Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 8/6/12 ‘Ascension Baggage Check’

In time, all we have discussed with you will become clear and there will no longer be any confusion, mystery or unanswered questions leaving you searching for answers as you may be today. This is the way it must be for now. Please keep this in mind dear ones, that your journey is not over, it has not been completed by any stretch of the imagination. Many of you still have quite a few lessons to learn and a short time to learn them before the final exam papers must be handed in, to coin a phrase. If we of the Galactic commands stepped in now and handed you all the answers on a silver platter it would disrupt, curtail, end many of the lessons that many of you are in the midst of learning and experiencing.

Do you understand this? Do you understand that yes, we have many of the answers that you wish to be furnished with and we do hear your requests for these answers and we hear them quite often, but it is not our task and it is not our right to give you these answers, for these answers are not what will help you the most. It is your personal quest to discover the answers, the secrets, the treasures that await you. Do you understand this a little clearer now, that it is not the answers that are worth the most to you, it is your search for them that is the most valuable prize? Now that you understand this a little clearer we would suggest that many of you spend more time searching for these answers yourselves, rather than asking us to answer these questions you may have for you. This is all we have to say about this, dear ones, now let us move on to matters concerning your outer world.

In the process of our duties, we come across many new twists and turns, obstacles, difficulties and problems, but we never hesitate for a moment and we see each obstacle that presents itself as another wonderful opportunity to showcase our talents and our collective and individual wisdom and cleverness to overcome them. This is what we would like to see more of you do when a detour in the road arises causing you to temporarily alter your course and find a suitable means to navigate through or around an obstacle. We see many of you do just this, although what we suggest today is that more of you take a healthier attitude when problems arise, instead of the defeatist and negative attitude many of you allow to consume you when challenges present themselves to you. After all, most of these challenges have been created by you yourself before and even sometimes during this, your present incarnation, to offer you a challenge and an opportunity to rise above it testing your wit, your strength, your resolve, your drive, determination, courage, bravery, heart and imagination. For without these tests, you would not know where it is you stand and how far you have come on your journey.

These tests are necessary, these tests are very fruitful, these tests are very valuable to you in so many ways, and we say to you simply by changing your attitude just slightly and seeing these challenges as yet another blessed opportunity and gift for you will make it so much easier for you to begin to create an answer for each challenge, for your mindset will be completely different, it will be much more positive, allowing more positive energies to flow which will assist you greatly in leaping every hurdle. Do you understand this?  Do you understand that with just a slight alteration in your perspective, many of the challenges and obstacles that present themselves to you can and will be so much more fluidly dealt with and overcome? We hope to see more of you begin to see these tests and challenges that may present themselves to you in this new light, as the benefits to seeing them in this sharper perspective are incalculable and will allow many of you to find adequate solutions to these challenges which will then allow you to move on to the next and then the next, and this is how real progress is made. For allowing yourselves to be stalled on one problem for too long is not beneficial to you and wastes so much of your valuable time, energy and focus.

As we have said, time is now running very short for many of you, and the time to resolve many of the challenges that have been laid out for you, many by you yourselves, is upon you. There are not too many tomorrows left to push back the completion of these smaller projects. Each of them must be adequately dealt with before you move on to newer challenges, perhaps higher dimensional challenges. Do you understand this? Do you understand that final exams, if you will, are commencing and there is no longer any time to fritter away, waste, barter or trade? It is now time to get busy, and we mean very busy. Many of you must make haste if you wish to ‘beat the deadline’, as you say, as the curtain is coming down on this performance and there will not be, as there cannot be, any extra time allotted for those of you who wish to exit this theater for a new show.

This is a very important matter, and we wish for all of you that are reading these words to take what we say about this today very seriously. We say to you examine what it is in your lives that you feel are aspects of yourselves that are not higher vibrational aspects of yourselves but are traits, habits, tendencies or addictions that are not conducive to higher dimensional living, and find a way to deal with them, to release them, to walk away, move on and leave them behind you where they now belong as they are no longer a welcomed part of your journey, if it is within the higher dimensional realms where you wish to travel.

Do you understand this? Do you understand that what we are saying is that a number of you who are reading these words and who have made it known that you wish for your journey to now take you beyond the limits of this 3rd dimensional reality into the higher realms of this universe are at the same time clutching heavy baggage that is weighing you down, making this trip an impossibility, an implausibility at this time? You must find a way to reach deep down inside and find the release handle that will drop these bags at your feet while you continue to move forward. Can you do this? Will you even try to do this is what we are asking you at this time.

Many of you have carefully planned out for yourselves certain tests that you made clear you wanted and needed to pass before you exited this lower dimensional reality. You made this very clear, and now here today some of these tests have remained unresolved. You yourself made it clear that if this were to be the case, that you were not prepared to exit this reality and wished to stay until these lessons were learned. We, your higher dimensional guides, friends and family cannot supersede your directives, your instructions, your orders, this is not our right, and we will not overstep our boundaries and do anything that it is you instructed us not to do. We cannot remove for you these obstacles, we cannot come to you and tell you exactly what it is that acts today to weigh you down, and we cannot supply you with the answers to these problems either. All of this is strictly up to you.

No one knows you better than you know yourself, although we do have a bird’s eye view of much that is transpiring in your world and in the lives of those who we are guides, but deep down inside no one knows the thought processes that are going through your mind on a daily basis, for this is your sacred sanctuary and we do not trespass on your domain. It is you and you alone who knows what is going on inside you, and it is you and you alone that must find a way to pinpoint these areas, to target these areas, these problems and to find a way to resolve them.

We will, as we always have, offer you all of our love, our support, our guidance, our wisdom and our understandings and we will help you in every way that we can, but we cannot do this work for you and we will not do this work for you. This work must be completed by you, as were your specific instructions and command. We wish for you the very best success in your efforts and say to you we will continue to offer you everything that it is we can and we will let you know if we see marked improvement in some of these areas. This is what we will do, and we will continue to offer you guidance where we can.

We are your guides of the Galactic Federation of Light.

As channeled through Greg Giles English - Spanish - Brazil - Bulgarian - Croatian - Dutch -German - Greek - Hebrew - Polish - Japanese Portugal - Romanian - Russian - Slovenian -Swedish - Traditional Chinese - Hungarian French Turkish


  1. Thank you so much.

    I am very inspired to un-tether myself from all addictions and attachments to the 3-D Matrix!


  2. Dear Galactic Federation of Light,

    I have taken your words to heart since I began reading your messages earlier this year. And so, I today let go of something that had been a part of my life for over two decades. And as I let go, I let you know why I did and I trust that you heard me. My hope is that this can be a small contribution to the greater good of readiness that we humans are trying to display to you.

    Love and light,

  3. I appreciate your help
    thank you

  4. I understand you are not allowed to solve our problems for us. But here on Earth there places to go for treatment for addictions and what not. The problem remains though, if you cannot afford to go to one of these places, then you must learn to connect to one's inner power to overcome, while fighting off an addiction that destroys your connection to that power. Surely you see the problem with the nature of the challenge I described.

    If later when you are allowed to actually come land on Earth will these addiction treatment services become free?
    I would appreciate addiction counseling and treatment for my current problem.

    And no, I am not asking for you to solve it for me. I am looking for a safe environment to live such that I can be free from what lures me into giving in. In our current world, those safe environments are just not free. If that is going to change, then yes without any doubt I should be able to drop this addiction. If not, then I suppose I may as well be signed up to incarnate again elsewhere.

    You made it clear that you would not solve our problems for us. This I understand, but could you elaborate as to what level of assistance you will be providing us for those who are interested in receiving your aid?

  5. Thank for today message. Im trying to get a telepathic message from you but Idid not got it yet. I only hope to be in the list of people to help humanity. Please give me a chance to help.

  6. Thank you for such wise advice. It is always best to release everything negative, and to accentuate the positive as it were. It is for each of us to fulfill our own destiny and it cannot be done for us. We must press on knowing we are not alone... Remain calm and carry on.

    I want to thank specifically the GFoL for all they have done for humanity over the past decades and centuries, for example disabling the US Minuteman nuclear missiles in Montana so they could not be used to start WW III.
    Thanks for preventing that. What a great save you made there. We owe you our continued existence.

    Here are links for all to see

    Thank you GFoL and thank you Greg for your tireless and utterly successful work as interlocutor.

    It amazes me how much you knowledge you have imparted and how much you have accomplished in so short a period.
    Thanks again,

  7. i like this message im ready to move on .i have things to do i dont seem them as an important test but im going get them done when i have a chance so i hope this doesnt prevent enetering the next dimension cause i am ready .just todays economy is tough and im taking a break i ll get it done one way or another but i approve that i am ready to move on anyways so that part i dont understand.hope to see you and i realy hope i can move on and im young so i have something to do but why should that prevent me from going on? Which i hope not.well i realy am saying this to you i am ready anyways to move and ive made that deal in my heart.thanks to peace i like the message.

  8. I hope Greg answers your question Alexander, because it is a good question and a very important one. Blessings to you.

  9. Galactic Federation of Light, I have a question. If you say you are not able to land because lesson still need to be learned and released before you can make your descent down to our 3rd dimensional earth plane how do you plane on making such attempt when they have 7 billion people on this planet that for the most part have no clue about a window closing on the opportunity to let go of anything that's weighing them down in order to make it to new 4 and 5th dimensional challenges?

    Because if that's the case it is going to be millions or probably billions of years before all the 3rd dimensional baggage is cleared if it is left up to us to clear so you can land.

    I'm confused? You all are the ones that said you are weeks away and are asking us for plausible secluded areas where it is safe for you to come down ''not us''. I'm surprised nobody is pulling your Galactic card on this mess. How is this supposed to go? Are you saying people have weeks to let go of anything that is stifling spiritual growth? What happens when you do land and people haven't worked on themselves and haven't ridden themselves of emotional baggage but still want to receive these cosmic interplanetary gifts from a higher evolved civilization?

    It seems to me ''The Holodeck'' technology which i'm sure is used by the Galactic staff or healing energy technology is and have been working for you all who come down here to help with earth as I heard in a interview with Steve Beckow as Star Sisters Phalia and Serenia Discussed Life on the Ships
    back in July of how emotional and spiritual healing takes place.

    Because I don't know for the love of God why the Galactic Federation babysits these obviously disgruntled people who come on this blog with the naysayer type of attitude who for the most part won't even be apart of the new reality simply based on their Genetic Makeup even regardless if they were nice loving and caring. !!Stop that bullshit!!You guys are blowing smoke up their asses I don't care if they continue to disturb the peace because only 15% of the worlds population are going to evolve to 5th dimensional beings anyway. That's 900 million people out of 6 billion who are going to make it.

    I'm sorry if you have Neanderthal DNA in your genetic make up you are one of those people who will not be going with the people that have no traces of that. I'm not no mean person at all because through out my life I was always on the receiving end of somebody else's BS.
    Please Galactic Federation explain to me what guys mean because the messages you guys send to Greg are just to mainstream for my taste as if you guys afraid to tell him the real truth.
    Because for some strange reason when it comes to Caucasian channelers vs African American channelers the messages received by Caucasians like David Wilcock, Mike Quinsey, and Greg Giles are extremely watered down, to when somebody like Bobby Hemmitt, Dr. Delbert Blair, or Dr Phil Valentine to Brotha Panic who are all African American, always seem to give a more raw truth that is not filtered in the least bit. Why is that Galactic Federation?

  10. Thank you for your guiding words Greg GFL and All.
    Blessings to you and best wishes to all that work on themselves.

  11. This is precisely what I needed to hear this moment. I am utterly fed up with the hindering baggage which I have so often set down -- and picked back up again -- although realizing its emptiness and uselessness.

    This moment I open myself as never before to relinquish my grip -- fully let go and let be. I trust the natural unfolding process thanks to the continuing comfort, encouragement and inspiration of my spirit guides. What I am to be I am now becoming.

  12. check baggage how do you do that when you still live in a 3 d world...baggage comes with being human....Honestly I've read these messages for some time now...Lessons lessons lessons...why even tell us, if you NOT coming you are you aren't do this don't do that and we can't help..blablalba it's sounds like a charlie brown story all the blablabla in the background.each day with each message it's more that we have to can travel across the universe but you have to wait to speak with us...I try to stay upbeat but every time GFL says something 2 messages later it's something different..stop the's like we're all being strung along and I'm frankly tired of it... especially when you say there are 1000's helping on that side and with so many on this side ready and waiting..this is STRESSFUL to the point of who cares..and if the ones that are going are going what does it matter if a few extra do the RIGHT thing and loose their baggage to get there..I know we are all one but this one is feed up. I live in hillbilly hell to prepare myself for what is to come and then it is always just around the corner.NO LIKE minded people here. GFL is good for quoting phrases..well put up or shut up respectfully

    1. If you would like to understand the creation and removal of baggage, read the matrix section at

  13. Dear GFL,
    Thank you for the reminder of this. I know what I need to work on and your pointing towards this is a welcome reminder that it is all up to me.
    Love and Light,

  14. What a wonderful message and so true. My biggest challenges in my life have offered me my greatest lesson's. The people who I had the hardest time forgiving were also the souls who taught me my biggest lesson's. My lessons were in letting go, forgiving, faith, trust and the power of my thoughts. But all in all after all those lesson's it was truly discovering who I am and words cannot teach that lesson. You can say I am that I am but until you can "feel" that meaning you don't really understand and it's merely words. This 3-D environment at times offered great experience and joy but it's value is in contrast and learning that new desires are alway's born through contrast. when you know what you don't want you more clearly know what you do want and then our responsibility is to allow that new desire to flow into our life. Another great lesson is the one in taking responsibility, 100% responsibility. The only person who can think for us is our self. The Galactics are great guides and offer much guidance and love but ultimately is up to us and when you have love, security & esteem within yourself you will never have to look outside yourself for it. Lesson's learned and I am grateful. Namaste!

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  16. And another thing, you guys say we need to get rid of sweets, the cakes, the cookies, the sodas and everything else that impedes out communication with you guys. But Bro. Panic who is a African American who is on The Remix Radio Show with Ms. Blue says a better diet and better economic monetary survival type of situation were not left on the walls of ancient Egypt, but rather a strategy to get out of this earth plane and never comeback. I'm sure you guys are familiar with him right? Because he is of Pleidian origin.

    And you guys say it yourselves and I quote (Of course, the majority of souls who are on your world at this point are themselves incarnate starseeds from various places throughout your world, and when we say that we are the ascended forms of humanity we mean of the original native population of humanity). This came out of your mouths not ours. So it is safe to say that Sense Africa is the origin of humanity that for the most part the Galactic Federation is comprised of Black people right? Because again Navajos named the Pleiades the ‘Sparkling Suns’, the home of the ‘Black God’. The Iroquois pray to them for happiness.

    The Cree claim to have come to Earth from the stars in spirit form first and then became flesh and blood. Some Native Americans believed that all tribes in North America came from the Pleiades.

    That they were actually descendents and had been given a task by the Pleiadians to keep the Earth safe. So with that said some of what you guys say are conflicting in some ways.

    Why are you guys so afraid to tell these people on this blog the God honest truth? What's is keeping you from doing that? I mean maybe it is for good reason but when I hear time and time again that the veil is lifting and the truth is coming out, I come back on blogs like this and you guys are still sending out these watered down messages regardless of how many times you mention the thinning of the veil, you still don't represent and iota of what the lifting of the veil supposed to be like.

  17. Thanks Greg & GFL. We have really enjoyed listening to Robert Dean. If he likes you then we like u. Lol. Love ya
    Todd & Penz

  18. first off i would like to appaulogize? if i personally had anything to do with the overtone of this message. because it felt particularly significant to me and very synchronistic not only to life events and experiences but also in particular wording. if i did have something to do with it and my guides or GFL presences adressing presence last night in contact prayer if so you know what i mean...are my guides part of the GFL? do i have a connection, or other connections to GFL? some particular words and phrases were verry particular for me, especially with a dream i recieved last night and its posotive significance to changing views i had, if interpreted correctly.

    i am pretty aware of which questions i skipped or left unanswered on my testsheet. i am grateful for help with one of those questions in the dream last night, if help is what that was. cause it seemed pretty helpful! im sorry for my emotionalness in prayer / contact last night. i realize now i may have been asking a question without realizing and thank you for the answer.

    i am totally cool with quitting tobacco. i know im just sayinhg it now but i am. to quote "im attached to this, this is my attachment" and when i dont smoke i totally find myself experiencing emotions i dont usually to plain old weird things. i just dont understand that, even after polonged periods, my emotions wack out man, and its not just little annoyances (though being annoyed with things isa big part) and not just disapointment either. the unbalanced emotions shift my way of thinking. i think guides and GFL (as i invite you to do this now if desired) would review my previous year or two would find this obvious. particularly with one incident my guides would be well acquainted with. this has been a problkem with me when trying to solve before. what do i do differently? how do i do it differently

    in anycase i am going back through the testsheet pages now. i am deeply grateful for the significance of this, and the wake up call. ps: the synchronicity is there isnt it? i am quite posotive

    help me to see more through your eyes, beautiful loving evolved souls. i am always very happy and eager to work, but my eyes are still sore.

    thank you for the wonderful gifts

  19. I think we all need to relax we are so freaking worned out. I learned meany things of this world im pursing my dreams and goals and going on and trying get things done because it is a required part of life but i say this clearly i am ready to move on anyways and ive accomplished alot and ill get more done but if i cant cause many things get in our ways in my heart im am ready i have this desire to move on . I think the we people want to see your projects like on live tv because people want to see proof i say patience but i understand why people might feel prolonged to these messages becausee they havent reach to a certian point but i realy hope that this world changes for the better to much fustration in our lives we want to do more. I hope the people withan open mind and heart ascend because they need to and crave for it and belive this is true i cant wait whats the next message =)

  20. Ariel toliver i am eager to check out the channels you mention but your words seem a bit strong.

    are we still squabbling over this skin color and that skin color? i thought spirituality transcended racial oriented thought? even if its spiritually racial oriented thought, we're all ONE arent we?

    juust saayin! lol straight up

  21. ps.
    THANK YOU! whoever intervened and hooked me up with a FIRM path to walk on! cause that was divine! sooo divine yo! like it fell outta the sky man! cant explain the joy and grattitude! thanks galactic helpers man, and no doubt my guides were all over that!


  22. its getting really interesting isnt it? lol - well hang in there everyone - once you release the value of your attachments to this particular timeline and situation then it can actually probably play out much easier than worrying or whatever it is we get from all these messages -there is value.. i appreciate the postings and hope it goes way smoother than we could have dreamed of. I did order a Pink UFO so i hope they can find me lol (huemore) Peace Dear Beings of Love n Light <3

  23. To Ariel Toliver.Howrya Ariel.All the channelers you mention are American or African American except Mike Quinsey.The key word for today is American.In fact most Channelers seem to be overwhelmingly American with some Aussies thrown in for good measure.Most galactic messages seem to focus on America as if it's the whole world,constantly making reference to the governmental structures that exist in America.There are alot more Chinese then there are Americans.What do Chinese channelers have to say?Are there any?Anyone know?Not many channelers in Arabic countries either,I remember someone mentioning that.Faruk I think his name was.Maybe it's 'cause they have jinn fables over there.We're going to be building sea walls.In Florida don't ya know.Poor old Cuba,Haiti,Puerto Rico,Dominican Republic,Bahamas,-you're all out kiddos.I'm sure they'll be fine,all the sea water will go North and North West.Sorry to be so negative ,I guess my vibration is low today.

  24. What is the strategy with you guys up there? You guys say that you all have transcended 3rd dimensional mind sets but when the truth comes out about our Government and Secret Societies and the real origins of humanity I'm pretty sure that people will have a 3rd dimensional reaction am I correct?

    So I know for a fact that reaction is going to affect the Galactic Federation in someways as to whether are not engage in earthly affairs from a distance and not get to involved with earthly humans.

    So does it really matter if you have transcended 3rd dimension if we earthlings set the standards of what goes on in other places that also effect the behavior of other beings who don't even live on earth? I mean you guys say you are more evolved than us earthlings right? So how come it took you until August 4th to come to the realization that our Governments will not Disclose ET contact?

    I could have told you that just based other earthly problems they will never tell the truth about (like Taxes). So how can you say you are more evolved when things like that took you so long to figure out? I'm sure you guys heard of the countless African American Revolutionaries like Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, The Black Panthers etc. who have said time and time again how corrupt our Government is and how the Aids virus was created by them and tested out on gays in the Philadelphia Bath Houses to then bring in the black community via Magic Johnson who soon as he said he had aids the black community over night just spread as if it's been there long before Magic Johnson said he had it.

    I'm not going to lie these messages you guys are sending to Greg Giles are getting on my nerves, and please don't try to say I need to clear my emotional baggage and try to circumvent my reason and method behind my comments, You guys know damn well that even higher evolved beings are tired of this waiting game just like us 3rd dimensional humans are.

    Because to be honest there is enough proof on this planet in book format to send people diving off the cliff because the truth is to much, I don't need to channel to figure that out because whats the purpose of talking to you guys if you are always holding back on information that can surely get these moving at a much faster pace? I don't see no purpose of talking to you guys at all if I'm going to get that watered down Walt Disney feel good shit and expect me to pass that along to somebody else as if it's viable.

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  26. Hey MR Toliver.Did you know than there are 10 tonne statues of African heads in the South American jungle,in the land of the Incas and the land of the Olmecs?Yeah and the teachers and educators or "Viracochas" of ancient Mesoamerican civilizations were depicted as tall white caucasian bearded men?Neither of these races were supposed to have existed on the South American continent until the europeans got there.True story.I got that from Graham Hancock's book "Fingerprints of the Gods"if anyone's interested.Those tall, bearded,white guy's turned up in China too,in the forbidden city.That's why it's forbidden.They dont want people to think they were seeded from european looking types.I think you're right though we all started in Africa.300,000 years ago where the Annunaki or whomever started their fun and games.Who,s to know.P.S.-Sugary things and tobacco gots to go-you're right there Greg-cheers.

  27. And you know what else I've recently read something from the Andromeda Council about how 4th and 5th dimensional beings are going to look which sort of disturbed me to be frank because like I said African American scholars like Bobby Hemmitt, Aseer Duke of Tiers and Dr. Phil Valentine don't mention how a 4th and 5th dimensional being is supposed to look.

    Andromeda Council: The most important thing to realize is that the transformation, the transition from 3D to 4D, from being a 3D person to being a 4D person… will be a smooth, ‘seamless’, painless, process. This experience will be a simple transformation of cellular structure, from the slower, more dense, heavier, existing 3D vibratory rate body you have today – to a higher, faster, lighter, 4D vibratory rate. You will have a body that is taller, literally lighter in terms of mass, weight & density... about one tenth (1/10) of what you weigh now.

    Your body’s molecular cellular structure will actually change. Think crystal based molecules. Your existing 3D cell walls will transmute into being crystalline based. Your 4D body, the cellular structure of your 4D body, will be based on crystalline molecules. No longer carbon based, but crystal based. Within the core, the center of each cell, it will be infused with light. Your 4D bodies will really be... very translucent. This is a natural 4th dimensional, 4th density state.
    Everyone will be relatively tall & slim in stature. This is simply the nature of having a body composed of crystalline cellular structure. You will also be 'lighter' in terms of... being infused with light. Not opaque like you are today, not completely translucent, but very translucent. End quote.

    To be honest I don't want to look like that at all because that seems to me like that's going to be people still stuck in a zodiac time loop right? If they were to live an extra 6,000 to 10,000 more years then a 3rd dimensional human right? I like humans how they look now from how we dress, how we wear our hair, to how walk, talk, and everything else that makes us so interesting that countless civilizations marvel at and take back home to show there fellow beings to then emulate and use for their enjoyment. Especially Hip-Hop I just don't see none of these things being in the 5th dimension as the Andromeda Council see it. I don't see 7 to 10 feet tall people being attractive either at
    least to my standards of what I deem attractive down here on earth you understand. I mean what us humans did on this planet is just phenomenal from music, fashion, entertainment, sports, etc. How in the hell a 7 to 10 feet tall 5th dimensional being that weighs no more than 8 pound going to embody all the thing that make us humans stand out from everybody else? I don't see myself asking no one that looks like that out on a date, what I deem attractive now vs later is like apples and oranges but than again right now I'm loving the apples i.e. women how they are now.

    Why such a dramatic change in our physical genetic make up. I can't picture a Halle Berry or Beyonce Knowels being 10 god damn feet and me still consider them attractive. Let me get out of here I'm done.


    I believe this may assist others with understanding many things the GFL Greg and All speak about.

    If you are not seeing our star brothers and sister. Take a moment of your time to learn a lesson by watching this video.

    Blessings to All.

  29. It is my understanding that yes, advanced methods of treating and curing many diseases, illnesses, ailments, debilitating patterns and injury will be shared with us.

    1. Wow so greg strecthmarks diabetes and loss of muscle vaule could be healed and fix? In this category you say its a possiblity? Could all this fit ? I would much appriciate for a reply

  30. Holy God!I'm only going to weigh one tenth of what I weigh now.It's windy where I live ,I'm not going to be able to stand up straight.I'll have to get myself a pair of golden boots.Thanks for the heads up.I think I'm lighening up already.

  31. Well, I have my 3rd dimensional habits to release as well as some past life karmic issues... It sounds like we are going to be a bunch of high strung light workers in the next few days... This is exciting information! I wish everyone the best of luck dumping the poison in your life... I also think the GFL wants us to stop drinking soda, and especially the diet ones...

  32. I haven't eaten red meat in 12 years don't use tobacco..drinking lightly...have worked my arse off getting my house in order now I'm not going to need it..baggage seems to be the slowness of moving forward.So if you get tired of waiting do you miss the bus?? I'm tired of struggling to try and figure this shit out...body no body homes new homes jobs no jobs what the heck...we aren't asking you to do anything but show up..start there first...should I weed my garden shouldn't I should I pay my bills jack up my credit cards...if it is all going away...I try to help as many people and animals as I can maybe 40 cats and dogs to date that jerks dump(and why would they get to go because it is all been in the creator's plan.) so why should I bother?How is the veil lifting out here in the midwest..they heads are so far up their religious arses they can see or even bring them selves to think about aliens .

  33. These are very powerful and insightful words to me, seeing where I stand in life at this point in time. I have a few negative habits and tendencies that developed through my adolescence as a result of me trying to cope with difficult situations. These habits and tendencies served to temporarily remove me from these negative situations, and temporarily ease my mind from having to feel the emotions. At this point however, I have to ask myself whether these habits are serving my higher good, or bringing me down. The obvious answer is that they are bringing me down. They are keeping me tied to this dense reality.

    Today is a great day to take that first step toward a new life and new goals. Today is a great day to start 'studying' if you will for this great final exam that is to come later this year. I have much hope and anticipation for myself on this new quest to purify my being. I also have great hopes about our mission together as a Galactic family. I want to be ready to answer the call when it comes time to meet face to face. I want to feel comfortable with who I am as a person, inside and out. That way, I will feel totally comfortable around any other type of being. I apologize if I have come off as uninterested, unwilling, unloving, untrusting, etc. while communicating with you telepathically. All of those types of feelings come from the disappointment I have with myself because I haven't risen up to the challenge of overcoming these negative aspects of myself.

    However, this day is a new day, It's a bright and optimistic day. Today is the day to begin a new life. To take the baby steps of saying goodbye to an old self; a 3D self. Today is the day to say goodbye to my lower ego.

    Much Love, as always,

    -Tyler Watson

  34. That is another thing they have all these methods of helping sick people but yet they wait...wait wait wait..I thought they also unarmed weapons...then why are people still killing each other with weapons..
    Or 40 year old men marring 11 year old girls..what about there karma the other blogger said if you have to wait until we humans get out shit together...forget about this planet it will never happen!

  35. To Realized Being: See you are another one who don't seem to realize that there are countless of products out there that I know of that helps to decalcify the pineal gland and help us more to see beings of a higher rate and density. Guess what? !!I don't Care!!

    Because that is not the issue here I am so sick of people trying to cover for the Galactic Federation as if they don't know what I am referring to. My question and inquiry was not put there for you are Greg Giles to respond to period. My fuss is with why the Galactic Federation put so much faith and energy into a Government that has no interest whatsoever about disclosing ET contact. I'm not trying to have an individual feeling and catch the holy ghost when I come into contact with the Galactic Federation.

    I was referring to the collective and how they will benefit as a whole at the revelations of historic past contacts of communicating with other civilizations. So don't talk to me as if I'm an impatient disgruntle 3rd dimensional child who can't wait for mommy and daddy to bring home my favorite Oreo cookies, but get mad when they say I should eat my spinach first. I know exactly what I need to do to open my pineal gland. Stop the bull shit sir. You know exactly what I was talking about. But to be honest I really don't care to much if they Galactics land or not because me as a black man have been putting up with racism, bigotry, and prejudice since forever along with my fellow African Americans who gave so much to this world with our creativity. So don't come at me like I don't know no better. So If we survived this long I'm pretty sure another 12 dozen centuries will be no problem right? Because it seems to me that they or getting off on dragging everybody along until we just say fuck it, I want the NWO instead.

    1. To Ariel.hey i admire your fustration i understand just like you why our life in this generation has become a hellhole for many of us and yet bueatiful. I believe in heros and in ourselves that we can truely change !im not going lose hope i hope you dont either i praythat we all have peace in our lifetime. But i am real about how life can be if the world gets worse which to God i hope not then truely we might not be able to change things unless as a whole are willingly to do so which it can be done because possibilties dont end in short!but if it doesnt then leave something behind and respect the will of others to believ in your own.its not always about changing the world but its about leaving the world and something behind that you believe for the good of your own. I still belive in this possiblity in the GFoL even in God Jesus christ himself. With no religion attachment or political views . Christ said the truth will set you free. You are so very right about how our world has slipped for the worse but lets hope that maby yes what everything has been said could be true. Because it could be better to hear these messages and learn from them and take its wisdom for our growth please dont give up. We need you to keep fighting for whats right just as like i will and am./od bless you and may peace forever truely with faith be with you amd the rest of us who hope to see it.=)

  36. I can’t help but feel like this message today was directly speaking to me. I just want to let you all know that I have a clear perspective now, and I’m making a list of things that bring me down so that I can make solutions for them so that I will be able to finally let them go, because I’ve realized that I have been avoiding the main issues all along. I felt you reach for me and hug me with your words and that is all that I needed to finally see what I was doing wrong, I needed to be pushed a little further in order for me to make bigger and make better decisions for myself.

    Reading your daily messages is a reminder of the path that I need to take and I know that I wouldn’t have found this website if it wasn’t destined for me to find it.

    As a reminder to myself, I have all the answers that I need—I know that now. It’s time for me to conquer each issue that I have and bring it to light, I am ready. I wish that I could physically hug you right now, and I can’t tell you what today message means to me. My outlook on my life has finally reached a peak, now it’s time for me to maintain it until it is time for me to ascend.

    With my love and light…Thank you!


  37. According to many channelers Obama wants disclosure and he's the president of the world.Check out Richard Hoagland's video presentation about his second swearing in in the Map Room facing out onto the orion constellation.There's your African American legacy/Dislosure all wrapped up in one-cheer up.Other puppet governments want disclosure aswell to be fair,but in a project bluebeam kind of way.Namaste.

  38. Ariel Toliver, you have some very strong opinions that I can respect, I also understand your frustrations. We are all in this together. Just keep in good faith, if this message doesn’t resonate with you then find a place that makes your heart sing not yell. Please don’t take this the wrong way; it’s hard to speak through text if you don’t know how I’m saying it. I care for you and hope the best for you. Have a good day. :)

  39. And let me tell you something for people who think ascension is about being nice and kind loving and caring to the point where you sleeping with lions and bears as if they are still not capable of tearing your head off. Ascension has nothing to do with that. If you have a soul you are going home point blank period. It will have nothing to with you instead of spraying roach with Raid you release him back under the kitchen stove and wish him happy trails.

    The original make up and blueprint of God is the soul which means before creation and the material existence came into being there was only the God spark indicating that if the planet were to blow up today it would not matter because the soul can not die. Why do you think everyone gravitates towards soul music and why it was that African American Music transcended all geographic and racial borderlines to where everyone appreciated it? Because we embody that God spark which is why our music is universal and accepted by everyone.

    That is what melanin is. Even Elvis had a soul which surprised me along with Amy Winehouse. I'm telling you all right now everybody is not going to make ascension. Hell I don't think I'm going to make ascension and I have a soul. So please whatever baggage you may have yes work on it because I do agree with at least that part. But I just don't have the finances to buy the products I need that will help me do that. That's what pisses me off because if N.E.S.A.R.A was announced I would have had ample time to fix my situation. But hey I guess I'm one of them mothafuckas who go get left behind then. Oh well maybe next time.

    1. No no next time Ariel it just in the end could be how pure your heart is with what you love and believ i dont think you need to use the finacial party to improve your acending but as an individual to understand and accept the possiblities. To believe and have faith and become more holy as to perfect yourself with your love .we arent perfect but we can get better you dont think you will acend. No one here exactly knows if will.but i do believ you can and so can i if its to good to be true then i choose to keep that hope alive until it comes if it does. =)

  40. To Ariel.Yes it's about soul regardless whether you've heard about ascension or not or whether you meet with sixth dimensional beings or not.It's about soul,not products for this or DNA that its about how you feel your way through you're journey.That's why no wise brotherly being is going to give you readymade answers to issues that are personal to you because they'ld only be denying you the discovery of your own wisdom.The music of your own soul,the realization of your own journey.Namaste

  41. Ariel,
    You have made me laugh frequently this evening because you definitely have a spark about you.
    God Bless you my friend.

    Yeah....I know just another white boy talking crap.
    I want to share with you that no matter the color, we are ALL frikin SLAVES and believe me I understand the concept well. I can really understand how this constant tomorrow stuff can get you sick of the whole show. I have been fed up with the talk talk talk on several occasions.

    What really gets me is that many others seem to have the leg up, so to speak, with special powers, Kundalini, astral travels, and personal visits by the galactics while the rest of us are just the "unwashed masses" of something or other.

    While I do not agree with all points you have made here, I can tell you that I do have great care for you in my heart for some reason.
    I think you are way more special than you know right now.

    Makes me think of this text in the Bible.

    "The first will be last and the last will be first"

    Anyway, something like that....

    Keep on shining brother,


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  43. tks you but does not help, unless i remember what i am here for.

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  45. Man look, to be honest it's seems to me that Greg needs to just keep these messages to himself. I would rather this man fulfil whatever he needs to accomplish before the Grand Finale. Because All this talking with the Galactic Federation isn't doing anything are saying anythings that hasn't already been said by spiritual scholars that died trying to get this information out. They talk to much for me to where it supercedes actions that may be taking place behind the scenes that by now should have been coming out a long time ago.

    I mean we are so far behind to where if the Galactic Federation showed up along side the pizza I ordered from Dominoes wouldn't get me all giggly and tingly inside. Because that shit is gone now just based on these incessant communications that seem to get more redundant and repetitive as they come. Because if I learned how to channel I would be way less tolerant then what Greg is. I just don't see how he does it I really don't.

    Hell I guess I do got baggage right? Go figure. Don't push your luck if you think I do to then tell me to go enjoy some sun shine and chase butterflies in the forest and skip rocks across the pond. Don't need to, I just want this shit over with. Every fucking thing, not just my damn baggage. You hear me Galactic Federation? All of this needs to go which contributes to everybody's baggage.

  46. Oh man Richard i love that quote from the bible the first will be the last and th last will be the first i understood that well! Like quotes the truth will set you free. Peace

  47. Hi Ariel, you made me laugh too. Anyone who brings a smile to my face I consider a friend!

  48. I lost my keys.
    You know, the ones that open those big prison gates.

    I lost them awhile back. Perhaps a Long while back, I am just not sure.

    I know they are around here somewhere in this mess.

    Oh well, I am just going to keep looking. Nothing lasts forever Ya know?

    Or do some things?

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  50. To Alexander Baggett: (others read if you wish or skip!)

    The key to overcoming an addiction when you are ready, is having support. I know this is much harder than it sounds however I would like to remind you if you ARE American it's 100% free to go to any Alcoholic Anon or Narcotic Anon if only to find resources that may be free.

    Yeah I know; They are religious nuts sometimes! That's why I am not recommending you stay but make friends and ask the leaders of the lessons how they got help. How THEY crawled up from the darkness. Remember police will not arrest anyone at these meetings if you see them looming about - sometimes they show up to see if any victims of physical abuse (common in drug-land) need help and so on.

    Prepare for pain. It hurts going dry unless you're talking cannabis in which case? It's more psychological than physical. Regardless with everything else yeah you probably will shake and shiver. If you have access to benzos they will help you tier down from a lot of the mind-numbing drugs, they are easily dolled out by most physicians too if you simply pay a visit and tell them with ~conviction and truth~ you want to be free of your addiction and there is no way you can afford to go to rehab? Well most people help you out. 3 months and then you're off the benzos too and living clean. It's your second chance.

    I think this message today should be heed. You are capable of this, it is a change of perspective just like a depressed person finally deciding to be happy or a criminal getting tired of the game and turning back to the light. It may sound stupid but I believe in everyone - we all have this power.

    It is NOT easy... but damn is it worth it.

    <3 VOU 31

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  54. And to the Galactic Federation don't come back tomorrow and channel another message through Greg as if you did not read what I posted either. You guys are good for glossing over and responding to what you want to respond to as If what we say has know weight. You know exactly what is going on because I am just blown away at the talent it would take for an average Joe to string along people for so long to the point where someone wakes up and say didn't you say that before?

    And still have that person regardless of how many times he/she heard what you said take it at face value and continue to hear and listen to you as if nothing happened to the contrary.

    You guys are very good at that. If I did what you guys did if I were a preacher during a church service and someone found out that I was naked the whole time while wearing the robe and they still listened to me? I would be shocked. But you guys seem to be really good at that.

    August 6, 2012 11:26 PM

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  56. Ariel, there is no proof Greg and GFoL have done anything other than they have claimed. Until proven, keep smiling and stay happy. No one else can do that for you. You've brought happiness to a few of us here, and no one can do that better for yourself than YOU!

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  58. you guys need to know something, you probably know the ET's cant fix our problem. Nor can they land until we do. The Govt has everything to lose. Let me tell you about Ascension 2012 and Greg Giles, hes paid for his disinfo. The purpose of this is to divide one another. There are many like him out there. Your discernment is needed. what you guys need to do, instead of wasting another oz. of your energy on this site. you need to start a group on FB to spread awareness, I do this everyday. to wake one is to wake a the math. The time is now. lets get rolling. Namaste

  59. To Nunov Yerbiznez: I guess you didn't read the majority of my comments from top to bottom, am I correct sir/mam? Because If you did you would have come to the realization of where my frustration lies with the Galactic Federation. It is not with them showing proof, For one I have that already, thank you. For two like I said I'm not trying to be happy to spite unhappy, I am talking about core issues like the ones I mentioned above in my other comments.

    And that will not go away until Disclosure has been met within a suitable time frame for me to clear out remaining problems contributed to the truth not being told about our Government and the origins of humanity.

    Do you understand me? If you go give advice you better come harder then what you did, because right now I'm just being nice which is a choice I don't have to make when people try to preach. This shit needs to be over with yester decade ago.

    So keep that to yourself because I'm not asking Greg or the Galactic Federation to show me proof of something that doesn't need to be proven, it needs to be executed and done with, you now like Disclosure the shit that was supposed happen 3 years ago. I don't care if Greg killed this whole site and share another message because I ain't going to be looking for him. I know exactly who is reading this which of course to whom my comments are aimed at, The Galactic Federation, not you or Greg.

  60. Ariel, I did read every one of your posts. Light will always reign over darkness (no-caps intended).

  61. Greg Giles, get a life. your distractions arent working anymore. Why dont you go to your boss at the Cabal HQ and see if there is something that your good at. like folding sheets, or towels. Toilets always need a good cleaning. Whatever you choose to do, make sure its not just for money. Even you can serve a valued purpose. It may be easy money now , but believe me you'll pay for every soul misled. Its not too late for you. Good Day.

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  63. To BROWNDOG BROWN: What the in world are you saying sir? Talking about we need to start a Facebook group, because ain't nobody on Facebook trying to here that mess. Facebook moves at a thousand miles an hour, do you know how many times you are going to have to upload the same thing just to get people to remotely think about responding to updated statuses about the Galactic Federation and UFO Disclosure? You have to have a better idea than that.

    And what did you mean Greg Giles paid for this information? To then share on a site that 99.9 of the population of the world don't know about and still feel like he has accomplished something that offsets the alleged expensive price that he paid for? Go ahead with that non-sense. You have no clue what you are talking about at all. Goodluck with that Facebook shit.

  64. Greg!!! what is happening here? This "Dear Love Ones" is getting old. Do you understand how many times you used these expressions in your last post: "Do you understand this? Do you understand that...?" Go count. You are losing me as a reader of someone I thought was bringing forward valuable loving and SINCERE information from the GFL. I think this could very well be my last read from you. From cabal info not realized to telling everyone reading that those have been "chosen" who are going to "shore up" the coast lines (I don't deal well with exclusivities, the artist I am!), it is beginning to be a bit unbelievable. Greg, with light and love to you....Susan

  65. HI and thank you for this very insightful message. Many of us are caught up in the 3D game of pain alleviation. When problems arise we turn to drugs and alcohol to alleviate the pain. But also to celebrate things too. I am a product of this cycle myself and I still choose to do this even knowing that what is in store for my future is bliss with your arrival and our reunion and our new pristine earth. Many of us humans here on earth in my oppinion including myself, just keep the old habits up as there is much commraderie with doing so. We all go to bars and socialize, drinking alcohol and doing drugs. It is a know fact. If a person is used to this behavior it perpetuates itself. It is hard to break. I myself know that alcohol perpetuates depression on a level that is not so noticable all the time to most. It downgrades the sense of self after awhile and the higher self is not able to get through. I am moving on now and I know the time is short. I do so want to ascend and follow a path that will lead to this desired goal. My whole family and my last 2 husbands were all drinkers. My last husband died because of it. When will it all end for me and humanity to wake up and see what is really holding many of us back! I see it very clearly! It has shown it's self time and time again to me and I humbly agree with you and your message. Where is my strength? I know it is there. I know that if I get rid of these additions that I will ascend and alcohol and cigarettes are holding me back. They are the key to my problems and once alleviated I will be whole and ready to meet with you. At times in my life I had given them both up only to return to them. During those times I felt strong and confident. I excercised more and ate healthy foods. I suppose I, like most, enjoy being in an altered state of being because it makes you feel happy and powerful at the same time but with what we are about to experience if we give them up for ascension, must be better than any drug we could possibly take. I am counting on that too. I used to meditate regularly and I felt so unbelievably great all the time. Nothing got in my way. I was balanced I suppose. Anyway, it's time to make the change. I ask you for your help, guidance and encouragement telepathically as I believe you do send me messages. I almost feel like appologizing for my message but I am ready for the change in all ways. I feel my will needs some strengthening.

  66. Its surprising that your message relates with my dreams I was having for few days, as I was expectantly waiting for 'dream messages' for my growth.

    My dreams showed people, friends from my past having friendy interactions with me, and I had unresolved issues, differences, regret and guilt with them. Today morning I forgave them and myself one at a time, released them and asked my angels for the lessons that I learnt from them. I could see their 'role' in my life and thanked them for the same. This process suddenly set me free and I could feel the weight of excess baggage lightening. I could understand what 'lightening for ascension' meant and will continue to do the same.

    The surprising factor is that I did all this process before I had come across this message today. All this was already given to me telepathically and in dream state just before this message appeared, so synchronicity is happening, and its not
    coincidence! If we ask then angels help us! I am sharing this so rest can also benefit from this and apply on themselves to lighten their baggage. Thanx.

  67. To BrownDog Brown: Yes, Greg Giles is an agent of disinfo and is distracting people for their spiritual development, the God within all of us. Thank you for your info.

    To Greg Giles: Do you know what internet fraud is, Greg? Do you understand you can go to jail? Do you understand this? Do you understand that if we don't see seawalls around our coastlines by the end of next week, process will be underway for court summons? When in court, be sure to bring all of your programs, projects, gifts of youth, your free energy devices, all your offers, all your advance technologies and knowledge you said you were going to reward the volunteers for their participation. Because if you do not have them, the judge will award you with a jail sentence. Have a nice day.

  68. I am willing and able to let go of all the extra baggage so that it will allow me to rise up to my home in the higher dimensions.

    Thank you Greg and GFL for today's message. As always, I have you guys in my heart and thoughts.

    Much love,
    Chris, New Jersey

  69. I look you in the eye, every one of you. There are a few who attempt to disarm my vision. I am Light and you will stand with me or you will run.

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  71. To Darryl Terry: Do you know that you have this site as a automatic suggestion in your Google search engine box to then click on to come to this site and read a post to then comment as if Greg made you do it? Did Greg charge you any money to barter between you paying and him receiving Galactic messages as a trade off for your spiritual compensation? I highly doubt it.

    All you have to do is to completely stop all attempts to further disappoint yourself by continuously reading messages that don't resonate to your liking and wants. That's an ''internet fraud''.

    Someone who repeatedly participates in Blogs and forums that for the most part are not even considering that fact that it's their own fault that they upset themselves by going back to things they know hasn't brought them any type of closure that puts them on another path to something else that may suit them. Am I correct?

    Why are you constantly waiting on Greg to fulfil what The Galactic Federation said they were going to do? Greg is nothing but a vessel used for the Galactic Federation to speak too to get to us who are commenting. You have got to have more sense than that. You guys kill me with that attack the messenger bull shit. Stop coming on the fucking site then. Damn you have got to be a idiot.

  72. The frustration on this site is now very palpable and I blame no one not us not ET. It's just kind of a silly game at the moment that we humans have bought into. They say something that offends us, we behave or say something that disheartens them. Back and forth back and forth. Do you see this? It is definitely time for us humans on this site to just let go, let it go. We need to spend our valuable time working on ourselves, blog and communicate with one another. Share what it is that has helped you overcome crap. etc, etc. My Guru told me that if we were left to our own devices it will take on average a million years per individual to progress to a spiritual state of oneness with Source but He also said it can be achieved in this lifetime if we put in the time and effort to learn how to meditate properly. There are so many good books out there and teachers willing to share meditation techniques. There is no quicker or more sure fire way to advance in quantum leaps then to meditate. We can either take the slow donkey cart to enlightenment or the jet plane. I speak from experience. Please dont waste your valuable time bantering back and forth with Greg or our ET brothers and sisters. If you only meditate 10 to 20 minutes a day until it becomes second nature to you, you will be amazed how much easier and fulfilling it becomes but you have to start somewhere. FYI: We will all ascend sooner or later. It is our birthright so don't get hung up on that one either. It is just a matter how badly do you want to evolve and how much effort are you willing to put forth to that end. Meditation holds the key. You hold the key. Go find it. And I promise you this, things will get better. Maybe not as soon as some of us would like but while you are waiting, go find a meditation technique and stick to it.
    Keoni Schnetzler

  73. Please allow me a moment of your time to speak.

    I was asked to be a channeler once, so I know they are real. Being a psychic (which is something all people on Earth are born capable of being), I can tell which messages are benelovent.

    The ones on this website are not. Sorry. They vibrate at the wrong frequency. (And I mean this literally.)

    Most channels are not as they appear, unfortunately. A few are from benelovent ETs (and angels), but most originate elsewhere, be it the imagination of the channeler, malevolent ETs, goverment technology, and even the occasional sadistic psychic who gets pleasure out of sending false messages to others. (Yes, they exist.)

    I cannot read minds. I CAN sense intent, however.

    I am sorry if I step on toes. If you do not wish to heed my words, then so be it. These messages sing out of key, so to speak.

    I only wish to help.

    My advice is this: If you remain in love (don't just read it - actually DO it!), you will start to know what is real and is not real. And you will learn, in time, not to sweat the little things.

    Just put this stuff away for a while, (if you cannot, then something is not right), get some fresh air, talk to real people, and clear your mind. The more a person engulfs themselves in laced messages, the more psychic residue they get bogged down with.

  74. Greg, it's unfortunate you are a victim of mind control. Namaste!

  75. To Ariel, why are you attacking people on this post, out of rage for what you want done? The person you need to yelling at to get the job done is in the mirror.

    If you think Greg is channeling, your a bigger fool than I thought. He isn't a channeler. He's a fake, so your complaining to a person who is a fraud about messages he's not receiving. Well done. Who's the idiot now, dumbass?

    You might want to go to the authorities and find out what internet fraud is. I have. Do your homework.

    Your not going to pull me into your hellhole. You can stay in there yourself and rot in your own filth. Hopefully, you'll find your way out, if not this lifetime, maybe the next. Good luck, I'm done with you.

  76. Hey Nunov, just ignore Ariel. You don't want to get attached to his negative energy. And keep asking for the angels protection and cleansing. The 100,000 angels prayer.

    Angels and Ascended Masters can come to your aid, if requested. If you have any physical pains, ask them to heal it. And keep asking everyday until it is healed. Mother Mary is a great healer. You can call on our star family for healing, too. The Arcturians are great. I even ask Ashtar to heal a toothache. I was actually under attacked and he went to the source of the problem and stopped it. Try it and I hope it helps. That goes for everyone.

  77. Good morning from Lithuania, dear Friends.
    Please, read Beloved Archangel Michael's words and be in Peace:
    The date of the eight and eight approaches, so soon after the full moon that you have not yet caught your breath, so to speak. So much hi-octane energy is pouring into the earth at this time that you may feel it at any moment that you turn your attention to it. We see some lamenting this fact while we wish they would begin to celebrate and welcome it. Those who already have the gift of sight can already see the nearness of our dimensions. Many more will do so in the next weeks. Proximation is not actually changing, perception is.

    If you wish to prepare yourselves, ask yourselves how you will react the day when you begin to see us. Your world will change forever on that day. It would be of great benefit for you to contemplate this. Some, of course, just will not see. That is alright as they must be allowed their free will.

    Other more obvious things which we have foretold are happening already. Please note them. We hear every day, “Nothing that has been predicted has happened.” If one wishes to believe this, there is nothing we can do about it. However, there is a great deal of change happening and, just as we told you, some of your media are testing their ability to tell you the truth. Watch with the intent to find these things, and you will find them.

    The floodgates are cracked now and the flow will not be stopped. Hold fast to your vision of your new world and it will appear faster than you believe possible. Join your will, your prayer, your dreams, with all of the light, with us, and we will bring you to your inevitable victory in that proverbial “blink of an eye”.

    Feel our love and power enfold you now and we will speak again soon. Good day.

  78. To Darryl Terry:

    These are "spiritual" or personal growth tests. Take an experiential seminar... or train with the Tibetan monks or any indigenous shaman. You are so sophomoric showing your ignorance of this type of training.

    As far as Greg's veracity, etc. all I can tell you is that every post has been the encouragement for my growth and almost all the time could have been written specifically toward me... that's how much we are all ONE, my friend. It's all up to you.

    What's your intention, anyway? You wouldn't be at an advantage if your accusations are true. So it seems like all you want to do is throw around old anger. You would "rather be right than happy". By happy I mean to let all that stuff go.

    Actually, I always appreciate heyokas! They always make my personal path so much clearer. :') You're just and angel in disguise!

  79. And You can read what Lucas writes this morning, as well:
    I wanna ask of you in these coming weeks to restrain yourselves from negative forces and manipulations by the mainstream media and ignore those calling for actions, asking you to use weapons. Let those war cries be blown away by the winds of peace. Let those be silenced that are talking of division, hate, exclusion or those whom are making use of your social-economic situation of being deprived of abundance, health, peace, harmony, equality in race, sex, orientation, belief and heritage in your life to make you their followers and soldiers.

    Be also aware of the negative language and semantics. Words are also energy. Words can truly be weapons or be used to force you to do things you do not want to. They often trigger negative thoughts and emotions. Using words of war is denying peace and harmony a change. You can be an anversary of peace or that of war. The first are for example called diplomats, mediators lightworkers and the others called soldiers, warriors and freedom fighters. What will you choose freedom with a real change or freedom as long as the other side has no means of retaliation or finding the weapons and power to fight back again.

    I have a long time ago already surrendered to my heart and the knowledge within that there is a new path to follow to break through the veil and shift the old paradigm into the new one. Our hearts will fulfil our desire to bring the new about if we really change our ways. Stop the old ever repeating cycle of 3D duality. See that what is changed within will bring change also on the outside. As above so below.

    Love and Light,


  80. Would like to give an ANSWER to why answers aren't given... because it wouldn't make any difference in your lives! There wouldn't be any inner shift... you would just satisfy some mental construct which you just manufactured to be important.


  81. Just want to give a big thanks for these lessons. A learning experience for me was realizing that I wanted to create the sea walls as a way to "escape" what I need to learn here and looking back it feels like it was an ego thing with me. My growth and what I have been hiding for so long is my sincere desire to help create authentic relations with many people and help them "join up" with each other. That is when I feel the most like me.
    Thank you for giving me the choice and changing my mind. And thanks for giving me the sign that I could go if I wanted. It's all so awesome! I am really finding out who I am again and again.
    I also want to thank you for understanding how I am expanding my ability to focus. I feel like I am accomplishing much in that area... with old memories returning of empowerment. Mahalo

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  83. To Darryl Terry: I'm not going to bring you into my hell hole? You are already in one.
    Look at what you are doing to yourself incessantly coming to a site you know doesn't resonate with you on an spiritual level yet have the audacity to tell Greg he is a fraud but at the same time you constantly keep coming back to read messages from the fraud you call Greg Giles. At least I did the homework as to whether or not it is possible to believe that Greg is channeling other life forms. Because I'm constantly in contact with people who does live.

    Look up Ms Blue and Bro. Panic on the Remix Radio show on and set up you an appointment to get a reading. And you will see for yourself that channeling is real.

    You just mad that I made sense enough to asses a problem that seems to be self inflicting upon yourself. Greg is not the only so called channeler. If he is a fraud that same claim has to go across to everybody else who asserts themselves as channelers right? Who is forcing you to come on this site ? Who is the one getting upset? Who is the one aiding his own disappointments? Who is the one attacking the messenger? I think you know the answer to all of those questions don't you? If you don't have anything better to offer people on this blog other than Greg then keep your comments to yourself! ok?

  84. Jesus says:
    Jesus said that “the third way [to be with an emotion like anger] is to allow it – to let it be and to transcend it. That is what consciousness does. The consciousness of which I speak does not judge – it is a state of being.” (1)

    He tells us that this “way of observation … is at the same time creative.”

    “You have to realize that consciousness is something very powerful. It is much more than a passive registering of an emotion – consciousness is an intense creative force.”

    Well, this is something only a highly-advanced soul like he could know. What happens if we observe an emotion?

    “What then happens to you? Consciousness is not something static; things do not remain as they are. You will notice that if you do not nourish the energy of the emotion or of your judgment about it, they will gradually dissipate. In other words, your equilibrium becomes stronger; your basic feeling becomes more one of peace and joy.”

    The emotions dissipate if we observe them; they persist if we give them our energy by acting them out, resisting them, etc. To do these latter acts is to put fuel on the fire. To simply observe them is to deprive the fire of fuel.

    In fact nothing ever stays unless we put effort into it staying. Not only does it never stay, but, if we simply experience the emotions through, they pull up all their roots and branches and the whole thing departs. It’s only if we energize them by acting on them that the roots and branches grow stronger and longer. He says:

    “That is consciousness – this is clarity of mind. And in this way you bring to rest the demons in your life: the fear, the anger, the mistrust. You give them strength when you identify with them, or if you fight them with judgement – either way, you nurture them.”

  85. To Morgaine, it amazes me sometimes that people can know who I am without knowing one thing about me, which actually shows more about your ignorance.

    I decades of experience working with spiritual teacher, angels, ascended masters, our star family, divine beings of light and more.

    Greg gets his "channeled messages" from other peoples work then claim it came from him. You obviously have not done any "due diligence" on him. He mixes false info with truth from other sources so you can resonate with it and agree with the false info together, thus a following and none will dispute him. Studying ascended masters works for decades, I can see the truth and the false info he puts in for his agenda. You have to have the "eyes to see" them, meaning to "perceive" them.

    Manipulating the lightworkers willingness to help earth and humanity for Gregs' agenda won't happen on my watch. They're are other that feel the same. Greg's messages are banned on several sites.

    The seawalls project is a scam. Not going to happen. If you don't believe me, just watch at the end of next week and see if there are any ufo's building seawalls on the coastlines on the news.

    That's just the tip of the iceberg. More than anything, he is distracting from people's spiritual development, the God within, with all these projects and programs.

    Mediate for 1 hour and concentrate on your breath, in and out. The light energies will come in thru the crown charka, and you will start to change into the 5D consciousness. How's that for Tibetan training?

  86. I am saddened by these latest messages. I feel like a smacked ass for trying to convince my mother, who has stage 4 BONE CANCER (and I am also terminally ill with advancing MS!), to believe and trust that what I am reading and praying for, would come to fruition.

    Months and months later, nothing but the same old, same old. Our broke asses can't even afford proper medical care for our illnesses and we're getting these kind of mixed messages? I can't anymore. I just can't. I can't even afford to live. I cry hard enough daily losing more of my life day by day, down to even last Friday with my car getting repossessed. Next is my house (I'm already in Foreclosure sigh) and I'm about to say thanks for the entertainment, as I had many warm and fuzzy days hoping there was a glimmer of light for us.

    But my heart's already too broken to follow this stuff anymore :(

  87. To Ariel: While your at Look up Betsy Morgan and her channeling guide, Orion. Her show is on every Friday at noon, EST., and gives free readings. For over 20 years, She helps people to channel thur her teleclasses over the phone. I took all 3 classes.

    I did not say channeling is not possible, I said Greg is not one. I have channeled angels, ascended masters, archangels, star races, divine councils and more.

    The reason I come here is to inform the people of Greg lies. Manipulating the people is not happening on my watch. Your wrong about me again. Do the breathing technique, it will help raise your vibrations and change you. You will see and feel the change inside you. He does not want you to develop your God potential.

    You can also go to

  88. ..this is STRESSFUL to the point of who cares

    EXACTLY .............. STOP CARING, LET IT GO!!!

  89. To Stonez333, please go to They have alternative healing that can cure cancer and ms. You can also try "Reverse Mortgage" to save your home and see if you can get on food stamps (an EFT card), or disability. I hope it helps, and will be praying for you. Take care

  90. To Stone 333
    Just wait till December 21st and we will awake in the new Paradigm, don\t despair but believe with all your heart...

  91. This comment has been removed by the author.

  92. Dear Galactic Federation of Light,

    Don't you think maybe it's about time for you to communicate with us directly by yourselves without the aid of any channel like Greg, who has done a great job whereas perhaps needs a break and a chance to prove that all those despiteful comments and accusations are false and wrong? Our good old Greg can prove this simply by your official and public presence along. What are you waiting for? What do you still fear? Can you still sit there and watch your hard-working channel being unfairly treated from other Earth beings like what happens in this blog?

    Come on, you know we love you and if you have anything to tell us, tell us directly by yourselves!! We shall listen to you with respect and love!! Please just stop your considerations about our politic leaders or our governments or cabals or public panic or reactions or whatnot. Come on!!!!!! Aren't you the beings of positive Light? Don't you possess the amazing technology that tremendously surpass that of ours? And most importantly, don't you have your LOVE for us? Please be encouraged and show up right now! Don't hesitate, don't be afraid! And please stop telling us to be prepared again and again, because let our heart doing things together right away is much more efficient than those rational preparation!

    We're all prepared and please show yourselves to the world NOW. Think positive. We love you.

    And we love you too, Greg. If you would please tell our dear GFL friends to come down publicly and massively RIGHT NOW then you can take a rest and party with us. Just don't care about the public reactions. After all, things can't get worse and there's really nothing to lose. And time shall prove everything.

    Apology for the rude attitude but you all know it is out of Love and the aspiration for the Reunion.

    Many thanks to you, my friends.


  93. This comment has been removed by the author.

  94. How to Reduce the Weight of Your Baggages or Luggages.

    The Baggages being referred to are habits, mannerisms, mind-set and attitudes that can hinder our entrance higher dimensions. But since we are spiritual beings encased in a physical body, overtime both of these can accumulate unnecessary weight that can hinder or affect ascension.

    1. Food - We've been tricked by the villains called Annunakis and their grandchildren called "Illuminatis" to eat all kinds of animals as food. In doing so it desensitised our morals/paradigms to make things like killing living things as though its just nothing. Taking the life of an animal and eating them makes our molecular/cellular vibration very low as the meat we eat will in someway attached to our physical systems. Even if you are not the one who killed the animals but partake in eating them you become an "accomplice".

    As the vibration happening inside the innerspace and its microscopic contents of our body is somewhat related and connected to the great central Sun of the Galaxy. Our vibration is one of the primary key in determining our Dimensional address.

    In other words be a vegetarian!

    2. Do not take immunization. They (Illuminatis) for the last several decades were very active in promoting worldwide injections with chemicals that supposedly prevent diseases were actually mixed with additive that will keep not just your vibrations down but also limit your "telephatic ability" and many other things.

    3. Control your tongue - excessive careless words are a sign that you have very or no control whatsoever to what comes out of your mouth. Do not let it becomes like a dam that overflows very often that can fill any stadium in a matter of minutes! Instead of a chaotic flood let your words be full of kindness and compassion; as it doesnt hurt to think first before we speak and will not incur any regrets.

    Not just the aspect of tongue but the whole spectrum of "self control" that leads us to various addictions.

    So, we must conquer these things to become victorious; only then we can lighten the weight off our baggages and luggages and gaining entry to the higher dimensions through ascension.

  95. Thank you to GFL for all your loving guidance at all times - we have travelled far......... and wow, what changes have occurred!!!! In LOVE, LIGHT and GRATITUDE ALWAYS!!!

  96. @Ariel: you asked very important questions. What I don't get is the GFL (through Sheldan Nidle) has been claiming they had plans to land as early as 1997. Now, it's not possible because we're not ready.

  97. Hey guys. Who else wants an update on Greg's Mass arrests who were in "Full Swing" 4 weeks ago. Reminder...

    "The people have spoken. They have awakened and they have demanded that they now be free from their captors and oppressors, and through this decree, this is what is now transpiring in their world and they deserve the right to witness this firsthand for themselves and not secondhand through our channels or any other means. "

  98. @Manuel Pineda: Don't forget 4.

    4. Don't follow blindly just anyone claiming they're loving and know what's good for you which you don't. Undiscerning obedience is how we got into this mess in the first place.

  99. @amitabha namo: "What do you still fear? "

    Don't throw the baby out with the bath water. We need to nurture caution. It's what keeps us from being taken advantage of by wolves in sheep's clothing.

  100. Thank You Thank You Thank You ,i was feeling today how resonate your words with the words of our Loved Saverio at the special spiritual meeting we have in these days about our inner work we have to do for see love and transform our lower energies and be able to keep going in the path of Love Truth and Life ,in the Path of Gesù.thank you always You are able to make us see in more simple way and clear way one point in wich we have to work and with Your Love near to us i trust we will be more able to win our difficulties.Oh it is so important your words about the way to see in different new way one difficulty that usually we ,almost i,see with kind of more negative feelings,here is so easy sometime feel in that way.....shocked or scared too....I wish one wonderful new day with love and Gratitude patrizia

  101. We want to see improvements. Hurry Hurry Hurry before "the final curtain comes down". What the bijesus does that mean?! Is there an insinuation here that this "3rd Dimensional" world is going to end? And we are al going to hop over onto a new planet that has 5D! So you guys are all ready for that are you? Are you? Well are you?

  102. Yesterday on AN HOUR WITH AN ANGEL
    Archangel Michael said -
    A great deal is already underway. And that is particularly true for those who are listening to this program who have decided, on a soul level, long before they even incarnated, that they would undergo Ascension with and by Gaia, the galactics and inter-galactics, and the human collective, the kingdoms.

    So do not, first of all, dismiss what has already taken place. Yes, there are many — we would say, in fact, probably what you would view as the majority — who are not consciously aware of many of the shifts that are taking places within their bodies, within their minds, within their beingness. But nevertheless, that does not mean that the shift is not already well underway.

    You know that this is not a short process, and that it has begun. We have often referred to the process of 25 years that the human collective has been involved in this undertaking, but let’s be very clear: for each of you who have decided, consciously and within your very core of your being, that you are undergoing Ascension, and that you are welcoming it eagerly and profoundly into your life, into your consciousness, into your being, this process began even before you chose it in reincarnation. So it has been going on and building your entire life.

    Now, have you been positioned? Because I will not use the word ‘stuck’. In fact, I will not use that word in reference to this process any longer. And I invite all of you to throw away this word and to correct me if I use it again! But you ask, what changes can we expect? And I ask each of you to look at your hearts and your bodies, your environments and your situations.

    Your clearest indicator of what is taking place within this Ascension process is your heart. It is the core of your being, knowing and deciding that you are choosing love, that you are more joyful, less restless, less impatient, and yet at the same time more eager to embrace the new adventure and to let go of the old third reality of duality, of polarity, of all the false paradigms that have been created by the third.

    In your physical form, begin to feel yourself be reconstructed, and we would suggest not only in the external but from the inside out, because much of this is occurring with the activation of parts of your brain, of your glands, of your organs, of your bone marrow, of your subatomic fibers, of your DNA, of the shift from carbon to crystalline-based. So also pay attention to your physical form.

  103. Archangel Michael explains -
    Now, what does this mean in a physical way? First of all what it means is that if there are situations — mental, emotional, causal — on any level that are within your physical form — and they are — these will come to the surface for love, for release, for elimination. So do not be surprised if you think, “Well, I am doing my work, and I am being very diligent in my work, but this situation of asthma, of diabetes, seems to be in a flare-up phase, worse than ever.”

    Or if you have an emotional difficulty or imbalance of depression or anxiety, that all of a sudden you are feeling more anxious than you have felt in years, this is because the situation, the imprint or the actual anchoring within your physicality, is coming to the surface.

    Now, how is it coming to the surface, and how does this relate to Ascension? Well, I tell you, first of all the penetration of each of you during this time of transition by the Mother/Father/One, by your own guides, by your brothers and sisters of the stars, is not lessening, it is increasing, and it is increasing rapidly. So you are holding more energy. And as that is coming in, it is also acting as a cleanser, as a vacuum cleaner, as a slush for these things to come up and out.

    But as this also occurs, as the healing takes place, what you are going to find is that you are going to feel more vibrant, younger — younger in the human sense of the word, for our sense of young and your sense is very different! But soon you will remember all of that.

    You will look more vibrant, and therefore more youthful, can we say. You will feel that your body, your tissue, your skin, your bones, your flexibility, your organs, that all of you seems to be functioning more harmoniously, more effectively, more like who you really are. And so, pay attention to that. Pay attention to issues or qualities that you have been wanting to bring forth over a long period of time suddenly feeling like you are having a breakthrough.

  104. Now, the Ascension process is collective, and it is inclusive, and all are equally welcome. But because of where you are in the time-frame, some of you have jump-started; others of you are still in the resistant factor behind the fence, let alone not on the fence. So, of course, each of these processes — the mental, the physical, the emotional — is going to be progressing at the same time.

    Now, let us talk about the mental. Another thing that you will notice, and that you can measure in yourself — because that is what you are really asking — each of your hearts, those of you who are listening, your hearts have been crying out and saying to me, “Lord, how do I know? How can I be sure?”

    So, let us talk first about the waning of interest. Now, you and the channel and your circle of my beloved In Light Radio have had some conversations that I share tonight with the listeners about not feeling as if you are being sent enough information, and then at other times feeling that you have no interest in consuming the volumes and volumes and volumes of information that is being fed to you.

    You, collectively, are in a place, and have been all of this year and a good part of last year as well, and for some of you many years, where you are shifting from the electronic information age to the creator age. Now, this is not just a term for intellectual explanation, it is a term to identify the collective, and that includes each of you, sweet angels, of who you are.

    So, what you are noticing in yourself, and how you can track your progress, is that your interest in information consumption is shifting. Now, that does not mean that you are not interested, curious and driven, to hear, to learn and to know the truth. In fact, this is becoming a burning passion. And that is why we begin each of our sessions together by igniting that flame and helping it burn more brightly until it truly is all consuming.

    So you are becoming more discerning also in what you are wanting to consume as information, but your mental body also is rebalancing itself. Most of the human collective have lived, and do live, primarily in their mental quadrant, and they have done that for thousands of years. In your cultures — and it does not matter, east or west, north or south, unfortunately — the mind and the ego, the personality, have become paramount, king.
    Now, you were asking me in terms of time-frames. When you know that that mental acuity has sharpened and your emotions feel more clear, more balanced, and your body is feeling vibrant and youthful, then you will also know you are at your point of full Ascension.

    Now, we have said, some are going to come through that portal at the last minute, kicking and screaming. All are welcome. But there is a group of you who are already well underway, who have already been experiencing the very thing that I have been speaking of.

    Now, before I open it to another question, I also want to say, you are still, some of you, experiencing the integration, and the intensity of that integration, of the love of the Mother/Father/One with the crests of great energy and clarity and the troughs. Now, go to the heart of One and that will help you even it out.

    But do not think that that process is completed simply because we spoke about it earlier. This is a human misconception, and it is a misconception of your society. Because there is a belief system you are fed so quickly, and so much of the information, that you think, “Oh, I read that. Therefore it’s done.” That is not so. It is still underway. It is progressive. It is a process. It is not simply for you, who I am speaking to, just a moment in time.

    Some of you have said to me, “Well, then, I am upset. Why have I decided that I have to go through this elongated process and experience when others will have the moment of simply turning the switch? I wish I had just chosen the moment of awakening.”

    Dear hearts, this is your service.

  105. Steve Beckow asked Arch. Michael:
    But I know that some people are wrestling with how to think about the whole question of Ascension, and I don’t just mean their own personal Ascension, but also the Ascension of Gaia. Some people think, I believe, that they’ll ascend, but they won’t move from this third-dimensional place. Some people think that they’ll — excuse me, I have to clear — that they’ll ascend and leave the third dimension altogether, just disappear from it, show up in the fifth. Some, of course you’ve said that some people will be coming back.

    So, from the point of view of the observer, from the point of view of the people remaining in the third dimension, do the people who ascend early — presuming they don’t come back for a sec., just to talk about this, if we could — do they disappear from view in the third? And when Gaia herself ascends, does it disappear from view from the third? And if so, what happens to the people who were on the third and don’t go to the fifth?

    Can you help us understand what would be seen in the process of Ascension, please?

  106. And Beloved Arch. Michael answered:

    The unusual and unique and beautiful qualities of this Ascension, of this wonderful unfoldment of the Ascension of Gaia and all upon her, is that you are maintaining a physical form. Now, that is why your physical bodies are changing, being adjusted — dare I say upgraded, or reclaimed? Because it is to have…. Gaia intends to still have a form of physicality.

    So it is not that physicality is being abandoned. It is not. So, that is being maintained. It is not about one minute you are in your body and the next you have no body, that you are simply in a spiritual form. That is not it. Are you in a lighter form? Yes. But it is still a form of physicality.
    You may think of Gaia as a very large body, as she is, but like you, she is also expanding and growing. And so for a brief period, the very edge of Gaia will brush the top of the third, which is an experience of physicality. Will it be anchored in the third realm, the third dimension? No.

    But what you are doing — and I want to take time to explain this — is you are going to the higher realms, dimensions, but you are still remaining in the realm of the 12 dimensions and 12 planes within each of those dimensions. Now, by anchoring in the fifth through the seventh, what you have is the capacity to choose physicality, albeit it is not as dense as the old third reality, but it is not that the realm of what you think of as the physical simply disappears.

    Now, does it alter? Yes, it does. Because in the fifth dimension there is no room for the qualities that the humans have developed and clung to. They simply don’t exist.
    … those who are in the third dimension right now can see you. It is almost like a mirroring effect: in the fifth dimension, you are able to reach down.… Think of it as if I operated right now in front of you. They see you, they experience you, but they are still having a third dimensional experience. But they will not be able to have that experience for much longer simply because Gaia is moving completely out of it. Therefore, to remain on Gaia, you are ascending, and you are ascending to a higher vibration. Yes, we know we often say different, but it is really a higher frequency, where you can access from that point the 12 realities.

    Now, those who choose not to ascend, but they have made up a heart, mind, soul decision that they simply not even at the very last moment, that they do not choose to shift, then they will be in a different … they will be in a relocation package, let us put it that way, where they will continue to have a third dimensional experience, and to them it will feel as if nothing really changed.

    Now, they will not be on Gaia, because Gaia is elsewhere, but they will be in a situation where they believe that they are on Gaia and that what they observe is still the same — until they work out what their choices are, or die. At which point they will return home. And in their review they will understand what happened, because there is no judgment of this. There is just the ardent offer and belief, because there is not a human being, or any creature, for that matter, who has incarnated at this time who did not do so with a conscious knowing of what was transpiring.

  107. Arch. Michael explains that we will have changed. Our perception will have changed. Our heart and ability to see and perceive will have changed. Our ability to finally accept yourself as full co-creator and creator will have changed.

    So it is not that the Earth as you know it, be it your apartment or your home, has shifted, but your perception of it immediately has shifted. And as soon as you wake up, walk outside! Because you will have a perception of Gaia that is bright and clear and shiny and expansive beyond anything you can conceive of now.

    Now, what will happen? Yes, you will get new digs, dear heart. And the reason being that you will look around and say, “This is not what I choose. This is not how I wish to live.” And so will, using the playfulness of the creation codes, you will immediately begin to align subatomic energy, molecular codes into something that is completely fitting.

    The fifth reality is far more flexible. You think of the third dimension as very fixed, and it has been, because it became solidified because of the false beliefs. But it is not so elsewhere. And so you may create yourself a Taj Mahal on the 23rd of December, and January 1st you may say, “This is far too much. I’m lonely,” and rearrange the molecules to a house in the Cotswolds. But it will be in physicality.

    And it will be in the unity with your brethren, with your brothers and sisters of the stars, humanity, to bring forward and create communities, not just structures, for that is almost secondary. But let us suggest, the structures that are going to be created are incredibly more beautiful than the mundane structures you have at the moment. Yes, there are some beautiful examples of fifth dimensional architecture already, cities of light already on your planet. But by and large it is very pedestrian.

    So, we are not trying to create a situation where we are saying you will wake up and you will think that you are either psychotic, hallucinating or that you have lost everything you ever cared about. No, that is not the case. But you will wake up with a full awareness that it is a new day.

    And it is blissful. It is joyful. For you who are the wayshowers, there is a feeling, and it is a feeling, a mental tug of war sometimes, that you are caught betwixt and between. This is not your imagination! You are. Because you are setting the matrix. You are leading the way. You have yourself literally in various dimensions. And being born in a third dimensional reality, you are not used to it.

    But I must say, by and large, you are doing spectacularly in adjusting. And your co-creation — and yes, let us also speak to that for one moment. Right now, dear wayshowers, your co-creations and your creations have been focused primarily on preparing the human collective for what lies ahead, for the shift, for Ascension, for the return of the Mother’s plan.

    So your creations have been in writing, in blogging, in music, in building community, in healing, in teaching, in getting rid of the old ways of human behavior, in entering into new paradigms of communication and understanding, extending your heart, your physical self, your mental and emotional selves to each other in the sharing of information. Because I do not wish to say that information is not important. Truth is incredibly important. So your creations have been focused mostly on this band of helping adjust the vibrations, of helping the collective deal with this new frequency.

  108. You've already given so many indirect answers for me through your words of love and I only ask you because I would think you're more truthful than the dark ones controlling our information. What do you think of the RA material channeled in 1981?
    As far as the rest of today's message I really wonder and somewhat worry how very young children and animals play into this.

  109. Steve Beckow asked Arch. Michael about children and pets yesterday and the answer was:

    Children and pets: Unless you have a pet that is absolutely determined to go with its owner and remain in the third, which is highly unlikely, all the animal kingdom is going.

    Children are innocent and pure, even those who have been abused and hurt. There is a sweetness and a love. Children are going. So don’t worry about them.

    SB: And with their parents, at the same time?

    AAM: Yes, that is correct. This is an exercise of love. And you could not separate families, because it would be heart-breaking!

  110. @Janina: Have a look at what Steve Beckow posted on 2011-06-20
    (The Divine Deadline for Disclosure Has Passed)

    In it, he claimed Arch Michael stated disclosure would happen before the end of 2011.

  111. TO EVERYONE :

    ~~It doesn't matter if we are black or white!!~~ WHOOO!

    I swear someone notable and more respectful than half these bloggers said it? Hm? Know who I mean? *wink*


    Stonez - I'm sorry man. Out of all the comments yours struck me because I have been told over and over my life is at risk due to medical complication however... I chose to fight it. Not to allow the physician to dictate my path; Reality is YOURS. Create it!

    PLEASE look up this woman. She is a cancer survivor (in remission due to her own lightwork education overseas) and she introduced me to my guides, as well as showed me the first steps of a path WHICH WORKED. So long as I adhered to it, my pain levels were reduced and my vitality returned. It's no joke. We can make ourselves better, as all illness is something we have chosen to endure for this purpose; to learn empowerment. It is a facet of love and it likely reflects in your past relationships (theme of empowering self).

  112. To John Buchan.I remember that John and the ride in the spaceship thing that didn't happen.I've just read an article on know-same old shit)by someone by the name of D.C.Vision entitled Parasitic entities-Important info for channelers.I'ld be happy to think that Greg Giles is a copy cat fraud,as Darryl maintains(Hi Darryl).But what if he's really channeling parasitic entities or he's under the influence of mind control.The implications of that are worse.Not just Greg but many other channelers aswell.This bothers me-I must admit.Like the world is being prepped for a faux light scenario.

  113. There is nothing left for us but go forward and believe as the ols does not interest me so much.

  114. This comment has been removed by the author.

  115. I have an honest question that requires a bit of a back story, so please forgive me if it gets a little long.

    As a young man, one of my passions was athletics, most notably Ice Hockey. In all the years I played, I amassed several serious injuries, most serious of which were several (what would be career ending) concussions. As the years began to pass I began to feel the effects from the damage I had done. I was later diagnosed with PCS, or post-concussive syndrome(if you're curious:

    I've been blessed by being born into a family who rather than believe a single dogma, believed there was something to be learned from every experience, religion, etc, so it's no stretch to imagine that I've always been conscious of the fact that a hugely important part of what I am to achieve in this life is to explore as much inward as outward, if not more so.

    Around the age of 19 the anxiety attacks began. Shorty there after, the depression followed. Thankfully I am left with my full cognitive function, but due to the damage that was done, my brain essentially began going into feedback loops of anxiety.

    I've been a observer of the galactic federation of light for some time now, and I have to admit, the tone of your messages has changed.

    My question is simple: Even though I have worked my whole adult life to better myself, to raise my vibration, etc, am I to be left behind to to an actual physical injury? I am fully aware that my anxiety is completely irrational, however physiology is very hard to counteract. I have my good days and bad days, just like anyone else.

    One other comment I'd like to make is again on the topic of how the tone of your messages have changed. i'd like to preface it with saying how deeply appreciative I am for them, however it almost seems as though lately the tone of these messages has been that of a mildly perturbed teacher who is growing impatient with his/her students. Please understand we are a mirror. What were once very exacting messages have now become cryptic and circular. Look into yourself for whatever shortcomings you may see in us at this tipping point.

    If you could be so kind as to reply to me question, i'd be eternally grateful.

  116. @Peter: I completely agree with you. I've been looking into the mind-control techniques used in the messages themselves. Like trying to shame people out of questioning their strings of fake predictions.

    I'm working on setting up a website so we seekers can share info on what's been going on.

  117. Hi Virtue and V. I think he did address avoiding drugs and toxins and mentioned pharmacuticals in this.Are vaccines and pharmacuticals the same thing?I'm not sure.He did also say to keep the fridge stocked with fruit and veg. in a message quite recently.I don't think meet was specifically mentioned but I recall a quote "In the higher realms we would not dream of putting into our vessels some of the things you eat."Not the exact quote but close,and I appologise if it came from another source and not Greg.With regards to meat I found that suddenly quitting and going vegetarian was too much of a shock to the system.A gradual transition is probably healthier.I still eat one meal with fish or fowl and some times red meet myself.I think it's a personal choice,everyone knows what is best for their own bodies based on their own experience.

  118. @Sonorous: sorry to hear you have to deal with PCS. As for your anxiety, we can't consciously raise our vibrations. We can pretend to, but more often than not, it buried our issues deeper into our subconscious. What I'd recommend you is to look into introspective tools. Astro/numerology/Dream Interpretation, etc...

    As for the tone change, you're very right. It's damage control in disguise due to more and more of us pointing out inconsistencies in the messages.

  119. Greetings dear family,

    It is pretty clear that the old most be left behind for it can not enter into a new reality thereby is it of utmost importance to seek your own answers.Inspiring message.
    With all my love to you dear family.Peter

  120. I've known what you telled today from other messages for months, but just today I did really understood what you mean and I thank you for the assistance to get me better. I'll hope I will get contact via telepatic communication again as I did in the start the fact is that I don't know why I can't get contact now.

    Please also send me a kind of message if I didn't was one of them who will help the human beings with project 1, cause I should love to.


  122. To Magdalene. aloha! Are you in Hawaii too? So am I. Saw the word mahalo in your comment. Interesting times to say the least
    Much Aloha

  123. I recently had a conversation with my Higher Self and guides about my doubts and fears on moving forward on my life's path. The following is part of a response made to me, (and for my fellow humans):

    Only you and your undisciplined thoughts hold you back. Watch your thoughts, they can make you, fortify you or undo you. You are allowing them to undo you. Focus. Your thoughts are your compass. Where do you want to go? Your thoughts point you in the direction you are going. Think yourself into being. Your happiness in life is only the sum total of what you allow for yourself. Success is the sum total of your thoughts. Failure is also the sum total of your thoughts. And [the in between of] neither success nor failure is [like] the “schizophrenic” indecision betwixt the “success” and “failure” (said with humor)…. of course, those definitions are also of your own making! This is why it is helpful to take courses, seminars and have life coaches – not to teach you how to be successful, but to teach you how to discipline your thoughts and think like the you you are meant to be!
    Excerpt from: Erivynn's Blog

  124. Thank you Erivynn for your post just now. I appreciate what you had to say! This message gave me a lot to think about all day today. I do want to go in the right direction in everything that I do...I'm working on it! :)

    Thank you again GFL, for another needed and appreciated kick in the butt. You've given me a lot to think about and strive for. I don't want to disappoint My-Self in the end! I am doing this for ME. :)

    Love you, Mrs. Holly J.

  125. Thank you for bringing attention to our baggage that needs to be released. I have been releasing baggage since my awakening but there are still some issues I'm sure that
    Are not quite obvious to me yet or that I need to awaken to that I might need to release. Learning to be un-human is also a challenge since it has been allowed in this 3rd dimensional thinking as a virtue. I also have not felt your telepathic communication lately so I wonder if your still keeping that up. I felt at first I was one of those partaking in the wall building, now I'm not sure. Always enjoy reading these messages. Thank you Greg. Love, Light and Peace Alfred

  126. Merci pour votre message chère famille galactique,
    J'ai bien compris ce message.
    Notre expérience est faite pour grandir.
    Chaque situation est faite pour grandir,donc quelque
    soit la situation je dois être positive!!!
    Je dois m alléger de tous ce qui est inutile .
    C est un travail de tous les fais de mon
    mieux pour le faire.

    PS:dommage qu il n y ai plus de traduction
    en français ce n est pas toujours simple pour moi
    de traduire (il faut souvent de la volonté avec Google traduction )

    Avec tout mon amour

  127. Thank you to the above posters who "re:'d" me after my post of utter frustration, My thoughts are with you all in your struggles. And I have taken note of the references to check on for help.

    It just gets very frustrating to read these GFoL messages that have such a condescending tone lately! One above poster likened it to a smarmy schoolteacher that was so well described I got that "school kid knot-in-my-tummy" just reading it, sigh lol.

    For shame, and just when I was trying, thanks to those uplifting GFoL messages ( AT THAT TIME), to pull myself out of a deep depression which was worsening due to the upcoming televised Olympic Women's Gymnastics coverage. Because at one time in my life, eons ago, that was me.

    At age 15, I was a few mere competitions away from the women's Olympic gymnastics team in 1984 (and yes, Bela Karolyi WAS my coach-I was very blessed to be there in TX training with him and his wife), when I had an accident during practice and landed from 13 feet in the air straight down (and upside down!), onto the back of my neck. Yeah that hurt. Physically and emotionally, having shattered not only my back, but my dream from birth to be an Olympic gymnast. It has taken me 25 years to be able to even watch gymnastics on TV because it hurt my heart too much to see those girls up there and to know I was so close :( It practically killed my overall spirit for good, so now I solely "Live to Love", when I once used to "Live to Love" AND "Love to LIVE".

    Those GFoL messages at that time were so positive, and they gave me hope that I didn't (and now I especially don't) have at that time to wake up and face yet ANOTHER pain filled day, to face my overall broken heart and to finally support the USA team on TV, sigh. Finally, I can watch the sport that I love without falling apart like a basket case.

    Now their recent messages make me feel like I'm being admonished for something that I can't even remember! Or talking to me as if I am slow..."Do you remember? Do you? Do you?!" Sheesh, no, I don't!! How's that for an answer?

    And finding out that I have MS, it made perfect sense to me. Even my children told me, "Mom, you never, EVER slowed down, now God has taken that over for you and you HAVE NO CHOICE!" (smart kids and old souls at that lol). I was taught that lesson pretty right quick. Having been born to be a gymnast and living a large portion of my life upside down, now I can't even walk a straight line! and it kills me.

    But when the tears come for all that I have lost, I look up and smile, and tell God "It's ok, you got this part (walking properly) right?" As for me? I'm just gonna get busy making T-shirts to wear at the supermarket for the awful people who rudely stare at me thinking I just drunkenly fell out of a bar (and I don't even drink lol!), while I stumble around with my extreme vertigo trying to pick up food and not fall down! But I want a T-shirt that blatently says "No, I'm not DRUNK you moron, I have MS!!"

    Now with this thread (post?) almost 2 days later and me taking up all this space with my yakking, I dunno if anyone will even read this, lol, so I'm just putting it all out there-why not lol ;) Sorry for taking up so much space but maybe, just maybe, I can make some people aware and/or smile a little bit if they even read or see reply? But at least the "email to replies" option, if the people who replied to me even read it 2 days later, will let them know that I said Thank You! to them and I appreciate their kindness and suggestions very much.

    So I just wait with great hope (my last and final one) that this will ALL be over come December 22nd for good :) and thanks to all for reading!