trade the old body of energy (in due time) with better, higher quality, lighter, living substances. Listen to the teacher teach inside you directing the student to the source of the bad habit. Have faith, it took time to develop a bad habit, it can take even more time to get ride of it... love light and live light...

  63. Thanks Greg, good advice for those who want to sober up, try St John's Wort, all natural mood enhancer that can help kick the addiction habit . Also Mercury Amalgam fillings in teeth cause alot of problems including depression and ADD. Get rid of it if its in your teeth. Mercury is a toxin and causes brain damage. Asparateem sweetener also seriously affects the nervous system causing depression for those who are into self medicating might want to consider.

  64. Brothers and Sisters,

    You never fail to amaze me with the timeliness of your words these days. So much I needed to hear in this message, and just at the right moments from beginning to end for me...

    Thank you so much for you love and assistance. I align with all of your highest possible visions for my life and the greatest possible good for my Self.

    Eyes on the prize, just watch me go!
    Love you All

  65. With pure intent I choose abstinence from illicit substances as my chosen ascension path. I recognize that all I achieve without I achieve within.

    Thy will be done.

  66. i do not believe what i have just read..this article could have been written just for me . Ihave had a long-standing battle with alcohol for many years and finally made great strides to breaking my addiction by choosing to leave my family home and detox and look at the causes of my addiction in worked...for a time ..i stayed off alcohol for 9 months and sleeping tablets for 5 , but both have now become a part of my life.Itried to kid myself that if i only drank infrequently the daily zopiclone use would be ok as it was calming my nerves and making me feel more relaxed ahead of ascension Now i tealise that becoming an addict and finding a way to beat it is probably my major life goal..certainly currently..and i do not want to miss out on the chance of ascension for a habit i had under control. Thank you Greg and GFL so much for sharing this today , as you have given me the impetus to save my life and ascend with my loved ones. For that i will always be eternally grateful.! mark x

  67. Thank you Friends, very simple massage indeed, It encouraged a lot to leave out these unhealthy habits,Greg We love to be assistance my friend, just let us know, what method you prefer and thank you so much bro for these massages that you send to us daily, may God bless us all, my friend you are awesome, keep up the great work. Thank you So much dear brothers and sisters for your daily massages, and assistance through what maybe tough time for all of us here on planet earth, thank you for assisting our mother, thank you for your loving energies, and most of all thank you for your protection. You have been a guidance force if you will that lift me up so high i am great full for being on earth right know. Greg Twin,Welcome my friend, welcome. WE appreciate all that you represent and welcome you all with open arms, we are great full for all the time and effort put in us, we thank you dear family.

  68. i do not believe what i have just read..this article could have been written just for me . Ihave had a long-standing battle with alcohol for many years and finally made great strides to breaking my addiction by choosing to leave my family home and detox and look at the causes of my addiction in worked...for a time ..i stayed off alcohol for 9 months and sleeping tablets for 5 , but both have now become a part of my life.Itried to kid myself that if i only drank infrequently the daily zopiclone use would be ok as it was calming my nerves and making me feel more relaxed ahead of ascension Now i tealise that becoming an addict and finding a way to beat it is probably my major life goal..certainly currently..and i do not want to miss out on the chance of ascension for a habit i had under control. Thank you Greg and GFL so much for sharing this today , as you have given me the impetus to save my life and ascend with my loved ones. For that i will always be eternally grateful.! mark x

  69. I do have a concern about greg, mee to for mposting a paypal button to be in reciprocity with Greg.

    I saw how you shift to be posting more often and I was wondering where you get money to spend all day doing so much job. Now I know the answer.

    My blessings to you Greg.

  70. What a beautiful, loving Family you are. Thank you.

  71. Meridian Gestalt.. You're not stupid. What you are is very brave. It takes much courage asking others for help. It will be a very difficult road but you will attain the change you desire. Sometimes it takes an army to help get past challenges in our lives. As you come into contact with the right people, the pieces will fall into place and things will be better than you have ever imagined!

    With Love

  72. It feel so good to know this is the right thing for me to be doing at this time. Thank you family, GFL for the encouragement, it is a blessing to know we all are being called crazy, friends,family and relatives all inclusive. But then I get rewarded when I connect with a wondering soul wanting to know more information, to connect the missing link to who they are and why they have felt out of place or felt so different. It was that way for me and I often reflect on who I am now as opposed to just 2yrs. ago or 1mo. ago and I pray that this be real and true for I do not know who I would be otherwise all over again. So I stay up late after long days at work and look forward to this work. I stopped managing and that has help my need to have a few beers every night after long stressful days taking the Heat from upper management. So my encouragement for those doing drugs is to see if it is stress related and start making changes in Lifestyles that remove those stress factors. Greg, I'm humbled by you and your brother, and thank you for your work, we all seem to have economic shackles even if we have a job and work long days. I pray our new currency system gets implemented soon and level the playing field. One Law sound like so much Freedom and it has been talked about and discussed among us but it would take great evolution in the Maturity level of everybody to accept that responsibility. That enlightenment will hopefully be taking place in everybody. Much Love, Light and Peace. Alfred

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  74. Great message, GFL! Thank you, Greg for posting this. I know it'll help a lot of people.

  75. Over the years drugs have played a critical role in my ascension path. It would not be an exaggeration for me to say that the words you see me writing on these pages are as a result of the way i have made drugs work for me. They are the tool I have used to communicate with my cellular structure. Call it "homeopathic use of pharmaceuticals" if you like. I have used a variety of substances for in excess of 10 years now. Prior to to which I live the "perfect, committed" spiritual life. ung fu, Chi Gong, Vipasna meditation retreats, fasting, colonic irrigations, crystals, etcetera etcetera. And I was relentless. And I had no balance. And by the age of 31 or so my body cried enough.
    In marauding my body for the answer i disregarded training my spiritual and mental well being. Si my body broke. And then I discovered ecstasy. And on the same weekend i started training in NLP.
    To cut a long story short, Suffice it to say that Neuro Linguistic Programming was the training regime for my mind. And drugs were the exercise bike of my soul.
    And almost immediately I began to notice my body starting to heal as I learned to use the substance as a means of eliciting memories and emotional states. And the NLP and vibrational healing modalities i was trained in dealt with the emotions. It became a game of looking for the next fear because I knew it meant it would soon be embraced. and I was able to apply equally to anyone that asked. Quickly and easily taught. Effective tool in addressing currently untreatable neurological disorders. And addictions And pretty much anything yo care to mention.
    As a result I have not been to a doctor for far longer than I remember. I feel vibrant all the time. And I love my life and who I have become. Because i couldn't say that when I was living life right. I represent every broken rule in the medical book. And if perchance my usage killed me tomorrow thats alright. Because I have love in my heart now. I have mastered life today.

    I AM that I AM.

  76. Dear Greg and the Galactic Federation of Light. I never been more happier more positive. More open minded and more that i agree to every word you say. I believe you are what you say. I agree with the subject on prisoning humans. Prisons ,jails. I will do my duty. I will be better ever day. I will make a positive influence. And pursuit to keep working for my dreams. I say to all the lightworkers. I dont know if i m consider one. But i believe i have an imagination like one. I give you all my love and a positive message. Lets do this. Lets stop the delays and move foward with are true higher selves. I know we will do this. I say take care and always keep an open mind. Gfol i think and agree with the knowledge you present. I give my wishes to Greg that hes always safe and that God wacthes over him. And that you gfol protect him. And us messengers our lovely family that now i feel i miss so very much and believe. Thankyou for doing this for us. =) my heart goes out to u all

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  78. Im doing my very best to put drugs and other substances behind me and i have been doing well with only a few relapses. I do feel that this messae could have been worded better, for it is very dark and foreboding. Im not sure how you could better convey your message for you do have a dark subject matter. Im wondering why Graig has not been able to get free furniture on craigs list. My last apartment had 90% free furniture and i had a free white leather couch and 2 leather recliners...

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  80. I just quit last week! I keep telling my friends who are all about ascension that weed, and everything else, is a 3D substance...if we are to act as if we're living already ascended, there is no room for these things anymore! I dealt with addiction my entire life....heavy addictions that I've finally conquered and WOW have I been blessed in return for my decisions and hard work! I'm manifesting all sorts of crazy desires, school clothes, house plants, a cat that is fixed and declawed! lol all of these things....oh! and let me not forget the most important gift I've received upon quitting drugs recently, I am pregnant! Just found out today. I'm so happy to have made these changes and then to have come on here to read this! Let's me know I'm right on track! Thank you all for being here with me in this moment.... much love!

  81. Thanks Orion for the helpful info, I'll keep my son away from these things. I don't do drugs other than being reliant on coffee. I should rid myself of that, its my substitute for if I don't feel like making anything to eat. I also wonder is this is the stuff that makes me irritated and frustrated periods of the day.


    do what i did and leave. Make a leaving notice and get out. Find someone that will let you stay with them, a family member or a friend. Go to a shelter to stay. Put your fears behind you and do this. It is not your calling to be there. I had this frame of mind too and was in the same position till I found someone. Just Leave. It may have its difficulties at first, but you need to be in a safer home.

    Mr. Greg,
    It really paints a clear picture for us now that we know you a bit more. I'm sure you all ready know this, but things will get better for you and your brother.

    Darrel Terry,
    How are you getting the idea that the galactics are expressing negativity in their message to us other than theyre stating the truth of how things are currently and must be changed for the better???

  82. Of course the only thing that may kill me tomorrow is something other than a drug.

    Paradox solved. :)

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  84. As far as the law part is concerned, I am wondering know how the law is applied in regarding to marriage. In many cases, it is hard to tell who is hurting and who is hurt. What if the husband do not love his wife, but his wife stick to the bondage of love they shared at the beginning of their marriage? Should the male/female side be punished in any way for break the oath they made in their early age? Should they get punished for they trying to intrude each other's freedom? What about their kid?

  85. I have been smoking & this def. makes me want to quit.. thanks for the message! I understand the problem with the Drugs out there, but my only problem is why is there a drug..more illegal than Heroin... that has been found present in all Humans?? The drug is called DMT... it is thee most powerful psychedelic known to man! It is believed that DMT is released via the Pineal Gland each night when we sleep & that's what makes us dream. Surely almost everyone has experienced a "trippy" dream.. so this makes sense. It seems DMT is released in the Pineal Gland and your spirit/energetic copy is able to travel the higher realms as it is also a gateway to the "afterlife." Further proof of this is that my research has shown DMT is released during Near Death Experiences, At Death, during Meditation, Astral Projection & certain Hypnosis. Also the image on The Shroud of Turin (Jesus Christs burial cloth) The Bible says.. if thine eye be single thy body be full of light! The Pineal Gland is considered the Third it is connected to our eyes resting behind & between them. Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism all have a connection with the third eye. Not many seem to know about DMT, look it up! It is a drug, so I guess we are all illegal! lol

  86. To the GFL...I thought it was a great and empowering message. I see nothing but positivity in it.
    To the people that see negative in this message ....I say what is wrong with pointing out that this is a challenge which you have set for your self, and we know you can do it just as you knew you could do it when you set it?
    To Greg....Thank you for your sacrifice (if indeed it is such)and know that your work is appreciated. Asking for donations might be percieved by some as spoiling th epurity of what you do. However, I can't see any one complaining about offering a collection of your work for a small fee. Call it Gregs greatest hits compilation. I am sure it would have great value to some and be worth whatever you asked for it. Although I feel that, if this where really a problem, you would have set about fixing it and already been successfull at the solution.
    To Meridian....maybe the drugs weren't the problem you gave yourself to solve in this incarnation. Maybe it was co-dependency or escaping a hard circumstance. What ever it is you wish for your self I send you my unconditional love and support. just as we would say to a drug addict, you would never set a challenge that you didn't already know you could overcome. All things are possible, but I fear you may have to put it on the front burner instead of the back burner. It sounds like time is running short for this project.
    To Matt....there are plenty of altered states that can be acheived through the use of certain drugs. However using this crutch merely reinforces a feeling of unworthiness in the individual, because in truth all of these states can be achieved with out them as well.

  87. Thank you Greg for your dedication & commitment. I felt moved to help in the small way I can. Like others who expressed the willingness to help, please let us know how..!!!

  88. Thank you brothers and sisters of GFL for this enlightened message. It gives me comfort and hope for our future and freedom. Criminals that hurt other people, technically should be punished, but again with your logic, it does not help change this soul for the better. Even worst, we have people thrown in jail for simply violating a law that did not affect anyone, like the example you made that one simply was caught in possesion of and/or smoking marijuana. And sometimes, people are thrown in jail just because of speculation that they have created a crime without any evidence, or speak openly about their leadrs, etc. I just wish we can change all this as soon as possible to relieve the non-violent prisoners in today's prisons. I would like to know when will all these ridiculous laws changed? Before ascension? By the end of this year? Is it depending on us?
    I also would like to send my best wishes to our brothers and sisters, who are hooked on these drugs here on Earth to overcome these challenges, make the change and to ascend with Mother Earth.

    Thank you with love and light,

  89. perhaps the most important ingredients in letting go of an addiction is a truly compelling reason. The obvious answer to that is your health. Clearly, by and large that isn't enough.
    An ex girlfriend of mine who was 'tolerant" of my methods once told me that my addiction wasn't to drugs, it was to healing. She understood that I had set a boundary in place that was when I ceased getting healing benefits from my usage, the party was over. Of course the addiction doesn't care about such things, only that you continue to feed it. And it will tell you whatever you want to hear to encourage you to take it.
    I have felt for some time now a diminishing return in that respect. the upshot is they have been more enjoyable to use recreationaly because the downsides aren't really there any more. Nor is the need.
    When i realized I was in it for the long haul, that there was no point kidding myself I was going to give up any time soon, I made the choice to accept it. In the same manner I accept eating, and drinking, and breathing, and training kung fu 6 days a week 4 hours a night. It is just another hunger, And equally valid. That removes the guilt from the equation which is actually a large part of the battle. I accepted that i would utilize them until I didn't anymore. It helps. Lots. looks like all I've been waiting for is a compelling reason.

  90. I found this site in utter despair just a few weeks ago whe I wanted to end my life due to a lifelong struggle with opiate addiction. This battle has torn me to pieces in ways I hope many of you will never have to experience. Bottom line to how the universe works for individuals crying for help, is I was on suicide sites prevvious to popping in here to see today's message. You can only imagine my surprise to the words of today. I attribute to Greg for honestly helping me save my life as reading his words are what I had always imagined our world to be soon. I have always felt I never belonged here, even as a mother to the most awesome toddler. However, she is not enough to keep me from numbing myself into oblivion, I do not do it for fun, rather to just survive in survive in such a painful lesson. Each day, I ask what my lessons of addiction and despair are to teach me and many days I just up just as depressed as the day before. I want change in this world so bad to happen, but I realize it starts with myself. However, the demon of addiction does not care in how we can ruin such beautiful spirituality with things we know are so wrong and evil. See this is the evil in the world I am conquering and it is not easy but I know I must keep my head and heart clear because when I am induced my heart is so cold, so different than feeling at one during meditation. I am sorry for such a raw and honest post, but this issue has been tearing me apart, especially at a time when I just wanted my life to end. Thank you for reading and hoping future posts will be more positive as I struggle with the blood of the dragon hopefully this last time.

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  92. Dear loving Galactic Family. Thank you Greg for this message. First I want to welcome Greg's twin brother Glenn. welcome Glenn happy to have you:) Dear family what a loving message today for everyone who needs to hear this. This is their challenge and I know they need this support. I want all of my family of the 3d to ascend. I want to send my love out to all who is dealing with this challenge and hope our support will help you to overcome your addictions so that you can ascend. Love & Light to you all. Dear Family this is a very loving and caring message to alot of people who need this advice and support. I will continue to spread the word that Our Loving Galactic Family is Here. YES, TO DISCLOSURE!! :)))

  93. Thanx for the message. If someone wishes he can go throught the book ' Fakir'( part 1 and 2 ). All this is described beautifully and in a story form in it.

    We choose incarnations and challenges to 'unhook' from addictions. If we fail we make more difficult choices next time. That's the Truth.

    This goes not only for drug use , but also other addictions, whichever is not good for your body, mind, emotion and people around you. Addictions can be physical or mental like sadistic, violent , greedy etc negative attitudes.

    In this incarnation I had few habits like 'not having courage to voice my opinion and have faith in it', eating white meat. I have been successful in conquering both. It took effort and conviction from my side. I looked back and realized the challenges put before me and how all I overcame them. So its not difficult or impossible to do it. You just have to leave the habit by 'heart' and not only by 'mind'. Then it becomes quite easy. And also ask your angel's help in it.

  94. Below is a letter I was going to send to the Minister of Family and community services who questioned my fitness to father a child that I birthed alone with my partner. No doctors, no training, Just instincts and love.

    Dear Minister,
    The purpose of me writing this letter is to inform you of a situation that I see existing in the Department of Community Services. I want to apologize for not following the prescribed grievance channels. I do believe, however, that you will understand the significance of of what I am presenting,
    I am concerned that DoCs caseworkers are making decisions regarding the welfare of children who's parents use substances when they have neither the expertise or jurisdiction to do so. I am also concerned by the apparent lack of regard caseworkers have for the drug testing policy.
    It is my understanding of the policy that its purpose is to assess risk to children in homes where there is substance use. My experience, however, has been one where the department is determined to assume a threat, determine guilt, pass judgment and administer punishment. Above and beyond this I have been denied due legal process, when stating I AM prepared to undergo testing pending a court decision. The response to this was ignore my requests and apply the pressure on the household of my daughter, both members of which (the mother and her husband), have come up negative in all their tests. They have also placed a restriction on my daughter visiting me at my home. initially the restriction was communicated by a phone call to the mother. No paperwork has been produced to validate the restriction. They then used a a piece of information that I disclosed in good faith in a private meeting with them (that I had asked for) to inform the mother that I was a danger to my daughter and that the restriction is to continue. I was not given the opportunity to view and sign off on the notes they had taken in either meeting. I have not been notified of this either. Nor am I aware of any enforcement documentation. I want it to be understood that as an act of good will and desire for a quick resolution, I offered myself freely for the prescribed policy testing, psychological evaluation and counseling if deemed necessary. I also agreed to abide by their decisions till a solution was found. That was on the 9th of May. I am still waiting for a response. The mother however was contacted and informed of the said piece of confidential information. In total I have had 2 meetings with DoCs. The initial meeting and one that initiated on the 9th of May.
    I could continue at length. I will however now summarize the situation as I see it. In my opinion there have been,
    Violations of human rights.
    A disregard for the drug test policy.
    Denial and disregard of the legal process.
    Intimidation through blackmail.
    And a lack of compassion that has resulted in animosity in a relationship that has been, up until recently, workable and loving. In my opinion, the potential damage to my daughters emotional well being is far greater than any risk the department perceives exists. Asking mothers of new born children, whilst still in hospital, to sign documents under threat of losing their children is tantamount to signing under duress.
    As for me, my name is Peter Karanikas. I AM a 44 yo old male. I live in a house at Bardwell Park that I AM pending co Owner of. I have been employed full time all my working life right up until the 8th of December 2012 when I voluntary left work to prepare myself emotionally for fatherhood. I have a 4 month old daughter who I birthed, and has been a blessing in my life, (even if i have barely seen her). I have never been in trouble with the police. I have a background in a variety of behavioral and healing modalities and l offer myself freely to those that are struggling with their substance use. I have deep spiritual convictions. And I use drugs as a tool to aid my healing and personal growth. I have no legal training.

  95. Please understand I have not sought legal advice as yet. Nor is it my intention to take it personally against the case workers. I have spoken with enough people to understand that the problem is systemic. Irrespective of the legalities there is an ever growing culture of people who live their lives ethically, are in loving relationships, have children that esteem them as parents, and use substances. Often in lieu of alcohol because they don't become violent. Many of them are people who were prescribed 'Ritalin' as children for a condition the system has no solution for.
    I am also aware of the issues society faces with individuals who are unable to control their actions whilst under the influence. And I understand the importance of providing a safe environment for these children to live. I believe that as the Minister of FaCs it is important hat you are aware of a culture that you may not be aware of. A culture that goes about their business unnoticed because they are living their lives according to God's law. This is becoming a significant part of the voting population, And in the conversations I've had thus far, I have their support. There are parallels that can be drawn to a situation involving children that has only recently been resolved.
    I would ask you give this letter consideration as apart from the personal aspects of it there are global issues that I believe warrant investigation. I also want to apologize for the length of the letter. I understand how valuable your time is.
    Looking forward to your reply.
    Yours sincerely

    Peter Karanikas

    Before I sent this to the minister I rang the case worker to give me 1 good reason why I shouldn't send the letter. Or take the department to court. After an hour on the phone, she could not give me an answer.
    3 weeks later I received this reply.
    Hello Peter,
    I would like to advise you that a case meeting has occurred and a case plan has been formulated. There are no conditions regarding Syan having contact with yourself, regardless of the venue except that Corine and Keith act protectively if they believe that you are under the influence of drugs and or alcohol.
    You are also encouraged to attend Drug and Alcohol counselling at St George Hospital as previously discussed and this will be voluntary on your part.
    Thank you Peter.

  96. The recommendation they gave me was the first suggestion they had offered me in over 4 months of dealings. I had already sought their advice.
    They told me they had nothing to offer me.
    My daughter has been called super baby by the nursing staff at the hospital. The medical staff are confounded by her health and demeanor. Because they don't understand that Love truly does overcome everything. every illness. It is our highest vibration.
    This is why I say a reason that is compelling to you is the first biggest step to overcoming the addiction.
    I infuse my every decision and action with the intention of greater Love.
    Share if you Love the momentum of Love the momentum of Love momentum of Love the.....

  97. You all seem like really nice people, but it's hard to take an organization seriously that calls themselves The Galactic Federation of Light. It kinda makes you sound like nutjobs, or as though you are trying to have Star Trek on Earth. Please do not take offense to my comment, I am just stating my opinion. I love the messages; they are positive and uplifting. But the title of the group is a turn-off in a big way. I have been evolving in this process my entire life as have most of us, and feel comfortable doing so and studying on my own. Could you explain why this was chosen as the name for this organization?

  98. Thank you, my friends and family flying in the sky, I love, love the message today, I feel supported . I especially love the " do not " parts, I read it several time. They are quite, quite encouraging.

    Sincerely thank you.

  99. Challenges are not over when you think you have conquered one. There are always more to overcome. This is a school and we are here to learn the maximum and take full advantage of the'scholarship' we have been granted with!

    Greg is doing a great work and he has also faced and conquered many challenges in this incarnation and we all can learn from his example.

    Alternate rehabilitation program to traditional prisons is most welcome and needed. One line law encompasses all the laws of the world, so its easy to learn and know the 'law of the land '.

  100. And because I AM bragging at the moment, :)- .........

    A simple Fathers Day solution for Peace on Earth.

    On the 4th of Feb, 2012 I received a text message reading, "You better come over, I've started having contractions". 4 effortless hours later i was welcoming my daughter into the world. I'd like to share my (edited) thoughts from 3/1/2 weeks later.
    One month ago I, for the first time in my life, I received a new life into this world.

    It is a fathers birth right, responsibility, and privilege to receive their child into the world. And it is a blessing. In one sacred moment any bias you have towards that little person vanishes. in one sacred moment you make a covenant with that little person that is uncorrupted. In one sacred moment you have a connection that can never be diminished.

    How weird, cause its all instinct.

    It's is as close as I'll ever get to understanding the compassion a mother has for her children. and it is a moment that is unique to my daughter and me, first contact. I feel that if all men were to take up this right it would lead to an end of war. because a father would not be able to send their children into battle any more than a mother can.

    A simple solution for peace on earth?

    A bit over a year ago I made a decision to infuse my every action and decision with the intention of greater love. It has only just occurred to me that a greater love manifest a month ago.

    Not love for the child. or for anyone. It is the compassion you experience in that moment that you take with you everywhere.

    And it impacts on your life. whether you like it, or not.

    You are holding a pure, uncorrupted piece of you. Touching the face of God and you can never see yourself the same again

    Treated accordingly you get absolution in that moment that millions of Hail Mary's can't mess with.



  103. Not surprised...there is a lot of talk about detoxing and cleansing our bodies lately. Doreen Virtue is doing an Angel Detox month to support those wanting to release addictive substances.

    My primary current primary addictions are coffee, sugar and red wine, though I have dabbled in various mind-altering substances earlier in life, but never felt "addicted". Oh, and then there is meat, poultry, dairy, grains, things we were raised on that are hard to imagine giving up, although I am open to it.

    I have to wonder why so many lightworkers struggle as we are not alone, Greg...and I thank you for your service and inspiration, and for pushing us out of our comfort zones.

  104. And I offer my experience in the realms of addictions and the emotions that drive them to anyone who feels they may get benefit.
    Apologize for tardy responses in advance, It an e mail thing.

  105. wow so many people here who use.. wow .. i would have thought different.. I do know if you live in cities verses the country it can be stressful. I left the cities yrs ago and it has helped me. I also live next to the amish and mennonites who are good people and stand for no drugs etc etc..
    Its a safe atmosphere and place to be so if anyone of you can get to a region where they live and find housing and make friends with them you will find a good people who care and will help you.

    wow so many users here wow

  106. also there is the who will take you in and direct you to god and they will help you but you can't bring drugs there or you will be told to go..

    the twelve tribes are all over the world too

    5 yrs ago I have seen them take in a woman with 6 children and they are doing wonderfully at the morningstar ranch in S. Calif

  107. You can do anything it is that you wish in your entire world as long as you do not violate the rights of another or hurt another in any way.
    beautiful.. truth.. right.. the Way~❤

  108. Dear Galactic Friends, Brothers and Sisters,

    Thank you for this message. I fully agree with your "one sentence law".
    I wish you all Love, Light and Peace,

    Namaste, Huub

  109. Click on the adverts to help Gregg.

  110. A short while ago I told a female friend of mine who has moved in with me for a while that I AM stopping usage of all substance and that her staying at my place was conditional on her respecting my space as such. My place is one where you face your fears. not hide from the. And I cannot support her in hurting herself anymore. Thankyou my Family for this channeling. You always answer my prayers. Hope she stays. I really like her.

  111. Great message. Thank you. One law makes life a lot easier.

    A prison system like ours doesn't fit in an ascended life style. Thank you for helping us change it.

  112. Thank you GFL; thank you Greg

    I'd like to share my experience with drugs. I remember telling my father at age 7 or 8 that there were two topics in life I was very interested in: drugs and sects. Today's message is for me a confirmation that those 2 things were encoded in my incarnation bluprint.

    I tasted my first cigarette at age 8, my first joint at age 13... my first glass of wine doesn't count - I'm French! :) - yet nonetheless I became sold to cigarettes, marijuana and alcoholic pretty early in my life...

    I always felt I was hearing calls to get rid of those habits; so I do feel that quitting was also encoded in my incarnation choices as well.

    Seven years ago I quit cigarettes yet always found substitutes such as narguila and others...

    As I became more and more aware of the importance of living in the NOW, I realized how much all those drugs take us out of the moment - out of the here and now.

    So I did quit drinking and then quit smoking marijuana. Those habits are weaknesses and even though they may not seem as such, they take us out of our center.

    I believe that if one is to become a master, he/she must first be in control of himself/herself. And isn't it what any Lightworker is aiming at?

  113. Draga GFL drogurile de orice fel au fost intodeauna un rau urias pentru omenire,dar asa cum ati precizat si voi este alegerea fiecarei fiinte de aici pe ce drum sa mearga.Daca unora le place inchisoarea 3D sa isi continue calea pana isi gasesc singuri drumul,cu siguranta se vor satura intr-o zi pe parcursul existentei lor si vor invata lectia.Atata timp cat nu vor face nici un rau nimanui sa fie lasati in pace sa isi traiasca viata asa cum doresc,fiecare fiinta sa fie lasata sa traiasca liber,fara jugul legilor care uneori chiar nu au nici un sens pentru ca se cam aplica doar unora si sunt tare nedrepte.Cine oare are dreptul aici sa ne judece?Sa ne pedepsesca?Daca ar exista cineva poate ar fi insasi Creatorul nostru dar nu cred ca e posibil asa ceva,nu pedepsete nici un suflet creat deci nu exista ceva sau cineva sa poata aplica pedepse sau legi Exista legile universului,ale creatiei dar nu cred ca pedepsete vre-o fiinta undeva in acest univers sau universuri.
    Fiecare suflet de aici trebuie sa fie constient ca anumite lucruri sunt rele si nu ii va aduce un progres,trebuie sa stie unde este limita.Adevarat unele si-au pierdut calea.Sper doar ca atunci cand aceste lucruri nu vor mai fi interzise de legi unii sa nu inteleaga fix invers si sa se apuce de droguri ca nu le mai pune nimeni piedici,exista si acest risc care este destul de mare .Dar e alegerea lor,lectia lor,viata lor.
    Intodeauna in absolut toate mesajele pe care le-ati trimis spre noi prin Greg nu ati spus ceva gresit,adevarat unele lucruri nu au placut multora dar aici adevarul umbla cu capul spart intodeauna .Tot ce spuneti e constructiv,asa stim unde sa reparam greselile,in alt mod nu putem sa vedem unde gresim chiar daca nu place multora acest lucru.
    Legat de inchisori clar nu e ceva bun ,nu zic ca nu trebuiesc indepartati din societate cei care au comis crime dar se gasesc solutii mai omenesti ca sa zic asa si pentru ei,deci daca se poate schimba ceva in tot acest neajuns atunci sa puneti in practica ceea ce stiti ca este mai bine pentru binele tuturor celor inchisi.Au dreptul la o noua sansa indiferent de cat de rai sunt Daca se poate reabilita un suflet atunci trebuie facut orice pentru acesta.


  114. I feel that reading this was a wasre of time for me. It might have resonared with me in the 1960's or even the earky 80's but I don't play with drugs anymore. Sometimes I wish I could be a stone cold addict but I cannot. I am very ill and grow weary of your games. I have lost the ability to be gillible. I require proof which you never offer. I don't believe in jesus or aby organized religion. I trust my heart to tell me good from bad. If this ascention starts to happen or you show up and confront me face to face, I will not be afraid, no matter what you look like or how " scary" the ascention process is, I am well prepared for any of it including my own death which stares me down every minute of every day. So what do you think of that? Does that make you happy? Does it make you afraid? Should I repeat that a few dozen times to make it look like I REALLY thought it through? Bottom line: YOU FRUSTRATE THE HELL OUT OF ME. I adore Greg but you must tire him to death with all of your repetetive statements and questions. I used to work in the film industry and the music business and I loved ecery minute of it, btw. You don't have to work doing something you hate on earth if you find something you are good at and you love and bust your butt doing it. Earth is not a bad place to be .I love Mother earth and I am anxious to see her and all of her creatures healed. So, your move. Namaste

  115. PART ONE
    I want to thank you for answering my call in a public fashion regarding prisons. My daughter is in prison. She was manipulated into taking a plea bargain for a crime her Career Military husband committed. My son-in-law suffers from PTSD and is a controlled robot doing the dirty work of the Cabal inside the CIA. They have video of him committing the crime that my daughter is imprisoned for and use blackmail to keep him in their service of dark corruption and worse.
    I have learned many things about prison that are beyond “hard-to-hear”! The prison is a “Privately” run profit center for the cabal. They lobbied for 3-strikes-you’re-out legislation to fill their buildings (called campuses) with slaves. In Virginia they also are responsible for passing legislation that every inmate serves ALL time they were sentenced for without parole. Furthermore, if an inmate has no high school diploma they are required to successfully pass the GED exam. Their stay in prison is extended until this GED exam is passed.
    Moreover, the inmates are only issued a jumper garment. If an inmate wishes to have socks, panties, a bra, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, paper, postage stamps etc… the inmate may purchase these items from their on-site store ONLY. The order is placed only twice a month and the wait for delivery may be two weeks or more. The prices are HIGHLY INFLATED and a monopoly. The inmate’s family and friends cannot send anything except money, of which the prison keeps 10% and a hefty service change. The Prison says they will keep track of the 10% and when the inmate is released from prison, the accumulated money will be given to them to start their life outside of prison, (of course the cabal keeps the interest earned while the inmate toils away.)
    If the inmate is at a campus that has work available, the pay is 25 cents an hour (unskilled) up to 47 cents an hour (skilled) & no hourly wages are paid for over 30 hours of work even though your hours of work will extend well past 40 per week. If the inmate is not working to produce goods or services for the cabal they will be charged a daily rate for the “prison hotel” accommodations. If anyone sends money for the inmate to make a phone call or buy a toothbrush, the “daily rate” will be subtracted before any amount is made available to the inmate.
    My daughter is working as a tutor for inmates trying to pass the GED and makes 47 cents an hour. She also attends training for a Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Technician Certificate. There is a satellite - community college space for classes on-site where she is and this allows her to take two night classes. There is a cemetery on the compound where inmates are buried should their journey end there. My daughter was beaten severely causing the entire prison to be locked down for nearly a month. This beating resulted in her being confined to a wheelchair. The head injuries have caused impairment of her eyesight, but I am grateful that eye-glasses reportedly will assist her in this regard. I sent $300.00 for her to order the glasses, but to my knowledge she hasn’t been able to order them yet.
    The food in the chow hall is laced with Salmonella & E. coli bacteria. If an inmate has the money there are a few food items which can be purchased for a king’s ransom from the on-site store. The skin of the inmates looks as if leprosy has engulfed the compound because Lye (a corrosive alkaline substance, commonly sodium hydroxide; NaOH, also known as 'caustic soda' or historically potassium hydroxide is used in all the cleaning supplies and to launder all the bedding, towels and sheets. The on-site store only stocks Lye based shampoo and soap. Of course for a king’s ransom once a quarter an inmate can purchase non-lye based shampoo, lotion and detergent from an off-site supplier.

  116. PART TWO
    When an inmate is injured it could be over a month before a medical professional is summoned. My daughter witnessed a woman who vomited for over a week without mercy or assistance. And please do not go to judgment, for this does not help anyone. The courts are legislated such that maximum sentences are required under the law.
    My daughter witnessed a single mother with a small toddler in day-care who landed in jail for the following reason. She had some parking tickets. She had lost her job and wasn’t able to pay them. Once she landed a new job, she saved and went to the city civic center to pay the tickets. They would not accept her money; the tickets had turned into warrants for her arrest because of her delinquency in paying the fines. They hauled away this poor mother; put her through the demeaning process of full-body cavity strip search with her sobbing and begging to call the daycare or her employer lest she lose her child to CPS (Child Protective Services) and lose her new job that she struggled so hard to obtain. No mercy was offered. How has this Public Policy served anyone except the GREED of the CABAL?
    As for my daughter, I am asking you, the Galactic Federation of Light to:
    1. Provide film/video of the Military-CIA’s training/mind control torture that turned my son-in-law into the murderous robot he has become.
    2. Provide film/video of the commission of the actual physical injuries that led to the death which has been blamed on my daughter causing her to be incarcerated. Provide all evidence that will exonerate and free my daughter.
    3. Provide film/video of my son-in-law using his Taser gun to impair my daughter’s short-term memory allowing him to continue unabated in his murderous actions.
    4. Provide film/video of the hidden meetings and collusion between the Cabal defense attorney retained by my son-in-law to represent my daughter, my son-in-law, my son-in-law’s parents (both Federal Employees), the Military-CIA, the judges and everyone else that conspired to withhold and suppress the TRUTH and railroad my daughter into the plea bargain that sent her to prison for 10 years, thereby safely keeping their well-trained robot operative free to kill again. (For the damaged heap of a man that my son-in-law has become, I ask that he be placed in an trauma healing center… he thought he was being a Patriot; he could not have known what was in store for him.)
    Whilst I wait for the “Event” that will Shift Humanity, it is my commitment to support my daughter in anchoring all the Light she can muster within the compound where she resides.
    I humbly ask for a patrol of Light Ships to beam healing energies to all staff and inmates 24/7/365; just keep one in the air at all times hovering and beaming… for all within the compound are fragmented and energies are distorted. You know the work I have done to clear as much as I can, but this place does not welcome Light and the need for clearing is constant and urgent. I ask that all physical violence cease immediately in any and all forms; freeze the combatants or contain them. ACCEPT MY FREE WILL AS A LIGHTWORKER AND MOTHER AS TAKING PRIORITY OVER LOWER VIBRATIONAL FREE WILL.
    Lastly I ask that the above protocol; “a patrol of Light Ships to beam healing energies to all staff and inmates 24/7/365; just keep one in the air at all times hovering and beaming…” be duplicated at every prison across the United States of America beginning with the one where Bradley Manning is being held, next the one where William Brockbrader is being held at ADA County Jail, Idaho, next John Graham being held at South Dakota State Penitentiary, next Leonard Peltier being held at USP-Lewisburg / US Penitentiary. Once we have America’s prisons patrolled by LIGHT, then assign Light Ships to all prisons and detention centers across the entire globe including juvenile detention centers where Light is MOST NEEDED.
    °¨♥⁀˚⋆.‿☼°Thank You & I Love You°¨♥⁀˚⋆.‿☼°
    Susie Ganière

  117. Peter K. As co-bloggers we need to keep an eye on one another and call each other to order where one of us act beyond what is reasonably expected of us.

    My gentle reminder to you is this. People who leave comments here, either leave it for the host or for the party the host is representing,

    unless you have been officially granted permission to deal with comments and everybody blogging here have been made aware of it.

    I thank you.

    Thank you.

  118. Dear spinster cakes,
    Did you ever wonder where Gene Roddenberry may have got the idea from? Along with the Prime Directive. A policy of non interference with developing civilizations and respect of the respective laws of every civilization.

  119. my apologies/ i actually wasn't aware. new to blogging. noted

  120. I think the one law system is BRILLIANT - living in a world filled with infinite love, peace, light, etc., there is no need for 3rd dimensional trappings!!!!!

  121. Or should I say, it didn't occur to me.

    I infuse my every decision and action with the intention of greater Love.
    Share if you Love the momentum of Love the momentum of Love momentum of Love the.....

  122. Welcome Glenn! You do realise, don't you, that you are giving Greg a great gift that many of us wish we had...someone to discuss all these weighty matters with? I have no data to back this up, but I can confidently tell you that 99% of us lightworkers have never encountered another lightworker in real life. Oh, we have had a few friends that were kind enough to listen to our points for a spell, some even come down off the fence and stand on our side, but they always stay near the fence and keep one hand on it...just in case. None of them have the courage to let go entirely, and go wandering aimlessly through this vast new territory with us, just for the sake of discovering whatever we may encounter. It is still a lonely journey for the majority of us, as the only company we have is our own voice, and the small still one that mostly remains mum. You will never regret partnering with your own brother, especially Greg...consider yourself very fortunate, as there are thousands of us out here who would cut off their left arm, just so they could shake his hand with the right one.

    Glenn, you have a job to do for us, and we want you to take this very seriously, as you are the only one who can do it. We want you to convince Greg that he has EARNED this PayPal button, that it is not an admission of weakness, but a GIFT to us to be able to make your lives a little more bearable. Your situation mirrored mine in so many ways, so I speak from empathy garnered through experience. WE award you two this Button, consider it a medal if you wish. Other sites plonk that button down as the first object in their web design, Greg didn't and he has our respect for that.

    That is your assignment, don't make us give you and 'F' on this. To repeat one of the GFL's favorite lines...'Do you understand?'

  123. Offtheplanet:

    Again? I never quit!

    There is a funny commercial shown on TV here, it has Fernando Alonso (the top Formula 1 driver) tearing around town in a Fiat 500, wizzing through alleys, down steps, around fountains, and the anouncer finally asks him..."When do you brake?'
    Alonzo: Never!

  124. So, are you actually saying that he is as good a brownnoser as you are?

  125. Offtheplanet:

    Can't say I understand your point, nor do I have any desire to whatever it is.

  126. Lucky for you, I'm not known to be a particularly smart person.

  127. This comment has been removed by the author.

  128. Where do you get your information of Atlantis from, if I may ask, Pegalys?

  129. @ Sarah ( and perhaps others who greatly enjoy food treats ^^ ) :
    I can clearly see that New Gaia does have "Edy's Coconut Fruit Bars" although most ingredients have been removed or replaced by the real thing ^^ (no harmful ingredients).
    Examples of harmful ingredients in that product while in the illusory 3D realm are: Skim milk, corn syrup (!), sugar, natural flavor, cream, guar gum (E412 ~), locust bean gum (E410), carrageenan (E417 !), xanthan gum (E415 ~),

    Note that the power of your mind (positivity), heart (joy) and your beloved friends/family can alleviate most if not all of the detrimental effects of ingesting, applying on the skin, or breathing in any harmful substances.
    Although I have found that it is far easier to replace the "semi-optimal" product with another wholesome, 'organic' or 'pure' product or perhaps a home-made variant, that, in my experience, tastes even better than the original! :)

    For example last week I amazed myself when creating a 'sausage roll' without meat or meat replacements, tasting even better than the original that I bought in the store many years ago ^^
    Here are the ingredients that I used:
    Parsley, pepper, seasalt, garlic, sweet soysauce (non-GM), chili 'mix', nutmeg, basel, (applecider) vinegar, onion, paprica and vegetable stock (no MSG/E621).

    A 'while' back I noticed the remarkable lack of choice of products in stores, for example, I can imagine in my mind, thousands of different types of, say, sodas, rather than the max ~30 in very large stores or sometimes only ~3 in smaller stores, all containing the same poisons, and all run by the same company.
    This shows me that indeed this 3D realm is a place for experimenting, learning and inside growth, as I see that most places in the 'western world' currently contain, usually, at least subtle damaging influences (fluoride, GM foods, wifi, etc) and sometimes even less subtle (mobile phones, vaccines, DU-ammo, etc).

    Comparing this to the less subtle nature of thousands of years ago, leads me to believe that the spiral that we are riding on, is coming very close to its "center" now, where outburst of extremities in large quantities has become extremely rare.
    Perhaps leading up to a point where tranquility envelops all who choose to ride and sustain the graceful flow of the ascending spiral.

  130. Offtheplanet:

    Atlantis? When did I ever mention Atlantis? I know almost nothing about it quite frankly, although I do believe it existed. I have no karmic remembrances of it, so maybe I am not from around here originally. I did read about something very similar in the OAHSPE years ago, but I'm not sure that that is what they were refering to.

  131. N.B. Did you know that the Sphinx used to have the head of a woman wearing a headdress which flowed over the shoulders and down to the hands?

    The sphinx was a statue in honor of the Cat Priestess after the Cat/Sun temple in Egypt was destroyed by the locals and the priestess horribly killed by them.

    Since then the Pharaohs began to wear a smaller copy of the same

  132. I must say, also, that the prisons systems on our planet - those run by the US in particular - are both a nightmare and a travesty. This is absolutely something which needs corrected as soon as possible.

  133. Also folks, it seems that Meridian Gestalt and Phylis Stein need a little boost to their energies, so how about we all concentrate on their situation and send a few rays of light and love their way.

    Meridian: We all have sympathy for you and your dilemna, but bringing the house down on your partner won't solve his problems. I would not presume to offer any advice, as it is your life to live and deal with the issues in it...however, I would caution you to avoid heeding the advice of our resident troll here. As you can see by his advice he is nothing more than a jackbooted Nazi, who is representative of the system as it stands, and would throw your unfortunate friend under the bus in a misguided attempt to 'help' him. It is clear he didn't read the article posted today before commenting.

    Phylis: Jesus Christ is real, religions are unreal. The two are unrelated, except where the cabal had made the association to besmirch a noble name.

  134. And just to be absolutely clear, Brothers and Sisters, your message has hit home this time. Thank you once again for all that you do.

  135. Dear Off the Planet.
    Yes. :)

    I infuse my every decision and action with the intention of greater Love.
    Share if you Love the momentum of Love the momentum of Love momentum of Love the.....

  136. Offtheplanet:

    I interpret the Sphinx a totally different way. I see it a simply half man half beast. There are two things missing from the current sphinx, the serpent at the third eye, and the 'beard'. The sphinx also has a headress, which covers the hair. I have associated these symbolic features with the physical features found in cetaceans, which I believe the sphinx was intended for. Cetaceans emit sounds from an organ on their forehead, and receive the returning signals by means of an organ that extends below their jaw. The headress represents the concealment of their humanity.

    That is as much as I will say here, if you want to know more, read my blog.

  137. My dearest brothers and sisters! I will appreciate this one law in our "law book". Thank you for wonderful reeducations! And please help Greg and Glenn in any possible way to help them better and easier being able to do their wonderful lightwork! Thank you brothers and sisters, thank you Greg and also Glenn. Could you please inform me about your speeches in the next days -telepathically?, also when I probably won`t have Internet connection, because I will be on the road? Thank you for everything which is possible in light and love, be blessed!
    Eva, Germany/France

  138. a friend of mine uses aschya a medicinal mushroom herb. what are your thoughts about those who use this to expand there conc=sciousness. i never felt moved to participate in the ceremonies but it is packaged as a natural means to expand consciousness. it seems like if POT is going to block your ascension than this mushroom trip no matter how it is packaged is the same. looking for your response. thank you for all your help. greg and your twin your commitment is admirable. look forward to meeting with you someday. thank u

  139. Sorry about the Atlantis question, Pegalys.

    I misunderstood your reply to my post where I used Atlantis as an example of what I believe will be happening to the USA soon.

    "You have evidence of that, or did you read that somewhere? Do you think that nothing was done for the good and decent citizens?"

    It made me think you had more information.

  140. Some prisons offer all comfort you need.

    Please note that I have no intention of challenging the statement on prisons that treat human inhumanely.

    Like drugs, this is something I know nothing about except the articles that claim there are luxury prisons in Europe paid by the tax payers.

  141. My heart goes out to the families of the 8 South Africans and 7 Russian citizens who were killed in a suicide bombing in Afghanistan yesterday, in yet another revenge attack on the USA.

  142. Also, I wonder if Caffeine is also a substance which falls into the category of "drugs that must be avoided." Anyone care to comment on this further?

  143. N.B. Did you know that Pyramids were initially built for electricity generation and distribution?

  144. Hey Greg, I'm sorry to hear about your and your brother's situation. Why don't you put a donation button on your site? Your work has helped me so much and I would be happy do donate or help in any other way. I think it's only fair that you get compensated for the great job you are doing. Much love to you!

  145. Offtheplanet:

    Those were rhetorical questions, based on the logic of the situation. The GFL have promised to keep those who are fully aware of the coming changes safe from harm, and I have no reason to assume they didn't do it in the past under similar events. Even the Bible has several illustations of this principle...Noah, Lot and Moses for instance. I'm sure this is not a policy they apply whilly-nilly as the mood strikes them.

    As far as your point about the USA, there is something going on over there, that most people just think is a political squabble, but it is far more than that. We see how there is a dichotomy forming, the STS(repubs) and the STO(dems) are both gravitating to opposite corners of the room. Shortly, there will be nobody that can say they didn't see it coming, as they have each aligned themselves firmly behind what they believe. I have seen it with my own eyes, I lived there for many years, and my opinion of Americans is that 50% are wonderful people that are a pleasure to be around, and the other 50% are mean-spirited idiots.

  146. Very interesting, Pegalys.

    I have read somewhere that the American government politicians, over the years, are the same souls that were involved in the destruction of Atlantis.

    They were given a karmic opportunity to prove that they have really changed.

    Food for thought.

  147. Offtheplanet,

    That's an interesting dynamic you brought forward there. Do you remember the source ?

  148. Offtheplanet:

    Some say that Athens and Sparta were instances of higher powers demonstrating the differences between these majorly different attitudes. In that instance, two city-states were allowed to co-exist where each had only one type of citizen, either STOs or STSs.

  149. thanks to greg and glenn
    this message hit home and i really thank the gfl to clearify it for me and others specially... so clear i was not on the issue of it, it helps me seeing it now as a possibility in our blueprint being addicted and to resolve this in this lifetime...thanks again,
    freeing all the enslaved people from prison i have hoped for so badly, we are all one and have to understand that we cant push anothers life away in a box, we all learn in the children room from eachother to advance in their reflection with ourselves by acceptance and learning to forgive ourselves and the other, thanks for helping us with the reeducation in so many ways...allinone, as above so below,
    thanks again

  150. May peace upon Allah my dearest Galactic Family.

    what a day that we are together again. it is hard to tell with words but when i just start to type the words come one after

    another. is that an inspirational mode that come from you? yesterday night we read something about higher realms that has

    sent to some groups in Turkey. it was very excitement and full all curious. now we have an amazing curious and high feeling

    about up there. we look at the skies and know that you all are there and watching us. this is so beautiful. we feel like

    children and when do something we do not feel fear, because we that that you are watching us. just like the children

    playing in a park. but this is not really a park. we are here to work. today before started to read your message i read

    something else and did not want to yours at that time. because i did not feel enough for that then. to say truth i played a

    game on computer and after that i prayed and now i feel better. i am writing this ans also reading you message. i type

    after one or a few paragraphs.

    now i love to read you message. yes. you are right we have to work and we have to do a good job here. before ascension, if

    it is possible for me, i want to do lots of things for humanity. i want to help them all. here in this dimension we always

    need to feed ourselves and that is why we read your messages and want to hear or see something from you, about you. this is

    our fuel. we should clean ourselves for the first time of course and then help the other for that one.

    this world is not a place to have a rest. it is a place to win a good experience and harmony in the absence of full

    conscience. this task is being lived for eons and now we are in the end times and we have our last challenge to face. lots

    of us escape from this but in reality this is not the way we should do.

    i smoked once when i was a little child and i smoked a half cigarette and i never drunk alcohol, bear or something like

    that. i even do not drink tea. i drunk cokes but i left them because it was said that it contains caffeine and after that i

    left even coffee. now i drink natural spring water which we bring it from a fountain that its water comes from mountains

    directly. and some times i drink buttermilk or fruit juice. that is all.

    i can say that i did not have an experience relationships. i loved lots of girls in this life but one one loved me back.

    they were very sad but after years i understood that there was a reason. till this year i thought about that. and today i

    understood that this was my assignment. so thank you so very much my dear family. i saw lots of people that loved each

    other as a relationship between men and women, between boy and girls. even between children. i felt so big desires for

    that. i always had, have a curious about that, that how does it feel? what people feel when they love each other? what kind

    or words they say to each other. what they feel when they look each others eyes? i wrote lots of books to the girls i loved

    during this lifetime. i wrote maybe thousands of poets and read so much about how to make a girl that can love me. i made

    lots of things but yet it did not happen. but now i understand and this is so interesting. i wanted to have a girl friend

    that be so beautiful and smart. i wanted to hold her hands and kiss her hairs, look at her eyes and say to her love words.

    but it never happened. yes i still have a curious about this but now it is not important. nothing can be so beautiful after

    meeting my Galactic Family. i know i left lots of things just after meeting you my dear family. nothing is so attractive

    now as they were before. (comment continues)

  151. i had some thoughts about you my family before. some one said that they are not the ones who they talk about. but i

    continued and saw that you are up there and say the truths. and i am very sorry for this. but this thoughts left me very

    quickly. i am very sorry that i doubted before. no, there is no way you lie to us. why do you do that? what did you say as

    a lie? what you have said were all true and i accepted them all. i changed my lots of beliefs and added some new ones to

    the incomplete ones. now i feel so good when i read you message. i am building myself during our lovely and brave Greg send

    them to us.

    i feel so sad no it is a mercy feeling about our beloveds Greg and Glenn. i know how is life without money and being in

    poverty on this world. sometimes you feel so hungry but cannot find anything to eat. sometimes you want to do something,

    anything, like going to somewhere, like to buy even a biscuit. but you do not have any money to do these. i had all of

    these. i know how it feels like. but during these difficulties i knew that there was a reason. i knew that someone is

    watching me.

    dear Greg and Glenn. i love the way to do. because i also know how you feel. this is not a problem. we get used to it in

    time and after a while it feels good. because we see how this world is and we feel all beautiful higher beings around us.

    this is good. ( i am on the verge of tears but it is not because that last times. it is a kind of happiness.)

    this sounds so amazing. i always wanted to be hero but not in a world like that. my thoughts were always different. people

    thought that i am crazy but on the other hand i was somehow cleverer and more diligent from them and i could answer almost

    everything about what i thought. they knew and said that the things i said were true but wanted so a big courage to do.

    here i say here. my family know that i am a student but i am not. i left university for 4 years. and just a few months

    later i will supposed to finish it. but i am not afraid of this. i left it because i wanted to be a writer. i wrote lots of

    sci-fi books but the publishers did not publish them. because they were about space and aliens. they said those books were

    not for their programs. i maybe the first ones who wrote sci-fi books in Turkey. here even now some publishers have one of

    my books and still reading. but if they accept it it does not a matter now. because i am far way from them now. i have my

    galactic family now. what can bee better than this. and if my Galactic Family has a desire to read it i can send copies of

    them. so i ask you my dear Galactic Family that do you have a desire to read them? if yes just let me know. that is all. (comment continues)

  152. it is so amazing to hear about Glenn. but some how i felt him so close to me from beginning. maybe Glenn will read my

    comment maybe not. but i want to say that he is one of my heroes my. go ahead brother! btw i used his photos for making

    videos about our Galactic Federation of Light's members in universe. thank you Glenn. lots of people in turkey saw what you

    have shared. and they will see a while too. i am happy that you are with Greg now.

    we just talked about prisons and convicts yesterday night and i gave someone some hope about our Galactic Family that they

    can save them from there with some ways. thank you my family that you just mentioned about it.

    if you make a bad mad to a good man you win two men. i think my galactic family will so something like that about

    prisoners. but i am not sure about it. i do not know how they will do.

    i always knew that my Galactic Family had simple rules that can be learned so easily and here i saw it. yes my dear family.

    i loved that rule. maybe we will not need a book for that. everybody can learn this.

    so we came an end of a message too today. i loved this so very much my dear family. if you do not be bothered by my

    comments i will be glad. i love to write much when you send these. because this is what i want to say to the ones i love so

    much. with this i know that i am with you. during you read my comments i have a curious about how you feel about me, what

    you think about me? i really want to know. hope you can tell this to Greg and i hear. can you do that my dear family? i

    love you all so very much.

    until next time stay in love and joy. your brother Mehmet.

  153. because i separated my comment something happened to it. so it looks like there is an empty like between two lines of writings.

  154. I have never used any drugs or intoxication (my addictions are delicious, vegetarian food and oversleeping), but some of my friends have. The secret is to replace our current taste by a higher taste. Try to find something that elevates the mind better than drugs.

    Before I consider any gifts regarding our prison and law system, I would like to wait for the gift of the mass arrests of the psychopath cabal first. Lets unwrap one gift at a time, if you know what I mean ;-)

  155. In total harmony with your message & fully support the Law of One & prison rehab program. Would very much like to help support Greg financially - hate to think of him suffering physically as well as all the other challenges. Would you be open to establishing a monthly fee for all those who wish to receive his newsletter?

  156. Hello deer friends :)
    In my mind I'm thinking who fooled who?! :p
    Am I the fool now, when I don't remember - ore did I fool you when I made up the rules? :/
    I'm telling myself that I like life the way it is, but at the same time, I'm having troubles lying to myself.
    What I can't understand is why opiates should be better then cannabis, if we are talking about letting go of a lower vibratory state (but then again - I didn't use the painkillers exactly as the doctor had prescribed, and had to take the "sucker punch" thats painkillers carry with them; in form of more pain) . But I guess you already answered that question by redirecting the attention back to me, and my task.
    The one thing that always have come easy for me to have abundance of is drugs. The problems are social in nature, and I guess I'm sick of dealing with that all the time. I've asked for help from my community, and are waiting for response (You maybe want to help speeding thins up a bit? it's probably just a budget problem ->

    About the on rule:
    Yeah - for starters it's much easier to remember then the whole lawbook we have today :)
    About the law itself I have a problem with determining ware the line should be drawn regarding ownership of 'whatever thing you can imagine'. Is a house/tool mine, or is it everyones.
    And how about privacy, can I demand it, ore must i move until I find a inhabited place (is there going to such a place left in the future)?

    !Tnx! for this message, it made me think in a interesting way. I shall keep it in heart, but one thing that might be interesting to add is the time dilemma, when is it appropriate to lay in the final spurt? (now... -but why?!)

  157. To Yessica in EU, if you're the same friend I met in Vegas in May please connect on FB directly or through the class group. I do think that's you::))!

  158. Lesson of the day.
    Mastery is and art of tossing the rules and the tools.

  159. Greg and Glenn I didn't known that your actual situation was so hard, please leave an paypal adress so I can be able to help you with something... I more than willing to help you out.

  160. Wtf... it would be overstepping our bounds to help real addicts with our technologies, but you can just swap out souls with the criminals and make it so they have no criminal desire?
    This doesnt make any sense, these messages of late have been filled with too much "you wont get this if you dont do that." I am hooked on weed and it has surely affected my life and i have paid consequences- but to suggest that would keep anyone with a good heart from ascending is a downright fraud. Big middle finger to ya, Giles.

  161. Mike,

    Howrya, the message didn't really say that, in fairness. It said that some people stipulated the addiction obstactle to be overcome before they would accept their own graduation. Hope this helps.

  162. I always knew I was different too...still do feel that way. It makes me feel very separate and alone sometimes so reading this message comforts me too, regarding Greg and his brother. It felt good to read about changing within as well, because I know I've changed...and I know I can't go back to the way I was before...I've gone beyond that now...everything makes sense when I read this message. As for my challenge, mine is not drugs but I do know what it is and I do know what I have to do now. It makes me feel better to know this. Thank you for today's message. It was very uplifting to me.

    In love and light,

  163. Thank you for today's and all messages, and yes~ I too have things to work thru, this is life and I am enjoying this work.
    Thanks Greg for all you do.
    Please contact me, if you have the time.

  164. Naughton P.

    Why haven't you heard of that yet.

    Lot's of writers came out with a take on that round about the same time.

    I'll have to search my memory a bit.

    I'll come back to you later.

  165. Comment to GFL
    AH ha! Ah ha! It was so simple like this and we could not be able to see it?
    This new and single law! #you can do anything it is that you wish in your entire world as long as you do not violate the rights of another or hurt another in any way #
    This single law is accurate, brief and simple.
    More we have it simple, more it is efficient.
    Thank you for this Ah ha moment.
    I’m Siegfried

  166. Dear Gaia's Sister ,

    I live in Europe, but unfortunately, that was not me.


  167. I want my memories and original power.....

  168. Thank you for your message today, and for your ongoing love and support. Thank you Greg for enduring your hardships as you channel these messages. I will strive to be open to your words and endeavor to do what will help our planet, humanity and myself!

  169. As usual LOVED IT ! I was just having a conversation with my Mother the other day about how the G.F.O.L F/B page or one of them kept posting stuff about how "weed" is cool and good for you ect. ect. and I didn't like it .I for one have no problem with people who do drugs , that is their choice. I have had my problems with them in the past . Todays channeling is exactly what I wanted to here and has been on my mind for some time !Thank you Greg , Glen and GFOL !

  170. Thank you! I agree with everything! I am so excited!!!! Love from Miami

  171. Ahoj všetkým. Najskôr chcem vyjadriť , že ja osobne nie som závislý na ničom, nikdy som nebol , dokonca ani nefajčím. Mám osobné skúsenosti s týmito ľuďmi z pohľadu, že som sa snažil pomôcť a postarať sa o jedného takého človeka môjmu srdcu veľmi blízkeho. Nakoniec sa zdá, že sa to podarilo, ale predtým to malo za následok náš rozchod. Aj neskôr som sa s podobnými ľuďmi stretol a to aj mojom blízkom okolí. Takže to čo budem hovoriť ďalej nehovorím preto aby som obhajoval závislosť v akejkoľvek forme. Naopak, práve preto že som závislosť poznal z pohľadu mne veľmi blízkeho človeka , nijakým spôsobom závislosť neschvaľujem. Verím , že Vaša správa pomôže tým, ktorý sú závislí toto poznať, uznať svoju závislosť a pokúsiť sa ju liečiť. Po prečítaní tejto správy som však zo spôsobu akým ste túto správu podali zistil čo Vám chýba, čo je to po čom túžite , ale zatiaľ ste to napriek všetkému Vášmu duchovnému poznaniu nepoznali a to je dôvod prečo sa niekedy naše názory rozchádzajú aj keď stále máme len jeden spoločný cieľ a to je vzostup Zeme. Nie je to tým , že by som chcel byť múdrejší ako Vy , to určite nie. Je to tým , že naše skúsenosti a to aj napriek tomu, že sme len herci čo hrajú podľa predom pripravených skrípt nám ukázali nový pohľad, ktorý sme dovtedy nevideli, tak ako ho stále nevidíte ani Vy, dovolím si to tvrdiť na základe tejto Vašej správy , ktorá mi to plne ukazuje. Áno, predtým než sa naše cesty rozišli a my sme vstúpili sem na Zem sme mali pravdepodobne rovnaké názory ako Vy, čo bolo dané spoločnou úrovňou našich skúseností. To čo tu teraz k Vám hovorím, tak hovorím zo svojho srdca, v ktorom cítim to spojenie so stvoriteľom, tým prvým a jediným, ktorého máme všetci v sebe, tak to cítim a tak Vám to vo všetkej láske a úcte prezentujem. Naše skúsenosti na tejto planéte nám ukázali nielen príčiny , ktoré spôsobujú nežiadaný bolestivý vývoj, ale a to predovšetkým ukázali nezmyselnosť bolesti, pokiaľ sa tieto bolestné skúsenosti dajú nahradiť niečím novým , lepším a pre dušu hodnotnejším a to niečo nové je duchovné poznanie, otvorené srdce naplnené láskou a otvorená myseľ prístupná všetkému duchovnému poznaniu. S týmito atribútmi už žiadna duša sa nebude musieť učiť pomocou bolestných skúseností, pokiaľ sa tak sama preto nerozhodne a nebude na svojom rozhodnutí nezmyselne trvať ďalej. Toto poznanie je tou novou úrovňou vibrácií pre celý tento vesmír , do ktorej vstupujeme nielen my ale rovnako aj Vy a celý tento vesmír. Toto poznanie možno vyjadriť aj tým dávnym ale stále platným výrokom “ naučte sa, čo to znamená milosrdenstvo chcem a nie obetu”. Dovoľte mi, aby som Vás týmto naším poznaním, ktoré sme získali z našich skúseností s láskou previedol, tak ako aj Vy vediete nás. Nedávno ste zdieľali správu o pôvodnom zámere planéty Zem ako medzi galaktickej knižnice, kde by každý strom, každá bytosť mohla rozprávať svoj príbeh. Túto myšlienku doplním o to , že nielen príroda , ale aj my ľudia na tejto planéte budeme rozprávať svoj príbeh. A príbeh ľudskej rasy za posledných cca 13000 liet , kedy sme sa vybrali cestou cez najnižšie rozmery tejto reality , je veľmi dôležitý príbeh , je to viac ako len príbeh , je to priamo kniha – príručka , ktorá je potrebná pre život všade a ktorá bude k dispozícii od nášho vzostupu aj vo forme genetickej výbavy pre každé nové stvorenie v tomto vesmíre i všade inde. Prečo je tak dôležitá? Odpoveď je preto, aby sa to čo sme my zažívali po celých tých 13000 rokov a čo vrcholí dnes už nikdy a nikde v celom univerze nemuselo opakovať!!! Toto je jediný a pravý význam tohto experimentu a v tomto jedinom konštatovaní sú ukryté všetky ďalšie odpovede, ktoré tento experiment priniesol. ( pokračovanie )

  172. Táto kniha nebola napísaná za pomoci toľkej bolesti preto aby niekde stála na poličke , to určite nie . Jediné prijateľné vysvetlenie toho čo sme zažívali je len to , že sme to robili preto, aby sa to už nikdy a nikde nemuselo opakovať. Preto bude zdieľaná s každou bytosťou aby už žiadna bytosť nemusela opakovať tie chybné voľby, ktoré sme robili my. Prišli sme na to , že kruh zla nemôže byť preseknutý tvrdou prácou, tvrdá práca a to aj v duchovnom zmysle pritiahne zas len ďalšiu tvrdú prácu. Kruh zla sa dá preseknúť len pomocou zákona milosti, a to je vlastne vzostup, kedy zo zákona milosti bude ukončená karma, všetkým bude poskytnuté duchovné poznanie a tým ktorý toto poznanie príjmu aj technologická pomoc na ich potrebnej úrovni. Je to výlučne iba prijatie alebo neprijatie tohto duchovného poznania, ktoré bude určovať ďalší osud každej bytosti a nie staré hriechy a nedoriešené karmy, tie budú zákonom milosti úplne zrušené. Pýtate sa prečo ? Odpoveď je preto, že práve toto je tým zlatým ohnivým mečom pravdy ktorý presekne kruh zla. V čom spočíva ten doteraz tak nezničiteľný kruh zla ? Odpoveď je práve v tom opakovaní rovnakých volieb, ktorých účinky sa kumulujú dovtedy kým už nie je v ľudských silách tieto voľby zmeniť. Definícia šialenstva podľa Einsteina je stav, kedy človek opakuje stále rovnaký postup a očakáva rozdielny výsledok. Je to ako keď otec učí svojho syna, ktorý túži po slobode a vzdelaní, že musí tvrdo pracovať aby mohol prežiť, ten syn ako dieťa tomu spočiatku neverí, ale postupne sa učí že to je pravda , lebo zisťuje že inak neprežije a potom to aj on predá svojmu synovi ako svoje posolstvo a tak zanikajú detské sny o slobode , hojnosti , vzdelaní a poznaní duchovnej pravdy. Toto je ten večný kruh zla , ktorý bude preseknutý tým, že umožníme tomu dieťaťu aby realizovalo svoje sny v súlade s duchovným poznaním pod vedením svojej duše bez tvrdej práce. Toto platí nielen vo fyzickej oblasti ale a to predovšetkým v duchovnej oblasti. To je tiež to čo sme tu tie tisíce rokov robili , zbierali sme tieto skúsenosti aby sme ich dali k dispozícii každej duši aby ich oni nemuseli pracne zbierať sami svojou tvrdou prácou, to znamená, že už nie je potrebné aby akákoľvek duša musela opakovať naše skúsenosti pre svoj vývoj, stačí aby prijala tie naše. Keby sme to neurobili, tak by sa svetlo v tomto vesmíre aj ďalej vyvíjalo veľmi pomaly. Po našom vzostupe už nikto nemusí opakovať naše skúsenosti a vývoj svetla bude omnoho rýchlejší. Toto je ten nový vesmír kam aj Vy vstupujete , vesmír kde nadovšetko platí zákon milosti, ktorý hovorí že o úrovni duše rozhoduje len jej prijatie alebo neprijatie duchovného poznania. Všetko duchovné poznanie potrebné na prekonanie nižších rozmerov, vedomosti, skúsenosti a následne aj technologická základňa sú k dispozícii tým, ktorý sú ich ochotný prijať a realizovať. Už nie je potrebná tvrdá práca na svojom duchovnom vývoji, stačí len prijatie duchovného poznania a riadenie svojho života podľa tohto poznania. ( pokračovanie )

  173. Stvoriteľ je v každom z nás a neprichádza na tento ani na iné svety preto aby tvrdo pracoval, trpel a pomaly umieral, ale preto aby žil v radosti. Žiadam aj vás aby ste si uvedomili že trvanie na tvrdej duchovnej práci je paradigma starého vesmíru, ktorý naším vzostupom končí, všetky vedomosti, duchovné poznanie a skúsenosti na prekonanie nižších rozmerov už boli zhromaždené a sú k dispozícii každému, kto ich je ochotný prijať a preto našu cestu už nikto nikdy nemusí opakovať. To sa týka aj ľudí na Zemi, ktorým po vzostupe planéty budú tieto znalosti ponúknuté a ich prijatie alebo neprijatie určí ich daľší osud. Príkladom takého spôsobu zdieľania skúseností a znalostí zameraných na prekonanie závislostí môže byť už v tejto realite asi 6 rokov fungujúca a pomaly sa rozširujúca elektronická cigareta, čo je zariadenie, ktoré umožňuje premenu roztoku na vodnú paru, kedy užívateľ fajčí len vodnú paru, ktorá je nositeľom chuti a tiež závislej látky - nikotínu. Rôzne náplne s rôznou hodnotou závislej látky umožňujú postupné znižovanie dávky nikotínu až na nulovú hodnotu, kedy užívateľ fajčí úplne neškodnú ochutenú vodnú paru. Toto je technológia, ktorá umožňuje každému okamžitý prechod z tvrdých cigariet na túto technológiu bez zmeny závislosti a potom postupné uvedomelé znižovanie závislej látky na základe vlastného uváženia bez ohrozovania zdravia seba alebo svojho okolia. Teraz budem pokračovať vo vlastnom názore podmienenom mojou osobnou skúsenosťou , keď som videl a cítil ako sa milovaná osoba trápi v detoxikačnom procese a ako bol tento stav zneužívaný jeho rodinou a nutnosťou pracovného procesu s veľkými negatívnymi následkami na neho i na mňa. Keď som čítal Vašu správu , tak som sa pýtal sám seba, kde sa berie vo Vašich srdciach toľká tvrdosť, že by ste boli schopný odmietnuť takému človeku uľahčiť proces detoxikácie a následné odvykanie pomocou technológie, ktorá je Vám dostupná ? A prečo to všetko ? Podľa tej správy by to malo byť preto, aby konkrétna duša mohla zažiť tie skúsenosti , pretože si ich vybrala a zatiaľ ich nestihla realizovať. Nuž hovorím Vám, toto už nie je potrebné. Na základe zákona milosti , ktorý je nadradený všetkým karmám a neviem čomu ešte toto už nie je potrebné, bola by to zbytočná bolestná skúsenosť a stvoriteľ nerobí nič zbytočne. Všetky tieto bolestné skúsenosti už boli zažité a sú každému k dispozícii práve preto aby nemuseli byť zažívané znovu. Tieto skúsenosti boli alebo ešte len budú transformované do technológii, ktoré umožnia aby tento proces detoxikácie a odvykania bol čo najkratší a najmenej bolestný ako to len bude možné, príkladom môže byť už spomínaná elektronická cigareta. Bude závisieť na rozhodnutí každej osoby či sa rozhodne svoju závislosť skončiť a ak áno, tieto technológie budú k dispozícii bude len na nej, či sa ich rozhodne použiť. Toto je zákon milosti použitý v praxi, toto v reálnom svete v oblasti závislostí aspoň podľa mňa znamenajú slová milosrdenstvo chcem a nie obetu. Prijatie týchto duchovných znalostí a skúseností nasledované dostupnými technológiami určí akým spôsobom sa konkrétna duša vysporiada so svojou závislosťou a to následne určí jej postavenie a ďalší osud, pokiaľ sa dokáže aj s pomocou technológie vysporiadať so svojou závislosťou , tak už jej závislosť nebude prekážkou na ceste k vzostupu. Pokiaľ sa rozhodne svoju závislosť si ponechať alebo keď sa po úspešnom zbavení závislosti k nej znovu vráti späť, tak to treba rešpektovať ako slobodné rozhodnutie tejto duše, ktoré ju predurčí pre ďalšie skúsenosti v 3D. Verte mi, že tento komentár sa mi nepísal ľahko, ale zdieľal som s Vami túto skúsenosť i moje názory s láskou aby som Vám pomohol pochopiť. Zákon milosti inak vyjadrený slovami milosrdenstvo chcem a nie obetu je základným kameňom nielen novej Zeme ale i celého tohoto vesmíru a vibračného priestoru kam sa tento vesmír uberá. S láskou Milaaneek

  174. Hi all. First I want to say that I personally am not addicted to anything, I've never been, not even smoke. I have personal experience with these people from the perspective that I was trying to help and take care of such a person very close to my heart. Short, it appears to do so, but before this resulted our separation. Even later, I met people with similar and even my vicinity. So what I'm going to say next so I do not say that I advocated reliance in any form. Conversely, just because I knew the addiction from the perspective of my very close person in any way approve of addiction. I believe that your report will help those who are addicted to know this, to recognize their addiction and try to treat it. After reading this report I have from the way you have submitted the report found what you are missing, which is what you desire, but you have it in spite of all your spiritual knowledge and did not know that's the reason why sometimes our opinions differ even though we still have only one common goal and that is the rise of the Earth. It's not that I want to be smarter than you, certainly not. It is a fact that our experience, even though we are only actors who play according to a script in advance to show us a new perspective, which we have not seen previously, as it still do not see you, I would like to argue on the basis of your message to me it shows full. Yes, before our paths parted and we came here on earth, we probably have the same views as you, what was the level of our common experience. What are you saying now, so I speak from my heart, where I feel a connection with the Creator, the first and only, which we all have in ourselves, so that we feel and so that the love and respect of all present. Our experience on this planet to show us not only the causes that cause uncalled painful development, but especially showed the absurdity of pain when these painful experiences can be replaced with something new, better and more valuable for the soul and it is something new spiritual knowledge, an open heart filled love and open minds open to all spiritual knowledge. With these attributes have no soul will not have to learn through painful experience, if it so decides, and therefore its decision not to take further nonsense. This knowledge is the new level of vibration to the entire universe, in which we not only enter but also you and the entire universe. This knowledge can also be expressed by the ancient but still valid statement "learn what it is I desire mercy and not sacrifice." Let me tell you that our knowledge we have gained from our experience with love has transferred, as well as you're running us. You recently shared a report on the original intention of the planet Earth as the galactic library where every tree, every being able to tell their story. This idea would add is that not only nature, but also my people on the planet will tell their story. A story of the human race for the last about 13,000 tablets, when we went through over the lowest dimensions of reality, it is very important story, it's more than just a story, it is directly book - a guide that is necessary for life everywhere, and which will be available from our upturn in form for the genetic makeup of each new creature in this universe and elsewhere. Why is it so important? The answer is because that is what we experienced throughout the 13,000 years and culminates today as never and nowhere in the whole universe may not be repeated! This is the only and the true meaning of this one experiment and the findings are hidden all the other answers that brought this experiment. (Continued)

  175. This book was written with the help of so much pain, so that standing on a shelf somewhere, certainly not. The only plausible explanation for what we are experiencing is just that we did it so that it never has and never have to repeat. Therefore it will be shared with any creature that has no creature did not repeat the bad choices that we made ourselves. We came to the circle of evil can not be severed hard work, hard work and even spiritual sense only turn attract additional hard work. The circle of evil can sever only by the law of grace, and it is actually rise when the law of grace will end karma will be provided to all spiritual knowledge and the knowledge that the income and technological assistance to the required level. It is solely taking or not taking this spiritual knowledge that will determine the fate of each person, and no old sins and unresolved karma, the law of grace will be completely eliminated. Why not? The answer is because this is exactly the golden flaming sword of truth to cut the circle of evil. What is he up to now so indestructible circle of evil? The answer is just to repeat the same election, the effects of which will accrue until such time as it is no longer humanly possible to change these options. The definition of insanity according to Einstein, is a condition where a person constantly repeats the same process and expect a different result. It's like a father teaches his son, who longs for freedom and education that has to work hard in order to survive, the son of a child does not believe it at first, but gradually learns that this is true, because otherwise it finds survive and even he sold to his son as his message and then disappear child dreams of freedom, abundance, education and knowledge of spiritual truth. This is the eternal circle of evil, which will be severed by allowing the child to pursue their dreams in accordance with spiritual knowledge under the guidance of his soul without hard work. This is true not only in the physical realm but especially in the spiritual realm. This is also what we are doing those thousands of years, we have collected the experiences that they have made available to every soul to them they have to work to collect their own hard work, it means that there is no need to have any soul to repeat our experience for their development, just to take ours. Had we done so, the light in the universe and further developed very slowly. When our upswing, no one may repeat our experience and evolution of light is much faster. This is where the new universe and you are entering the universe where the law applies above all grace, who says that the level of the soul as it decides whether or not the spiritual knowledge. All spiritual knowledge necessary to overcome the lower dimensions, knowledge, experience, and consequently the technology base available to those who are willing to adopt them and implement. It is not necessary hard work on your spiritual development, just acceptance of spiritual knowledge and control of their lives according to this knowledge. (Continued)

  176. Creator is in all of us and does not come to this or to other worlds so that hard work, suffering and slowly dying, but because to live in joy. I ask you also to realize that the duration of the hard spiritual work of the old paradigm of the universe that our boom ends, all knowledge, spiritual knowledge and experience to overcome the lower dimensions have been collected and are available to anyone who is willing to accept and therefore our way, no one need never happen again. This also applies to people on earth, after which the planet will increase the knowledge and offered their acceptance or non-acceptance will determine their fate. One example of a way of sharing experience and knowledge to break the addiction may already be in this reality about six years functioning and slow-growing electronic cigarette, which is a device that allows you to convert the solution into water vapor when the user smokes only water vapor, which carries taste and also dependent substance - nicotine. Different cartridges with different values ​​dependent agents allow nicotine tapering down to zero when the user smokes flavored totally harmless water vapor. This is a technology that allows each immediate transition from hard to cigarettes without the technology changes depending conscious and progressive substance-dependent reduction in its sole discretion, without jeopardizing the health of themselves or their surroundings. Now I will continue my own opinion of the conditional personal experience, when I saw and felt as loved one suffer in the detoxification process and how this status has been abused by his family and the need to work process with large negative consequences for him and for me. When I read your message, I asked myself, which takes the hardness of your hearts so much that you would be able to refuse such person to facilitate the process of detoxification and subsequent cessation using technology that is available to you? And why all this? According to the report, this should be because that particular soul to experience the experience, since you chose them, and yet they manage to implement. Well I tell you, this is no longer necessary. Based on the law of grace, which is superior to all the karma and still do not know what this is no longer necessary, it would be pointless and painful experience creator does nothing in vain. All of these painful experiences have been experienced and are available to everyone just because they do not have to be experienced, again. These experiences have been or have yet to be transformed into a technology that will enable this process to detox and quitting was the shortest and least painful as far as possible, an example might be the already mentioned electronic cigarette. It will depend on the decisions of each person decides whether to quit their addiction and, if so, these technologies will be available only to her, whether they decide to use. This is a law of grace used in practice in the real world in the field of addiction at least in my opinion mean the words I desire mercy and not sacrifice. Adoption of the spiritual knowledge and experience, followed by available technologies determine how a particular soul to deal with his addiction and then to determine the status and fate, unless it is proved with the help of technology to deal with his addiction and dependence has not obstacle to rise. If you decide to keep your addiction or when the successful deprivation depending on her back again, so it must be respected as the free choice of the soul, that it will determine the further experience in 3D. Believe me, this comment, I did not write easily, but I have shared this experience with you and my thoughts and I love to help you understand. Act of grace or mercy I verbalized and not sacrifice is the cornerstone not only the earth but also new this entire universe is vibrating space where the universe goes. With love Milaaneek

  177. Hello

    I'd say Great Job with the Law Book.
    I love an idea as good as I love the one of releasing all animals from zoo!!

    Could You please let me know if sports supplements are considered as drugs by You. I don't feel any addiction from them. Please answer !
    All the Best

  178. Very interesting message, and that sounds like the ideal guideline to live by, not just as a law.

  179. If you like the idea of The Law as proposed in this latest post, please examine "The Prime Law" as detailed at and also watch this video at I think you will like it and thanks for your efforts.

  180. The one sentence law makes sence. As for the drugs, only tobacco and some alcohol left to stop... Namaste

  181. Wow! This message, may very well have saved my ascension! I feel like this may be my final test or hurdle in my ascension process. I have had the strongest addiction to marijuana for 15 years of this life time and most likely,manylife times before. I am talkin' every morning until bed time, stoned 24/7. Sad I know. I have been wanting to quit for about 5+ years now and decided that this year I would quit the day after my 33 birthday which was this last Sunday. So monday I woke up and had a little bit. yes normal for me to go back on my word when it comes to this vice. Tuesday I woke up and had one toke it didnt feel good anymore for I was most definitely letting myself down as well as my husband and two beautiful and talented children. The drug tends to not effect me the same as others as i was still able to very responsiblyraise my children and make all of my dreams come true. So here I am, beautiful life filled with love, everything is going great and I am still in the grip of this "drug". Solast night I am on the phone with a "friend" and I ask her if they have "anything", mind you my state did grant me a medical marijuana card several years ago. She said sure she would call me right back...I hung up the phone and had this strong feeling that I should listen to todays message:) low and behold right as I was about to break down and go get more "medicine" I read this message about drug use!!!! i called my friend back immediatly and told her no thankyou! I then went right straight to my bathroom where everthingis locked away from the kids and threw away and packed everything up! BYE BYE you no longer have control over me!!!! I will not smoke another drug before my ascension, for this really resonated with me. I strongly feel like thisis the last personal hurdle I have written for,themarijuana has been my entrapment in duality...I know this now! I can not thank you enough for opening my mind and my eyes to what it is I need to accomplish here before I can move on. I feel like I have been here a very long time and that it must be time to move that I know in my heart that you are real I have so many unanswered questions. now that I am clearing the haze maybe these answers will come to me. So heres to the first day of my new life I am eternally grateful for this nudge and the empowerment...Thank you to my beautiful brothers and sisters, thank you Greg<3

  182. Oh and the law it great! this is how we raise the kids. We let them do what it is they choose, as long as they are not hurting or putting themselves or any other living creature or being in danger. It works well they are able to learn, supervised, through natural consequences. They are allowed to learn through natural consequence as long as they are not causing harm to themselves or anyone else. I must say they are learning to be very loving and compassionate souls through this law,for we have many small animals here at our house which we provide loving care and treat them as members of our family. If a child can thrive under this one law, especially if it is taught from birth, I have no doubt it could be very successfully employed globally! This is very exciting indeed!! Thank you much love<3

  183. Pegalys said this:

    "Meridian: We all have sympathy for you and your dilemna, but bringing the house down on your partner won't solve his problems. I would not presume to offer any advice, as it is your life to live and deal with the issues in it...however, I would caution you to avoid heeding the advice of our resident troll here. As you can see by his advice he is nothing more than a jackbooted Nazi, who is representative of the system as it stands, and would throw your unfortunate friend under the bus in a misguided attempt to 'help' him. It is clear he didn't read the article posted today before commenting."

    Pegalys, if your being robbed or beaten up, your car got stolen, if their is a crime in progress, who are you going to call? Ghostbusters????? Do you know how much nonsense your statement sounds? Do you even think before you start typing comments????

    And your right, you really don't have nothing to offer but loudmouth rhetoric. I'd call you a pea-brain orangutan but that would insult orangutans everywhere.

    So your advice to women that are being abused, taken control over, made to do drugs is NOT TO GO TO THE POLICE!! Nice going, Pegalys, you just hit a new low point. There are many honest and courageous men and women that go out in the open to protect people, along with detectives, sheriffs and deputies. I've met and worked with some of them.

    Once again, you've proven you don't know what your talking about.

  184. Dear Greg,

    I loved yesterday's message yet I have some questions for the GFL.

    You stated that we can do anything we want "as long as you are not violating the rights or hurting anyone else in any way, shape, or form"

    It sounds lovely but the question is how do you implement this?

    For example: Feeding (at least in our present reality) requires to take the lives of plants and animals in order to sustain the body.

    Plants and animals that have the right to live blissful happy lives, yet in ordet to keep our bodies we (the humans) and all animals destroy the lives of other living beings.

    Every sinlge time that we feed we are breaking this law.

    I personally have tried to solve this problem without success. I love animals and plants and I do not like the killing involved, but we can't eat earth (like plants do)

    There are many other examples, if we are very strict with this law then we are far more limited than now: We can't feed, we can't build houses or anything (because it requires the destruction of trees, mountains, extraction of metal, etc), substance abuse would neither do because regardless of it being legal or ilegal, or of you expressing your free will, the fact remains that a drug addict affects his family, friends and relationships horribly, so that would be off too and almost every single thing that we do affects or destroys some being.

    What is the solution?

    Thank you for your time

  185. Dear Greg,

    I loved yesterday's message yet I have some questions for the GFL.

    You stated that we can do anything we want "as long as you are not violating the rights or hurting anyone else in any way, shape, or form"

    It sounds lovely but the question is how do you implement this?

    For example: Feeding (at least in our present reality) requires to take the lives of plants and animals in order to sustain the body.

    Plants and animals that have the right to live blissful happy lives, yet in ordet to keep our bodies we (the humans) and all animals destroy the lives of other living beings.

    Every sinlge time that we feed we are breaking this law.

    I personally have tried to solve this problem without success. I love animals and plants and I do not like the killing involved, but we can't eat earth (like plants do)

    There are many other examples, if we are very strict with this law then we are far more limited than now: We can't feed, we can't build houses or anything (because it requires the destruction of trees, mountains, extraction of metal, etc), substance abuse would neither do because regardless of it being legal or ilegal, or of you expressing your free will, the fact remains that a drug addict affects his family, friends and relationships horribly, so that would be off too and almost every single thing that we do affects or destroys some being.

    What is the solution?

    Thank you for your time

  186. heres the Galactic Federations statement on hemp and cannabis as channeled through Wes Annac:
    (under the comments on that page)

    it does not mention anything as extreme as todays message. not that those two messages contradict themselves but they sure FEEL quite different. at least to me.

    with Light nad Joy

  187. Hello my friends,

    I find some of this situation disturbing. I think it stresses me to consider the implication that this is a grand experiment.

    When I look at the history of the drug situation, the economics of it, how drugs are classified and how the use is considered in the industrial societies I have issues.

    You are saying that these addictive situations are individual however that is far from being the case here.

    I feel it is a big mistake to base a whole incarnation upon drug addiction. Drug addiction is not an individual choice nor an individual affect here in this world. It is one of the primary social and economic tools being used to enslave many and enrich the few.

    The only benefit I have seen by this is threw the use of addiction and using the slavery economy to produce the substances a huge financial windfall happened and triggered the start of the industrial age and also lead to the creation of the USA and eventually resulted in our making large technical advances.

    I understand this completely because my direct ancestors and possibly I participated in creating this situation.

    The reason I do not like this news you are giving us now is because the economics of drug addiction is a major factor in the suppression of our collective vibration. When you consider the hyprocrisy involved in the implementation of drug laws and consider how the system hypocritically and deceptively subjects the population to addictions you have to adjust this perception you have implicated here.

    I totally disagree that in this situation these addictions are an individual choice. Also I disagree with this analysis of the legal set up. These laws are designed to enrich those who profit from the use of these drugs. They are artificial supply and demand tools used to increase profit. Along with that this subjects a much larger part of the population to discernment for further suppression.

    The system teaches dependence in almost every situation. The medical system teaches threw many venues that popping a pill is the way to fix problems. For example, can't sleep take this pill, don't want to sleep take that pill. Sick? Take this pill. Addicted to eating? Take this pill. This is one of the conditioning tools society uses subtly create a dependent population. There are no tools used to correctly help with addictions. The tools are just addiction replacements to continue the profit taking and continue the suppression of the general population.

    Many of the drug rehabilitation institutions are just re-addiction centers that only exist for profit and are run by the same people who run the illegal retail drug trades.

    Some drugs do not leave a choice as the biological effect is very powerful and not likely to be overcome like with opiates and methadrinals. The chemistry of these substances restructures the physical attributes of the brain rendering the possibility of recovery to nil.

    When you also consider the economic paths these drugs take from inception to delivery the whole process subjects everyone involved or not whether by choice or not or knowing or not to all kinds of negative situations let alone the collective and individual karma's being affected.

    If you remove these artificial issues yes it can become a real choice issue. When you consider these issues I am presenting here you must understand that this is not a cut and dry or right and left issue. It is all encompassing and in need of further contemplation as to subjecting individuals whether or not by choice to these positions you are stating here.