Message from the Ashtar Command 8/8/12 ‘Our Beautiful Baby Girl’

All is so very close that you can almost touch everything that you have wanted, everything that you have dreamed of. The reason all this has been made possible for you is through all your own selfless efforts here in this 3D land of illusion and struggle, hard times and confusion, often chaos, war, fear, love, life and happiness. We have all come so very far on our journeys, for we of the Ashtar Command have also been on a long journey. It is just that we have chosen to journey on this side of this thick curtain and you have chosen a different path, a path that brought you through all of these things that you now are finally passing, leaving behind you, releasing, forgetting and in some cases to always remember, as there have been so many parts of your journey that you have loved.

It has not always been a struggle for you, it has not always been pain for you. Many times you reached such great heights of joy and even ecstasy, and you do not wish to forget these moments. You made that very clear before you said goodbye and stepped out our front door to come here. You said you wished to be able to cherish all your fond moments of family and friends, successes and triumphs, and you will have just that as this is your gift, you have earned it, you have earned all of the gifts you are to receive for all your valiant and tireless efforts here for others and for yourself as well, as both of these aspects of yourself are important and it is not fair to overlook either of them.

Do you understand what we mean when we say these differing aspects of yourself? Do these words ring a bell of truth for you? When we say your world is filled with other aspects of yourself, what image does this conjure up for you? Does this image conjure up millions, even billions of others, living and experiencing the same things as you, or instead, does a vision materialize where there are many different aspects of one being, one body, if you will, experiencing many different things on many different levels here in your world? The difference is truth and reality, or fiction and fable. That is the difference, for only one of these is truth. It is either one or it is the other and we will leave it up to you to choose for yourselves which of these characterizations of your current journey you feel you resonate with, and we will move on to a fresh topic at this time.

Here in your world are strikingly contrasting pictures and movies of different lives, different people, different personalities, different races, different ages, different levels of income, different levels of intelligence, different levels of kindness, love, understanding, patience and tolerance, even different levels of some negative aspects of yourself, but here in your world there is something so similar that all of you possess, something so unique to you, the human race, but something not unique between yourselves. Do you know what this is? Do you know what this rare gift is that you as a member of this race possess and keeps within you deep down inside for safekeeping and protection? It is love. All have this deep down inside. It is love which pours like a fountain, waters gifted from a wellspring of love, for nothing that you possess comes from anywhere and anything but love. Love is the hope you have, love is the dreams you have, love is the empathy you have for another, your drive, your determination, your courage and your bravery, the winding that makes tick the great clock, keeping in time the rhythm of your heart and the journey of your soul walking over the sands of time.

We are here and we watch over you. We protect you, we guide you, for we love you, and deep down inside many more of you than realize today or can admit today even to themselves love us too. Of course you do, we are you. We are your families, we are your friends, we are your coworkers, your co-creators of all of this. We together created all of this. This is our creation. Is there anything else you can think of that would bring people together more closely, more lovingly, kindly and embracing than creating an entire reality together from scratch, from complete empty void of space and time? This is what we have done. This is what we have created. This is our child. We together are the parents of this baby. She is ours. We are raising her together, and even though it may seem we have mistreated her in her very early and formative years it was all part of her plan and our plan to grow together, to become stronger parents and child and this is what we have done, and now it is time to take what we have learned and turn everything around and make everything beautiful, perfect, healthy, clean, fun, adventurous, exciting, prosperous, rewarding, safe, secure and eternal.

These are the plans we have for our child and she loves these plans too, and together we will make our dreams become a reality, for our dreams are all the same for we are the same. We had the same dreams many years ago when you left to begin your walk through the journey of your lives and we remained here as your guides, and nothing has changed. Our dreams remain the same, and we have both been caring for our child, just in different ways, but now it is time to come together and make our family whole again, mother, father, child. Wouldn't this be wonderful? Wouldn't this be beautiful? Wouldn't this become a better household to raise a child, rather than having parents separated through a veil and through time? It is the time for this family to become one again, to become whole again, to become everything that we were together before this temporary dividing of our family. It is time, and we are as you are preparing for this reunion.

It will not be long. All is moving forward very quickly now, very efficiently, and although many of you still do not see any outward signs of anything that you would accept as tangible proof, we say to you we did not come here to fill you with lies, fill you with stories, fill you with doubt. These are all aspects of your 3rd dimensional imaginations, for there is only truth to what we say, to what we share with you. There are no lies being propagated, there is no fraud, there is no deceit or deception, trickery or charade. We read on occasion mean spirited words coming from some of you and this is understandable, for you are merely showing the signs of stress and frustration, and in some cases inner anguish, for you are confused, you do not know which way to turn or whom to trust. This is quite understandable, and we offer to you a simpler means for you to know who to trust at this time. Trust yourselves.

You do not have to, and no one is asking you to, trust anyone else. By this we do not mean to read the messages from us or read the messages from other sources of higher dimensional information or sources who are merely offering you their reflected 3rd dimensional perspectives and discern for yourselves which are true and which are inaccurate, or in some cases outright untrue. What we are suggesting to those of you who are having and are demonstrating a great deal of difficulty with these types of communications is to walk away from them, to ignore them, to no longer make them a daily part of your experience. This is what we mean by trusting yourself, for if you cannot trust our words, why do you read them? Have you considered the fact that the reason you do not resonate with these words is because these words are not made for you, that what we are discussing does not include you?

We do not wish to be cold about this, for we love you. You are our family as well. It is just that many of you have reached different levels of your journey and not all of this information and even a great deal of this information is just not for you, for it does not concern you as some of the things we speak of are not at this time possibilities for you, and this is overwhelmingly the reason that some of you are not and cannot resonate with our messages. Do you understand that what we are saying is that we are having a conversation with those of you who have reached a certain level of your advancement and who are now ready for some of the things that we are discussing, but some of you have not reached the same level of advancement and some of these gifts, these projects, these affirmations, these hints and clues and descriptions of us are only for some and not for all of those who may come here to read these communications? This is the truth, although it may be a cold hard truth for some of you to accept today.

Our love and our prayers go out to those of you who may feel wounded in any way by what we have just explained to you. We have not wanted to have to discuss this in such a way. We had hoped that though on occasion there would be those who had found their way to our messages but who did not resonate with them, they would walk away, ignore them and forget them. This is really the only way we could have approached sending you communications in this way. We felt it was all or nothing, what else could we do from our position? We cannot mark our messages ‘For Certain Eyes Only’, for whose eyes would make this list and whose eyes would not? We cannot put thousands upon thousands of names on the title of our messages to you asking you to only read them if your name is listed. Of course, this is implausible. What we felt was the appropriate means was to make these messages available to all, and it was up to each and every one of you to decide for yourselves if this information resonated with you. We felt more often than not those of you who did not resonate with these words would simply stop reading them. This is not too hard to imagine, is it?

We feel we have not erred in this regard, and we will continue to make our messages available to each and every one of you who wishes to read them, we just wish to make this clear at this time and we will continue to make this point clear for all that these messages may not be for you, and we mean you that is at this very moment reading this sentence and are not resonating with it. You are not resonating with our love, with our vibration, with our energy, with our information, with our history, with our plans for this world or our imminent reunion. If you are not resonating with any of these subjects, then this message is not, at least at this time, for you. You can always and are very welcome to come back to these messages any time you wish to and reread them, or just begin to read our new messages and find once again if you resonate with them.

There has been a time for all of you, even those who resonate absolutely with these messages, when you would not have resonated with them. Some of you have reached certain levels of your advancement quite recently, even in this very incarnation, and if these messages were read by you just a few years or a decade ago you would not have resonated with them and you may have made your feelings strongly known about this, just as some of you are doing today. So we say to those of you who are not resonating with these words and who are lashing out in confusion and anger, hatred and slander to walk away, leave these words for others, they are not for you, at least at this time. Come back another day when perhaps something has changed in your life, something has changed within you, something has made you see something that you do not see today.

This is all we suggest, and we would like to see your comments beneath our message today giving us an idea of how you feel about our discussion and if you feel that what we have said makes a lot of sense or not to you. We love you all, our brothers and sisters, and for those of you who do resonate with our words we say to you that you can trust us, you can have faith in us, you can love us and you can expect to meet us once again, for we are your family and this time has come.

Peace, love and light to all of you, our wonderful, enlightened family. We are the Ashtar Command.

As channeled through Greg Giles English


  1. Nice message . I hope we do renunite with eachother i realy do. =)

  2. well said my friends, i fully appreciate the honesty you bring and i have never doubt you and never will

  3. Mon coeur vibre avec vos message, tres fort depuis toujours. Et j'ai hâte de vous rencontrer avec amour comme dans le passé. Ceci résonne en moi comme des vérité!
    Je vous salue avec tout mon cœur et je suis prêt pour la fête, a bientôt a tous mes frère galactique et de la tere de l'intérieur et tous mes frère de la terre qui résonne avec la vérité!
    Michel Idiek (VD Suisse)

  4. Thank you Greg for your message today and for taking the time to share all of these messages for the last few years with people like me who are unable to speak with the galactics, I read the messages everyday and they always inspire me to do better.

    The messages that are being posted do resonate with me, not all aspects of them, but I think that is because I still have a lot of work to do. It's still hard for me to see everyone as one being, when what I see through my eyes is so very strong. I am trying though to better myself and hopefully I can raise my vibrations enough to ascend.

  5. My heart resonates deep within each and every message that you bring, every idea and concept. I understand completely your messages and where you are coming from Brothers and Sisters. I can relate to the aspect of some of us being upset or perhaps angered by not seeing notable changes and what not regarding the world, for as you say this is completely normal. I have felt it recently, but i know that is my impatience getting the better of me, and i must calm and think straight. I know this is all real, that this is the true reality of our world and that you are our Family who watch over us, care for us and love us. You have always been there for us and kept us going, held our hands and given us the love we need and deserve!

    We shall be together soon! It is so soon! I look forward to finally being able to hug you and tell you how much I have missed you! You are always welcome to come and say hello to however you please or what is easiest, whether it is through dreams, telepathic messages, showing yourselves in your ships in the sky or even in person! Whatever! I do not mind! You are welcome here, as you have always have been!

    I hope you are well brothers and sisters! Thank you Greg for today's channeled message, and thank you Brothers and Sisters of The Galactic Federation of light and the Ashtar Command for today's message!

    With love and light!


    Conan. England.

  6. There are some messages that are posted here that I read and don't really resonate with too well, today's was actually one of them. However I would say I resonate with 90% of what i posted here and I look forward to hearing the words of all in person and not via a computer screen real soon. As for today's message, I don't know why it didn't resonate with me. I haven't had time to sit and think about what I just read, but I'm guessing it's because of the touchy subject and the fact that I've been way too overly, emotionally sensitive the past couple of days. Light and love and please drop in the smoke a bowl with me some time haha.

  7. This message does indeed resonate at a deep level.

    Thank you Greg.

  8. Very very good post! I have wondered why people who do not resonate keep leaving mean comments instead of just stop reading. I mean, no one of us who does resonate agrees with them anyway...

    Thanks Greg & GFL
    Light and Love Always

  9. I definitely resonate with these messages very well! Although I think it would be have a message maybe briefly discussing religion and why it was created, because for many they cannot accept these words because they go against the beliefs they have been brought up on their whole lives. So maybe spreading insight and love towards them on religion would give them a deeper sense of the bigger picture and why things happen the way they do, for I know you know these things and you know all roots of religion and the truth about every single one. This is just a thought/suggestion for future messages so when the religious people do in fact read them they will read them with a different perspective and perception so everything will "click" for them, if you will. This is just my personal opinion on the subject, and would be greatly appreciated if you at least just briefly touch up on the subject of religion for it plays big roles on some of the people reading these messages.

    Thank you, Ashtar Command and Galactic Federation of Light for this awsome and inspiring messages you are giving us.
    With Love and Light,

  10. We just really want to reunite with you ,I opened my mind to the possiblities of Life. You know when someone ever says Aliens or the paranormal isnt real, I just similar say If God is so Big why is your mind limted to be small ? -_- LOL it gets them

  11. We just really want to reunite with you ,I opened my mind to the possiblities of Life. You know when someone ever says Aliens or the paranormal isnt real, I just similar say If God is so Big why is your mind limted to be small ? -_- LOL it gets them

  12. Obviously, the message makes total sense.

    No one is here to make contact with everyone!

  13. I love you star family and can't wait to be reunited together again :),I thank you for your messages because they have give me tremendous hope in very hard times,knowing that all It would end eventually,or I'd rather say everything would start, stop existing and start fully living!

    Today I reached the conclusion that I need to stop waiting for disclosure everyday and being impatient about it,there are only 4 months and a half for ascension and everything will happen at his divine time and when it's right.

    Love and light.

  14. It gets them especially if they argue through a religious perspective . And I tell them that Jesus problems was because of Religion. War most of the time is an outcome from Religion . So may be Politics. Thats Why I love Christ and His words .. "The truth will set you free". Yet todays Churches ask for money your membership .Its like what has happened to us. Christ said Don't Judge others but in the Iron cast in your eye. Its amazing that our world of Religious extreme fantasim, Politics, Conpiracies , Wars and Cultures, can be an outcome of Art for Entertainment and more.That reason is people do and are telling us through Hollywood about our world .Yet we still many of us sit through a system that doesn't always work and follow the crowd. What politics and greed did to our education system is sad. Thats Why lol. we need someone like .we Need you ourselves to believe and make this world Better what it should be .fairness ,Love ,Peace Etc. Amen. God Bless!

  15. Makes very much sense to me.
    These messages resonate alot with me and I thank you! Much love and gratitude! We meet soon, I can see your star ships at night now and then! It feels great knowing you guys are so close and ever present. And to my great delight a friend of mine now also sees you guys! Thank you for being here and all the work you do on the other side, thank you!

    Power to love!

  16. I resonate with parts of the messages dearest Galactic Federation of Light. What I'd love more than anything else is to meet you face to face as a sovereign free being myself, as too long I have been feeling so very lonely, isolated, empty, with no hope for the future.

    Many times I had wished to have never been born here in this harsh horrid 3D world. I am 48 yrs old and have been around the block a few times, so what would really be beyond fabulous is for you to show up. I have never felt at home here in this world, so can you understand just why I get impatient to meet you, not just hear from you.

    I just want to be healed and made whole, and to be happy. You are the lushest Oasis in my endless desert, can you understand just why I need to be with you, close to you, at One with you. Its because something that's Real inside me is now fully ready to shift dimensions, and to return Home where my heart has always been.

    Love You All, Forever,

    John R

  17. True and Nice...
    Málnássy Ferencfrom Roumania

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  19. Thank you Greg Giles, and Our Galactic Family, for your continued support and Love. Today's message, along with every other message that has been posted the past few months, is exactly what was needed at this moment in time. You All are always exactly on the dot, as we might say, and respond perfectly to the emotional and rational responses of your terrestrial family here on Mother Earth. Your efforts are sincerely appreciated and understood by those of us that are to the point to do so!! With each message, more and more resonate- or if they do not resonate, they are led a step closer to discovering that which -does- resonate for them and -why- it does so. Rest assured, eventually all of us will understand and resonate, regardless of exactly when. For the many that respond negatively to your messages, it is because they have internal issues often not directly related to your messages, that prevent them currently from responding in just a positive friendly manner or no response at all. I am sure you can understand this aspect of the Earth-Human Nature. I love you dearly, and as always I say thankee-sai for All that you do.

    Alaina of Light, Light of Alaina

  20. Namaste Dear Ones - In Human and in Non-Human Forms - The Universe is OUR Living Place - Everything Makes Sense - we might have a lot of misinformation to shed - this is minor detail - THERE IS ONLY LOVE - Sending Love and Reverence and a Sigh of Relief - Namaste - Ms March'

  21. Honestly You couldn't have put this any clearer or better! WELL put brothers & sisters :D. I ask if you will to contact me in dreamtime! I am getting much better at dream recall!

  22. Let the old ways go, being good examples for the people we incounter. I had a thing with the local law and my peaceful actions they did not expect, I could see they did not expect that. Our actions are ripples some we will see the effects, most we will never see but have faith.

  23. Events on Lions Gate Message from Lord Ashtar through Elizabeth Trutwin August 8, 2012

    Greetings Ground Crew ~ This is Ashtar from the New Jerusalem.

    Many of you feel you sense changes today and high energies. You are right!

    Today the Galactic Federation pulled off a plan that has been in the works a very long time. We used our technology in a way which is very rarely done. All the conditions lined up and made it possible.

    We were able to use a kind of natural transducer device which opened an essentially unseen and very much unexpected entry into Earthʻs inner orbit. We have been able to add a very large number of large MotherShips into Earthʻs inner orbit by a transport route used very very seldom. This was facilitated by High Beings in cooperation with Ships Crew. It was years in the planning and training. This procedure has lasted many hours and will go into the night. Ships are pouring in through this passage in great numbers and taking up their positions for change over.

    Time is nearly over.
    So you look to the skies and yell Hurry Up!!!!

    Ground Crew! Be Alert! Hear me: When it happens is up to YOU.

    What do I mean by that?

    We have done everything allowed by Cosmic Law to make ourselves ready to assist you in changeover. All we need from you is your permission as an invitation to reveal the Plan for us to return to Earth and set into motion those things Galactic Humans have prepared for changeover.

    Hold Your Vibrations High. Be In Love. Connect with us through Universal Love, the Supreme Love. Be in Ecstasy. Anticipate Change. Tell us and ask your friends to tell us - We Invite You, We Need Your Help To Change! We need you to Be The Change. We need you to not allow one second of lower vibration transmissions to give the cabal what they need to control your egoic mind.

    If you find today that you are suffering in any way - know this. Suffering is brought upon yourself by not being dedicated to doing the inner work it takes to throw off your conditioning and be in touch with your true Divine Self. If you hold on to beliefs which keep you begging in poverty, keep you enslaved, keep you in bad relationships, bad jobs, bad situations - then you must change your beliefs! Let go. You are Ready! Just Let Go!
    Invite the Galactics, Angels and Ascended Masters into your quiet time and allow us to Guide you in ending your suffering. Invite us into your Realm. Take Our Hand. Walk With Us.

    All It Takes is the Acknowledgement that We Are Here by actually MAKING THE TIME.
    Do it this now moment. Close your eyes and ask, for you must ask.

    Absolute miracles have happened today. We have taken a Giant Leap in the sequential flow of changeover. Many souls were involved in todays activities and when you tune in you will see all that has taken place. Thank you for your part and participation. I SEE YOU.

    Celebrate! Time grows short.

    Salut! ~Lord Ashtar

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  25. Jesus often said, "He who has ears to hear, let him hear" and "He who has eyes to see let him see." I feel that is what you are saying in this message. And I respect that.

  26. I, for one, am grateful to have access to your daily messages. These words I read from The Galactic Federation of Light and the Ashtar Command help me renew my faith that ALL THAT IS is ever- present.
    As for those who feel and express their frustration and anger, it is probably a really good suggestion to leave off reading these messages if these are the emotions elicited. Better to not even go there, for your own sake and the sake of all. Think about it..have you ever really felt all that good after having a fight with someone in your family or circle of friends? In my own experience, I always end up feeling pretty terrible after arguing or fighting with another. Release from those negative feelings comes about when I own up to my own fear. Truly, I realize, no one is out to get me. We are all in the same boat, conditioned by fear of the unknown. But on some levels, as these messages suggest, deep down we know the truth, and that is that ultimately, there is nothing to fear. Also, the presence of these messages might help one see how limitless Creation is, how beyond our human imagination Creation is manifesting. Asking for proof of REALITY is kind of absurd, for, how can you get the proof behind the existence of say, a rose, or a daisy, blooming without effort? One simply accepts its presence. Discovering some words coming in from an unseen source is mind-boggling, is it not? It is not really anything new, for words have come to us from unseen sources for eons, and mankind has accepted these words. For instance, the Bible..the Christians believe the Bible are words from GOD. And what/who is GOD? GOD is ALL THAT IS. That includes you, me, billions of people, all of nature, and all that we do not fathom, (and you can add the GFL and the Ashtar Command to this) that science is always trying to peg, understand, prove. Proof is present, merely by the fact that you are here.
    Oh well. Now I sound like I am preaching. I am not. I am merely sharing; hoping to help make another feel less frustrated.

  27. It's like me posting a specific message for a particular person on twitter

    In order to keep the anonymatiy of the person in question I keep myself from using the @button just for their protection To keep their private life private

    Since twitter is a public medium that works kind of in the same way as the messages from the GFoL no ? Talking to different people Most of them who are outside of my follow list You know


    The sun shines for all of us ! Though in some areas there are clouds blocking her rays


  28. OH.. so wonderful.. I love your messages.. Can't wait to meet all our brothers and sisters.. and start cleaning up our Earth..

  29. PERFECT! POST!: This message is a ten!!. You hit it out of the park with the bases loaded!!. You threw the winning touchdown with 11 seconds to go!!. You passed me the winning assist in soccer and ill do the rest. (my favorite sport)

    "Our Beauitiful Baby Girl" deserves the best it can get!. I wanna thank Greg for the site and the info and our famalies of light.

  30. high level of frustration,can't wait forever. Sometimes thoughts can rule the moment. I look forward to a meeting. Thanks

  31. I dont know if i resonate with your messages, sometimes it feel like " yeah that was exactly what i needed too hear right now" and sometimes i dont feel i thing. Its like reading a newspaper and you know/feel that what you are reading is about someone els.
    I feel most of the times like a spectator. Just here too see whats going on and in the end i can make my choice. I have never seen any space ships or light in the skies and many times i got frustaded beacuse of it. Now i haved getting used that i probaly never will. I know on the other hand, that in the end i will haved find inner peace. What ever happens with everything it is as it should be.

  32. So please tell me what will happen to the folks at apparently aren't in tune with your vibration...will there be two earths and they stay behind? Or melt away...Why can't they be more straight on talk. I get the whole Illuminati or cabal crap...what their intention is so all these people that do NOT resonate with your words will what? become slaves ...
    maybe people keep coming back to this page because they want a better world...but when the words or dates or time lines don't add up...what do YOU guys expect?:It almost seem patronizing..every one goes nobody goes... frankly I'm tired of waiting..the emotional toll on the roller coaster is draining. I would like nothing better than to have you show up and show the world...soon soon soon keeps coming to mind...You could die waiting (as my Gram did 2 weeks ago so did she ascend or what). I can't imagine what can be so secret if it's all so GOOD. Frayed at the edges...sorry but this is draining. I am eager to read these each day and read what others say...some comments seem just to simplistic or even insulting Like they are the only ones that have a clue...or inside knowledge. When are the projects starting???soon soon I guess we can just trudge along until you get here...I have NO one let to tell they all think I'm nuts.

  33. Beautifully said :) resonated deeply enough to bring a tear to my eye. See you soon family of light ♥ Love you Greg and Ashtar Command.

  34. Yes of course this message makes sense. I am still here and still reading your messages. This is the difference between belief and faith. It is faith, not belief what gives me strength to go on.
    "A tiny tree surrounded by ramparts. Not desperate and worried. It knows what is beyond the rampart even though it is enclosed by it and its only ardour, courage and faith is to grow above the rampart to see true grace."

  35. I completely understand what it is you mean, its very clear and well said. I cant wait for tomorrow message. :D

  36. Dear GFL- Thank you for your message today. I certainly resonate with your word, compassion, love and light.

  37. Good explanation for those who do not feel a strong resonance with these messages. And good advice to simply quit reading them if they don't feel right.

    I admit there have been a couple of messages that left me feeling empty, or not understanding, but overall I have felt them quite deeply. Sometimes I feel as though I can feel a difference in who exactly is doing the sending. They have different flavors, if you will.

    We humans are so varied, and unfortunately, there will probably continue to be some who leave negative comments. Some people may think they're trying to help "save" us from lies, and some probably feel that the more they fight against these ideas, the better the chances are that they won't have to wake up and accept the truths that these messages are about. Change can be scary.

    I have know my whole life of many of these truths, but placed them in the corners of my mind while I raised my two kids. Once they left home for college, all of it came flooding back to me. I'm certain it was a choice, made by me, subconsciously, to focus on raising my family before I became fully awakened to light work.

    I fully appreciate these messages and thank Greg and all of those sending the words for their efforts!

    With Love, and Light,
    Terri Starr Brown

  38. What's the point of posting these saccharine messages on a daily basis? Why did you say distractions are bad in the past update while you remain one of their main contributors?

    We keep asking you about these supposed "Mass arrests in full swing " last month.How come you're not following up on that? Was it a lie?

  39. @Terri Starr Brown

    a better advice is to give heads-up to newcomers on the pap we're being fed. The only reason it's been going on for over a decade is people get discouraged and quit. We need to stick around to make it stop.

  40. Today's message recognizes that there are some of us who cannot reconcile the emerging situation with their born-into reality . . . that even the most basic constructs can change . . . and suddenly your anchor has broken loose, setting you adrift into the final storm.

  41. Yes, I believe it a great waste of time and energy for those who persist on leaving negative comments. I would say this to you, if we were all living in a house and you began with your negative comments would you not start an argument, fight, or just plain separation amongst yourselves through your negative actions. In essence that's all you are doing now and it benefits no one! I am willing to listen to what you have to say but please do so in a non forceful manner and then of course move on. We all have different opinions and that's always been true and will never change, please be respectful of that. Also understand that those of us that follow these messages will never give up the fight so to speak. Their is apart of me, of us that knows these words to be true apart that remembers. The love that we carry in our hearts will transform the world! Love has called my name my whole life, it is the only thing that makes any sense in this crazy universe. My greatest wish is that everyone be given a fair chance to do and be whatever they want. Love and light to all!

  42. "What else could we do from our position?" Well, if you really are who you claim you are, you all could have done a lot better with this last communication... Only time will tell where the truth is. More than worrying about the galactics, one should worry about her/his own role in this world, and follow the guidance of Christ and the other enlightened beings who inhabited the Earth, as much as possible. Namaste.

  43. Everyday at 11.30pm I eagerly anticipate a message from you. I love that you do not always communicate in the way that we are familiar with through other channels. I love that you keep us on our toes so to speak. It is what I have waiting over 20 years for and I know I have nothing to lose through trusting. I have learnt to feel what is behind the words and know that this is more important than scrutinizing everything that is stated. Thank you GFL and Greg and please keep these messages coming they are a beautiful 5th dimension breath of fresh air.

    Much love

  44. Thank you! Love and Light,

  45. I'm just doing what I do best. Resonate or not, I'll goof it till truth proves it. Why? Because, I'm a BOSS. How? I was born that way. When? Yesterday homie skillet! How? Through the womb. Why? I just told you. C'mon as tar tellem I wann fight! ^_^

  46. I am awake after having been born asleep. Much of this I owe to your messages. I have found my way home. I feel my physical body changing. I feel the charge of energy race through my body when I think of how much I love everyone. I love this feeling in the mornings when I jog. I just start loving everyone and I get goosebumps. I am happy to be here on earth at this time. I don't care anymore when the cabal are gone or disclosure or any stressful things. I have really found happiness.

    I have quite simply followed your advice. I stopped smoking, drinking alcohol, and eating animals about a year ago. I have replaced those things with exercise, meditation, and getting involved. My wife and I have done this together. Our kids love the change.

    I was born within a very old and conservative belief system that mankind has out grown over two thousand years ago. Thanks to the love in your messages I have seen the light in this lifetime.

    I love you. Goosebumps...

  47. Thank you brothers and sisters, Love you so much and can't wait to meet you.:) I feel so much that the celebration time is just around the corner now. I feel more and more like stepping out of this time portal and just watching the play, "the theatre", wanting to say to people - STOP acting in the show now. It's time to raise the curtain. But I know it is too soon for some of our brothers and sisters here yet, we have to be patience. Your words resonate with me. There are still so many living in fears here. We don't need to, I've been so afraid for the dark ones too, until I realized they can't reach me. I'm ligth, I'm impervious for the dark, I don't attract them, I only attract light. And the word celebration keep coming to me over and over, the celebration time is now. We are going to have a party. A universal party. Celebrating our time here, in LOVE to each other....Love you ALL...

  48. Hypnotic solutions, the way I understand it people who do not raise their vibrational energy in time will be the ones left behind and they won't stay here on earth. They will be put on another earth like planet also in the third dimension to play out the rest of their incarnation with full memory of what happened on earth. Also remember people who don't raise their vibration high enough are people who don't resonate love in their life that's all and they will continue some where else until they understand how to. We learn many things in this third dimensional incarnation but the greatest to learn is love! It is what the universe runs on! Any being can not progress without love its impossible you must have love witch gives you the necessary tools such as compassion in order to work with one another and unite to create things witch are bigger than yourself. How could we have created society today if we hated each other, if we killed each other without empathy, if we were always separated. Now of course because we live in duality you have to realize you can say the same of the negative such as hatred or evil you need them to progress as well but love rules the universe!

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  50. Well said,galactic brothers and sisters! This message makes perfect sense and needed for some of us here who keep leaving negative comments.I only wish I could communicate with you directly. Love

  51. To Angelo munoz: (GFoL 8/5/12)" We love to read your comments as we are greatly interested in what you think about us, about our reunion and about our projects we will begin together. We are even interested in the negative comments about us, for we are learning a great deal about you through all of your comments, not just the ones in which a positive light is shone. It is also through the darkness, through negativity that we can all learn, and after all, isn't this what it is all about, a learning experience for all of us? That's what it is at its deepest core." It's a bigger waste to comment when you can't remember a message you commented on only 4 days ago. Namaste

  52. Ashtar, as for as my resonated energy goes that is not the issue here. The thing is (The Galactic Federation) and (The Ashtar Command) keep generalizing everybody's comments as if we all have the same concern about what is to transpire here very soon.

    My inquisition is to the fact that The Galactic Federation keep saying that every time we come to a certain marker of time that may seem appropriate for the Galactics to land they come with this obscure reason like our baggage needs to be clear and eradicated so they don't encounter disgruntle people who's patient have hit the roof and can no longer tolerate empty or postponed promises that seems to get more and more out of reach as we get to them.

    My things was and still is this ''Sea Wall Project'' they say needs to be started on immediately but at the same time they put up this baggage barrier that seems to be slowing down this mission of getting this built before the Sea levels start to rise. Do you see the confusion here Ashtar? I just don't get it.

    What other individual mission can hold weight up against something like a Sea Wall that if not built by an allotted time can see to it that all of us suffer the consequences if not started on before things really get crazy. And you mean to tell me that our 1% baggage combined together of people who read these messages will affect at least the majority of the world that has no clue a Sea Wall needs to be built before we all drown because a few people still has baggage?

  53. Ashtar, as for as my resonated energy goes that is not the issue here. The thing is (The Galactic Federation) and (The Ashtar Command) keep generalizing everybody's comments as if we all have the same concern about what is to transpire here very soon.

    My inquisition is to the fact that The Galactic Federation keep saying that every time we come to a certain marker of time that may seem appropriate for the Galactics to land they come with this obscure reason like our baggage needs to be clear and eradicated so they don't encounter disgruntle people who's patient have hit the roof and can no longer tolerate empty or postponed promises that seems to get more and more out of reach as we get to them.

    My things was and still is this ''Sea Wall Project'' they say needs to be started on immediately but at the same time they put up this baggage barrier that seems to be slowing down this mission of getting this built before the Sea levels start to rise. Do you see the confusion here Ashtar? I just don't get it.

    What other individual mission can hold weight up against something like a Sea Wall that if not built by an allotted time can see to it that all of us suffer the consequences if not started on before things really get crazy. And you mean to tell me that our 1% baggage combined together of people who read these messages will affect at least the majority of the world that has no clue a Sea Wall needs to be built before we all drown because a few people still has baggage?

  54. Dear Galactic Federation of Light,

    The words you have written do resonate with me deeply. I have done my best to have personal conversations with each of my dear friends who are ready for this information. I do not spend time, however, bringing this information to Light to those who are unready. Unawakened minds are not the ideal way for me to communicate these messages. I do spend time with those who seek to understand more, fill in the spaces if you will, for those seeking more meaning. You messages make clear sense to me and I follow them to the best of my ability. I love you so deeply and look so forward to working with you in the upcoming days and changes that we were all sent here to experience. This is a blessed life and I seek to further the evolution of Gaia and live my life for me - until this project be complete.

    With Love & Light,

    Kevin Uland

  55. You guys keep blaming us earthlings of things you instill in us but when certain things don't come to fruition you turn around and say it's our fault due to baggage. Stop telling us about projects that you claim can not be started if it includes people that may still have issues and saying that preventing you from landing then. How about you guys do the project by yourselves then. Since everybody that wants to help still has baggage that may impede certain beings energy field.

  56. Galactic Federation of Light, I have a question. If you say you are not able to land because lesson still need to be learned and released before you can make your descent down to our 3rd dimensional earth plane how do you plane on making such attempt when they have 7 billion people on this planet that for the most part have no clue about a window closing on the opportunity to let go of anything that's weighing them down in order to make it to new 4 and 5th dimensional challenges?

    Because if that's the case it is going to be millions or probably billions of years before all the 3rd dimensional baggage is cleared if it is left up to us to clear so you can land.

    I'm confused? You all are the ones that said you are weeks away and are asking us for plausible secluded areas where it is safe for you to come down ''not us''. I'm surprised nobody is pulling your Galactic card on this mess. How is this supposed to go? Are you saying people have weeks to let go of anything that is stifling spiritual growth? What happens when you do land and people haven't worked on themselves and haven't ridden themselves of emotional baggage but still want to receive these cosmic interplanetary gifts from a higher evolved civilization?

    It seems to me ''The Holodeck'' technology which i'm sure is used by the Galactic staff or healing energy technology is and have been working for you all who come down here to help with earth as I heard in a interview with Steve Beckow as Star Sisters Phalia and Serenia Discussed Life on the Ships
    back in July of how emotional and spiritual healing takes place. And that it can also be used to get rid of drum roll please............................................................................................ ''baggage''. right?

  57. To Ariel (GFoL 8'5/12)"You are Lightworkers. Light is information. You are information workers. Now is the time to get to work and create, share and make easily assessable information regarding the great Earth changes that are occurring and that are scheduled that will affect every man, woman and child on this planet. These changes are so large in scope and there are so many of them that you may begin, if you have not already, almost anywhere. You can begin by discussing with others at home, work, or throughout your online communities our seawall project that will safeguard many areas of coastline around the world in preparation for what will be, at least in some areas, rising sea levels due to earthquakes centered deep below the surface of your planet. This is not a very difficult task, is it dear ones? And it is very easy to get started." If you believe these messages and you believe in this project,do what they ask,get to work and stop whining-If sea walls get built -that's disclosure.

  58. I can think of many times in my life when someone gave me a book to help me on my journey and I would place it on a shelf to gather dust only to catch my eye sometimes a year or two later.I learned it was alright to walk away, because the timing of rediscovery was always perfect. What a delight it has been to see how we find what we need when we need it (and are ready for it!) And how what might have seemed so mundane a gift is now a priceless treasure. I am grateful to have found your messages when I did and to learn to trust divine timing.

  59. REUNION; finally I am looking forward this moment for a long time; The time that all chains will be broken; the fear is purged by love; Distortion restored and a reality where very possibility of evolution is possible;

    ~Much Love~



  60. I LOVE all your messages G.F.L.
    I am trying all the time to send LOVE to everyone I meet, it doesn't
    matter whether I like them or not
    God Bless Gary

  61. Guys I just don't see how you all can just ignore these obvious questions that no one seem to want to answer. Are you guys going to land or not? Are you going to pick out a few individuals who don't have any baggage to help you start this Sea Wall Project? Tell us something I mean how is this plan supposed to roll out? Do you know how long you guys have been saying we are so close, to what? N.E.S.A.R.A., UFO Disclosure, Arrest, Sea Wall Project, because I will tell you one thing I am not spreading the news to anyone else until I start to see more concrete proof that would entice them to at least take every thing else seriously. Me as an individual has already come to the conclusion that these thing are redundantly well underway as you unforgivbably keep saying as if it has not been said for four years now. I remember back in mid April that Arch Angel Michael said we are weeks away from Disclosure, it is now August are we still going to be weeks away as you are so timid to mention?

  62. Gracias amados hermanos del Comando Ashtar y gracias a nuestro amado Greg!
    Es muy difícil expresar lo que èstos mensajes significan para muchos de nosotros ya que el Amor y la Luz que encierran, es lo que hace que al resonar en nuestro corazón nos sostenga y eleve haciendo màs llevadero este duro camino que marca el final de la dualidad. Sepan que son amados, respetados y esperados desde el fondo de nuestro corazón. Sin ustedes ahí, alentàndonos a cada paso, la vida se harìa pràcticamente insostenible.
    Honor a quien honor merece y es un honor para nosotros sentir que pertenecemos a sus familìas.
    Reciban un abrazo lleno de agradecimiento, Luz y mucho Amor!

  63. Angelo...thank you for your explanation..can you tell me where you got this infor?
    I don't want to sound negative...but it is very hard to keep that SUN SHINING face when there are so many earthly things to deal with.
    One day I am on top of the world and can deal with anything then the next day forget about it..I can hardly get thru the day feeling is sad and overwhelming. Faith to me is for fools...we all had faith in our president to do what is right but more of the same does anyone actually do what they say or mean? Ya ya I know you create your life but I can not foresee all the obstacles that will pop up... (yes I understand they make you grow)some things you just have NO control over. I am NOT a child so I do not live in lala land by any means...I am an adult and would seriously like to be treated like one, straight talk.It's nice to see so many people with such HIGH vibrations...but this is earth and I can only be human for now. so for all those folks that don't think people that don't necessarily agree and make comment to the contrary should NOT be scolded. We are all trying to learn ( for me this has been a 35 plus journey so excuse me if I 'm not at the top of my game every day)

  64. Gracias amados hermanos del Comando Ashtar y gracias a nuestro amado Greg!
    Es muy difícil expresar lo que èstos mensajes significan para muchos de nosotros ya que el Amor y la Luz que encierran, es lo que hace que al resonar en nuestro corazón nos sostenga y eleve haciendo màs llevadero este duro camino que marca el final de la dualidad. Sepan que son amados, respetados y esperados desde el fondo de nuestro corazón. Sin ustedes ahí, alentàndonos a cada paso, la vida se harìa pràcticamente insostenible.
    Honor a quien honor merece y es un honor para nosotros sentir que pertenecemos a sus familìas.
    Reciban un abrazo lleno de agradecimiento, Luz y mucho Amor!

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  66. Sounds right, I resonate with these messages more than any others I read. I simply feel different reading the daily messages from this website. It rings true and it is what I choose to believe.

    Hate the game, not the player!

  67. I can understand what is meant in this message. I can say for certain but I know if I had read these messages a few years back they probably would not resonate they do today. I can tell where people are on their journey by the comments they post or content/articles they post because I can remember being in the same place. It is a progression and much like emotions it would be difficult to take one giant leap in awareness much the same as it would be to go from being depressed to blissful. I can also see where the Galactic's would be puzzled about the negative comments as it seems to only make sense that you simply can stop reading them and there is no need to spoil the communication for everyone else. I have followed these messages for awhile now and I admit that sometimes it gets frustrating that from day to day the messages can shift For instance one day it seems as if there is great progress and the next day there is a completely different tone to the message. There is something to be said about the law of assumption and if you assume these messages are false then your assumption is correct and if you assume these messages are all loving from our Galactic family then your assumption is correct. Namaste.

  68. i wanted to start off saying i love u all so much and i think u understand. Through the shifting energies and your words of light and love I've learned so much about myself and others and have applied and conquered much of what i didn't like in myself and feared the most. The people around me who truly understand me notice and make it a point to inform me how my positive ways effect their lives. I feel like i owe a lot of the credit to you, my star family, and i could never thank you enough for what you have done and what we will accomplish together in the future. There are times now where i want to stand at the top of the world and proclaim my love for u, my family here on earth, and everything else in this entire universe including myself. I feel myself riddled with emotions when i share my light of your presence here and your mission to my friends and family. Occasionally i am brought to tears of joy when i express my gratitude towards you and god for everything that is beginning to unfold. But at times i also feel the frustration in the air. The eerie feeling that's driving many to lash out in the wrong ways. Here on this side time is not our friend. Many of us hold onto hope day after day treading forward with our heads barley above the water. There are times that we get tired and let ourselves sink down beneath the surface, even for just a moment. I am guilty of this and it has been a goal of mine to be able to transcend this act in its entirety, but it is at that moment i feel most of us who read and usually resonate with your words lash out at you in anger, confusion, etc. I admire you unlimited amount of patience with us and again i love u all so very much. Also to anyone here who takes the time to read my comment i love u too!! Peace Light and Love to my brothers and sisters here and across the universe.

  69. It is a great mystery!!! Just a few seconds after reading this message and some comments next to it I saw a flying Light obj ect in the dark night above my balcony which I am sure it was neither an airplaine neither a falling star.Are you responding to me? ??? If it so I am gratefull but please dont play with us like that I need more time much closer contact with you as All of us here do!!!

  70. Bernard REMOND - VOUS êtes MA famille mais je ne fais aucune différence avec n'importe quel autre personne, car il est vrai que nous sommes tous Frères et Soeurs pour avoir le même Père créateur.Nous sommes UN! Je dis aussi que la FAMILLE terrestre est ce qu'il y a de mieux tout comme ce qu'il y a de pire. L'AMOUR fraternel y est souvent le plus intense, mais les haines les plus cruelles et les monstruosités les plus 'inhumaines' se rencontrent aussi au sein de nos familles humaines. Tout comme il y a des humains qui pratiquent la compassion et sont au service de leurs prochains avec dévoument , je sais aussi qu'il en est de même pour VOUS nos frères galactiques. Alors veuillez comprendre que la méfiance puisse être a-priori la notre juste le temps d'une première rencontre avec vous afin de nous permettre de lever le doute. Mais personnellement je sais sans aucun doute possible que ceux de la FGL sont tous des frères et soeurs aimants et entièrement désireux de nous aider, nous conseiller, nous secourir. MERCI chères âmes! RESPECT à vous, et mon Amour pour ce que vous êtes est immense. Mais pour nous seulement le temps presse pour nous préparer au grand saut quantique que nous avons à faire en 4D puis rapidement ensuite en 5D. Ce n'est pas le moment pour vous de nous parler de construire des digues ou autre travaux de cette sorte, tout celà ne peut-être prioritaire pour nous en ce moment. Aidez- nous plutôt à continuer d'expansser nos consciences, à diffuser notre lumiè à mieux nous aimer les uns et les autres, à aimer notre mère Gaia, à adorer notre Père cré à vous aimer inconditionnellement. Vous êtes dans nos coeurs car nous sommes UN!

  71. Your words are excellent and clear. I have made a breakthrough with one of my family members about the great many changes, events that have occurred, and your presence. Knowledge of your existence is indeed spreading my family. I cant wait to see all of you soon, especially those who I know so well on Alpha Centauri. Peace and swiftness to you!

  72. To Peter Naughton: First of all I am from New Orleans which means those friends of mine or no longer in contact or physical reach. I do not work haven't in two years, and what online community are you referring to share this information? Please don't say Facebook.

    We are not information workers because if that were left up to us nothing is going to happen when it needs to happen in time enough to get everybody on par to what is going on. I am an African American and as far as I can see people who I follow like Aseer Duke of Tiers, Bro. Panic, Yaffa Bey, Hakim Bey, Bobby Hemmitt, Dr Phil Valentine, Alim Bey, Bro. Sutek, Bro. Dawud, Blue Pill and Red Pill, Ms. Blue, Tariq Elite etc, all of these people are African American Scholars when it comes to this spiritual awakening and you know what they all have in common? Self realization and self reliance and self mastery, they do not entertain this Galactic Federation agenda.

    This is not about saving no planet because Mother earth can take care of her self and kick us off like the flees we are. I really don't care if these sea levels rise because guess what? I have a soul and I am going home regardless. Now I know why the Galactic Federation does not tell you all or Greg Giles the real truth because if they did you all would be to shocked and appalled to even continue because your heart would be to heavy to handle such revelations. This shit really has nothing to do with no god damn Sea Wall project to be honest. You guys better start on something else more useful because mother earth could have kicked out asses off this planet a long time ago if she wanted to. You think Mother earth is worried about a Sea Wall? Hell I always wanted to see Tidal Waves anyway. Fuck a Sea Wall Project.

  73. Thank you family of Light, wow, my family really hit the nail on the head with today's message. Yesterday I felt so much negative energy from the comments, the first thought I had was patience is one of the greatest lessons learned in the illusion of duality and I felt the fustration from the negative comments because events were not moving fast enough for them. This was a beautiful lesson to show me that we have to earn the path of Enlightenment and there is no skipping any levels of development to go back home.
    One Heart One Love

  74. Ariel :Then why are you posting comment after comment to the GFoL as if they're real about why they're not doing this or why THEY said that.Then you talk about Beckov and Quinsey as if they're all the same thing. They don't even acknowledge one another.Who do you think you're posing questions to.This information is garbage,haven't you figured it out by now?

  75. This comment has been removed by the author.

  76. To Peter Naughton: If Steve Beckow and Mike Quinsey don't acknowledge one another how come he is interviewing him today as we speak? Mike Quinsey knows exactly who Steve Beckow is this would be I think his third time interviewing Mike. So please stop the non-sense.

  77. To Peter Naughton:Sheldan Nidle – Preparing for Disclosure, 20 Years On – The Light Agenda
    Presented by Stephen Cook
    Wednesday, August 8
    6pm (PDT, USA) / 9pm (EDT)

    Remember: If you can’t tune in at this time you can listen at ANY time that’s convenient to you, once the show has gone to air. Just click on this same link.

  78. Ariel :Quinsey and Giles don't acknowledge one another -you're here on Giles' blog askin about somethin Quinsey and Beckow said.Do your own thinking.

  79. To Peter Naughton: There you go right there and Steven Beckow had already interviewed him. So that theory of them not acknowledging each other has been thrown out the window. I'll give you a second to pick your face up. Lo lol lol lol. Don't ever assume sir it will get you in trouble.

  80. To Greg Giles and your "alleged" channeled GFL: So you want people who don't resonate with your messages to "go away"? It's because we don't put up with bullcrap messages like yours fooling the sheep into your agendas. Seawalls, baggage, "we like to hear from you, post your comments below"... what kind of sick person are you??? No 5D spiritual light being reads comments online!! But you got fools believing you, don't you? We'll see if they still believe you when no seawalls show up, unless your going to blame it on "employees" again like you did the Geithner Arrest Correction.

    "we say to you we did not come here to fill you with lies, fill you with stories, fill you with doubt. These are all aspects of your 3rd dimensional imaginations"

    We'll see if a summons to appear in court for fraud is a 3d dimensional imagination.

  81. Peter Naughton stop trying to preach because you talking to the wrong one sir. Trust and believe the information I have regarding the Galactic Federation would leave your jaw on the floor. Because I'm telling right now the image you may have of them which I'm sure is Caucasian people with blonde hair and blue eyes is the total opposite of what you want to see. Trust me you do not want to meet them. My information I post is for the Galactic Federation to read not Greg Giles, you got me? I'm really not concerned if Greg reads my shit are not.

  82. This comment has been removed by the author.

  83. I stumbled onto this website in March of this year and I find it very remarkable. To me, this is a very spiritual site with messages that normally make me laugh with synchronicity. From what I have learned, both here and what led me here, there is no place for doubt. Just let it go if it angers you.

    I had been out of town until yesterday, with a hobby, and all the messages I read made me laugh because I know my path and where I am. I help, but am tied into things I told myself to get out of in April, in order to free my mind. It is easy for us to say, you are wrong and things should change immediately, but that does not make it correct.

    If you read these messages to help others or yourself, you should be learning greatly who you are which helps you help others. If you're reading these to find aliens, perhaps you have a little to learn still. I'm not being negative. But why would you think other dimensional beings would be seen by unenlightened humans? Not that they can't be, but we don't know. If you're not living in peace and love, how can you assume you are ready? If you are addicted to an aspect of life, like money, how could you expect to be ready to welcome those who aren't?

    I too want things to change, but they won't until I change myself. Change yourself and change the world. I feel like some of us here have forgotten the basic lessons we have learned already. If this is a final, it will take a mastery of the simple things, like forgiveness and love. Until we are ready to lead the way in love, how can our friends from afar be ready for our help?

    I know we all need money. But we are the ones who KNOW there is no death. So, really, what is the difference of giving up everything? Do you need your house, your wife, your kids, your job? Because I've been reading these messages and there are 3-D items that will have to be given up. Sure I have a house and a family but I ask my wife everyday to quit her job because she is unhappy. I haven't paid a bill in months. I'm not saying I'm doing the right thing, but I really don't care because things are going to change dramatically. I will get by. So will my family. If my wife think's I'm crazy, fine. It's time to get on the path and stay on it. I fell of the path, in a way, but knew I would. Now it's time to end the games. Get your head right and control the future. Don't let the present control you.

    I'm just trying to say, for all the talk about money, they know how much we need it. They also know we can live without. As a famous sailor said when he sailed away from his family for good to find his peace, "Jesus was a barefoot vagabond too."

    Either do it or don't. But don't use excuses and think they don't understand. We chose this life knowing how hard it is to rise above the 3rd dimension. If you don't want to, don't. But don't make it sound like you can't. I'm clinging on also, fighting doubt, because if I'm wrong my family will suffer. But I'm not and they will be happy, as they are now.

    Thank you. Peace.

  84. To Ariel:What image do you think I have of "them" there are many "them"s and different images can be presented to the viewer.

  85. I feel all this subject so natural to me, so I believe I am resonating Ok.

    Hope to learn everyday more and more, as I have tremendously increased the rate I am learning and broadening the diversity of subject on these matters this present year.

    Thank you all that shine the Light on us.

    God bless you all and those that do not understand yet. Sure they will some day.


  86. Your messages resonate with me. This is why I come to your site for daily message updates.
    Looking for our reunion and working with ou on coming projects.

    Much love and light.

  87. Dearly Beloved Galactics and Greg.
    Wonderful message. I find that I agree with you 99% of the time. I know that I have work to do on my self. I have many feelings that I am dealing with and releasing right now. Letting them pass away. I do wonder why those who do not resonate with the message just do not go some where else. I think that it is intolerance. I am getting better at tolerance and just letting people be who they are. It is really wonderful to be this way. So much stress is let go.

    I do feel impatience. I so am ready to experienc another existance with peace and love and harmony. I know that I am not the only one.

    Also, I just read that the coast of CA may experience a tsunmi in the next 100 hours. What about having the sea wall put up there???

    Blessings and Love to all

  88. For those that are saying why are people posting negative comments,,,didn't they GFL ask us what our opinions were on this so now people have given them and they now want us to go away if we don't vibrate the same...that's certainly a pile....if they are soooo brilliant... Peter says, why do they need us to write comments?
    But they have telepathy so why don't they just read our minds...? I think people that DON"T ask questions are the sheep.

  89. things become less and less offensive the more and more you realize we are all connected, to notice this you only need to be more observant of cause and effect, and your discernment and intentions. not to long ago this blog would have been meaningless to me, and now at times is somewhat mind twisting because there are things I am still learning about myself and about our reality. for instance this message seems to say we are all one and then it seems to flip and say if you do not resonate here your not meant to be here which seems to be a contridition, but not really. as an example I read a blog forget where that said if aliens or GFL types were to land here it would not be on the white house lawn because our white house is not ready for such contact, but rather they would land in sweden because they are ready, so I look up both countries and compare them to see what the differences are, and it turns out what they said was logical, even though it sounds harsh.

  90. Loved it~!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)~

  91. Obvously your messages resonate with me, vibrate with me, even are like DeJavu. It's like these words were already inside me and someone is transcribing them for me.

    About the negative ones... remember, there are people being paid to interrupt and destroy. In marketing that is called FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt).

    So many factions are agains this kind of message that all they do is validate your authenticity with their faked hatred.

    At some point we must just ignore them and move on.

  92. Dear Ashtar Command

    Thank you for this posting. I always look forward to your up-dates and postings and wish that you would do them more often. You have a wonderful way of communicating, which gently, but directly, goes to the point of your message and in truth is never offensive, as truth never is. The below is a posting that I have sent to my down line and I felt that you, plus those who read these postings, would find this of value.
    With Kind Regards
    The below is something very beautiful to share with all of your friends and the World. I hope that you find it as joyful as I do. And always remember, if you touch the heart of only one person, who then touches the heart of his, or her, friends, you will soon touch the heart of the world. Let us live with courage and wisdom and stay:
    Forever Free
    I am a Light Worker Dyane
    I am singer/Song writer you can find me on
    Also I am a Light worker.
    Promise Myself to be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. To talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person you meet.
    To make all your friends feel that there is something in them.
    To look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true.
    To think only of the best, to work only for the best and expect only the best.
    To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own.
    To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future.
    To wear a cheerful countenance at all times and give every living creature you meet a smile.
    To give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others.
    To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.
    HOPLESS ROMANTIC but you must have something to bring to the table!!
    If you love me like you told me, please be careful with my heart. You can take it, just don’t break it, or my world will fall apart
    To love all Unconditional!!! Namaste <3
    Read more

  93. First half of the message that was about family n such: Loved it.

    Second half of the message about resonating with your messages or walking away. Loved it.

  94. Dear Fellow light workers,
    I am having an angel visit me and I need three other people who want to have them visit them after they leave me.

    If you will send me your email I will send you the details. Please only sincere people rely and only if you are interested. This will be part of my work as a lightworker to find individuals to recieve these angels.

    My email is I live in the US. if this is important.

  95. thanks Cameron,and the Comander all my loVE.

  96. ASHTAR COMMAND! i was hoping to hear lord ashtar on a radio show but the (ooh so short) time alotment was filled by another most favourite entity of mine! the excitement is welcomed to build until i can hear him next week!

    can i just say i in no negative way whatsoever am slightly glad and relieved this message came? sometimes the sort of comments you refer to in this message hurt, and i sometimes read them to see other lightworkers from other parts of the world talk with enthusiasm for what were all doing together. anyways the negative comments hurt, and i want to comment about the comment to share my love but it never is taken that way and only seems to perpetuate negativity which makes me feel like my actions were negative but the intentions i had never were anything but loving.

    so thank you for thinking of me, i love you guys TOO man!

    i would love to know more about lord ashtar, and the ashtar command (will be waiting and listening to him on the radio show...just sayin :D hehe)

    sorry if this comment isnt down the lane of ..expectation?

    and thanks GREG GILES!!! for spreading so much light to the light thirsty people out there!!!


    as they say

    "love your work!"

  97. The next time you resonate ask yourself this: which part of me is resonating with this message? Is it the emotional side of me?

  98. Eu quando mais jovem não gostava de correr, porém o tempo passou hoje é o que eu mas gosto de fazer.

  99. Fair and straight forward. I love it! Thank you Greg for passing on these messages everyday. I so look forward to my daily update. Always full of love! Many blessings...See you soon:)

  100. This makes perfect sense and had to be said, I feel.

    Thank you AC, GFL, and Greg for outstanding work!

  101. Hello I accidentally posted today's comment under yesterday's! please refer to that 1 thank you and love and light

  102. The surface lives are indeed willing and committed to work and render service to creator and mankind under the guidance of the Galactic Federation & Ascended Masters. The surface lives are experiencing communication hindrances as they are not aware intuitively whether are contacted or not and are still waiting for the grace and contact. As Galactic Federation has rightly put it, the surface lives have to earn for their the survival of their families and even to read the messages from the stars on the internet. Personal presence of the Galactic Federation's members on earth shall motivate large number of surface lives, if not actually but at least in the "Clone" form. Well, Galactic Federation is better aware of the sequences that follow. It needs to wait untill the sequences appear in the headlines of the main stream news for awakening the rest of the humanity.
    - Rangaraju.A.N., Bangalore, India

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  104. It's nice to have these posts readily available so that I don't feel so alone in all of my woowoo consciousness. I resonate & I'm glad ya'll finally told the hate-spewing bunch to take a hike... Well, that's how I would've said it anyway Ha!

  105. Just wanna say much love to you, family. Miss you. <3

  106. I feel I am resonating with your words today.

    Peace to you.

    I hope we can meet soon.

  107. Thanks for today message Greg. I felt the all message is truth, feel sad for those member of the family that did not resonate for any reason with the message post here everyday. At the same time I know that one day we will be all together again because we are one and always we have been one and we will reunite all together . Love for everyone.

  108. I know that right! So there is some truth blasting right at you most cannot handle the truth without proof, they have to be the young souls. I was hoping sometime you can explain the triangular ships I sere and film. I see them in Leavenworth is and seen them in raymore mo. From dusk till dawn. . I would also say I saw one with a chemtrAil. Anyway I witness to everyone I meet. Oh I haven't go my message about helping with the sea walls.

  109. i resonate with every single one of these messages. I feel it so strongly in my heart! This particular message makes perfect sense. I feel the pain it may cause some people and i always send my love and light to all. I can not wait for our joyous reunion!!
    Love&Light <3

  110. Hypnotic, the youtube video is What Happens If You Do Or Don't Ascend? There are alot of videos on ascension, of course its up for you to decide what you believe but I believe if you start looking with an open heart and open mind you will find all the answers you are looking for, for this is the time of great revealing to everyone. There are to many people asking questions now a days for these truths not to come out, no matter what that truth may be. I believe if people look around no matter what is happening, it should be obvious that it is a time of great change. Economies failing, wars raging across the entire planet practically, oil spills, almost every major animal on the endangered species list, people are asking new questions all the time, especially the breakthroughs in quantum physics. There is no turning back for this world! All our questions will be answered soon enough I'm sure of it just keep looking and stay in the heart. The mind is good for solving solutions and all rational thought here in the third dimension but your heart will lead you home! Also I believe the gfl stated they would not read our minds as this is our sacred space. They did say they wanted to hear feedback both negative and positive but I do not think it was there intention to have people devoting so much of their energy to something that isn't very productive for that individual.

  111. I am aware of my oneness with the Creator of all life, with all Beings, and all of concern is with truth and understanding and i am sending you greeting of love and light and desire that we all find an end to suffering and may we all find healing and peace...thank you...

  112. Hello Erin1111 ; I wish to ask you a question and would genuinely appreciate if you could shed some light on it for me.You enjoyed todays post and I respect that.The following is from 8/5/12-"We will, as we do every day, follow your comments underneath our message all throughout your Internet with great interest. We love to read your comments as we are greatly interested in what you think about us, about our reunion and about our projects we will begin together. We are even interested in the negative comments about us, for we are learning a great deal about you through all of your comments, not just the ones in which a positive light is shone. It is also through the darkness, through negativity that we can all learn, and after all, isn't this what it is all about, a learning experience for all of us? That's what it is at its deepest core." How does one reconcile the opposing standpoint of these two posts only 4 days appart? Thanks.

  113. To Erin :Do you also resonate with what I quoted to you or does it not count?

  114. I deeply apologies for all of the words I stated yesterday, you are right I was in confusion, I had doubts, and yes I was angry to certain extent, My brothers and Sisters .I was mad because I was disappointed about the Olympics event, But Now that I have an “explanation” about the event, I understand little better as to why. There is a reason why I call YOU my brothers and sisters. I understand you and see YOU as My family. My words were incomplete , I was not trying to say to that you were planning some sort of a lie or scheme I was only trying to reinforce that there are people who do indeed think that way for some reason, I Love reading your words, it is my favorite part of the day indeed, I love reading your words because I Love You too my family, My dream is still the same as well ,I do hope you forgive me for speaking such unkindly way, the only real communications in between us are really only these, I do know that you help us in our dream state and on many, many different ways, I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart, I also thank you for all that you have done for us and are still doing for us our family.
    Because of a great love, one is courageous.
    Lao Tzu (I cannot wait our family reunion together 8) ---- I Love You

  115. Dear GFL
    I do resonate with these words a lot .have listened to everything for over a year.i understand it all.and although I haven't done everything good in what I put into my body I still find good advice in the messages.
    I have been more than keen to have some sort of meeting.not just for proof but because I am so curious and I believe I could handle a meeting.although I don't remember too much of my dreams at times I believe I have had some sort of dream state encounter.
    I really want to help in the disclosure and planet healing projects.
    For the people who are having trust issues....I can understand cos I have been skeptical at times.but have also thought 'if it is the governments or some creatures taking notes on the moon or whatever getting a gist of what we all think with these things.then we are using the good advice to our advantage and taking heed in the good it's helping people to raise their isn't that a good thing.and Wouldnt the dark ones benefit more from just not creating such a channel like this to raise us up.and just keep us in the illusion with more garbage entertainment types like everything else that is online.
    I know I've got nothing to lose by believing.accept a let down in disclosure dates which isn't too hard to get past.but as for spreading the messages to people.that becomes hard.this disclosure situation hasn't increased in what materializes.its still just the same crappy videos that come onto YouTube that could well easily be fake.i don't look for proof in that regard but I know most skeptics would.if you guys could do a very well presented low flying sighting so that someone can get a really good video of.then that would be the logical appropriate next phase.cos all the people who don't believe would believe more if they could see a actual good video.
    How can this not make say your going to step up the amounts of sightings.well all I see is a bunch of chemtrails in the Melbourne sky's.and I'm crazy for believing they are even real when they are completely visible.
    I only want to give us the tools or increase things to the next step already...people aren't gonna flip out and start wrecking buildings and will just set in

  116. The messages resonate with me, but with a tiny lingering doubt in the back of my mind. I have been following the messages of another fairly well-known Lightworker for almost 20 years. During that time not a single event that he has foretold has come to pass. And yet every week when he posts a new message, I read it with renewed hope. Still there is no evidence of his projections bearing fruit. Yet somehow deep in my heart I find his messages compelling and irresistible. Much as I do with these messages from Greg. I do resonate with these messages. But is that enough? Peace, Love and light

  117. I look forward to this daily inspiration, it soothes my soul and reaffirms what I feel in my soul to be true and right. It gives me hope and makes me feel loved which helps me to love in a more perfect way. Thank you Brothers and Sisters, I am so excited for our reunion!

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  122. I felt love, all consuming love. This was the first time I have fully felt this way when reading these messages. Before there was love and hope. But now all I feel is love. It is truly everyone and everything. I feel the love for a brother, a sister, a father, a mother, a son, a daughter, a friend, a lover, an enemy, a total stranger, it is all love, it is all the same, it feels so very beautiful, I will hold this love in my heart and spread it as far as I can, without expecting, without hope, I will spread it for that is what you must do with love, always.

  123. i feel... you're right. reading these messages every day, and very often i've felt the information written the day before the message. was pretty sure i'd be chosen to cooperate with you on your projects, but am not at this time. and the difficulty writing comments here is... we don't get a reply

  124. Dear Greg
    Why did you cancel my yesterday's message it was very respectfull and polite, may I add I am the one who translate yours thursday's and friday's messages into french ???

    love and light

  125. just watched the video on Greg's fb page. so beautiful. bawling through 2nd half. the beauty in every soul i wish for them to know. blessings family. continue to spread love and light to all.

  126. just watched the video on Greg's fb page. so beautiful. bawling through 2nd half. the beauty in every soul i wish for them to know. blessings family. continue to spread love and light to all.

  127. Wow! Thank-you so much for this message today! You are stupendous healers. After yesterday's message I was feeling much of what the "negative" comments expressed. I think it was my guilt (about not doing enough). My guilt was wanting to express itself as anger, and I also felt much frustration at not yet knowing how to get to work. I wanted to say then as others did, "If I knew what to do I'd be doing it already", and "How dare you?" But I couldn't bring myself to add to that energy, at least not in writing. I'm glad I held back from commenting then because, even though I put those words here now, they don't feel mean. The emotion behind them has been transformed by the love I feel coming from you all today. I feel it in my heart. I am so grateful for your kind and careful approach and especially moved by your honesty.
    I sincerely asked myself whether your words were for me and thought that maybe they might not be, but my heart wouldn't let that stand for more than a minute. By the end of your message today with the energy coming through from you, I knew that your words are for me. So what if I felt hurt or upset yesterday? I can forgive myself for having been human. Healing is exquisite.
    Thank-you again for touching my heart! I trust I'll know soon enough how to help more. I can honestly say now that I am already doing all I know how to do to help, and trust my efforts and skills will soon blossom into something far greater, something as yet unbeknownst to me. Bless you Ashtar Command and everyone else!
    -Robert A. Bruneau

  128. I have to say that this is all very amusing, to read some of these posts. I laughed so hard I nearly!!!! Great entertainment all

  129. Yes your message is good, it might sound strong for few but that's the truth.

    I would like to say that all wise words, sometimes teachings are cloaked in stories, texts and 3 rd dimensional world situations so the awakened ,wise and matching frequency people can decipher the hidden messages and meanings. Even highly valued books , manuals cloak their messages. It's for the benefit for people who have reached a vibrational level and if someone does not resonate with it now than he can always understand and resonate with the words at a later date, when he/she reaches that stage. Its just a continuing evolutionary process and no one is less or more. You cannot look down upon or scold a nursery child for not being able to do 5 th or 12 th class studies, you just love and accept him as he is and teach him according to his level.

    Cloaking has been necessary to prevent defamation, ridicule,destruction, anger, non constructive arguements to be projected towards it which can way lay meaningful souls from it. I also journeyed spiritually so that I be able to understand the hidden meanings , its not a spoonfed process and takes effort from one's side and most important willingness to change and replace ego with love, forgiveness and trust.

  130. I just love this messages. Thank you.

  131. Oh, my, this was an intriguing message this week!
    I am grateful to say that I fully resonate with and believe in everything that is spoken of in your weekly messages and In GFL’s messages. And when something doesn’t completely compute in my heart the first time I read it, then I read it again, and sometimes again and again, until I see/feel it in a different light, in a way that does begin to resonate…I see the possibilities of the “unseen” world around me, and trust that the reason I cannot FULLY comprehend something now, never means it isn’t true, but that I am simply blinded by this simplified, 3rd-dimensional reality that I’m living in right now.

    I know that every single human being, every rock, every flower, every bee and dog, mountain and water droplet, our Earth, our Sun, and even our invisible air, are all part of ONE large WHOLE. I was raised to believe in the truths put forth by Jesus and dear Mary Baker Eddy, and throughout my life have explored many other teachings, formulating my own understandings of Love’s Divine reality. That is that Everything is One. We are living in this illusion of separation, making it difficult to really grasp and hold onto this truth, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is Truth! :)

    I love the vision you gave us in this message of all of us creating this life and our dear Mother Earth and all that She Is, together, a long time ago. That’s one more aspect of Truth that I’ve never really given much thought to, that since we are all aspects of the Divine Whole, then we, too, were part Creator of all of this, this beautiful planet and solar system we’re privileged to be living in.
    Oh, I could type all night long…. :)

    But I’ll just close with saying THANK YOU Ashtar Command and Galactic Federation on Light, for continuing to send us your loving light, your compassion, and your gentle encouragement to strive to do better and be better in all that we do, every day. I really appreciate the gentle nudging and always take it to heart, applying it as much as I remember to.
    I love you too. :)
    XO, Mrs. Holly J.

  132. Najskôr by som chcel potvrdiť, že Vaše správy mi veľmi pomáhajú , rezonujem s nimi , všetky programy , návrhy , pohľady vnímam ako schodnú cestu zo súčasného stavu do nového veku a ďakujem Vám za to. Sám seba považujem ( alebo skôr matne si pamätám ) za člena AC , ktorý dobrovoľne vstúpil do podmienok tu na Zemi, aby Vám mohol sprostredkovať pohľad z tejto hustej dimenzie. O to som sa snažil už skôr telepaticky, o to sa snažím aj vtedy keď píšem svoje komentáre k niektorým Vašim otázkam a návrhom. Je smutné, že niekedy mám pocit , že sa jedná iba o jednostrannú komunikáciu smerom odo mňa k Vám a späť nedostávam žiadnu odpoveď. Vaše pohľady , návrhy , programy mi sprostredkovávajú aspoň čiastočnú odpoveď, za čo som Vám nesmierne vďačný. Svojimi komentármi sa Vám snažím ponúknuť späť môj pohľad z tejto dimenzie, pretože viem, že pre Vaše rozhodovanie je dôležitá znalosť situácie zo všetkých strán , aby ste obsiahli plné spektrum podmienok v ktorých sa rozhodujete. Jediné čo ma mrzí je to, že svojimi správami ste dali nový význam slovnému spojeniu „v najbližších dňoch“. Pôvodný význam tohto spojenia bol časový horizont v rozsahu 2, 3, 4 dní až týždeň, maximálne 2 týždne. Keď sa pozriete späť ako často a od kedy používate termín „v najbližších dňoch“ , zistíte sami, že ste mu dali nový význam a to snáď „v najbližších mesiacoch“ . Za pár dní olympijský cirkus skončí, dúfam, že aspoň potom prejdete z defenzívy do ofenzívy. Moja zatiaľ najväčšia životná múdrosť , ktorú som sa naučil v tomto živote je tá, že život je tak vzácny a cenný dar, že nemôže a nesmie byť zneužitý na živorenie v bolesti, utrpení a v nemožnosti konania na zmenu tohto stavu. V prípade, že tomu tak je a tento stav sa nedá zmeniť, taký život nepovažujem za hodný ďalšieho žitia a život sa stane iba čakaním na smrť. Realita, ktorá ponúka iba život v bolesti a utrpení a kde jediná zmena je zmena z jednej formy bolesti a utrpenia na inú formu bolesti a utrpenia aspoň z môjho pohľadu nie je hodná života a ja sa nej nemienim svojou energiou podieľať. Verím, že na tejto planéte k zmene k lepšiemu dôjde, to je dôvod prečo sme všetci tu (včetne Vás ) , inak by sme museli spoločne konštatovať , že sme zlyhali.

  133. If the GFL want people to stop critical messages I suggest they stop promising freebies. People who are fast asleep will rush to join, and then you don't deliver what they want. Stop offering, they will go away.

  134. First, I would like to confirm that your message really help me, resonates with them, all programs, proposals, views see it as a viable way of the current state into a new age, and thank you for it. I consider myself (or rather dimly remember) as a member of AC, who voluntarily joined the conditions here on Earth, you can arrange to view the dense dimensions. That I tried earlier telepathically, so I try even when I write my comments on some of your questions and suggestions. It's sad that sometimes I feel that it is only a one-sided communication direction from me to you and not getting any response back. Your views, proposals, programs I mediate at least a partial response, for which I am extremely grateful to you. Your comments are trying to offer you my view of the back of this dimension, because I know that your decision is the important knowledge of the situation from all sides to embrace the full spectrum of conditions in which they decide. The only thing I regret is that your messages have given new meaning to the phrase "in the coming days." The original meaning of this connection is the time horizon of between 2, 3, 4 days to a week, up to 2 weeks. When you look back on how often and when you use the term "in the coming days", you find yourself, that you gave it new meaning and perhaps "in the coming months." In a few days of Olympic circus is over, I hope at least then you switch from defensive to offensive. My life so far the greatest wisdom that I learned in this life is that life is so precious and valuable gift that can not and must not be misused for vegetation in pain, suffering and inability to change the procedure for this condition. If this is so, and this condition can not be changed, so I do not find life worth living another life, and becomes merely waiting for death. The reality that you just live in pain and suffering, and where the only change is the change from one form of pain and suffering to other forms of pain and suffering at least from my perspective, is not worthy of life and I do it I do not want their energy to participate. I believe that on this planet to change for the better there, that's why we're all here (including yourself), otherwise we would have to collectively say that we have failed.

  135. Hello Peter, to clear up your question; the GFL and the Ashtar command are genuinely interested in all comments, whether they are positive or negative in nature, and they do honor and respect all views, whether these views are opposing or not. What the Ashtar Command is concerned about as expressed in today's message are a number of cases where individuals are demonstrating very imbalanced behavior, hurtful, insulting, slanderous and even threatening behavior. Do you see the difference here? Opposing viewpoints are always welcomed, as made clear in the message you have quoted from the GFL, however, this does not give a free pass to all those who choose to attack others, who threaten others, who insult others, who engage in defamations of others, who engage in hate speech. There are ways to appropriately, politely, respectfully and kindly state one's opposing viewpoint, and it is up to each individual to make the effort to present their views in such a manner. The Ashtar Command has also not 'ordered' anyone to stop reading these messages, they simply feel that certain individuals may benefit emotionally by avoiding these messages. The Ashtar Command today advises that these individuals are not helping themselves on their journey by reading these messages on a daily basis, adding that these messages do not concern some of these individuals who are lashing out at them, and feel it would be advisable these souls come back at a later time when at least a certain amount of growth is experienced and these souls may not be so negatively impacted by these communications and may even begin to resonate with them. I have found that some of these individuals are not even comprehending simple and clear points being made in these messages, even though they clearly demonstrate that they are intelligent individuals. I feel this confusion is due to these individuals reading these messages while emotionally imbalanced due to their hatred of these messages, the GFL and myself and their building anger and frustration, causing them to also rush greatly through these messages just to be able to leave another comment. I advise them that if they choose to continue reading these messages to slow down, focus, and find an emotional center to better enable themselves to comprehend points being made. I hope this clears up your question my friend. Greg

  136. Dear Galactic Friends, Brothers and Sisters,
    I fully understand what you are talking about, and I want to thank you for this message. I'am still eager working with you. For the time being I wil live my life in love and wait patiently for the coming projects and events.

    In Love and Peace,

    Namaste, Huub

  137. Dear Ashtar

    I know exactly what you are talking about.
    I bought a book one time read one chapter, and said this book isn't for me, maybe later.
    A couple of years later I said where is that book I couldn't believe at the time, now it was just right.
    I think people that are negative, are probably
    scared, because it is so foreign to what they have been taught.
    I know when I got started some things were so foreign to what religion had taught me, it took a while for me to come around, so I understand thay need a little help or understanding, or just more time.

    God Bless You for who you are and what you do for us, that goes to Ashtar and Greg
    Love and Light Richard

  138. Ariel Toliver - that is a great blog talk radio page, glad you posted it here, Andrew

  139. So glad I read this message today, earlier I had tweeted that
    You all are US and we are YOU!! It certainly resonated :)
    Very inspiring, the syncrhonicity of it.

  140. Makes perfect sense... Blessings

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  142. HI thank you for giving me the chance to clean up and release some of my personal emotional energy here. I feel much more relieved and peaceful now. Thanks a lot. I am sorry if there is any uneasiness caused by my former posts.

    Please let us work together to help the Earth ascend.

    Looking forward to seeing you. Bless you all.


  143. So now, you want us to leave if we don't resonate with your messages, do you Greg? Why don't you stop making them first, then we'll leave, how's that? It's bad enough your sending dis-info all over and leading stray good hearted people, now your telling us to let you continue to do so? Not happening on my watch.

    "we say to you we did not come here to fill you with lies, fill you with stories, fill you with doubt. These are all aspects of your 3rd dimensional imaginations,"

    Was "Giethner Arrested" and "We salute the Fallen" aspects of our 3rd dimensional imaginations? Didn't you have 4 days to correct them and only after Geithner was on CNBC, did you remove them and made an excuse? Doesn't sound like our 3rd dimensional imaginations to us? It sounds like someone got caught in a lie and quickly made up an alibi to cover their ass. Still no one have been picked up yet to meet with ET's, Greg. Next week, we better see the seawalls or your be seeing a summons to appear in court. Then you can explain to the judge about our 3rd dimensional imaginations

    P. S. Good luck with those seawalls next week.

  144. Yes! Let's talk about all that. Come at my home, you'll have pineapple juice and good welcome. Thank for your perseverance and loving attitude to us. I read very quickly your words, sometimes not at all, only because i don't need it anymore to inform me about you. I just wait for an alive exchange, i know that words are only words, and that it sinful to fill me with it while my thought work in closed circuit. I shall remain until we found ourselves finally. To build things with this personality don't amuses me anymore. Way back home needed, and what's gonna happen doesn't need words nor intellectual projections. I love you and your helping. What an event to be saved by you. When my mind is clear, i rejoice for both of us, helped and helper. What a beauty. But please: Don't be too accomodating with cabalists, the little suffering they could have still remain nothing compared with victims of famine, war, genetic degeneration, cancers etc... I beg you to be pragmatic about that question. Googbye my great friends. Thank you Greg.

  145. I can feel you in my heart. In my heart we`re definitely connected and together . Of course I love you and miss you and wait for the day when we`ll be together again.

    Even if this Blog would be fake, which I just cannot feel in my heart...I feel your beings, your presence, no matter what. Nobody, nothing can destroy that, what`s between our hearts.

    Maika, Berlin , Germany

  146. Very well put, although I understand the reasoning as why those mean spirited messages come to life, I find them quite offensive to you and to those who do believe and resonate with your words. I pray those persons will be open to them at the right time for them.
    The biggest gift you gave me yesterday was passing by!! One of your probes came and visited me and I don't know what to say other than I love you! Thank you so much, my whole body is filled with your love and energy now! Although I never doubted your existance, this is the first time I actually saw you! I will do my job and spread the word, make you existance known to the world and will take the risk of being laughed at or being looked upon as a newborn calf staring at a closed gate.
    Thank you Greg for your amazing role and thank you GFL for the awsome job you're doing!
    With all my love,
    Bert from belgium

  147. I found this cool Starseed Video that seems to apply to this situation for those who do not know why they came to earth. It might apply to some.
    Before Starseeds Came To Earth

  148. Since I cannot yet communicate with you mind to mind, I will take this method to tell you what it is on my mind at the reading of this and all your messages; whatever, whereever, whomever you are.

  149. Well spoken :) why not kickstart disclosure like this.. Land one small scoutship on the olympics with 3 persons, male, female and a child. That would never feel hostile and create chaos. Quite the opposite, and the cabal would be forced to release all the information.
    Much love / kristian

  150. Аз продължавам да чета вашите съобщения,не само заради полезната информация в тях,от която непрестанно се уча,а и заради това,че усещам любовта,с която те са написани.Благодаря отново и искам да Ви кажа,че се чувствам съпричастна на тази обща мисия и ще направя каквото трябва,за да извървя последните стъпки до вратата,която да отворя и да Ви прегърна.Няма значение дали сте Команда ащар,или сте ГФС.Няма значение дали изглеждате като нас,или различно от нас.За мен вие сте братя и сестри от звездите,за които не си спомням,но които дълбоко в сърцето си чувствам,че познавам,че обичам и копнея да срещна отново!Вярвам,че един ден ще празнуваме заедно!

  151. "Ja nie znam słów, którymi bym mógł powiedzieć tobie, co to za stan" - to słowa piosenki, której słuchałam czytając Wasz przekaz.
    I tak właśnie jest: czuję to piękne uczucie miłości i połączenia.
    I wiem, ze warto było to zrobić, żeby być dziś tu, gdzie jesteśmy!
    Czekam na spotkanie z Wami i na wspólną pracę!

    Pokój, Miłość i Światło dla wszystkich <3

  152. Sounds like sour grapes to me. If you cannot see the sea walls it is because you do not resonate! You are not ready. you are not "advanced" enough to be "one of us", so you have to remain as "one of them".

    Oh and I am not "confused" to leave negative comments, simply credulous. This is a public forum after all. I have a right to be heard. I do not abuse. I simply question, which is what the reasoning faculty is supposed to do. Man Know THYSELF

  153. Maybe some, joining the group that already reads your messages, as a novice would need clarification or reminder - who You are, where You came from, from which locations and dimensions, what are the shapes and appearance to your bodies, what is the structure of your Federation, what are your relations with others groups like GF of Andromeda or the Neptune crew station ...? Not all reader has full knowledge on the subject despite strenuous efforts. Until recently, many simply confuse GF ( from Andromeda) and GF of Light and yet the difference is and it is certainly big, although both associations work for the common "main purpose" which is the ascension of the Earth. So, if it would be possible at this stage of contacts fuller presentation, I think that it would facilitate the decision of many who read these messages, and explained a lot of uncertainty.

  154. I agree with what was said. Honestly, if I read these communications 4 months ago I would not have been ready. It has been proven to me recently that "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear." Thank you for these messages and Namaste.

  155. I just recently found this site (and found out all that is going on). Thank you for the daily messages and thank you for being here!
    I was a bit suprised how some people took the message today. It is not unreasonable to assume people will drop off the site, when a message or site does not resonate. I do that all the time. I do not continue to read and I leave the site.Suggesting that people drop off was done in a loving way, since certain messages obviously make some people angry and negativity is not good for anyone.
    However,maybe the messages DO resonate with some people. When something or someone makes you angry, is it not because something is being mirrored to you? Or something feels like the truth but you are in denial and resist?
    I do not like the nasty comments either, so I skip the post and try to send the thought, that maybe a seed has been sown and at some point it will resonate.
    On a personal note, thank you all for giving your time to help others and for spreadng the word. Compared to you all, I am not doing much. I am mostly surrounded by people who have not interest, idea or open mind regarding the changes. I do not force the issue or spread the word, but I do try to watch for openings to drop hints and to maybe initiate the conversation. Mostly I try to work on my issues, stay calm and try to keep the feeling of love and great joy at finally going home. I try to feel calm and loving with everybody I meet and to be grateful for all the blessings given to us.
    I am personally not too concerned with Disclosure, what is going to happen and when etc. I try to focus on now and my personal work. I know answers will come at the right time when I (we)are ready to hear and experience it.
    Sorry for the long note. I never post anything, but for some reason I wanted to reach out tonight.
    Blessings to All.

  156. Hallo dearest Family in the Sky ,much much Love to You All in the Sky and to All on Mather Earth,oh it is so beatiful the picture on the message of today,thank you ,thanks to Gregg.Thanks for Your words of today and always ,i hope that the day in wich we will be together will come soon.And ,about this ,i would like share with You what i saw last night on the Tv here in Italy, one wonderful special about the life in other worlds ,with special people talking about contact ,showing You flying in wonderful ways and it was so said in good way ,all ,that i was amazed and feeling this one really good step.Also i was reading one thing, as comic for children ,but not only... ,with donald duck, miki mouse etc and i saw that very often they write stories with friends from other worlds and it is opening the mind of the children ,in simple and nice way.For me it looks great.and always one more step,all is looking opening in so many levels,i'm so grateful and i feel so great in my heart thank you so much ,so i send Love gratitude,respect and i wish to All of You one new wonderful day ,and i hope that one day i can take part of some of your projects for us here and learn how work together ,and really feel always more in the heart that we are all one big wonderful Family.With lots of Love thank You patrizia

  157. I have been receiving the daily messages through my email address and never left a comment until yesterday. Today there is a need to talk with my brothers and sisters. First and foremost I need to Thank my brothers and sisters for being at my side throughout this life journey on Mother Earth. You had always been there when needing you the most. With out your guidance through the tough times I would be a lost soul just going through motions of everyday existence. Today I long for my home and family while telling whom ever will listen about our ascension into the next dimension. What I see and read today reminds me of when Moses saved the Israelite s from slavery and were asked by God The Creator how they wanted to be ruled; we know what they chose. And, today we are at that moment also. For myself I choose Divine Rule over all else. We have seen how King s rule on our Mother Earth. They have created a world that is one sided and left us to scramble for mere pennies,wars to stimulate economies. But, what is more evil than that is they have separated us from each other with their greed and power. Making most western cultures dependent on materialistic goals. Another method used to keep you at bay from your Spirituality. For those of you that ridicule this site, if by chance you have a bit of free time. Read "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu. The most important message spoken was "Sun Tzu proclaimed he could take over a nation with out firing one single shot". Guess what? Guess who the guinea pigs were for this to actually happen. The United States of America. Think not, then I suggest you link up to the White House and your Representatives and Senators web pages and see what they are up to. Must warn you it is not pretty for the working bees and their families. For all the nay say ers enjoy while you can for there will be a time when you will be asked by God The Creator why you did not full fill your purpose here on Mother Earth. W ether you want to believe or not you volunteered to enter a Human vessel and walk your life path here on Mother Earth. Do not short change yourself s with your insecurity facade of degrading and laughing at others for whom they are. Just know we will not stoop to your level and give a knee jerk response to your voice. Peace, Love and Happiness Always.

  158. when the time is right, the world as we know it will change. It's almost inevitable in our stage of awareness. We have come far, together. We stand so near now, we dont need promises, assurance, guarantees. All the answers are within us, we already know that all this is true. Sone of us 'remembers' what we came here for and some doesnt. Do not judge as we are all fullfilling our life plan. Follow your instincts and you will have nothing to worry about. To the galactic federation of light, I want to say thanks for being with us, to support us in this changing time of our existance...we shall meet soon.

  159. Greetings. Soo often your message for the day co-incides precisely with a wavelength of thought that has been my own experience.. and today too is such a day;; i was walking in nature earlier and realizing that others' resistance to solutions that, thanks to direct personal experience, you realize can help are in fact reflections of them not being ready to rise to that level of freedom, so to speak.. because they have more and even more complex work to do to get to the level of being ready to let go of their challenge, that our solution and love could 'technically' 'sort out' immediately.. but it is the consciousness behind their manifesting symptoms that results in what looks like 'ego-centrically' and pointlessly pushing away a solution that i or a more consciously evolved other was ready to flow with and they are not resisting for nothing.. but for a very intelligent reason, in terms of the extra they have to grow before they will suddenly see that 'light'.. so to put it briefly; i realized i 'earned' the clarity (that may be a simple enough solution on the surface) through my growth in consciousness and there is so much more going on to others' resisting that supposedly 'simple', practical solution then i can realize at first, and it is not because they are being foolish or it pointless, but because they are not ready to live that solution yet in terms of their overall growth level.. so one can instantly stop judging them for not seeing, or even hoping that their seeing is just around the corned, so to speak, if one persists a little more. Life knows EXACTly what it is doing and experiencing within each one of us.. and each must just trust his/ her and every other individuation's course.. just as it is.. so like what you are saying in your message today: those who feel it, are ready for that extra flow in their experience.. those who don't are simply not there, because they have more of something else to experience..for very deliberate and indeed flawless purpose. Much love. Nadia Redpath.

  160. @LadyAndrea said... "When something or someone makes you angry, is it not because something is being mirrored to you? Or something feels like the truth but you are in denial and resist?"

    Are you familiar with coercive persuasion Lady andrea? Some of us who have been looking into GFL messages have notice they resort to it routinely.

    By using your logic, don't the comments you do not like mirror denial on your part? As in the messages being intended to deceive and it's hard for you to accept it because you want them to be true?

  161. I do not miss any of our messages. Why? As I feel acknowledged, I read something that I know that I have these data already in me since eons. As you say I resonate to these messages. I just know they are truth. It is for me I was waiting for this since I arrived here. Fact is that I found all what you are saying as well in the teachings of lectures of L.Ron Hubbard and in the huge data provided by Scientology. Here I found the same truth you do deliver in your daily messages. It does not conflict in any way. For this I did went through a lot of obstacles just to find, start and stay with Scientology. You and anyone else reading this knows how much Scientology gets slottered in the media. And we all know who is running these media and one can almost always be sure those that getting attacked or invalidated in media doing something that goes against the cabal, in short doing something good. And Scientology is their biggest nightmare since it can effectivels free people from drugs, rehab criminals for real and yes, bringing spiritual freedom. Learning so much in Scientology gave me the true data about the spririt and yes about the cabal and their evil purposes. I know I am a spirit and totally ready to ascend. I am so ready, I can leave anything in the 3D on an instant with no regred.

  162. Yes, this message resonates with me.

    Time cannot pass quickly enough to see all the planned changes to occur. I feel myself growing everyday and very much look forward to these positive messages.

    Until we meet.

  163. @Greg: "What the Ashtar Command is concerned about as expressed in today's message are a number of cases where individuals are demonstrating very imbalanced behavior, hurtful, insulting, slanderous and even threatening behavior. Do you see the difference here?"

    What true seekers are concerned about in everyday's messages are the number of cases where your sources demonstrate passive aggression, aims to create despair and frustration by making false promises and keeping us dangling on a string as if anything is ever going to materialize.

    Do you see the difference here? Do you understand? Do you understand that some of us can not swallow blindly all we're being spoon fed just because it sounds appealing? Do you understand this? Do you understand that some of us actually take time to reflect of what we're being presented and remember it belies some of your past updates?

    If you do read the comments, why do you refuse to follow up on these alleged Mass Arrests which you said were "in full swing" last months?

  164. I appreciate this message very much and thank you.
    I have also had "challenges" when reading some messages.
    I have realized it's similar to reading mail that is meant for someone else. As soon as I realize it's not meant for me I respectfully set it aside and go about my business.
    Thanks again

  165. To all seekers: I think it will be more efficient and less time consuming to post conflicting quotes from past GFL updates, for those who don't have time to keep track.

  166. i appreciate this message a lot as i have been reading promptly all the daily messages but had stopped posting in the believe that my galactic sisters and brothers are getting my messages and i was no longer interested in the level of discussion some people were getting involved with; i'm still here, it's the only "place" i'd rather be! i'm more and more ready; i'm sharing disclosure mainly thru one on one conversations and sometimes online; i'm preparing myself as it has been suggested for ascension, being in the present and in joy as much as i can, feeling the peace and the love.
    Thank you very much to all beings of light fro showing us the gratitude and blessings to all beings regardless of "where" you might be on your ascension..we are all ONE-as different versions of the same being..much love

  167. for me, I am in complete resonance with you, I've been waiting for 50 years and 30 years. Peace and love to all, but for those not in resonance is not their fault, everyone on this planet now, we have grown to fear, fear of being deceived, any fear of violence rose and 'taught not to believe now to anyone ... However, I hope that our Creator forgive us all and not leave anybody behind, especially those thousands of people who do not have the internet and not even know what it siblings of light. hoping to meet you in this incarnation, hug you all brothers and sisters of light and ttutto the universe,

  168. Hey Greg: In January, you claimed there would be footage of you guys meeting with us... Where was it broadcast? I think I missed it

    2012-01-25 update:

    "I have been a member of the Ashtar Command for many eons, and I look so forward to meeting so many of our new recruits from your world. We are very excited to finally meet so many of our human family face-to-face, and we are in our final stages of preparations for this historic meeting. Many of you have clearly demonstrated your ability to accept us and your willingness to work with us in a mutually beneficial cooperation.

    Through your example, we are confident so many more of your planetary brothers and sisters will begin to accept us, and even begin to work with us either directly or indirectly in the days ahead.
    This is the plan, to meet with a select number of you while these meetings are recorded and shared to the rest of your world through your media outlets that are, or will be, willing to work with us.

    We understand how much competition is involved with your media outlets, and we feel the news of our presence coupled with film footage of us working with many of you will garner much attention and viewership for those outlets that choose to cover these many events. We will allow those media companies access to our ships, and they may film our operations inside some of our many crafts and even take flight with us as we travel through your world and even out of your world into space."

  169. I resonate with your words wholeheartedly and I love receiving your wonderful energy.
    Thank you Ashtar Command.
    Thank you Greg!
    Many blessings and I look forward to meeting once again :)

  170. Even although I know that this is bunkum, yet I am morbidly fascinated by all of the blogs. I merge with the 4th Dimension daily and remember all my nightly activities, and yet I have never met anything remotely connected to any actual physical entities that are capable of life in the 3rd dimension. So how can the GLF claim to be sending in spacecraft? If they did they would not be within the visible spectrum. confused now

  171. I relish your deeper spiritual topics, like the messages about eradication of fear, shedding our 3D burden, creation of time lines, the nature of 5D, etc. I am always looking for gems like these.

    Some months ago, your messages did not resonate with me at all. It seems that different persons are sending different messages. Sometimes it is clear that a message is from a true master and sometimes it seems to be an inexperienced apprentice. I guess this is the nature of a federation.

    Dear Greg,
    You may want to consider blocking some users who are only trying to sabotage your blog.

  172. @greg: how about this one:

    You claimed on 2012-02-07 you only needed permission from your believers to remove the dark cabal from the surface of the Earth. Many of them gave it to you.

    How do you explain the Dark Cabal is still out there and you recently posted a messages blaming *us* for slacking off? Do you understand this? Do you understand that this is rather puzzling?


    "At this time we have pressing matters before us as we must remove the cabal from the ranks of power, as they are the true masters of your world. These dark ones have systematically destroyed your planet's ecosystems and have plundered your natural resources to sell back to you at exuberant rates, leaving so many either destitute in order to heat or light their homes, and for so many others, to perish in the freezing temperatures of poverty.

    We wish to assist you with this task immediately. We wish once and for all to round up these dark hearts and remove them not only from their positions of high rank, but to vanquish them from the face of the earth. We have the power to do just that, and we ask for your permission at this time to perform this service for you. We have teams fully prepared and capable of such a far-reaching assault, and they await the green light from their commanders."

  173. @rb: would you happen to be a shill? because you sound quite like one.

  174. I think I need to buddy up with someone capable of conscious activity in the 4th dimension. Any takers? But be warned my energy tends to spin me out to the outer rings as I definately lack control.

  175. John Buchan I am enjoying your posts immensely. A light in the darkness! A man who can think for himself!

  176. Why is the earth a girl? Are there any boys?


  178. Sorry, I meant:-

  179. @ Unknown:

    Thank you for your support. It's very comforting to me there are people like you, Darryl, Faruk and others who haven't thrown the towel.

  180. Thank you for your wonderful and wise words - well said!!! To our reunion ...... with infinite love, light and gratitude to you all .... very soon!!!!!!!

  181. This life has been amazing at times & hectic at other times, but thankful for it, would like to see this illusion change where happiness outways hardship,hoping I,m at that level.

  182. Dear Ashtar Command:

    Thank you for this transmission. After reading it I read many and possibly most of the comments. I understand and agree with what was said and it made me realize that I am an observer who lacks participation due to rejection, fear, ridicule, etc. of others. When I try to make loved ones aware of what is happening in our country [USA] no one listens, or react negatively. I forward information to them and it gets deleted according to my life partner. I recall waking-up during the Bush administration and seeing what our leaders were doing to our country. Started reading articles, websites, spiritual information, etc. Stopped listening to the media news and came to the realization that there was an agenda by our leaders in our country to turn us into virtual slaves under the guise of the NWO. Fear was my initial reaction. I could not accept the fact that our system and its elected leaders, with some exception, were selling us out by allowing our freedoms to be systematically taken away through lies and wars based on deception.

    I suspect that we are all waking up at different time intervals which is reflected in some, if not most, of the replies to this transmission.

    My hope is that through prayer, meditation, focused intent and coming from the heart we change the agenda of the dark cabal and create a new and humane reality for us all.

    Lets remember that it only takes the square root of 1 percent of a population to bring a positive change:

    1% of 1 million people = 10,000
    Sq. Root of 10,000 = 100

    Result: With less than 19,000 people we can neutralize our controllers

    So lets pray, meditate and focus intent our freedom

    Donald Gonzalez

  183. PART 1/2

    First, I would say that my post is not to sow doubt. Absolutely not!

    What I hope people will do is to rely on themselves. In a previous post I mentioned that no matter what is told us will happen and that is not happening is explained away with anything. The explanations are always shaped in such a way that messages are "right" no matter what happens. It's the one. The second is that I see for a long time that one can easily be brainwashed and manipulated. Again I am not here to doubt, but it is a fact that one can easily be "sheep in the flock" with the same messages that shows about the same thing over and over again. There are many channelers out there, someone to make money and others not. Those who do not want money but do this for free are either people who want to make a difference, or they must have a different agenda. The messages themselves are easy enough and it is interesting with all the different channels that they have a common thread shared and adhere to it.

    Now ...., what I want to forward is that people must rely on themselves and exercise common sense. If one is led to deep it may be difficult to see the whole. I question, for example, light chambers / chrystalchambers. Why are we going to have to go through this? See that Sheldon Nidle mention this all the time. The explanation is that in a light chamber it will repair our DNA and we will also achieve full consciousness. But when when another channeler says that by the first of the flyovers they (GFL) thinks to use "happy light" combined with soothing energy that "rain" over the earth so we calm down. Bottom line .... they have the technology to do so (energywaves). They can therefore make the most out of it but full awareness / repair of DNA must be done in a light chamber. This does not make sense! You can combine this with the brainwashing and manipulation over time, and you will most surtainly abey command and going straight into such light chamber without asking questions. Maybe you'll end up like in the Matrix? Maybe it happens that you think will happen? The point is that you have to think for yourselves and know what resonates!

    Many people now think that I is one of the dark one and / or full of fear :-)
    I am one of those who always say; have no say fear! I am a man who only wants peace, kindness and understanding. I am a person who feels happy when I see other people help each other and live in harmony with each other. I KNOW that people basically are good, loving and compassionate. It's just not that easy in our world as long as there is something called MONEY!

  184. PART 2/2

    When I read the last 2 paragraphs of the last post I must say that I am even more in doubt about the sincerity. Possible it can be the channelers that fail to translate correct, but something I do not think it is; that it come from the higher level. I am convinced that, when the day comes, and it will at some point, all people will stop and think. If they have been negative in the past, if they have been in doubt or they have ridiculed it and so on, everyone will stop for a minute and realize what is happening. I am convinced that this is KNOWN by those in the higher planes. All that is told in all the different forums are SO MUCH, SO MUCH and they at a higher level would not allow us to go through all this before an ascent. They know that people are good, they know that we are masters when it comes to changes, they KNOW that this is something we can deal with and they know that man is goodness. We just have to have the opportunity to show it. And we will as soon as all the press called MONEY is gone. We show that in fact every single day around the globe!

    When the day comes that our beloved family members will prove to us that they are here, we will all accept them with open arms. We are humans, we think, we can consider, we can do the most amazing things. All I'm saying is that people have to think for themself, be kind to each other, learn to forgive and have a real desire to live together in harmony. Again, this is not to doubt, nor do I want to create a debate about this as it will be a "neverending story." I wish only that each look into themselves and trust themselves. No need to have fear of not being involved in the action. ALL will have the opportunity on the day this happens. It's called love ...........

  185. Dear GFL & Ashtar command - I resonate deeply with your communications - am in a group that meets every Sunday to prepare for ascension and we read your messages in the group. I do also experience frustration & stress with the delays and waiting. I wish to play a meaningful role with you, feel like i have been in training my whole life for this time, and long so deeply for this reunion with my star soul family. Sending you so much love & light, namaste` Shirley

  186. Dear Ashtar Command,
    I find your comments so honest and straightforward and I agree for those who do not resonate with your words at this present time that it is okay and to just come back at a later stage when perhaps it will become clearer. It is unnecessary to make comments that are not positive and uplifting. I for one find you speak only Truth to assist us in moving forward in our ascension.



  188. @John Buchan, What's up, buddy? Still going strong, I see? 99% percent of the people here just read the message and say "it resonates with me" and move on and forget it. Then Greg posts more messages that contradict the last ones. And since 99% percent of them don't don't go back and check on his previous messages, Greg gets away with saying anything he wants because nobody does anything about it, because "we're full of love and light" and the sheeple will do whatever their told to do, until now. Keep up to great work. Your starting to get noticed.

    @rb: So you want to ban people who are trying to sabotage Greg's blogsite? Tell me, how can we sabotage Greg's site when we are producing messages that came straight from Greg himself that did not happen or are proven lies??? Please explain...

  189. apprezzo moltissimo il vostro operato di generare amore e luce e sono con voi per cambiare questo mondo che non va per niente bene anche se nel mio piccolo posso fare ben poco, ma lo farò semplicemente perche credo in un domani migliore che tutti popoli popoli di questo universo possano convivere felici aiutandosi l'uno con gli altri che non vi siano più guerre per arricchire chi la vince e distruggere il popolo che la subisce, come sta succedendo tutt'ora in vari posti del mondo quindi ben venga la federazione galattica di luce in aiuto all'umanità che il solo scopo di tale umanita adesso e quello di esercitare potere sulle masse per schiavizzarle economicamente, da voi definita cabala criminale che tutt'ora e al potere e nei governi delle potenze come usa e continenti europei: ad oggi la cabala criminale sta perpetrando la piu grande truffa nei confronti del popolo mondiale quella di arrivare ad un unico governo mondiale dove vi sarà una dittaura inimmaginabile con conseguente schiavizzazione economica, ed e tutto questo che bisogna evitare ridando libertà all'umanità ed ai governi capaci di portare avanti la propria nazione con dignità ed onestà, tutto questo sara un utopia? allora i tempi sono maturi ben vengano i nostri amici della federazione galattica di luce a darci una mano per potare il pianeta terra a quelle dimensioni per cui l'uomo e nato su questo pianeta, cioè libero , libero , libero di pensare di esprimersi e di vivere e lasciar vivere spero che questo avverrà a breve dando un segno evidente tangibile della vs presenza saluti

  190. OK, GFL. Eu não sei se estou em "ressonância" com essas mensagens mas eu vou continuar acompanhando elas... não consigo parar de pensar nisso tudo, talvez porque seja verdade, talvez porque eu esteja (ou não) em ressonância, ou talvez porque eu simplesmente preciso que tudo isso seja verdade a ideia de poder mudar de vida como num passe de mágica, subindo numa espaçonave e saindo da "matrix", é sedutora demais pra simplesmente virar as costas e esquecer. Portanto eu continuo aqui me voluntariando.

    Até logo, assim espero.

  191. Non vedo l'ora di partecipare a questo bellissimo progetto :)) pace e amore

  192. ... so I wrote this 3 page answer to your channel the day before this one. I did not post it because I realized it was a lot of talking about myself, about love, about the journey I have been through and the message of 'fulfill your assignment' was not for me really as I am living my mission.

    But then I see today's message... and it is the same message I wrote on 8/7/12 but I did not post. Almost word for word.

    Hadarian love to you, Greg. Kudos.

    <3 VOU 31

  193. A belated answer to Peter N. (on the wrong blog-day-comment thread I know)

    No vaccinations are not often pharmaceutics. Companies which make immunizations are not the same companies who make your everyday medication - and if the GFL disagrees with me I stand by the point the influenza vaccine is still 'good'.

    I deleted my comment that day because honestly I had no energy to fight. I am going through so much in my life sometimes I cannot entertain the banality of a trapped mind.

    As for the meat-thing? I am not suggesting people eat meat all day every day I was only emphasizing natural prey from the wild is not bad for your health it's the slaughterhouse you should worry about. Animals raised in captivity.

  194. Det er lidt blandet, tanker og tilbagemeldinger i eet - som I efterlyser. Først igen forstår jeg ikke rigtigt I ønsker skriftlig tilbagemelding. Jeg går ud fra det ikke gælder mig eftersom jeg har givet jer tilladelse til at overvåge mig og mine tanker mht jeres budskaber og mit liv i al almindelighed.

    Så skriver I I søger frivillige til forskelligt arbejde, her først og fremmest nogle skjolde som kan modstå den vandstigning I fortæller vil komme i visse dele af verdenen. Så langt så godt, også selvom jeg tænker "gad vide hvad min kommune vil sige, og hvad vil de mennesker som ser arbejdet blive udført tænke - plan og naturstyrelsen mm." Naturligvis tror jeg meget på at et sådan stykke arbejde vil være så hurtigt overstået at ingen vil se det udført - enten ved at tiden som jeg kender den vil blive sat ud af spil, eller arbejdet bliver udført usynligt og først bliver synligt når det skal tages i brug - eller hvad ved jeg. Endelig havde jeg regnet med at skulle f.eks jeg være med ville det være sådan at jeg blev "taget på tidspunkter, hvor jeg var alene, som på mit arbejde og der ville blive sat en tidsspærre op så mit fravær ikke ville blive noteret, eller noget i den dur. Så får jeg at vide at jeg kan risikere at dø, dvs I nævner at selvfølgelig vil I gøre alt for at sikre sikkerheden, men at der er intet der er 100% sikkert, skulle det ske at jeg dør så skal jeg ikke være ked af det for det giver mig et forspring? eller lign Når det er sagt har jeg hele tiden sagt jeg var villig til at hjælpe der hvor jeg kunne, eftersom jeg lever og bor i Danmark. I dagens budskab får jeg så at vide at det måske slet ikke er til mig der bliver skrevet i og med jeg har alt for mange forbehold, altså at jeg slet slet ikke er så langt i min spirituelle udvikling at jeg ressonerer med jeres budskab - at jeg, underforstået er 3d så det brager. Her vil jeg lige indskyde at jeg stadig venter på den person jeg har sagt ja til at komme for at være mig behjælpelig med at, på forsøgsbasis, få installeret en "dims" så vi i vores hjem kan få gratis energi, varme, el. Jeg venter stadig - jeg er ikke uvillig. Uanset hvor langt jeg er eller ikke er, kan jeg med min fornuft ikke forestille mig der er nogle mennesker i denne verden der ønsker at som verdenen er i dag skal fortsætte. Alle ønsker en bedre verden med fred, helse, glæde, ren og frisk jord, vand, luft, fri energi, kærlighed blandt alle mennesker og dyr osv. osv. Jeg har i så mange år syntes det var en hvinende urætfærdig verden vi lever i, med alle goderne så ulige fordelt. Så mange fattige, syge og nødlidende. Der er krig og ufred, der er forurening og vi mishandler hinanden på det groveste. Kærlighed er et ord, ikke gerning og følelse. Det samme gælder fred og alt det andet jeg skriver til jer. Derfor er det helt klart, helt naturligt for mig at byde enhver velkommen som tilbyder hjælp og assistance til en ny og bedre verden. Om det er rumfolk, væsener fra den ene eller anden planet, den ene eller den anden føderation af lys eller hvad - det er mig ligegyldigt. Der må og skal ske en forandring i verdene og menneskene nu. Dette er ikke til at holde ud. Jeg har givet til 2013 mit håb og talt med venner og familie om denne 2012 teori og lidt om rumfolket der tilbyder sig. Det er alt. Jeg er stadig her, jeg venter stadig på at blive kontaktet mht fri energi. Jeg er her stadig, hvis I kan bruge mig i Danmark. Jeg er her, men jeg kan ikke acceptere jeres præmis om jeg kan risikere at dø. Det vil jeg ikke. Betyder det at jeg så ikke er så langt i min udvikling at ordene ikke er til mig? Kom til mig.
    Vh. Dan

  195. Ps. Det er klart jeg skriver på dansk. Jeg går ud fra I mestrer alle jordiske sprog.

  196. I think there is a fundamental difference between not "resonating" with these messages, and uncovering serious discrepancies and contradictions among them.

  197. Yes we are One appearing as many. I understand you're messages clearly. It is rare that I read or hear anything with a non-dualistic understanding and I appreciate it.