Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 8/19/12 ‘The Ultimate Movie Night’

Counteracting so much negativity and ill feeling in your world is the work of those of the light. Those who consciously work for the light for good, for freedom, for prosperity, for peace, for love, for global and universal cooperation, and those who perhaps unknowingly work for the light, but they too play an important role in your affairs and the dawning of your new age of light. Not all of you would be considered Lightworkers, for not all of you have come here for the same reasons and from the same places. There are many of you here, and almost as many different reasons why you are here at this time.

Not everyone plays for the same team, not everyone has the same goals in mind, the same future in mind for your world. Some that are here are here for reasons that concern none of this, and therefore should be left alone to their own devices, left to their own reality, for it is not our right, task or responsibility to come to them and pull them out of the confines of their reality. It is their dream just as much as you are living and experiencing your dream. Let them be. Let them live the way they planned for themselves, for they have different lessons to learn, different outcomes they wish to achieve through all of this and it would not be fair to inhibit them in any way from reaching their own goals, their own destinations, just as it would not be fair for someone to not allow you to reach your goals and your destination.

We hope that you can understand this, and even if there are close friends and family who you wish to awaken to join you on your journey that you feel is so invigorating, enlivening, exciting and important, remember that simply because they are your loved ones means not that they are on the same journey as you, as many of you will learn soon in the days ahead, not everyone is going to the same place after the curtain closes on this grand performance. This will all become clearer to you once you regain eyes of a greater perspective. For now it is as if you are inside a bottle trying to read the label on the outside. It is impossible, and for us to explain to you what the label reads on the outside of your bottle would not be fair to you in many ways. It would shorten your journey, and it would make your journey less rewarding and less important. It would lesson so much of what you are gaining and achieving here and we will not do that, for we are not here to take away any part of this for you, we are here to add to it, to enhance it, and that is what we set out to do each and every day.

Allow us to continue to enhance your journey by sharing with us your feelings as often as you can through your comments beneath our messages. When you share with us your inner feelings, your questions, your opinions and your outlooks we can more adequately surmise what it is you wish for yourselves and we then will gather together in our great meeting halls and discuss between ourselves how we can best deliver to you what is you are making clear that you wish to experience. Do you understand now that is why we wish so much for you to share your comments beneath our messages? We are acting on what you are saying. We are responding to your calls, your wishes and your thoughts in this manner. We are here to serve, and this is how we are accomplishing this task.

We do not read your minds, we say again for those of you who think that you cannot or it is not necessary for you to openly share your thoughts with us through the comments fields beneath our messages. We say to you we do not know what it is you want and wish to experience if you do not share your words throughout your online communities. This is how it has been agreed that we would communicate with you. Both parties involved, we and those of you who would be traveling here on this journey, came to the conclusion this was the most appropriate, most efficient and easiest way to communicate, and is it not? You do not have to concern yourselves with gaining telepathic abilities or sharpening your telepathic skills. You do not have to concern yourselves if you missed or are missing our telepathic communications to you, as we are simply reading your words and you can be assured that we are acting on them. It is no more complicated than this.

For those of you who believe that we have no technological capabilities that would allow us to access your Internet from our dimensions, we say to you we have technological capabilities that will appear even to 21st-century humans more as magic, as miracle, and accessing your Internet which has wireless capabilities even in your 3rd dimensional world is, to coin a phrase, child's play, and for anyone to think that we have not been able to master this capability of monitoring your Internet we say to you what would lead you to this conclusion? Do you not see our ships in your skies, multidimensional in nature, often of tremendous size and blinding speed that can circle your globe in minutes and disappear from your reality at will? You see this. We know there are many of you who do. There are just as many of you who do as do not, and we say to you we are surprised that there would be those of you who would think that a task as minimal and as simple as accessing your Internet would be beyond our capabilities and imagination.

We possess tools of technological achievement that will take your breath away in some cases, and we are so eager to show you and even share with you some of these technologies. Many of these technologies have been designed by beings from worlds all throughout this universe for one purpose and one purpose only, and that purpose is not war, is not conquest, is not destruction, is not to protect borders and is not to induce fear, but to better serve the beings who call this universe their home. These technologies were conceived, designed, constructed and delivered to ease the burden of what beings must do to survive, to play, to prosper and to better enjoy and explore their universe. Considering this, that we spend so much time, effort, energy and focus on devising technologies to achieve these purposes, can you possibly imagine what it is we have come up with to better the lives, ease the lives and to make lives more enjoyable for beings all throughout this universe?

We have ‘toys’, if you will, that will delight you, that will excite you, that will stimulate your minds, your hearts and your lives, and we are so excited to share these with you. Some of our technologies have been designed and implemented purely for fun, purely for amusement, enjoyment and excitement. Some of these have to do with entertainment, and our entertainment is slightly different than your entertainment. We do not put too much emphasis on filmmaking and film watching, for there are greater participation activities that we indulge ourselves in, meaning, why sit in a theater and watch a film of say the battles of the War of 1812 or a film of the history of your Roman Empire when you can physically and literally visit that period and live it for yourself just as if you jumped right into a movie screen, and leave that movie whenever it is you wish if things got a little to hectic or what one may consider dangerous, or simply became not as exciting and it was time for you to move on to a another ‘film’, if you will, and leap into that one.

Would that interest you dear ones? Would that stimulate you and motivate you a little more than going to a movie on a weekend night and sitting in a chair and watching actors portray historical figures from your past, or would you like to meet these historical figures and listen to him or her give a speech, lead an army or save a life? This is what we have for you, and for those of you who will be enjoying some of these technologies and journeys such as this in the days ahead we say to you hold on to your hats, for you are in for the greatest picture show you have never seen.

We are your fellow moviegoers of the Galactic Federation of Light.

As channeled through Greg Giles English - Spanish - Brazil - Bulgarian - Croatian - Dutch -German - Greek - Hebrew - Polish - Japanese Portugal - Romanian - Russian - Slovenian -Swedish - Traditional Chinese - Hungarian French Turkish


  1. Wow. As a complete movie nut, this is incredibly exciting! Thank you Greg and the GFL. I totally am excited about our near future!

    In love and light. :)

  2. Hi there,

    I was just in the bath, when I got your telepathic communication. I was quite surprised really seeing as I have been a bit critical of your channel.

    Anyway, before I agree to your kind offer of being the first to ascend I need answers to some important questions to enable me to decide.

    1. If I ascend in a body, is there water on this new earth. (I love water you see.)

    2. I also love coffee. Can you provide a list of shops where I can purchase stuff.

    3. I quite like to keep up to date with my friends, so will I have a phone line, perhaps facebook, skype, so I can keep in contact?

    4. You say you have a place for me when I agree to TRAVAIL to the new earth, do I have a choice of houses, because I quite like the one I have.

    5. This leads to my garden. I have spent so much time getting it just right I would really like it to come with me.

    6. Is there television shows, I really like coronation street and even eastenders, would hate not to see if Roy picks Haley or not.

    7. I also like the occasional trip to the seaside, so would I have a car, or are there trains and buses?

    8. I enjoy a bit of cheese as a treat, and the occasional lager, is that still possible? Is there a range of shops? I really need some new tops.

    Anyway, I lost the signal when I rinsed my hair, so this is the only way to get an answer.

    Hope to hear from you as soon as possible.

    Love and light xxxx

    1. Sounds familiar haha! You copy pasted your last comment to this one.

      Sadee Knows IS A CABAL DRONE.


      Love & Magic is in the air!
      Love Love Love
      Light Light Light!!!!

  3. Sadee knows SQUAT! What a joke you are! You need to be raptured over the knuckles, if you ask me.

  4. To heaven only knows

    So, you think that the ascencion is not real. And that they would not ask me?

    Why on earth not? I have been a lightworker for over 30 years my dear. Have they not asked you to TRAVAIL yet, is that it?

  5. I feel so disconnected most of the time. I wish I could experience more connectivity, and more energy.

    1. Blessings Zen!
      Sometimes that feeling of not being connected can be from the mind getting in the way. Meditating is crucial to re-connecting & it's hard to do if u don't have the energy So...
      Check out Holosync. I've used it for years, amazing. The binaural beats actually force the brain into alpha/theta/delta. You'll start reconnecting no matter what.
      My fellow Holosyncers include many of the top self-help-guru's; yogi's from India; intellectuals...

      I've had numerous experiences including inter-dimensional & ET during my daily 1hour Holosync sittings.
      Just You, headphones & a CD. that's it!

      Love & Light

    2. Ken-
      Did you catch that? I typo'd your name as ZEN.
      there are no accidents, friend.

  6. I feel so disconnected most of the time. I wish I could experience more connectivity, and more energy.

  7. Lol i like all that was mentioned here. But cmon going to the movies still is yea i like both. My dream is to get my characters to the movie screen in such an awesome way that people love it. I respect the gfol of there way of entertainment. It sounds interesting. I would like to see it.but going to the movies the traditional ways is also fun =) imean gfol if you seen movies from peoples imaginations including alot of films released this year it inspires people. But yea sounds interesting

  8. So, thanks for answering my questions. Will consider your offer carefully.

    I have to say though, that some of the negative comments from others desperate to ascend sort of puts me off. I will be available to communicate in about 5 minutes.

    Talk to you then.

    Love to you all xxxx

  9. Sadee Knows. I need help. I want to ascend too. Where did you guys source all this information? How did you verify its authenticity? What makes your word and sources more believable than Mr. Giles'? I don't want to be caught again like I was with religion.

  10. You are the ones that awaits me not the movie ffw please.
    Send you peace and love Greg&all come

  11. GFL, I wish to see you and or your ships. Pls find me. I don't get out late but am out during the day...pls find me...I am trying so hard to remember ...

  12. I smiled when I read this, its sounds so wonderful <3
    I fully know that even close friends and familie may not ascend, just because its not theyre time and they want and need to learn something else. My hearth only feels love towards them cause in the end they will stand beside me and we can laught togheter.

    If I ever got the question: hi, would you be interesting in ascending now/in some hourse?
    My answer would be: Yes dear one, I feel Im ready <3

    I have learnd so much this past few weeks too. First I tryed to find myself but realized that I instead needed to find out who I wanted to be. By doing that I found myself.
    I want to be in love and light - to help others in ways I can help.
    I want to be happy and make others laught in yoy <3
    I want to live in a world where everyone respect and help eachother. Where no fear for other creature exist. Where children can play and have fun outside. Where we all live in harmony with mother earth.

    And I see creatures in my mind that others would claim as fairy tails ore even some that you never will find in a book here on earth now.
    I see all of us living in harmony on a blue and green earth that are the most beautyful planet in the galaxy.

    Love & Light from me to all creatures...

  13. all galactic star people of the light have my fullest and unconditional support,,,,yes i have doubts but i hope they are countered by my unreserved LOVE for a fulfilled outcome for Gaia and all beings involved in this crazy evolutionary period.

    Cosmic Love, we ARE energy, which we know as LOVE.


  14. Our new world sounds completely amazing. And they have told us that everything we love and care about will be there for us but better than we can now imagine. I truly am ready to ascend. I just hope to see the love of God enveloping all of us, easing our burden and bringing us unlimited Joy! I am truly ready for the end of duality and the beginning of the Golden Age of Light!

  15. Well my love, I would suggest that you quiet your mind completely. Stop trying to contact anyone, they will contact you. I was asked to TRAVAIL in August last year and I said no way. I could ascend now if I wanted to, but I feel my place is right here on this planet, my home. I too was caught by love and light, aka religion etc. It is about balance actually. The light and the so called dark. My experience has been, well, indescribable. We will all ascend, no one will be left behind. That is not the way it works. Before we do though, we have to clean up this planet.

    About Giles, well, he is doing his best. The people he gets on this site are those who are not interested in delving deeper but do want to help. Horses for courses. The GFL are just one of many ET races, some to help and some to stop us and some just to observe.

    The energies coming to earth do it for you eventually anyway.

    1. To Sadee: ...and will include everyone else who has no idea anything is up... that's the ascension process I know about... the energies coming in will do the trick

  16. Hello GFL,

    I read about this technology years ago in a book called "cave of the ancients" by T Lobsang Rampa
    I was very young at the time and hooked on his books.
    I think a still have all the books he ever wrote.

    So I know of the technology you speak about and can't wait to experience it for myself.

    I am interested in knowing what an average day in the life of a GFL member is like? i.e. how long do you work, do you sleep, shower, eat, drink, take the trash out etc, etc


  17. I only wish to fulfill my intention; that is my requested reward. I ask for immediate involvement to assist in the disclosure of our Family to those in need of assurance. These things I ask in the name of the Righteous Light; Lord of all that is gracious and of Love.

  18. 你好,光明银河联邦

  19. dear greg giles and galactic federation of light
    i want to ask u a question .. if we want to contact with the galactic federation of light and with outside creatures and talk with them .. we must have a long hair ???

    and thank you very much
    hope you will answer soon :D

  20. YES YES YES!! That sounds absolutely incredible! Absolutely amazing! This world and the people of earth NEED this! The excitement and emotion they would experience would be beyond imaginable! I would love this so much! I would love to be wherever i want and imagine up places and stories and be a part of them! Absolutely incredible! Perfect, brothers and sisters! Perfect! I welcome it 100%! I cannot wait!

    I hope you are all well, and hope to see you soon! Thank you Greg and Brothers and Sisters of The Galactic Federation of Light for today's message!

    With love and light!


    Conan. England.

  21. How am I feeling? Well I feel amazing and can feel the feeling of awakening. But I am also facing some major opposition from those I love. My partner on earth is the most beautiful woman inside and out. She has created so much beauty in her life and risen above so much. She has been a spiritual seeker throughout her life. However, she is going through some deep cleansing. She is releasing something huge I think. While she does this it feels like I'm her worst enemy. Everything gets projected on me when she goes into her anger state. The things she says don't even make sense. However, when she comes to her senses she is deeply apologetic, incredibly loving, and shines so bright. I am trying everything I can to pour love on her with sincerity and authenticity despite the words that come out of her mouth towards me. I think I'm doing a good job. The hardest part is really observing my own heart during these attacks. I'm fighting to give love and encouragement without going to a self righteous place. When have tried to give her advice she can take it as self righteousness. I love this woman so much and I feel like my purpose outside of my own ascension is to help her just by being with her and shining the light through her times of darkness. It's hard to watch someone you love suffer so much and blame you when all you are trying to do is help. It's comparable to when I watched a family member die of cancer. They were in so much physical pain but there was nothing I could do but hold there hand and let them know I love them.

    I'm willing to leave but only if she asks me to because I don't feel right abandoning her. She is so precious and is doing such amazing work for the light in the world. Right now she seems lost and I can't reach her. I'm spending a lot of time in meditation praying for her and sending her light because that's all I feel like I can do right now.

  22. I enjoy listening/reading your communications that paint a picture of higher dimensions, say what we have to look forward to, describe how beautiful and joyous life is to be, and other super positive stuff like that. I'm not particularly interested in the goings-on of the dark or when we'll finally reach disclosure, ascension, or whatnot. It's gonna happen eventually. What I see as helpful for me is to read things that uplift me and further the cause of increasing the light quotient and spreading the light, namely positive messages.

  23. Another way of breaking the ice of disclosure is to send healing chambers and assigning a person or two to man each one of it. Send these chambers on Earth and install them on every nations/country. There are so many people who are sick who badly needs help all over the world.

    I have heard that the people of hollow earth do have healing chambers that can heal any kinds of sicknesses, diseases, bring back lost limb etc. I am sure you GFL also have a technology very similar to this.

    If this kind of feature is introduced to the surface world, this will surely dazzle the world.
    As the news about you will spread like wildfire! Not by the use of mass media but by the word of mouth.

    If you recall during the time of Jesu/Sananda he actually was able to create a gathering of large crowds by his healing ministry. It was very effective as the news about him spread automatically without the use of the press/media.

    Even today theres a lot of people who can directly benefit from this kinds of healing devices. And when the world will find out the news about this and shared to them by their fellow men then this will further ease and help in disclosure efforts as an added introduction about you the GFL and all the other star systems who are present in the skies.

    The healing chambers can calm their fears about ETs and make them realize that you are here to assist and help us Earthlings.

    Either inside or outside the healing chambers you can place some posters with messages to introduce your self and you can even tell them right away that you have come from far away from other planets and even from other Galaxies. And when they found out that they can be healed instantly, free of charge, then that can be a good way of gaining their trust and win their hearts. Tell them that you are about to land 'soon' in a not so distant future and will be assisting us.

    With this you will not only spread the news about you quickly but also they will get the impression that you are not here to invade us as portrayed in most of the films/movies made the last few decades. And that you are friendly group of beings who genuinely care for us.

    This chamber can either be a small space ship itself or just a small room; either square or rounded. But I suggest you try different versions that some are equipped with force field - just in case in the event when there are some bad intentioned government who would want to dismantle it. The force field will protect the chamber or the craft. And also use a material and engineering that is not yet used in this planet. So that people will be convinced that indeed this assistance did really came from another world. A world who came here to reach out to help and assist as you are the long lost family of humanity on Earth.

  24. Thanks for sharing this today! Lately, the messages passed down have actually made me feel a little disenfranchised, for what reason, don't know yet, but I can imagine that I should do some work to find out why, haha. Anyway, my point being that today's message for whatever reason lifted my spirits higher than they have been in quite some time... Again, I don't know why, but I'm feeling the excitement I felt when I first heard about and discovered these messages from you, our family. Thank you for today's message and whatever it was that got my excitement back today, if you know what it was/is, keep it coming!

    With much love, appreciation and gratitude for all that you continue to provide us with here on earth every day (words of wisdom, assistance etc etc), I am humbled by each and every one of your words that graces my days...


  25. I can feel every cell in my body, I'm so excited. I love you and appreciate all. I know that truth, love, compassion, honor, dignity, sincerity, authenticity, love, joy, knowledge, empowerment, freedom, forgiveness, love, beauty, satisfaction and gratitude will be in my new world, wherever it may be. Let's have some fun!

  26. I can feel every cell in my body, I'm so excited. I love you and appreciate all. I know that truth, love, compassion, honor, dignity, sincerity, authenticity, love, joy, knowledge, empowerment, freedom, forgiveness, love, beauty, satisfaction and gratitude will be in my new world, wherever it may be. Let's have some fun!

  27. Dear GFL

    speak on Russian...

    Вы немного не романтичны...
    Вы не умеете фантазировать?

    Мы люди, мы можем что-то изменить в себе.
    Но, мы хотим сохранить некоторые традиции!
    Принимать гостя, значит принимать семьёй, За столом и угощениями - обсуждать детали.

    Примите это к сведению! Мы далеко не такие как все! И разговор вы там в "клетке", а мы тут полностью свободны - это не общение.
    Некоторые из людей очень мудры, и любовь многое значит в их жизни. Потому они многогранны и не следует смотреть на нас однозначно, даже на тех кто вами по каким-то причинам недоволен!

    Вы знаете о 7 лучах? Я назвал их как:

    1. Воля
    2. Любовь
    3. Исцеление
    4. Восстановление
    5. Цельность
    6. Очищение
    7. Мудрость

    Это примерно и сходится с тем, что мы хотим в как минимум...
    До встречи, буду писать ещё, whiteinternet из России...

  28. 你好,光明银河联邦
    我有个问题关于扬升。 这篇文章说真正的转型过度将发生在2015年前后,是真的吗?从2012年12月21日开始,扬升将发生多久?谢谢

  29. So we would leave the low energy vibration of this reality where war and carnage are manufactured for our enslavement, then in the higher realms we would go back in time to watch the "battle" as entertainment.You have got to be kidding-no thanks,although Erin1111 could watch Christians being fed to lions so at least she'ld be happy.

    1. LOL!
      Well, my lower self would quite enjoy that because then we could get the REAL message of Jesus out to the world.

      My real Self though, she wants to jump into positive sci-fi movies like Contact & STrek, maybe a few Jane Austin based flicks...
      I'd prolly jump in & stop the guys that killed Ghandi & Dr Martin Luther King as well.

      Fun AND Love & Light Light Light!!

    2. Normally, I stay away from "issues", but this isn't NORMAL. This posting contradicts all the others I read IN THE LAST TWO DAYS. This post is only under-handedly responding to the negative comments.
      There is NONE OF THIS BICKERING, ONLY GRATITUDE, THOUROUGH EXPLANATION...AND SURELY I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST GREG BUT THIS IS JUST UNCOMFORTABLE IN A TIME WHEN WE'RE encouraged by everyone else to balance our Selves and emotions in love/high frequencies. THIS BICKERING, not cool at all. Smh...bless and be blessed

  30. Wow my Family from the stars, just amazing to live in this shining fun, mysterious adventurous World. I will be right at home here amongst our beautiful tranquil lakes and beaches, forests and mountains, gardens and halls of learning. As a former Spiritualist medium this was what I looked forward to after 'death', but now its a whole new ball-game! Also love Retreats, so I want to get all the Retreats needed to nurture me on every level.

    Please GFL work with the Tachyon materia pendants I faithfully wear, and crystals too to help lift my spiritual vibrations ever higher. Help me to merge my personality/mind/story with my Higher Self/Soul permanently. This additional help from you will be gratefully accepted with my whole being. Ascension is claiming me with your help, as I leave the old world behind forever. Shanti Shanti Shanti..

    John R

  31. No news.

    GFL may have technologies to communicate with us over the Internet, but they are too frighten to use it for security reason, that is the same as not having them?


  32. The near future sounds fantastic!

    Messages like this Will surely raise the light, because it gives people something to look forward to and To fantasise about. People Will Be happier and so spread joy.

    Thanks Greg, GFL and Ashtar Cmd

    Love and Light Always :-)

  33. What you describe sounds amazing on one hand but obvious on the other, by that I mean, a feeling inside of me is saying, you know all that already you've been there before, you are remembering. I really want to feel the love and peace with my twin flame, I have lived this entire life alone in that I have never had a kiss or a boyfriend but I realise now after so many sometimes painful cleansings I have have done in that past few months that I was not ready, but I sooo feeel I am and deserve to feel the love that I have for so long in this (and probably) other lives denied myself as I thought I wasn't worth being loved.

    Feeling the freedom and love for my self that I know have is such an amazing feeling, I am sending out love all the time and monitor my thoughts as well, e.g. I was driving the other day and this other car jutted out in front, I started to shout then stopped myself and just said to myself "cancel, clear, delete" sent the negative energy on its way and sent love to the other driver. It felt really good. Such a change to how I would have reacted before.

    Anyway, I'm rabbiting on a bit. You ask what do I want. To be with my true love to travel the stars and see everything to see, help others awaken. To meet my true soul family again, to be the excited child and be amazed. Most of all to be at peace. To stand on top of a mountain in so other planet or galaxy, to watch and just be amazed at the total splendor and magnificence of the divine.

    Love to you all always

  34. Hello again. I am Dapo Alade of
    I would love to know more about your forms of entertainment that you have mentioned, and also be able to present this as an attraction to the members of the web sites I have created for their plesure.
    It would be nice to become different characters, and be present as a participant in future and past, or even present locations all over the universe.
    This could be a most interesting learing experience.
    We are plagued by worries and concerned for the need of enough money in this reality .
    What kind of help can this be to this situation for individuals here, or those who visit here in this way?
    That is a good question.

  35. Your message, dear ones, is so nice. I ttrust in you and your words. Always when I hear about your tools and inventions, it´s like I´m a child under a christmas tree. Seeing and hearing from the great capabilities that are in store for the humanity. I´m so excited to see and use this fantastic things by myself.

    I would be so thankfull if you, brothers and sisters from the stars, contact me in my state of dream and show me some of your great tools.

    Thank You!

    Yours G. from Mother Earth.

  36. Erin 1111

    Ha ha ha, so I work for the cabal, you mean the ILLUMINATI, the illumined, enlightened ones?

  37. wow...That is something I must admit :) I love Stargate, spend half summer watching it and to have a possibility to go trough that GAte...grate :)
    But I have smth else on my mind lately. Can You find me? I know you have got a lot on your mind and this is a lot to ask, but there must be one of your crew over Poland.
    Lots of love,

  38. I LOVE the fun posts from GFL!!
    I really really want to know more about the Bermuda Triangle!

    I'm a "Trekkie" from childhood, like dad. If I could experience a Positive adventure with Q, i would be beyond thrilled x-)).

    Love Is The Key.
    Speak to us of Love...
    When Love beckons you, follow him, though his ways are hard & steep... When she speaks to you believe in her, though her voice may shatter your dreams as the north wind lays waste the garden... Love is for your growth & your pruning...
    Kalil Gibran

    Fun AND Love

  39. Hi, i'm Emanuele.
    Thank you for the everyday messages.
    I got 2 question for you.

    1) How may i start using telepathy?
    2) I've never seen an "U.F.O." with my own eyes in all my life (seen in videos only), and i really would appreciate very much to see your ships live.

    Thank you again.

  40. Erin 1111,

    Keep it clean. I am a Turk. I have a 16 year old daughter and I am a man who earns his bread doing his job rightfully. I just asked Giles a few questions. If he is a man he answers, that's all. I do not call someone a man, who forgets today what he said yesterday.

    1. Thanks for "keeping it clean", if that's what you were doing with your many posts of varying energy.
      You gave your opinions & in America you get to do that. I, a woman, get to do that too. Ya see?
      They are just perceptions - my perception of your many many many long posts.

      Intended Light.

      I'm on a roll today, reading all these
      comments & commenting back Ha!

  41. Anything to distract the people from your failed seawalls promise, Greg....

  42. To Jerry Yu:Hi Jerry -I read that this afternoon - very good recommendation.

  43. Erin 1111

    what frequency do you use, just to help others gain the same benefits as yourself?

    1. In Light & Love Illuminati One:

      blow off.


  44. Giles: "We have ‘toys’, if you will, that will delight you, that will excite you, that will stimulate your minds, your hearts and your lives, and we are so excited to share these with you. Some of our technologies have been designed and implemented purely for fun, purely for amusement, enjoyment and excitement."

    Hey Giles, one more question: Where do you live. I wanna move there. Bu it must be another world. Do you ever read newspaper, do you have any idea that there are other countries in this planet? Do you ever go out and take some fresh air?

  45. 1. The Federation had said that the real names of each of us is in fact different and that they would say those names to us. How many of you could have learned your real name till now?

    2. The Federation had said that they woul distribute free energy tolls. How many of you does not pay electricity bills now?

    3. The Federation had said “arrest after arrest”. How many of the leaders that turned the world into a pool of blood are arrestted, that I have no idea?

    4. The Federation says there is no more war, the war tolls do not work anymore. I thkin those that have been killed in Libya, Tunusia, Damascus, Aleppo, Iraq an Paletsine are not human. Because for some, the world is composed of just America.

    5. The Federation claims that they have food producting tools. Do you enjoy well watching the children dying in Africa?

    6. The Federation condemns the way we speak each other and reprove the critics we direct each other, they treat us little children, but the same Quasi Federation says “drop this charade” to those who criticise the Quasi Ambassador Giles anda they say that they will not choose anda wok togethet with the ones that talking this way.Fo those of you who deny this information and challenge our channel and his abilities or integrity, we say to you we honor and respect your choice at this and all times, but we also say to you there is going to come a day and it will come very shortly where you must drop this charade..

    7. İn addition, The Federation sometimes threats us. “ar too often we read negative comments, insults and defamations fired upon one another throughout your online communities, and we say to you enough of this already, this has gone on too long now.. Oh my god. What will happen if I go on this way? What will you do to me?

    8. And do not forget the Geithner thing. You can not solve anything by deleting the texts on the site Giles. After the two mesaages about Geithner there was a third one. And on that message, The Federation was again condemning us and asking why we criticse Giles. As if it was true that he wrote about Geişthner. But a few days alter, when they realized the debates will grow, they said “excuse us, we made a mistake.” And meanwhile the third message was deleted also.

    9. Just like American Kabuki said, “did’nt you say there is a hotel in there?” The Mystery of the Bermudian/Atlantean Hotel: Our mystery begins deep below the coral bedrock of the area of your world known as the Bermuda Triangle, beneath the crystal clear waves where a deep underground, sprawling hotel has been created by those of your world who have taken their money that they spend on such luxuries from your pockets. This hotel that has been a secret up until now is 50 stories in height and it is 30 stories in breadth.. etc.

    10. By the way, how many of you took a telepathical message for that pickin up meeting?

    11. Now, enough of this, this has gone on too long now. you must drop this charade..

  46. 1. The Federation had said that the real names of each of us is in fact different and that they would say those names to us. How many of you could have learned your real name till now?

    2. The Federation had said that they woul distribute free energy tolls. How many of you does not pay electricity bills now?

    3. The Federation had said “arrest after arrest”. How many of the leaders that turned the world into a pool of blood are arrestted, that I have no idea?

    4. The Federation says there is no more war, the war tolls do not work anymore. I thkin those that have been killed in Libya, Tunusia, Damascus, Aleppo, Iraq an Paletsine are not human. Because for some, the world is composed of just America.

    5. The Federation claims that they have food producting tools. Do you enjoy well watching the children dying in Africa?

    6. The Federation condemns the way we speak each other and reprove the critics we direct each other, they treat us little children, but the same Quasi Federation says “drop this charade” to those who criticise the Quasi Ambassador Giles anda they say that they will not choose anda wok togethet with the ones that talking this way.Fo those of you who deny this information and challenge our channel and his abilities or integrity, we say to you we honor and respect your choice at this and all times, but we also say to you there is going to come a day and it will come very shortly where you must drop this charade..

    7. İn addition, The Federation sometimes threats us. “ar too often we read negative comments, insults and defamations fired upon one another throughout your online communities, and we say to you enough of this already, this has gone on too long now.. Oh my god. What will happen if I go on this way? What will you do to me?

    8. And do not forget the Geithner thing. You can not solve anything by deleting the texts on the site Giles. After the two mesaages about Geithner there was a third one. And on that message, The Federation was again condemning us and asking why we criticse Giles. As if it was true that he wrote about Geişthner. But a few days alter, when they realized the debates will grow, they said “excuse us, we made a mistake.” And meanwhile the third message was deleted also.

    9. Just like American Kabuki said, “did’nt you say there is a hotel in there?” The Mystery of the Bermudian/Atlantean Hotel: Our mystery begins deep below the coral bedrock of the area of your world known as the Bermuda Triangle, beneath the crystal clear waves where a deep underground, sprawling hotel has been created by those of your world who have taken their money that they spend on such luxuries from your pockets. This hotel that has been a secret up until now is 50 stories in height and it is 30 stories in breadth.. etc.

    10. By the way, how many of you took a telepathical message for that pickin up meeting?

    11. Now, enough of this, this has gone on too long now. you must drop this charade..

  47. And of course those famous seawalls.

  48. Could not you get authorization?

  49. Dear Galactic Federation of Light,

    What you described today is absolutely one of my dreams. I have always wanted to see what it was like to live in the past and meet historical figures. Sign me up -- I'm beyond excited!

    Love and light,

  50. Would that interest you dear ones? Would that stimulate you and motivate you a little more than going to a movie on a weekend night and sitting in a chair and watching actors portray historical figures from your past, or would you like to meet these historical figures and listen to him or her give a speech, lead an army or save a life?

    No it does not interest me Giles. I am not a little boy who spends time with toys.

  51. Giles: "This is what we have for you, and for those of you who will be enjoying some of these technologies and journeys such as this in the days ahead we say to you hold on to your hats, for you are in for the greatest picture show you have never seen."

    So that is what you have for us.
    Blimey. We will be gratefull forever.

  52. It all sounds so wonderful and I am so much looking forward to it!

  53. To start living from the heart and radiate love for all things is what many of us are here to do. To transcend this reality and its endless illusions of separation and fear, into a place of Oneness and Love. I see so much changing and feel it everyday. Many need to start practicing releasing their negative energy and others need to start spreading the positive energy.

    We need to start going out everyday and sending love and pleasant wishes to our fellow man. Imagine if everyone we came across was doing the same thing, I know this world would be a better place.

    Right now even walking around I know most of us are quietly judging and stereotyping others subconsciously, why because I know I used to too! We have been conditioned so long to be this way we typically don't realize this. I have come across many people now who have come to realizations of oneness and find it very difficult to be around people who have these types of thoughts (Yes there are many people who can hear your thoughts especially when it is about them). In fact I found out that I used to have judgmental thoughts all the time. I came to a realization that it was a manifestation of my ego which found these faults in others. Now looking from a more conscious awareness I see that these are not faults just experiences that will allow for all people to come to their own realizations. Allow for people to have their experiences. I have met numerous people who had to hit rock bottom before they finally found God within themselves. It took years of their Ego thinking that it knew what was best before it finally shut up and then they started listening to their hearts.

    I hope that very soon many will be able to start waking up more because the veil's will be lifted. So long we have suffered through this life because we have not lived in harmony. This is the magnificent part that we are coming to a realization as a planet that we can create heaven on Earth as long as we believe it possible.

    Stop the negative thoughts and judgments we place on each other. Help one another to understand the truth's that exist, this means sharing information not forcing it on others, let them choose what to do with it. We must also have a clear energy flow to communicate our messages properly. To often there are miss communications between us because we do not properly channel the right energies from our chakra's to convey the message. Kundalini and Chakra guided meditations will help to balance the energy and allow for proper usage of these energies.

    Science is finally catching up with our understanding of the sacred chakra system. I in fact have used machines that realign the Electro-Magnetic field and provide the exact same effect of deep breathing exercises with guided meditations. One of my favorite ones that I've found is:

    Thank you to all who are on this mission to raise awareness and consciousness. It will be achieved because we have decided it to be so. Don't allow doubt or fear to override this feeling of oneness or accomplishment.

    Unconditional Love, Inner Peace, and Abundant Prosperity for All.

    Brandon Strabala

  54. Giles : "Do you understand now that that is why we wish so much for you to share your comments beneath our messages?"

    Yes Giles, I clearly understand. And these would be my alms to you.

  55. Hi Faruk,

    Have you ever had any spiritual experiences? Id love to know!

    Love & Light

  56. Well, things are getting odd on my side these days.

    It looks like if I am going through an "acid test" to see if I really am sticking to my will of joining GFL on the projects or if the dark side is attacking me to break me down on trying to help and be part of this marvelous outcome.

    In either case I do not feel a bit tempted to quit my initial position of joining for some of the projects.

    I have been wondering if all the troubles I suddenly am coming through, have taken my attention away and made me miss the telepathic communications.

    Since I have been contacted a few month ago and an appointment was set for September 7th, and got no more contact since I am starting to worry specially that now I cannot remember the meeting place.

    On the side of my family I am in situation similar to TDB, that is my mother in law just died of cancer less than a month ago and our financial situation got disastrous not because of only that but because of other judicial unfair outcomes that are pushing me to just quit my job, which I was planning to do anyway to facilitate to engage with the projects.

    TDB you are not alone with your feelings and family situation and your confession gave strength to resist.Hang on !

    On my side though my wife understands spirituality quite well, she is revolted with the material side of life which I am not caring about anymore and unfortunately that is affecting our relationship and the one of our children too. I am sad that I have to keep silent about ascension and anything related to it to keep peace at home as much as possible.

    What is most important for me now is the least for my family, maybe except for my youngest daughter, but she is starting to change too and now I feel left as the "Old NUT daddy". I feel hurt.

    I do miss some communication with the astral as I used to have times ago. Now it is very occasional.

    I wish we meet soon and work together, though I am afraid what will be the outcome with my family.

    The first time I got in touch with spirituality, I said "help me help this world get better" and now I repeat "help me help this world get better".

    I feel we or some of us are an inch from this final run to a new era, and now I feel tired but want to help build something valuable, just anything that will add to it.

    Thank you for all that work Greg, other light workers and GFL. God bless you all.

  57. anything above 3D would be a huge improvement and a relief!
    I've been a truth seeker as long as I can remember. There was a period of time when I actually thought life in the world was a bad joke. Did not really know how to handle myself. Later I became aware that my inner child was cowering in a ball because she was terrorized by everything that goes on here. But at some point I had to face myself and surrender my life in spite of everything I had experienced until then. I am amazed how I managed to survive after all the hardship. I am so ready for the new earth when I will leave everything behind for good. I want a life worth living for a change! Thanks for your interest.

  58. Its hard to wait. There are many technological amenities that I would love to re-experience and enjoy.

    I feel as though lately I have been learning a hard lesson.

    I have been having dreams that are related to my past lives for a long time.

    And part of me really wants to do what I did in those past lives and have the awesome abilities that I had then and experience those things again. But, right now, I must accept that it is not my mission. And these powers are not likely to manifest until my mission is complete or nearly complete. Basically by the time I no longer care about them because of all the love in my heart is satisfying me that is when they are likely to manifest.

    I realize now that these dreams were meant to inspire me to believe that I am more than what I am experiencing now. Not to lead me to pursue the same sorts of things. For those things are not my mission right now.

    What's interesting is, it seems I struggled with the same problem before Earth, when I was in the Pleiades. I was seeking ocean life and sea monsters (not intending to apply a negative connotation to sea creatures of large varieties that I do not have words for)
    It seemed that in my reckless seeking to reconnect with my former self, I endangered and hurt many people. If they are aboard your ships - any forms of these people. I wish to apologize now. I have learned (hopefully) a hard lesson about letting go of the past.

    As for the future.

    Part of me wants to be a genetic engineer. Making new creatures and what not. But I worry maybe that is not aligned with the highest good of all, also it may be again that I am seeking to repeat the past. But there must also be beneficial roles a genetic engineer can play.

    I had also thought of incarnating elsewhere again, but this time a place perhaps not as challenging as Earth, or at least more peaceful anyway. I can be more challenging than Earth but only as long as it is more rewarding.

    I would like to take a break after Earth or whenever I next ascend and spend some quality recreation time at a waterpark of some sort. Like the ones I see in my dreams, with my family and friends. I would like to take an break/vacation before returning to my duties with Ashtar command. But of course not alone, but with friends.
    I understand (hopefully) that our next mission will be to help former members of the Archana Alliance gain light bodies. Will we be incarnating there or rather, will that sacrifice be required by some for the sake of mission success?

    On a side note: when I say incarnating again somewhere else. I am talking about with a body on planet. I mean going through the birth or birth like process into a 3d 4th or 5th dimensional world. Lossing the memories of the past, the whole deal.

  59. Faiza,
    Yes I did, but one can not evolve on the strength of others' experiences.

  60. I am so very excited to meet with and work side by side all of my brothers and sisters of the GFL.Reading your posts is the highlight of my day.My mind and heart are totally open to communicating with you, it feels like I have spent my whole life waiting for your arrival.I am ready to do what ever it is I can to assit you to complete your mission here. Love to all....Gord Beneteau

  61. I am ready. Let's live the future now.

  62. Hello Faruk,

    If you feel G.Giles' channelled messages are phoney baloney, you dont have to read his messages; just trust your own intuition.

    Even if he's fake, atleast one great thing is being encouraged all throughout each message..that we are all connected as One consciousness. You can't go wrong with that brother?


    1. and Love Is The Key!
      Nothing better has been said by anyone on Earth. It's the one truth.

      I know u weren't talking to me but I'm on a roll all over Greg's blog. Had a big LIFT OFF after one of the audio messages & Vavoom, off i went :-))

      The Key being a frequency, a code, that unlocks the gates to Higher Consciousness.

      Love Love Love! That is the root of all genius ~ Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

  63. I am almost speechless from this message today. Its just a rush of excitment and even more anticipation for me!! Lol i can not wait for our reunion fore that day will be like no other. I dont have any questions or concerns today. Just a big thanks for the message!! :)

    With Love&Light
    :) <3

  64. Here are some questions I think all humans would ask:

    How do I get what I want?
    How do I get what I desire?
    How do I make it happen?
    How do I get it done?
    How do I do it?
    How do I change it?
    How do I transform it?

    The "it" being anything I desire.

    I think the there should be more information given that we could implement to make the changes we prefer.
    More technical information, more directional and instructional information, Which we could use to make physical changes effortlessly.

    So for there has been no hardcore instructional or technical information given by TGFOL, which we could use to make changes to physical matter, also there has been no instructional or technical information given on how to receive physical manifestations we desire ,effortlessly.

    Much more specific, detailed instructional information is needed that would yield real, actual physical results within minutes.

  65. Faiza,
    Could you tell me how for instance are you connected to a man whose head is being cut right now? Do you feel his pain?
    My main problem here is this; these Et's or whatever, they say we can do this, we can do that, we have power, we have technology etc.. So what are they waiting for? Can you explain this to that man?

  66. Hey Erin111, I left you a comment at the last message. Now I forgot it. Darn! No, no, wait... what's this? Here it is, I got it!!

    "Darryl Terry said...

    Erin 111, thanks for the good laugh.

    Now then, can you prove Greg Giles is as you say he is?

    Please prove to me and the rest of us that what you said is true?

    "Greg Giles speaks badly of no-one, have you noticed?" Really? I can recall him calling us that disagree with his messages "unwanted, untruthful, disrespectful, and many more "un" words.

    "Overall, Greg Giles stays ego-free" Yeah, sure he does. Here are some quotes from Greg's 8/17/12 "Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven":

    "We have planned for you and see for you so many wonderful things that so many of you who today may feel tied down to an unrewarding, un-pleasurable, unexciting, un-wondrous and unloved existence..."
    "You now all see the negative, unproductive, unrewarding, un-free, unloving, unfeeling and unsafe world that can be created through negative thought, action, intent and dream."
    "No one in this entire universe can tell you better, the people of Earth, what kind of sorrow, misery, hardship, sadness, fear, loneliness and destitution that can be created when you allow yourselves to begin to create such a world through your negative vibrations and your powers of creative manifestation."

    Folks, 5th Dimensional beings are in the realm of truth and light. They do not channel messages of lower vibrational energy. Even when you are reading it, it lowers your vibration. Why, then, is it in a message to help people? Because Greg Giles works for the dark. To lead you astray, mis-inform and prevent us from coming together. And to quote Erin 111 own words: "Those that slander are Low Vibration." While trying to insult me and the other people, just proven what Greg Giles is. Low Vibration.

    Nice try, Erin111. Too bad it didn't work. Maybe you can try again later."

    Are you working for Greg? Sounds like it, since he just posts a message a leaves without saying what happened to those seawalls. Maybe you can ask him, Erin111, since your a fan of Greg. You can add the Seawalls Project to the list of other failed projects, programs and false infomation that goes along with...

    The Participation program
    The gifts of youth
    Tools that will help us
    Free energy devices
    Homes for the homeless
    Your Universal name
    To be picked-up and meet GFL
    Dream state communications
    Telepathic communications
    Bermuda Triangle Seawall
    Geithner Arrested
    We salute the Fallen
    Bermuda Triangle Hotel
    Arrests after Arrests
    Arrests and Media Coverage
    Cast your Ballot for our Assistance

    Be sure to tell us what he said, Erin 111, since he's too embarrassed to talk to us.

    1. I couldn't read most of your comment because it has a kind of ... "strangulation" energy in it.
      I wish I worked for Greg Giles. But for now I make symbolic ancientfuture paintings for a living.
      The part I could read of ur noisy comment to me, I csn only reply that Freg Giles has shown Zero ego but your ego mess is smeared all over these walls. Greg Giles speaks of Love, Light, personal responsibility, Beauty, Joy. His messages uplift those of us that are feeling weighed down by the darkness set upon the masses by the Cabal that you work for.

      His channelled Guides mentioned that those of you that slander are low vibration because YOU ARE LOW VIBRATION.
      It's not a judgement, it's an observation that oozes from all of your comments.

      You loathe this blog so why are you here? The only reason would be disinformation & what better way to confuse people that are new here than to pretend you channel something & use keywords about the Light.

      You don't believe any of this, sooooo ... Is your life so lifeless & pale that you get off on disinformation porn? Negative porn? Sounds like it to meeeee.

      Jus Sayin'

  67. Faruk:

    Pain whether mental or physical is an illusion you know that. Through extraordinary love and empathy maybe you can feel someone else' pain.

    I think your frustration is understandable. I think we really need to transcend our egos brother to help accelerate things now -positivity will yield positivity.

    Hey can I recommend a book to you and indeed everyone else here?

    It's an excellent book, it's called: 'The Disappearance Of The Universe' by Gary Renard.

    I had some mind-blowing spiritual experiences after reading this book.

    Blessings :)

  68. Faiza,

    Let me tell you what is illusion: Those Seawalls!

    Did you ever suffer kidney pain my friend? Believe me it is not an illusion. When you can not pay your rent and the landlord shows up at your door, it is not an illusion. Children dying from starvation is not an illusion.
    But savior ET's are illusion.

  69. I knew that I can not persuade everyone and this is not my mission anyway. But I tried, because I know those who follow this guy, this company, will be very disappointed in the very near future. So I wanted to try. Of course there are many valuble mediums, not everbody is a fake. Today I read one of them. And this message explains my leaving from this blog very well. I recommend everybody to read it.

    I have many knowledges to share but I understood that I can not do it here. So, if anyone wants to get in touch with me, they can do this by email. Take care.

  70. Faruk, do you believe in karma?

    As the theory goes for example,

    In a previous life you were rich and you had no connection to ur spiritual self, you lived mindlessly. in ur next life time you aint got money, difficult family life etc etc. All of these 'problems' make you a more compassionate person because now you know what it feels like. All of this serves to pull you inwards beyond all the worldy problems you set your self up with on an unconscious level. Why? To grow, to evolve, to become more natural.

    Seriously mate, that book is gonna change your life.

    (It was on the new york best-seller list which is a huge thing considering it's about spirituality, most pple dont wanna know about this).

    Take care x

  71. Lui son gusio ef dusori orita.
    I see people believe in things.

  72. To Erin:"Thanks for "keeping it clean", if that's what you were doing with your many posts of varying energy.
    You gave your opinions & in America you get to do that. I, a woman, get to do that too. Ya see?"
    They are just perceptions - my perception of your many many many long posts.
    Erin,if this is directed at me you could at least address it,with my name.I never tried to curtail your free speech,your hatred of Christian's over and over is hard to take when your next sentance is Love and light,love is the way.Just empty words in that context.

    1. HUH???
      i wrote that under "Faruk"'s comment to me.
      He mentioned "man-ness" & whatever he thinks about that & he mentioned being a Turk so I mentioned America.

      There ya have it. I have no fear or worry to approach anyone by name. I figured my reply would end up under the proper comment.

      C Ya

    2. By the way Peter Naughton- I don't actually "hate" christians or anything else that exists. People that live under the rule of that religion have caused more evil, abuses, rapes, environmental destruction & massacres of innocent people than any other religion in the written history of humankind.

      I don't "like" anyone associated with that bloodbath. Hate eould mean that I would actually put a christian in a lion pen.
      I wouldn't put Hitler in a lion pen.

      My lower-self, as i clearly explained earlier, would enjoy knowing that brutal christians paid for their crimes against humanity for centuries.
      My REAL Self, as i clearly explained earlier, just focuses on Love & Light so all those dark filthy thoughts flush away.

      So Simple!

      Goddess Blessings! In truth, we are just bickering about the individual illusions we are under while we utilize only 10% of our teeny weeny brains.

  73. What is F.E.A.R?

    False Evidence Appearing Real

  74. I'm wondering if the GFL has their own website that they use for communications instead of going through a channel since they have access to the Internet. Please let me know. Thank you.

  75. I LOVE what SADEE said! I have had many of the same thoughts and have been a lightworker for almost as long. I think its awesome that we love our lives like they are...and to just add to them and live in the new world and yet be free to roam and experience paradise is amazing thought!
    I can see myself in my new strong body really experiencing life more fully...really living in the light completely and joining with others for the pure joy of it. To just sit in th enew ways of nature and BE one with it...and share the blows my sox off to even think of those things and they are the mere tip of the iceberg! I cant wait to experience it ALL!! And to FINALLY meet my WHOLE family...such love light will be shared! Then to get to relax and 'play' with all the new technology...perfect!!
    BRING IT!! IM READY!! See you there SADEE!!

  76. Id love to see the history as it actually happened like you say, there is a movie called jumpers that shows this kind of idea of being in the movie reality instead of seeing it on the screen, however, people who jumped were hunted down by pladian (not sure of exact word) hunters and killed because people who could do this would use it for self advantages and to get riches so they were a problem to society. it is interesting this movie portrayed something on your side that is just technology as something evil in the movie.

  77. Dear Galactic Federation of Light:

    I am doing everything I can do possible to stay afloat down here on Earth with all of the energies going on and so forth.

    There is something that keeps holding me back though. It is the thought of me seeing my children on a regular basis.

    I know you all are watching over our skies and I know you can see me trying to stay away from war as much as I can.

    I am asking for some utilities or sanctions that I can partake in to get away from the drama.

    I am now, working to make my community a better place to live with the thought of several green businesses. However, everyone, except a few around me, think I am a joke.

    If you all can give me some insight as to how to do what I need to do to see my differences with others so that I may be at peaceful; I would be thankful.

    Honors to the family,

    Noble Asaru

  78. Dear GFL,

    I dont know if you know, and I wouldnt mind if you did, but I have thought about going back in time in any period. At first I found it exciting and then I felt it would probably be quite fearful as the futher you go back in history, pple were much more barbaric. I suppose now is a more safer time to be alive huh.

    If you were to jump into a time frame from the past, would you personally get to meet em?? I mean wouldnt that alter the time-space continuium and the course of history? I dont understand.

    Blessings xx

  79. To Erin.Hi, no, see if you don't put a name on it it all overlaps,and gets confusing.I'm interested in what people have to say and try and follow the thread.I understand that in America you get alot of Evangilism and Christian fundamentalism.Only people who have the basic starting point of "Treat others as you would be treated by them"are Christians.The pope's not a Christian either as you probably know.The word you're looking for is "bigot"but it's not really their fault.People get brainwashed,it was all part of the matrix.Love.

  80. Erin millions of Christians were murdered under Stalin.The crusades had nothing to do with the teachings of Yeshua.The hierarchy of the Catholic church are not Christian in the sense of those teachings.Namaste.

  81. Peter Naughton,

    Are you a fan of A Course In Miracles?

    love & blessings

  82. Peter-
    I hear you.
    As one might be able to discern, I'm a "recovered christian" many years ago & the lies of the holy book as it's been re-written by scores of conquering kings & the contemporary ideas about what a christian is... Well, it makes my skin crawl.

    I agree about the pope! He is a SCARY guy. His eyes are as strange as Dick Cheney's.

    Treat others as you want to be treated basically says We Are One.
    We're all saying the same thing when we step out of the illusion.

    Blessed Be!

  83. How I ENJOY all of your messages everyday.
    LOVE To ALL THE GFL Sisters & Brothers I look forward to seeing all the new Technology

  84. To čo chcem s Vami v tomto mojom komentári zdieľať je esencia môjho osobného pochopenia vzostupu, tak ako som ho na základe všetkých doteraz získaných informácií z rôznych zdrojov, včetne Vašich správ, doteraz pochopil. Neviem či tento môj názor je správny alebo nesprávny, tak to prosím berte ako môj pokus, ktorým nechcem nikoho urážať. Dôvod prečo sa pokúšam o zostavenie takéhoto pohľadu na vzostup je ten, že veľmi dobre chápem ako je pre ľudské rozhodovanie dôležité pochopenie. Na základe plného pochopenia je človek schopný takmer okamžite meniť svoje i dlhodobo zastarané názory, zvyky, tradície. Ako ste napísali vo vašej predchádzajúcej správe, sme to my, prvý vzostúpený ľudia, ktorých úlohou bude sformulovať zážitok vzostupu a jednotného vedomia do slov a zdieľať ich s ostatnými. Ja sa o to pokúšam ešte pred vzostupom, čiže to bude ako by som sa pokúšal čítať ten nápis na nálepke na fľaši zvnútra tej fľaše. Robím to za účelom pochopenia jednotného vedomia a pokiaľ to pochopenie bude aspoň čiastočne správne, chcem ho zdieľať s Vami a prostredníctvom Vás samozrejme po Vašej úprave i s ostatnými.
    Moje pochopenie vzostupu je také, že sa prakticky jedná o vstup jednotlivca do kolektívneho jednotného vedomia. Keď budú vytvorené podmienky, začne mriežka jednotného vedomia plne fungovať a umožní tým, ktorý budú pripravený vstúpiť na základe ich slobodného rozhodnutia do jednotného vedomia. Tu sa musíme zastaviť na tým, čo je to plné jednotné vedomie. Jednotné vedomie je stav, kedy všetky moje osobné pocity, zážitky, skúsenosti sú prostredníctvom mriežky jednotného vedomia zdieľané so všetkými osobami napojenými na túto mriežku jednotného vedomia. To znamená, že moje zážitky, pocity, skúsenosti sú súčasťou kolektívneho my a ja tiež zdieľam pocity , zážitky a skúsenosti všetkých ostatných. Pripravenosť na stav plného jednotného vedomia znamená stav, kedy človek je ochotný a pripravený a súhlasí s tým, že absolútne všetky svoje zážitky, pocity, skúsenosti zdieľa so všetkými ostatnými. Dalo by sa povedať, že takýto človek vníma ako svoju osobnosť kolektívne my a svoje vlastné ja , ktoré mu aj naďalej umožňuje ísť svojou cestou vníma ako súčasť kolektívneho my. Jeho individualita – jeho ja mu umožňuje vyberať si vlastnú cestu, toto však vníma ako spôsob, ktorým obohacuje kolektívne my o svoje vlastné zážitky. Jeho kolektívne my mu sprostredkúva nepretržitý pocit prijatia, lásky, ochrany , dostupnosť ku všetkým vedomostiam kolektívneho my. Súčasne sú mu dostupné zážitky, pocity, skúsenosti všetkých ostatných. Ja sám osobne môžem deklarovať pripravenosť na takýto stav. To , čo by sa podľa mňa malo stať k termínu 21.12.2012 je plné spustenie mriežky jednotného vedomia. Je pochopiteľné, že nie všetci ľudia budú v tej dobe schopný a ochotný prijať za svoju hlavnú osobnosť kolektívne my. To ale neznamená, že im to neskôr nebude umožnené. Potom, čo ľudia dostanú plné a kompletné informácie o povahe vzostupu a dôsledkoch ich rozhodnutia sa budú môcť kompetentne rozhodnúť o svojom ďalšom osude. Pokiaľ je táto moja predstava aspoň čiastočne správna, bolo by asi vhodné , keby bola zdieľaná , aby sa ľudia pripravili na fakt, že pokiaľ budú vzostupovať, budú za svoju hlavnú osobnosť považovať kolektívne my, ktoré tiež môžeme inak nazvať ľudským duchom a že to bude práve toto kolektívne vedomie my – ľudský duch , ktoré im umožní také veci ako je dlhovekosť, plné trvalé zdravie, plné spojenie s duchovným svetom a podobne. Toto poznanie prítomné už v tomto čase im umožní plne kompetentne sa rozhodovať, takže akonáhle sa mriežka jednotného vedomia spustí, budú pripravený a ochotný vstúpiť do kolektívneho vedomia jednoty. Toto je môj súčasný názor na vzostup získaný zo všetkých poznatkov, ktoré mi boli do tejto doby dostupné. To tiež neznamená, že sa v budúcnosti na základe nových poznatkov nemôže zmeniť. Ako s týmto názorom naložíte Vy je len na Vás. S láskou Milaaneek

  85. To Faiza:Hi, I'm not familiar with it,is it good?

  86. Video explanation of the golden age coming + St germaine part 1 part 2 part 3

  87. To Erin:hello again.Did you ever see a picture of joe Ratzinger as a boy?He was born in Bavaria,born into the dark matrix.He does look like the Evil emperor from Starwars now,I hear you,but I feel sorry for him -he had no chance to be anybody else.I feel sad for him.

    1. Peter- wow! You're right about those pictures of joe ratzinger!! I had no idea he was hitler youth, now the figurehead of the biggest institution.
      It is sad but then again we are all carrying the energy of our many lives & there are no victims. We will have such joy-full lives when the cabal is dismantled.

      Blessings! ;-)

  88. I am not asking for proof, or to be impressed, but if you could provide a video made by you & available in youtube, posted by 1 of your channels, a really cool video w/ an enlightening & uplifting theme, & accompanying angelic classical music, something unlike anything we can already produce here on earth at this time could certainly help perhaps many people connect by having something tangible, yet uplifting & inspiring that will allow for them to hope & start seeing the possibilities, of miracles, love, & a future filled w/ wonder & amazing things to come.

  89. Hi Peter Naughton!

    My goodness you would love it, it's about the TRUE christianity that got changed entirely.

    However, I would recommend you read 'The Disappearance Of The Universe' by Gary Renard first to better understand it.

    I had some amazing spiritual experiences after reading this!

    Much love & blessings x

  90. Thanks Faiza,I'll have a look for them in the bookshop tomorrow.Love and blessings to you.

  91. Erin 111, I've given you over 15 false info and failed programs and projects from Greg Giles. And he has more than that.

    All you've done is accused and attacked people for exposing Greg Giles as a fraud and a fake. Sorry, but that doesn't cut it.

    If Greg is supposed to be channeling truth, why don't you explain what happened to the seawalls? They were supposed to be up by now, what happened?

    If Greg is channeling from the GFL truth, why did he channel "Geithner Arrested" then when Geithner was seen on CNBC tv 4 days later, Greg said on his facebook, that Geithner wasn't arrested, it was a karmic debt. Then, sent out a message saying in "Geithner Arrest Correction" that "employees" that is not with the GFL and can't be trusted, sent him the messages that was false, along with "We salute the Fallen", where earth allies took hundreds of cabal members in a shoot out in several cities, costing some lives, also false info, that the GFL never knew that Greg received thoses messages? Please explain. I love to hear your answer to this.

    Even if that was true, and the GFL didn't know he was sent those messages, Greg should have gotten the real messages from the GFL. We should have gotten 2 messages on those days, but only received one. Can you explain why the GFL didn't send Greg their messages on those days he was sent the fake ones without the GFL knowing about it?

    I'll be waiting for your answer. It should be a good one.

    1. Darryl Cabal Drone 666-

      Did you say something?


      Go out & have some FUN would ya?

      WE LOVE YOU GREG GILES - Thank You for the great & inspiring work.

  92. To Faiza: Is a Course In Miracles by Gary Renard aswell?

  93. I would like to visit previous selves and surroundings from past lives to marvel at what was. To experience human history and prehistory firsthand would be an incredible learning experience rather than just entertainment.

    I would like to visit worlds with very different races to experience the variety of 'Oneness' and the unimaginable environments that have been created. Perhaps I could participate in diplomatic missions to these civilizations. Or participate in explorations into unknown sectors to search for new civilizations.

    I would like to participate in technology development projects, where a new or alternative technology needs to be adapted for human use or for use by other civilizations.

    Teaching has always been an interest but never pursued. To participate in a galactic or intergalactic university where practical knowledge is exchanged or developed to benefit those civilizations having difficulties that must be improved.

    And so much more . . .

  94. I don't get it, if we are all one consciousness then there is no need for you to communicate with us telepathically. You would know exactly what we are experiencing emotionally always. The more you write the more disheartened I become with your communications.

    I don't know what you get out of it bud, but it's not funny, it's sickening to think someone spiritual could do something wrong.

    I just got it, haha you are taking the micky out of us. You just have to look at your photo to figure that one out(lol).

  95. Hello Darryl - hope this electronic message finds you well.I sent you an email about Admiral Byrd-did you get it?It's not really important anyway but interesting nevertheless. Namaste.

  96. To Erin and Faiza and Darryl : Erin good talking to you .Faiza,you too, thanks for the book recommendation. Darryl,in case you try to answer - heading to bed now, goodnight guys.

  97. Needless to say, the great speaches of Jesus Christ, Martin Luther King, etc.

    The birth of Jesus Crist, the training and teachings of Mother Mary, etc.

    The teachings of the apostoles.

    So many historical moments, the most beautiful sites on planet earth etc.

    Yes, the capacity to live any moment in time is only second to be present in any place on this universe at any time.

    What is my plan for the future? What is the deepest desire of my heart?

    To free my self from financial burdens. To help my self, my family, and friends to be free.

    To help them be healthy. To help Planet Earth decontaminate and return to it's original beauty and joy.

    To be a witness of the public acceptance of the Human Race as only one of the Races on this Galaxy.

    Be eternaly free to explore and share my explorations.

    In a more personal note. To speak from the hart to the heart. To know and undestand the spiritual love you express on this messages so fluidly that I can speak to anyone about it. From one, to ten, to tens of thousands. To speak about the Light and Love my master Jesus Christ spoke about. To bring the Joy of The Light of Eternal Love to this World and to All The Worlds in this Universe.

    So much Joy In-Deed.

  98. Very interesting today message, because then we have the hope not only to visit those member of our history, but also we can come back to live we our love family some scene of our live in this planet. Thank Greg to confirm me that this technology will be at hand to all the ascendant soul.

  99. Big love and gratitude to the GFL for these messages. I am in a state of confusion... I felt the earths and my awakening strongly at the beginning of the year and was excited about growing, learning and working towards my ascension. As the year has dragged on I feel as if there has been less and less inspiration to keep going. Nothing has happened to give me any indication I am heading in the right direction and I actually now feel denser and more bored and depressed than ever before. I have fear that I am no longer heading towards ascension but decending to lower dimensions. I feel like I have lived and loved hard for this and cannot understand why i would regress. I need a sign that will reinspire me to move forward and reassure me I am doing the right thing... I would appreciate this no end my dear frends, as I have no idea whether I am doing something wrong or is this calm before the storm?

    Love n light x

    1. Chee- i sure know how you feel!!!
      I'm interested to know if Greg responds to that...
      I feel it is like the "Healing Crisis".
      Everything flares up before the healing sets in.
      My Heart says I just spoke a profound truth & now it feels obvious!!
      Glad I commented to you, thanks!

      What a great day I've had before & after my hike- hanging out on Greg Giles blog!

  100. Hello Abdallah, no, it is not necessary that you have long hair to channel, though I believe it assists channels in their abilities as hair is not unlike the antennae of many creatures on earth who use their antennas to 'feel' and 'sense' the universe around them. I have been told by hair cutters my entire life that I have more hair per square inch than anyone they have ever seen. But again, hair helps but is not necessary. Keeping your vibration at its highest possible level and practicing the basics of channeling are the most important areas to focus upon.

  101. Ahhh, look who showed up, the devil himself. Where's the seawalls at? We been asking you for days now! Trying to ignore the subject isn't going to make it go away. Everybody here knows your a fraud. It's all over the internet. Face it, it's over, Giles. You and your dark "employees" are done.

    1. Maybe darryl terry is jealous of Greg's big blonde hair...

      I think that element is in this... Just occurred to me as it explains the vehemence.

      So, perhaps u aren't consciously working for the cabal, just blindly working for the cabal...

      Greg IS a lucky dude to be a strong channel AND look like that, Ha!

  102. I want to wake up one way or an other.

  103. GFL,

    Could you give a view about the lightworkers the manipulators form the dark energies and the situation on South America?
    We can see many things occuring in europe, in the US and so om, but media is so manipulative in these south countries that many people have no clue of what is happening in the world.


  104. I love history very much that would be very exciting to walk amoung the people of our past. The 14th through the 17th century would be something to see.

  105. Would love to meet all of you I hope I am on this path. Never felt like I fit in here to much. I hope our new reality is one with no money, crime and negativity. When I was young I though all men were my father and women were my mother, "a planetary family" if you will. took me forever to wrap my head that there even was danger/crime. I have always been law abiding and never harm anything unless its self defense. I hope I have the right character/personality to hang out with you guys as we earthlings say.. lol.
    Love and light

  106. Cool message! You described a tv show ive seen called Quantum Leap. One of the guys on that show (Al) carried a device with him at all times to get from point a to point z. That sounds exciting!!

    Ive had some strange things happen to me in the past 5 years, now im gonna say ive never really seem to understand why we do the things we do, its been like that ever since i was young. Peoples reactions to certain situations made no sense to me. I would always question things, you'll find me saying why. Now that has lasted all the way up intell now, im 24 trips around the sun lol!. So the past 5 years ive got my awnsers to my long awaited questions, (not that long really).
    Ive seen spirits, i saw a girl run across my neighbors yard one time and go into the next house. A couple of days later, i heard a loud giggle in my ear sounded like a girl, i tried to move but could not at all. I think ive had my guides come to me one time, it was 3 beings it looked like 2 of them were sitting and one was standing, it was a clear image directly to the left of my brain. Ive also had some being come to me wile i was sitting in a big cushion chair, could not make out any features just the sparkly outline of it,it reached into me my stomach, i felt some pain annd discomfort but ended quickly as it started. That's some things that has happened. No worries though.

    Love and Light to every single person onn the planet!!.

  107. I am pleased to offer my skills in piloting and promoting new technologies...this is something I visualize often...I will play this role well if it is a service that is needed. Namaste.

  108. Phil52, it is required of you to keep the information pertaining to any plans that you may have made to yourself. This is for security purposes my friend, and failure to follow these security procedures may disqualify you at this time from participation in projects. Remember, we are not the only team on the field.

  109. Tony1111, this topic has been discussed often and there is but one way to make your desires made manifest, and that is you have to create them. Conceive them, focus upon them and take the necessary steps to make your dreams become a reality. At this time, our higher dimensional family is assisting us create what we wish to experience, and you can share your thoughts on what it is you wish to experience right here in the comments under these messages.

  110. That's really a great "toy". Wish we meet each other very soon.


  111. Isso parece um sonho,por mim já pode começar eu amo tecnologia adora quando as coisas dão certo funciona redondo se é que me entende.Agora me explica se uma pessoa gosta de um ambiente mais frio e outra gosta de mais calor no mesmo lugar com fica??Exemplo numa praia?

  112. Hello Greg and my Galactic brothers and sisters,

    First of all, I want to thank you for opening up the channels and allowing communication in the other direction. You see, for many of the Ground Crew, Starseeds our whatever, we walked among you, before we drew the short straw and volunteered for duty in 3D.

    When working behind "behind enemy lines", you still need logistics, if you want the mission to succeed. And that mission is raising the consciousnesses of humanity as a whole, and not just of those already on the path.

    In 5D you have much higher energies and many wondrous tools, but also more difficulty in understanding how things work down here in this 3D swamp. Wish lists for a fifth dimensional Santa Claus, aren't going to get the job done. You're going to need a 3D public relations firm, if you want to sell Ascension to the majority. And that's why the Ground Crew has been patiently scouting the territory, awaiting the moment to change gears and call "Home".

    If we're going to win this battle, we will have to think more along 3D lines and do the small material things that people can relate to, instead of just promising "Virtual Nirvana".

    For many months now, we've been told of immanent Financial Collapse, Mass Arrests, Disclosure, August 4th ....

    We do our job and pass it on to people around us. Now they just smile, tell us that we've been saying the same thing for over a year and politely change subjects. Is this what we call "Awakening the Masses"? It may not be all that innocent and I'd like to see who signs the paychecks of some of these "channels", but the LIBOR crisis is doing more to awaken people than many of the these "connected ones".

    Now on to 3D public relations. The first priority is establishing the credibility of the Ground Crew. No more Hollywood productions with "Happy Endings" that may or may not come true, but help promote the sequel that will be coming to your neighborhood theater next week.

    Help us polish our crystal balls and give us some small, but relevant details of what is going on behind the scenes and will hit the front page in the weeks to come. Then people will start coming to us to get the scoop and we can build on that to fill them in on the rest.

    Now that the Cabal is losing their hold on the reigns of power, start releasing new technologies, especially in the energy field, so that we can start building our future world, while the rest of the scenario plays out. This is your contradiction. You say that you are disappointed that we down below, don't act quicker, but the etheric building blocks that you give us, are not made for 3D houses or consciousness.

    One concrete example will help you to understand. I'm working with local associations and elected officials on alternative energy projects here in Brittany. Either we push ahead with existing solar and wind technologies at a high cost that will be obsolete in one year, or we continue politely talking until the new technologies go mainstream.

    We all agree that the coming world will be much different. So either we get the appropriate tools to build that world, or we hang a "Gone Fishing" sign on the front door and well, see you whenever....

    I hope that this short essay will help to give you an idea of how things work down here and how we can work together to build the new world.



  113. Oi, GFL. Vamos la:

    "Allow us to continue to enhance your journey by sharing with us your feelings as often as you can through your comments beneath our messages."

    OK. Vejamos, além de saúde e de ser "forever young" algo que eu queria muito era poder criar universos, realidades e viver ali dentro, entrar e sair quando quiser. Seria como um sonho lúcido só que bem melhor, com sensações mesmo e com controle de TUDO. Pelo que vocês disseram agora e numa outra mensagem me parece que isso não é impossível. Se é máquina que faz isso ou outra coisa eu não sei. É isso.

    Até mais.

  114. I want my future to be exciting, exploring worlds, meeting their inhabitants, being healthy, falling in love and seeing how this world and other worlds beauty in the way i imagine they will be.. i want to just be happy!

  115. Thank you for your message and thank you for the build up and excitement in your messages. You make mention of imagination and I find that quiet intriguing as I find whatever the imagination can envision the mind can create. Now when I think technology my mind seems to jump to electronic devises or computers however I have this feeling that the technologies you speak of would be more virtual in nature. Is there an area that is truthful in nature in which we can explore the nature of these technologies in order to stimulate our imaginations beyond what we are capable of thinking at this moment in time? Is there a film that depicts these technologies? Are these technologies more energetic than actual matter? Are these technologies available to us at all times and dimensions as we travel and experience these new technologies? Do these technologies need to be learned and integrated into society or will our awareness and understanding of them be a matter of remembrance? When we travel back in time will the people we interact with be aware that we are utilizing future technologies in order to interact and will these technologies be governed? Thank you & love & light! I am eager and excited to experience the joy and bliss of the unfolding of this part of my journey and I am happy and excited to share this experience with my brothers & sisters. Namaste!

  116. This comment has been removed by the author.

  117. Liebe GFdL,
    ich danke euch für eure Antwort. Jetzt weiß ich den Unterschied zwischen dem Zustand, Zuhause zu sein und dem Ort, wo man hingeht, wenn man durch die Todeserfahrung geht. Danach habe ich euch gefragt und Antwort erhalten.

  118. I really want to see one of your craft for myself. I don't need it as proof, I just want the experience! I'm so excited for all of the wonderful things that are coming, and I feel ready.

  119. Hi, GFL. I'm doing what I can in my current situation to help spread the light, love, and awareness. Due to my personality, physical nature, the strange things and synchronicities that happen in my daily life, and the overall life I've had, I feel like I might be one of those "seed" people and just need more spiritual healing in order to become more awakened to who I really am and better assist energy-wise. Am I correct? Any hints as to what I should do? I believe in all of you and sincerely hope that I can receive a clear message and be a stronger part of this movement into a better future. I'll do anything I can to help and accept whatever might happen. No matter what anyone says, if you're for our greater good, then I support you! And I don't have to worry about becoming an outcast since I'm already a life path 7 loner with nothing to lose. lol.

  120. I do love a good movie, but my best flights of fantasy have happened while reading books - the Lord of the Rings is perhaps my all-time favorite - when I first read those books 50 years ago, I could vividly imagine myself being there...
    I loved when James O'Dea commented on what a great parable that is for our time - "Give back the power" (to control and enslave...).
    Your Ultimate Movie Night sounds a lot like the holo-deck on Star Trek, which looked like a lot of fun. :D
    For myself, it feels like I have been hanging out on this planet for many eons.
    I struggle with effecting the changes in myself that you seem to not understand why I do not do.
    Perhaps you just don't fully understand what it is like to be enslaved for 26,000 years.
    Perhaps I lack the courage and self-discipline to make such changes.
    In any case, my dear friends, I am most grateful for your assistance.
    Much love,

  121. "Conceive them, focus upon them and take the necessary steps to make your dreams become a reality."

    I've heard this kind of thing many times. And for me, this type of instructional information is way too ambiguous.

    If I ask were to ask TGFOL "How do I get what I desire effortlessy?"
    There should be a clear instructional answer, without a single question left in my mind as to how to get what I desire effortlessly, thus then I'd be able to physically manifest things I desire within minutes, or get effortless physical changes within minutes.

    Getting anything we desire would be as easy as flipping a lightswitch; I believe this is possible, The only question is "HOW".

    We can believe as much as we want, but if we don't have the HOW, nothing can be manifested effortlessly.

    For example, how do I or we phyically receive,get,acquire,attain, or have a new car effortlessy, in a couple of hours.
    HOW - we need that answer.

    We need answers that can be implemented and produce real physical results for everyone within minutes of receiving the answer. I'd like to see answers that are so much more clearer, effective, and unambiguous.

    Thanks for responding Greg.

  122. AWESOME!!! :D I'd like to see what really went down during the Atlantis and Lemuria time periods. The whole thing! Not small pits of unorganized info, not a brief overview, I'd like to see it all! (If I don't remember it before hand that is ;D). hahaha
    OR visit my past lives :D and my childhood in this life! OR when our brother Jesus had his most famous incarnation on Gaia! Woah...

  123. Can't wait to see the "toys".

  124. THis is such an exciting time to be here! I am so happy to be a part of the Family of Light. All I can say is BRING IT ON! Love to all! Namaste'

  125. Would love to see Mozart play and wear a big powdered white wig, and then go to the 1920's and dance with the Flappers :-)


  126. I get so focused on what i want to say sometimes that i barley leave comments. I feel like the ringing in my ears is a sign of your presence is this true? If it is how do i decipher what may be being relayed to me? Of course your always right i have seemed to been more focused on our telepathic relationship. We look forward to your messages so leaving comments would be a more effective way of telling you all that i love u so much and we cant thank you enough for everything that you're doing for us. Soon i will get to look you in the eye and let you know if you cant feel it already from where you're at. What you have in store for us seems so incredible that i can hardly begin to wrap my mind around it. As with some people your mention of days seems to create a time misrepresentation for us for you see days for us could mean sometime this week but days for the timeless ones could be any number of days up to around 50 or 100, am i correct in assuming this? I am not one to complain and this is by no means a complaint. I just wished to let you in our world and express that the eagerness sometimes is hard to bare and gets a little uncomfortable since contact/disclosure or whatever it will be has no end date from my perspective. Ah well enough of that, as always i look forward to hearing from you again and maybe offline as well. If there is more you wish for us to leave in comments other than our complaint like if u just wanted to hear from us or liked to chat or that you just really enjoy reading what we have to say, anything, let us know please. As always i love u dearly and the same to anyone and not just everyone who takes the time to read this comment! Peace, Love, and lots of Laughter!!!!

  127. Normally, I stay away from "issues", but this isn't NORMAL. This posting contradicts all the others I read IN THE LAST TWO DAYS. This post is only under-handedly responding to the negative comments.
    There is NONE OF THIS BICKERING, ONLY GRATITUDE, THOUROUGH EXPLANATION...AND SURELY I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST GREG BUT THIS IS JUST UNCOMFORTABLE IN A TIME WHEN WE'RE encouraged by everyone else to balance our Selves and emotions in love/high frequencies. THIS BICKERING, not cool at all. Smh...bless and be blessed

  128. Hello Tony1111, in this dimension there are no technologies or magic spells that will give you what you are asking for without effort. All comes to those here through focused intent and appropriate action. This is part of our journey here, part of the challenges and learning experience that we all signed up for. As far as in the higher realms; it is my understanding luxuries and extra comforts are afforded an individual upon their work to better their community and to assist others on their journey, as well as careers with the GFL and the Ashtar Command that afford an individual many benefits.

  129. Hollywood Hemptress Hour, I would love to see Mozart with you! What an amazing experience that would be!

  130. Thank you Greg for this inspiring message…, praying to GOD that this message really came from the GFoL.
    @Faizaintoascensionsoon… I also would like to recommend to you and to all our friends to also read the book of TUESDAY LOBSANG RAMPA titled the “HERMIT”, but before that read first his book “THE THIRD EYE” in order that you may appreciate the truthfulness of what he is writing, because as I have observe Greg’s messages was similar or may be based on RAMPA’S writings. Hoping not…. GOD BLESS… us all his creation.

  131. Hello James Bond, you mention 'drawing the short straw', but our ascended families have shared with us that so many wished to be selected for this blessed opportunity that many could not be accommodated. We are receiving so much from our efforts here that you may wish to consider seeing your opportunities here as more a blessing, though I honor and respect your views my friend.

  132. I loved the part of your message that talks about being an interactive part of history as in a movie--wow! That would be extraordinarily fabulous, especially if we could have special abilities, like flying or protecting others from harm with special powers! So exciting! I can't WAIT to see and try out all your cool toys and technology! Thanks for such a fun and delightful message, GFL!

  133. I would like to see some dates of when we will see the mass arrest on T.V. I would like to see a large ship close by over Cantonment, Fl. I would like to meet someone from the GFL personaly. I would like to see some evidence of my body changing for ascention. I think it is time to get the ball rolling a little quicker because Dec. 2012 is right around the corner. Thanks for listening... :)

  134. Let me ask a question, not that it relates to your post, but its something that I am curious about.

    What happens to members of the same Monad after ascension, if 1 member ascends.

    Do they all Ascend? Or only the one who Ascended ascends? Surely there is at least some kind of upliftment for the other members.

    I ask because I am in contact with one of the members of my Monad. Also my father is with a member of his Monad. I can feel and observe in a lot of cases the difference in the vibrations between us and our counterparts. If that is any indication as to where we are going, I am curious what happens to the counterpart. If it is in anyway different than what you already described between 2 people who are not in the same Monad.

  135. Hey this was a very cute and nice message from you guys, but I have concerns of my own since I had a nightmare of the sun, where fireballs were shooting out of the sun and killing people in groups. I searched around and found a former NASA employee said nirbiru is real and is a galaxy with seven planets and will pass near us in October and cause all sorts of Havok. Is this for real. Is this Hatonn's intentions for us to be demolished or is it Satan shedding a lie. I read somewhere else that Hatonn said he wanted to bring about a new system of life here in our galaxy and those of us here won't even remember or whatever. Will we all be destroyed? Are these channelers here to make us feel better about our situations before we pass on?
    Also it is odd, that I feel random frusterations out of nowhere, maybe it's just me, but I'm not a bad person, and I surely want to work on this for the ascension process.
    Others say their will be no ascension for any one that it is a lie and so the galactics are deceiving us to make utopian society where everyone is happy. Don't get me wrong but this is my goal to be happy and it makes sense a lot of the channelings, but have yet to wittness anything out of the ordinary eccept for a long drought.
    Sorry, did not mean to get off topic, but I felt it was urgent questionable matters.

  136. Hey Greg,
    Even if it takes effort, there still has to be clearer instructions and a more effective way. As I said
    "Conceive them, focus upon them and take the necessary steps to make your dreams become a reality" is completely ambiguous and ineffective; otherwise we'd see many more people living their dreams.
    You say, "in this dimension there are no technologies or magic spells that will give you what you are asking for without effort.

    How do you know this for sure? These technologies may be hidden. The knowledge may be hidden.
    And I never said anything about magic spells, lol.

    You say,
    All comes to those here through focused intent and appropriate action."

    Exactly, now tell me what the appropriate action is to take, to transform a paraplegics body, so that they can walk again. Or the appropriate action to transform a double amputee so that they can have legs again.

    Oh, let me guess, you don't know "HOW"

    Like I said, more clearer, effective, instructional information is needed. Answers to the HOW is needed.

    Thanks Greg.

  137. Do you guys have a ship parked above Boise Idaho? I think I see it every night. Do you think you could also do a few fly byes here, with love Sean

  138. Do you guys have a ship parked above Boise Idaho? I think I see it every night. Do you think you could also do a few fly byes here, with love Sean

  139. I have to say, it does seem extremely exciting to be able to experience historical times or monumental times though the technology of entertainment that you have discussed at the end of your message—it’s extremely fascinating. Perhaps maybe we can go to different worlds and experience what their history was and how they might have overcome their challenges.

    I discovered more about myself yesterday night. Although the ups and downs come and go, I know where I stand and the end of the day. I’m normally not one for surprises, nor am I one to waiting for gifts, but you all’s gifts/ invention, and your very selves being other side of the curtain is something so sweet that I accept the long wait. I understand and know how fun it is to discover and peel back the layers that hold information for me to understand more about myself as each day arrives.

    I’m super happy right now and I can/can’t wait to be able to finally know everything, and to be able to have longer conversations back and forth with you on just about EVERY topic that there is out there. Could there be a way that I could receive more hidden coded messages within my dreams... Well maybe not coded just have longer short sentences that will help me get closer to where it is that I need to be. I will try not to freak out this time. I hope that you can see it from my perspective. This is something I want to work on, I want to be able to better communicate and understand if when I’m awake I’m relieving the right information.
    I hope that this gives you all a better understanding about where I stand in all of this. I know there are others that probably feel the same way as me when it comes down to it. Thank you for reading my inquiry I hope to receive my answer (via easy way for me right now) in my dreams. Thank you!!

    With my love and light, <3






  141. Look at myself.

    Observe the demanding attitude and the lust for controlling how things should proceed...or how should they be implemented.

    Watching these emotions and feelings coming and going.

    Keep on watching with silence.

    Do I really have the right to have a say on these issues? Who am I to ask the world to 'act' according to my wish? What have I done to make things go more smoothly?

    When can I really reach the state of pure listening to the world?

    Expectations, what are they?
    Negativity and positivity.... what are they?
    Striving for this and that goals...

    Why should we live in this way?

    The aspiration for the 'change', for the 'Ascension'... what are they? why? why change? What's the matter with NOW?
    Am I suffering? ...from what?

    I really don't know now.
    I think I need to keep silence from now on.


  142. More like a covered fish bowl! :') The one/first day I didn't read yesterday's post... ahh what a difference a day makes! I can overdo it now and then! But, I have to tell you today really felt great! <33

  143. Dear Loving Galactic Family, Thank you Greg for this message. Disclosure has not been announced and due to that I am very concerned about Mother Earth. I Pray to her and for her. I Love You Mother Earth. Once again I am sending all my love to My wonderful Star family in the Skies tonight. Love & Light!!

  144. My mind needs enlightenment, what should i do to better all around me?

  145. This comment has been removed by the author.

  146. I read somewhere ,that it is the most important to spiritual awakening to the open heart chakra. Those are closed how many people. How to open? What is the "fastest way"?

  147. To those who seemed to have a never ending problems with the 'unfulfilled promises' such as seawalls and other projects mentioned by the GFL let me give you my two cents:

    Time is fluid. Time is flexible. In other words it can be change and or controlled especially by those in the higher realms and also can be affected by collective group of people even those in the lower dimensions such as where we are right now. This is because time is an illusion. Its just a fabric of our thoughts and actions.

    Take for example some of the prophecies given by Jesu/Sananda. Some of it were cancelled or deemed no longer necessary as time can bend in certain way as factors such as "CHOICES" of different people can change overtime. This means what maybe predictable before in the past may change due to the circumstances presented with the ever changing minds of the people as a whole/collective. Because human consciousness is not bound by time but rather it transcends time. This is why our consciousness/thoughts can shape and mold the future.

    But one thing is for sure and that is The Alpha and Omega concept (the beginning and the end). This means no matter how much variables we put in between the two end points of Alpha and omega; all the inbetween points can be altered. The dates and plans given by the GFL can be considered as inbetween points are subject to changes in consideration of safety, security and etc.

    All the promises they have mentioned that for others insistently claim are fraudulent; that those things they said they would do are like a set of variables that are inbetween the two end points. Meaning they can be re-scheduled to another time or date in the future. As they can oversee a possible problems that may arise if they do not change their initial plan. And so they may change their plans but the overall outcome as to the Alpha and Omega (two end points) remain the same. It means if they said they will do such projects on such and such dates, the schedule can be moved but NOT the entire project!

    When you are looking at it while you are inside the two end points (x and y) it seems as though that they abandoned their promises; which is not the case at all. They just change the direction on some of the road ways and create a detour but the overall goal still in effect. They are still headed to their main goal and that will not change no matter how much negativity they will receive.

    This main goal is ascension and this cannot change (I can bet on this). Only the intervening points between the main goal and the time the promises were given can change or be altered. And so things like dates, scheduled plans can be change but not the ultimate goal of ascension as it was set by the Creator God.

  148. I feel as if many of you commenting here have done NO other research than what Greg is channeling... The news about these technologies has been told many times before now through many other channels and factual historical information... If this info is NEW to you, you are way behind... stop posting negative comments and catch up... before the train leaves the station...

  149. GFL, firstly, let me express my utter gratitude for your service to all of us here on Mother Earth, and for your unconditional love. I am so glad that your messages are now appearing daily because I really do appreciate your uplifting words more and more lately. It seems that now, more than ever am I encountering unawakened souls.. it is a bit saddening, and though I feel that my presence/exemplification as an awakened being- if I may humbly say so- may help guide these souls to the light, at the same time I feel that silence is usually the best option when they chatter about the illusions of the 3d or disrespect for other life. So, please.. I could use some advice on whether or not silence is really the best choice, because it is quite uncomfortable for me to express my opinions to people, but I will do so if it is best. Thank you.

    p.s. If this comment is not relatable to most, I will understand if you do not address it in a message, but any sort of general statement to guide me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again. Love jenbot

  150. Also, I am so eager to reunite with you all! I can truly feel in my heart that although my human family members & i deeply love each other, my true family is somewhere else... and it is you! Until we meet again...

  151. This comment has been removed by the author.

  152. If it is like Mr. Giles say that they have such advanced technologies and that they can access our Internet, why don't they communicate in person with us by using their advanced form of "Skype"? Why don't they start these "interactive" lectures about our true history, about the Cosmos and show us where and how their civilizations live and trade out there, instead of having Mr. Giles having to type us an essay every single day in primitive format. Why can't the person in space who dictate these messages to Mr. Giles come on air on the Ashtar website and speak to the people himself so that we can get used to their looks. He says he has the technology, so why not use it now? What is he waiting for? I also smell a rat when he says we don't have to enhance our telepathic abilities. Sounds a lot like the cabal talking. Sadee Knows a lot about how to increase one's telepathic abilities and it's as if Mr. Giles don't want her method to spread, because if everybody becomes telepathic he'll be without an audience. But, I suppose these things are not biblical and God will have nothing to do with such technological toys. I'll wait for Jesus to arrive on the clouds from where he will judge the nations of the Earth. I don't think your lotus positions are going to wash away your sins without being washed in the blood of Jesus. Praise the Lord!

  153. I honestly think Greg isn't channeling the GFL anymore.

  154. To Blink, as you can see, both Erin 111 and Greg Giles, completely ignore the requests for explanations of the seawalls and Erin 111 has no answer for my questions on the false Geithner Arrest and We salute the Fallen messages that Greg deleted. You can also see Greg pick and chooses his comments to reply and not to me or the others asking for an excuse. He just moves on with another lame story for the sheeple to eat up.

    4 months to ascension, Greg. I don't think your going to lead astray a lot of people like you hope for. Erin 111 maybe, but not too much more. Sorry for your luck. One good thing is that your not going. If your even a real person, that is.

  155. This comment has been removed by the author.

  156. Dearest GFL. Thanks for the uplifting message. I am having such a very hard time keeping afloat at the moment, things are very tough, it brings me comfort to know that things can get better. Sending you my love as always. p.s please please please let me see one of your ships soon, would be amazing! xoxoxox

  157. Holy shit....that's easily one of the coolest things I've read on this blog...! And I thought our movies and games were cool...!

    I wanna re-live the entirety of Ocarina of Time with you all! Have you guys played it? Have you guys teleported into its cool "whatever technology you're talking about"-reality?? XD

    Now THAT is gaming!
    "Now you're playing with power!"

  158. I am totally excited about our future together, I feel all these possibillities like they are already here. Let's turn the table.

  159. I would like to experience thoroughly being one with everything so I can set aside judgments and serve the universe to the best of my abilities. I'm so grateful for being here right now and for all the assistance we are getting. It excites me beyond imagination already.

  160. Thank you for all your help and support. My request is for your energetic support during the full moon healing fire Circle events we hold here on the big Island of Hawaii every full moon, in Kapoho. These are focused, intentional events with the purpose of raising healing energy to share with everyone and the earth (Google for Big Island Sacred Healing Fire Circles for more info). We would love your energetic support and presence( in any form) at these events (next: August 31st). My goal is to create an experience of unity for everyone present, and any way you can help us achieve that would be greatly appreciated! Mahalo :-)

  161. Dear brothers and sisters:
    This is a nice pep talk! To be honest, not until I read the message today did I realize in addition to being a stern spiritual guide, You, my dear brothers and sisters, are also very funny:) Especially with the way You end your message today,"We are your fellow moviegoers of the Galactic Federation of Light". I really like it, for it reveals to us the other side of You: the sense of humor:) And I really look forward to experiencing all the fun that You've described today! It really changes my thought about watching a movie! Though I do have a question regarding the way You communicate with us. I know You really spend Your time reading our messages to You, and You also respond in the next message. I was wondering if it is possible for one-on-one communication. For most of us do not have the ability to receive and send telepathic messages. I understand You tell us not to worry, but the one-on-one communication on the Internet might be a way to ask for Your assistance to ensure we are on the right track towards ascension. Is this one-on-one communication on the Internet feasible? Could it be divinely decreed? If it is still not time, I totally understand. I'm just wondering if there is any possibility to make our communication and bonding deeper.
    Peace, Love, and Light

    Your fellow moviegoer as well from the Earth:)

  162. The future ahead of us is indeed very interesting! I will try to go back in time and observe the past in relation to the biblical record. I want to see when, where and how the additional words were added to the bible including the actual words of Jesus/Sananda that was removed. It will be very interesting to see the actual scenario and not rely too much on the edited bible that contains some lies.

    I will definitely take photographs of the spacecraft/UFO used by the beings who talked with Moses while in the Mt. Sinai and find out if this being is really God or just doing some acting. Including the UFO that guided the three wise/learned men from the East who gave gifts to baby Jesus. And also the UFO who showed up during
    his transfiguration and lifted him out of the ground to be inside this spaceship hidden on a cloud.

    I also would like to see how and when Atlantis and Lemuria sunk from their locations and what lessons can be learned from those things.

  163. Maunuel Panada starts his comment with:

    "The future ahead of us: Really Manuel? DUH!

    The rest of your comment is very interesting though it is old stuff.

  164. @Heaven Only Knows - It is old stuff because the technology or toys the Galactic will give is capable of going to the past. And that means its all in the history.

    How long have you been working for the intelligence Mossad/CIA? How much do they pay you? Be honest.

  165. Manny, I'm sorry for freaking you out. I've just been in a naughty mood. I'm so in love with the subject you mentioned, I'm jealous of anyone else touching it. You have my full support though and may you love the UFO subject as much as I love it. I've been visited many times and have been in them many times. Love and please accept my apology. God Bless.

  166. Peace, Light and Love to All beings,

    Well the tone changed here today, it is like an other writer came back here… in this group who pretend being the GFL and from the Ashtar Command!!!

    Well what I will deal with you all today is this:
    After World War II in the late 1940 Ashtar the REAL ONE and unic came in the office of Ike Eisenhower your president than and immediately Ike cried for help but nothing happened and so he has his face on the ground because the light was to strong around Ashtar and Ike ask are you an ange? Ashtar said no but if for you I look like it is ok for me. I come here today to make an interview with you and I ask you if you want answer all my questions? Ike had no choice so in the answers that gave Ike to Ashtar Ike seems to be in my eyes not a great spiritualist but with a very big “ego” he said to Ashtar “ I am the most intelligent man here in this land”
    The last question HE asked than was “We offer you today the spirituality so that all beings here will live in prosperity and heath do you agree? Ikes answer was NO . And he asked Ashtar to not dilvulgate this interview as long as he will be in life? Ashtar agreed and hold his word!

    The same happened to Kroutchef than the URRS with this difference than in one way KR was more spiritual on one way so to say than Ike but the same answer NO.

    Than came in the GREYS but they didn’t talk at all about spirituality only about TECHNOLOGY and both said YES.

    If both dirigents of the world than were just a little bit smarter than we would all have now abundance and health because when you are spiritual you have welfare and so on.
    No they would have only technology to have power over the other to dominate the world.
    The greys gave a little technology under certain circumstances , ex: to have the right to pick up people here and there over earth to take them to their laboratoriums and so more….

    You see now who Is who here? Up to you to find it out, without any judgment or accusation to no one here. We are all responsable for what we do here.

    We here in Belgium have a proverb who says this : Much promises but give nothing that ma
    ke foolish people live in happiness…..

    ps it seems to be that drk forces doens't want to send this i had to recommence 3 times with the writings each time it was erased ....strange no but i gave not up!

  167. All these people are facing disappointment when they do not "ascend"!!!

    Most have no idea what ascension actually means.

    It saddens me to see this distortion.

    Anyone interested in some genuine light might do worse than check out the B.O.T.A who's roots date back far, back to Atlantis and who require no charade like the glamorous GFL seem to do.


  168. This comment has been removed by the author.

  169. Eugénie
    Did you get this information from a reliable source or simply from a book on a shelf somewhere for all to read?
    I would question why this information was allowed to be disseminated? It's probably an untruth fed to the general population for whatever reason. Just me. Sorry.

  170. to Domsub
    please what is Bota ?
    I never did hear of this?

    You my mail to me


  171. B.O,T.A into Google

    there is a booklet called the Open Door of which this is a sample:-

    With the coming of the Aquarian Age, the world has seen an influx of older souls whose inner being has
    a desire for more than material acquisitions. Within these souls lives the desire to aid and help their fellows, to alleviate the pain and suffering that is so unmistakably present, and to bring about the true Brother/Sisterhood of Man. If you are one of these souls (regardless of your physical age), then you know the inner yearnings of which we speak.

    Adepts of the Ageless Wisdom have looked forward to this period of human history with eager, longing eyes. They have understood the cyclic laws which govern human affairs. They have always known that fundamental discoveries which lead to revolutionary changes in the lives of men and women must always await the time when man's mind is ready for such great transformations.

    In preparation for this critical period, a course of instruction was composed embodying the very essence of the Esoteric Doctrines of the Western Mystery Schools. More than forty years of writing and revision have gone into this work. They, upon whom this great responsibility devolved, being themselves well-versed in the essentials of the Western Tradition, bent all their efforts to making ready for this New Age. The result of their endeavors is a complete course of instruction which gives a clear-cut explanation of the laws and forces which work through human personality to bring that personality to the highest levels of spiritual, mental and physical attainment.

    Builders of the Adytum offers such study and training, teaching the doctrine of the Oneness of God, the brother/sisterhood of man, and the kinship of all life. B.O.T.A. is a direct development of the Ageless Wisdom Mystery Schools that, from time immemorial have been the custodians of spiritual training. Because of this, the Order offers a very effective and proven curriculum through which aspirants are prepared for spiritual unfoldment. Through the methods of the Western Mystery Tradition, you will follow a clearly delineated pathway to the recognition of the Higher Being within and how to apply this knowledge to aid in the evolution of humanity.

  172. to Heaven Only Knows

    this came from a serious group believe me in that time 40 years ago i had special contactees... most are not longer in life now and the others i don't know i loozed contact my life too changed you see.


  173. Holy Qabala, Sacred Tarot, Alchemy, biblical revlation using the recently discovered keys, including the cube of space and esoteric Astrology

    but don't expect to be "adept" in time for December - this course takes 30 years and is a lifetime's work - known as the Great Work as demonstrated by the Christ.

    It could take more than one lifetime.

    But don't worry. The planet is not going to disintegrate in December. This is a "shift" in consciousness, not a change of planet!