Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 8/12/12 ‘The Most Important Aspect of Your Mission’

You are doing yourselves a tremendous service when you begin to learn to work better and get along better between yourselves. We have been noticing a marked improvement in this area, and we wish to say to you your efforts are greatly appreciated and will take you far in this world and maybe even beyond, for you see, all that you achieve here has galactic and universal repercussions. Most of what you do here affects so many others and your universe itself. We have on many occasions described for you how vastly important your mission is here. We wish at this time to reiterate, and say to you that your mission here involves many different worlds working together on a project so vast, so import, that worlds literally depend upon the outcome of your work here, how well you can get along with each other while interacting with each other, working together, playing together, and what goals you can achieve, which goals you cannot achieve, and so many other areas of concern that we can discuss these at great length for many hours.

We will just cut to the chase and tell you that your efforts to work together to achieve common goals is the most important thing that you can possibly be doing at this time. There is nothing else more important, there is nothing else as vital, there is nothing else you would be wise to spend your time upon. We feel we cannot be any clearer on this as this says it all, does it not?  You cannot be focusing your attention on anything else that is more important to the survival of your planet and many other planets alike in this universe than working and doing your best to get along with each other and work together to achieve certain goals.

This is all we will say about this. Is there anything that we have just said that any of you do not fully understand? We would like for you, as we so often do, to please leave your comments under this message today and let us know if you completely understand what we have just explained to you. We feel we need to know this for certain. We need to gather statistics and calculate just what kind of percentage of you understands just how vitally important it is for each and every one of you to do what it is you can do to simply get along with each other and to do your best to work together, for that is the goal at the core of your entire mission here.

So many of you ask what is it that I can be doing, how is it that I could help, and we say to you that you cannot possibly help our joint mission any greater than getting along with each other throughout your online communities as well as in your personal lives at home and at work, for there too are others who you may have relationships with throughout this universe and learning to work together, play together, and simply get along together peaceably and constructively there is just as important as those you interact with through your online communities.

We feel we have discussed this subject enough for today, however, we will tell you that we feel we must revisit this subject quite often, as we have made clear, it is the most important aspect of your mission and each and everyone owes it, at the least to yourselves and at the most to your Creator and your entire universe, to give your sincerest efforts to make your workspace, which is your online community, a better, more amicable, more kind, loving, forgiving, productive and constructive place to punch in and complete a day’s work, for this is what you are doing when you log onto your computer. You are punching in to work, for this is your duty, this is your task, this is your job, this is the service that you enlisted for.

You are members of worlds, orders, conglomerations, organizations, alliances, legions, militias and armed forces and you have signed up, volunteered and have been carefully selected to take part in this top-secret, classified and vitally important mission to restore love and light, peace, harmony, balance,  justice and law to this world that has, like a renegade, run out of control and is not unlike a western outlaw firing his guns wildly throughout the streets of town in a rampage of violence and crime. This behavior must be curtailed. It must be stopped. The damage that has been done must be reversed.

Many of you understand that this is a campaign of great proportion and it is you, the men and women who are reading these words today who understand what your mission is and how important it is for all of you to get along with each other. There are many of you awakening at this time and many more of you that will awaken tomorrow, and when these beings awaken what is it do you think they are seeing when they punch in to work here in your online communities. Are they seeing a world whose troubles are being eradicated? A world where beings are learning to finally get along with each other and work together without bickering, without fighting, without arguing, insulting and threatening each other? Or are they seeing some of the very old, where many have not learned to respect another or to honor another’s views and opinions? Are they seeing a world that does not seem to be changing very much?

We will leave this up to you and say to you that it is you who are today the leaders of your world. It is not the men and women wearing expensive suits and designer clothing who take your taxpayer money and pretend they are working hard for the betterment of your world. These imposters are worthless in this regard, and their masquerade will soon be over and some of them will even find the interior of a jail cell, at least for a little while before they find themselves learning the effects of their choices through rehabilitation programs. It is you, the people who are reading these words right now and others like you who have now awakened who are the leaders of your world, and as the leaders of your world do you feel that arguing and debating, insulting and cursing one another is the protocol, is the method to apply that will see to the positive changes and reversal of so much that has gone so wrong here in your world? Or do you have another vision, do you have a brighter vision, a dream where all of the leaders of your world have learned to work together productively and efficiently with the purest of integrity, honor and sincerity, and work hard each and every day restoring this world from its top to its bottom, from its inner core to its surface to its highest altitudes?  

This is what we ask you today. Which kind of leaders are you? The kind of leaders that this world and this universe so desperately needs, or those who will simply replace the former leaders, the outgoing leaders with more of the same in lack of efficiency, lack of integrity, lack of motivation, lack of will, lack of honesty and lack of caring. Or are you the kind of leaders who possess a willingness to work for others and the world around you, willing to sacrifice at times your own needs and your own wants for the betterment of the whole? We ask you to think over carefully our discussion today and think about what we have said. Think about your choices. Think about which kind of leader you are and please let us know what decision you have come to by leaving your thoughts under our message today.

We thank you very much for your time today and say to you your time reading our messages and leaving your comments is time very well spent, and up until this point, is one of the most constructive areas of your overall mission. We wish you to know we greatly appreciate your efforts to assist us better understand the conditions and the thought processes of the human consciousness, its motivations and even deficiencies at this time. We thank you, and we look forward to learning your thoughts today through your words.  

We are the Galactic Federation of Light, here with you working through to the conclusion of our mission together.

As channeled through Greg Giles English - Spanish - Brazil - Bulgarian - Croatian - Dutch -German - Greek - Hebrew - Polish - Japanese Portugal - Romanian - Russian - Slovenian -Swedish - Traditional Chinese - Hungarian French Turkish


  1. Thank you.

    I GET it ... Transformational Leadership has been my focus for a couple of years now!

  2. I understand the importance of all of what you have said, and agree completely! We must learn to work together in peace and harmony, something I myself am learning to do as well. I am not ashamed to admit I have said or acted incorrectly, but I feel I am trying to make amend and push forwards for the better!

    I feel, personally, that I would be able to lead for the better good of mankind, friends, family and loved ones. I feel a lot of people are born with this skill, but with ability to sacrifice their own pleasure and comfort at will to do the things a leader truly needs to do, which is lead us to freedom, peace and love!

    I think that is all that be needs to say from me, and i hope this message has helped you, Brothers and Sisters, to gather the information you need!

    I hope you are well, thank you Greg for today's channeled message, and finally thank you The Galactic Federation of Light for today's message!

    With love and light!


    Conan. England.

  3. I have been working on sending both "love and light" to all I meet/see or, come in contact with. I try to wrap the planet earth in love and ligth; asking for ALL humans to be touched. Some NEED more than others. I am working with someone now who seems SO lost. I just try to teach about filling their hearts/mind and soul with love. I expain that it WILL traansform the experiance that they now have and will allow them a new positive experiance. I expain that THEY have to do the work, that I can not do it for them, however I can serve as a beakon to illunate their path. Personally I spend alot of my freetime and work time too, focusing on my love and light, for myself and others. I find for those that are not ready or receptive, I just do not tell them anything, I just give it to them and allow the universe to unfold for them as it should.

  4. I understand now that running away from people is not the direction to take ... because in part this mission is about maintaining a high vibration amidst the chaos around us. To hide away in the woods is deeply wonderful ... yet separates one from humanity. Your message is astute, timely and noted. Thank you, Dawn Christine Ford / Beautiful Cloud Woman

  5. I see the need for the coordination of the mass effort and unity required amongst mankind in the days ahead. I am up for the job!

  6. Fully understood, respecting each other is the foundation of future communities.

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  9. Hello, I am Dapo Alade of .
    This is a site I created over 4 years ago.
    I seem to forget how far back it was created, as I have been totally carried way by the duties and responciblilities of operating it for all these years, through unbelievable hardship and lack.
    As you have the arkashic record, I would wish you to look it up regarding the conditions I have endured through these past years, while operating this and also.
    I took the initiative as a leadership move, to create them.
    I would preffer not to have to ask for subscriptions and funds from members, but to have avalable funding from affluent and benevolent sources world wide.
    If this is a possible help that could be sourced for this , I would be most pleased.
    I am also open to several other leadership responsibilities and tasks that you may see fit and have in mind.

    Thanks sincerely much.

  10. Thank you again for your inspirational words, and you message is well received by this torch on the beach. Dedication to brighter relations with everything around us is my daily motivation. To watch another begin to shake off old habits, and move towards the beat of The Heart of us all.. is a blessing with no equal. I am seeing this more and feel more coming. I am thankful for the guidance and hope we are using it well.

    As we travel, let love by our road

  11. I could not agree more with your words!!!! We must support and love each other, find kindness and tolerance in our hearts or we are doomed before we even start. Let kindness, forgivness, and non judgement be the order of the day. We CAN do this ,we MUST do this!!! With great love and respect..Gord Beneteau

  12. Si, cari , ho capito che la cosa più importante è imparare a lavorare, stare vicini, insieme a tutti, indipendentemente dalle opinioni, dalle divergenze e dalle differenze.

    Questo lo capisci quando hai capito che la persona che hai davanti, chiunque essa sia è parte di te, ti appartiene.

    La persona che hai davanti sei anche tu.

    Perchè noi facciamo tutti parte della stessa cosa. Per ricordarmelo devo stare attenta e rimanere consapevole durante la mia giornata.

    Ogni volta che mi sento in possesso della verità, e mi metto in contrasto con un'altra persona, quello che trasmetto è l'arroganza di sentirsi detentore di una cosa che non può appartenere a nessuno, perchè è di tutti......

    Che leader voglio essere?

    Proprio oggi immaginavo che i Leader che vorrei vedere sono persone incorruttibili, oneste, semplici, sincere, sagge.

    Che hanno la conoscenza del Bene e del Male e hanno scelto il Bene.

    Sanno emanare Luce e Amore a tutti anche alla parte buia, perchè hanno compreso che il male non esiste, ma esiste solo il bene in divenire.

    E OGNI azione che compi si riflette e si perpetua nell'Ovunque.

    E hanno capito l'importanza di questo e si sentono responsabili di questo Sempre.
    I Leaders sono persone semplici, non quelle con la testa piena di concetti inutili.
    Sono persone con una fermezza che serve da esempio. Sono persone umili.
    Un abbraccio. Agatha

  13. So much clarity has come upon me and I am humbled to know that I am travelling in a direction that is so beneficial to my brothers and sisters. Only a few months ago I was a very different individual and it was the point I realized that it was my responses to and reaction to that which presented itself in my sphere of sensation that would make the difference. I learned that was my ability, my response-ability that has brought so many blessings into my life. I am grateful to all who helped clarify this for me, and I step up to embrace the Love, peace and unity that has entered my life.

  14. We are the leaders of the New World!

    From our current 3D view point the New World is perhaps a utopian concept, but I can feel that it is coming.

    Honesty and integrity will lead us.

    Love and light

  15. The Watchers say that they are not happy with what the situation on this planet is continuing to be.

    They will destroy this planet if people do not change their way of thinking. They are talking to many millions of people telepathically and they are disgusted by the thought processes of humans.

    Humans need to clean up this planet before they take over the planet and do it ourselves.

    The Watchers say that the ascension is fake because you have not achieved the level necessary.

  16. Thank you for you message today. I understand your message and agree that it is extremely important. Seeing all things with the eyes of love, and making all decisions with a heart of love breaks down many barriers. Take a deep breath and respond in love, always.

  17. Thank you!..I understand your words. I will practice everyday to walk softly yet carry a "BIG STICK"

  18. While there has been a lot of debate lately as to the authenticity of the messages being delivered by Greg, this resonates within me.

    We should all focus on treating each other better as a basic fundamental in our lives.

    I was in a vehicle accident recently and the other gentlemen who hit me felt really bad. Sure I could have gone off the deep end and go on a tirade, but what would that solve? Nothing. Treat others the way you want to be treated. How do I know one day that the foot may be on the other shoe? What goes around, comes around :)

    Love and light to everyone!

  19. Thank you GFL for guiding us and thank you light tribe for releasing positive vibration. I completely see the need for this and fully understand how sending out the light is what will lift us into a higher vibrational frequency..I am honored to be part of consciously manifesting this transitions. Would love to help out anywhere needed. With a heart full of gratitude..namaste .. LeeLee

  20. This is something I always say to myself, "lead by example." I don't always do it, but I'm getting better at doing so. Acceptance is another word you guys should start throwing out there. I feel that's one of the most important tools we have to make social interactions more pleasurable and friendly. Also I think I am getting better at this telepathy thing. I have a question, how will I know when someone is trying to contact me? Will my head ring like a telephone or something? I feel like it's one of those 'I'll know it when it happens' sort of situations, which is why I feel like it hasn't happened yet. Light and love yo!



  22. If there is something I can do, please contact me. :)
    And I agree that we must all come together for the best not only for humans but animals and nature too.

  23. I understand and thank you for this message. Even a few weeks ago I was guilty of being stupid online. Your words weeks back, that you've repeated often have helped me to see the error of that. Thank you.


  24. We need to deface ourselves of old habits and out dated religious beliefs and remember who we truely are! We are all one, all equal and devine.Everything in the universe is inter-connected and love is the key to creating everything we dream of for ourselves and everyone else. Follow our hearts and we cant go far wrong.
    love and peace to all

  25. I totally agree. It is just what I am trying to do.

  26. What you have described, is my goal as well. Apparently you understand how difficult it is to be all those things you mention. There always appears to be someone that wants to knock you down as fast as you rise up. If we promote things that are out of the ordinary, such as our galactic friends, you get labeled as a nut. But I have pursued it in spite of the backlash to some degree. We can only present so much new information at one time to our family and friends. Otherwise, they will absolutely exclude us and then we've lost our avenue to present this new information. That's why I wish you would disclose yourselves. We/you would finally have some credibility. They just think we're talking about pink elephants. As soon as you can present yourselves to us so that we can work openly with each other, I will be absolutely 100% behind whatever it is we need to do fix our world. I am SO ready to move forward!

  27. This is truly understandable, not only from a collective stand-point, but a spiritual one aswell. I had always assumed that being in a state of neutrality and civil cooperation was one of the many fundamental spiritual lessons in our life. Although, practical application of this lesson, can be easier said then done.

    When interacting with seemingly recalcitrant souls, it's very easy to loose our center, or grounded connection. Naturally, we engage and feed off of the emotions of our counter-parts, and become so 'like-minded', that before we have a second thought, we are plunged into a state of conflict, bombarding insults at each other as if that was the only path to resolution. But of course, while communicating within the online communities, we have a bit more time to collect ourselves before responding, and that is certainly a good opportunity for growth.

    One of the challenges that presents itself, though, is our ability to articulate away from the 'work-place' or online network. For when we are faced with a soul who doesn't regularly consider the universal perspective of friendship, cooperation, and kindess, the situation is easily thrown into a state of defensive conflict when faced with beliefs and ideas opposing their own. That leaves little time to collect ideas and responses through silence and contemplation. Instead, we begin to improvise, and often speak what immediately comes to mind. There are some more skilled then others at censoring the negative responses, but usually we attempt to 'stand our ground' before taking into consideration the unfortunate position the soul we are speaking to, is in.

    I would like to thank you, from the bottom of my heart for sending your messages to us so frequently. For we have all learned how far a little social politeness can take us, from your display of love and patience. We truly appreciate the lessons you bring into our awareness, because sometimes, all it takes is that 'third-party' to point out the obstacle we're facing. It brings me great joy to realize how much you've taught me, and countless others.

  28. It is a shame that such topics need to be brought forward and such requests even need to be made. Getting along with each other and working together should be normal. But it shows where we are at right now and how successful the dark side has been in separating us from the truth, each other and our selves over a very long time and through very cleverly implemented strategies and systems. Thank you for bringing these things into the conscious realm again, it is all very timely and obviously as it should be.

  29. It is a shame that such topics need to be brought forward and such requests even need to be made. Getting along with each other and working together should be normal. But it shows where we are at right now and how successful the dark side has been in separating us from the truth, each other and our selves over a very long time and through very cleverly implemented strategies and systems. Thank you for bringing these things into the conscious realm again, it is all very timely and obviously as it should be.

  30. And I am with you always.Come dear ones.

  31. Your messages are well taken. We should come together in peace and harmony.

    Much love and light.

  32. I understand and appreciate your wise words of wisdom. I will do my best to keep what i believe to be the words and actions of a strong, positive, caring, and compassionate leader in the forefront of my mind at all times. THANK YOU

  33. working for the betterment of all is the only way to achieve balance upon our planet and within our hearts.

  34. I can only say how bless i am of having so much friends throughout the internet, and in my life as a whole, My mission here is clear, and clear to everyone who reads these massages. I can only say i am glad to be of assistance. Do I understand your words in their literal sense, yes I do but I have to ponder, drink a class of water, walk around and then make a comment when asked or when i feel i have to state something that has been on my head sort to speak. And here are Key points you should be aware of:

    1. I am not native English speaker

    2. I am Working on, in and around me to find my true self

    3. I do have trust in you

    4. I am young, 18 and half

    5. I am awakening.

  35. This makes me wonder... Does this mean we should literally start up businesses in order to work together to get things done?

    Isn't that leadership and working together whether we work under non-profit or for profit just to work together to get some things done outside of the matrix? If so, how do we do anything outside of the matrix when matrix law restricts us? I just wonder, short of sending love and light abstractly what should be done at this point or are we truly waiting for you who are really just us from the future? None of us want to delay. Do we just assume common law means of doing business and risk being arrested and such? You should understand that having one foot in 3D and one in 5D is enough to make one think along these lines... I'm writing to let you know that the situation calls these thoughts to mind (though I don't know what the real level of motivation is... that can certainly vary on a wide scale). This has been for your edification; I hope it helps.

  36. I agree 100% percent. But I guess you guys already know my thoughts as I gave you my permission to read my mind, hehe.

    Power to love!

  37. Here's the thing: Earth is seeded with the DNA of inhabitants of many worlds, so getting along with each other on Earth is a prelude to getting along with other Galactic beings. The test, I imagine was to see if we could be somewhat successful at it in 3-D and relatively unassisted.

  38. Katwilo, please understand that it is the other way around. It is us who must blaze the trail that our ascended families will walk to greet us. In other words, we must adequatelyy prepare humanity for this reunion, for too many are not mentally and emotionally prepared to learn of the existence of our universal neighbors. We must first work to de sensitize our family and friends and introduce this subject to them slowly, carefully, and respectfully, simply planting the seed of possibility is enough, without pushing our views on anyone. This will work to better prepare humanity. A mass landing or decloaking would frighten far too many who are not ready for this great a revelation that to many, would be a tremendous shock.

  39. It's am honor and privelage being here. My mission here on earth is clear as I am the warrior of light. I ask all my fellow light workers to join hands and hearts and consciously spread divine love and light throughy out this planet to heal mother earth and all beings inside and out on earth. I manifest all things that do not belong to love and light to leave here now and to raise our frequency and frequency of mother earth NOW. As always sending LOVE. Namaste!

  40. Ahoj všetkým. Plne chápem, súhlasím a stotožňujem sa s Vaším dnešným posolstvom o vzájomnom porozumení a spolupráci. Musím dodať, že i počas svojej kariéry som sa vždy snažil o porozumenie a spoluprácu a to jak s nadriadenými i s podriadenými, pričom som každého bral ako rovnocenného partnera bez ohľadu na jeho postavenie. Možno občas hovorím to čo si myslím priamo bez príkras i s použitím humoru, nadsázky či ironie, ale robím tak v záujme pravdy v snahe lepšie podať či vysvetliť problém, stanovisko a to vždy bez úmyslu nejako uraziť alebo inak poškodiť partnera. Okrem plného súhlasu s Vaším posolstvom sa chcem dnes s Vami podeliť o jednu ďalšiu myšlienku s tým súvisiacu. My všetci sme jedno. A tým myslím nielen ľudí na Zemi ale aj Vás zo všetkých planét a galaxií z celého tohto vesmíru, i všetky bytosti aj z iných vesmírov v rámci celého univerza. U všetkého stvorenia platí základná poučka a to, že i tá najmenšia časť každého stvorenia nesie v sebe celý a neporušený obraz celého stvorenia. V tomto zmysle i tí, ktorých nazývame Cabal sú súčasťou nás všetkých. Ich vlastný život – úloha, ktorú tu hrajú – je pre nich samých takým duševným utrpením, že sa snažia túto bolesť roznášať všade okolo seba po celej Zemi. To po čom oni sami podvedome túžia, aj keď vedome si to asi nikdy nepripustia je ukončenie ich duševného trápenia, teda ukončenie ich úlohy v starej paradigme. Pripočítajme k tomu obrovskú túžbu všetkých ľudí na celej Zemi po ukončení trápenia a bolestí všetkého druhu, ďalej Vašu túžbu po našej vzájomnej spolupráci a stretnutí sa tvárou v tvár a vyjde nám z toho jedno jediné spoločné prianie všetkých bytostí tohto vesmíru i celého univerza a to ukončiť raz a navždy staré paradigma bolesti utrpenia a posunúť sa na novú úroveň života vo vzájomnej úcte, láske a v radosti zo života. Všetci máme partitúry rozdané, my tu na Zemi robíme čo môžeme a vieme , tak prosím už začnime konečne hrať spolu včetne Vás tú spoločnú symfóniu, ktorou ukončíme staré paradigma a zavedieme nový zlatý vek lásky a porozumenia.

  41. Hi all. I fully understand, agree and I agree with your message of today's mutual understanding and cooperation. I must add that even during my career I have always tried to understand and cooperate both with superiors is subordinate, and I each took as an equal partner, regardless of its position. Maybe sometimes I say what I think is right without embellishment by using humor, irony or hyperbole, but doing so in the interest of truth in order to better explain the problem or give an opinion and it is always something with no intention to offend or harm other partner. In full agreement with your message I would like today to share with you one more idea related to that. We are all one. And I mean not only people on earth but you of all the planets and the galaxies of the universe and all beings from other universes within the universe. For all creation is a fundamental theorem and the fact that even the smallest part of every creature carries the whole picture and sound of all creation. In this sense, even those whom we call the Cabal are part of us all. Their own life - the role you play - it is for themselves in such mental suffering, that are trying to spread the pain all around the planet. This after what they themselves unconsciously crave, even if consciously you probably never admit to the completion of their mental suffering, thus ending their roles in the old paradigm. Pripočítajme to a great desire of all people around the globe after the suffering and pain of any kind, your desire to further our mutual cooperation and meeting face to face and comes to us from which a single common desire of all beings of this universe and the universe and the end once and for all the old paradigm of suffering and pain to move to a new level of life in mutual respect, love and joy of life. All scores have been dealt, we here on Earth we know and what we can, so please let's have finally play together including yourself the joint symphony to end the old paradigm and introduced a new golden age of love and understanding.





  43. I understand it is important for us all to work together and get along. I and the lightworkers I connect with generally agree with each other and get along. We encourage each other, we inspire each other, we even send blessings and love to each other.We share images and quotes that help lift our vibrations and make each other laugh .We pray for each other, some of us even flirt with each other. I do not see any yelling or bickering among friends. Usually we just make each other smile or show each other the wonders of the Earth and its beauty. Or share news of the happenings in the world that we feel has not been too distorted by the cabal . But I have seen a little negativity, conflicting fixed viewpoints, uncompromising beliefs, inflexible ideas, in the groups. There are also many who spend much time trying to expose the cabal. But its strange to me because many of the groups are suppose to be more starseed, lightworker, and ascension oriented, assuming that their purpose is derived somewhat from their name. Anyways, actual work as in working together requires projects, directions and proposals for these projects and directions. Getting along with others is easy, organizing and meeting up and group projects meeting with people online for the first time. I feel like that is where our barrier to progress lies. But that is just my perspective, as I am not in all of the New age/light worker/starseed/etc groups or friends with everyone so I could not know how this goes.

    It is my opinion that we need a leader to step up and lead us. I suppose the problem is no one wants to step up or has clear enough direction. I do not mind being a part of a certain lightworker group online. But there is nothing that we really do that gets me out of my house and focused on projects and planning and working and doing something other than sitting at my computer.

    Forgive my over-eagerness but I would rather be doing something that gets me out of my home from time to time. Simply being friends with lots of people online is not particularly challenging. Cooperation on joint projects, now that would test our mettle and our friendships, or it would at least seem like the next logical step. I am ready to do something that greatly benefits humanity. Maybe I really do not fully see the importance of this. I have no problem playing nice, but isn't there some else I can do in addition to this that will help the Earth and the people and plants on it.

  44. Hello Tess, today's message was not referring in any way to commercial ventures, non profit or for profit. Today's message spoke of the importance of all of us communicating more politely and respectfully on the internet and also in person, which is our work, which is the most important thing we can possibly be doing here in this world at this time.

  45. I totally agree with every word, as a leader I would promote and encourage love, peace and harmony for all beings across the Universe.

    Love to all
    Andrew Wilson
    Harmony Works

  46. Today’s message was very well said, and uplifting. I know I have been doing my part to keep myself lit even though others have tried to blow out my flame; and I can’t deny that I have never slip up in the heat of the moment with another individual—because I have in my past. I've learned by not properly communicating with another individual that I not only hurt that person, but I hurt myself in the process… Besides that, I do not put myself in a situation unless I’m standing up for myself or another individual that doesn’t have the voice to speak their truth--and my communications are and will always be civil.

    I’ve never considered myself as being a leader. I personally feel like I work better when I’m alone because it’s hard to find others that are level minded as me. But I do feel as though I am a born fighter and when the time is needed for it, a leader. I have morals, so no, I’m not the type of person that thrives on power, and loves to empower others-- I dislike that immensely because I see the repercussions and how it affects individuals on a deeper level.

    I feel I can go on for hours and possibly even write a whole novel on this topic, but I know you understand what it is I’m saying and who this makes me. I have allowed myself to let go of the pain I have caused myself with holding back with what I feel is right, and needed to be said in order for others to understand who it is that I am, but this is who I am, and I see that now and I will fight to stay this way. ;)

    Love and Light <3


  47. Hello gfl, I understand fully and wish to declare I am the second type of leader. The type that wants everyone to get on and sacrifices my needs for others xxx

  48. Hello gfl, I understand fully and wish to declare I am the second type of leader. The type that wants everyone to get on and sacrifices my needs for others xxx

  49. I envision a world full of respect for diversity. A community that recognizes our diversity as our strength. Our differences make us unique and beautiful. Differences offer new perspectives, possibilities, and chances to evolve.

    One thing that did not sit comfortably with me in this communication is the idea that as leaders we will need to sacrifice ourselves (on any level) for the betterment of the masses. What I am learning every day is that by respecting myself and taking care of myself, I am becoming more available and able to help others. I stand by the view that we must change ourselves before we can change the world. We must be strong, healthy, and happy ourselves in order to help others find this peace. The idea of putting others needs ahead of our own does not make sense to me. This method would seem to lead to depletion of our own strength and will to do good. It would seem that this would leave us weaker in the long run. Maybe you can offers some clarification or specifics as to exactly what you mean by this statement?

    Mahalo and Aloha,
    Bria Lani

  50. i do get it - that is where it all starts! :)

    Love and Light Everybody!!!

  51. I'd like to hear from the GFL tips and suggestions on what we should do to improve our everyday life and increase our frequency, besides getting along with each other.

  52. Let me see if I understand. It is obvious that we should cooperate in order to save the world from ourselves, because this is not a one man's job. But why does this have such a big impact on the rest of the universe? Is it because there are representatives from many planets here who will make peace if they see their representatives on Earth make peace? Or is it because our multidimensional selves on other planets will make peace? Some more details would be appreciated.

    Me a leader? I never thought of myself like that. If you ask me to take responsibility for others, I feel like jumping out of the window and move into a cave. If you ask me to serve others by showing them the way towards the light, I feel fine.

    "It is not the men and women wearing expensive suits and designer clothing who take your taxpayer money and pretend they are working hard for the betterment of your world. These imposters are worthless in this regard, and their masquerade will soon be over" - strong words for a Galactic but very true, breaks the illusion we live in. Together we stand united against the dark cabal...

  53. It is a most interesting turn of events. We, who are considered the lunatic fringe by the general populace, are to become their leaders. I'm not sure how that can happen.

    The moral compass that was held by our parents and their parents seems to have been forgotten. There is a pervasive disrespect that colors our manners and our outlook towards others.

    As Way-showers, we must try to see the world with 'fresh eyes', seeing passed what it has become, to focus on what we WILL it to be. Interesting, this skill could be considered some sort of 'over-sight'.

    A new breed of leader must emerge. Hardened by battle but weary of warfare. Someone who can answer a question without subterfuge. Someone who will do what they say. Someone who seeks the path that benefits the most. Someone who inspires action and sacrifice. Someone who earns your respect and trust.



    WE ... you and me

    make a resting place

    in our hearts

    for GOD / LOVE

    We are the ones who either chose to be evil or good..

    we have the free will to choose..


    we can have the LOVE / GOD in us if we so choose

    satan is evil

    but satan is not a person .. evil is satan just as opposite God is Love

    God is what we make God

    satan is what we make satan

    evil is not good and good is not evil

    satan is not God and God is not satan

    kinda simple stuff that people choose to either understand or not

  55. Greg, Tess here. Thanks for the response. I just thought maybe it was time to "get things done", guess not! All in due time. I do get being polite and going out of my way to be nice when provoked... Been practicing that since I was little thanks to the values taught to me and a kindly temperament. Don't mean to be impatient. I will just "be" nice, "be" love... until I'm called to more action. I realize what seems abtract action is not really abstract action at all! Imagining and blessing with light is Real Action. I hope those that are reading take note of that... That is Real Power we are Practicing. That is fine... I still have patience left, thank goodness! I will use my Power. Blessings to All. Use your Love Power my fellow Love Beings!

  56. During my meditation earlier today, this concept filled my mind. I understand quite deeply how important it is that we all get along and work together on this planet. What we do here will echo across this galaxy, across this universe. If we cannot get along and find a way to work collectively here, what hope do we have of coming together 'out there'? What hope do we give our new star nation?

    We are all family, none of us are strangers to another; we are all part of the interconnected vastness of the universe. We should not have feelings of ill will, hatred or judgment towards any of our brothers and sisters. This should extend beyond the human and into all consciousness within our universe; an extension of unconditional love to animals, plants, to Gaia and beyond.

    During my mediation, I saw how as one individual, we were unable to enact change, control our future, or live in harmony with the universe; but we began to grab hold of each others forearms... we started pulling each other up, we formed a union that started to grow in strength, focus and love. It was growing more powerful by the moment as more hearts and minds opened and connected... but there were those who were so far down, so closed off from love and brotherhood. Minions of the cabal and those who have lived and perpetuated a lifetime of fear, division and hate... We were stuck because they too were a part of us, yet we were acting as if we could somehow function at our best without them. One by one, we started reaching down, offering our arms to them... forearms locked, we all started to lift and our power grew immensely, encompassing the entire planet. It was a moment where it was fully understood how we all had our roles to play in this 'Earth drama'... and the time had come to put aside the past, to grow together and unite as one. It was beautiful.

    (Part 1 of 2)

  57. I believe it's the unconditional love that connect humans and links all lives beautifully together.

    I experienced a strong longing for reunion with you dear, family and I am pushing myself hard to get there. I understand now that with love, everything is Possible, with love one will be 100% devoted.

    Until the time is ready, until we could work on our same dream side by side once again. I will constantly pray for your safety, your well-being and happiness. For I honor and recognized how much efforts you tried to protect and guide us. Thank you dear family, you are needed and always will.

    Thank you

    ~much love~

  58. (Part 2 of 2)
    We should not need to act out upon each other. We should not need to scold, scorn or judge another. We are all on our own unique path through this universe; there is no right or wrong, no judgment. There is love. There is experience. There is learning. If these messages have taught us anything, it's that in order to restore this world and ultimately bring this galaxy, this universe to Light, we must start from within. We must restore the Light within ourselves in order to service our families, our communities, Gaia and beyond. We must become creative designers of our timeline and bring forth a world, a 'reality' in which love, light, creativity, joy, discovery and experience is freely accessible to all.

    What kind of leaders should we be... Leaders that understand and recognize that we are not privileged, better or more valuable than another, that we are all leaders in some way. Although our methods and contributions may vary, we are all the co-creators of this new world. The young and lesser experienced are leaders in training, future caretakers of the future we’re collectively designing. We seek to implement freedom, opportunity and knowledge, not confinement, control and manipulation. We value innovation and ideas above all else... for there is little to learn in a universe of conformity, but everything to discover in a universe of infinite possibility. We need Leaders that support honesty, integrity and drive transparency, not secrecy. Leaders who seek to broaden the base of power, finding ways to allow more voices to be heard and more participation from others. To be powerful forces of the Light, our power base must be open, flexible and adaptable. From the macro, to the micro, as Leaders, we must always be willing to extend that arm and lift our brothers and sisters back to their feet. There will be no more sacrificing of the weak so to speak... we must all work together. We rise and fall together. We must trust in each other. We must trust in ourselves. We will make it. We already have. We only need to come together and manifest the future we so desire.

    I imagine being a timeless being and seeing the explosion of Light rippling outwards from Gaia over thousands, millions of years into the future. A wave of energy, lighting up worlds and galaxies across this Universe.


  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

  61. Great, another halfassed message about nothing. Ashtar, stfu ball-less nigguh

  62. ok...... Here's how we do this.

    A Nation wide picnic/bbq on September 11 th 2012-
    sharing Music, Art, and Culture. An "Original Thanksgiving" so to speak.

    as the Dalai Lama says ... "Have more picnics.. then talk serious."

    Communities need to come together and really get to know each other, with a mutual love, respect and understanding of what it means to be part a communal family.

    We need each other....we need each others skills,gifts, talents and innovations - To make OUR world go round.

    There are unspeakable acts inflicted upon our children, violence, hunger, abuse and many other sad reality's....... simply because we do not have each others backs. Love is M.I.A . Time to find, embrace, give, feel the life essential missing element.

    Our President, law enforcement or our government can not help us and very obvious by now....will not.
    Only we can bring us together.

    To get this party started sign online today... please.

    with much love, faith, and belief in US.

  63. Temos que entender que todos nós somos lideres,basta agir-mos com a nossa essência .Ainda assim nas minhas meditações emano luz para Gaia.


    This is what Greg channeled on 7/27/12 "Time to begin Project 1"

    "We will continue this method up your coastlines many miles and this will take many days, and this is why we feel the urgency to begin this operation with you almost immediately. We will say that it will be at least a couple of days and even at the most two to three weeks before we begin,..."



  65. Mutual respect and sensitivity to one another's needs and perspective is the only way to achieve a meaningful and lasting peace for all. Thank you for reminding us of the importance of these basic truths and knowledge. Looking forward to working side-by-side with you again in this manner.

  66. Feelings of love provoke one to connect with others and express and multiply your love with theirs. From their uniqueness comes a sense of joy in the unexpected and the characterful. Creativity is also very closely linked to joy because the more you create the more fun and new experiences you will have together. Humans intrinsically seek these experiences and have the creative and loving impulse to create them; but often the experiences we co-create are self-destructive or unconstructive because people don't realize the means to be fully constructive in a world which has often seemed outside of their power and grasp. This has started to change growing steadily from the 60's movements all the way up until the present day where many people come together to be consciously constructive and see this as a way to co-create joyous and loving experiences, with the added benevolent value which reverses the destructive element within Human Nature. This constructive impulse has grown dramatically and what all of the awaken humans desire to witness is a massive greatening of the opportunities to engage in constructive joyous work which will seriously benefit humanity, Mother Earth and this universe we live in. In this moment these opportunities are somewhat compromised by our labour engagements, but i think so very many of us would love for our work to be pure and divine. And We would be so deeply moved and grateful for your assistance in co-creating these realities. Which in essence already exist!

    Infinite Love and Blessings and Thank you all so very much for these awesome messages!!

  67. I would like to add that online communities are not necessarily the best places for people to communicate, as you cannot truly express yourself or understand another person in short texts, with no voice expression, direct feelings, eye contact, body language etc. So I think people would get along even better when working and communicating person to person. That said I see so much love and co-operation online and it has definitely broadened our connections and consciousness.

    Alright seee you all laterrrr!!!
    Love to All!! :)

  68. I have always been the kind of leaders who possess a willingness to work for others and the world around you, willing to sacrifice at times your own needs and your own wants for the betterment of the whole.

  69. "Bah bah black sheep have you any clue-No sir no sir but I love you."I agree with the love philosophy,treat each other well and with respect so thanks for that.With respect though, this is a self evident truth and there was a guy 2000 years ago who made a big effort to get this message across.Then the powers that used to be highjacked it and incorperated it into their Babylonian blood cult and so here we are.About yesterdays message - question -You're only getting 'round to arresting cabal middle men now? This begets another question. What have you been arresting up until now?Oh yes I forgot, timelines ~I think timelines are overlapping and repeating themselves.Did I say that already?Strange.

  70. greetings of love and light to you concern is with truth and understanding. want to live in a world where every body plays fair...may we all find an end to suffering and may we find peace and healing...thank you...faiza

  71. Hello Bob12east, we will not 'become' the leaders of tomorrow, we are the the leaders of today. That is what the GFL was expressing in today's message.

  72. Thanks Greg for this post! I would love to work with the GFL... If you write "shazuga" in Google, which is a single user in the world will see that all my projects, everything I've discovered, is for the benefit of humankind, I have not won a penny for it, unlike, until today only survive in the system. I know my quality is creativity, my leadership would bring thousands of solutions that are ruling by Universal Law of Life.

    It's pretty obvious that everything I have discovered, invented or may invent, any of it serve for this world controlled by the Kabbalah. They do not abide by the Universal Principle of Life.

    My health has been compromised in this current incarnation... Do not know how much more my body can stand the limitations of this life... And so I think the GFL are taking too long to Revelation/Disclosure... Without Revelation/Disclosure no there will be changes in the governments and the Ascension is not open for All or at least for the vast majority of human beings who inhabit this Earth...

    I only know what is in my heart... Love and Hope...

    Original Message in Spanish:

    Gracias Greg por este mensaje! Me gustaría mucho trabajar con la FGL... Si escribes "shazuga" en Google, que es un único usuario en el mundo, verás que todos mis proyectos, todo lo que he descubierto, es para beneficio de la Humanidad, no he ganado ningún centavo por ello, al contrario, hasta hoy solamente sobrevivo en el sistema. Sé que mi cualidad es la creatividad, mi liderazgo sería aportar miles de soluciones que se rigen por la Ley Universal de la Vida.

    Es bastante obvio que todo lo he descubierto, inventado o podría inventar que nada de ello sirven para este mundo controlado por la Cábala. Ellos no se rigen por el Principio Universal de la Vida.

    Mi salud ha sido comprometida en esta actual encarnación... No sé cuanto más mi cuerpo podrá resistir las limitaciones de esta vida... Y por ello pienso que los GFL están tardando demasiado para la Revelación... Sin la Revelación no habrá cambios en los Gobiernos y la Ascensión no estará abierta para Todos o por lo menos para la gran mayoría de los seres humanos que habitan esta Tierra...

    Sólo sé lo que hay en mi Corazón... Amor y Esperanza...

  73. As a parent , I tried to teach my children manners, by that i meant respect for a person, thank you's, pleases, may I's, Sir and ma'am's, because i had found that is the soothing oil to move through life. They learned this quite young, and moved through life well liked by their peers. The youngest one taught me the best lesson I ever had. When he got tucked in at night he would say he loved me and he liked me. It wasn't until he left off the like part that I realized like means mom, we are ok with each other. I have found it quite easy to tell a person the things I like in being with them and this seems not to push their "love" buttons but leaves a glow.
    I can love mankind, and find joy in the ones I like.
    I have had many jobs in many parts of the USA and always was given leadership usually without pay increase. The one thing I learned from this was to get a group of people working together by finding common ways to like each other as well as finding each individual's gift for the project we were doing.

    It would be great to work with people that are already at the point of acceptance of each other, that took pride in group effort as well as an individual's unique gift to achieve in some area.
    Some of the people seem turned off by all the love and light being said everywhere. They distrust it. But like they can understand if it is in person to their face. This probably does not make much sense but in action it works. Love has been so misused in this country.

  74. Thank you family of Light for the continued assistance, we Love You. We as leaders must fill the collective full of Light and Infinite Love with our Sacred Hearts. Nourish the Ones that are becoming Awake and help them with the realization of their True Essence. Spreading the Light of Truth is the most rewarding because you become a portal for the Infinite Love of Creation to flow through you and encompass the state of Oneness and Bliss with it. With Infinite Love you can transmute all negative energies and Co-create whatever your Heart desires, which is the seat of the Soul. Once the collective becomes aware of this Light, which is our mission, then our mission is complete with Unity, Peace and Love for All of Creation.
    We are One Love!!!

  75. To be clear, there is a comment on this thread from someone who quoted a message shared through me 'in part', then added his own words without making his addition clear, which gives cause for disinformation being spread. I feel it is apparent what part of that comment comes from light, and which part derives from fear.

  76. Несомненно взаимоотношения людей должны быть построенны на лювви, доброте, честности, уважении. взаимопонимании. Если мы не научимся ладить между собой землянами, то как же мы сможем строить наши отношения с другими цивилизациями?
    Если бы я был лидером, то честно и с любовью служил бы людям. Другое не допустимо.
    Надеюсь что услышу ваш призыв к совместной работе. Благодарю вас.

  77. Несомненно взаимоотношения людей должны быть построенны на лювви, доброте, честности, уважении. взаимопонимании. Если мы не научимся ладить между собой землянами, то как же мы сможем строить наши отношения с другими цивилизациями?
    Если бы я был лидером, то честно и с любовью служил бы людям. Другое не допустимо.
    Надеюсь что услышу ваш призыв к совместной работе. Благодарю вас.

  78. agree and know we can stop and reverse the damages and horrors of our planet if we can stop as I say to my kids "fighting" our world would change for the better quickly. love your post today and the one before it, they are music to my ears.

  79. Im sure Voilence may erupt in South Africa in a way planned by the cabal. We see your ships in the Clouds too. Everyone is still confused by our different colours and the 3d illusion of Race. The Native American people still have no voice as representitives they must now speak. A forum must be made for them to address the World as an Equal Nation and the Peple of Africa to Heart the Words. This Chrystal memory in Water of the suffering of the People of Africa as slaves needs special attention by our Lightworkers. Also this Racial Hatred must be ended. My whole life is a lesson of this, what can we do to help the people trapped in this illusion specifically which is linked also to Religeous control.

    of duty to inform you that Channeler Greg Giles has been operating without Galactic
    codes. Galactic codes are necessary to correspond with lightworkers on Gaia (planet
    Earth). Greg was realeased from the Division after falsifying many messages in order
    to fill his own Satanic Agenda given to him by THE DARK CABAL. It is our duty to
    have warned you of his mis-channelings and what you do with the information is up to
    you. Please use your best discernment lightworkers, your importance for Gaia's
    ascension is paramount. Without your light our mission would be impossible. Love and
    Light Namaste, Commander Merrick Standtal

  81. You can all read G's article on the 2012 scenario website dated July 15 saying Timothy Geithner arrested, tried in High Court, convicted, and sentenced to 63 years... even Fulford doesn't go that far... anybody have proof of this... check it out.
    Fear is absolutely right. Fear you're not who you say you are and you are leading all these good hearted people down the garden path.

  82. If the galactic federation of light are starting the wall this week I'll paint my ass pink.

  83. The warning above was printed here a couple days ago I have copied and reprinted in the hope someone will at least consider what it says.

  84. If the galactic federation of light are starting the wall this week I'll paint your ass pink - using only conscious intention, of course, and telepathy

  85. That's a shame... I'm sure you'd look lovely in pink too.
    Guess I won't get to see that!

  86. I also understand. All attack is a call for help. I can be & do much better. I know that with my four(4) days of pot withdrawal, i have much anger & impatience towards me & others, i realize this. I do not want to justify or excuse my action lately, as I do entertain some thoughts of anger & impatience towards others (mostly the Cabals) and me. I will do better in the futur. As for being a leader, i never saw myself as a leader here, as i thought i did not have enough love & evolution inside me yet. Do i have time before the first wave?
    I can help & assist the leader and learn from him or her through example & demonstration. But everyone here wants to be a leader. Who can be?
    Also i have a problem with this big-over-the-top-super-size-EGO of mine.
    Calling it the "Superman Syndrome".I dream that i'm saving the world......yeah i know, childish isn't?
    Also have difficulties meditating. Very hard to relax & listen to you inside, but i will keep making the efforts to the best of my capabilities.I know we ask the Cabals to do this to us, and i know why. Still, sometimes i want to hunt them down and arrest them with too much violence. I have to stop carrying such thoughs.
    Hard to say what i want to say here.
    I want to work with the GFL, i want everything with you, but am i too late ? Did i stop the pot too late?
    I did wear a yellow shirt the other day, feels very good! Thanks for the suggestion.Next time i'll buy yellow underwear.....hihihii....get it ? Just a joke, the robot-lady (with green eyes) on Internet (Pleiadian message) said to do this with some humor, i like humor, brings down the stress a little. I do feel all this power inside me, just can't pull-it out yet. I still smoke cigarettes, also have that to stop. So much to think, to read, to calm, to know, to realize, to love, to understand, to meditate, to dream, to hope, to listen, to forgive. I never though this was going to be this big with you. It's all so big that i feel intimidated by all this. I feel small. Will i abuse my powers again like i did in Atlantis? Don't think i will, still feel the fear of having this power because i can get so mad sometimes.
    Let's take this a day at a time, ok?
    I will stay off the pot, and will stop the cigs soon.
    Now i will write more here now that i know you read here. Although i do hope we truly talk inside? But to be sure, i will write here.
    Saw you in the sky the other day, sorry if i laugh to much, i was on the pot.

    Thanks you for your patience & lovely inspiring daily messages.
    Thanks to you too Greg!I'm so gratefull you are here to listen to them and sharing this with us.

  87. so all I can say is, there is loads going on, and from my point of view its all good, exciting things are afoot, look to the sky's. We are one, very very soon. If you are up for it. Message is and you are all most welcome to participate, you know all efforts on this front are very appreciated. Focus your intent and love on a stairway of light, from earth to way beyond this galaxy. I assure you its important stuff. and If you are keen on meeting your galactic family you know. go for it!!. and I mean right now all efforts on this front will help greatly speed up the process. They also need you love trust belief and support. Trust me on this one. Love and light folks, its what its all about. Namaste'

    PS. this message only came in today. a couple of hrs ago. So very up to date and current.

  88. Hi, Dear Ones,

    Thank you, Greg and GFL, for the ride with us. We are proud to be warriors OF and FOR the Light! Never fear, Greg... we know which words are yours or transcribed by you. They positively 'ring' with truth.

    We can ALL pray for the Seawall and other projects. I will dedicate my quiet time to this.

    I'm sending prayers and blessings for your disclosure. "Piece of Cake..." since over half of the World knows of you already! Safe travels within the Earth and her atmosphere, Dear Ones!

    Love and Light,

  89. LOVE is who I AM, LOVE is what I share with light and dark, LOVE is ALL there is. You are LOVED <3 <3 < 3

  90. I notice little about my peers other than who I directly communicate with, but to those, we communicate well and are people with integrity, trust, ect.

    I am a very good leader, I have taken the leader role many times in my life, and though I don't allow others to place me above them on any level, I know that many of them look up to me nonetheless. I have a basic nature of equality amongst all, and am able to lead people without having the slightest concern over material gain.

  91. I will be that leader who will inspire others to become a leader for motivation and inspiration. To help and to contiue to help the world love what you do find your dream that you wish to come true in your heart something positive and a leader of encourgement hope inspiration and love and will contiue to better perfect it .i continue to give out my grace and thats how we all will be come better leaders.=)


  93. Thanks GREG,I been working and the way i interact with people i no get upset i answer or approach with love and i reciben good answer for other i really see people change and answer polity no like before,if there full of hate and very bad words all we have to do is answer with gently sofly loving words, and they realise they doing bad and they change with a very polity words this is amanzing,all my LOVE till tomorrow.

  94. I would like to thank you, from the bottom of my heart for sending your messages to us so frequently.  We truly appreciate the lessons you bring into our awareness. I feel  that Transformational Leadership is the key  I feel that I would be able to lead for the better good of mankind, friends, family and loved ones.  We must teach and lead by example that we must support and love each other, find kindness and tolerance in our hearts. Let kindness, forgiveness, and non judgement what rules us. For we have all learned how from messages  with love like  the ones from GFOL can influence us. We must spread the word  deep down we know the truth, and that is that ultimately, there is nothing to fear.A  little social politeness can take us over, just like what you have displayed with love and patience. I for one, am grateful to have access to your daily messages. These words I read from The Galactic Federation of Light and the Ashtar Command help me renew my faith. With love and light for all brother and sister after all  we  are all ONE!


  95. Hello my beloved space family,

    Yes, I do see the vital importance of all of us getting along and working together. While I've never considered myself a strong leader, as many others are so much better at leading, I hope I'll be a good example for others in the months ahead. Thank you for the reminder, GFL. I hope that's all you'll have to say on this subject, as we should have this lesson thoroughly understood by now!
    Much love always,
    Karen Mack

  96. "Greg Giles said...

    To be clear, there is a comment on this thread from someone who quoted a message shared through me 'in part', then added his own words without making his addition clear, which gives cause for disinformation being spread. I feel it is apparent what part of that comment comes from light, and which part derives from fear."

    You mean, Greg, the part where you said seawalls will be built in 2-3weeks? How about those meetings with the GFL? Care to explain what happened, if your here reading the comments? Seems you only answer certain comments and stay away from the ones that exposes you as a fraud. What about copying others' people work and claiming it for yourself as channeled? How about stealing a video you never ask to use? You have several copyright infringements. I bet you never thought nobody would find out, did you? I can't blame you there, most of the people here are sheep, so you can get away with just about anything. Only a few people like Peter, Offtheplanet, Muskoka, BrownDog Brown and a few more. You already been cut off on some of the other sites. People are begining to wonder what happened to the pick-up and now your trying to act like your announcements about the seawalls never happened by trying to avoid the subject. I won't let them forget. We already know your a liar, a fake and a deceiver. And by seawalls not showing up will prove just that.

    LISTEN UP!! Greg Giles is going to make up an excuse as to why seawalls are not here yet. He is going to start another project or program and ask for volunteers to sucker you in again. Don't fall for it. Leave this site and focus on your own spiritual development, the God within you. Greg does not want that. He is distracting you from it. Stop being sheep and start thinking for yourselves!

  97. Wanna thank you deeply Greg and Galactic Federation for all your messages and guidance ...

    During the last periode I found the idea and work to do so important: to "create" BRIDGES - in personal relationships, groups, and globally,


    To let go the hard judging off each other a stiff rubber band - must be made more flexible

    I found there is an even bigger room to actually LISTEN ... often there is a guidance in a situation..


  98. Dear GFL,

    While I can appreciate the message you send today because there seem to be so many still eager to play the game of duality, I have to respectfully decline any thoughts of leadership because that is not my wish.

    All of these busy little tasks that need doing are just something more to DO.
    I believe I will just make the effort to BE that which I was meant to be and see what happens.

  99. Be the change you wish to see. Your message is clear and understood. Thank you. I see what you mean, if we remove the bad element we must replace it with honesty & integrity and work in a peaceful manner supporting the new energy of love. We must become empowered through our thoughts and be the creators of our destiny and rid this world of co-dependency & fear tactics. Namaste. Carey Prendergast

  100. Look how many amazing and bueatiful things are in our world now just think how many bueatiful things that are out there. Its endless. Its how great and how truely amazing we can be how much love we can give.and our world is inproving somewhat in some arears alot.=)

  101. I understand what it is we got to do here. We need to pull toghter and do what we came here to do. But it hard to do for living in the 3D for so long that we need to try harder as so do I. Thanks gfl

  102. Nothing Gives me A greater Feeling in life then Helping others, the whole, creator. I know the more we Give, the more we get. Thank you for your wonderful message GFL. We are all one. We are all a part of something bigger. It is important to do to others what we would have them do unto us. I know that if I love all, then the All will love me. Peace and love and light to all you my earthly, galactic, universal and dimensional brothers and sisters. I love you all. I love all life. I love to be a leader of peace and balance and love and kindness and expansion and service. I am here to serve and give back to that which has given to me life. Thank you creator for everything and all, I know you'll get this message and hear my hearts call. May peace be with the pieces and may they peace into a whole, may the whole become united and Unite my Spirit and Soul. SO BE IT...............Amen....................

  103. Dont look for faults as we travel through life,
    But if by chance we should find them-
    Be wise and kind and somewhat blind,
    And search out the virtues behind them.

    Now! if I can start walking my TALK???

  104. Also if you need to read my thoughts you have my permission to do so if it will help you to help us then so be it. Thank You

  105. We understand your message and practice it. However some of us are waiting for more direct orders, the seers, the scribes, the ones bombarded with paranormal signs and happenings. We hear you.

  106. I have always wished and hoped that all the Peoples of this world could get along. I want so much for everyone get along and work together for the total good of humanity!!!

    May the Light of TRUTH shine upon us all!!!

  107. Greetings from Puerto Rico!
    This message reminds me the work, "Non Violent Communication", by Marshall Rosenberg. Deeply humbling experience to know people can actually dedicate their lives to make peace on earth!

  108. Yes I understand that we must all get along and will make an effort to get all along with everyone I meet no matter what the situation may be.

  109. Yes I understand that getting along with one another is of utmost importance and I'll make an effort in all my encounters from here on out to get along with everyone. I can excersize my patience and tolerance while at the same time uplifting Gaia and the entire universe at large :D

  110. To all the beings here on this site who are still SLEEPING I send you LOVE. That said, if you feel out channel here is even 50% accurate which I feel he is 100% accurate and of the light, we are blessed to have him. Thank you GREG for you amazing HARD work in letting us connect with GFL and AC, you are loved my brother. Namaste!!!

  111. Dear Galactic Brothers n Sisters of the Federation of Light and Ashtar Command. I first wish to express my heart-felt and most sincere gratitude for your messages and help in my life. I have recently come through one of the hardest parts of the most beautiful relationship I have ever had in this lifetime with my soul-mate. One of my closest friends, a man I thought I could trust, and my Love, chose to break a promise to me and engage in activities that some would consider enough to destroy it all. I managed to overcome my despair, my anger, my hatred and my disgust by forgiving both him, and my love with heartfelt sincerity. Through this experience I have learned how important it is to continue to communicate and to build bridges (as you say) with everyone in your life, and not to give in to the lower dimensional fears and worries that drive us apart. I thankyou for your guidance, for without it I can only wonder at where I would be now. I must say that I agree with you that we must stand together, and that is exactly what I chose to do with my Love, and we are now happily back together and enjoying our life far beyond words! Love and Light to you all my friends, I continue to watch your presence in my life and thankyou oh so very much! Till we meet, Love and Light always!

  112. This comment has been removed by the author.

  113. I try every day to do my best in keeping my relationships positive and healthy and not giving in to the rampant negativity that's all around in this world. Admittedly I fail some tests that I put forth myself (and by the ones put forth from my Guides), but at least right now in my current state of awareness, I AM aware of the negative things that slip out from time to time and I now actively reflect on to correct and balance out those mistakes. Step one is knowing there's a problem right?

    When you ask what kind of leader am I, I must say that I struggle with accepting the fact that I am a leader. I guess it's my own fear of myself becoming too egotistical, but I know I must learn to simply trust myself. I do not want to be put on a pedestal of sorts and if it were to happen I fear that it might 'get to my head'. Sometimes I feel myself being a bit of a know-it-all. All I can do is take whatever comes my way as love and light, and give it back with even more.

    Thank you for all your messages as they have helped me tremendously and I am forever grateful.

  114. In the spirit of Aloha, I understand what is being asked of us tonight and I can say without hesitation that I AM pursuing my Mission and reaffirm my commitment to Service to Mother/Father God, come what may. I am quite humbled by the journey on this Path of Service, as it has not been easy to live a life called to divine service when one is surrounded by the level of dark energies previously imprisoning our lives. My commitment to the Work, however, is unshakeable because I have and continue to hold great Faith and Trust in Mother/Father God's divine plan and whatever role I might have to play in it. We are the home team and I mean for us to accomplish the monumental tasks of assisting in Sophia-Gaia's ascension as well as the ascension of my fellow brothers and sisters here now. I daily work online to keep the information flowing, the Light of truth shining like the Lighthouse I AM so that all of my brothers and sisters become aware and awaken to the realization of their own Missions of Service. Therefore, I say to you all ... I AM READY. Please call upon me when you feel there is need of my Light to contribute to your projects, whatever they might be. Mekealoha pumehana kakou e malama pono. I look forward to meeting you, my long-lost 'Ohana, very soon! <3

  115. I understand completely!!
    What kind of leader am I: I'm a person who knows when to act and knows when to speak. Actions usually speak louder than words(atleast here in this 3d experience). I'm a person whos passion is greatly intense for other peoples goals. I care for peoples creation!. I thank of other beings first and then me. I can make difficult decisions when it calls for it. We need to have positive activities or events on like a 2 week basis. Get a bunch of people together and meditate on positive thoughts. David Wiilcock talked about this. Set days aside to come together to enjoy each ones company, by doing something fun, happy ,joyful etc. I'm being rushed of here my brother wants on.


    Love and Light to every person on the planet!! God is great, show your faith, meditate. Watch your blessings rain down, once im lost now im found!! (The back Woodz)

  116. Bernard Rémond - Objectivement et après utilisation de mon discernement, je dis que cette histoire de construction de digues ne peut-être qu'une énorme Cabale. Pourquoi faudrait-il protéger certaines côtes d'innondations alors que l'incertitude est totale sur ce que sera le remodelage géographique de notre terre d'ici la fin décembre 2012. Qui a dit que le littoral Ouest des E.U. alors s'effondrer? Peut-être que oui, mais peut-être que non! Et ces Travaux pharaoniques se feraient sans aucune autorisation préalable du Gouvernement des Etats-Unis? Et pourquoi alors ne pas mettre en oeuvre un Plan 'humain' de déplacement des populations en un endroit sécurisé...ou une autre solution plus plausible? Mes chers frères et Soeurs, quand allez-vous cesser de suivre le premier gourou venu qui vous fait miroiter seulement des jours meilleurs? L'ascension de notre mère Gaia ainsi que la notre suivent un plan DIVIN établi depuis des éons d'âge. Il y a tellement d'AIDES à notre service que l'incapacité de nos frères ET/ED à réaliser pleinement l'infime partie de ce Plan Divin qui leur avait été confié ne compromet en rien le succès de ce plan. Les célestes et les Divins feront aisément autrement pour palier les insuffisances de nos familles Galactiques. Pouvez-vous croire un instant que la décision divine d'ascension du très grand nombre de planètes de notre univers ( dont la notre Urantia/Gaia) peut-être mise en echec parce que la divulgation n'a pas pu se faire sur la Terre? Un peu de bon sens sachez garder raison dans cettez sordide histoire de construction de digues. Serez-vous à nouveau ramassés par des limousines noires?
    Si la raison de cette supercherie vous échappe encore je pense que vous avez un sérieux problème d'éveil à combler. AMOUR et LUMIERE; Namaste.

  117. ¿que clase de lider soy? no puedo evitar preguntarme si esta es una forma de recordarnos a nosotros mismos quienes somos en todo caso yo soy un lider que se lleva bien con todos y que puede trabajar en conjunto por que entiendo bien que el trabajo en equipo lo es todo

    ¡pueblo unido jamas sera vencido¡

  118. I understand, that you, our offspring, have come back through time, and need us to change, to become better beings, to undo the negative influence, to repair our rotten society. I understand why... But if any of you were living our lives, with our corrupt thinking, with the pain of watching your children growing... different than 'the normal ones', because damaged by the system, planned a holocaust, a genocide, would you be able to tolerate these responsible ones? each day freedom for those evil ones, is another day of pain for millions... do you understand this, dear ones? do you understand the pain we have to live with, and that love is something we cannot emit towards these evil beings?

  119. Thank you. Good to know we are working constructively by reading messages and commenting, as it is adding light to our world and maybe someone is helped by our words.

    Its extremely necessary that we behave properly and going back and rereading our comments will let us know what level of decorum we are maintaining at our work field and with each other.

    We all can differ in opinions but patience, tolerance and respect for others words can let us understand other people. I personally feel all are well meaning, they all want to better everyone's world, no mal-intent is there, its just different viewpoints and sometimes different levels of awakening. Just stating something strongly, humilating or ridiculing someone does'nt go down well, even in your social circles and workplace, so we should be considerate while voicing our opinions as words can hurt and even injure.

    Everyone has a right to their opinion and a right to voice them, but only your viewpoint is right and the other's is wrong is not right , and is the starting point for many disagreements , even wars between nations.

    We all are awakened and lightworkers, as we resonate with these sites and keep on visiting them!. So we all should work together as we would want our nation leaders to work peacefully with each other in our new earth. We should set an example for the world, to feel the messsage and follow ( as a critical mass!)

    PS By the way its heartening to see many people responding with love and blessing comments for few seemingly negative viewpoints, this nips the bud and mellows down a disturbed individual. This is a work of light.

  120. Thank you GF and Greg !

    In my leadership I have always been working in service to others - and I understand that this is the way wee shall work together - all of us- from now on

  121. Thank you GF and Greg !

    In my leadership I have always been working in service to others, and I understand that this is the way we shall work together from now on.

  122. Buenos dias a todos, si se trata de dar lo mejor de mí en todos y cada uno de los diferentes ámbitos de los que participo. De ampliar mi oonsciencia para percibir mayores aspectos de la realidad. De compartir mi fé y mi conocimiento para crear aliados. En esto soy enteramente a su disposición, este es mi terreno.
    Salud hermanos

  123. Thank you GF and Greg !

    In my leadership I have always been working in service to others - and I understand that this is the way wee shall work together - all of us- from now on

  124. And I have done more than enough of my side of bickering, arguing, hurting by words in my soul journey and experienced the consequences of my follies. We all are ever learning. Now I am much better than my past and listen with patience, tolerance and respond to negativity by sidestepping it instead of arguing unneccearily in my work and social culture ( as they are my testing fields!)

    Lord Buddha had said that if we don't accept gift from someone , the gift remains with the giver, same way if don't accept abuse, negativity from the other person it remains with the giver and you dont get affected by it. So mentally shield yourself from negativity and dont get sucked into their argumentative field and they wont have anyone to play with.

  125. It is normal to have debates in our world.We have a saying: The Truth is born in debates. People are used to develop their point of view in debates.
    If You hope that everybody will listen to what you say and nod their heads- you are mistaken, alas.

  126. Do I consider myself as a leader? Honestly, I never thought of this topic before. But based on my personal experience people in this world those who aspire to be leaders of the people and those who are already leaders whether it be in governments or organizations, companies, groups, clubs at least majority of them are leading to rule and enforce their will on others rather than accepting others concern. Majority of these leaders see themselves wanting to feel like they are superior to others and they feel better that way. They love the idea that people bow down to them in submission.

    This self centered attitude led them to be selfish, thinking only to elevate oneself while at the same time disregard all the others. And for the most part they have their eyes set on maintaining this power and control over others while removing their eyes upon focusing on themselves. Its like they always deflect the attention away from themselves while consistently noticing the fault of others. They loved to be adored and praised so much even though they dont even deserved it. And most of all they loved to manage and control others but fail miserably in controlling their own selves when it comes to self control and self discipline. For how can anyone control others when all the while he cannot even control himself?

    For them, to lead is like acting, just to create a show but in their hearts they dont really care for others, they just want attention and praises.

    For me a leader is someone who take the needs, wishes and concerns of others as his utmost priority. He is someone who considers others as though they are also part of himself. Someone who truly cares and have outgoing concern for others. A leader who is by heart is a servant for the people; someone who represents them as a whole and never leave them behind. Someone who is not after the applause and praises of the people but genuinely served them without negative ulterior motive. A leader who knows how to forgive others as well as take responsibility and readily admit mistakes and apologizes for the shortcoming and seek to improve himself. A leader who does not tell a lie and who will never deceive his own people.

    This leader must strive to be humble and be clothe with humility. Willing to associate himself to those who are less fortunate, the forgotten people, people who dont look very good and looks different from him. Someone who can set aside the differences of everybody and look beyond the physical senses and see them with their true spiritual selves and not just the physical.

    This leader will uphold for all times to treat others the way he wanted to be treated. Someone who is doing their best to be patient with everyone even though its not easy.

    I can go on and on describing these traits an ideal "leader" for the world and the universe. But is there someone who is like this? I'm confident there is. These characteristics is indeed very rare. Its like a gem in a field of desert. But theres got to to be someone who have these treasures of character that is vested in them, fermented in them after hundreds an hundreds of years of repeated lifetimes who have been through all the nitty gritty of life circumstances and consequences.

    This person have proven time and time again to refuse to let darkness reign in his own life. That no matter what 'love' is his only choice. He is like a bright shining light who consistently radiates light who in the midst of utter space of darkness never allow it to extinguish him.

    If most of us strive to be like this leader it is never difficult to get along with one another. If we are committed to become like this leader (for it is not impossible but rather achievable by anyone) then together we can shine brighter as bright as the center Sun of any Galaxy.

  127. Your message is heard loud and clear. I agree with what you are saying and understand that words can be helpful or hurtful and I would much rather lift our brothers and sisters up through kind, positive and uplifting words. Love and light.

  128. Hi many thanks for your very kind reminder and I believe I understand and accept most of it.

    However I don't think I would like to be a 'leader' anyway, because in my intended scenario for the future world there shall be no certain group could be called as 'leaders' whilst others couldn't.

    Everyone in the new world shall be a leader--for we shall all lead each other at different aspects since each person is always either better or immature at different things or fields.

    We simply help each other and enjoy genuine equality and freedom as our way of life.

    There shall only be helpers and sharers and no need for a certain leading group for all humanity.

    I might have made my point clear and many thanks for giving me the opportunity to share my little opinions.

    love and peace,

  129. Isn't it just enough to frustrate you out of your mind?

    Were your GFOL actually watching the London Olympics, Greg?

    ...and this while the cabal is openly fomenting conflict and war amongst ethnic/religious groups and countries?

    ... while the cabal continues to rip-off and beat-up on mankind like they've been doing for hundreds, if not thousands of years?

    Isn't sport but one of the cabal's mass hypnotic methods to keep humanity occupied with feeble-minded things while they, the cabal, plan and pull their globalist stunts behind the scenes?

    Hey wait! You guys can't start the mass arrests just yet! Have you checked the calender for any other international upcoming sport events? The GFOL wouldn't want to be seen to be a stick in the mud and spoil your fun, right?

    ... are a couple of fake gold medals really more important than people losing their human rights, their lives, their families, their homes, the countries of their birth?

    Couldn't your fake GFOL warn the people of Iran about a coming earthquake or China about coming floods? Probably too busy studying these comments or watching the Olympics if you ask me. What a disgrace.

    Were they again looking down the wrong timeline as they did with your Geithner saga?

    If the Iran earthquake was a HAARP event, I thought your fake GFOL had that under their control?

    I feel so bad for Iran right now. Why didn't this catastrophe happen to those evil countries who have stockpiles of nuclear weapons instead? Are your gods really this crazy?

    Thousands of people are dying everyday of preventable diseases which your fake GFOL brag they can cure in no time.

    High winds and fires destroy nature, kills animals, destroys farming and people's hard earned properties, which your fake GFOL say they can prevent. So why don't we see their ships help dowsing these flames from hell and erecting replicas of these homes within three days as they promised?

    I look at the financial reports on TV and nothing, nothing is changing. A bank, a business or a businessman going down here and there is nothing irregular. The poor people and poor countries are forced to come up with billions of dollars to bail out sly banks/bankers and corrupt businesses.

    But what do you know. It's business as usual ... and life as normal.

    Hello. Is there anybody out there, up there? Or is it just Greg and his ilk at it again?

  130. Greetings GFL,
    Thank you for your message today. I hope all readers take this message to heart. I am glad to hear that as a whole we are making some progress in this area. I was taught to always be kind to others, even if you do not agree with their views or opinions and to always respect your elders. It is obvious to me that if you cannot get along with those that reside on this planet, you will certainly cause problems in trying to work or relate with those that reside on other planets. This could easily jeopardize a mission. When the new financial system is finally announced and the prosperity programs are released I hope to start an organization that that will teach and place this topic at the top of the list. I believe teaching is one of my gifts. I hope to teach on the 'Law of One': "When one is harmed all are harmed. When one is helped all are helped." and of course the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." I really look forward to getting leaders in this country (United States) that actually practice service to others instead of service to self. It will certainly make a big difference in turning this country around. I look forward to working with you in the future. I have a project that will require your help. Thank you again for your message. Love and Light.

  131. ...but when being asked about the ideal leadership in my mind I shall answer with the words from the back side of a 'Ripplecard' I intuitively selected a couple of years ago (not knowing the words when choosing):

    "I always help others to help themselves. I cannot learn other people's lessons for them. They must do the work themselves, and they will do it when they are ready."

    And I guess this is also quite a style of yours, isn't it, my dear GFL friends? :D

  132. I have yet to hear a person on this planet speak of what can be regarded as the "truth".

    No pie ships in the sky mumbo-jumbo.

    No fantastic words without works.

    No vibrational/ascension hocus-pocus.

    No Drake disgrace intel postponements and setbacks.

    No demented channeled messages.

    No false promises from false prophets.

    No lying to the poor and suffering. Period.

    They've been through enough.

    If there is such a person on or off this planet who has the wisdom to speak only truth without further confusing the hoi-polloi, please step up to the plate and be counted.

  133. I understand the importance of this very important mission. We are restoring peace between so many worlds, and resolving lots of interplanetary and organization problems throughout te universe. I am trying my best to polite to everyone, no matter what they throw at me :)

  134. Dear brothers, and sisters
    Sometimes I can't help wondering what I can do to better the world, but after reading your message today, I'm now sure what I CAN do. For a better, harmonious future, I will get along with others I met in school or at work or even my family. I will put myself in their shoes more instead of picking up a fight and talking ill of them behind their back. Thanks for your messages(lessons), my dear brothers and sisters. I'm looking forward to seeing you:)
    Peace, Love, Light.

  135. It is obvious that corrupt governments and organizations have to fall to make room for new structures based on true equality, the service of their neighbor and the whole planet. The role of the new leaders are selfless public service. In addition, each person should have to realize the actual dependencies that exist on the planet and the entire cosmos - that whatever we do here and now, whatever we think affects everything - anywhere. This kind of knowledge was forbidden for us so far but again knowing the truth makes people become more responsible for their actions and thoughts ...

  136. I get it! Now get on with it! It appears your part is Disclosure--we'll take it from there. I promise.

  137. Your message is clear. I am the latter kind of "leader" (I do not like this word), the caring kind of moral integrity that recognises the need and acts for the betterment of the whole whereas possible.
    Thank you.

  138. Oui c est une évidence qu il faut tous qu on se
    donne la main et que l on améliore nos relation
    pour qu on aille vers un monde d harmonie .
    Nous sommes tous un.
    Par contre j ai un petit doute sur la construction
    des digues d'aller à l encontre de Gaia (notre terre)
    qui doit changé si il le faut.Gaia notre terre nous aime.Je préfère dire non pour ce projet .
    Le plus important c est notre travail inférieur,d aller vers la lumière .La clé c est l'amour.
    Avec tout mon amour

    1. Erreur orthographe:
      ...Le plus important c est notre travail

  139. Isn't it true that the moment you believe anything coming from somebody else, that you could be believing and spreading something you have no idea whether it's true or not.

    How do you verify its authenticity?

    People simply accepting these messages or whatever appears on other websites as true and responding as if somebody in the sky is listening to their comments other than Greg or whoever posted whatever, must really do some serious introspection.

    It's understandable that people are looking for change in their lives, but clutching at straws is not going to bring you that desired state of inner peace. It's only going to add to your list of personal and emotional disillusionments.

    It may only even bring you to a state where you may be regarded by others as being mentally retarded.

    Be gentle with your emotions and your fragile mind. Don't go around preaching to others what you have no proof of. If you can't prove to people what you are talking about, don't bother and stay away from it.

    Focus on the good that you can do and keep your feet firmly on the ground. We don't even have proof if the cabal/illuminati, people so freely talk about, really exists.

    If you haven't seen an ET, don't blindly believe others who say they have. Be open to all possibilities, but don't you go and make someone else's experience your own.

    Just because you don't know something doesn't make you stupid. It simply means that that information may not be necessary for you to know at that particular point in time.

    Be extremely careful of people who know or heard something about something and are filling in the blank spaces with drivel they conjured up or stole from somewhere else.

    Don't get excited and rush in where angels fear to tread. Be patient and remain humble. The truth (along with proof) will eventually find you and set you free.

    Go out and help the poor and needy if you really want to do some good. There's much love and appreciation to receive there. And there you can be a god in your own right instead of waiting upon gods to come and help you.

  140. We have a saying that says "Charity starts at home"
    For my experience its a hard long slow process,but I must add there are signs of movement in the right direction .Kind Regards and Love Andy

  141. Beautiful Light-Beings,

    I completely understand what you have explained to us.

    And I know that I am a kind of leader who possess a willingness to work for others…

    and the world around myself ,I am willing to sacrifice and sacrificed many times before my own needs and my own wants for the betterment of the whole.

    I Love it and I will keep on doing what is needed!

    Gratitude,Infinite,Divine Love and Light-Blessings!

    I Love you All Unconditionally!


  142. This comment has been removed by the author.

  143. This is exactly why I am supporting and working day in day out in and with Scientology. this is exactly what Scientology is all about. See for yourself under which is giving one all the data about scientology. And particular to your subject in going along with us other we have a program called THE WAY TO HAPPINESS. We raise funds, produces very professional videos and materials for anyone but also specifically for schools to us. All finances through donations by our church members. When I say I dedicated every day I mean every day, no days off, no sunday, may christmas with the family. And why, because such work in helping people in life, making them better so they can and do get better along with each other is so rewarding that one does not consider this as "work" or "hard", it is your life, your passion, your holiday and this is what you want to spent your freetime for. Any doubts? See and find out for yourself. Why do you think Scientology gets attacked in the cabel controlled media? It is obviously the best evidence that Scientology is doing something the cabal does not want to happen, that people go along well and do not fight against each other. As the goal of Scientology is a world without war, criminality and insanity. Obviously something that gets into the opposition of the cabal. So do not agree or work for the cabal anymore, support those that fight the cabal, starting with treating each other as a friend as that is what we are all. Watch the WAY TO HAPPINESS videos and you will see the truth in these messages.

  144. If you understand more and more that everyone is just another fragment of the ONE source, that we all came from the ONE source and therefore are ONE actually, how do you treat other one`s if there`s only YOU...?!

    Also, I just don`t understand in general WHY there are beings out there in the "omniverse" who want to harm others and have just these crazy thoughts...?!

    Ready for our reunion, with everyone of the enlightened beings out there ;-)

  145. Peace, Love; Light, Harmony and Comprehension to All living beigns here on Earth,

    To be leaders you explain?

    Believe me no good people never come a Gallatic Federation write to you here on a daily basis never, never but when needed They hold a meeting with the representatives of planets that are officially gallactics members and of course in their meetings they raise the problem of Gaïa because they know what is happening here. So long the earth is not a real danger for our own gallacty it is ok, but as we all know the nuclear arms race of a lot of countries here on Earth who have the nuclear wapens and more, there are enough atomic bombs to disturb other planets in other locations .... and this is not allowed ... and certainly their representatives has better to do..... don't forget the most important thing is OUR FREE WILL, write to us directly here to says this and that, what this group pretend, is simply not permitted....! That is my logical thinking who speaks here.
    So we are born with a conscience when entering this earth , your conscience talks to you EVERY DAY but if you close the door that is your free will than, you know when you cheat or says lies that it is bad, no ? So you mislead yourself first and the whole world too.... and that will always have a compact on the whole world yes for sure. No, you don't need a teacher for that... you simply know, listen to your own cosncience and open your eyes and ears.... Nobody will come to save you here, surely when we are born we enter naked here and the same when we died, we never take even a little pea with us ...

    We also know that water will raised in some places first ONE meter than 2- 5- 10 -20 -30- 40- 50 -100 yes but when? Nobody knows exactly so the earth is buzzy with her cleaning and SHE will stop unless her cleaning is finished, why will we not do the same to clean us, so when this changment will occur we did the effort to clean us....why be so afraid of dying we did it all millions of times and will do this unless we are becoming this pur cristal...
    Each is responsable for him/her so time to send teachers to us is over for my belief, we knows what is good or bad so act as your consciense tells you and stay in the Light of the Source who always will be there for and with you because HE still is inside you, and every day HE knocks at your door, if you please open.


  146. when i write nobody will come to save you here i mean with this in the form that this GFL and Greg pretend it with their writings, of course if the whole planet will be in this need, i wrote this still before the Ashtar Commander is ready with his Giant Float and will be there on the right moment to evacuate people here on earth HE and His float has the habit to evacuat planets.


  147. Feels like im right on track :-)

    Im always being told I spread happiness wherever I go. Even at work.

    I also "plant seeds" to get people interested in ascension and disclosure. Many people come back after a while (days/weeks) asking for links and more information. Just plant seeds and let them ponder for a while. People in general are very curious.

    Thanks Greg and GFL!

    Love and Light Always

  148. when the student is ready the teacher appears.....and never never the opposite......


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  150. I understand you perfectly <3
    I am the type of leader who has the desire to work for others and the world around me, I'm willing to sacrifice jets sometimes their own needs for the good of the whole.

  151. Thank you very much, i understand it very well and it is always in my consciousness. I love you and look forward to working more and more consciously together with you! Thank you for all you do so busy for all of us, even then, when not everybody is able to apreciate it yet! Please forgive them and thank you for that, too! Eva, Germany/France

  152. Harmony, helping, caring and fairness are the foundations blocks of all I do. I hope people put in places of power could / would one day act the same way.

  153. I realize the importance of working together.Thank you!

  154. I realize the importance of working together. Thank you!

  155. Hi,
    I'm here. I had to stay away awhile and work with mySelf. I did do some "trainings" and did visit a few other worlds and timeline possibilities. I did fill the effects of 8/8 stargate. I did learn to conceive what I KNOW(just that one training though).

    I really don't want to say too much but I've gutted a pretty great amount of unfair judgement, after understanding a message in my dream( they all have messages though).
    "GOD judges all man fairly."

    I feel like I'm ready to work. You know I have children too. After much self-examination, inside and out, I feel because I've worked liberating people in a few of my lives, that I'm ready to step up a notch in this one.

    No, I'm not perfect but I'm working on those things that come and I'm admitting them to mySelf, as problems to be resolved. Some are taking a little longer but that doesn't mean I can't help others to learn to overcome dis-ease in the same areas that I've learned to.

    I also apologize for bullying you Greg. I knew some of those things resonated with me but I think I was scared, so I took advantage when I saw those two posts that DID NOT "feel right". I do sincerely apologize, forgive me. I was somewhat chastised about that from GFL(method doesn't matter).

    I feel better. I hope you feel better. You're doing way more than most of us who should be on task. We would benefit at working with ourSelves to work with others in growing into more of ourSelves. Hand in hand. We are one.

    I'm here. I ready, knowing what I know and living it as it comes, and working from there.


  156. Hello dear Galactic Federation of Light. i am mehmet from turkey. i want to say first of all i love you so much.
    there are lots of complication on earth and i know you know better then me. these are bigger than me but it is okay.
    i met you with RA and i am so glad for this. i love them too. i have said this before. and i am so glad that you send your ships on bursa turkey. it is such i nice thing. it is an honor for me. whenever i see them i feel so happy and i send you my love. probably you feel it.
    we as human beings must work together. it is not a problem you we believe. in islam we should love everything because Allah has created them for a reason. and there is a merciful love from Him for those who love each other for sake of Him. it is said that when people come together for Him mercy comes down from heavens. i think you know this better than me.
    i have lots of questions but i hope i make a connection with you soon. i try to meditate but i just fall asleep. it is a shame for me. so i talk to you all the time and send my love to you. i just want to hear you voice in my mind, head heart. please help me for this.
    i want to take a part you with for cleaning saving and sending love to people and earth or another planet. i love to work with you.
    it is difficult to understand people but in time everything happens what it should be. i understand you. i read the book of loyal plan(in turkish Sadıklar Planı) it was great. do you know them. i think you know.
    before it i read galactic human of sheldan Niddle. then the others came one after another. now i read your messages come from internet. this is good to hear you.
    we must be united human reality. it is said in loyal plan. all in one. love each other for God.
    and i want to ask something about Islam. it is important for me what you think about it. i know it is not something i should mention here but i just want to learn this. and what you you think about Prophet Muhammad? He has said lots of things about end of times. i think some of them are symbolic. can you explain it. please just send me with a message. here is my mail address: hope you understand me. if you don't write please help me to contact with you. i love this. i love you and i think you sense this. i pray for you too when we pray together with humans.
    i hope i did not write something wrong. and i hope i get on your one of ships soon. and i hope i visit you before ending. i love you and this is good.

  157. I've always gotten along with people and love that energy of working together but in this 3rd dimension, the ego has been placed in front of and before anything else. There is where this awakening is going to and is making a difference now. People will work from their knowing, their heart and intuition curtailing the competitive aspect of being right of demanding who is in charge. We will surrender to who is the most qualified and assert our own talents to the Greater Cause. I cannot wait!!!! Love, Light, and Peace. Alfred

  158. Pranam beloved GFOL members,
    I have been following since few months your messages & light, and i thank you from my heart and all my gratitude.
    On sunday, reading your message about the telepathic communication, i was feeling so upset, well i think they were parameters of that day, which pulled me out of my serenity. I confusedly felt as if I didnt do enough, at all time. that s why i couldnt get to communicate telepathically with you all. And i recognise meditation s far from my forte.
    Though i dedicate my days n hours towards this purpose.
    I understand i purged out also some negative olds, that s why i felt so sensitive, as if i was accused of not doing my duty at all.
    Most of time i feel i vibrate well to your light n message.
    That tough day came after all this telepathic communication! I was not unable to go to that, then not being enlisted for the project.. :)
    The veil looks so thick still, that i am still long to go to reach beyond.
    But i am rather n of all time, feel i go with the message, n advice given for our own best, and for the best of all.
    I just wanted to explain this point of mine.
    With all my possible love and gratitude
    thank you very much for your constant love n assistance.
    Win, France.

  159. How is the sea wall project progressing? Does anyone have any photos yet? Oh I am so excited. Has anyone been picked up? What do our friends look like?

    Why is it a secret to try and get along with each other?

  160. We are all one and the metaphorical cabal/illuminati are simply those parts of our own selves that we would rather not face, ie we all harbour outdated patterns of food-chain survival instincts. These instincts are what we are here to overcome and sublimate. Lest the Lord build the house, the build in vain ......
    We need to rationally seek answers from within, through introspection and monitoring our own patterns of thought and behaviour, as this indeed what humanity is able to do. Our work is 3rd Dimensional work. We are spiritual beings having a human experience in order to learn the lessons that this experience can supply. The veil is there for a reason. Stop looking up to the stars for outside assistance. As above so below, seek within, seek the light within, reach for the Christ consciousness.

  161. Off The Planet, I echo your sentiments. Very well put.

  162. I have made some mistakes in the past and some within even the last month. But I know what I am doing now more than ever.The mistakes are just lessons that I have learned and nothing to be ashamed of.

    I comment truthfully online and with compassion and a gentleness and some have attacked me and said rather unpleasant things.But I only responded with more kindness to try and help them see that being calm and kind and compassionate and working together make much more sense than the alternative.

    I meditate everynight and last night i made myself into a shining star and I felt it and made a connection in my mind of what I have to do. Thank you for your words and yes when I log on or interact with people I do so with love, kindness, respect, compassion and love.

    Some of my more fiery friends who seem unable to be this have told me that while they feel they are needed to ring the bell and awaken people and they are needed for only a short time. They said that I would be needed forever. It made me cry because they are important too and I will keep trying to help them as much as I can.

    Thank you again for giving us some message some focus in which to gather and understand more.

    I understood so much more last night. My partner and I both have felt as if we were exhausted and old from a young age as if we were not of this world exactly. But we chose this and we thank you for that.

  163. Dumsub, can you email me your instructions on how dowsing measures the consciousness levels of readings, like Gregs, tv shows, ect... I could not find out how with the link you gave me. My email is Please give a comment that you received this. Thanks

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  166. Thank you I do understand that we must work together as a like minded collective become one race of humans to be one with all that is Namaste my friends and family we are one:))

  167. I am enthusiastic about being a part of this mission and seeing it to completion. I enjoy working together with others who have the same goal. I am also a competent leader. I have recently found this website and am so excited about it. I have found that some comments radiate negative energy and even defer to other sites as being a better place to go for this information. I have checked out these 'other sites' and I have found that even though they often are saying something similar and using similar rhetoric, I have found huge, massive flaws and disinfo being presented. I have found Greg Giles to be the 'real deal' along with Alexandria Stahr. Any other channels I've read about I take with a grain of salt. I have nothing but love to offer anyone I come into contact with. If I sense negativity I simply move along, I do not have time to clutter my head with that sort of energy. I have a mission and goals to attend to.

  168. Thank You All and my best greetings and Love to You All.Yes i understand whath You are saying with your words today ,and the thought i had is that inside us we are learning how every cell collaborate and uses the counsciousness in one incredible way and all in our body works.The same must be outside us ,so if we start to think and feel in our heart that we are just like small cells but all together as big special body and everything has to work in perfect way ,all will be working in perfect way for all.We grew up thinking in separate way,but to be separate not is the truth.If one cells starts thinking to be better than one other or less all the body will be affected,so i think it is the same in all the universe .The spiritual teaching we are receiving are always saying this and i received these words from our special spiritual guide many times sayng that when we are able to win one difficulty not is just only for us ,but for all the people in all the universe that has the same difficulty,and because of these wonderful words of wisdom that i'm honored to receive at my wonderful School ,i'm thankful and i can understand Your words of wisdom and say yes i'm here waiting to see the day in wich the leaders of our world will be thinking only to the good, to the health spiritual and material of all our world as just their own family .Thank you and i wish to you all one new wonderful day with lots of love also for your Ships patrizia

  169. To a.lamb: In saying that you found "huge, massive flaws and disinfo being presented", might I suggest researching Greg Giles past messages. Go back about 3-4 months and go forward. You will find his messages contradict themselves. As I stated earlier, the "sheep",(no offense), that come to this site and read his messages are day-to-day. They don't review his messages or check to verify his messages, just accept them as fact without proof. So when Greg says something different a days later, it goes unnoticed and unchecked. Furthermore, Greg steals truth from other sources, so people start believing in him. He then has a loyal following of sheep, which later, he adds his disinfo and none are the wiser to debunk him. A very cleaver strategy to fool lightworkers away from ascension.

    Even now, in past messages, he is telling people how to do telepathy: "Sit in a darkened room, no light, ask a question and clear your mind for an answer from us." That, my friend, without asking for protection from God, Christ, and the angels, will invite the dark entities to you to receive THEIR MESSAGES. The fact that he tells you to sit in an darkened room with no protection, is without a doubt, is an agent of the dark ones. Still not convinced? Then tell me, what happened to the people that was supposed to be picked up last week? What will you think when seawalls don't show up this week? Many other people investigated Greg and found the same thing I am saying. So don't come on here and say this guy is true when you haven't done the same research. Like I said before, people read the message, comment and leave without thinking for themselves. And that's how Greg likes it.

  170. thank you so much for this posting :-) peace love and joy


  171. Love & Light,

    After reading this message I couldn't help but notice the timing. I think it is important for me at least to read something like this. I work in a place where there is so much negative energy. People are always finding ways to not to get along. Then a couple of weeks ago I found myself examining self to see what I have done to contribute to such an enviornment. I found that I was not doing the worse job but I was for sure not doing the best. Reading this message helped to remind me that I can make my enviornment anything I want it to be. I fully understand this message, and want so very badly to be apart of this process with you. I appreciate you sending these lovely messages to us. Love & Light! ~ Cassie

  172. I'm reminded of Robert Fulghum's "Everything I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten." I believe this was published in the 80's. Here it is:
    Share everything.

    Play fair.

    Don't hit people.

    Put things back where you found them.

    Clean up your own mess.

    Don't take things that aren't yours.

    Say you're sorry when you hurt somebody.

    Wash your hands before you eat.


    Warm cookies and cold milk are good for you.

    Live a balanced life - learn some and think some
    and draw and paint and sing and dance and play
    and work every day some.

    Take a nap every afternoon.

    When you go out into the world, watch out for traffic,
    hold hands, and stick together.

    Be aware of wonder.
    Remember the little seed in the styrofoam cup:
    The roots go down and the plant goes up and nobody
    really knows how or why, but we are all like that.

    Goldfish and hamsters and white mice and even
    the little seed in the Styrofoam cup - they all die.
    So do we.

    And then remember the Dick-and-Jane books
    and the first word you learned - the biggest
    word of all - LOOK.

  173. to Darryl Terry: You assume I have not done my homework. What gives you the right to make such an assumption. I see you spreading negativity which is exactly opposite of what this post is about. The post I read from the recent past said they will still be contacting people up through the end of this week. Maybe you read something different, and that is fine. You have the right to feel how you want to, however to make gross assumptions about people you do not know is not spreading LIGHT. My question is if you dislike his channelings so much, what brings you here? Why do you spend your time reading and commenting? Time is precious you know.

  174. The sun is shinning outdoors, most of my neighbors have shades drawn against the light rays. Everyday the light hopelessly tries to shine in. People have pulled in, maybe sensing something is going on, trying to block it out.
    How we go about our lives, with peace, can spread, as all is energy. For those of us wondering, WHEN, consider the emotions of those who do not know anything. Their clouds are much darker than ours.Their frustrations have no end.Be the light, that shades have been drawn against.Darkness is cold, light is warming, to hearts. Anna

  175. The sun is shinning outdoors, most of my neighbors have shades drawn against the light rays. Everyday the light hopelessly tries to shine in. People have pulled in, maybe sensing something is going on, trying to block it out.
    How we go about our lives, with peace, can spread, as all is energy. For those of us wondering, WHEN, consider the emotions of those who do not know anything. Their clouds are much darker than ours.Their frustrations have no end.Be the light, that shades have been drawn against.Darkness is cold, light is warming, to hearts. Anna

  176. I agree! I want to band together with other peaceful leaders and lead the way with love and light. It's hard not having any other lightworkers in my life outside the computer. I am having a hard time channeling or entering into the astral realm. I really want to communicate more closely in order to stay more in tune with my mission.
    endless love and light!

  177. The fact that you said that Greg Giles is "the real deal" says you haven't done as much as you say you have. Come on, man. You need to go back 3-4 months and see for yourself. It's that easy. His messages contradict their own selves, you can get any easier proof than that. Where do you see that he's the "real deal"? I have decades of experience working with angeles, ascended masters, star races, divine beings of light and more. I am also sensitive to vibrational energies. Greg's profile is giving off negative energy. I am here to inform the people about him and stop manipulating them. Greg also has several copyright infringements, meaning he stole or copied other people's work and claimed it came from him. Do you what me to continue or is that enough? My exposing Greg as the fraud he is is considered negative comments only to the sheep that follow him like zombies with no thoughts or will of their own to challenge his so-called "GFL channelings." I've studied ascended masters teachings and our space families messages. Greg's messages are not one of them. Not even close. 5D messages have more wisdom, compassion, unconditional love, in their messages and they certainly, DON'T NEED YOU TO COMMENT ONLINE TO COMPILE DATA!! OMG, that is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard to take advantage of the lightworkers!! They already know you, they already know the situation and they do not need to go on a 3D online computer network to find out. This guy is pulling so many of you people's legs it's almost too funny. And you don't have the experience that I have and he's taking advantage of that. That's why I'm here. You want more info? Email me, my address is I can also channel. This guy is a fraud.

  178. Brilliant. And that, my friends, is it, plain & simple. Truth if ever I saw it. This channel is compromised.

    Well said Mr Terry. I look forward to making your acquaintance soon.

    I resonate with this. How many others?

  179. I love reading all these comments! It's inspiring to be aware of the amazing people all around the world anxious to get going to create a new paradigm and work together. I hope I can be a part of this process. I'm sure once things are explained and people are made aware of their true natures and the nature of the illusion they have been inhabiting they too will be here!

  180. It has nothing to do with someone or something coming to save humans. It more about PREPARING(I received that message twice in 2012) one self.

    We can save ourselves by cleaning up our ACTS that most don't realize are just that, ACTS. Look at that word.Focus on it and see what you come up with. How are you BEing? Are there ACT-IONS that you KNOW don't benefit your core BEing(your spirit)?

    That is preparation. Honestly, at first, I thought it meant to go get food and money and STUFF. The second message said there is no money needed but that would be my choice to gather such.

    I realized, after serious focus on my whole Self, after breaking me up into smaller portions, that heaven doesn't use money. If I desire it, it shall be. Much like we on this thread desired to know more beyond ourselves.

    Fine, you may not "get it" the first time. But if you go within yourSelf, those experiences, from past, present, and possibles come up. How do they apply to where you desire to be right now? Even for myself is this message. (I asked this last night).

    Intend to change your thoughts, for example, someone may have beat you 8 years ago. That memory triggered anger every time it came up in your thought. You may have intended to "pay them back" in thought by beating them back up, that you would feel better, but the only thing you actually manifested was more anger. You're beating up a memory(you're ACTING). You fueled that memory until it kept coming more often and you fought back more intensely. More anger stored itself into the memory, waiting for you to ACT. Stop there.

    "Kill" that hurt-filled, hate-fueled memory by thinking the exact opposite. Give that person a hug in the memory, examine them, focus on understanding that they fell under the very influence you, yourSelf are changing right now. You managed NOT to beat anyone(karma doesn't have to control you)else just because you were beaten.

    Forgive them forgive yourself, change your thought with intention, and change your ACT-ING to BEing. Save yourself from the ACT and (manifest)BE your true Self again.

    Understanding that there is still much work to do, there no time other than now. What kind of present to you desire to open?
    It's your choice of course. However, when you give your will to GOD, trust that you will always be presented with what's best for you. Even if you don't agree(ego), do you admit to yourSelf that you have much ACTS to cleanup before your true presentation in Heaven?(I don't need to discuss such a state). Do you admit that you were weak when you accumulated negative karma and are strong enough to overcome it?

  181. Thanks for the email, Domsub! Anytime your ready! I'm working on a few projects of my own. I'll inform you when you contact me. Talk to you soon.

  182. Domsub thanks. I think we are on the same page

    We all want the truth of what we think or feel may be happening around us, but we have to do it in a very responsible manner so as not to get carried away by the the waves of hype, because in there somewhere may be hiding elements of darkness who may be posing as an instrument of light to lead us astray once again.

    We'll have to be very circumspect and test the information for authenticity, as well as the spirit of the informant.

    Let's do what we can in this regard without losing sight of the goal.

  183. Hey guys remember when Greg posted this:

    "We, the Galactic Federation, have been communicating with you through our channels for quite some time now, and it is necessary to begin making formal announcements of our presence in your skies as a window of opportunity has been opened and we wish to take full advantage of this. These announcements will be sent through your electronic media such as television, radio, and Internet. Please be advised that we expect a number of disturbances to your society, some at the hands of the dark, and some due to fear that is likely to spread upon our introduction."

    You all though that it was finally happening. I could imagine you all screaming and shouting and jumping for joy that a window of opportunity arrived and it was finally time for them to start making announcements through the tv, radio, and internet.

    But do you realize that I pulled this message from Greg's site under the date of January 8, 2012. That's about 7 months ago, people. He then continued on say this on January 10:

    "The operation is not yet a success. We still have a few more tasks at hand before matters can be considered accomplished. There is the matter of a few more space fighters that must be rounded up, and rounded up they will be very quickly and efficiently in the coming days. The cabal is now down to the bottom of their once filled bag of tricks, and they finally see there is no other choice but surrender. Already, last-minute deals are being bargained for the sale price of leniency and access to a few of their ill-gotten gains. We have them where we want them, and very soon we will be able to go ahead with the long anticipated public announcements of our existence and our purpose here in your world."

    Reminder again that these messages were channeled in JANUARY at the beginning of this year! Here we are now in August which is 8 months into 2012 and there are no announcements. Greg has been saying the exact same thing this whole entire year! And please note that I am using Greg's own channelings to back up my isn't that scary?

    Links to both posts here:

  184. I do not see any problem with the fact that there has been no disclosure. Actually I believe we humans have much work to do for ourselves and should not be relying on ships from the sky to come in and save us. We must do the work ourselves. We have been assured that the 5th dimension is pulling for us and doing what they can to help us. What most of us dont realize is we need to help ourselves first. That is why God gave us FREE WILL. If you say Greg is spreading disinfo, that is your view and that is fine. I have yet to find these discrepancies you are talking about. Call it uninformed or what you will. However I know what resonates with me personally. While you resort to name calling I will continue to raise my own frequency in the name of Jesus Christ and the Original Mother/Father Creator. Everyday I thank God for this beautiful planet and I pray for planetary Enlightenment.

  185. Thank you GFL for you help, support and wise words.
    Most of all: Thank you for helping us getting our freedom back, with the arrest of the dark forces.
    You have my unconditional trust and love.

  186. Thanks to Offtheplanet and Flamey, who are among the lighwarriors on this site to help people see the illusion of Greg Giles. Offtheplanet's inspiring comment and Flamey's research going as far back as January, (and I was being generous saying 3-4 months back), hopefully should be the light that sparks some of you to realize what is going on. WE ARE THE CHANGE WE ARE WAITING FOR, NOT FOR THE ET'S TO COME DOWN AND DO IT!!


    They do not want you to mediate and go inside and develop that which is God. Thus, all the distractions with gifts, projects and programs and now comments to distract you from mediating.

    We have the power to manifest creation, as a co-creator with God. If a certain amount of lightworkers come together, visualizing what they want, with the power of love, will manifest into reality. Thus we have "channeled messages" saying things are going to happen, about to happen, on this date, over and over and nothing happens while we sit on our butts waiting for it to happen. We are the change to rid of the cabal.

    Anyone willing to do both can contact me at

  187. @ a.lamb

    The problem with the fact that there has not been disclosure is that Greg said "it is necessary to begin making formal announcements of our presence in your skies" back in January. I am only here to call Greg on what he says and hold him responsible for his words. But when you then go on to say that humanity must use the tools that God gave us to get the work done, I completely agree with you 100%. And btw I didn't call anyone names...

  188. -----------------------------------------------------
    Greg Giles and the Galactic Federation of Light

    Dear Greg and Family Galactic Federation of Light;
    I would like to talk a little about this subject. I went as a child, a very observant person's attitudes to be human. Never laugh at someone who has fallen a fall, never found favor when people laugh at a person defective, never desmereci the needy, never used my power over the poor, never used my social status to demote those less fortunate. I am very sad when I can not help those in need (whether in the form of money, whether as a favor, whether in the form of food, clothing, etc.). And secondly, I feel very angry at those who can help and do not move, they often look at the situation and pretend that you unnoticed. That's what makes me extremely upset with humanity; is not acceptable to see our suffering brother, is not acceptable to see God's creation (whether animal, vegetable) being massacred by the hands of men, who do everything by money and told PROGRESS . It is not acceptable to extremely wealthy nations, do not prevent wars on land ravaged by poverty, disease and lack of education. That's why I put now, this instant, all my trust in plumbing Greg and the family of the Federation, so that TOGETHER we can change this sad picture we drown. We need to choose people who are committed to the great works of renewal, so that there is the slightest possibility of entering again in the third cycle. dimension. I know I have a CLEAN and heart within me a great sense of responsibility, never did anything that would harm my neighbor, EVER. So I would like that trust me, electing me to work with you ... I want to renew our Earth, I want to make people back up their hearts and find the real meaning of living in harmony, to live for your neighbor. I wish with all my heart to help renew the human feeling; want to look at people and relamente able to call them MY BROTHER. I feel the UNION FAITH and in my next and that the Peace reign in Gaia! May we be kind to our brothers fuck the earth and that we can be an example to the universe. My faith in Greg and the Galactic Federation is my last hope to renew and I know that if we do not help this time, humanity will destroy itself. Will become a wasteland and possibly the tyranny reign in the coming decades. We need help and Fderação is providing this wonderful moment. I think if we add our forces, we may succeed in this project. Thank Fderação Galactic Light of love dedicated to all messages channeled by Greg Giles, I'm happy to know that you are willing to help us in the name of humanity, I am eternally grateful for this gesture of everlasting love. As always, I am here to answer the call at any time. A loving embrace, Ludomir.


  189. Querido Greg, gracias por tus mensajes que cada día nos abren mas la conciencia y nos ayudan a comprender que este trabajo, es un trabajo colectivo y solo cambiando de frecuencia vibratoria a través de la pureza de nuestros sentimientos, vamos a conseguir el cambio tan deseado. En realidad y de acuerdo a mi comprensión, tu no estas sino recordándonos el mensaje tan grande que nos trajo el Gran Maestro Jesús, cuando nos dijo, que Él venía a traernos el ultimo y el único mandamiento a tener en cuenta: “Amaos los unos a los otros como yo os he amado”! En realidad y de acuerdo a mi comprensión, Él nos estaba iniciando a cambiar de frecuencia vibratoria, a pasar del universo dualista a la conciencia del amor. Es solo se consigue a través del respeto, es el respeto hacia el otro que nos permite vibrar al unísono con el Todo con la Unidad. Los sentimientos de odio, venganza, ira, celos, codicia, avaricia, lujuria, glotonería etc, etc., no hacen sino alejarnos de la luz y de la conciencia divina. En algún libro sagrado se nos enseño que nosotros fuimos hechos a la imagen y semejanza de Dios, yo diría mas bien, como decía Henry Bergson: “El universo es una maquina maravillosa para fabricar dioses, es decir, que solo a través de nuestras vibraciones en alta frecuencia podemos vibrar como dioses en la luz en el amor y el respeto. Solo donde hay respeto puede brillar la luz y el amor. De lo contrario no son sino ilusiones. Por esta precisa razón, comprendo muy bien este retraso que hay en la manifestación directa de los Hermanos de la federación Galáctica, que basados en un absoluto respeto por nuestro libre albedrio y nuestras decisiones, no hayan querido bajar, pues la única actitud que ellos esperan de nosotros para poderlo hacer, es que mostremos con nuestra actitud que SI! Realmente estamos abiertos al cambio y que tenemos que usar nuestros libre albedrio para efectuar un cambio fundamental positivo en nosotros, que nos permita recibir esta transformación sin que nadie haya interferido en nuestra propia voluntad y naturaleza. Los Hermanos de la luz, nuestros Hermanos de la Federación Galáctica con los Maestros Ascendidos nos están mostrando el camino, pero solo nosotros podemos hacer este camino y con esto solo nos están demostrando el gran amor y el respeto que tienen por nuestro libre albedrio y por nosotros. Gracias Greg, por toda tu ayuda y todo el enorme trabajo que estas haciendo para guiarnos en este viaje tan maravilloso. Concluyo este comentario con una pequeña citación “El respeto es la base fundamental para lograr la liberación y una vez libres podremos vibrar en el amor la luz y la prosperidad”! La esclavitud a los que nos sometió la cábala oscura fue debida fundamentalmente a la falta de RESPETO y por ende de ahí se originaron todos los males en los que vivimos en la humanidad y no solo entre nosotros, sino también la falta de respeto por Gaia nuestra Madre Tierra es el causante de que tengamos tan contaminado el planeta.
    Soy consciente de todos los males que aquejan la humanidad y se cuantos estamos esperando los aterrizajes masivos de nuestros hermanos de la luz, pero tenemos que tomar conciencia que nosotros tenemos que utilizar nuestro libre albedrío cambiando nuestras vibraciones fundamentales para que esto se produzca.
    Paz luz y amor

  190. To a.lamb: As far as name-calling, I believe Jesus said the same thing about people deceiving the children of God.

    Did Jesus sit back and let them deceive God's children? Did not Jesus stand up and speak out? Did he not fight for them, even after being arrested, beaten and put on the cross? I don't remember Jesus ever giving up, no matter what they did. And he's still fighting today.

    By the way, how many times have you heard Greg talk about Jesus, Mother Mary, Archangel Michael and the archangels, St. Germaine, Kwan Yin and other ascended masters. None that I've seen. Our Space Family are working with the spiritual hierarchy with this planet. It is not just GFL. Another dis-info.

  191. Dearest members of the GFL, your wise words deeply resonate within me. I have often felt some embarrassment at how those who profess to be dedicated lightworkers will bicker online, and also at those who are very impatient about allowing the GFL to work within their own time schedule as they see fit. This type of behavior is very unfitting for lightworkers. I agree that not much will change if this does not stop. We must always strive to be in harmony and be patient and understanding. Of course we make mistakes, myself included in my own personal life. We get frustrated and so forth, but I do believe that we can achieve Higher Levels of Love and Understanding and discuss matters in peaceful ways. This is not negotiable for our new leadership, it can and must be the guideline to be in these positions and indeed to inhabit the New Earth . We can achieve what we once thought only Jesus the Christed one could be, pure in heart. Yes,this is possible and we must.We must all be filled with God's love at all times. Thank you for your service to come into this world with all our squabbling and such , and rather than say, forget these negative people they will never learn, you believe in us that at least enough of us can achieve the levels needed to transform this world. I am particularly impressed by the way in which you treat those who have been leaders and brought on much harm to others, even for these people you show compassion and that is the sign to me that you indeed express Love to all beings of every kind. Many still believe in the Angry God, that God sends "bad" "evil" people to a place called Hell to burn for all Eternity. How can people of compassion believe such nonsense? We always have a choice. Love and compassion is what makes life Beautiful and peaceful. No more fighting over anything and let God's spirit guide all of our discussions and actions. Namaste, Vandy Kathleen Moore-Washington

  192. Dearest members of the GFL, your wise words deeply resonate within me. I have often felt some embarrassment at how those who profess to be dedicated lightworkers will bicker online, and also at those who are very impatient about allowing the GFL to work within their own time schedule as they see fit. This type of behavior is very unfitting for lightworkers. I agree that not much will change if this does not stop. We must always strive to be in harmony and be patient and understanding. Of course we make mistakes, myself included in my own personal life. We get frustrated and so forth, but I do believe that we can achieve Higher Levels of Love and Understanding and discuss matters in peaceful ways. This is not negotiable for our new leadership, it can and must be the guideline to be in these positions and indeed to inhabit the New Earth . We can achieve what we once thought only Jesus the Christed one could be, pure in heart. Yes,this is possible and we must.We must all be filled with God's love at all times. Thank you for your service to come into this world with all our squabbling and such , and rather than say, forget these negative people they will never learn, you believe in us that at least enough of us can achieve the levels needed to transform this world. I am particularly impressed by the way in which you treat those who have been leaders and brought on much harm to others, even for these people you show compassion and that is the sign to me that you indeed express Love to all beings of every kind. Many still believe in the Angry God, that God sends "bad" "evil" people to a place called Hell to burn for all Eternity. How can people of compassion believe such nonsense? We always have a choice. Love and compassion is what makes life Beautiful and peaceful. No more fighting over anything and let God's spirit guide all of our discussions and actions. Namaste, Vandy Kathleen Moore-Washington

  193. Flamey, It was not you I was referring to in regards to name calling. As far as a time frame, I read and re-read your post from January and I see no date listed where there was supposed to be full disclosure. As a matter of fact, I have read that they have no intention whatsoever of full disclosure at this time and if this changes, Alexandria Stahr will let us know. I just do not feel it is our responsibility to dictate or question the timeline. Time is relative and all things occur in their own time frame, even if our humanity desires immediate gratification.