Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 8/31/12 ‘Saint’ Vincent

Vincent 'Vinny' Gardiner

Encircling your world and your new reality are the visions and dreams of a new start and a better way, conceived in the womb of your human collective consciousness. Your child that will be born to you as the loving and caring parents will be a child born in freedom, in prosperity, in love, in the warm glow of love and light, of understanding and tolerance, cooperation, community participation, friendship, honor pride, justice, and the better welfare of all of the people of your world who will find plenty of food to eat and plenty water to drink. They will have for themselves plenty of room to breathe and space to live for they and their families. No longer will you be squeezed into a tiny sardine can to live like mice in an aquarium, battling over small morsels to share between each other.

This has been a project, an experiment that many of you longed to experience. You had expressed an interest to journey here to experience just what it is a lower dimensional physical world such as Earth had to offer you and would allow you to learn from it and experience some things that are not available to you in the higher realms of this universe. Some of these things that have been made available here are challenges that do not exist within the higher realms, for in the higher realms we have all that we need and all that we desire. Here in your world there is certainly a lack of just about everything. There is a scarcity that does not exist anywhere else, and it is this scarcity that you have come here to experience for yourself.

Do you understand this? Do you understand that it is this lack that you are experiencing now that you have come here for? It is not as if you have come here for other reasons and you were surprised to find there was such a lack here in this world. This is not how it has occurred, and this is not why you are experiencing a world of lack at this time. Some of you feel that you have come here and found that somehow this world was not what you expected it to be. This is also not the case at all. This world you call Earth is just about everything that you expected, nothing more and nothing less. Great effort was made to give you an idea of just what it was you would be experiencing when you came here. You were given a hands-on preview of this world and even a few portions of your life that you are living now. Each and every one of you knew precisely what kind of body type you would be using to explore this world, and all of you knew what your life and your journey here would entail. None of what you are experiencing now comes as any surprise to you.

You have no recollection of these previews of this world or your life, for now you will just have to take our word for it.  We do not fill your head with lies, propaganda, disinformation or erroneous facts. What we do is make great efforts to paint for you pictures of your reality, to give you clearer and sharper insights into your journey here, your opportunities and choices, and even describe for you some pitfalls that we feel you should at least be aware of if you wish for brighter futures and a smoother path to journey onward. What we do not do is play games with you or trick you. Please understand that we are your brothers and sisters, why would your own family treat you in such a way?

We do not treat you as our kid brothers and sisters either, in many ways you appear to us as our older siblings as you have learned so very much here from your experience, and in many ways you have learned things that we have not been capable to learn as we have not journeyed here, at least this is true for some of us, as there are many members of the Galactic Federation of Light who have indeed experienced incarnations into the physical right here on your home planet. Yes, there are those of us who have lived on your planet in the past, and not all of us that have done so have lived on your planet say, thousands of years ago in your Mayan civilization, or your Roman civilization, or your Greek civilization or any of your Polynesian island civilizations. No, some of us have lived in the modern countries that you live in today.

Some of us have had previous lives in recent decades in the United States and in many advanced countries of Europe. What do you think of that? Does this surprise you, and does this explain to you a little more how our English can be so good and how we are able to use metaphors and word phrases that an American would commonly use? You see, some of us that are sending this message through our channel have lived quite recently in the United States. This should come as no surprise to many of you, as who better to communicate in our channel’s language than someone that has lived before in his same country, maybe even in his own part of the country, as there are different ways that beings who live even in the same country communicate with each other.

What if we told you there was a member of our organization who lived in New York even when Greg lived in New York in this lifetime? What if we told you that Greg may have known him and had been very good friends with him? Would this surprise many of you? Would this surprise you Greg? Would you be surprised to learn that someone that you knew very well and cared for very much and you had very exciting times with is now a member of our organization, and as such he was recruited and added to our team that was to begin communications with you, as who better to assist us in our communications with you than someone who knows you far better than anyone else here?

This is just what we have done, and we have a surprise for you Greg. His name when you knew him when you were friends in New York was Vincent, and Vincent is right here with us at this very moment speaking with you, communicating with you telepathically as part of our collective consciousness that communicates with you in this way. What do you think of that? Do you find that exciting? Do you find that surprising? Do you find that fun? Are you looking forward to seeing Vincent again? He is looking very forward to seeing you and your brother again, and you will reunite with him in the days ahead. How is that for fun and exciting? Does it make so much of what you have gone through and what you're going through worthwhile? We feel it does for you, and we are all very excited to meet you in the flesh, as you say there in your world, and Vincent will attest to that for he knows just how you speak, for you and he held very long conversations when you played in a band together on Long Island.

We play in bands here too. Does this surprise you? We have rock music and metal music and all the kinds of music that you listen to on your planet and even more so, and Vincent too continues to play music here in the higher realms of this universe. What do you think of that our dear friends? Does this surprise you? Does this surprise you that not everything changes so drastically from one dimensional realm to another, that in some cases what we have here is very much alike to what you have there and some of the passions that you have, the things you love to do and enjoy, you will be able to continue to enjoy them after you have made the transition from your lower dimensional world to the higher realms of this universe. If you play in a band or play guitar or sing, this is just one of the areas of your life that you can continue to aspire and to perform, for we love to perform and watch others perform here as well, just as you do our dear friends.

We are your friends and your family here in the higher realms, waiting in eager anticipation for our reunion with you. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.


As channeled through Greg Giles English



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    1. Greg! Im happy to hear that you have a known associate in the higher realms! Can you share how your friend has moved on through to join the GFL? This all seems so amazing to me. If its too personal I understand. Always a great message. Thank you, grateful for every moment life has to offer.

  2. Such a good message!!!! Love the bit about metal you guys, rock on!

    -Ikleenet Ididahdot

  3. Music is spiritual thing.Cant waith to dance with you come suprise me.I am happy for you Greg.

  4. That is incredible, and i am extremely happy for you to hear this Greg. You are a very lucky man. I think one of the key things (among many) that have been shown here is that you were publicly achknowledged, but more than just a thank you and a best wishes like most of the others messages. There was a great portion aimed directly at you, and they talked about your past and your brother, who knows you so well and is still with you. I think that is incredible.

    Galactic Federation of Light: please take note. That kind of recognition is what, i think, is hugely important. I think if us light members were recognized like that would improve our mentality HUGELY. It'd be 100% visual proof you are watching and taking care of us.

    Taking words in only has so much effect, but the Human psyche loves to see things in person or for themselves, no matter how much they respect and believe what they've been told. Imagine it as if you've told someone telepathically that they will be soon meeting with you in person on this earth, somewhere in a field, they'd be absolutely gob smacked, but when it actually came to that day... they would be so happy, amazed, shocked and in absolute awe! You would know the difference inside of them. You would feel it in bounds. You would SEE it.

    That, i think, is very important and could HUGELY benefit people's state of mind and attitude. I cannot see how this would be a security risk either, for you have just called out Greg on a blog post on the site, so i think it's not a problem!

    What do you think Brothers and Sisters? Does this intrigue you? Does t his interest you in helping understand us more, to help us more mentally and with our state of mind? Our vibrations would perhaps raise just from this event!

    What do you think?

    I hope you are all well! I am happy for you Greg. I really am, and i am also very envious and also slightly jealous! ;-)

    With love and light!


    Conan. England.

  5. What a great message for us and for you, Greg! You must be so happy and proud to know that a close friend is assisting the GFL and US from the ships.

    Music is a special passion for many people including myself and I can't wait to perform from a 5D body where everything is working good!

    Love & Light to ALL, Lee

  6. my dear galactic family and greg;

    wow... all i can say is that.. what do you feel Greg? i think about this and i feel so happy. dear galactic family. i wish i would be with you tonight. i am sitting and writing this now and outside is night and sky is clear. and now just now i am looking at sky. do you see? i love you all...

    i probably will write tomorrow to below this message(s) and i hope i write that i made a good contact or connection or meeting with my lovely and beautiful galactic family?

    i send my love to you all and also Greg and universe family and all beings that Allah has created, creates and will create and so on... what an amazing thing that to know more about things that our lovely GFL tell us..

    so i should probably get ready for a beautiful meeting or first contact... love you all ....

    and my GFL please hear my voice and just let me see you at least at this time. i will look at skies now...

  7. Congrats, Greg. You gonna meet your friend again.:)

  8. wow! wish I can know who I was in previous lifetimes.

  9. Dear Galactic Federation of Light,

    Thank You for this message!
    This sounds so good to me and others here on Earth. I think Your music must sound great and it will be a great experience to listen to such wonderful musicians. We are all feeling good and happy to hear about Greg´s friend.
    So let´s go on and do Your work, Lightworkers!

    Yours G. from Mother Earth
    Selamat gajun! Selamat ja!

  10. I just want to say that is awesome, and I'm really happy for Greg to make such a nice reunion like this. Rock on, buddy.

  11. An Amazing message to a Amazing person!!.

    Love and Light to every single being on this beautiful planet!

  12. Wow, I could feel the love through this message. It’s exciting to hear that someone you once knew is a part of the federation, I’m very happy for you Greg. :D

    Another great message that made me feel very comfortable.

    Ashley <3

  13. this is really good news for you Greg i love it thanks for this message very inspiring !!

  14. I want to thank the GFL and the Ashtar command for all the hard work they have done for us. I realize this is a tough assignment not only for galactics but for us too. I can't wait to start working with the Gfl and ashtar again. I've been an awakened Plejeran Starseed since 1996 and I have
    been preparing for this time and awakening people ever since. I am ready to go to work because this is why I came to this hell hole. I came here to assist you guys Come pick me up I'm ready to go to work and I don't care which project it is either O am just eager to get on with my work.
    Namaste! In love and light. Lightworker Johneboy. CYPRESS TX

  15. How cool... So much to look forward to.

  16. Greg, you rarely take a day off from channelling for us and sometimes have to deal with quite negativite comments. Now this makes it all worth while!

    Much love to you!

  17. Great news! I'd love to know, did he pass on and then was reborn with the GFL?

  18. Hmmm, He must have or just disappeared one day...

  19. So, if his soul was born through a GFL family, what could his maximum age be(in Earth years?)...

  20. Think I am going to cry tears of happiness for you Greg! How awesome of a gift? Your friend NOW a part of the bigger picture!

  21. Think I am going to cry tears of happiness for you Greg! How awesome of a gift? Your friend NOW a part of the bigger picture!

  22. Wow, amazing! Speechless! Greg, you must be thrilled!

    Love to all of you,

    Winnie van Dijk

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  24. Hello everyone, thank you for your very kind comments. Vincent, who we affectionately called Vinny, was our close friend, brother and drummer of our band who 'transitioned' at a very young age after a motorcycle accident in Southern California. It is stunningly amazing to learn that Vinny, our 'long lost' but never forgotten brother, has been part of the GFL team sending us these precious messages each morning. Life is so full of miraculous surprises.

  25. Aw that is wonderful greg!=) truely bueatiful.

  26. I am looking forward to meeting my family and friends, from this and my pastlifetimes. God bless.


  27. Independente de qualquer resultado eu só tenho que agradecer, muito obrigado!

  28. What greater reward is there than to be reunited with a close friend? I am crying tears of happiness for you Greg.

    Do you also have angels with wings playing on their harps up there? I have always liked to meet one.

  29. So, this fills in a chunk of the puzzle... The Galactics will use some souls, if they even have a choice, to join them... Or otherwise send the souls to their appropriate place, location, and/or time (such as cabal affiliates)... This is where some channels have mentioned, not directly, that ascending will be say "swift" upon passing... I don't think you will be where you want if you kill yourself, so don't do it!

    So, I think "Vinny" might not be "aware" of Greg, or he has been told of his previous life on Gaia...

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  31. Thanks for a really good message Greg, GFL and ashtar cmd.
    And also GREAT message yesterday. Finally a message where people in their Comments give each other tips On how To help each other spread knowledge of our galactic friends instead of picking On each other.
    This made me decide To start using facebook again after Almost three years of not using it.
    I hope To meet you and vincent in the coming days, as well as my lost friends.

    Light and Love Always

  32. Keshe Foundation has posted thier new FREE ENERGY video. Thanks Greg for cluing us in on his space institute.

    He has sent President Obama his official letter as well. This is very important & we need to surround him in Light for protection. The cabal wants him dead but Light prevails.

  33. That's Awesome! Not surprising either.
    Congratulations to be in touch with your friend.

    Metal in Higher Realms?? Ha! I was thinking everything would be Mozart... He must be up there with them.
    "Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius" ~Wolfy Mozart

    there must be sex in higher realms too. i mean, if there are rock bands then, you know...

  34. Lol Erin1111, sex is one of the things I'm most excited for in the near future!

    1. The_Light:

      :-))) I bet the sex is Better "up" there too!

  35. So loved ones past way can be brought back or is is this different?

  36. Indeed we had not only infiltrated the music but also the movie, the theater, these hidden messages and melodies are planted to assist and trigger for others in missions. These music, and arts, are our great assets and boosters , elegant designed by great minds. Recommend all seek and use them wisely.

    Vincent may not be the most famous one but surely he was very special to you. Congrat Greg~

    I am also looking forward to meet my guardian.

    ~ Time is ticking~
    ~ until I become light, I cannot stop time~

  37. That great news for you Greg, nice show.... I hope it will be my turn soon. Great job....

  38. Jesus your the sweetes name of all.....jesus you lift me up each time i fall woho jesus . This song lyrics reminds me how bueatiful God loves us that words cannot describe. For so long finaly just finaly love everywhere just almost in everycorner love can be restored.

  39. Restored from negavity and sorrow to love and joy

  40. Metal in the higher realms?! My life suddenly makes perfect sense.

    Hope to play a show soon!


  41. I AM SO HAPPY ! I am a signed musician and I have been wondering what will happen with my music. Oh my, I can not even describe how I feel at the moment.
    Much Love,

  42. Wie oft schon habe ich eure Anwesenheit gespürt, wenn ich meine Übersetzungsarbeiten erledige. Wie oft schon ward ihr bei mir, als ich bestimmte amerikanische Phrasen nicht verstanden hatte und ihr mir eure Hilfe telepathisch übermittelt, Lösungen vorgeschlagen habt. Ich bin euch so dankbar dafür und liebe euch, nicht nur aus diesem Grund. Denn ich glaube, dass es wichtig ist, dass auch unsere deutschen Seelen eure Botschaften lesen und verstehen sollten, auch wenn sich einige Inhalte sicherlich fast nur auf unsere amerikanischen Mitmenschen und Freunde beziehen.

  43. wow! what a stunning revelation!

    I can imagine what it means to Greg, learning he's been receiving ongoing live updates from his departed brother... who is now manning his workstation on a GFL Lightship!

    how fantastic is that!! :o)!

    and it's awesome news to learn they're playing rock&roll music in the higher realms!

    (I was a rock DJ for 12 years when I was younger)

    this communication gives me hope that there's also golf courses in the higher realms, and on our Home Planets! golf is the greatest game ever invented by man on this Earth.

    ...unless it was invented... elsewhere?

  44. Ok i just saw three starships and one shot two things out .lol me and my sister were inshocked. I felt your presence. I admit if i dont know if your good which i hope lol id be scared. Right now i smiling big.!

  45. great to hear this, very awesome Greg!!!

  46. sounds very exciting

    sometimes, I get tired of waiting and want movement

    Sometimes, I am at peace and experience connection / partnership with the universe, God, Spirit, High Self, etc.

  47. this is the song you bring to my mind today Greg -

    You know I'm a dreamer
    But my heart's of gold
    I had to run away high
    So I wouldn't come home low
    Just when things went right
    Doesn't mean they're always wrong
    Just take this song and you'll
    never feel Left all alone
    Take me to your heart
    Feel me in your bones
    Just one more night
    And I'm comin' off this
    Long and winding road
    I'm on my way,
    I'm on my way
    Home sweet home,
    Tonight tonight
    I'm on my way,
    I'm on my way
    Home sweet home

    Mötley Crüe
    Home Sweet Home
    Recorded/Released 1991

    I know how you feel, for me the music is MJ but this song is also very beautiful and one that I love, Andrew

  48. Bankers Arrested In Iceland, Ireland, UK, USA, Switzerland, India, France, Russia, Austria...VIRAL 4

  49. Bankers Arrested In Iceland, Ireland, UK, USA, Switzerland, India, France, Russia, Austria...VIRAL 4

  50. Life is sooooo full of surprises and what a wonderful feeling for Greg and Vinny! Enjoy!!!!!! Infinite love, light, peace and gratitude to all our galactic brothers and sisters of the light who work so tirelessly in keeping us motivated to the end line - not long now!!!!

  51. Life is amazing, life is full of fun, hello my friends and family in higher realms, I love you and I mean it.

  52. Great for you Greg. May God bless you.
    Thelightwins thanx for the link, its amazing and most helpful. I am spreading it.

  53. Great for you Greg. May God bless you.
    Thelightwins thanx for the link, its amazing and most helpful. I am spreading it.

  54. and yes i saw something

    i and Greg we were at a spaceship which was really big but all i remember is that. the dream was happened in my sleep and i do not remember all of it. so please Greg can you tell our GFL about a dream which was like a nightmare.. i saw that there were lots of white chickens that had their heads were cut and they were putting themselves to a burning hot tandoori but i was saving them after they jump into it... i continued for a while then i woke up with a big excitement. what does it mean?

  55. شكراً لكم
    ولكن انتم تقولون انكم اخواننا واخواتنا ولكن من جهة الوطن العربي
    العائلات يعاملون اولادهم بمعاملة سيئة لدرجنة ان الشخص يصل لدرجة ان لا يثق بإخوته
    ولكن بالنسبة لي انا أثق بكم

  56. Dear Galactic Friends, Brothers and Sisters,
    What a beautiful message. This morning I fell a little bit down, but after reading this message I am right up again! I am glad for you, Greg and Vincent!
    Wish you all Love, Light and Peace!

    Namaste, Huub

  57. Thanks for sharing the blessings ...

  58. wow.. a real surprise.. i liked your message today. thanks.

  59. Dear GFL and Greg And Vincent,
    What a beautiful and uplifting message today. A great way to start the day. And Vincent, it is so nice to know you are one of the collective. And that you have been here.
    Could you please explain a little how it is different being part of the collective as opposed to being here in the dark of 3D? Another question. When the new earth comes into being fully, will we exist more like (mentally and physically) you do on the ships? I feel that I have some understanding of this, but would like it clarified.
    I am so very fortunate today as I am experiencing the joy and fun of a wedding. This family plays together and loves one another. I have no children so this is a special time for me.
    There can be great joy and beauty here inbetween all the hassel of existing here.
    May each one of you find joy and happiness on this beautiful day

  60. YES,

    Now it makes a perfect sense why MANOWAR sing "The Gods Made Heavy Metal"

    I always new that Rock was a Divine Inspiration

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  62. Oh Greg -- thank you! I really felt this message in a deep way. Being a pianist and keyboard player I really feel connected to you and Saint Vincent.

    I love all forms of music and cut my teeth on J.S. Bach -- Chopin -- Debussy -- to jazz piano -- Andre Previn -- Fats Waller -- Oscar Peterson -- to the Beatles -- the Rolling Stones -- to Sting -- Peter Gabriel -- Circue du Solei -- Ravi Shankar -- rock -- metal -- Bob Dylan -- you name it -- but -- jazz improvisation allows me to channel a spontaneous "story." Not "fiction" but a ...parable... sometimes an allegory.

    I also like to go down to the park and play my dumbec with about 20 others playing various hand drums.

    Somehow -- none of these things you conveyed in this message really surprise me -- but they do bless me deeply. They are my wavelength of appreciation and understanding. I sense your awe -- passion -- profundity -- interconnectivity -- this communication beyond words which we call "music" opened up telepathy for me.

    I did pick up your deep interface with St. Vincent. I understand it and it brought those tears of awe and profundity to my eyes -- not sadness -- although that longing was there too as it always is in this present 3D existence.

    Over time -- I remembered and relearned how to GROK through telepathic interface with my fellow band members -- but also with the emerging energetic interface with the audience -- as I often felt them becoming attuned to the higher frequencies and intentions being conveyed via the music.

    There is nothing in this world more enjoyable to me than this incredible communication.

    Music is a healer for all -- it transcends all limitations and gives real meaning to the term ONENESS -- and it is able to do this through its multidimensional communication -- which is so far above and beyond all human spoken language.



  63. Good Morning Brothers and Sisters.

    What I feel today is nothing but joy and happiness after reading not only the message but the comments as well.

    This message is another affirmation. God The Creator has blessed me with musical talents also. Music IS international, it is the one tool that every Human-Being is able use to comfort, to heal, to inspire.

    For those of you interested here are some of what inspired and still inspires me today: Cat Stevens "Tea for the Tillerman", Huh? "Sweetheart Sweetlight", Bob Marley "The Collection".

    Peace,Love and Happiness Always.

  64. Come on, you call rats, so like to get the reakt like rats. Ask God if you don't know how rats akt. If God knows everything why you ask us? Who's the God for now? If we just are an experiment, you'll know how it ends. If you got so much force so why don't you stop the mindcontroll.
    We got so many Gods here and wrong writings in books, and get maybe mindcontrolled all time, so what do you expect? How should godless rats belive suddently in God? I ask people on streets, they just short sayn, I'm broken, stressed bussy with my life, I read about the lies and see behind the masks, I know a lot is manipulated so I just wait and see what will happened and then I deserve. There are tests for hologramms on earth and (maybe) lot more, so someone got enough money and create a new future, to controll us like they always try to do. It seems some taken always the wrong choice and they maybe just like to get a bit time to chill of the time at after work and that's all. So Gods words just hurting a broken soul, that can't feel love, cause never known about the love of God or simply lost or forgett everything, feels like a very bad joke. What ever you want to get for this experiment, so just your Big Boss (what ever for a God it maybe is) knows, what's wrong in it, cause only God knows everything and see all secrets.

  65. I have a humble proposal for you GFL to solve the problem that people distrust you. I think that everything would work out for the best if you just came down and greeted everyone and talked about where on the Internet you can find credible and reliable information that is guaranteed to come from you and no one else. Distrust is not directed at you specifically, it comes from that there is so much dishonesty on earth. And especially on the Internet where anyone can write anything, it is very difficult to know if a source is credible or not. But if you come down to us and say hello, then there is no doubt anymore. Light and love to you all!

  66. Communicating these links further showing GFL shows on our sky

    Crop Circles made by the GFL

  67. Communicating these links further showing GFL shows on our sky

    Crop Circles made by the GFL

  68. Crop circle showing a seawall?
    Reported 12th August 2012

    1. @The LightWins-
      That crop-circle/starglyph totally looks like it could be a seawall!
      The Asian style water/wave design against the angles.

  69. Therefore there are those perhaps that read this message who are GL members right now currently expressing in human form but are still asleep in this 3D world as to their REAL Self that is very active in the 5th dimensions and higher.

    Good message....thank you.

  70. It's actually amazing....that's why we can't let nobody hold us back...we don't wanna be stuck where we don't want to be. My timelines have begun merging for some time now...but it was REALLY noticeable coming in and out of dreaming this morning...hope yours is great! Bless

  71. Dear GFL and mr.Giles

    Wow,this is indeed surprising.I am perplexed.This grand lesson changes a lot of my perspective.Mr.Giles I believe you are a lucky man with this superior knowledge.Enjoy.Be blessed dear friend.With all my love.Peter

  72. I'm sure glad you affirmed that there is plenty of music in the Higher Dimensions, as I already knew there was. Music in this lifetime feeds my soul and is the expression of my JoY. My parents told me that I was constantly singing and dancing as a child; so joyful that they didn't know what to do with me! Yes, I'm "Maria" in "The Sound of Music!"

    When I read "St. Vincent" underneath the picture, I thought: "Oh, I wonder if this St. Vincent is the one that Josh Groban sings about in Song #9 "Vincent (starry, starry night)" on his first album?, This song is an arrangement by David Foster. Is it? I've always wondered WHO this song is talking about.

    Yes, I DO realize that I created every bit of this life that I'm now living. Realizing this has helped me embrace my shadows and love them, plus has allowed me to thank my perceived "enemies" for being there to help me learn my lessons. It has also helped me forgive myself and others, including those now playing the dark roles.

    As God, I wanted to "loose" myself in my own darkness so I could find myself. The way I choose to do this was in the husband I chose to marry at age 20. He was extremely controlling, plus the church we were involved with was very legalistic and taught that women were subservient to men. I grew up in a German authority-type home; which was a set-up for this marriage and church. At the end of 10 years, I'd lost my identity and before I got totally buried, something INside of me rose up like a savior. When my husband turned to my father to get him to persuade me not to separate, my father shocked me with his words: "This daughter whose hand I gave you in marriage was like the RAY OF SUNSHINE, and now after 10 years, you hand me back an EMPTY SHELL!"

    A while back when journaling about how deeply I was buried and how long it took to dig my way back to the surface, a voice INside said: "YOU did this to YOURSELF! No one did this TO you! You wanted to loose yourself so you could experience finding your TRUE SELF." Also in the very first reading I had in 1992, I was told: "It was very necessary you have had the husband you had, because on a SOUL LEVEL, you wanted to know what it felt like to be totally controlled. You are a very powerful soul, and you wanted to teach yourself not to treat others this way after being on the receiving end of such control."

    I AM looking forward to my future of experiencing the goodies and fun of the 3-D world without the pain, duality, time, polarity, etc. I can hardly wait to BE totally there, as I AM already experiencing some of that and it feels GREAT !!!

    Thanks for the encouragement! Much loving support to all of you and your ships, too. I wave and talk to the "STAR SHIPS" that are above my house every night. And I WILL do more to expose more people to your presence and why you are here. THANKS SO MUCH! My DEEP LOVE and APPRECIATION !!!

  73. You brothers and sisters who write these posts here why are you so egocentric?
    Most of mankind on this earth suffers every second and you write about yourself for who? For yourself, for your ego, for GFL?
    Are you still waiting for the GFL to come and to do the work for us? Please, it's time to wake up now and get out of the illusion and begin to make a concrete work for our brothers and sisters around the world and for ourselves. Greg Giles has conveyed from GFL many promises, and these promises have not been fulfilled.

    Peace, Light and Love

  74. I just want to say that this message had been for me the very important, well there are a lot of message importants, but this one, makes me so much happy because I play in a band of rock, and i love the music, also the animals, but for me know that in the ascencion worlds i can keep playing music thas its beautifull, I must say thanks for the creator for allow that. I hope see you soon there and listen and learning more :)

  75. Etre300646, "Gilles GREG recruiter of the Galactic Federation of Light (FGL).
    But why would we need we store your hypothetical projects help, support ... as well as to ensure better comfort (like music on earth!) In what is our present everyday? Remember, dear brothers and sisters of the FGL that our future can not be limited to consider living in your vessels. We do more grandiose in these moments of reclaiming our divine sovereignty. Our quest is spiritualization, the transcendence of our human condition low, melting in love with our Father / Mother / God our learning dimensionality ... cross our immersion in the Absolute. When 'caterpillar' we will finally become 'butterfly' our evolutionary path in search of our Father / Mother / God, may we choose to join you as experiential. But later! Nanosecond (scale of eternity) that separates us from our phenomenal quantum leap for us individually. There is no time to love ourselves, thinking to himself, to shine our light, assimilate and integrate all the great energy that we receive and on which the success of our transition to the higher worlds. This is our own nanosecond ... so respectful and loving we can be to you, our heavenly family you ... one thing at a time. If you have the means to facilitate our ascension test, do it! If the Company of Heaven you responsible for carrying out a part of the Divine Plan on our ascent (disclosure, first contact with us, able to help and support the needy ...): Do it! But you know that, with or without your active participation in the implementation of the Divine Plan it runs and runs in its totality and perfection. Personally I do not know all the different strategies fact that multiple channeling gorge and we drunk all the time, and I am steadfast in my belief in the Divine Plan that I know infallible. Brothers and Sisters of the galactic FGL I love you from the bottom of my heart ... but let me alone for that nanosecond, thank you. Etre300646

  76. It d o e s surprise me that you guys listen to metal ? Like Dodheimsgard ? I can't believe that ? I can h a r d l y believe that !

    Like Vulture Industries ? The singers are like beasts -you know the beast energy- that are screaming in the mic(rophone)

    And then I haven't eaven mentioned the lyrics and what is being promoted behind all of their phrases ...

    Black Light Burns, i like somehow ? Because there's a beat to it maybe ? Not very common to find rythm in metal music. Right ? The voice of the singer and guitars here are even okay to me. Now if it would have different lyrics.... I might even like it, one day :p Who knows ?

    Necrophobic Nifelhel : i like. Have you read the lyrics of The Throne Of Souls possessed by that very same Metal group ? :p

    You see why I struggle to believe that you guys listen to Metal ? :P

    Just figured out why I kind'a like Black Light Burns. They're from California. Where they fluoridate the water. Can't have too much aggressiveness there ! :p

    No, they can't match up to Swedish bands, or those from the northern atmosphere :p

    I am convincing myself right now, that you listen to a different kind of metal. With different lyrics. With different vibrations. With sweeter sounding voices, instead of the growling.

    Correct me if I'm wrong. :p

  77. The Russians are very good too at it. Can't doubt that. [Cold as ice][Cold as steel][Deprived from fuzzy warm feelings since early childhood][Rough way of dealing and interacting with eachanother based in their upbringing and culture]

    hence the Russian funeral doom metal band Abstract Spirit [To Kiss the Emptiness] Check the lyrics again And the 'voice' of the singer

    I'm playin' I know there must be somewhere, somewhere hidden far frm the human eye, s o m e nice russians out there. It's just that I haven't met them yet. I guess. Oh that's not true. I had two nicer Russian women at my cash desk once. Don't generalize.


  78. When I read that some of you among the Galactic Federation of Light, I immediately had to think of Matthew Ward who is now being channeld by his mother.
    But I thought, and you may laugh about this, that somehow you are just able to understand all languages. But I must say, that I did think about who well English is written and I thought that Greg is just doing an amazingly good interpretation of what you say to him.

    I have just read this message again, and I can help smiling again with a realy big smile on the part of 'Vinny'. How nice to find this out, what a joy to you Greg! I can imagine how you feel.

    It does not surprise me that you play in bands too, but Metal???? I like some hard rock, but not all. It is so much noise and especially Metal... I thought that kind of music would not be played in those higher realms. Hahaha, well, I think there will be more 'surprises' [big smile].

    I know one thing though: I will continue to dance, I knew that already of course and that is the reason that I continued dancing here in 3D. I was thinking of quiting because of the money (...) but I wanted to take this with me after ascension. Of course I could pick that up again, but it is to nice to do, so I just started again after the holidays.

    This was a wonderful message, especially for you Greg :)

    Love and light to all, GFL and Greg.

  79. Wow Greg, Vinny came back to you. I wonder what you guys used to talk about? You obviously had a major connection with our spacefamily then. This is a truely beautiful reunion with a lost friend from the past who was never forgotten and never forgot about you either.
    He knew you would be one to forge through and create a blog to inform those interested. Really cool! Blessings!

  80. Wow Greg, Vinny came back to you. I wonder what you guys used to talk about? You obviously had a major connection with our spacefamily then. This is a truely beautiful reunion with a lost friend from the past who was never forgotten and never forgot about you either.
    He knew you would be one to forge through and create a blog to inform those interested. Really cool! Blessings!

  81. This comment has been removed by the author.

  82. Wonderful message Greg,and I'm so happy to hear that you found out about your dear friend, Vinny! Life IS full of extraordinary, miraculous surprises! Thank you for sharing with us the story of how Vinny passed on, and how important he is to you!

  83. Well, a lot people don't know what family means, cause they don't have a good family. And not everyone talks english, as a motherlanguage. So most men will be happy to got metal music, wow. Good luck for your mission.


  85. Meine Lieben, ich kann mir gut vorstellen, dass ich hier unbedingt inkarnieren wollte, und dass ich für dieses Experiment bereit war. Das ist die eine Seite, die andere, dass ich eigentlich doch nicht inkarnieren wollte, jedoch dann bereit war, um zu unterstützen. Irgendwie fühle ich in mir so eine starke Verbundenheit zu meiner Familie, und dass ich sie eigentlich im ersten Schritt nicht verlassen wollte, hier sehe ich meine Mutter vor mir, mit der ich den Vorgang besprochen habe. Ist das richtig? Ich glaube das sofort, dass Vincent ein Freund von Greg in New York war, und dass Vincent heute zu Greg spricht. So funktioniert das doch auch. Ihr seid nicht so weit von uns entfernt. Ich fühle das. Dass Ihr Rockmusik und Metalmusik spielt hätte ich nicht gleich gedacht, doch es passt sehr gut. Warum auch nicht. Das ist sehr lustig und interessant. Wir leben ja und drücken uns aus. Ich freue mich jetzt sehr auf Euch. Ihr seid wagemutig und habt einen Abenteuersinn. Das sehe ich und das liebe ich. Also können wir sehr viel zusammen erreichen und umsetzen. Es kann losgehen. Meine Freunde und meine Familie, in Liebe und auf ein baldiges Wiedersehen. Magdalena Sherin

  86. I envy you Greg. WOOOW !!! What a surprise that must been. I’m even a little jealous about all that “Divine attention” that you have. Makes me feel not important, left out. Why? Because I never care much about anyone, I’m a selfish man thinking only about me & my ascension and my little problems here. I never had long conversation with anyone about life ….I have much difficulties being friend with people, even worst with women has I had no girlfriend for a long time now. Being a bit a victim here of my own choices. When I’m with others, I have to be the center of attention, if not, it’s boring! I have to be the funniest one, the most beautiful, the loudest, the most articulate, intelligent, etc.…if I’m not, I want to leave, smoke pot and dream those stupid,immature “Superman Syndrome” childish fantasies I carry inside, so that I don’t feel the inadequacy outside.

    It’s not a good morning for me today …… Woke-up piss off ‘coz of the neighbor’s dog that barks all the fucking time… can I deal with this? Tolerance? Acceptation?

    You see I compensate with those inside-fantasies what I feel is “wrong” with me outside. And this outside is what others send me with their vibes and looks. Some self-pity here isn’t? That’s ok, this is what I live today. Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel better about myself. But today Greg has the attention and the love…you see…..very immature & childish way of thinking from me.

    How can I ascend with such thoughts?

    When I talk about the GFL or Ashtar or space ET’s, people look at me like if I’m an idiot trying to get attention with this. They gave me looks that makes me feels so …. different, alone, stupid, crazy, not to be with, etc.

    Enough about this victimisation
    ….Let’s move on ….

    I’m glad I’ll be able to continue my oil painting in 5D. I’m painting Gaia (She’s SOOOOO beautiful I couldn’t resist Her) , maybe I can paint Her when She’s in 5D. I can even make a show once, with the 3D paintings next to the 5D painting…just a thought. But others paint so much better than me, maybe they should do that show. Anyway…..

    “Please understand that we are your brothers and sisters, why would your own family treat you in such a way?” – Well that’s because my own family does it to me here, so I project that up-there! Lack of faith here? Or lack of Love? Lack of understanding maybe? Or maybe I forgot so much how it could/can be THAT beautiful with you. It’s hard to believe that it can be that beautiful when it’s so ugly sometimes here.

    So I’ve stop the pot ….AGAIN !!!! I have two (2) days. Also have to stop the cigarettes too in the next days or so. Fells like I’m going around & around here…..

    Not a good morning at all ……I want to smoke pot…..get stone-up & dream and not feel this solitude, lack of recognition, sadness inside……

    I thought I said enough about this victimisation ……Let’s move on.

    What do you want to talk about?

    See next comments for follow...

  87. I want to start something here; I’m a Lightworker with a mission. But can’t do anything except meditate & stop smoking! Fuck ! Feel so powerless…I want to contact a reporter here, that I believe is searching for the truth and explain to him all I know: about the Cabals arrest, the GFL, Ashtar Sheran, the Love you guys are, why you here, the help/assistance you can provide, that you are not here to save us, the reason we all started this experience here, etc.
    So that he can publish this in a popular newspaper here and get people’s attention on this. Slowly !
    What do you think? Can I do this? Do I need some kind of permission? I’m I aloud to? Should I wait after ascension? Before ascension? Maybe that’s not my mission to do this, someone else with more knowledge, experience, maturity, more love, more unity with Life, should be doing this. I don’t know ….

    Maybe if I meditate more I can get some kind of answer….
    I don’t know.

    I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know….i feel so shitty today…..
    It’s on a time like this that I make a phone call for you know what ……Maybe Mike can give me a hand on this….unless not. It’s up to me. I know that. Thanks Mike anyway ….

  88. Dear GFL,
    Jean and I really enjoyed this message and I am so pleased that we will be able to play music after ascension.
    I have always wanted to learn to play Guitar, but with this body, have never had the natural cordination, it seems odd because I enjoy music so much.
    I am 63 years old and grew up really enjoying the instrumental rock band, "The Ventures". I really enjoyed the music they created in the mid 1960s, the Album "The Ventures In Space". I use to imagine going out into space to the stars while listening to the album. One of my favorite songs that the Ventures played was, "Journey To The Stars. I know Mel Taylor their drummer has pasted on as well as Bob Bogle, I am looking forward to meeting them after ascension and I hope to get very pro-efficient at playing the guitar and having the chance to play with the Ventures.
    We are so excited to meet all of our galactic brothers and sisters and it is so wonderful that some things in 5D are enjoyed as we have done in the 3rd Demension.
    Thank you for a wonderful message.
    With much love for our Galactic family,
    Steve & Jean

  89. Waking up and meeting family members from past lifetimes, here on earth, inner earth, in our solar system and throughout the Universe is exciting, joyous, loving and sometimes stressful. Part of waking up is meeting and renewing past relationships and integrating them all into my life. Love is always the key to success. God bless.