Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 8/13/12 ‘Ascension Science’

Holding you back in some ways is your resistance to change in some areas. There are for some of you new concepts and new ideas that are foreign to you, strange to you. You do not resonate with them, for you have never experienced anything like this before in any of your previous or recent incarnations. We of the Galactic Federation of Light wish to assist you smooth this transition for yourselves and assimilate these changes more efficiently and effectively, more positively, more securely and more confidently.

At this time, some of you are demonstrating great difficulties when reading our messages to you. These individuals are displaying behaviors not suitable for higher dimensional existence in many ways. These individuals are demonstrating for all to see that they are not yet prepared, they have not yet enabled themselves to rise above the frequency levels of a 3rd third dimensional existence. This is their choice and we, as we always do, honor and respect the choice that all will make, however, these beings may wish to understand that they will not, because they cannot, ascend into the higher dimensions until these deficiencies in their personality constructs are purified, are corrected, are brought into alignment with higher dimensional consciousness.

This is a rule. It is the way that this multiple dimensional universe is governed. There are no shortcuts, there are no backdoors, there are no pass keys given for those who have not raised their individual frequency levels to sufficient pulse rates. This is an absolute, this is law, this is rule, this is science, this is spirituality, and this is how one rises up into a higher dimension than the dimension they currently reside in. Do you all understand this very basic concept of how your multidimensional universe is governed? One does not ascend because one wishes to ascend or one chooses to ascend or one thinks they will ascend. This is not how it works. How it works is one rises to challenges throughout their incarnations, they learn from these tests, these lessons and these experiences and they add them to their collected consciousness structures. When one adds these lessons learned successfully, an increase in their vibrational frequency level is experienced. This raising of one's vibration continues on through many successive incarnations until an individual raises their personal vibrational frequency to at least equal to the minimum requirement for this being to connect to the frequency of the dimension above. It is then and it is only then that this being can then ‘plug in’ and become one with the higher dimension through a matching of frequency.

We hope we have been clear on this, for we see quite often throughout your online communities those who clearly exhibit third dimensional behavior who speak about ascension as if it is a guarantee, as if it is a lock, as if it is owed to them, as if they demand it that it shall be handed to them. We never wish to be the bearer of bad news, but we from our vantage point feel it is our duty to report these things to you, to share our wisdom and understandings with you. We do not wish for any of you, our brothers and our sisters, to walk another mile confused, spend another day unaware of certain factors that govern your existence and your lives here in your current 3rd dimension. We wish to always be honest and frank with you, and we feel we are doing this today. We do not wish to make anyone feel badly and we do not wish to embarrass anyone. What we wish to do is educate, to spread awareness, and that is what our intentions are when we speak of these matters.

We also share our advice for those who wish to accept it and act upon it. We do not give orders, commands, or directives to you. We simply offer gifts, and it is up to each and every individual as well as your people as a collective if they wish to accept them. Today we offer the gift of a greater understanding of ascension, as we are quite aware that there are very many of you who wish, and in many cases expect, to ascend in the near days ahead. We wish to be as clear about this as can. We say to you now that there will be those of you who do in fact ascend in the near days ahead. By ‘near days’ we mean months and not years. This is as clear as we can be as to when some of you will ascend, as there are many contributing factors and you will not be punching out with a time clock, as it were, when a particular hour strikes. This is not how it works. How it works is a melding, if you will, of vibrational frequencies is achieved between you as individuals and a collective and the higher realms above you. It will be as if a swirling whirlwind envelopes your essence and delivers you through a doorway on to the fertile grounds of a new and blessed reality for you to begin anew your journey.

That is how it works, and now that you understand this a little greater, would you say if we asked you today that you would be waiting for a particular date to arrive? No, you probably would not. There are many of you with your eyes to the calendar. You see December of 2012 as a date when magic may happen. This is very true, but let us emphasize the word may. It may happen for many of you in that month of this year, but just as likely it may not happen in that month of this year. It is all up to you, and we suggest to you today to work today in making your tomorrow become what it is you want it to be. Do not wait for a date and do not wait for outside influences to come and carry you away. It is you and you alone who must forge your own wings to take flight into the higher dimensions of this universe.

We cannot be any clearer on this, and we hope very much that all of you reading these words perfectly understand this, as this is one of the most important things for you to understand at this time. We understand how important your ascension is to you and they are important to us as well, as this is one of the reasons why we are here. We are here as your shepherds, your chaperones, your escorts, your guides, your doormen, so to speak, into the higher realms, and we wish to do everything that it is we can do to assist you make this greatly successful and we will continue on in our efforts in this light.

For those of you who are now beginning to doubt whether you will indeed ascend come this year or sometime afterward perhaps, we say to you do not give up so easily, but work on the deficiencies, if you will, that you may possess. Work on what it is that you feel you lack or that you possess that you would need to clear yourself of like a heavy anchor weighing you down. What is it that you feel about yourselves is not conducive, is not a match, is not a partner for higher dimensional life? What is it you are doing that you feel others in higher dimensions do not do? What is it that you are exhibiting to others that you feel you would not witness others exhibiting in the higher realms? This is a very likely place to start, and we wish to read your comments today and learn just what it is about yourselves that you feel you may need to change before you are gifted with the blessing of ascension.

This is your assignment, and we ask as many of you who wish to assist us to leave your comments today and share with us your thoughts about this. Let us know if you have learned something about ascension today and its properties and its laws that govern your travel, if it were, and share with us your insights into what you think you may need to work on, change or discard within yourselves. Let us know which areas in your lives or in your behaviors that you feel needs improving to allow yourselves the opportunity of ascension. This is all we have for you today and we, as we always do, look forward to reading your thoughts beneath our message today. Have a wonderful, beautiful and blessed day today, our dear friends.

We are your family and your friends who have found the keys to ascension that existed within us. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.


As channeled through Greg Giles English - Spanish - Brazil - Bulgarian - Croatian - Dutch -German - Greek - Hebrew - Polish - Japanese Portugal - Romanian - Russian - Slovenian -Swedish - Traditional Chinese - Hungarian French Turkish


  1. I don't think it's that people get the idea that they "deserve" to ascend, but rather forsee the days ahead as aiding in our ascension process heavily. I personally am learning more and more every day, so ascension does not seem far off to me. I do have some emotional weights and conditioned social behavior weighing me down in this reality but i know i am in divine time and will rid myself of these soon enough. Love and light-Nicole

  2. Hi GFL,

    Did you read my comments on manifestation?

    Love & blessings, Faiza X

  3. Hi, im online 15 years old and have been reading about the acsending in a few months now and have been exercising telepatic stuff and how to use love to get higher frequenceys to get in higher vibrations. It does really work I feel better and get contact sometimes in some ways wich is the best for me. But I don't really understand all of your messages and should like if you could do them a little easier for these like me, but I almost always get your point.

    And now I have a question, what can I do to help the humanity, myself and you to acsend? I mean abstract should I be nice to people wich im trying to or/and try to get peace in my min etc....

    I really should love to get that answered.

    Thank you for giving me the experiences of knowing that we can acsend.

    Thank you for the love!

    1. I think you are doing great! It inspires me to see someone at 15 who is really applying themselves to knowing themselves, being a light, and seeking a deeper connection to source. Even that your question is that you want to know how to help humanity inspires me. So thank you for sharing your heart :)

    2. help others in your age group, your peers to know about and to understand this stuff, for soon everyone must know, and young people will find it easiest to ascend.

  4. I resonate with today's message. I've always known since I become 'awake' that we would have to increase our vibrations to ascend, but from following other channelers I thought we were all going to step into custom light chambers that would help us speed things along. I'd say though to the GFL that my EGO is what is holding me back. I think constantly of building an company that would work to end the suppression of technology but through this process I use the technology for harmful purposes in order to help remove the cabal, which I can tell lowers my vibrations. I'm going to start meditating more and hopefully make progress each day.

    Thank you Greg for channeling today's message.

  5. I fell empty, shallow,lonely, left behind and very sad. Like I've been cut off at the knees!!!!! GNB

  6. Beautiful message thank you ~~ there is so much misinformation and disinformation circulating amongst lightworkers right now.I have also been aware of the incredibly negative, attacking and abusive comments about the GFL and Greg's messages by many on social media networks.It must be difficult to have such loving, caring messages perceived in such a negative light. I find this discussion about the Science of Ascension very helpful and would ask that this discussion be continued and expanded upon. I really resonate with your messages and look forward to them every day. Thank you so much. Love & Light ~~ Namaste` ~ Shirley

  7. Nothing holds me.Well maybe others.
    Thank you greg for guidance and thank you for all you do.

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  9. For great help in ridding yourself of EGO and trusting more in your higher self, read A Course in Miracles. It helped me a great deal in forgiving so much heavy stuff that had been weighing me down on many levels.

    I found today's message helpful. I feel I'm on track to ascend in the coming months and these messages are of great assistance. Thank you Greg and the GFL for continuing to put them online for us all.

    Love and light.

  10. I believe the path to ascension are to live in pure love. And thats the path Im following - love... I also read a nice phrase: * God helps those who helps themself. * I believe that we all must start to love and rise oure vibrition true love, then god will sendt angels, guides etc to help us true this all.. If youre one of those who just sits down in the coughts, thinking at that date you will ascend no matter what. Hehe, god will do the same, sitting right beside you doing nothing ^^ He/she got a seens of humor you know, and to come somewhere, YOU have to atleast start to move youreself. Dont be scared to start wrong, youre guides, angels will help you on youre right path.. Love & Light to all creatures from me ♥ ♥ ♥

  11. I am working on loving others and myself with a focus on forgiveness. Also working on letting for of fear.

    Love & Light


  12. Another somehow new and precios information from you. i know when i am acting impropriate from the way i am feeling. Thank youfor your gifts!

  13. Marijuana is hard for me to accept letting go of - but I now know that I can't rely gain more from smoking that plant.
    Food also binds me to this experience, so I guess that's another "problem".
    Rising the frequency of Me, should be more potent if I'm clean from everything - so That's what I'm working on. And I've order my first meeting with a healer who says she knows Reiki healing. But I don't know what I rely need - I hope the Reiki session can give me a clue.

  14. I see myself ascending at the perfect time whether that be next month, december, or 2016. It will happen when I'm ready. What I feel is happening within me is so huge that I can only trust that I'm being prepared. I'm doing my best to love God and others but I still see that there is much that needs to happen within me before I ascend.

    There are two things that I do that came to mind when it comes to keeping me from ascending. Tobacco and marijuana. This one is tricky because although I haven't smoked all my life I started this past year. In a strange way I feel like tobacco has been a guide to me. I don't usually have an urge to smoke but when I do I'm at times led into conversation and led to meet strangers. Some of these people who I feel I have been led to have helped me immensely. As for marijuana, I smoke it sometimes to have a different kind of meditation. Not necessarily a better meditation but a different one. I know Greg has talked about no one who does drugs will be allowed to be a member of the GFL. I don't plan on continuing when I'm in the 4D 5D dimensions. However, while I'm here plant medicines have led to by far my greatest spiritual breakthroughs. MDMA led me to throwing off my old life, I don't know where I'd be if it wasn't for my work with Ayahuaska, and even mushrooms have given me a great deal of wisdom. But I have taken all these with no other intention then to connect deeper to source and that is exactly what happened.

    So am I justifying myself. I don't know. I do know that I feel like I'm doing everything I can to go deeper and know myself. If I truly felt like any plant medicine would be holding me back from ascending I would stop right away. But I'm learning to trust my intuition more then anyone else whether that be a human or member of the Galactic Federation of Light. Right now I think what I'm doing is working. If the universe makes it clear that it's time to stop I will stop. Until then I will continue to work with the plants in order to explore the caverns of my consciousness.

  15. Good message . I will be the best i can be and do what i have to. . Thanks gfol.

    1. I wont give up im going keep going to become better to make changes. Thats the human spirit the strength of a fire the will to go on. I do my best for you and importantly for me.. for God. For this world. . I be the best i can be.

    2. So will i make a change just for you just for me just for this world to move on foe the truth.

  16. Yea Darryl Terri. I feel so bad and embarrassed that I'm going to have to go back to those people I've spoken to about ascension and whatnot to tell them that they'll have to find their own way, their own time and place to ascend to higher realms.

    Too much fraud and disinformation are abound that even I have difficulty dealing with.

    With all the postponements some of the people I would have loved to ascend with died of preventable diseases anyway.

    I suppose the cabal's food poisoning and stressful living agendas took their lives before the GFOL's technology could help them.

    Land GFOL land, please.

  17. Aprender, asimilar estos mensajes desde una traducción al español automática, es extremadamente difícil. Pero siento que sus palabras son sinceras, gracias por su amor.

  18. wow, looks like your weak ass program is falling apart Greg "DOUCHETARD" Giles. Really? People arent going to ascend because they found out your a fake? haha you dumbass, Everyone will ascend , even you, you'll most likely have to incarnate a few hundred times because you'll obviously lie to your brothers for money paid to you from the Dark ones...thats why your a DOUCHETATD and a HOMOCRAPIUS. GET A LIFE L O S E R ! ! !

  19. While I didn't learn anything I didn't already know about ascension, I think it was a valuable topic, and one we all wish to hear more on.

    As for my areas to work on...I've been studying and working towards ascension for many years, and I still need to work on many areas, such as envy and selfishness. I'm also a bit of a loner, and it's tough for me to relate to others at times. I'll keep working on these areas, and more. Thanks for the reminder!

  20. I'm glad that I've had the mindset and willingness to evolve all of my life. I've been a seeker of truth and it took many many years (and probably more lifetimes) to be where I am today. Living in the 3D realm with the constant struggle to survive had at one point nearly wiped me off the face of the earth with a stroke) I cherish truth; the 3D traumas are difficult to shake. This is my last lifetime, I don't want to return here again. I probably belong someplace else that I am not aware of yet. I long to rise up and be free at last. Much LIGHT and LOVE to you all and to GFL, youhoo, I'm still waiting to see a ship in the sky over here ;-) bye for now

  21. Thank you for your explanations. This IS part of the ascension. This is the balance to all the other information that has separated us from what you are saying. It is very much appreciated.

  22. Thank you for your explanations. This IS part of the ascension. This is the balance to all the other information that has separated us from what you are saying. It is very much appreciated.

  23. I must admit that I harbor doubts and apprehensions about my readiness to ascend. My advanced age compels me to constantly review my past behaviours, and it's not a pretty picture for me. Although I feel I have finally learned how NOT to treat my fellow beings and do my upmost to practice the Golden Rule now, I can't help but wonder if my past actions have not set up future karma for me. I've definitely changed my act in the past few years. But do I still have a future debt to pay? What more can I do at this stage? Peace, Love and Light


  25. What weighs me down like an anchor is being riddled with a rare cancer. Thank God, pain, suffering and illness does not exist in the higher realms. I wish so much that it didn't exist in our current dimension. I have tried everything I could to naturally cure myself, but my current catscan dashes any hope of survival. I wish the healing cities that we have been promised for so long finally became a reality. The healing city in Sedona has existed in the Etheric for quite some time. When will we ever be allowed to use them?

  26. Plne chápem toto dnešné posolstvo a nemám k nemu čo dodať. Za seba môžem iba povedať, že som pripravený zanechať všetky svoje starosti, obavy a niekedy bolestné skúsenosti , svoje staré ja ako súčasť všeobecnej skúsenosti 3 dimenzie na poučenie a prospech všetkým, ktorým to môže slúžiť k dobru. Som tiež pripravený vstúpiť do nového života s dôverou dieťaťa, bez akýchkoľvek predsudkov a očakávaní.

    I fully understand this message today and I have nothing to add to it. For myself, I can only say that I'm ready to leave all your worries, fears and sometimes painful experience, his old self as part of a general three dimensional experience for guidance and benefit of all whom it may serve to the good. I am also ready to enter into a new life with the confidence of the child, without any prejudices and expectations.

  27. Ciao amici cari, oggi ho avuto un notevole mal di testa. Il dolore fisico, ad esempio, non è facile da sopportare per molto tempo e può capitare che questo mi porta ad essere un pò triste. oggi, c'è stato un momento in cui mi sono sentita molto malinconica e sola e ho lasciato che alcuni pensieri bassi invadessero la mia mente. Questo può capitare, lo so, non è facile rimanere in vibrazioni di Amore sempre e costantemente. E a volte mi dimentico di chiedere aiuto al mio Meraviglioso Se Superiore per ricordarmi di essere sempre vigile ed attenta. Questo mi permetterebbe di essere meno dispersiva e più centrata. La cosa più bella che mi sta capitando è quella di avere la possibilità di essere di conforto e aiuto per le persone che amo e questo per me è bellissimo! E vi ringrazio. A volte non vedo l'ora di ricordare, tornare a vivere dove voi ben sapete, ma so pure che questo dipende solo da me e dalla mia volontà, non c'è un momento in cui posso dire "sono arrivata", perchè la strada non è finita e non finisce in quinta dimensione....posso pensare "oggi sono andata avanti" oppure "oggi avrei potuto fare questo invece di quello" o "avrei potuto fare meglio qui" oppure "oggi sono stata brava perchè...." ma non sentirsi mai arrivati è un'ottimo modo per spingersi a migliorarsi sempre. Vi abbraccio.
    Vi volevo anche dire che so che il mio compito è arduo, e spero tanto di riuscirci. Dateci una mano! Con Amore, Agatha

  28. I suppose a lot of what is still holding me down in lower vibrations is associated with my ego, my little self. Even if I spend a great deal of time reading enlightening messages, meditating, coming to peace with myself and the world, and sending unconditional love there seems to still be fragments of the ego's imagined self-importance hanging on in my life and how I view it.

    I want to completely move past this illusory idea of being greater or more deeply understanding, so that I may come to be filled with more and more truth, and be able to share it more and more freely.

  29. I feel I am on the right path to ascension. I have experienced astral travel, and had à lot of dreams with messages I connect to ascension. The Only negative thing I can think of is I drink maybe a glass of wine every night. Is this bad? People tell me I help others too much and should think of myself more. Is this bad? I mean do I need to look after myself more to get ready?

    Thanks Greg and GFL
    Light and Love Always


  30. Time to be more patient with my family and always enjoy them. Time to give more to the community and less to my needs that only endulge my ego.

  31. for me it is important to detAch emotionally from people and objects, especially our houses... full of object we consider part of us... especialy in italy we feel emotionally depending on them.. we are working on this with ARCD. MICHALE HELP.. HAVE BEEN DOING THIS FOR YEARS.. THANKS

  32. I stay focused in love. In my actions, treatments and thinking. That helps me. There is no day for ascension to come, like there is no "time" in that way. There is no day for disclosure yet, because timelines changing every "day". So let us treat others with love to change this time so that ascension will come for everyone who s in love with all, because all is one.

    Namaste, dear ones! :)

    By the way: Maybe it´s part of Greg´s ascension to stay focused on keep doing his task to post the channelings and not being pulled down by unkind comments...

  33. Questo lo sapevo già.. quindi non o mai aspettato di fare la gara con l'altri.. vado per la mia strada di scensione..punto.. non credevo in nessun tipo di premio ..vado bene già e vi sono molto grata per aiuto che mi date

  34. no veo una razon por la cual yo no ascenderia aun asi en mis oraciones he pedido que si tengo que mejorar en algo pues me lo dejen saber de una manera u otra.

    ¿sera que estoy siendo muy arrogante al decir lo que dije?

  35. Thank you for your continued love and wisdom.We are truly honored. We are all on the path -we each have our fine tunings to do - its just that some of us have more strings to tune.But that does not mean that what we compose is not music- if we continue to play the strings of love that will in the end take us to the heights of sound.So it does not matter which note we play the high or the low note as long as we strum the cords with love. Its not about the level its about the note.
    So keep writing your songs with love and the right frequencies will come to you.

  36. My areas of weakness can be many, that will always stay the same as long as I evolve into higher vibrations.

    My area of strength, public communication, speaking with a single person and reaching their soul.

    For this I admire so strongly your capacity to choose words so wisely. I request your help in this regard. Please, please, help me understand my self and others in such a way patience and humbleness become my strongest poings.

    Having the soft power of the word to reach minds, hearts and souls while always keeping the level of anger energy inside me and inside others calm and relaxed.

    Coaching the soul to their next level of existence. I believe I do this with the smallest gestures in my day to day.

    Look forward for the day I share this mission with you in person.

    Namaste... :-)

  37. there is actually useful truth in this, thank you for that.

  38. sounds great, Thank you.
    i do have a question though.
    I've heard about jumping straight from the 3rd to the 5th though. But its never been done right? Earth/Gaia is the 1st planet to ascend to 5th dimension with us in a 3rd dimensional body? so we skip ethereal 4th?



  40. I like your message, Greg. Reading through the comments I see a lot of people are confused, some hurting, some in fear and one with a lot of work still to do. I have involved myself for some time in trying to bring the message to others of the amazing OPPORTUNITY this confluence age presents. I am in awe and immense gratitude for the dispensations offered to us by the Ascended Masters and the help in understanding presented by our family of Light. I shall plod on doing my best at making myself the best I can be and encouraging others to do the same. At no point did I think Ascension was a 'faites accomplis' and try, in as gentle a way as I can find, to pass this message on. I used to rant at people, that is done as I saw the futility in this now I try to show with my actions and deeds that the true meaning of ascension was given in the words of Yeshua, "Do as I do". To that end I offer the reiki healing light to which I am attuned to all those who have posted hear who are in pain, in need or in confusion in the knowledge that the Angels will carry it to all concerned that they may be blessed. Peace be with you ll.

  41. I do know that in this point in time that the 4th dimension is now available or those with a high enough frequency to experience it. I also nave Ben taught the hard way exactly what ascension is and also know that at this point right now that I will not ascend. I have not given up though for I have been consumed in some areas of my life with darkness and am working on clearing this before that beautiful date arrives. I also thank you for sharing this. It has made thing a little bit clearer for me. I appreciate it. I have also received a message from the GFL but it may have been my spiritual guides telling me something. Until the next posting I wish you all great peace, love and light and may the Godless of the universe bless everything your hands can touch.
    Love and Light

  42. I completely understand that Ascension is NOT a right, and that it has to be earned by learning our lessons. I really have no clue where I AM at in the grander scheme of things. I am where I am spritually. Somewhere in a persons soul they know that Ascension has to be earned. There are no short cuts to God/Creator.

  43. I truly have no idea who will and who won't reach the vibrational level needed to pass through into 5D. I find myself judging people who don't seem to get what's happening around us, or people who seem unwilling to raise themselves out of a life-long rut. Who am I to judge anyone? I try to do no harm to others and truly enjoy helping those who are struggling. As good a person as I imagine myself, I don't know if I'm good enough . . . yet.

  44. I have followed your advice since I have found your words. I no longer smoke, drink alcohol, or eat meat. I jog everyday for health. (healthy body means a healthy mind...that sort of thing). I have gotten involved in order to help myself as well as other people to ascend. I have joined the staff of a helpful website as a journalist, focusing on the environment. I have contacted people from my past in order to clear the air. I have apologized, forgiven them and myself.

    These things were great advice. I wish that I had made these changes much earlier. Again, I thank you and love you all very much.

    However, I am having difficulties at meditation. Clearly I will continue to practice. I have a dream journal by my bed. It is still empty as I can not remember a dream.

    I am still looking for overlooked items to improve. It all feels right!

  45. This message alone has helped me understand what the process of Ascension really is. I questioned it so many times in my mind and how it would happen, but now i don't need to question anything any longer, for now i know. Thank you for helping me understand Brothers and Sisters.

    I have an idea of what the things are, personally, that i need to rid my self of and concentrate on purifying and improving! It's hard work, that i can be sure of, but nothing comes easy. I knew this would be hard, and now i must live up to the promise i made before coming down here. I must do this!

    I hope you are well Brothers and Sisters. Thank you Greg for today's channeled message, and thank you The Galactic Federation of Light for today's very, very informative, guiding and inspiring message!

    With love and light!


    Conan. England.

  46. Aloha ahiahi, kakou! Good evening to you All! I have learned many things today ... that I no longer crave or "need" marijuana; my Clairsentience is now much better without it. With HAARP's influence also receding, the need for ingesting protective nicotine is also subsiding. I surprise myself today with a depth of calm and peace that now manifests in my voice and tone ... it makes me smile and my heart no longer feels heavy. Since 3:00 am., I have been mustering up a cadre of Reiki practitioners to assist in sending healing energies to a young man fighting for his life, and the reward of a mother's heartfelt gratitude makes me feel like a millionaire. But enough about me ...

    In viewing the posted comments here and observations of interactions online, I do feel sadness in observing the persistent vitriolic/vindictive tone that persists amongst so-called "Lightworkers." What we call in the Islands a "crabs-in-a-pot" mentality. It seems everyone missed the first day of class, where you were taught to watch your thoughts and watch your words. Where is the mutual respect and why is it still a difficult social skill to master amongst the Lightworkers? I am ashamed and embarrassed with each comment I read, and for the behavior of my brothers and sisters, I offer my heartfelt apologies to our Star Families observing this milieu. Today's lesson that I've been communicating on my pages follows below. It is the first lesson I was taught about ho'omana, Living Aloha, in grade school. It is the first lesson I teach to my own students, and it seems to be the one everyone enjoys ignoring ... loudly:

    ‎'Aia i ka 'olelo no ke'ola ... 'aia i ka 'olelo no ka make ... First lesson: Words are life-nuturing. Words are death-dealing. Watch the thoughts that you create because it is those thoughts into which you infuse your Breath of Life that become your words. Therefore, if you create negative energy-perpetuating thoughts and exhale them as your words, you EAT YOUR WORDS ON THE NEXT BREATH and further negate your own Light, your own Spirit Greatness. And, as you can see just by reading this message, the negative is not the resonant frequency of Love, of ALOHA, of a higher evolved BEing ... and certainly not of one who truly intends to Ascend into the higher 5th Dimensional consciousness. Malama pono ♥

  47. Does one have to have multi-dimensional awareness before ascending?

  48. I'm not too concerned which date I ascend, if it's in December or not, but that I'll get there some way or another with dedicated practice of love and light. This is all I need to focus on. With 'time' I'll be able to exponentially practice and learn these lessons given to me, and I will need to always remember to reflect and make sure I acted in a way of love. More importantly (and much harder for me personally), I'll need to remember within the moment of NOW to act in love and light. But as the saying goes, practice makes perfect and it'll only get easier and easier with more and more practice.

    If I do not ascend within the month of December, then it's still okay with me, because I'll know that I still have lessons in this dimension to 'pass'. I know that if it WERE possible to ascend when I wasn't ready, then it wouldn't be beneficial to me or anyone else. I trust the Creator of this magnificent universe and that everything is designed just right. So if I don't ascend right away, it's no big deal, I'll just keep on goin' with the flow, keep on practicing, and the end result will be a much more balanced, loving me.

  49. I feel my fear of ridicule and challenge to my beliefs is something not conducive to higher vibrational existence. This fear often times prevents me from sharing the truth or even from helping someone entirely in a particular situation.

    This is a significant wall for me to scale at this time. If I can do this I think the only fear remaining in my entire belief system will be based on the conditions of the physical body. Those feel a bit harder to overcome...shattering bones from a huge fall seems a tad harder to see past than emotional fears!

    Got any tips for those physical fears?

  50. Hello,
    Thank you. Your wisdom and clarity is always very much appreciated.
    What I feel I need to work on is that my actions do not allways align with my choice. I choose not to sink in duality but something might happen and a negative thought might arrise. I am gratefull that I have come accross a technique that lets me work on that.
    Very much love and an awesome day to you too :)

  51. Thanks GREG, at this point i have a bad habit to stay and the computer all day,and is almost imposiblel to meditate,i have 3 dogs i rescue 2 they make a lot of barking and i miss 3 days of meditation they bark all the time so you can see i no doing my meditation well.All my LOVE.

  52. I am saddened to think that not everyone will ascend... for I always pray for the highest and best for all beings. However your words remind me that those who are not yet ready to ascend are still learning and growing and evolving and preparing for that glorious day when they will.

    Blessed be the Creator of All That Is who offers opportunities for all.

    I pray that each and every soul will achieve all that they need for their highest and best growth and evolution. I also most humbly pray to be a beacon of light to help all beings find their way.

  53. Habbcraw- Your are an amazing person. What you are doing at 15 is astounding. When i was your age i was a complete moron! Keep up your brilliant love and light!.

    What i've read today makes me extremely happy, excited, eager and determined to push even more harder than ive ever had to get where i want to go, my GOAL!!. Ascension. I know what i have to overcome in order to embrace our divine space.

    For the last two questions in the 2nd to last paragraph are extremely deep, i really havent thought about that, i have no awnser for you as of now. Love and Light to every person on the planet!! Peace!!

  54. I dont know if i will ascend or not. But i think if you try too be love as much as possible, you will. Beacuse that was everything is all about in the end. Doesnt matter if you live in a high tech apartement there you can get all this information easily or live in a hut made of dirt, as long as you are a loving person and care for others and yourself, you will make it.

  55. Lol, a couple messages back it clearly states in multipule messages that its purely choice and a guarantee mandated by heaven..... SOOOOOOOOOOO... Exactly which one is the truth bitch? XD sounds more like you're mad that people are speaking their minds and questioning the messages. This one goes to Greg, I see you brobro. We haven't forgotten you're the one typing. Dank @&$*#& Loool OHHHHH I can already hear that BS! "Thebeckkoning, you are coming from a place of fear, its okay to be scared." Didn't know passive insults were higher dimensional. Assumptions that those who question are in fact scared. What a joker you are. You're out of you damn mind. Hilarion > Your BSness

  56. I guess we have been told by many, many sources
    that Ascension is garunteed. What you say makes absolute sense. It's hard being on earth. I've done tonees of work on myself but still have issues. Would love to resolve them and any feedback you have for me-are you giving us messages personally?


  58. I desire to see my brothers sinless. I've been studying A Course in Miracles for 9 years but at times I forget that this is duality, a dream and then make it real by judging a brother. I know there is only one dreaming appearing as many, so to hurt another is to hurt myself. You see the wide view and don't condemn but correct. I aspire and work to that state.

  59. It is interesting that I have recently come across some "revelations" from the masters and creators of this realm.

    You see, they live "out" of time and can move forwards and backwards at will.

    The creation process actually starts at the end. They envision the desired result and then back things up moment by moment. each moment is a flash of BEing....
    It is sort of like the individual frames of a movie.

    All of you listen carefully now.
    You all have higher selves that are the creators. They are you and you are them. You will reach the same perfect destination because that has already been figured out. It is NO problem if this go slightly amiss because we can just back things up and interject that which serves the outcome. You see?

    The Only reason they may have to back up their perfect creation is YOUR free will. You are a Divine Eternal BEing who CANNOT die. That is your first lesson.

    Lesson 2....Anyone who tells you that you HAVE to do something is suspect because we now already know that nobody loses this game. Everybody always wins and that is the perfect beauty of it.

    May the Divine Creator Bless each of you.


  60. Thank you Richie - now there's a message I resonate with. Well said.
    Blessings to you as well.

  61. I think that I need to let go of my beliefs about being not good enough or unworthy, and my deeply ingrained fears. Basically I just gotta continue doing what I've been doing for the past 5 years - this life plan is sorta interesting to have taken part in, what with having a bad first 16 years, then progressing steadily for 5 years up til now, and continuing on up into ascension. Love and Light, guys n gals.

  62. We all need to Stopping judging people, I do it way to much. I am
    starting to just LOVE evryone around us. I can have a lot of fun with it and it makes you feel a lot more Grateful
    Love To ALL
    Thanks so much GFL Sisters & Brothers

  63. Additionally........

    We have this little game going on that is called Duality.

    This is the paradigm of Love versus Fear.

    I am sure you are all quite aware of the Fear thing. How many times to speak and react out of Fear?

    The entire universe is built on Love and that cannot be changed. We live behind the Veil, which hides this truth from you. Once you begin to play this little game of duality, you are separated from truth by your own FEAR.

    Question is....Do you become lost in proving what is right or wrong in this "movie", or do you begin to realize that it is just a game.

    In respect, there are many here who wish to continue playing the game and do not want to be disturbed by these words. I can assure you that they will not understand what I am saying at all. They will still reach the goal in their own time and it is not a problem.

    Their may be others here who can see what I am saying and it is no accident that you are reading these words. You see, it was planned.....Haha.

    Use the power that you were gifted with to IMAGINE the best outcome you can. That is your destiny.


  64. Dear Loving Galactic Family and Greg Giles. Thank You for this message. I will center into my heart to love every living being, plant,animal and creature which includes Mother Earth. I will continue to acknowledge and love my Star sisters and brothers in the skies, surrounding Earth, in the universe and inner earth. To Pray to my Mother/Father God and meditate. and continue to hold the light and treat everyone with love and respect because WE ARE ONE!

    Love & Light!


  65. Eu não vou ficar pensando acendi ou não ,porém vou fazer o meu melhor a cada dia,todo dia eu tenho uma nova chance para melhorar,ainda não consigo me comunicar mas não vou desistir. O cara lá de cima vai abrir uma porta para mim.

  66. Muskoka,

    This may be of some help on your path.
    Of course it is all your choosing

    Love and Light my friend.


  67. Dear GFL,
    Ascension is something I learned of after I took it upon myself to deliberately modify my that I might be a cooperative component in creating my own reality...consciously rather that reactively. What I noticed then as an issue was my relationship to other people. I have judged people and situations poorly in the past. I have not given them the love and respect they deserve. I have not been mean or vindictive, but I have judged, I have put a label on them and disregarded them. I believe this is not the act or vibration of enlightened beings.

    I have been working to clean up this vibration, to not judge, but to try and see the best in everyone. I feel I have made huge progress in this department, and I continue to make progress. This is an area I am continuing to clean up and if Ascension is part of this, then I openly welcome it. I do not feel that Ascension is necessary for me to live a golden life. I choose to live that life regardless of whether I ascend or remain in 3D.
    Thank you for your message, namaste,

  68. I am not having any trouble reading your messages as I resonate with them completely. If there is any area that I could work on it would be in having more patience with mean people but I know they will not be with us so that should not be a problem. Much love to you all & I hope to see you soon.

  69. Disclaimer

    I wish to say that anything I have said here tonight in NO way is against Gregg Giles or the work that he does.

    Can any of you here say that you have not be impressed in some way by these messages? Did you FEEL something in your heart that resonated? This man is doing a great and perfect work that was designed to be so. Can any of you volunteer for the abuse he has taken over this?

    With great respect to my friends Darryl and Browndog, I would say that it does not matter if the famous seawalls go up or not. This was never about right and wrong. As a good friend like to frequently say "it is all for the purpose of Demonstration".

    If those stupid seawalls do not materialize, it matters not to me because the deed is already done and all those kind souls have raised the level of consciousness which CANNOT be taken back.

    Carry on friends......


  70. This message makes perfect sense to me. Naturally one must be on the highest rung of ones ladder before one can reach the bottom rung of the next ladder. My concern was not so much about refinements for ascension so much as: Will I be leaving everyone that I love and that makes life meaningful behind? Perhaps this thought is in the category of apprehension? This would feel much like deliberately planning to die and that is not a choice our society condition us to make. Our hope is always to continue to share life's adventures with those nearest and dearest. True, we have no assurance that even the familiar cannot change in a heartbeat. Much is promised with ascension.
    No doubt it will be heavenly but will this state be so unfamiliar to us that it will in fact be uncomfortable? It is of concern that many of the seeming causes of anger, frustration and low vibrational behavior by people,are due to the dreadful circumstances and absurd frustrations from degrees of ignorance, deprivation and poverty which most of the World's population is experiencing. Perhaps it is the overcoming of these that are the qualifications but what would be far more reasonable would be to resolve these extreme issues with all mankind first. People would have a far greater chance of being in a state of higher vibration with more carrot and a lot less stick. I suspect that ascension timing will be like the ripening of fruit on a tree. Early ones - people who are already there, go first, middle ones, those who need a lot more of the ripening conditions, ie far more favorable health, happiness and education conditions to raise their vibrations, and then the late ones, those people who need extra time and effort. And of coarse there is that fruit that doesn't ripen at all for one reason or another. So perhaps my concern is not so much with ascension or not as with which group will be the best to go in

  71. Thank you again Richard- very wise words.
    I wish you love and light always -been my pleasure. I'm really glad I came here tonight.

  72. Do NOT focus to much on your deficiencies; that will only hold you back. As Salusa said yesterday: the only one who can stop you from ascending is YOU.

  73. Almost all of the mesages have resonated with me. Some have brought me to tears.I don't know if I'm ready due to having a partner that is struggling to control their anger, find employment and is addicted to tobbaco.I've been told I've often put others needs ahead of my own, so this may be weighing me down.I try hard to be loving even when others around me show little kindness. With Love and Light,Panda

  74. I think, and some are more clear on the timeframe we are looking at, Drake, Cobra, other channellers.. this is important for several reasons. Greg knows this. We just want to know when the big moment comes. Maybe we misunderstand the whole process.

    Should we focus more on the individual aspect? Im seeing reports, ok, some old, but reports about those of us from afar coming and going freely, and yall are telling me that we are bound by cosmic laws.Not from what Ive seen. What I see are those with ships coming and going freely while those here are stuck with exception of the few that are visited.

    If I could convey in words what I see to you I would. Its like being ripped apart from God.Take one of you, keep yourself bound here for your entire life, and tell me you have to ascend to leave, when you know otherwise.WHEN your SHIP is HERE and all you need to leave.

    It has been said that most are lost in own delusions concerning yall up there and Ascension and when the mass visits will happen more frequenty on the ground...I dont know.

    There is a lot of people stuck on the fence, some with BLUE team, some in dark cabals, on RED.

    Most of us would give the benefit of the doubt I think, concerning visits.

    Obama jokes about MARS, here we are talking to those further out...while ships buzz the Space station, our people dont know what freedom is, and our rights are being taken away from us by those in power. If we cant control the legal system, weve lost AMERICA, let alone the world. We have to take it back somehow and these people WONT leave.

    I pray for the best, but we face these challenges every day down here. Is this the only planet, the only system weve helped, no. Not by far.

    We see Racoon City on the horizon and it worries us somewhat. We know what can become. The only way to UNDO anything is to PREVENT it. Many here want what I've seen back home and in other places.

    Stupid rules cause so much problems and some of us are not able to change them.


    You ask for matters of the heart?

    Those here dont know the cultured intellectual personae many humanoids have. From my understanding this is a universal view. Something about having fur, or quills, or whatnot that makes you different. EMotional..instinctual... like i said, Different. Ive had my history, but it does not mean I judge Terrans or humans. I think those here have a lot to learn.

    Its not doubt for Ascension, it will happen..but if we are to handle this as if it could be any day, or has no set date then the mindframe is different as if its happening within weeks.

    Some of you are so close yet still whisps and whispers of thougt.We dont understand why the separation.

  75. Richie:
    Its not about Greg, Dharma, or the occasional 'off' message. Its about the process, whether it happens now or within the next 20 years.We hope for the sooner..

    And the group, inperfect or otherwise, are the ones leading the way.We all stumble. We all have ghosts in our closets. We are all imperfect. This is why I ask people to be thier own heros.Someday you will find the fatal flaw in another if you make them your hero.It will lead to disappointment.Focus on the path and stay with the light.However long it takes.

  76. Richard,

    Try this my friend.
    You are the hero.
    You are the one who makes the difference.
    You are the one who makes the reality.

    I know it is hard to believe, but there are multiple timelines and realities. We all switch between them billions of times per second.
    You are totally responsible for the reality in which you live.
    It is YOUR choice and no other.

    I can assure you that those who are on the same "frequency" as you will be there with you.

    This is not about ANY external THING.

    This is about you creating your own reality.

    Much Love

  77. I feel very honored and grateful to have learned so many lessons from your enlightening messages. I feel I've made such progress in my spiritual development because of your beautiful words. I see myself as an extension of source here on this planet now and am starting to truly understand what it is when you say all is one.
    I understand this message about the ascendion process and that it will only occur when a being has reached their needed potential. I truly hope I ascend in the coming months, although I am determined to continue this third dimensional experience until I am ready.
    I know in myself I've changed in so many positive ways in just the last year alone, I feel like I can take on anything. I am able to remain much more positive and in love and only wish the best for every creature on this Earth.
    I eagerly await our reunion my star family<3

  78. I'm not perfect but I came along way. I have made some big changes in my life. And recently I have learned my lessons instead of re-living them. I notice some major changes with-in me and my connection to all creation. I feel my ascension process have started. Love peace and light to all. And I'm thankful for all the long conversation, the studying and these massages that been strengthen me.

  79. Dear Greg and the GFL,
    I wish to assist in the grand reawakening of humanity. With your permission I would like to mention the Love Works! workshop for those who wish more clarity, love, joy and peace with an ease in leaving negativity behind. Old patterns and belief systems control progress of those interested in ascension; their release allowing greater potential for multi-dimensional experiences and contact with our galactic brothers and sisters as love is expressed and trust maintained.

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity and wish everyone health and happiness!


    The Workshop for Discovering Who You Really Are!

    For too long I have been reading comments on this site and others, all the while watching myself as the resistant one. Hearing cries of the problems from my brothers and sisters yet turning away from them - thinking of my own needs. It must have seemed like I didn’t care, and perhaps didn’t care enough, really, to offer myself through the teachings I have received. My guides, those awesome individuals who gave so much of themselves; from their excellence it was impossible to “graduate” feeling anything less than transformed - and grateful for their dedication and caring so much for all of humanity. As an aside, I probably wouldn’t be alive today if I hadn’t received their heart-centered guidance.

    Offering this workshop has always been a dream. A dream based on tremendous experience and a trust from the great heart of the universe which guides. So, it is time to share these teachings - to take full responsibility for humanity in our return to Love.




    Happiness is such a simple thing when all that is not, simply disappears. Although the design is quite simple, one can achieve understanding of self and others after eliminating those distractions which are holding them back. This workshop provides the mental and emotional technology which reformats the spirit, mind and even the body as one realizes the possibility of physical wellness when root causes are cleared away.

    As one chooses to alter old belief systems, each participant will begin to know the way of thriving - a feeling so rich in bliss!. Imagine never having to feel alone again... and to realize how much love surrounds you in every moment of every day. To be comfortable asking for the love and abundance we each deserve. This is the way - Love Works!

    If you are thinking “how can I achieve greater happiness in one weekend?” ... you CAN and you WILL! Let me give you an idea of the format. First of all there is no lecture. No one will be spending hours filling your brain with academics which might soon be forgotten. Everyone in the course room will be helping and teaching each other with loving guidance. This is the way - Love Works. Those who will be assisting have much experience in the areas of emotional cleansing and releasing those mental constructs which hinder true beingness. Allow them to do what they know so you can truly be happy. Imagine returning home after this powerful experience - vibrant, blissful and genuinely loving yourself and in love with everyone!

    Now, for those who are, or wish to be in leadership positions - you will discover how the power of love is the greatest power, surpassing any will of the ego. Whatever the reason, a sincere desire to feel more alive is sufficient for attendance in the Love Works workshop.

    Valuable Information! Consider attending with those you care about... the Love expressed will be exponentially expanded beyond the weekend!

    In closing, I am honored to be of service to The Grand Design of the Universe as a Promoter of Love!

    Please plan on attending. Although there is limited space, no sincere applicant will be turned away! Sign up soon - your commitment will see you through!

    Love Works!
    In Celebration of the Harvest Full Moon
    September 28 - 30, 2012
    Big Island, Hawaii

    Lady Morgaine
    For information or for private consultation regarding your particular needs, please email me: or

    Aho! Namaste! Mahalo!

  81. Thanks for today message. I feel that sometime I'm intolerances and need to work this out. I'm prepare to ascend and to work in the months ahead for this goal. Love for every one.

  82. Another message to the other Richard

    Richard, please imagine yourself as a Divine eternal being that cannot die. You wish for some entertainment, so you create a game with other like minded beings. the whole thing is "perfect"....but you interject the wild card. That would be free will.

    Now here YOU are stuck in this silly game, but, you are gifted with the power to CHANGE it.

    They are hoping that you will.
    They are begging you to change it because it is more fun that way.

    Everything you could ever imagine as something good will be gifted to you if you do this thing. they will be so grateful because everything originates in Love.

    Create well my friend,

  83. This comment has been removed by the author.

  84. Just flow with the creation gracefully and be patient when the time comes it would work out naturally whether ascended or not, Just think of this is a necessary experience for evolution;
    For me I think it is my ego and a sense of superiority (which is a very-wrong self-perception )deep inside my heart that kept me from raising my vibrations. Though I now understand and extending unconditional love but in truth I thought I am some sort of hero and savior because I am doing this. And perhaps this was the main reason that drag me down.
    Nevertheless my dear family above, I prayed you will not stop sending out guidance through my dream and message.

    Humbly await your sacred teaching.

    ~with a deep heart~

  85. Deficiencies in me that I need to get rid of in order to ascend? Simply too many! Particularly those aspects from beastliness within me and most Earth humans I guess.

    However I am now trying to treat them as part of our Nature that we shouldn't eliminate with emotions like anger, hatred or fear. We are humans; not gods. Nevertheless when someday we'll have learned to witness all these deficiencies inside us with the eye of unattached compassion and peacefully let them go and set them free, I think that will be the day we're being even superior than gods.

    On the other hand, I think foretelling the dates of certain external events of Ascension is a good thing, because that brings you all kinds of emotional states up and down and drags your mind under the tremendous power of time and all the alterations of external world that make you run after them in panic. This is good, because after a while you'll be yourself noticing how demanding you are, how irrational you are and how lost you are.

    Furthermore, foretelling people that there shall be some sort of 'name list' of who will ascend and who will not also has the similar effects, I suppose. 'Oh no!! Am I going to be left out?? Will I be the only few being stuck on the 3D world whilst others go on board??' After a while you'll find you're going nowhere no matter you're in 1D, 2D, 3D....or maybe 85D world whatsoever; you are always and can only be HERE & NOW. All the conceptions of separations and divisions are illusory, including the distinction between 'higher', 'lower' dimensions. But they are good illusions aren't they? They are good educational instruments or good guiding signs on the grand trip of awakening.

    I am still learning hard of all these lessons bit by bit. I am still a very mundane being making lots of mistakes. But now I've gradually come to an understanding that all the control freaks both inside and outside me, be them ego, mental states, people, events or situations; they are all my best teachers, friends and angels.

    Trust, Letting Go and ALL is WELL, whether 'ascending' or not.

    Cheers and have a nice day.

  86. 觀自在菩薩行深般若波羅蜜多時照見五蘊皆空度一切苦厄舍利子色不異空空不異色色即是空空即是色受想行識亦復如是舍利子是諸法空相不生不滅不垢不淨不增不減是故空中無色無受想行識無眼耳鼻舌身意無色聲香味觸法無眼界乃至無意識界無無明亦無無明盡乃至無老死亦無老死盡無苦集滅道無智亦無得以無所得故菩提薩埵依般若波羅蜜多故心無罣礙無罣礙故無有恐怖遠離顛倒夢想究竟涅盤三世諸佛依般若波羅蜜多故得阿耨多羅三藐三菩提故知般若波羅蜜多是大神咒是大明咒是無上咒是無等等咒能除一切苦真實不虛故說般若波羅蜜多咒即說咒曰揭諦揭諦波羅揭諦波羅僧揭諦菩提薩婆訶

  87. 8/13/12
    Thank you Greg and GFL for another special posting:
    This is another great posting and I feel gets to the heart of personal creation and how that relates to our Ascension. When I was in my early teens I met a man by the name of Jimmy Gripo. He was a hypnotists living in Miami Fl. He trained me in the art, plus the practice of Mesmerism, [not sure of the spelling] or the practice of healing by the touch. Amazingly, I found that I could perform the skill, but now and then an unexplained miracle would happen. Example: I lived in Hollywood Fla. and had a friend named John, who had a useless left hand as he had been in the Korean War and shrapnel had severed the tendons in his wrest. I performed the Art and told him that he would regain the use of the hand shortly. About a week later, I met him in town and noticed that his left hand was back to normal. I said “I see your left hand is normal again”. He looked at the hand and said it’s always been normal. Why did you say that? --I then realized that, the healing had shifted his time lines and subsequently he had no knowledge of his prior condition. I quickly changed the subject, so he would not reconnect to his former time line, and never mentioned the subject to him again. This became somewhat common, but not in all cases. From these experiences, I soon realized that we individually may be shifting time lines, but it is so natural and easy, we simply do not realize that this is part of our existence.

    This was in the 50’s and the UFO was very common then. John and a small group of friends collected around me and we started having special encounters with our Star Friends, so in that since even then, we and John started on the road of Ascension. Suffice it to say that my experiments in the spiritual side of life conclusively proved to me and my friends that somehow, we really do modify, knowingly or unknowingly, the physicality that we experience collectively and individually. Example: Let’s say Tom is a Pessimist, Bob is a Fence Sitter and Toby is an Optimist. Tom, who is emotionally in Fear, sees the GFL as a fantasy, or if true, deceitful, dangerous and an enslaver, as that is what he would be. Bob, who is emotionally in Conservatisms, does not look and does not care to look, but Toby, who is emotionally in Enthusiasm and above, sees wonder, excitement, new and old friends and family and he embraces Esthetics, Ethics, Trust, Courage, Honor, Justice, Wisdom and Responsible Freedom, for all people and all Nations and he intends, and reaches to be a responsible partner in the new unfolding Golden Age, that is now Ascending.

    Tom will never know, or even see, Ascension but will only continue to descend down Life’s Tone Scale, blinded by his Fear and Pessimism, unless he intends to reverse his downward spiral. Bob, will not care and will just sit on that rotting old fence for a thousand years and will never see the Joy all around him. Toby, on the other hand will Ascend and rejoin his wonderful new family and friends and together they will dance the Stars, and some 25,000 years in the future may return to this tired old 3rd dimension Earth, to see if Tom is still bitter, complaining and fault finding, or if Bob is now tired of that old rating fence, or has he finely decided to look up at the twinkling Stars and ask way, and then think that maybe someone is up there, is looking down at him, with hope and compassion and a helping hand, if only he will ask way did God and We, create the joy if it all.

    With Love

  88. This message was very clear to me today. Now I have a greater understanding of what I need to work on, which is to love myself, I think I said it before, but it’s really easy to get mad at myself and hurt myself (mentally) then through it on to others. This is my biggest problem that I really need to work on, and I really think this is the root of all my problems. I know that once I pull it, it will allow me to look at everything with much more love then I do now. Everything else I am putting my efforts in getting them resolved, but the battle won’t stop for me until I make peace with each and everything that flouts to the surface.

    My love and light <3

  89. Et bien vous me découragez un peu ce soir. Je me sens très visé et concerné par ce message, car je sais que je démontre beaucoup de comportements de 3ième dimension malheureusement. J'ai six(6) jours d'abstinence de pot et me prépare pour arrêter la cigarette, donc cé claire que je suis pas prêt à ascensionner. Ce qui me décourage est le doute de réussir à élevé mes vibrations, me purifier, conscientiser, reconnaitre et modifier ces comportements non le bienvenue pour la 4 et éventuellement 5ième dimension. Je crois être trop blessé, trop de haine, séparation, orgeuil pour pouvoir satisfaire les conditions exigé pour l'ascension. Comprenez-vous? En autre mot, je crois être trop abîmé, amoché, pour pouvoir réussir même en offrant le meilleur de moi-même et travaillant très fort pour élever mes vibrations. Je vais rechercher des cours d'ascension sur Internet pour m'assister dans mon ascension, mais trop de travail à faire et trop peu de temps pour être dans la 1ère vague d'ascension. Ce qui à tendance à me décourager un peu. Si c'est impossible pour moi d'ascensionner dans cette vie présente, alors pourquoi essayer? Pourquoi ne pas aller faire des drogues, me trouver une belle fille et faire l'amour, m'acheter plein de bébelles (jouets, moto, linges, ect.), paresser, comprenez-vous?
    Même si je veut ascensionner, je ne peut pas du fait que je ne comprends pas assez que nous sommes tous Un, pas assez d'amour à l'intérieur de moi, trop de blessures d'égo accumulée et non-nettoyées....
    Donc autant me dire "prochaine vie".
    Mais comme la persévérance est une de mes plus grandes qualité, je vais continuer. Je veut pas m'abaisser ici, non, mais soyons réaliste, suis-je même capable ou ai-je besoin de quelques autres vies incarner en 3D pour apprendre mes leçons.

    Je pourrais visé 500 vies ?! Est-ce que Dieu(Univers) donne un bonus pour avoir passer le capte de 500 vies ?! (joke)

    En plus dans le livre 'Conversation avec Dieu', ça dis que je suis ici pour me rappeler Qui je suis et non comme un lieu d'apprentissage, de leçons et de test variées comme une école. Alors pourquoi parlé vous de leçons de vie et de test? Dois-je apprendre ici ou me rappeler(souvenirs)?

    Ce que je dois changer pour ascensionner? Un plus grand détachement du 3D, surtout du matériel. Meilleur compréhension de Dieu/Vie. Aimer, aimer et aimer encore, surtout moi. Et méditer, j'aime pas méditer calisse !!Ça commence pas bien une ascension quand l'être aime pas méditer 'stie!
    C'est tellement plate méditer.Y s'passe RIEN !Je vous entends même pas en méditant.
    Et calmer mon extérieur, c'est-à-dire terminer mes projets et me libèrer de tout forme de responsabilité, lourdeur, distractions, plaisir charnelle, détacher des autres, diminuer mes rêves fantasmes, pour me consacrer entièrement à mon ascension.

    Je sens aussi que j'ai pas fini avec le 3D, est-ce possible? Comme si j'avais d'autres leçons à apprendre (ou me souvenirs) en 3D. Un coté de moi est pas pressé à aller au 5D, mais je crois que mon ÉGO (Superman Syndrom) veut y aller pour impressionner les autres.

    Excusez-moi, je suis un peu frustré ce soir, l'abstinence du pot pèse lourd, l'arrêt prochain de la cigarette est stressante, et le fait que j'ai pas de bon sexe fais pas la victime ici, c'est moi choix cette abstinence sexuelle. ('stie!!).

    Bon j'arrête ici,

    à demain mes amours.

  90. Cameron,

    God bless you child.
    A very beautiful description of reality.

    How come I never get to meet people like you in this life?

    Very unfair I say.

  91. Dear Galactic Federation of Light,
    You asked what it is that's weighing me down, any possible habits or tendencies that would not be acceptable in the higher realms. I think my EGO, believing that it is in somehow smarter, or better than others definitely needs to change. I'm trying not to think that way as much but the reasoning that backs it up pops into my head so quickly that it's hard to ignore. I believe i must learn how to allow the thought to come through me, but just as quickly as it arrives escort it out. That way i dont have a chance to succumb to that dull mindset.
    Another vice i need to work on is my habit to procrastinate. This I believe is my heaviest "bag" that's holding me back. Just this summer my own habits of procrastination robbed me successfully completing the tasks i had assigned myself. Now it's literally down to the wire, and this fall semester is the best chance I've got to prove to myself, my family, and everyone I know on Earth and otherwise, that I CAN be successful! My renewed effort to chip away at these main vices begins tonight! Until next time GFL, much love!
    To my brothers and sisters down on Earth with me, let us chip away at what keeps us tied down to this reality, we will all ascend in our due time, but why wait right? Haha let's do this! Lots of love, and peace to you all in the days ahead!
    Oh and to Greg, dude you're awesome, thanks for channeling these messages of love for us! Peace and love!

  92. I am helping myself deprogramming my self from what has been given to me which does and cannot resonate with me, A lot of it comes from religious teachings handed to me as the absolute truth, I do not longer accept these, but i do my best to integrate every aspect of it. My body clearly is responding to my thoughts in that sense, however i am not treating with it the right nutrition( I hope to alter this very soon) I know eating meat is not good, i cannot afford organic stuff made in my region, I know that is what is recommended but i don't have that kind money, and i don't know other alternative, at least i eat my food home and not at restaurants, ( I do hope to research on this subject), full body detox would help if i was to go organic. TV i avoid that all when i can. ( my family cannot avoid it, so i have when they are. I don't think i am vibrationally ready. I know it is not a matter of simply wanting it, i guest i have to take reciprocation for my own good. Brothers and Sisters i don't think i can explain to you how i feel, it is really hard for me just to sit and enjoy the moment like i use to when i was a child, I am writing my dreams, reading positive thinks like these, I know the Zorra method of raising my Frequency, i listen to light coded languages from, I am practicing different modes of meditation, I am doing all that i can. I just wish i had the abundance, ( money . ) I will be brainstorming to come with ligit diet, Also I wish to connect to nature, I know that is the best way the raise frequency.

  93. I would appreciate more specific technical information about the mechanics of ascension and how it works. The information we tend to receive is generally vague and often redundant. I assume there are 'physical' laws that govern this process. The ambiguity of the available information seems to lead to misunderstandings. Much love, Brett

  94. Discernment people! Doesn't this post feel off some how? He is casting judgement rather than uplifting. GFOL/ashtar command is not the best source of truth. Many blessings and good luck to you all. Be present and focus on pure positive source energy. That is all anyone has to do to be a cocreator of heaven on earth.

  95. until we realize everyone counts, were doomed... thats what I think.

  96. Hello my name is Elijah Blocker i woke up one day just knowing what to do in life (vision) and how to do it, i went manic with the knowledge that i gained soon after and was sent to a mental hospital. During that time i easly was the most san but just helped people who had real issues such as heroin addicts or other thing's. I noticed how certain people in a professional setting understood what happened to me but was playing it off. The hospital taught me control how to not let my mind flow out with knowledge. However the answer's that i searched for all came to me. I now know how to communicate with others while i sleep, also i learned how to control the knowledge kind of like a switch now. When the switch is on the answer's to everything from counting numbers to surgical procedures automatically make since and my vocabulary expands. Just thought I should share a little.

  97. I find it extremely difficult to cast aside a lifetime of [bad] habits like being judgmental, envious, or any other non-neutral feeling toward my fellow man. It has been explained pretty clearly by now that this is what is necessary for preparation for ascension, but wanting to change and actually living that change can be 2 different things. If only we had a really good tool--something to assist us in our plight.

    I am aware that through meditation we are supposed to be able to prepare for this change in our core-behavior, but for me this is easier said than done.


  98. Le chemin n'est pas fini, il faut encore et encore monter.. De m'a part j'ai décider de mieux me nourrir et de perdre 10 kilo simplement en mangean moi et correctement. pour la suite profiter du reste du temps qui me reste dans la 3D pour donné un regard compatissent et d'amour a tout ce qui m'entourent, je vais essayer... Dans la 4d 5d ce sera trop facile le faire! Aider Ma femme que j'aimes et guider et aimèe mes deux jeunes filles.
    Netter de coté les pensées negatives et obsessionnelles... Bref visé le Jackpot l'ascention!

    La vie et trop Lourde dans la 3d
    Vivement le passage.... J'avais une question, est ce qu'il y a une date limite ou tout ce qui peuvent ascentione et le reste va ailleur???
    Ou bien c'est cas par cas? Ou les deux?

    Gros bisous a mes frére d'amour!

    Michel Idiek (VD Suisse)

  99. @ Brett Sigler, theres some differences with the way we define dimensions here in the surface of the earth from those of other worlds. One of it is vibration - that has something to do with inner workings of our body and the world as a whole. God in his infinite wisdom can assign either a body or the entire planet a dimensional address. So some beings and worlds can operating in either higher or lower dimensional vibrations and that is based completely if they are deserving to be there. The reason for this is that our frequency must match in some fashion the frequency of that dimension in order to advance and upgrade to that level higher level of existence.

    There are certain microscopic parts inside the human body that is already 5th dimensional. It moves and vibrate at a different rate than all the others and this is why those things sometimes disappear from the microscopic lens when being observe and then re-appear when that person experience certain dropped in his vibrations caused by extreme anger, fear, etc.

    Our spiritual condition can either dictate or affect how the vibrations of our body as those things responds to our frequencies.

    Take for example Jesus/Sananda. He ascended physically to the higher dimension long before he left the Earth. The fact his body was shining like the brightness of the sun during transfiguration meant that he already achieved higher dimensional passage and or entrance to higher dimensions months or years before he was crucified.

    He taught his disciples/students self discipline, vegetarianisms, compassion to animals and fellow men and etc. When all these were achieved. Then higher dimensional beings took notice of his progress this includes those who followed his examples and advanced them to higher dimensional status. There will be some assistance from the higher realms as well as from God himself for ascension if we are really deserving.

  100. Thank you for a lovely and 're- membring' message. Its true that we can ascend to higher dimensions only when we personally raise our vibrations and it can not happen by desire or demand.

    Since I have been aware of these truths I have improved myself a lot and have been successful in changing my emotions and responses. I still have to work on myself, I get impatient with people not intrested in improving themselves spiritually or try to be a better and evolved human being. I have to learn to be more tolerant and patient with them and give each one his time and choice. Let him know the godly path and then let him make that choice and not impose my views or choices on him.

  101. This comment has been removed by the author.

  102. The bottomline is: LOVE; since God is love we must re-activate love in our lives. When that happens ascension happens naturally.

    When you are being kind, patient, forgiving, caring, speak the truth, and etc. then you are activating love. When you dont eat animal meat then it means you care about the life of animals and that is also love. When you subdue your emotions to control it and not let anger, lust and etc. control you then thats love. When we treat others as though they are also ourselves and mean it from the heart then thats love also. Most of all live in peace with everybody. When we practise these behaviors in real life we are then activating love that will propel us to higher vibrations.

    Because the real reason our planet including its people were shifted to lower dimensions was because people departed away from "love". This happened way back from the day of Atlantis and Lemuria and the wars that engulfed these two primary civilizations.

  103. @Russel Levine - Let me try to help. If you have been practising these bad behaviors for a very long time it can be difficult to change overnight. But it can be done.

    It may or may not help but you can try this: Imagine your body is separate from you. In other worlds literally you are NOT your body. The body that we wear are like clothes. It is separate from us, because we are actually spirit beings having physical body experience like we are here for a field trip to learn some lessons.

    Our body can be likened to a car. You tell it where to go and it obeys you and take you places, although not as fast as the real car. Now, what happens if the being inside this body created an illusion thinking that he is actually the car itself and not the spiritual being inside the car?
    Then he will immediately assume that everything that the car display such as the content of the gas/fuel, speed, temperature, oil contents and etc. is indicative of himself; which is not the case. You are the driver and not part of the car. And this is the reason why you think that feelings like emotional anger, lust, fear, worries and etc. are part of you which is not!

    This means you can say to this negative emotions to either slow dowm or just STOP! Just like what we do when we are driving the car. The problem is when you assume the car is you then it took your driver seat and do the driving for you rather than you driving your own car. In other words you must control the car and not you being controlled by the car. That is fundamentally two different opposite things.

    It will take some time but believe me I have done it and it really works. Self control/discipline starts when we take control of our car/ body and its gauges in the form of negative emotions thats indicative we need to do some decisions. And that decisions should rest on you (its your right) as you are the driver and captain of your own soul.

  104. Thank you my dear bro.
    Thanks again to help me complete my 12 sets of DNA recovered ASAP within this month 2012/Aug.



    yours and appreciated.

    Xavier Liao

  105. I got one question more, like I said im pretty young and you told me in another message that the light body has been growing in about 20 years wich means that I got 5 years left before I can reach the 5dimension? :/

  106. This comment has been removed by the author.

  107. à Fred Boies

    Ne t'inqiuète pas, écoutes ta petite voix intérieur et laisse toi guider, on est tous ici pour apprendre, à payer certaines dettes karmiques et à faire d'autres expériences, tous sans exception rare toutefois, ayez toujours des idées positives, en chassant les négatives(les remettre dans la lumière de la Source) et surtout priez et tu es sur la bonne route j'en suis sûr pour toi, ami.

    Eugénie en Belgique

  108. At last, hurrah, I have slagged the GLF off quite a few times for them not telling the whole truth.

    I stand here corrected. They are finally telling the truth.

  109. To Cameroun

    You are a great soul!

    happy to read you!


    Eugénie in Belgium

  110. a Michel Idiek (VD Suisse)

    Non Michel il n'y a pas de temps limite le temps il est dans le MAINTENANT!
    Bonne continuation dans ton changement et bravo de persévérer.

    On tous tus UN

    Eugénie en Belgique

  111. Unconditionnel Love to All!

    Ascension: movement in an upward direction. But unlike a movement up in a hierarchical sense, it is much more like one of two musical notes, one with a higher pitch than the other. Neither note is superior in any way to the other. They simply sound different.

    Oneness: The state on non division. Perception of reality as one consciousness, one Being.

    This blog is mostly concerned with Ascending into a state of Oneness. That place where Divine is All that there is. Experiencing life in this state is one of bliss, ecstasy and wholeness.

    But are we all interested in this goal? No.

    Therefore, reaching our personal state of ascension is when we stop moving "upward" in the vibrational scale because we have reached a place where we are happy, content and want to stay in for the next day, life, million years or forever. Is the state reached "Oneness"? Not necessarily. Is it a lesser state? No. There are no hierarchies in Oneness, that would be a contradiction in terms. And, the truth is that each one of us is already in Oneness. We just can't perceive it, or have life from that viewpoint automatically when we enter Earth.

    We are here to play games, to have experiences and to BE in Present Time.

    Ascension, then, means that a person moves from depression to a place of contentment. From enlightenment to a place of Oneness. From contentment to utter happiness. Is one superior to the other? No.

    Why bother with ascension? Because we chose to. As the person ascends to higher vibrational awareness, they ability to do (power) increases. The game become more interesting.

    Inelia Benz a very great sou too.

    Eugénie in Belgium

  112. Dear brothers and sisters:
    I know that ascension is not a gift You owe us. To ascend, we must put love into practice, instead of paying lip service. We have to treat others like we want to be treated by them. But I do have a concern though. Every day, there are so many people being overwhelmed with work, their own health, or even family issues. These problems really torn them out. I was wondering if they could find some of their limited time to really push themselves forward towards the road of ascension. You might say that's their choice if they can't find the slightest amount of day to put love into practice, but what I'm trying to say is, perhaps, if people can be relieved from the stress of work or other issues, they may be more able to devote themselves to putting love into practice, and thus pushing themselves towards the ascension. Take myself as an example. I'm currently a student teacher at an elementary school. Since it's summer vacation, I have plenty of time to read your messages everyday, and ponder on how how much I can do to get rid of all my bad qualities that will stand in the way of ascension. However, I'm not so sure I can pay as much attention as I do right now once the school semester begins, which starts at August 28. I just hope one day I can FULLY devote myself (without being distracted by 3rd dimensional things) to reading your messages, pondering on what else I need to do to ascend, and most importantly carrying out love in our everyday life.
    Peace, Love, and Light

  113. We have been told that to ascend we must "be" worthy from an internal aspect. Now we are told we must "do" what those of a higher vibration does. How do we know what they "do"? What is expected of us having to do with our physical bodies just now. Are there venal sins we can commit that makes us unworthy? Religion has so many does and do nots, most of which we, on the spiritual path have eschewed. Now we are told we must "do" like you do--please name the does and do nots if that is required. I do not speak of the spiritual here, but the physical. We all know about loving others as ourselves. Is there more?

  114. i think i need to feel more joyful no matter what happens in my life and learn a lesson from every incidence.but sometimes i keep searching for lessons but i do no find any from circumstances in my life.i do not understand why i would have created a particular instance in my life.. what i wanted myself to learn from that experience.
    another thing i need to leave is laziness, if i feel to tired at night, i leave meditation and go to sleep , i think i should follow my routine no matter what.
    i think these two things would allow ascension.
    if possible in your next posts tell us what are common qualities of higher dimensional that we can learn to be like you. thanks for your time and effort in writing these messages.

  115. This comment has been removed by the author.

  116. I understand ascension is a matter of matching the vibrational level...I do feel more than raedy for years now... Muuch Loove♥

  117. Beautiful Beings of Light...
    I was always...and I am Grateful for every experience...
    I Liv in my Heart,Love and let go of the past more and more each Day!
    I say Goodby to the old and Welcome the New every single moment...
    I am here,I am ready ,I am open and I am guided and full of Joy!
    Unconditional Love is the Key to Everything!
    Infinite,Divine Love and Light!

  118. hello my brothers and sisters of light :)

    i see your light and ships many night now, love it :-)

    i try to think in positive ways, with LOVE everyday.

    i smoke a little canabis, ( is that bad for my ascend?)

    But everyday i feel the energy is getting stronger...



  119. You have confirmed what I already knew. Now that I hear it from you, I feel grateful for my challenges, because they help me to release what I don't need. I will stop grumbling.

    @Manuel Pineda:
    Brilliant analogy, to compare the body to a car! We are not this vehicle, we are already pure soul, eternal, full of light, love, bliss. We don't really need to ascend, we just need to realize who we are. If we do this with all sincerity, we will take off like a rocket...

  120. Be open to help those around you when they ask for it. Stay strong in your convictions of what is right until you see a better way you can do things. Be motivated by the love of things and trust that you will have the material things to further your good work. Be patient in your process with yourself and others, some things take years before they show any sign of growth. Take the fear out of your heart, take the anger out of your words, and don't see yourself as more important than those that are around you and in this world. Do not worry if you will fly to the angels or not. Just make heaven here on earth with all your power great or small. Do what you can do and give thanks that you are able to do. Even if it is only a small smile to a stranger. All our gifts are with us and they open when you are ready to accept and use them in this life. Every being on this planet has the right to be here, have faith that all is as it should be and keep shining you crazy diamonds. I love you all and always have.

  121. Thank you GFL for your wonderful words of support and wisdom. Thank you Greg for being such a great channel for all of us :)
    I have been thinking a lot about what it is that I need to be doing more or less of in order to aid my ascension process. The fine tuning of my dietary habits as well as mind altering substances such as alcohol has given me much grief, as the old paradigm, the old me, keeps on falling back onto these to escape or distract me from the activities that would indeed bring me more connection and joy. I have my days of absolute bliss and i exercise on the beach and look up to the skies and tears of happiness fall on my cheeks for i can feel you all so close and i have missed you so. I have had some very memorable dreams about you, and one just last night that was just amazing because of the amount of detail and messsages throughout it. I spread the energy of love everywhere i go and in everything i do as much as i have felt i can but i know i can do better by activating more good habits such as more meditation and exercise. i have been on a conscious path of cleaning and improving myself for quite a few years now and i know i'm vibrating at a higher frequency because of everything and everyone i've attracted into my life in the past year especially :)
    I understand that it is my responsability to keep up the fine tuning (as my earth mother and i have described the process of changes needed during ascension sometimes) of everything related to ourselves such as thoughts, words, actions, habits and I am asking my guides for help so much more than i used to as i feel i need the extra guidance, which i have been receiving thank you :)
    I know i am still not ready and not worthy of entering the higher realms, as all i have to do is imagine (as you have asked us) to already be amongst you and how i feel that it would be to be around you in the higher realms and i know i am not 'being' as i believe higher beings are.
    Please know that ascension and reuniting with you, my star families, is pretty much all i think of, no matter what i'm doing or where i am. Even on my "bad" days where i feel i do not have the necessary will power to stay away from old habits. I am also, of late especially, finding it quite challenging to be feeling the pull of my 3 dimensional relationships and the attachments that come with them and i am quite confused about planning certain futures with them when i know of the imminent changes to come. I also feel the pull of the higher realms and especially of a certain being, who calls upon me to go back home to him. So most days i feel i live in 2 worlds! It's quite wonderful but overwhelming at times.
    This is what i have to say for now and i know it is plenty! Thank you and many blessings dear ones :)

  122. Аз съм научила от вас и от други източници,че за да изживея Възнесение,трябва да достигна достатъчно високи вибраций.Също съм разбрала,че това е избор,който правим преди да се родим.Затова,аз знам,че ако има товар,който трябва да освободя от себе си,то моите водачи ще ме насочат към дадено предизвикателство,с което да се справя.Аз чувствам,че следвам правилния път и изпитвам дълбока благодарност към всички,които ми помагат,било то на Земята или отвът.
    "Ако до всяко добро същество застане поне още едно,ех,ще започне такъв живот,че само си викам "Дано".Ако към тия две същества,прибавиш и още две,ти знаеш ли колко прави това?Най-малко хиляда и две."

  123. Acredito que ascensão é um estado de consciência.
    Quando minha consciência muda e torna-se ressonante com padrões mais elevados, meu corpo acompanha a mudança e toda a minha realidade muda também.
    A mensagem de hoje é compatível comigo.
    Tenho trabalhado muito na questão do ciúme que é relacionado ao ego, entendo.
    Não espero um salvador que faça tudo por mim, não. Eu faço as mudanças na minha vida é pra isto que estou aqui na Terra, assim aprendo e cresço. Apenas preciso de auxilio. Tenho recebido muitas informações diretamente em minha mente.
    Um forte abraço.
    Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

  124. Dear Galactic Federation of Light, dear Greg,

    thank you so much for this message! The rising of vibrations is obviously a very important condition for the Ascension, but how one can measure the level of his vibrations and what level of vibration is enough for the Ascension?

    Some months ago you have proposed us free energy devices for our homes. Could you also give us devices for measuring of the level of our vibrations? This would be very useful, because nobody knows in fact how high are his vibrations.

    If I have such a device, I can measure my vibrations every day and see my progress, which will be a motivation for me to improve.

    I hope that for your technicians it is not too difficult to produce such devices for us. And the benefit would be enormous, especially in these months just before the Ascension.

    With Love and Gratitude,


  125. Firstly, thank you for this message. I find it helpful to take the time to post a comment as it gives me time to contemplate - and that's enlightening! I have been made known to the knowledge that it is only I who can make this change, no-one else can do it for me, and also that wishing and wanting for it does nothing (but possibly makes us anguish, tha'd be counter-effective). It takes everyone's own personal effort to grow into something greater.
    I must stop smoking cigarettes, (I just can't see higher level beings smoking cigarettes...funny picture...pipes maybe). I must put complete trust in the knowledge and personal truth I have, and cease the limiting personality fears that run me into a state of panic if I let them. I must stand in patience and love. Simple. What helps me greatly is to take time each and every day to connect with the self that I already am who has the constant frequency of love. You can actually hear a high pitch frequency. I'm determined.
    Again, thank you for this message. The science of it makes perfect sense. I will put my efforts into being one who you greet ...If so,I'll be wearing a huge smile. Much heartfelt gratitude to you all, I love you.

  126. Oi, GFL. A mensagem de hoje mexe com a noção de cada um do que é certo e errado, muita divergência vai rolar nos comentários, vocês vão ver. Eu queria perguntar... problemas comportamentais tipo timidez, fobias, TOC, depressão, TDAH, pensamentos suicidas, etc. por acaso são problemas REAIS que DEVEM ser "curados" ou tudo isso não passa de limitações/doenças da maldita carne ? No meu caso, acho que meus maiores problemas são desse naipe ai, especificamente a timidez (família quase toda tem isso é genético pelo visto), alguns sintomas da área da depressão (não tive uma vida feliz) e alguns problemas de concentração (acho que é de nascença). Na verdade esses problemas tem melhorado um pouquinho mas o que eu quero saber aqui é se estes problemas são importantes pra isso que chamam de ascensão. Pergunto isso porque eu só consigo ver tais problemas como problemas da maldita carne onde estamos presos e não nossos (esse que chamam de 'Eu superior'/'consciência quântica') de fato. Ou será que estou errado ?

    Hmm... ou por acaso estes problemas que vocês se referem seriam unicamente no campo moral como, por exemplo, respeito ao próximo (vocês falaram muito nisso) ?

    De qualquer forma todos esses problemas que eu citei e muitos outros, são complexos demais pra valer pra todo mundo, aqui embaixo não é nada fácil julgar certo de errado, ao meu ver, por dois principais motivos: limitações da maldita carne e o ambiente que o indivíduo vive. Por exemplo, é errado um político roubar dinheiro público pra construir uma mansão ? do mesmo jeito que é errado um miserável roubar pra não morrer de fome ? é errado matar alguém que você não gosta ? do mesmo jeito que é errado um psicopata matar 10 crianças numa escola ? do mesmo jeito que é errado matar um ditador que tem mandado matar centenas de pessoas ? e o ditador, será que está errado em querer matar quem ameaça a coisa mais importante (na visão dele) que ele tem na vida ? e quem mata em legítima defesa ? e quem é rude com todo mundo a sua volta por causa de sua personalidade ? E um pedófilo, está errado em fazer com uma criança o que fizeram com ele quando ele era criança ?

    Percebe o que eu quero dizer ? aqui em baixo os problemas da jaula de carne somados ao ambiente que vive, com as pessoas que convive e com os problemas que aparece IMPERAM... as vezes acho que pouco podemos fazer de fato, chego a pensar as vezes que o livre arbítrio simplesmente não existe devido aos condicionamentos (personalidade, genética, doenças, etc.) e às limitações ilimitadas.

    What is it that you feel about yourselves is not conducive, is not a match, is not a partner for higher dimensional life? What is it you are doing that you feel others in higher dimensions do not do? What is it that you are exhibiting to others that you feel you would not witness others exhibiting in the higher realms? This is a very likely place to start"

    OK. Desconsiderando os problemas que ACHO que são exclusivos dessa jaula de carne... creio que o meu problema é o ego, me parece inclusive que este é o grande problema da maioria, uns tem mais e outros menos mas todos tem. Mas será que tem "cura" ? XD vai saber, o jeito é tentar baixar isso e ver onde é que pára.

    Até mais.

  127. I am working on patience and just being a better human being through knowing that those I meet today are a mirror for me to look deeper. I am looking forward to a course I have signed up for that is about raising my vibrational levels. I feel that this is a start of a new life for me if I just heed that lessons of those that offer their assistance. Love to this brotherhood of mankind.

  128. I need to work on replacing judgment with love.

  129. In order to ascend, is it that one ought to believe blindly whatever it is that they hear? No man can ever lead another man. The point is that ascension is not about following anybody but your very own self. The wee small voice of the inner teacher is the one true guide. The truth for each is unique where he finds it. We are all individual and we all have our own unique truth within. We are the differentiated rays of the one ray. The Age of the Sage has passed and we are the ones we are waiting for ...........

  130. For me... I respond to this by living in the moment: The Be Here Now, holding space for love and light. Time doesn't really matter for me, as we are timeless and being fully present in this moment is what feels right for me. My body, my light, feels the changes.
    I allow the Earth to speak to me and connect with my Galactic family.
    I remain present to serve what calls me into BEing for the highest good of Gaia and us All.
    "We are the one we have been waiting for."

  131. There are those who get pleasure out of hurting people physically and/or mentally. These sad people are often a creation of unhappy family environment, however, deep down, their soul is craving love that they have not got. As our society has become more and more materialistic, love has faded away from family life.

    There is no point in telling these people to go away, as they won't. Instead, just ignore. One day when they encounter true love, they will be changed for better. May I suggest you not to waste your time and emotion on them now.

    I like your attitude, dear brothers and sisters of GFL. Your mental status has a rapport with that of mine. I feel comfortable and at home with you and want to spend time with you discussing various subjects or just sit quietly for a while side by side.

    I have lived with honesty and diligently throughout my life as far as I can remember. I set my standard high, so I can count many 'deficiencies' from the point of my ideal person, however, most of such deficiencies are probably not to be called deficiencies in general. For instance, I am not good at public speaking and I call this my deficiency, but I doubt it is categorised as deficiency. I prefer to be alone or with animals or plants rather than with human.

    I wish someone could point out my deficiencies so that I can work out straight away.

  132. I feel self development is on going with faith and love I hope to achieve my goal at my journeys end.

  133. grazie ed un abbraccio immenso a voi Tutti con l'augurio di un nuovo meraviglioso giorno colmo di gioia e Amore,Pace Salute e Abbondanza per Voi tutti e tutta la Creazione.Si ,credo di aver capito le Parole del vostro messaggio di oggi ed è un ottimo strumento ,quello che ci avete donato,per capire in che direzione ci ,mi ,stiamo muovendo .Quando sto per fare qualcosa fermarmi e pensare se questa cosa verrebbe detta ,fatta ,pensata in una dimensione superiore o no.La nostra consapevolezza così cresce e viene stimolata sempre di più,e certo la nostra coscienza lo sa ,ci guida e se ci mettiamo ad ascoltarla si fa capire molto bene.A volte ,qui parlo per me ,è facile essere un poco precipitosa,più emotiva e così non mi fermo un attimo ad ascoltare e sono le volte in cui più facilmente sbaglio.Sento che in molte cose sto iniziando a migliorare e lo voglio sperare,con il vostro aiuto è più chiaro e semplice capire e vorrei continuare ,per cui vi ringrazio veramente tantissimo.Se posso chiedere un aiuto ,chiedo di riuscire a tenere aperto il mio cuore e la mia mente al servizio del mio cuore ,anche qui se non ci riesco sono le volte in cui è più facile sbagliare e/o non riuscire a cogliere al volo il momento od il suggerimento per fare qualcosa di buono.Con l'augurio per tutti e per me ,di essere capaci di prepararci ad un meraviglioso Decollo ,felici di incontrarvi presto,vi mando un immenso abbraccio di Luce patrizia

  134. Love & Light! I love that this article spoke of the acension process because I needed that clarification. I was one who thought that December 2012 would be one of those days where it would be some day of magic but I have greater understanding that we are the drivers. We have control of our lives and when are ready to move to the next level. I think my biggest issues is letting go of all negativity in my life. Whether its smoking or even allowing others to make me feel bad. I really feel as though lately I have been learning to allow things to fall where they may. Not to dwell on things or people whom I have no control over. We are all students in one big classroom. I appreciate all your work and time. May the light be with you always.

  135. Louis grosmon. Saluti a tutti voi. Sono reiky master presso tre gruppi e operatore di luce, sono disponibile ad una esperienza culturale presso una stazione di costruzione dighe,ritengo che questa mi possa servire in futuro. sono un elettrotecnico e sono maggiormente interessato alle free energy,mi hanno predetto un futuro rapporto con voi,ma non conosco le modalità.Leggo "tutti" i Vs.messaggi.Personalmente scontento della gestione del 4Agosto.

  136. EVERYTHING that we SAY, THINK or DO needs to be with INFINITE, DIVINE LOVE and LIGHT and GRATITUDE at ALL times!!!!!! So be it!!!

  137. Dear Friends, Anchal, Eugenie, Richie Dana and others who read and post these blogs. Thank you for your caring, your Ascension and your acknowledgement. It is nice to know that someone is reading and feeling, the Joy of this wonderful trip that we are on and that we can embrace each other,in friendship, as we Ascended together.

    Much Love

  138. I still find myself judging people now and again. But I think I'm releasing judgemental and other negative thoughts faster now when they come up. I already made a lot of progress compared to two years ago or so but I want to do a lot more. I ask for assistance with transmuting negative thoughts and emotions whenever they come up. I'm very grateful for any help. Thank you.

    We will ascend when we are ready, be it in December or later.

    Power to love!

  139. Ok, people! A lot of you are new to this and Greg, naturally is taking advantage of you. Here are some facts:

    Every 26,000 years, Earth's DNA gets "upgraded". What's that, you say? That means a new species emerges. Scientists have proven this by digging into the earth's crust, and thur the use of carbon dating, that certain species have "died out", and new ones emerged. In a related story, the earth makes a full circle around the galaxy every 26,000 years.

    The earth is lining up with the center of the galaxy. Energies from the center of the galaxy are bombarding our solar system, effecting our sun and the planets. The sun is emitting more and more solar flares upon earth, also causing melting of the poles (not global warming, a lie, folks). It is also effecting the poles of the other planets. Every time we get hit by a solar flare, our vibrations increase, as the earth's. Our DNA is also changing. Our energy bodies are changing (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies), thus you are experiencing ascension symptoms, fatique, dizziness, body aches, light-headed, vertigo, and more... The best treatment is rest and let the feeling pass. Your body is getting re-wired and being rebooted, getting rid of old programming, patterns and stuck energy from current and past lives. Be alert if old feelings comes up, take some deep breaths and release them.

    The earth will ascend into her new 5D body on Dec 21. To ascend with her, stay within your heart. Your heart chakra is the key to vibrating with earth. Those who stay within their heart chakra will ascend, those that do not, will not. It's that simple. Do good deeds, find ways to help people, smile, laugh, give hugs, mediate on sending love to mother earth and around the planet. Keep your heart open and you're in!!

    By the way, most of the people on earth are doing that right now, so most of us will be ascending. Greg, your a liar, once again.

  140. dear greg,

    thanks so much for this message - now i am sure that my personal understanding of ascension was and is correct. it's not about a certain date or time, and it's NOT enough just to have the wish or the will to do so...

    it's an ongoing process, and this is what i am still going through. luckily, i can say that i already released a lot of the lower realms - and that i am coming to the "final enemy", and this is nothing less or more than doing some, ehem, drugs, even if seldom... sorry that i am that honest, but you wanted us to explain our situation. and that's what i do. :)

    i am sure that i will leave this old addiction in the third dimension - and that my true self will go on and ascend.

    love and light to all of you.

  141. I'm with Darryl, like a voice in the wilderness. I am hearing you. I feel concern that there are some out there channelling erroneous concepts. The thing is, they may not even realise this. Does Greg protect himself from psychic intrusions? cos they are bowling some real googlies his way!

  142. Another word for God is Attah, a Hebrew word meaning "Thou"; YOU; the other, the not I, the not my personality, that is the real essential me, that which transcends the self, the ego, that separate aspect that is legion, the dweller on the threshold.

  143. To Sebastiaan, how to transmute negative thoughts and emotions: That's a easy one...Mediate! Try this:

    Take, at least, 1 hour a day to do this, if you want to do more, fine, but no longer than a hour. Sit in a relaxed position. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. No thoughts, just breathing in and out. At first, thoughts will enter, every now and then, once you realize it, erase it, then go back to your breathing. You may fall asleep sometimes. That is ok. Don't be too hard on yourself. You are starting a new system. When your hour is up, THAT'S IT, YOUR DONE!

    What is happening is that your body is quieting down, your crown charka will start to open and the new energies that is helping us to ascend, is coming in thur the top of your head. These are changing us to our 5D bodies. They are also changing our thoughts and emotions. Soon, feeling negative emotions and thoughts will stop to manifest in you because the energies will not allow low vibrational energies to exist. IT IS THAT POWERFUL! YOU WILL BEGIN TO SEE AND FEEL THE CHANGE INSIDE OF YOU! When you feel an itch on your head, feeling like a bug is in your hair, light-headed, or the feeling like your brain is being sucked up from the top of your head, that is the energy working. If it gets too hard, ask your guides and angels to lower the energy so it is comfortable for you to handle. That is ascension energy at work. Take care. Darryl

  144. Dear Galactic Federation of Light,

    While I'm sure there are many of us who know what our stumbling blocks are, some of us have been working on and clearing them out of our ways. It would help us a great deal to have some help figuring out which issues we still have left that deserve priority. Can you help us to 'connect' a bit better so we can understand more fully?

    Love and light,

  145. Hi, Domsub! How's it going? Did you get my email?

  146. sometimes it seems like the old saying is true, "the more i know, the less i understand" why does every thing have to be so confusing? so many opinions...whom to trust, what to trust? I believe that there is a Divine Intelligence in this universe and in all realms, but of course this is all beyond my current understanding, i want to understand. i want to know the Truth and oneness with the Creator of all life, in a place where every one plays fair, where there is love, abundance and well being for all...we, as a species, as a Divine Being, have the right to know what is really going on. Freedom from ignorance and slavery. i am tired of and light, faiza

  147. to Darryl

    Well said, but in mitigation, he is pointing out or the GFL are, that you will not get anywhere expecting a free ride.

  148. Neither of us believe we deserve or should be going. What I know is that everyday I make mistakes and I stumble and fall and yet during that day I have brought laughter or a smile or hope or joy or just listened to people that I know and sometimes to people I do not know.

    I see people suffering and I offer help and comforting when and where I see it. I accept my faults and try to be mindful of them and learn from them. To not do them so much.

    So my partner is healthy and a lovely being. I am not as healthy as would be nice. There is constant pain and while there are things in the past that cannot be changed by me there are aftereffects from what happened. Things I was exposed to. So while I live in pain all day long I see nothing wrong with finding something that assuages the pain and makes a person such as myself able to breath without pain.

    We speak to our crystals as the friends that they are. We nestle into each other and spread hope and joy where we can. We accept all beings more and more.

    Accepting responsibility for your actions and not making excuses is a good place to start. Consider this and then move on without regret.

    Where I lack is sometimes I find myself being judgmental. But we are making progress slowly but surely. We recognize this is not acceptable behavior and make changes.

    I accept whatever the universe wills for me.

    We both see it this way. Whenever we hurt others we only hurt ourselves. Whenever we help other we help ourselves. Our actions have consequences with them and we need to be mindful of such things.

    Thank you for your continued communications and thank you for helping where you can. We ask nothing of you personally. There are always things that we cannot see and know going on and we believe that there is hard work being done. So what we will do is share our energy with the world and give her what she needs.

  149. Christian Lightworker, which issues that deserves priority is what troubles you the most.

    Sit, relaxed and go within. Search your heart and spirit for the things that are not in alinement. Whatever things that are keeping you from feeling peace within yourself is the ones you should be working on. If is not possible to resolve it, example, the person has gone away, person refuses to accept you, etc.. Send healing love to the issue at hand, ask for forgiveness and forgive yourself for the issue and send it up to God and the angels to handle it, take deep breaths to release the issue from you. Then search out the next and repeat.
    Hope this helps, Darryl

  150. In some other life I must have been very judgemental or out spoken on other peoples addictions and problems. Because I've walk way over a mile in their sandals.Yes alcohol and cigarettes has been a problem for me. I could use some hypnotherpy but its so expensive. Wow! Its hard for and old dog to learn new tricks sometimes.

  151. In some other life I must have been very judgemental or out spoken on other peoples addictions and problems. Because I've walk way over a mile in their sandals.Yes alcohol and cigarettes has been a problem for me. I could use some hypnotherpy but its so expensive. Wow! Its hard for and old dog to learn new tricks sometimes.

  152. To Greg Giles, I wonder where the seawalls are? They should be up any day now. You did tell us 3 weeks max, right Greg? Has anybody heard on the news of seawalls on the coastlines? Be on the lookout! We don't believe Greg/GFL is lying to us, do we? Why isn't he mentioning it? Can you give us a status on those seawalls, Greg? 'preciate it!

  153. Wow, so interesting!!!! I am so deeply humbled and feel so much gratitude for all that Greg and the GFL are doing. It is such a feeling of the deepest place of love and help that I can't even put into words. For me, I picked such a challenging incarnation that on some level I must be so strong inside to have come out on the other side not bitter or even angry anymore. I picked it for me to learn so many lessons of love. I picked a tough mother who was abusive and then died right when I turned into a teenager. My Dad remarried a year later. Every feeling of abandonment, jealousy, victimhood came up for me to work through. I have worked through all of this and more. I know that my soul picked hard lessons so I could have this chance to ascend and raise my frequencies enough to be able to be a part of this amazing opportunity on our planet. I know GFL has gotten negative feedback and all I can say is that people are not taking responsibility for their own negativity and projecting it towards Greg and GFL. Everything in life is a reflection of our inner world. So if we feel negative towards someone it is a huge opportunity to work through our own negativity. That is why we chose duality. We pick situations to mirror what is going on inside of us. Every person gives us a chance to work on ourselves. Ho'oponopono is perfect for working on our nature and cleaning ourselves. Everything that shows up in our life is a piece of ourselves. This has been my biggest lesson these past 2 years. Understanding this is so huge. I am still working on my own nature and getting out of the blame game. That is a huge game on our planet and the more we understand that we are all one the more we can shift to higher vibrations. I look at GFL as beings that are one with us but have experienced higher dimensions. It has been a long hard journey and honestly I think I almost did not make it. I am beyond grateful that my angels stayed with me and never left my side. I resonate with this whole site. I feel on some level very connected with GFL and the messages. I was contacted by a space being years ago in my dreams but I was too scared. I am not scared anymore to make this connection again. I hope the people who have negative comments realize this is more about their nature rather than what GFL is saying. Today, I work on my mental state. I work on getting out of the dual nature and work on seeing everyone as my sisters and brothers. It is not easy because I have learned some negative critical way of viewing people. I am working to reverse my learned behavior. However, I feel more joy and happiness today than I have ever felt in my life. I feel that is my gift when I teach, I teach with love and teach with a committment to share my wisdom and love of our amazing planet and the love of our unseen friends. I am convinced that my angels (bless them) had so much patience with me and helped me in a million ways that I will never fully understand. So GFL, I have moved beyond my fears about you and I am in trust since your words only speak of honesty and truth. I feel it in my being and I trust those feelings. The way I feel about my guardian angels is the way I feel about you and your work here on the planet. I see your work as huge beyond words and feel deep gratitude. It is very clear to me that we all need to lift ourselves up and be honest about our weaknesses not as a horrible thing but this is why we are here. As my Yoga teachers work on our nature. To improve our thinking which leads to behavior is the biggest task at hand. I can't say that strongly enough. If we all improved our thoughts we would and could lift the world up in a day! That is the work at hand. Lifting our thoughts and sending prayers of light to those who have difficulty bringing their thoughts to a higher page. I feel blessed for your daily words. They feel like a lifeline for me right now. I know without a shadow of a doubt that I am ascending and I don't honestly care about timeline. blessings and love, Laura

  154. Hi Greg Like your new photo, I do see
    a tiredness in it and understand the
    strain on you to help humanity at this times. I do resonate whit the words, and word every day to reach a
    higher level. Love to all
    Jeffrey riddle

  155. to Wang Jian Zhang

    You are awaken it is there fore that you asks yourself so much questions, this is for me a sign, be quiet stay calm too, relax and sure you are buzzy at each second to ascent when you are doing with good mood your work applcation, accuracy, be kind first to yourself and all persons and students that you meet and you are entrusted, make from every day a beautiful day and do the best you can in each circumstance, be honnest, correct, kind and pray, be blessed. Nobody will be forgotten be sure, we all called to ascend it is therefore that we are all here on earth in this special times. The greatest things are often in so little daily tasks.

    Eugénie in Belgium

  156. Thank you for your beautiful messages,thank you for all your help and love. And thank you for all the magic we have. I just realized, we want to see all the magic behind the veil, while the magic is around us every day. Every second. We have to be aware of it. And being aware is for me to grow, to raise my vibrations. Being aware of my ego and how it works against my longing for being whole and one again. I know I still have to work with comparing myself to other people, jealousy...totally accepting myself. Fear of failing. I won't have these properties with me to higher dimensions. The only
    thing I want is to totally surrender and ascend to higher dimensions. In totally unconditional love.

  157. To Cameron

    Thank you

    Be blessed


  158. T Darryl

    Did you receive my mail and did you listen to the interview ?

    Be Blesses


  159. To Darryl

    BE blessed to correct my mistake, excuse me, please.

    my 3 language is englsh and not evident in writing....

    Eugénie in Belgium

  160. Thanks, Eugenie! I get your emails, thanks for them!

    Blessings, Darryl

  161. Darryl

    Not yet. Send it again?


  162. To Ashtatara

    We all are here to learn our lessons.

    For me jalous is a person who is not sure of him/her self, he/she loves herselfs to much and not enough love send out to others...he / she lacks the insurance in her/him self, you are you and another is not you as you aren't the other, we are all UNIC beings

    Love to all


  163. to Darryl

    when you have a little time will you gave me your advise concerning the interview in a private mail, please

    thanks in advance



  164. Dear star brothers and sisters,

    Thank you for your information, which leave me with the question about what Sheldan Nidle and his explanation about that almost everybody shall ascend after we have visited the Light Chamber which are ment to make us ascend into the 5th dimension?
    ArchAngelMichael talks about the ascension as an ascension that most of us shall do...,
    This makes me wonder what kind of message we shall listen to?, We have mixed messages and that gets a lot of people to question what and who is right and who is wrong?,
    I myself believe I am going to ascend soon with or without a light chamber, but it would be good to get guidance from you what criteria is required to ascend without the help of a light chamber?
    I also understand that many humans are in denial and frustration because they have their believes that a lot have been promised and never materialized (which might be due to circumstanses ouside your control). Still some people have their ego to strong and the are locked in their 3d reality where they like to win an argument through smearing others, then its the people that might be paid to do harm within a community.
    I think that most people are loving...and I hope as many as possible of us all to ascend to the 5d reality or higher in the days that come .

    Love and Light to you all

    Peter - Pilot22

    P.S I like to hear from you my galactic family regarding my questions, as well if my skills can be needed in any of your projects!? D.S

  165. Dear Galactic friends,

    Frankly,I do not know what will happen these coming months.I still have a few shortcomings I have to work on.Fortunately I am aware of my deficiencies and inner work is required.Nevertheless I do know that it will happen someday.Dear family I love you and thank you for this great Message.With all my love.Peter

  166. Dear GFL,
    Thank you for your post, again very clear and inspiring. 
    This is my answer. I've been trying to live as consciously as possible for more than 12 years now, first following a master who taught me how to meditate and taught me about the witness within. Then after three years I went my own way, first following my ego by rejecting all  this master taught me but never rejecting the conscious part, then after realising this was my selfdistructive nature expressing itself, I slowly slowly returned back to what this master taught me, letting go of everything, living in the now and transcending from mind to being. 
    Now it feels like my whole life is preparing itself for the times ahead of us. I don't know about ascention and armageddon, although I do believe in what you, the Mayans and many others say about changes ahead of us, I don't know what will happen since everything in the future still seems to be open. 
    I just see myself changing big time lately but I don't know if I'm ready to ascend or not. I'm dropping old habits by the day now, like marihuana and nicotine, and the change in energy is fenominal. 
    Some old habits I still have , which i don't see other being in higher dimensions have, like masturbation for example, are wearing down aswell but they're still there and probably would be an anchor for my ascention. But i'm working on that and don't know exactly what to do with my sexuality without a partner or without watching a naughty movie from time to time. Get a partner, ok, but the solitude really works well for me to develop spiritually. 
    Sugar I know breaks down my energyfield aswell but sometimes i still crave for it and i can't settle with an apple then, yet, but I'm working on that one too. 
    My job doesn't allow me to fully come to rest, but I need the income so I can't drop it yet, and at the same time i still feel it has its benefits to do some fysical labour to stay grounded. 
    I still eat meat from time to time, although that's shifting too, hardly any red meat, sometimes fish, but I still believe my body needs it for strength after having eaten it my whole life, but maybe that's just the believe that gives me that strength, am dropping that too slowly.

  167. So my life is definately changing every day, I feel lighter every day and I'm growing on a spiritual/conscious level every day, with a dramatic acceleration the last few weeks. You guys from the GFL have shown yourselves to me three! times last week in your lightballs/probes flying by, so close I could almost reach out and touch you! The timing was perfect too. The first time when I was alone just as i sat down in a chair to watch the stars, and there you came, leaving me speachless and knowing i had to spread your news. The second time when i was with friends who are total atheists concerning all this but they could not explain what it was when they saw you, so I feel they're being prepared, and the third time when I was with friends who are totally open to all this and your appearance was accompanied with a rain of falling stars! Too beautifull...! They're reading your messages too now. Thank you so much for helping me spreading your news around! 
    The energy you bring aswell is very transformative and it can't be a coinsidence all this is happening at the same time in my life right now. The me I used to be is slowly slowly fading away and an awareness is installing itself of which I cannot say what it is other than consciousness itself. It feels so good and I'm so filled with love and gratitude, I don't know how to describe it.
    Everything is still very fragile and coming between others is quite painfull on an energetic level but the love I feel for them makes it all worth it. 
    I don't know what I can do to help you, Gaia or mankind but I believe it will become clear to me when the time is ripe. In the meantime I continue living my little life, will keep working on myself, letting go of stuff I don't need and I reside in love and peace. 
    Thank you so much for your help, guidance and the energy I feel rushing in every time I connect with you. Am working on my telepathical skills aswell to make a better connection in the near future, but lack some rest for that at the moment.
    Love you,
    Bert from belgium

  168. To Darryl:The end of 26000 year cycle is around the corner.I have been conflicted about what this means.This Dna upgrade has started happening according to various people including genetisist William Brown. This is the completion of the precession of the equinoxes,all 12 houses of the zodiac being accounted for.We seem to line up with the galactic midpoint according to the "wobble",the angle of the poles changing between 23.5 and 25 degrees approx within the gyroscopic movement of the earth over said cycle-correct?So what is ascension and how do you see this transpiring?

  169. To Sadee: Hi Sadee - what would a free ride look like? - Being that billons of people have not yet heard of ascension?Could you flesh that out a bit.

  170. In this message the GFL said,

    "Do not wait for a date and do not wait for outside influences to come and carry you away. It is you and you alone who must forge your own wings to take flight into the higher dimensions of this universe."

    I fully agree. On July 4, 2012 I turned 70. My efforts at "forging my own wings" still continue. When I observe objectively -- those efforts do seem quite feeble. I often slip and fall but the Divine Grace has never abandoned me and I always have exactly what I need -- WHEN I need it -- usually not before.

    I desire to live a life of synchronisity learning to balance my "wants" with the real needs of my inner core vision. Yes -- I still have a long way to go. I do think -- as Sheldon declares -- due to the cosmic uniqueness of this particular event -- there will need to be "light chambers" to complete the process in a timely manner.

    This is no substitute for my own vector intention in every present "now" moment.

    If I have accomplished anything in this life toward my ascension into 5D -- it is only due to Divine Grace. If I am on track -- that is the only factor guiding me -- and that Divine Grace arrives through my angels and mentors.

    The Creator never does anything which his many servants can do in his behalf.

    This great ascension is the very reason I incarnated here in the first place.

    From the first, I was at odds with this frequency -- being an outsider. I learned meditation to calm and balance my physiology.

    I loved spirituality but could never reconcile it with organized religion.

    The transdimensional communication of music brought great happiness to my extreme sadness.

    On August 15, 1967 I had a very powerful close encounter which I can only call a "paranormal" experience.

    Every second since then I have been undergoing a process of assimilating, understanding and sythensizing that face to face encounter with the ETI.

    Or -- was it? :O)

    Whatever it was -- it was 110% positive.

    My limited 3D mind has interpreted the metaphors downloaded into our minds that night in many varying ways.

    If I was to sum in up in one sentence it would be this: ALL IS ONE MIND AND THERE ARE INFINITE POSSIBILITIES.

    What do I choose? I choose peace on earth and goodwill toward men and the unfolding of a New Paradigm of unbounded creativity. This begins with me. It begins with my focus upon this core intention every moment. Do I forget? Yes indeed -- I often forget. It is then that the reminder arrives via Divine Grace -- often in the form of messages like this one.

  171. Sometimes my mind gets stuck on earlier experiences and I look at mistakes I made, im trying to focus on the Now in stead and get better at it every day. -Love, Unni-

  172. I understand that LOVE is the guiding force for the universe. To LOVE oneself or to LOVE anotherself. These are the same. Forgiveness is a key factor in my life to transcend lower frequencies and I feel this would help humanity a great deal. We really put in our time to thoughtfuly blame another for anything in the moment. We need to work as ONE humanity and move past the blame for anything. We are ONE. Understand that you are them and they are you and there is no seperation. The social memory complex of who we are as ONE is the matrix that defines us. Rid yourself of these lower energies by forgiving all who you come across. If you know how to forgive yourself then you know how to forgive others in the same respect. We all have our soul storie that is different than others but we all have the same goal from the wars to the candellight dinners. These are our own energies that we accumulate and release throughout our journey. Love ALL for ALL is blessed with the infinite.

  173. I am still struggling with ego. Even the deep desire to be involved with these changes... I wonder, "is this my ego" seeking some sort of purpose or excitement? Am I truly what I believe I am, a part of this organization... or am I desperately seeking inclusion? I want my intentions to be pure of heart... I want this more than anything, but is it because I'm seeking a place, a purpose? And what if my purpose lies elsewhere and my wait is still far from over? Questions lead to more questions and it is easier to feel despair... I need less questions, more trust and faith.

    My mind will wander to places I am uncomfortable with and I wonder when will I have the concentration, the focused ability to swat these thoughts away and have them not return. My meditations are both rewarding and troublesome... I am freshly awakened in the deeper sense, yet I tend to push too hard... I need greater patience.

    Todays message was helpful and some aspects of ascension are more clear to me. I want to get away and be in nature and focus on meditation, clearing and healing. I feel many aspects of my being would come into greater clarity, control and lightness... I need to find a way to strike more balance between exercising the 'new me' and maintaining 'old me'. I'm often rushing to get work done so that I can relax... I try to not get frustrated, yet I cannot help but feel the effects of the haste and limitations in time/energy.

    I have had no mentors in this incarnation... this has troubled me, but perhaps that is the way I wanted it... Patience is my key. I must be patient and learn to open my heart more.

    You've given me much to reflect on. Thank you.

  174. Sananda says somewhere: read, study, read, study...

    That's the beginning of the understanding! This lead to Ascension! How to do? Just put yourself in the position of the one who is talking, i mean writing to you as here the GFL is doing! That's called empathy! Once a spiritual Master said: LOVE is paying attention! Have you noticed that the GFL is paying attention to us? That's LOVE nothing else! Greg do the same! People who are mocking, making fun as we see here sometimes... that's the worst you can do! Why? Because you are mocking of GOD! Why? Because everybody is a part of GOD! That's why! Think about! That's not only pay attention to its next but also to yourself! Dont forget that! You are the most important person!!! Without you there is nothing! Just you! (Smile) I AM is the most important! Read the 33 discourses of Saint Germain! I found also the one of Jesus-Sananda! I am very lucky! See: Green Books vol. 17!!! You will enjoy! I did!!!

    Take care, Martin-Ceta

  175. Just re-reading my own message...

    Realizing that the GFL, Greg and many people here are essentially my mentors. I've changed in so many great ways all due to the wisdom and words that pass through this community.

    I can't imagine what the future will bring when this is all taken to the physical level.

    Thank you all.

  176. How are the Sea Walls progressing? Does anyone know?

  177. To Peter,
    I disagreed with the GFL because they promised free gifts, guaranteed ascension. I like what you are all saying now. But you are missing loads of information. We are in danger from not nice people who want to stop up claiming our own power. As Darryl said, ascenscion is a natural process and we have the possibility to ascend now, read Bringers of the Dawn. The GFL, bless em, seem similar to my ET bozos, they do not actually understand us. The digs by myself and others is that we do know some truth and you haven't been given much so far.

  178. To Johnny on remembering dreams - ask just before you let go and sink to sleep, or better still hold yourself on the brink and allow the body to sleep while your mind stays awake. Check out Robert Munroe's website for more details.
    Another good method is visualise the sun immediately on waking. This works rather well. Weird but true. Let me know how you get on. Best

  179. To Peter,

    Billions have heard, aka rapture, the muslims have their own also, the chinese have raising chi, the africans have their own knowledge, Much of the ascension information is from indiginous tribepeople,it is worldwide. It is not an american construct. The GFL and sending these same messages to many other countries. There is not only the GFL at this either.
    A free ride is where you assume you don't need to work on yourself.

  180. Richard

    Beautiful simple words.

    Made me feel good. Must be true.


  181. Richie (Dana)

    Is Zingdad your own site? It's rather good.

  182. To Sadee:I realise these are ancient ideas.Most people I know have never read about ancient civilizations,or ancient spiritual texts but only live in modern artificial constructs.

  183. Thank you for the message. What holds me back is fear, guilt, and worry. I am worried for all of those that will not ascend, those that I love. My daughter who is 13 weeks, even thought I feel I should not worry. I have just started my exploration into myself. I am scared of the knowledge as I know it would change everything. I guess it is a feeling of not deserving to ascend, especially if those I love will not.

  184. Cameron

    Loved your words, man!

    Well thought.


  185. Dont worry, all children does ascend without exception!

  186. To everyone who wants to know what this ascension is all about.

    RAISING YOUR FREQUENCY, sorry people you will not leave the planet, it is this earth you are destined to make into a heaven, IF, you move away from where you are now. Watch this:
    Paul Harvey: If I Were The Devil: Infowars Version and see what is your future if you don't change.

  187. Sadee : no one around here thinks they're going to be raptured away somewhere nor have any of these messages even though I have disagreed with some of them ever suggested that.

  188. David Lawrence - Liked that so much that I pasted into a note for my desktop so that I can read it some more. In LVX

  189. A lot of folks are mentioning smoking as an addiction. I know its not very spiritual but do try the Allen Carr Easyway. It is based on becoming more conscious of what your are doing and is indeed a very easy way to quit. I know. I quit with him this year.

  190. Hi, Peter, this is the classic war between good and evil, a cliche I know, but true. Our ET friends know this, they are frightened we will get into space in the low frequency state we are presently in. Mine claim to be from the 5th dimension and they definitely do now want us there as we are now.

    I think either the GFL are soothing you to sleep, or are trying to get people to unite, in spirit, as one consciousness of love. I feel they have been faffing about with this love and light stuff, you are not even taught how to attain a higher frequency. I have been at this spiritual stuff over thirty years, not a psychic, but I studied. I also watch what the not nice people are doing and they will succeed if we do not attain the higher frequency to overcome them.

    I have seen no coming together of people united in the love frequency. Everyone talks only about their own situation, not a good plan. My interest, I intend for earth to ascend, and me with her. Those who are awake are few, we cannot do it by ourselves, we need you.