Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 9/18/12 ‘The New Celebrity’

Balancing between your old ways and your old world and your new ways and your new world are many of Earth’s children at this time. You have been teetering, if you will, between these two differing realities for quite a long period of time now, for the changes that are now rapidly becoming a part of your new reality have actually been happening for quite a long time now and these changes are not just without you, but they have been happening within you.  As part of these changes, part of you has had to change along with them. This has been part of the program, if you will, for you as well as your new world, for you must change and adapt as well to your now ever-changing world around you. These two aspects of your reality, your world and you, must experience metamorphosis together. One cannot change without the other changing, thus a mismatch would occur. Both have to change and both have to raise their frequencies to a much higher level, so what has been happening is you have been changing as well as your world has been changing.  These changes go hand-in-hand and there cannot be any other way.

There are many of you leading the way in regards to these changes and there are others of you who are, let us say, slowing the process down a bit, even some of you at times quite considerably. This presents a bit of a problem for your Earth, your planet, as she wishes to change. She wishes to experience metamorphosis like a caterpillar to the butterfly and she wishes to spread her wings and fly into the higher realms of her universe where she rightfully belongs and always has. There are those of you, her own children, who are holding her back in several different ways and it is these ways that we wish to have a little chat today about.

What we are talking about here is habits, tendencies and ways that some of you have been living your lives, not just through this present incarnation, but through many previous and successive incarnations as well. It is imperative that you shed these lower dimensional aspects of yourselves. There are not too many more tomorrows to do this kind of work. So what are these changes? Well, we will say that many of these changes have to do with your habit of illicit drug use. There is no poetic way to say this sentence. There is no way to soften it, to soften the blow or desensitize it or to make it pretty. There is just one way to say this; many of you are what you call hooked on drugs. This is a shame, but this is actually more than a shame and we shall explain why.

Many of you are here for very specific reasons. There are those of you here to purposely get hooked on these substances and it has been your task to get unhooked. There, we said it, and it's pretty straightforward, is it not? There are many of you whose pre-incarnate blueprints called for you to experiment with certain of these substances, get hooked on them, and then find a suitable means to break these habits. This may seem quite strange to you or odd or even unfair, but you have to understand there is a reason for this. What could possibly be this reason? Well, we would say that for at least a number of you this reason has to do with previous lifetimes that you have lived here and perhaps even on other planets. Yes, these habits and tendencies of yours have gone back well past this current incarnation. You have battled substance abuse for more than this lifetime.

Do you understand that? Can you understand why you elected to incarnate here at this time and allow yourself to get hooked on these substances, therefore creating a challenge for you to overcome? We feel many of you now would clearly understand this and understand that there is no trickery here. There is no conspiracy here to get you hooked on drugs and then tell you that you may not ascend because you have not broken this habit now. This was a challenge that you yourself wished to face in this lifetime. You set the pins, as you say, and it is your task to bowl them over, it is no one else's. If this is the case and you purposely set up for yourself that you would get addicted to one or more of these substances and then you lined up for yourself friends that would help you get addicted to these substances and the circumstances that would assist you to get hooked on these substances, would it be proper for us to come down in our ships and wave a magic wand and get you unhooked from these substances? No, that would not be proper at all, for what would this be doing for you? How would you be learning any kind of a lesson if we were to do this?

We feel many of you will now more clearly understand that it is not our job or our responsibility or our  right to come down to your world and fix the problems that you may be having through the use of our superior technology or healing modalities or psychological programs. No, this would not be fair and it would not be fair to you mostly. You see, you need to learn how to get yourself off of these substances. You understood that, and that is why you incarnated under these circumstances. It's pretty cut and dry, as you say. It is very straightforward. This is your challenge. Many of you now know the secret. You now know the reason behind your incarnation in the first place. You now know what your major challenge was that you laid out for yourself.

Do you feel that is a load off your shoulders, as you say? Do you feel that is a liberating revelation for you? Do you find this all surprising? Are you surprised to learn that one of the drawbacks that you have in this life, one of the aspects of your life that has hampered your journey so is the reason that you incarnated, and is not actually hampering you from learning your lessons or finding your purpose, for we tell you that you have indeed found your purpose. Now many of you have, and we feel many of you now will get on the ball, as you say, and begin to examine yourself and examine your life and examine this drug. There, you now have your assignment for today and for each and every day forward until the day and the moment of your ascension. You cannot have it laid out for you any more clear than that.

This is now crystal clear to you. You must find a way, find the strength, find the courage, find something else to do with your life except to look for another way or another excuse or another dollar to do more drugs. We do not wish to be cold or insulting about this now, but we are not going to enable your drug dependency. In other words, we are not going to support it, we are not going to take it lightly, for we feel you should not be taking it lightly so what kind of role models or teachers or guides would we be to make light of this or not take this seriously, for this is a very serious matter. You certainly believed this was a serious enough matter to base your entire incarnation upon this one lesson.

We are not saying that there have not been other lessons for you to learn and we are not saying that you have not indeed learned them, for many of you have done just this. What we are saying is you now have this lesson at hand whether you have passed all your other tests or learned all your other lessons or not. This is your new challenge, and this is the only challenge for you at this time, for this is how you laid them out. You laid them out in sequential order one after another after another. Not two or three at a time, for we, your guides, as well as you, felt that it was better this way, that it would be more organized this way, and in this way it would allow you to focus on one task, one challenge, one obstacle at a time and overcome it.

So there you have it. There you have what is your assignment at this time, although we do say this is your challenge to overcome at this time and not necessarily your only assignment, for you do have other things that you could and rather should be doing, but we do not see these as challenges now. Helping to spread light throughout this world should not be a challenge for any of you, for where's the challenge here? You have your computers, you know what words to use, you know what photographs to share, you know who we are , you know why we are here, you know of the changes that we plan with you and for your world, so where's the challenge really? Well, we do not see a challenge, so we will refer to this as your assignment and we wish for all of you to continue with your assignments. Do not drop them for you now realize there is a challenge at hand now. We wish you to continue your assignments while you work on defeating and eliminating these substance abuse habits from your lives.

We know you can do this. You knew you could do this before your current incarnation. Otherwise you would not have set this challenge up for yourself if you knew it could not be defeated, for what would be the point in that? Another opportunity for you to incarnate and do drugs throughout your entire adult life and maybe even your teenage life, no, this was not the plan at all. You are not on vacation here, trust us. This is not vacation time, this is work time. Yes, it may seem like a relaxing vacation for some of you, but take our word for it; you are not here to enjoy yourselves, really.

We realize this sounds coldhearted, but it is true. You have an eternity to enjoy yourselves. Yes, this is what we are saying to you. Many of you will be ‘graduating’ into the higher realms after your work here is done. We ask you; is this not vacation enough for you, for you will have an entire eternity to play, to experiment, although we do remind you there is work here to be done as well, but your work here is vastly different than your work in a 3rd dimensional world, a place where your work goes highly unrewarded, uncompensated, and tires you and defeats you so. Work here is a pleasure, work here is an honor. You are very well compensated as well for your work here, and we say to you that you have an eternity to enjoy these fruits that grow on the tree of the higher dimensions, but you are not there yet. You are here in your lower dimensional world, so we tell you the time for these enjoyments, for these pleasures, for these gifts and opportunities is not yet upon you.

Today and every day forward until you experience your very own ascension is a day for work, is a work day. Not a weekend, not a holiday, not vacation time. Do you understand what we have just said here? We wish to see a number of you field this question today. We wish to see that you fully understand what we are saying. You know who you are, those of you who are battling addictions of either illicit drugs or even prescribed medications, for they are the same thing as illegal drugs. Yes, we have just said that. We are not talking about medications that are assisting you to survive or that are taking pain away from your bodies, no. What we are speaking about is mind altering substances that you may have been able to obtain a legal prescription for, and this includes medical marijuana, yes.

For those of you who think you are, and forgive the expression here, getting a free ride on this one, you are not, for this is skirting the rules, but not really, because we don’t see this as skirting the rules at all. We see this as not successfully clearing your obstacle that you have set up for yourself. Instead, you have found yet another way to ‘cheat’, if you will, to navigate your way around the rules and convince yourself that it is okay to continue on in your illicit drug use, the use of mind altering substances. Yes, this is what you are doing, and we say to all of you that are using these drugs on a regular basis, and will we say regular basis, as this does not have to be several times a day every day, this could be a couple of times a week, this can be once a week, this could be twice a month, whatever it is, if it is on a regular and repeating bases then we say to you that you are addicted to drugs, yes.

For those of you who feel that your drug use is simply recreational and you can quit any time because you don't need it and you are not addicted we say then great, fantastic, that is wonderful news, now prove it, because you have to before you ascend. Yes, there is the catch. You have to prove it to us and prove it to yourselves before you ascend. What do you think about that? Do you think that is unfair? Well, there's no one to talk to about this but yourself, because these are the rules that you established. Yes, these are your rules. You stated to us before your current incarnation that if you do not break the habit of illicit drug use than we are not to assist you to ascend, we are not to lift one finger to help you leave your current confines of your 3rd dimension.

When you think about that, do you think that we are lying here? We ask you seriously, do you really think that we are taking such a large part of our day out to lie to you each morning? Seriously, you cannot really believe this do you? Don't you think that we have many other things that we need to be doing today, but instead we write these, what could be very long messages out prior to our conversation with our channel, and then we all gather together in a room and read these communications out to him all at once therefore strengthening our signal to him so he can get just about every word exactly right just as we wanted it to be shared with you? When you think about that, do you think this is all a lie propagated by our channel? Do you think that he spends all day writing these long messages out and then spends the next day sharing them all over the Internet and then fielding so many countless questions about them? No, we don't see this as even a reasonable assumption or suspicion, no, not at all.

For those of you who find it a challenge to swallow, if you will, these messages and the information we are sharing we say to you what in the world would be the point of all of this? Do you think that our channel Greg is prospering in some way from spending his entire days on these messages? We tell you he is not. He and his brother are struggling greatly at this time; we wish to inform you of this. They have no money. They have a house that basically is four walls and floor, for they have not a stick of furniture. That's right. You may be very surprised to learn this. They have two plastic chairs, one in front of each of their computers and they sit in front of them all day doing their lightwork. Yes, even Greg’s brother Glenn has now joined your ranks as a Lightworker.

He was scheduled for this a long time ago, but he too had a very hard time swallowing all this, even though his brother was diligently performing his lightworker duties right in front of him for such a long period of time. He thought his brother crazy. Yes, he called him crazy and a lunatic more than a few times. They had what we shall call many ‘debates’ about this and Greg told him ‘Have some faith in me. Have some confidence in me. I’m your own twin brother for crying out loud. Why do you think I've suddenly lost my mind? Don’t you see the beauty in all of this? Don't you see how much this all makes sense? You yourself Glenn have said our entire lives you don't feel like we’re from this planet and you feel like we’re not like everybody else. There is something going on here and now I tell you I've discovered where I am from and I have discovered why I'm here. Why do you not see this?’

We know many of you, our beloved Lightworkers, are also having these debates with your family and friends and we tell you just hold tight to your convictions because there will be a day when the sun rises and shines the light upon them. Yes, each and every person on your planet, unless they are completely blind or stubborn and fixed in their old ways, will see the light one day, and they will see that all of you today were the pioneers of your new world. You were the leaders. You were the movers and shakers, not some of these rich fat cats, as you call them, on TV who claim to be the movers and shakers of your world because they deal some real estate or they are in show business or they are famous sports figures, no. These people will all be forgotten. Yes.

When you think about that, do you think that is surprising? Do you think that is outrageous? A pipedream, as you say? Well, we have news for you. The people of your world who will be the most famous individuals on your planet are our Lightworkers, and they will be known for the work that they are doing now and will continue to do through the years and through the ages. When you think about that, do you find that thrilling? Do you find that exciting? Do you see the possibilities now opening up for you? Do you see that there will come a day when you will receive the recognition that you deserve? Do you see a day when your family and your friends will stop calling you crazy and a dreamer? Well, we do, and we say to you this day will come.

Stay strong in your convictions. Do not ever waiver. Do not ever let anyone make you doubt yourself. These are words that Greg lives by. He has learned never to let any of his friends or family persuade him in any way from following his beliefs, his convictions, his dreams for himself and his world around him. He has told his family and friends and his brother many times ‘Do not let anyone ever interfere with your journey. Do not let anyone else's doubts or fears or lack of confidence get in your way and allow you to make yourself begin to doubt yourself’,  for his friends have doubted him for a very long time. Can you believe they didn't even believe that he had a twin brother? Yes, for many years his friends laughed behind his back because they believed that he was crazy speaking about this twin brother that no one ever saw. Yes, this is true. His twin brother was locked away in a prison for over a decade. Yes, this is true. Greg's brother Glenn spent over 10 years in prison for stealing money. That's right. Dirty little scraps of paper is what his crime was and he gave up over 10 years of his life living in a cage.

What do you think about that? Do you think that is fair? Do you think that is right? Do you think that is proper? Do you think that is justice? Well, we don't, and we are going to do something about your prison system. Yes, we are. Your prison system is barbaric by any standards throughout this universe. Yes, that's right. There are not too many worlds that have been permitted to allow this kind of barbarism to take place. Is that surprising to you? Are you surprised to learn that your planet Earth is one of the only planets in this entire universe that has a prison system such as yours, where there are living souls trapped like rats in cages? Yes, and we're going to do something about this.

We are going to change all of this for you. We ask you; what do you think about this? Does that make you happy or does that frighten you? Do you think we're just going to take a key and swing all the doors open and let all these, what can be violent criminals, loose into your world? Well, we would never do that. We have programs to reeducate individuals, and by reeducate we don't mean have them read a book and pass a test and therefore they are free, no. When we say reeducate we mean they will leave our program new beings, new souls, new individuals. They will not any longer have any desire to commit the crimes that they have that have put them behind bars in the first place.

What do you think about that?  Do you think we possess these abilities, this knowledge, and in some cases, these technologies? Well, we do. Again, we are not here to fill you with lies. When we say we can do something we can and you can believe this, and this is what we are going to do for you and all those locked away behind bars, some of them for the rest of their lives. Yes, some of these individuals have committed awful crimes; there is no two ways about this. A number of these individuals have taken another human life, yes. This is regrettable, this is a tragedy, this is obscene, we agree with you on all of these points, but we say to you there comes a point where sitting in prison until you age away and die is not a suitable solution and we feel many of you will agree with us here.

What we propose is to allow these individuals another chance at life, yes, and this is what we are going to do. We are going to take those from your prison systems and reeducate them in ways that will change their entire outlook, their entire philosophies, their need in some cases to harm another or to violate certain laws, and when we say certain laws we don't mean each and every law that is on your books, for we are going to change that as well and we feel many of you will breathe a sigh of relief, for you know just what laws we are talking about.

There are laws on your books that don't allow you to speak certain words or do certain things that any free individual should be permitted to do. We feel that illicit drug use is a choice. It is what we consider a right. If you wish to smoke marijuana in your own home, then whose right is it to say you cannot? When we say that there are a number of you who need to break the habit of using these drugs, we say this because this is what you wanted, it is not what we want, for what business would this be of ours? When we say that you need to break these habits in order for you to ascend, this is because these are the rules that you yourself have written into your own story, into your own life. We did not write these rules for you; we wish to make that clear, when you speak of this kind of choice.

There are many of you who have incarnated here and your incarnate blueprint has nothing to do with you getting hooked on drugs and then getting unhooked on drugs, we wish to make that clear. Many of you simply have found your way to these substances and have chosen to experiment with them and we do not see this as a problem in any way, for what businesses is this of ours? It is your life, it is your journey and it is your choice, and we honor and respect the choices of all others and this is what we wish to change about some of the laws in your world.

Your governments feel it is their business and their right to throw you in prison for this choice and we say not your governments, no one, has any right to tell you what you can and cannot do as long as, and this is the key and this is important for you to remember and commit to memory, as long as you are not violating the rights or hurting anyone else in any way, shape, or form. There is your law. You can call it the one law that you will have on your books. Yes. What do you think about that? Can you believe that? We will totally tear up all your law books and instead insert this one short sentence and this will be the law that you all live by. What do you think of that? You can do anything it is that you wish in your entire world as long as you do not violate the rights of another or hurt another in any way.

What do you think about that? Is this exciting to you? Does this give you hope for your future and perhaps your family and friends who may be languishing in prisons, or does this frighten you? Do you feel ‘Oh my gosh. Now that there are no longer all these crazy laws on the books I will not be protected.’ What we say to you is where in what we just said allows another to cause injury or harm to you in any way, shape or form? All of the transgressions that may occur in your world are covered through the law of this one short sentence.

What do you think about that? We would love to read your comments today under today's message and ask you what you think of your new and single law that will be on your ‘book’, we shall say, for you no longer need a giant pile of law books explaining all these different and very confusing laws, no. You will have one book. It will have one page, and on this page will be written one sentence. What do you think about that? We say to you your world will be a new world that is free of all these unnecessary complications, laws, rules, policies, guidelines, restrictions and taxations. All of it, all gone. It will be such a simple place to live to allow all of you to enjoy your journeys unfettered by all these particular restrictions and sanctions of your individual and sacred rights.

We bid farewell to you today, for we have reached the end of our conversation that we have written for you, and we say to you that we will return again shortly to speak to you, but we do not wish for you to so quickly forget what we have spoken to you about. Instead, we wish all of you to focus on the words that we have said and remember them throughout today and throughout every day going forward. We wish for all of you that are at this time immersed even in the slightest way in what we shall refer to as illicit or recreational drug use to break this habit, for you do not know for sure if this was a part of your incarnate blueprint, if this was a stipulation that you entered into your agreement that if you did not break the chains of this drug use that you would not ascend. You do not know if this is the plan for you so we ask you are you going to gamble with your future? Are you going to gamble with your ascension simply to continue smoking marijuana or using any other drugs?

We say to you it is not worth it. We say to you to weigh this drug use with what you already understand awaits you. When you consider this, when you consider the paradise and the incredible lives that you have waiting for you and you weigh that against smoking your morning marijuana cigarette or popping your prescription pills throughout the day we say to you which do you prefer, because this choice is entirely yours. You can stay here in this 3rd dimensional prison planet for as long as you want, or you can put down the bottle, put out the marijuana cigarette and step foot out of that prison cell into a paradise.

We say it is all up to you, it is your choice, it is your life, it is your journey, and we will honor and respect the choice that each and every one of you has made or are about to make, for that was the agreement we made with you before you left. We say to you today; what is it you're going to choose? And again we remind you that it is you yourself that implemented these rules. You stated unequivocally to us “If I do not break the shackles of these addictions then I do not deserve to ascend, so I do not wish to ascend and I will stay here in this 3rd dimensional world until I find a way, until I find the courage and choose a new way to live my life.’

We wish nothing but the best for you and our hopes and our prayers are behind you every step of the way, and we say to you that this is a challenge that you can overcome, if it were not, you would not have written this challenge in to your incarnate blueprint and that is the bottom line, that is the truth. You have made no challenge that was impossible for you to overcome, we wish you to know this and we wish you to believe this, for this is simply truth. We know you can do it. You know you can do it. Now do it.

We are your ascended family here to guide you and lead you out of that prison you call a world and into a world that we call a paradise. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.