Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 8/11/12 ‘Severing Cabal Communication Lines’

Traces of what is happening in your world is beginning to leak out through portions of your mainstream media. It is impossible for these stories to be prevented from sooner or later bursting through the floodgates into public consciousness and awareness. We have been carefully monitoring this situation, and we at this time report to you that there are many more stories that are available to be reported than have been up until this point. There have been many more arrests and larger sized arrests and legal proceedings than what has been reported. There have been bigger fish, so to speak, tossed into the frying pan, and sooner or later these stories will break beyond the barriers of what your media networks and major news outlets can conceal.

We will do what we can to assist your major news outlets do what it is they need to do. They know what is needed from them, they know what their call of duty is, but many of these individuals are afraid at this time, they are in fear for themselves and their families. This is certainly justifiable; however, we wish to make it clear that we will do everything that we can to protect them, to safeguard them and their families from any harm or wrongdoing at the hands of those paid by the cabal. The cabal members themselves and most of their associates do not do any of their dirty work themselves. These men and some women are more office types, they are ‘pen and pencil pushers’, as you say in your world. They do not ‘mix with the help’, to coin a phrase that they themselves often use. They give orders from long distances away through the telephone or through proxy. They very rarely meet with any of their underlings personally. They whisper commands and strategies to one or two of their closest personnel, who then whisper these instructions to another and so on throughout a long chain of subordinates by the time it gets to their minions who actually do their dastardly deeds for them.

We, the Galactic Federation of Light, wish to break this chain of command. We wish to begin operations where these underlings in their long line of order are taken into custody. This is what we would like to see, as they are an integral part of this dark operation, for without them the commands and instructions from the top of these pyramidal structures to the bottom will be cut off, broken, disconnected, leaving those at the top with no one to bark orders to. They will not be able to move any longer any of their pawns on the chessboard. They will be cut off from the game, and this is our goal. This is what we wish to see, and we are discussing this plan with our Earth allies at this time.

We would like to see efforts on this front where the men and women who carry these messages from the top down a long line of underlings to pawns in the field are taken into custody for their complicity in these crimes against the people of your world. These associates are just as guilty as the men who today stand atop these large pyramidal structures of power and control. Their crimes are just as severe, as without them the agenda of the dark could not be perpetuated, and this is what we wish to see. We ask the men and women on the front lines at this time to focus at least some of their attention on breaking these long lines of communication by apprehending these individuals who engage in the communication and the passing down of orders and instructions from their superiors. This is what we would like to see at this time and we, as we always do, will offer our intelligence and our surveillance in this area to assist with this phase of the operation, and we ask for the cooperation of the brave men and women on the front lines battling for freedom for the people of your world.

We would like to report at this time that we continue to observe arrests and legal proceedings involving the members of your criminal cabal. These arrests continue, they have not stopped and they have not slowed on many fronts throughout your entire world, not just in the United States. We wish to make this clear that many of you are focusing your attention on arrests and legal proceedings in the United States, though we say to you these arrests are global, they are worldwide, they are happening in many countries. Considering this, we say to you focus most of your attention on matters transpiring outside the borders of the United States, for the United States is but one country and there are many countries involved in these proceedings and therefore you may have the ability to locate for yourselves information pertaining to these proceedings in other countries around your world.

We have come upon news items of several of these arrests and proceedings while we have searched your Internet for evidence of these proceedings, and we feel you too will find success if you focus your efforts in this direction for now, but we do say to you that there will come a time when the United States is more the focal point of these ongoing arrests. Remain vigilant, for the floodgates will soon begin to open and evidence of arrest after arrest will flow like breakwater through living rooms all across your world. As we have said, these stories cannot be withheld from the people of your world for a very long time before some kind of evidence begins to break through the barriers constructed by your cabal. It will only take one major story in the United States or perhaps even another country to first penetrate this wall of silence, of secrecy, allowing other stories to then begin to burst through the dam. It will be at that time when there will be no slowing or stopping any longer the news of these arrests and legal proceedings and it is that day we, just as much as you, eagerly anticipate and look forward to.

Remember dear friends, that what you want we want. We all want the same thing. We all want the members and associates of the cabal removed from your societies and incarcerated and we are doing our parts, just as there are representatives of your world doing their parts. No one is slacking. No one is taking this operation lightly. There are many men and women on your front lines who are risking their lives day in and day out on this mission and we want you to remember this and think about this when you are choosing to complain throughout your online circles that this operation is not moving fast enough for you, who may be sitting in the comfort and protection of your own home.

Think about this, and think about those on the front lines who, in many cases, read your words as they too search the Internet for news stories of what they themselves are accomplishing, what they are risking their lives to do. Do you think that these men and women also wish so very much for the media to begin to cover and report these stories? Of course they do, because they too want what you want and what we all want. As we have said, we are all one. We are all one family, and we all want the same things for ourselves, our loved ones, our friends, coworkers and strangers on the street alike, for in reality, none of us are really strangers as our world is a group effort, a group project. We have all worked on it together in our own ways. We have all designed it, we have all created it and we have all built it from the ground up working together, so how could we possibly be strangers from one another when we all share the same home? Today we are all together redesigning and rebuilding your world. We are all pitching in in our own ways, for we are one large family living in one large home.

We are part of this family. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.


As channeled through Greg Giles English - Spanish - Brazil - Bulgarian - Croatian - Dutch -German - Greek - Hebrew - Polish - Japanese Portugal - Romanian - Russian - Slovenian -Swedish - Traditional Chinese - Hungarian French Turkish


  1. Je suis de tout cœur avec toute ces personnes qui ce batte pour la lumière !
    Merci Greg pour tes message et merci a la FGL!

    A bientôt

    Michel Idiek (VD Suisse)

  2. Fantastic to hear that progress is being made, and i hope everyone on the front lines is well, safe and okay!

    That is all i feel i have to say today, but i do want to add once more that i wish our Allies on the front lines love, protection and all the very best. Thank you for what you are doing. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

    Thank you for today's channeled message Greg, and thank you The Galactic Federation of Light for today's information regarding this, and for today's message as a whole!

    With love and light!


    Conan. England.

  3. I appreciate what our family on the frontlines are doing, and hope they are safe. Keep up the good work guys :)

  4. Alternative news sites would air the news, can our allies tell citizen journalists what is happening?

  5. If there is a posibility that I can help from my comfort place all those in the front lines risking their lifes for us Iwant to use it .I sent them all my love power and my strong Intent until Victory .VENCEREMOS. Η ΝΙΚΗ Ειναι Δικη μας.!!!O:-)

  6. You have a "Certificate of Live Birth" and your name is spelled David (Upper and Lower Case) this is the man, They the us gov created the "Birth Certificate" your name spelled DAVID (All Upper Case) this is the Person ( Legal definition of person: artifical entity/corporation THIS IS NOT A REAL Man------ "We The People" are the real men and women and NOT the Person this is how they over step the constitution

  7. Good news thank for today message. Please help the financial crisis end as soon as possible.

  8. An Urgent Message To Humanity (August 1997)

    Imminent Earth Changes And How They Will Affect You

    You are about to embark upon the greatest journey of your life. You and the rest of life on Planet Earth are about to partake in the raising of planetary consciousness.

    Planet Earth is a living, conscious being. She began her life in a much higher consciousness than that in which we know her today. The Creator's Divine Purpose was to see if these diverse groups could live harmoniously together and be able to grow spiritually in this third-dimensional realm.

    But gradually, the people on the planet began to lose touch with their higher consciousness. They forgot about love and heart. They forgot their divinity and lost their connection to God. They fell from grace. All of life here on Earth has suffered and become dysfunctional. Power, greed, lust, self-interest and lies have succeeded in dividing humanity.

    It is now the Millennium. (Our Gregorian calendar is off by four years, and the year 1997 is actually the year 2001.) Our dear planet, Mother Earth, is now in the process of transforming herself back to a state of Heaven on Earth. This truth is found in many prophecies, including those of the Bible and the Native Americans. Many religions talk about the Second Coming of the Christ.

    You may have observed that there are many unusual weather patterns currently occurring all over the Earth. You, yourself, may be feeling somewhat strange -- sleeping more, or suffering from an upset stomach, headaches or other physical pains -- or undergoing other major life difficulties. You may be experiencing the speeding up of time. These are some of the signs that Earth is giving birth to a higher state of being -- to full consciousness. The restoration of the planet to her original pristine state is being scientifically documented (although the facts are not being communicated to the people of the world). At the time of this writing, the situation is particularly acute in Germany and Poland, where land mass changes that normally take millions of years are now occurring in a matter of hours.

    The planet is about to enter into a complete state of emergency. When Earth's birthing process fully begins, you will need to be in a safe place. The Galactic Federation, which is sent to us by God, is fully prepared to move you to either a "holographic environment" or to a temporary residence aboard one of their star ships.

    Due to the global magnitude of the Earth changes, many of you may have to be evacuated by space ships. There are currently millions of these ships waiting around the planet to take people from various parts of the Earth to live temporarily in holograms on large mother ships. These ships are presently cloaked, but will become visible at the appropriate time. You will live in these holograms on the mother ships until the Earth's holographic environments are complete.

    Our friends from other planets have highly advanced scientific and technical capabilities by which they can create holograms (energy fields of light) that will exactly replicate your present home. The sun, moon and weather patterns will appear the same as you have known them and you will have housing, food, clothing and all you need to survive.

    There will be no homelessness and no poverty. You will not have to go to work, pay bills or taxes, do housework, grow, cook or buy food. Replicators, like in the TV series "Star Trek", will provide your food and clothing. Everything you need in order to live will be provided for you until you are returned to Mother Earth.

    After your Ascension, you will be in full consciousness. You will be able to create the way you look, manifest perfect health, create your own dwelling. You will be able to live for hundreds or thousands of years.


  9. A big thank you to all the lightworkers who see and understand the bigger picture, embrace their responsibility, take the necessary risks, put even their lives on the line, have the stamina, give up a normal life, keep the silence, put up with ridicule isolation and even poverty - all because you deep inside know what is right for each other, Mother Earth and for all future generations. We are all one - there is no separation. My deepest respect and appreciation.

  10. Still squarely behind you. Wish indeed we could see some progress!

  11. I have found that on GOD LIKE PRODUCTIONS different people have posted pages with web address listing the people arrested and GFL says in different countries..., (just tried finding it no luck, I will keep looking to post reference) I am just so eager to get this all over with...and start living a great life on a great planet with some great people( and Alternate beings that are our bothers and sisters) and some beautiful new critters! Please hurry will be watching tonight..Peace LOVE and light. Not sure what has changed but today the heaviness of emotion and stress seems to have settle down and I can focus on being positive again...this week has been horrible...all my friends seems to have really difficult family issues and just crap...but hopefully we are back in an up swing movement...again love and light to all

  12. Dear Greg,
    Thank you for this wonderful and informative message. It's great news. Your transmissions are so enlightening.
    I am relieved and grateful that the Galactic Federation is assisting us with these intractable problems that we ourselves simply cannot solve alone. They have only love for us, and want only to help us.
    We badly need their help.

    The media is a deceptive mess. It takes time and skill and patience to dismantle and refocus the elaborate media systems and social control structures the dark ones in the cabal have built up over the years. Thanks again to the GFoL for focusing on this key aspect of the collective duality problem.It is wonderful to know that The GFoL is, again, acting out of love with our best interests at heart. We are in such great hands, they cherish us and save us always. We owe them our continued existence, our pasts and futures.

    They always were us, and they are us, but for time and space. Yet we are finally one in the here and now, at long last.

    I hope the news media begin to honestly report the facts they know to be true.
    The truth will out... eventually.

    Thanks again Greg, you are a marvel. You are raising awareness and consciousness.

  13. Thank you so much to all involved with the lawsuits and arrests! I greatly appreciate your efforts and applaud your courage. Full support! I wish you much strength, love, courage and protection. Godspeed! Thank you!

  14. Thank you for this message and please put atention to Argentina, South America, which has one of the most corrupted governments in the world, and they are destroying our country and it's citizens.
    Thanks a lot!! Love and blessings

  15. Here is a long list of arrests starting in June... it's frequently updated

  16. I will help every way I can. Please let me know what I can do.

  17. Greg I want to say hello you and give thanks for such a monumental work you do every day, informing us, documenting us. I admire you a lot and with all my heart I thank you for all you do for us here in this dimension. Every day you give us more light and this information you give us day by day become more precious. They are and we will be very necessary for this shift that is fast approaching. Thank you a lot Greg God bless you and that the light and peace always be with you

  18. Greg I want to say hello you and give thanks for such a monumental work you do every day, informing us, documenting us. I admire you a lot and with all my heart I thank you for all you do for us here in this dimension. Every day you give us more light and this information you give us day by day become more precious. They are and we will be very necessary for this shift that is fast approaching. Thank you a lot Greg God bless you and that the light and peace always be with you

  19. Aloha All! I am so grateful to be able to read these messages which resonate with ME! Thank you, Greg, for all your dedication and work to channel these messages for us! They are enlightening for me and I do my best to learn from them. Thank you, Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command, for assisting us and guiding us to the Higher Dimensions!

    I've been having dreams lately of seeing UFOs in our skies. I can feel how close you all are! I look forward to the day we are reunited and my memories are restored! Even though I can only recall what has happened in this lifetime, I can certainly FEEL the Love I have Inside for my Brothers and Sisters when I read these messages!

    May God Bless those that are on the front line doing the Work for us! Much Gratitude and Appreciation goes out to you!

    I am interested in helping in whatever ways I can and await for your messages. I am working on increasing my telepathic abilities.

    Until then, Peace and Aloha from Hawaii!


  20. Hello to all. Hmm who's this (Dark) Cabal ? are they humans ?! good news, here in Brazil we can not wait to see these thousands of corrupts, parasites, thieves, murderers and dictators politicians pay for their crimes.

    a few months ago we tried to make a corrupt governor leaves office, through protests against corruption, but unfortunately did not work... yet. The media is bought, its not easy to PROVE the crimes and the population is in a coma, its really hard to push the people to the streets to raise against this widespread corruption.

    "GFL, we have a problem !" XD. Just kidding, its just an observation. Regardless of how many people will be arrested, I think this situation may again be what it once was years later. Why ? because MANY people would act just like those Cabal act now if they were in their places, something must be done to prevent other criminals replace these arrested criminals.

    Sorry if I murdered the english language but I guess this text is understandable ;) See you later.

  21. Well I don't know about anyone else but I'm beyond surprized to hear the GFL cruises the Internet for evidence of arrests. Does that sound anything like what you'd expect 5d would be like? Do they get a good laugh from Fail blog sites too? Holy crap this is amateur stuff. This whole message is nothing I haven't already read long time ago. How bout 'the next time you're complaining online things aren't moving fast enough blah blah from the comfort and safety of your own home' 3d people talk like that. not higher dimensional beings... at least none I want to know. Little condescending don't you think?

  22. Thanks GREG and GFL. for all you doing and for those heros and front fighting for us and put their self and denger i pray for all of us and thanks againg for you HELP to HUmans.all my LOVE.

  23. Thank You! Love and Light from Paris, Texas!

  24. @sadee knows

    Where did you found this text ?

  25. Dear Galactic Federation of Light,

    Thank you for your continued work along with the forces on the ground to arrest the cabal and their associates. We hope to see (& meet) you soon.

    Love and light,

  26. Mr. Fulford and Mr. Wilcock and plenty others are kicking their ass. They going down!!, get im out of here!! push, push, push for the truth and justice. Show no fear!! For that's why our galactic famalies are here!

    Love and light to every single person on the planet!!

  27. @Joy A. Rogers

    Nice list thx.

  28. Hello My Loving Galactic Family, Thank You Greg Giles for this message. I understand there is a Divine time for events to happen. I Love you and thank you for being in our skies. Love & Light! :))

  29. THANK YOU, SADEE! Keep up the good work! Trying to help people see their being duped is not easy.

    To Greg: Thanks for another story. I had a good laugh. I would appreciate it very much if you would stop manipulating the people here. But since I know you won't, I thought I asked anyway. By the way, how's those seawalls coming along? This is the week the seawalls comes up, right? What are you going to say when there not up? Have you got an excuse made up already? How about timelines? You can say the timelines changed so now we don't need seawalls anymore. That's a good excuse. I'm sure you'll think of one.

    See you in court, assuming Greg Giles is your real name and you're the person in the picture. Nobody has any proof of who you are. These people fall for anything, I guess.

  30. Very positive comments everyone! Wonderful to see! Hypnotic Solutions; great work with the information about God Like Productions and their work collecting arrest reports. I have been searching the internet myself, and I have found several arrests of political and financial powerbrokers in India, Pakistan and Malaysia.

  31. HEY THERE, MUSKOKA! A few other peoople emailed me about how they see thur Greg's deception. Little by little people are waking up again.

    People, go back 3-4 months of Greg's messages. Study it and go forward and you will see contradictions in his messages.

    You should also go and check out Archangel Michael and the other channeled messages and see how different it is compared to this. Greg Giles is banned from that site for his fear-based messages that does not seem to come from the light. Other sites have banned his messages as well. They already know what I, Muakoka, sadee and other are trying to tell you. Greg is an agent of the dark. Start using your mind and start thinking for yourself instead of blindly believing everything his says without proof. Whatever he says, ask for proof and see if he comes up with any. If you still don't believe me, ask if anyone got picked up and had that meeting with the GFL last week. And then, watch if you see seawalls around the coast.

    Good luck with those seawalls, Greg, you don't want to look like a fraud, do you?

    1. Thanks Darryl that is great news... just been to The 2012 Scenario searched Mr Gilies and read what they had to stay about his messages. Very polite but not impressed.

  32. Anybody see Timothy Geithner's name on that list of arrests? Tried by the High Courts, convicted and sentenced to 63 years. That's what this channel announced back in July? What do mean his name is not there? How can that be?

    1. July 15th if you wanna check it out... doesn't that seem odd?

  33. "Sooner or later" something will happen. Sooner has already come and gone, so I guess that leaves later....

    Thank you GF - perhaps we'll meet you all someday - sooner or later, right?

  34. Courage, trust, commitment, placing other's welfare and happiness above oneself - the true warrior. Not about being fearless.... but just pushing through it. A majestic human who perhaps never receives any type of reward other than knowing (s)he made a difference in which his/her own life mattered less.

    We'll probably never know who these knights in shining armor of light are. That is sad. So perhaps we can join together in appreciation of the mercy they are providing for all of us. Let's hold our hearts together in one harmonious circle of gratitude through understanding and awe.

    May they, our valiant, our precious brothers and sisters out there in the front- closest to dangers we will never have to experience be treasured and loved Forever! May peace be with you and us ALL!

    Lady Morgaine






  36. Are there toilets on the spaceships, or do you just crack open a window and stick your asses out?

  37. shine on dear greg thank you for your great work star family that means everyone

  38. Dear Galactic Federation of Light, Just wanted to let you know that I am eagerly- and patiently- awaiting all the exciting things to come. I would absolutely LOVE to help you in any way I can- I am at your service! Also wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all the wonderful and courageous Men and Woman who are on the front lines I hope that very soon you finally recieve the recognition you deserve.... Lots of Love and Gratitude to you all, Keep safe and strong xxxxx

  39. I love you guys!
    To the brave souls out on the "front line," I'll try and find stories of your exploits and share them, that people will know of the courages work you're doing, and will be more receptive of the story when major networks start publishing it. Stay safe everyone!

  40. I wish the GFOL would just take it upon themselves to land, take control of the situation and get it all over and done with.

    So what if the sheople think it's an "Alien" invasion? As long as the GFOL gives us a better deal than what these scumbags cabal are currently busy with. I'm sure the masses will eventually learn to appreciate it.

    These messages of false hope are doing more damage than good.

    Take over the airwaves, the airspace and kick out the airheads from their lofty positions of power. Come GFOL. December is just around the corner. The sheople still needs to be re-educated and reprogrammed. Time is not on our side.

    I know you are the Good Guys sent here from SOURCE to come and help us. The people want change.

    To the cabal it's business as usual down here. The carnage continues.


  41. Peace , Harmony, Love, Light to All and every one here on earth and in all universes,

    Greg, once more you took an old song back Greg to fill your day job with "people on the front lines, figthing and suffering so hard for us" " mass ....blah, blah, blah .... not serious at all, in my humble opinion you and you group you find ridiculous in the eyes of all, finally I mean for those who use their brains more than what is obvious you jump from the beef to the egg .... . one day this the next day complety an other subject, does it depends on your mood (and your group) or you just want to bring divertion as the proverb has always said "divide and reign" that is the must diction from the cabal you know it, now on this way you open our eyes Greg for all those who read here, on that way the cabal is hard working for the light......thank you so much.
    Eugénie in Belgium

  42. Greg "DEVIDE TO REIGN" this diction is surely widely display in every cabal office to remember everyone who works for them and prints it in his brain....
    The proof of it all is here visible with all differentS opinions read the comments .... and this all the time ...
    If you tell the truth Greg everyone will agree with you and no longer any difference it is that simple, but you know this to well!

    The Source teached us this "love your brother as yourself", no one needs to make the slightest comment on it because EVERY ONE KNOWS THAT IT IS TRUE, do you catch?
    Eugénie in Belgium

  43. to Johnny Tsunami

    Click here: Thiaoouba Prophecy

    I thought you might ALL enjoy reading
    of this mans travels to other planets. first 3 chapters dull but rest is very interesting
    on how other civilizations function.

    Eugénie in Belgium





  45. I read with interest your complete inability to discern. Ascension was never mentioned until the early 1990's, it was called the Rapture. After thirty years of study I find that ascension, via kundalini rising, to assist THIS EARTH, has been usurped by scientology into you actually leaving your body here. In other words you will die and you have agreed to go. The aim is 509 million people left here. *sad*

    Last point, after searching GFL history, building seawalls was mentioned in 1988 if memory serves. could be wrong about the date but same stuff.

  46. Thanks for all the dear brothers and sisters who are in the front lines fighting for us! We owe our deepest gratitude to you. It is you that we can lead such an ordinary and peaceful life. And what you've accomplished can't be overlooked and underestimated. Thanks, my dear brothers and sisters. Thank you, Galactic Fedaration of Light. We look forward to seeing you, our reunion. Thanks:)

  47. CHANNELLING through AMUNA RA . . .
    - on Crop Circle Messages, Meditation for the Star Councils of Light, & re Olympics

    At 2pm on Saturday 11 Auguat, I asked: Do you have anything you wish to transmit to me right now? I received this heartfelt plea - please share it!


    Oh Amuna Ra, we do. We wish you to post this message on the websites for all to see and share. Tonight we come close to you as we have said. We wish to show ourselves tomorrow if the conditions are favourable, and we wish you all to prepare to meet us within your beings. Meditate and pray for our favourable reception and welcome, dear ones, for we need your help. We need the assistance of all Lightworkers on your planet who know of our existence and have pledged themselves to work for the forces of light.

    Last weekend we routed the attempts of the dark forces to derail our plans, and now we come once more to the point where we will be able to show ourselves to your leaders and on the world stage. We know that some of you are losing heart when we are not able to come at the time you expected, and we say to you that your trust is much needed, dear ones, for you are unaware of what is taking place behind the scenes. We need your unconditional trust as well as your unconditional love.

    Trust is a mark of your knowledge and full acceptance that we truly work to assist humanity. Your timescales are not the same as ours, and yet with the opening portals the gaps are narrowing. You will become more used to how time is warping and apparently shrinking. You will become more used to how you need to maintain a flexible and fluid trust in our goodwill and support us unwaveringly in our work, even when you do not see it with your eyes.

    We know that very many of you accept the fact of our constant assistance in your own lives and are grateful for it. Now we need the assistance of your constant trust in us and our work for the best evolution of your planet. The Time is Now, and all must unite in unity consciousness with us. We are now completely within the atmosphere of the earth, breathing along with Gaia, and we wish to breathe along with you in all consciousness, dear Lightworkers! Become conscious co-workers with us, by giving us your unconditional trust, dear ones, we pray of you. Your consciousness makes a very big difference to the frequency of the earth, for every vibration which emanates from you affects the whole. Let your light shine out with pure love and with the trust that all will work out for the good in the best way possible. Then we may be welcomed when we are able to reveal ourselves to your planet Earth.

    Our gratitude to you, dear ones, in advance for your help.

    The Star Councils of Light, 11 August 2012

  48. I love you guys, and I trust all is well.

    I will leave these matters in the capable hands of those doing the arrests. Please continue to guide them.

  49. I love you guys, and I trust all is well.

    I will leave these matters in the capable hands of those doing the arrests. Please continue to guide them.

  50. I wondered why I was directed back here. I was quite happy doing my own stuff, but hey, who am i to argue.

    This is why I have been told to come back here and I quote

    "Your consciousness makes a very big difference to the frequency of the earth, for every vibration which emanates from you affects the whole."

    Shit, I thought, why me? Why should I bother? I have already ascended so I am okay. I am already helping earth and some entities here on earth you would not believe even exist.

    So, okay, it is because what you send out is having an effect on this planet, simple really. But what you are putting out is STOPPING what should be happening.

    They may shut up now.

  51. Thank you brothers and sisters in the front lines for all you are doing to keep these arrest going. Thank You GFL for your support in this incredible time as we could not go up against the cabal without your assistance. We are truly Family and one Consciousness. Much Love, Light and Peace. Alfred

  52. "There have been bigger fish, so to speak, tossed into the frying pan" - humor, I like that, glad to know there is still humor in 5D :-)

    To the front line fighters:
    We believe in you, just continue your marathon, GO, GO, GO!!!
    Please arrest these crooks at JP Morgan, they got a free ticket for their unlimited corruption.

  53. Sweet! It is time those who "think or believe" they are better than everyone else are being held accountable. (Karma is catching up with them)To those on the front line...I am married to one of you...KEEP up your good works, you ARE very appreciated! To the media...I know fear is real, however YOU decided on this feild for a reason. When you were just a copy maybe, you wanted to bring change, well, now is your chance!

  54. To Janina, The ET's will never announce when they will land. Also, they will come down when HUMANITY IS READY.

    To sadee, so Greg is taking seawalls that was mentioned in the 1980's and using it again to fool and confuse the lightworkers. If it fooled them once, it'll fool them again.

    To Eugenie, yes, Greg is back to "the brave men and women on the frontlines, giving their lives to free humanity and arresting the cabal. We are assisting them to round up these individuals that keeps you enslaved and these arrests are continuing even as we speak." Blah, blah, blah... There are some comments hear that still believe in Greg's crap. All well, sheep will be sheep. As you can see from the number of comments, there aren't a lot of people believing him. He said this too many times now and is just "crying wolf". Fewer and fewer people are listening. GOOD FOR THEM!!!!

    KEEP IT UP, GUYS!! THEIR POWER IS FADING!! It's about this time that Greg introduces another one of his fake programs and ask for "volunteers" to keep up his false guise going! Stay alert!

  55. Want to know what ascension feels like? Being prompted, pushed actually. They are most upset with me, your Galactic Federation of the light. Threats, the lot. I say F******ck u.

    Go to Requiem For A Dream Lux Aeterna FULL ORCHESTRA.

    Listen closely, you should hear a message.

    Sorry people, but you are nowhere near ascension. Continue with the feel good "we will save you". Time is indeed short. By the way good luck with the telepathic stuff, just don't get the wrong ones.

    Getting silly now, they "my persecutors" aka friends" won't let this go.

    Caution is called for when messing with extra dimensional beings!!!!

  56. to darryl, not greg he is a new comer, this has been going on for thirty years. I have been around for longer and I remember. Always there is a new stooge, they promise lots and deliver nothing. I was a lightworker for over ten years, body and soul. Then the truth dawned.

    NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS. Trust at your peril. I have already paid the price, fortunately I survived.

  57. Again, they will not let up. The dark cabal as you call them, they are not evil.

    The illuminati, not mentioned here, are not evil.

    The collective consciousness of humanity, they are the evil.

    Sorry is this upsets. People are good, kind and gentle. I could tell you the truth about what makes evil but you would not believe me, way beyond your comprehension.

    I know you will dismiss my words, that is fine, that is the plan!!!!

    Now, is that enough? will you leave me alone now?

    You would-be telepaths, welcome to my world.

  58. @sadee......

    so, are you saying ALL these Channelings are false, or just Greg?

  59. all is false, your are the ultimate, they don't want you to know this. You have given your power away. You will have a hard time reclaiming it. As soon as you enter the path you are assaulted, diverted, threatened. Ascension is energy, you are merely energy in motion, they don't want you to know this, you would become all powerful. "they", these beings from many other systems, do not believe you are worthy of such power, that you would abuse it. And indeed i believe that is true. I have had 18 months of 24 hour a day testing to see if "I am worthy" I tell them to stuff their testing. Ascension is to help earth ascend, we go with her. All this "get of the planet to a new earth" is a crock of shit. There is so much more you are now aware of, and you will be kept in the dark, by supposed light beings. BECAUSE THEY ARE AFRAID OF YOU!!!!!

  60. Gotta give some credit to Greg for not censoring the comments like,oh..
    say..the GFP and others who do not post comments that are anti their agenda.Discernment is a personal
    responsibility that many are cultivating. Having such an exchange
    of both sides BEing expressed gives us a great opportunity to examine and cultivate our own truth. Heart
    uber all-us.
    Will I am

  61. Thank you to all our family of Light for all their hard work with infinite love, light and peace to all!

  62. IT IS ALL ABOUT CHOICE. You will not be condemned regardless of your choices.

  63. Welcome, Welcome, Welcome Galactic Federation of Light.
    Much Love and Blessing to you All!
    Please DO show yourselves if conditions are favorable!!!
    Yvonne Marie LeBlanc

  64. Örülök az újabb pozitív információknak, és annak is, hogy kezdenek elég sokan pozitívan hozzászólni.

    Segítsünk egymásnak, ne legyünk egymás ellenségei. Mindannyian EGY család vagyunk.

    Személy szerint nagyon örülök, hogy vigyáznak ránk a galaktikus testvéreink. Hálás vagyok Nektek ezért, ezt tudjátok Ti is nagyon jól. Minden nap kifejezem a hálámat és nemcsak itt, hanem gondolatban is :)

    Örülök, hogy segítettek nekünk, boldoggá teszitek a tetteitekkel az embereket szerte a világon. Igen, nagyon várunk titeket, hogy végre láthassunk - nemcsak a hajóitokat - benneteket, élőben :)

    Ti vagytok a mi családtagjaink, mi vagyunk a Ti családtagjaitok, boldogok vagyunk és leszünk is, amikor újra egyesülünk.

    További kellemes napot és jó munkát kívánok Nektek, a Fény Galaktikus Szövetségének, az Ashtar Parancsnokságnak, és a többi pozitív galaktikus szervezeteknek is!

    Legyen szeretettel telítve mindannyiótok szíve és a miénk, a Teremtő Atyánk áldása szálljon Rátok és Ránk is!

    Fény, Szeretet, Tisztaság és Pozitív energia a Földanyának, legyen telítve e pozitív értékekkel és energiákkal. Járja át a Fény, az emberek szíve legyen telítve szeretettel.

    Végül, de nem utolsó sorban, köszönöm Greg a Te munkádat is, sokat segítesz az embereknek az üzeneteiddel.

    Fény és Szeretet,

    Atlantis753 (Susan)

  65. Thank you Greg for another great Message! Our mind/thought/experience is illusion; the entire world/universe the same. So when we finally meet our GFL family and so on, that is just another clever new mind story to get stuck into that is further illusion, and so on ad infinitum. Oh don't get me wrong, it will be a fantastic illusion, yet an illusion all the same. We will have many adventures together in many dimensions, yet, ONLY the Absolute/Love/Silence, is REAL!!!!! It 'watches the watcher' within us all.

    Love & Blessings,

    John R

  66. Glæder mig overordentlig meget. Dejligt med den slags nyheder, bliv endelig ved. Som sagt venter jeg, også på den fri energi. :) Tak
    Vh. Dan

  67. You know back in march a message was posted on here saying the arrests were in affect and to expect to see mass media coverage in "the few days ahead." well, its august. Its freaking august and the saaame exact thing is still being said. Tonight is the closing ceremonies, and if any ET group wants to have an impact on our world they need to land now or never, whether or not we are ready. Whether or not it will give thousands of people heart attacks and dropped jaws. For are we not already slaughtering thousands of our brothers for various petty reasons? Greg... you know as well as I do you yourself compose these messages (inconsistencies, spelling errors, grammar errors) and your intent is good but the time for talk and messages is over. if this is all real they need to come, thats the end of it. Come,
    NOW, or let this ever be put to rest.

  68. This Reminds me of Just How close we are, I Want to personally thank to those In line of duty, protecting us and the planet, thinks will soon change and this brings ever closer to disclosure and our journey to full consciousness. Thank You all who are involve in this processes.

  69. Chère famille galactique,
    J'envoie plein d amour(qu'ils soient entourés d'une bulle d'amour) à tous ceux qui se battent
    pour la lumière et à tous les travailleurs de lumiere!
    Merci pour toutes ces informations.
    Merci à Greg.

    Avec tout mon amour

  70. 'Hear hear' Mike!
    If not now, when??? There will never be a right time to Land. Get on with it dearest GFL, and Land, for time is running out. London is Callin'!!!

    John R


  72. For any "OUT THERE" on the "FRONT LINES" - I want you to know HOW VERY MUCH I (we) APPRECIATE you, your courage, bravery, sheer grit, commitment, and loyalty to "The PLAN" (The Divine Plan). I also want you to know I support you daily in prayers and covering you in the protection of the Violet Flame,AA Michael's Sword, and these Friends in our skies. UFO equals "United Freedom Operation." We are ALL in this together, so we want you to know you have our graditude and support. I AM like a "Lady of Templar" holding the Light for the Knights out there on the front lines. Bless you!

  73. Some wars involve the pen and not a gun or weapon and some of you need to be aware of this.

    Some are more spiritual and of the light.

    I lied my rifle down long ago. I never desired to pick up another. I dont believe in rights being taken away.Ive sat in the office more times than I can count wanting not to be stifled by diplomatic papers, but you know Id do it all over again rather than defend off some invaders or tyrannical government.

    Some still fight with guns, look at Syria. FREEDOM that is fought with the daily body count. I was just sent a link today in Arabic, as close to Aramaic as one can get these days.. it covered the Syrian Rebel fighters going up against their tyrannic leadership, the Freedom Fighters of Syria..the PEOPLE of Syria covering what is going on over there. I used to be in that position elsewhere a long time ago.The weapons were different, the place was different but it happened.

    You want a challenge, they have the greatest one. Dive into a line of live fire fast moving bullets coming right at you to cover the news...its happening EVERY DAY.

    Africa more the same against DIAMOND mines and slavery and Freedom.

    S.America and Mexico with drugs and druglords... some places California...
    the evil keeps popping its head up in America as of late.

    Drake and Cobra and the rest of the resistance are in no different place, even if stuck in a paper mill of an office instead of a underground militia.

    But you know even as an underground militia hiding in sewer tunnels and subway systems and remote houses...they are still paving the way for peace.

    If it takes arming a few civilians to secure peace, I say all for it. But lets use some common sense and plan our moves. The police and National Guard are in it for themselves, not for us these days.

    How do we want to lead?
    Like "Fallen Skyies?" on TV? Is that how, because with or without ET, this is where we are today. We are not far from these scenarios.

    Im grateful for the TV, it can open the eyes of many, a much as it can turn us into sheeple.

    The right thing to do is to hope you dont need a gun and to stow it away, but have one handy.The hope is that your pen will do the work you need it to.

    This is OUR WORLD, lets TAKE IT BACK.You are in our prayers. You have our support, all of you.Frontlines, battlegrounds or not.

    FREEDOM is on the line.

  74. Üdvözletem!

    Az egyik üzenetetekben arra kértetek bennünket,hogy mondjuk meg mi az ami nehezíti a kapcsolatfelvételt veletek. A személyes véleményem az, hogy leginkább az ismeretlentől való félelem az oka.
    Nagy fába vágtuk a fejszénket, amikor az emberi valóság mintákat szeretnék megváltoztatni. Szerintem ez hosszú és nehéz folyamat. Még akkor is,ha csak a saját magamat nézem. Vannak napok, amikor jobban megy, vannak napok, amikor nem.
    A mostani projektbe nem kérem a részt vételem,de mégis szeretnék segíteni a magam módján.
    Szerettek játszani?
    Az emberi valóság mintákat jól meg lehet ismerni a szerepjátékkal.
    Majdnem húsz éve foglalkozom vele.
    Nem csak mókás, hanem nagy tanulságokat is hordoz.
    Nagyon szívesen megtanítom nektek, ha van kedvetek hozzá. Gondolom a Föderációban sem csak dolgoztok egész nap. Tudom sok a határidő és forró munka, de egy kis kikapcsolódás sem árthat.
    Ha gondoljátok,akkor vegyétek fel velem a kapcsolatot.
    A módszereteket alkalmazva magyar idő szerint este fél kilenckor meditálni fogok.

    Zafir Zorro

  75. Üdvözletem!

    Hogy milyen vezető vagyok, az akkor derült ki számomra, amikor egy sportegyesületet vezettem. A csoport véleménye jó volt, de az anyagiak előteremtése végül szétverte a társaságot. Életem fontos időszakja volt amikor én voltam a vezetője, mestere, kalauza másoknak.

    Zafir Zorro