Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/31/12 ‘Choosing a Pickup Location’

Today we like to begin by discussing with you how to best prepare yourselves for your work with our organization that will begin shortly in the days to come, as the time to begin our many projects together has now arrived. We would like to begin by welcoming you to our teams, and we would like to do this by meeting with you on board our ships and introducing ourselves to you so we can get to know each other just a little better before we begin a working relationship together. We will do this by meeting with you at a pre-designated spot somewhere near or at your home residence. We will contact you in the days ahead beginning next week where we will ask you where it is you feel you would like to rendezvous with us.

To answer this question, we ask you to respond with a very short sentence so as to clarify your response to our question which you will hear either through the dream state, or for those of you who have begun to master telepathic communication, through your awakened state while you are meditating or any time it is that we are successful in getting our question through to you. Do you understand this? Are we making ourselves clear on this? We, the Galactic Federation of Light, will send you, telepathically or through the dream state, a short question asking where you would prefer to rendezvous with us to be teleported onto one of our awaiting ships where you will be escorted to a larger ship where you will then meet with representatives of our team to break the ice, as it were. At that time we will answer all of your questions and, if you don't mind, we will have a few questions for you, which is only natural as we wish to learn a little bit more about you as well before we begin working together, as this will assist us find a suitable position for you and learn your availability scheduling and how often and how long you could make yourself available for, and wish to work.

Please keep in mind that we do have set schedules for those who will begin working with us. We cannot tailor make a schedule for individuals, as this would entail many needless flights to and from our mother ships or whichever ship you will be working on. We feel it is necessary to reduce the number of flights to and from your surface world and to our work sites. Our work sites will be thoroughly protected from any possible dangers or threats of reprisal from any rogue military outfits aligned with the cabal. You have our word that we will do everything we can to protect your safety and well-being, although always keep in mind, no absolute guarantees or solemn oaths are made in this regard, only that we will do all that we can to protect our crewmembers and those working with us on these many projects.

As most of you who will be selected to work with us already fully understand, nothing could truly ever end your life as you are an eternal being, and as such, there is nothing ever to truly fear, as there is nothing that can happen to you out on the job sites or traveling to and from the job sites that could not be reversed in the case of injury, and even in the case of physical death it is certainly not the end, it is only the beginning for something new for you, something that many of you are headed for anyway in the months to come. Do you understand this? Do you understand that even if in the worst possible scenario where you were to experience physical death, that you would merely be getting a head start on all the others that will be ascending behind you very soon enough?

With this understood, we would like to begin this initial phase of this first and extremely important project to solidify and strengthen your shorelines by constructing beautiful,  protective sea barriers off the coasts of selected areas around your planet. We will begin this project very soon, think in terms of weeks and not months, think in terms of a rapid deployment to job sites once we are successful in relaying our message to you and receiving your reply of where it is you feel would be an appropriate spot in your neighborhood or surrounding area to rendezvous with us. What we are looking for is an area that is at least semi secluded, although we understand that some of you live near major metropolitan areas and this might be a bit difficult for you to find such a space, but we tell you to use your resolve, be cunning and clever, research area maps and especially satellite imagery available through your Internet which will help you find such an area that at this time you may be unaware of as it is hidden from view even as you may drive or walk by. We are confident each and every one of you will find such an area, and we will leave this assignment up to you as we have much faith and confidence in you.

After this initial conversation, we will then be in touch with you when it is time for you to rendezvous with us. This signal must come as a surprise, with only very short notice being given to you, as we cannot have our plans leaked somehow to the cabal through the methods in which we communicate to you, as we wish for no surprises and wish for no one to gain an advantage by having any suitable time to prepare to intercept our meeting with you in any way. We hope you understand this, and we hope you understand that it is required of you to keep all this that we speak to you about to yourselves. Do not share this information with others on the Internet, on the phone, or even verbally in your own homes as your privacy is not guaranteed even in your own living room. We hope this does not come as startling news for you, but there are very many ways to intercept communications even without the use of electronic listening devices, technology which many of your world fully understand at this time.

There are disembodied spirits roaming all over your planet, some of you know this and some of you might be very surprised to learn this. One of the goals of our mission is to lift your planet away from these disembodied beings as they do not belong here on the same planet as you. We have discussed this at some length in a previous message (6/23/12), and if there are those of you hearing this news for the first time we ask you to please go back a few weeks and read that message as you may find it very informative. So in light of the fact that can never be too sure who is listening in on your conversation, we urge you to keep the information regarding our meeting with you to yourself and only to yourself, and in this way no one can eavesdrop on your conversation and learn of our plans or our schedule to meet with you. Is this understood, dear one? We hope we have made ourselves clear on this, as regrettably we would have to cancel our rendezvous with you if the details of this meeting were shared openly on your internet or even through private messaging on your Internet, as this type of electronic eavesdropping is quite simple to achieve and occurs each and every day in your world, and the culprits are various sources and not just one.

We feel we are clear on this, and at this time we would like to move on and discuss with you what it is exactly you will be doing when you begin working on this first project with us. We will rendezvous with you and escort you to a ship which is a craft capable of space flight, at which time you will receive training in the methods and technologies we employ to build water barriers used to protect coastlines. You will be instructed on how this technology works and how to properly engage this technology and utilize it. You will receive hands-on training from highly qualified instructors. We have teams of scientists, and each ship will have a representative with a scientific background who can answer any and all of your questions of a scientific and advanced nature.

We will begin slowly, as it will be you that will build these seawalls and it will not be us, as we have explained, this is your planet and it is your responsibility to care for her. We are only here to assist you, and by assisting you we will allow you to utilize our technologies and our spacecraft. We will train you, we will supervise you, we will coach you, we will organize you, we will answer any and all of your questions and we will do everything we can to keep you safe, but this is all we will do. As we have said, it is all up to you.

We do not expect you to move quickly in the beginning, we simply wish to see that you have learned to use this equipment properly and safely before we look for any kind of speed in the production of these see barriers. Once a section of seawall is seated into place we will advance our ship to the next location where you will once again construct and insert a section of seawall sturdily into the seabed, at which time we will move forward once again and repeat the process. This is a very simple process, and once you get comfortable with our technologies and this procedure we can begin to build this seawall at a very fast rate. This technology can build a seawall up miles of coastline in a manner of minutes, that is how fast this technology can be employed and a seawall can be built. This is very important as well, as there are many miles of coastline around your world that we feel necessitate the protection of these seawalls, and as we have said, time is running short.

When we speak with you personally we will speak more in depth of which areas of your world will receive these seawalls and which areas we feel may require the relocations of at least a certain amount of their populations, as we feel even these seawalls may not fully or adequately protect them from the rising sea levels and surges that these particular areas may experience as your planet shakes off her third dimensional layers for her journey into the higher realms of this universe, which is the underlying cause of these Earth tremors that will cause these seas to erupt in certain areas around your world. This is our first project together, to protect your people and your communities from the seas, and we look so forward to beginning this project with you, our brothers and sisters of Earth.

Please keep alert for our messages to you. For those of you who are beginning to master the ability of telepathic communication, we are confident you will receive our question to you as to where it is you would like to rendezvous with us, and we are confident you will successfully send your answer back to us. For those of you who are not yet quite skilled in telepathic abilities, you may look for our question to you through other means, only one of which is through your dream state. After you awaken from a dream where you have received this question, we ask you at that time to formulate your answer to us and telepathically send your response to us by focusing on us and stating in your mind, but not out loud, your response to us before you begin your day. We will be listening for your answers, and once again we look forward to working with you dear ones. It will be an honor and it will be a pleasure, and together we will get the work done that needs to be done.

We are your coworkers on this, our first joint project together. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

As channeled through Greg Giles English - Spanish - Brazil - Bulgarian - Croatian - Dutch -German - Greek - Hebrew - Polish - Japanese Portugal - Romanian - Russian - Slovenian -Swedish - Traditional Chinese - Hungarian French Turkish

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/30/12 'Time Conquered' Audio Version

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/30/12 ‘Time Conquered’

In harmony we will rise to any challenges set before us as we together begin the renewing of our bonds, our ties, our relationships, our love and service to each other, to this universe and to our Creator, the Creator of all things that we enjoy, that we love, that we cherish, that we save within our memories that have brought us happiness, pleasure and even pain sometimes, as all our experiences have brought us closer to the oneness of it all in this universe, closer to each other, closer to our higher selves and closer to our Creator who began all this for us to enjoy, to learn, to grow, to experience existence, experience life here in his magnificent universe.

It is time to now begin the next steps on our journey together, steps that will bring you into a brand new world, a brand-new universe, for you will be leaving behind everything that you have come to know as your reality, for nothing will be the same for you once you step out through that door in the near days ahead, days that are approaching very rapidly for you as time is quickening. Can you feel this, dear ones? Can you feel that time is collapsing on itself, that it is becoming powerless against you and your will? Time is disappearing, evaporating, vanishing, and will very soon for you matter no more as time will have run out, if you will, and you will find yourself emerged in more of a ‘timeless’ state of being. This is what you have to look forward to, and we suggest to you to not count the minutes, days and hours until all of this begins for you as when you do this you are empowering time, you are giving time power, you are giving time domain over you. You are giving time a right it does not naturally possess, for time is not a governor, is not a ruler, a king, a God, a Creator. Time is but an abstract, an aspect, a product of yours and our creation.

We, the beings that inhabit this wonderful universe created time so we could experiment with it, to better experience and understand our universe, ourselves and each other. This is all time is. Time is no more than this, but it is also no less than this. We say to you do not make time more than it is. Do not believe for one moment that you cannot conquer time, for time is already conquered, as we have created it and we have never given time any powers over us in any way as this was never part of our dream and vision for this particular creation. Releasing the shackles of time will be incredibly liberating for you, for you will not age as you do at this time, you will not tire as you may at this time, you will not have certain deadlines that you struggle to meet, although you will still have remnants remaining of what you have come to know as time, we wish to be clear on this.

It is not as if you are graduating into a complete void where there are not things to do and a time and a place to do them, for their certainly are. There will always be times, dates and places to travel to that will take a certain amount of time to get there. We do not wish for you to misunderstand us when we say that time will change for you, as time will still exist, it is just that the rules, the parameters, the laws that govern time will change for you. Do you understand this, dear ones? Do you understand that there will always be certain aspects of time, certain powers of time, certain laws of time, certain instances of time. Time will always exist as the concept that it is, it is just the concept itself that will experience metamorphosis for you as you exit the lower dimensions and enter the higher above you, if you will, although dimensions are not stacked on top of each other either, they are more within each other if you could imagine it in that way.

We would like to discuss with you what is you will be doing with much of your time once you exit the lives that you have grown to know so well. A new start for many of you may be rather jolting in a way, mildly shocking we can even say for some of you, as ending old ways and beginning new ways is always a challenge to be taken seriously. We wish for you, dear ones, who are following our messages to think about how it is you will handle saying goodbye to so much that you have grown so accustomed to. Will you be able to make this transition smoothly, or will you experience some bumps in your world, finding it difficult to release so much of the familiar? We will be there for you, offering our guidance and counseling for those of you who may find this transition a little challenging and could benefit from the assistance of those who have gone on before you and have experienced just what you are about to experience, not once, but even many times before.

Although this will be a glorious experience for you, an exciting experience, an adventurous and fun experience, it will also be a new, strange and mysterious and at times challenging experience for many of you. We wish you to as best as you can prepare yourselves for what will be a great change for you. It will not be a subtle change by any means, as much of what you have grown to know as the norm will dissipate, making way for many new things that you will have no or very little memory of. Do you see how this certainly can be a little bit of a mild shock for some? We certainly can understand this, and we wish to as best as we can minimize what can be an unsettling experience and allow you to proceed into your new lives as smoothly and as soundly as is possible.

To do this, we feel it is best to describe a little what it will be like for you when you exit this reality for a new one, a different one, a higher one, a freer one, a more exciting and adventurous one. One of the things you will be shedding are the constraints that have been put on you here in this dimension you call home today. There are so many constraints upon you; money, age, health, gender, discrimination, geographical considerations, your jobs, your families. These are all constraints, shackles it could even be said, although we understand how you love your families and you may love the area in which you live, this is not what we mean. What we mean is you have ties to these areas of your lives, ties that cannot easily be cut, allowing you to roam free wherever it is you would like to go and do whatever it is you would like to do. This is one aspect of your life that will surely change for you, as once you emerge into the higher realms you will have no ties they cannot be removed to allow you to soar anywhere and everywhere it is you would like to be, to see, to experience.

Yes it is true you have families on this side as well who love you very dearly, but you do not have families in the sense that you need to work every day to support them or stay home to raise them or a mix of both, as this is not part of your new reality. Many of you will also find yourselves in new careers, this is also true, but you will have plenty of time, freedom and resources to travel wherever it is you would like to and do whatever it is you wish to do as you will not be tied down to a job that commands so much of your lives as you may have today.

These are some of the considerations we would like you to think about today, for although many see this as a blessing to be able to cut ties with some of these things we have discussed, you may be surprised that there will be many of you who find letting go of all these things or some of these things a great challenge, as they have never known true freedom from these aspects of their lives that have demanded so much of their time, energy, focus and resources. We just wish you to think about this today, and think about how you will feel and how you will handle this emotionally when the ties to all that may in some way hold you down today from experiencing what it is you wish to experience and traveling to where you wish to travel are untied for you forever. Please think about this today and prepare yourselves, for although freedom is a joyous blessing and gift, true freedom can also be quite challenging for some when this gift is opened for the first time in eons, or maybe even the first time ever.

We are your free brothers and sisters of the Galactic Federation of Light. We love you all, dear ones.

As channeled through Greg Giles English - Spanish - Brazil - Bulgarian - Croatian - Dutch -German - Greek - Hebrew - Polish - Japanese Portugal - Romanian - Russian - Slovenian -Swedish - Traditional Chinese - Hungarian French Turkish

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/29/12 'Planet Terra' Audio Version

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/29/12 ‘Planet Terra’

Terra is the name given to your world that many of us here on our side of the veil use to refer to your planet, what you refer to as Earth. We have named your planet Terra, for it has many subtle and hidden meanings within this name. Terra sounds a lot like the word terror, does it not, dear ones? And it is terror that many of you have experienced here on many different levels for many eons. War is terror, death has been terror too, and even love sometimes can be quite terrifying for some of you. There are many different stages and levels of terror and fear, and each of you has gone through an initiation, if you will, of all of these differing levels of your education and advancement in this universe. That's what your road trip, your field trip to Terra has been all about in the largest sense, in the greater picture, for without the education that you have been blessed with here in this oftentimes frightening world, you could not have evolved as quickly, as sharply, as strongly, as wisely, as seasoned, as committed and determined as you have emerged from all of these lessons and experiences here on ‘Terror’.

It was never meant to be a place that can frighten an individual out of his wits, as you say, however, certain aspects of your world came as a result of choices that the occupants of this world had made and your world today is a result of some, not all, but some of these choices. Some of the aspects of your world have been designed and created by us on this side of the veil to assist you in your learning process, for this is what you asked of us, this is what you desired. You wanted to come here to learn, to grow, to be able to forge your wings that would fly you to freedom up in to the higher realms of this universe. You did not come here for a vacation, or for fun, or for relaxation, or enjoyment or for pleasure dear ones, you came here to increase greatly your learning curve and this entire world has been honed as a very productive tool specifically for this purpose, to reach this end.

What you have been doing here has not been a joy ride, has not been a pleasure cruise. We understand this, and often our hearts have broken for you as you struggled through tumultuous twists and turns in this often dark, unfriendly, unforgiving, unrewarding, unloving and undesirable world, but we had to allow you to continue your journey here unencumbered by our hearts offering of assistance to you. We could not always bail you out of trouble and we could not always furnish you with the choice that would bring to you a less harsh and more pleasurable experience. We wish we could so often as we love you dearly, but this would not help you in the end and would make so much of your efforts here simply a waste of your time, your effort, your energy and your struggles to survive, to go another day, walk another mile and learn another lesson.

It has all been very well worth it for you too, as today you are so very close to each and everything that you wished for yourselves before you waved goodbye to us and entered this long, grueling and often darkened journey through the long and twisted hallways of duality. You are now at your last and final doorway which, when opened, will allow you to step out of this jungle, this maze, this labyrinth and emerge back home where it all began for you, what you know as reality, for what you are experiencing at this moment is not reality. What you are experiencing is a concoction, a production, a tapestry of fiction, of science fiction, of fantasy, for what you are experiencing is a creation of many different minds, some on our side of the curtain and many on your side of the curtain, and it is not based in any way on reality. We wish you to understand this, for we wish you to be adequately prepared for what awaits you once you emerge from this fantasyland. What you will be emerging into cannot be compared to anything that you have come to know as your one true reality, for what awaits you on this side, today you would consider fantasy, science fiction, a production on a movie screen, for what is on this side is so very different from everything you have come to know and trust on your side.

Can you begin to imagine what it is like here on our side dear ones? Are you beginning to get the picture that you cannot compare what is on your side to what is on our side, that it would be, as you say, comparing apples to oranges, as there are no comparisons? Therefore, if you compare our descriptions of what existence is in the higher dimensions to what you are currently experiencing, that this is a formula that will not issue you any kind of reasonable and productive answers that you seek. Do you understand this? Do you understand that when we try to paint somewhat of a picture for you, of what your lives are going to be like once you step out of your current clothing of duality, we cannot offer you great details, for these details would only be confusing for you as there is nothing in your current state of reality that is in any way similar or can in any way be compared as a rule of measure to what is on this side. Do you understand what we are saying here? We are saying that you cannot take a tape measure, a T-square and a compass on your side of the curtain and try to measure or analyze what is on our side through our descriptions to you and through anything that you have experienced in the physical realm. There is just no way to calculate any answers, prove any points or to construct any kind of picture of what is on our side through these limited 3rd dimensional procedures of analysis.

This is all we wish to say on this subject, dear ones. We simply wish you to know that all your conferring and all your time spent trying to figure out what it is that awaits you is really simply a matter of wasted time, energy and focus, as there are so many other things you can be spending your time upon that will give to you far more reward then trying to figure out all that awaits you as you will not be able to come to any reasonable conclusion and you would actually be throwing yourself off the scent, as it were, as you would only be falling further away from what truly awaits you. This is how radically different existence is here once you emerge through the bottleneck of the time portal you are currently experiencing.

You will see and experience for yourselves, dear ones, very soon enough, as the days are now very, very short and it is time to start pulling you through the last corridor of this portal that will bring you through and up into a higher realm of this universe. We are here with our hands extended and we wish for you to grab hold and hold tightly as we help pull you through, for this is one of the most important reasons why we are here. We are here as your guides, and as your guides it is our responsibility to see to it that you make it this last mile and extract yourselves from the current reality and the dimension that you have experienced for so long and that no longer fits you, suits you, serves you, and move you into a new reality that is tailor-made just for you.

This is all we have to discuss with you today, dear ones, and we hope to see that you have gained a greater, sharper, clearer perspective of what awaits you on this side, and that is something that you cannot imagine at all and this is what we wish, for we do not wish for you to shape, mold, construct or create in any way something that is limiting for you in size, in scope, in beauty, fun, pleasure, enjoyment and excitement. We wish you to understand that the sky is not even the limit here on this side, and we say to let your imaginations run completely wild as there is nothing on this side that you cannot have, you cannot do, for it is all possible for you here. We are your friends and your family on this unimaginable side of this great curtain. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

As channeled through Greg Giles English - Spanish - Brazil - Bulgarian - Croatian - Dutch -German - Greek - Hebrew - Polish - Japanese Portugal - Romanian - Russian - Slovenian -Swedish - Traditional Chinese - Hungarian French Turkish

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/28/12 ‘Time Explorers’

This cloud that has been providing calamity and chaos, depression, struggle, hardship, disease, illness sickness, destitution, poverty, crime and confusion is now for the first time in many long eons evaporating from the skies over your heads, allowing blue skies to appear and your sun to shine through brightly, warming all of the people of your Earth. We see clear skies for you for ages to come, forever to come, for once your world is pure of these negative beings they will no longer rain on your parade, as long as we, the Galactic Federation of Light have anything to say about it. Our monitoring services are detecting arrests now proceeding at a very steady pace, at a very rapid pace, and this pleases us immensely, as what awaits on the other side of this needed process is what we and is what you have wanted for a very long time indeed. We will be able to reintroduce our families to your families.

This will be a family reunion of epic proportions, as many of you have many relatives and ties to families, orders, organizations, alliances and worlds here, beyond the limits of your 3rd dimensional reality. We have always been a part of your life and all of your lives in the physical. We have never been apart from you, never, not for a moment, but reuniting with you in the flesh, as you say, will be an occasion for us so joyous, beyond words of description. It will be a homecoming for you and it will be a homecoming for us in a way too, as our home in a large way has been empty since you stepped out that door many eons ago to begin your long journey away from your family and everything you knew as your reality.

What a courageous and daring step you took out your front door, for you did not know what it is you were to experience. You did not know where it is you would go, you did not know who it was you were going to meet, you were going to fight, you were going to love. You did not know when you were going to seemingly die, and you never knew when it was going to be time to be born again within a human vessel and begin another strange, but always wonderful journey into the physical again. These kinds of surprises will not be a part of the future for many of you ever again unless this is what you desire, for many of you have reached the point of your ‘graduation’, and upon your graduation you will have the choice whether you wish to come back this way again, but it will not be necessary for your advancement, your evolution, your education, the betterment and the strengthening of your being, for many of you have shown that you have learned all that it is you can from a world of the physical realm and it is now time for you to take what it is you have learned and bring it home with you and begin your unpacking here with your family who has missed you so very much for so very long. Welcome home.

Seeing you again in whichever form you currently hold at this time will be a joy for us on so many levels. In one way we will miss the fond memories of guiding you and coaching you, and even though we always knew nothing bad could ever really happen to you we worried for you constantly. We were, as you say, the nervous parents and you were a child, reckless and dangerous in your ways, in your risk-taking, in your destructive and gambling nature. We watched as you walked into certain peril knowing that we must allow you to experience the results of the choice that you were making. It has not made it any easier for us knowing that in the end you would be all right, for we always knew you would suffer in some way, even temporarily the consequences of your actions and choices.

We had wished so often to be able to step in and turn you around and give you a push in the other direction, but this was not allowed per our agreement with you dear ones, for you wished to do most of everything by yourselves and you asked for complete freedom of all of the choices you would make and the paths you desired to travel, even if these paths lead down a dark and dangerous road. It will be beyond a joy, but also a relief to be able to embrace you in the flesh again and not have to worry so about where it is the day will bring you and watch as another 3rd dimensional drama envelopes you and spins you around in the clutches of a whirlwind of pain and confusion, problem, turmoil, destruction and regret, even though we always knew that you would be released from these torrential winds to once again walk free down another path of your choosing.

We are so glad you are coming home and we have many stories to share with you just as we are so very eager to sit and listen to your tales of adventure and excitement from your journey through the jungles of this 3rd dimensional landscape. We will have all the time in the world to share these stories with each other, as time is eternal here on our side of the veil. You may have forgotten this, as you have been gone so long. Time does not move as it moves for you at this moment dear ones, as time for us here on our side is our friend, is our compatriot, is our ally, is a tool that we can use to our advantage, for our education, for our fun, excitement and adventure and even in some forms for mystery, as we have the absolute luxury and pleasure to be able to spin like a wheel time, and wherever it stops we could travel to this point in time behind us or ahead of us, if you will, though time is actually neither behind us or before us, but is somewhere within us, and this you will understand much clearer once time is no longer wrapped around you.

We can use time as an escalator or elevator and ride it into its higher reaches, or push a button for down and explore where it will take us, and when the door opens we can step out into a world of mystery and surprise, of challenge, of fun, excitement, newness, and explore this new world for as long as we would like before we may tire of it and desire a new world to explore. It can be said that we are time travelers, time explorers, for indeed this would be an appropriate title for us and it is certainly an appropriate title for you dear ones, for you have ventured through time in a way, as you have exited one reality and entered another with a completely different time construct. You have left a world where time is adequately controlled and well understood, to a world where it is time that controls you, governs you, and even up to the present day your top scientific minds have not been able to completely deconstruct time and control it, allowing it to be used as a tool as we use it.

Many of you will in the days ahead be entering this time portal again, emerging on the other side free from your current constraints of time and its control. So in a way, you will once again be time travelers exploring yet another path that will be new to you, as most of you have no memory of journeying this way before. What an exciting adventure this will be for you dear ones, and we are so happy to be able to supply you with the trail map that will guide you through what will be for you uncharted wilderness in the days ahead. Many of you are right now at this moment prepared fully for this great adventure, but as so many of you have come here together it is only appropriate that you wait for each other and leave together. Is that fair dear ones? We are confident that many of you understand this and will show all the patience that is required to wait for your fellow time travelers, as they are not many steps behind you and all will reach the door of your new adventure just when it is the great hands of the clock of the universe begins to turn the knob and open this door for you into your new, but familiar reality. We, your family and your friends, will be here waiting on this side of the door for you and we will help you unpack.

We are your family of the Galactic Federation of light, waiting for your return home from your weary travels.

As channeled through Greg Giles English - Spanish - Brazil - Bulgarian - Croatian - Dutch -German - Greek - Hebrew - Polish - Japanese Portugal - Romanian - Russian - Slovenian -Swedish - Traditional Chinese - Hungarian French Turkish

Marines Activate 1500 Law Enforcement Troops

Specialized Force of Military Police Officers Activated with Powers of Arrest on U.S. and Foreign Soil.


Camp Pendleton California
The Marine Corps has created and activated 3- 500 troop Law Enforcement Battalions, their first law enforcement division in their long history, a specialized force of military police officers that it hopes can be quickly deployed worldwide to help investigate and make arrests for a wide range of crimes. Major Jan Durham said the Marine Corps has had battalions on and off since WW2, but those battalions primarily acted as security personnel. Many who are following the arrests of the members of the criminal cabal see this as good news and corroboration of reports that U.S. troops are indeed on the front lines making these arrests, and these three newly activated battalions are now on their way to join the campaign.      

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/27/12 'Time to Begin Project 1' Audio Version

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/27/12 ‘Time to Begin Project 1’


Mounting problems and difficulties in you world precipitate a faster move-up of some of the projects we have earlier discussed with you, dear ones. We have convened, and we have reached a decision that we will at this time begin our many projects with you, one at a time and in order of their urgency and importance. What we would like to see today is a showing of hands, if you will, of those who wish to take part in our first project which will be the strengthening and re-fortification of seawalls of your shorelines in strategic areas of your world where your shores are not adequately protecting communities inland. We would like to see you leave your names under our message today wherever it is you find this message and we will duly note your names if we consider you a safe prospect and an addition to our team that will be a positive.

These are primarily the two prerequisites, although we have accumulated a short list of names of those who we feel we would not prefer to work with at this time. We hope those of you who are on the short list understand and also see that the reasons for this have been the way you have treated others and spoken to others throughout your online communities over the past few weeks, months and years since many of these changes and our messages have become aware to you. We simply feel it would not be fair to those who you have treated in negative ways to be working side-by-side with you as you have shown no proficiency and willingness to treat others with kindness, with caring, with love, with fairness, with decency.

For your own sake and for the possibility of your future employ with our organization, we suggest to those of you who do wish to work with us and even those who do not wish to work with us to better treat those around you, for not being included in our work with us is merely one negative result of your behavior, as there are many negative results of your behavior that flow like an uncontrollable river, damaging yourself and others in its wake. Do you understand this? Do you understand that there are better ways to treat others than to slam them with your insults, your heated opinions, your tirades, your name-calling, your slandering, your obscenities, your hatred, your anger, your dismissal, your one-way rhetoric?

Please understand that we as an organization and as individuals as well do not judge or condemn you in any way, shape or form. We simply feel a working partnership with some of you right now is not conducive to a suitable working environment for your brothers and sisters of your human family as well as our family, and after all, we are one large family. There will be other opportunities to work with us in the days ahead and we suggest to you to take heed to what we say today and begin to treat each other differently, for we will continue to monitor your online networks and we will continue to add and even detract names from our lists. Thank you for your attention today and for your cooperation, if it is cooperation you wish to lend in this matter.

We would like to discuss with all of you today what our intentions are, what our plan is to strengthen your shoreline around the coasts of Florida and Lower, or what you call ‘Southern’ California in the United States, and even some other parts of the world. Some areas you may know little about depending on where it is you are from, of course, and how advanced your education has been in geography. There are coastal settings all around your world that offer little protection from storms, hurricanes, sea surges and the like. We have monitored these coastal areas for quite some time now and have come up with a suitable and definite list as to which areas we feel need the benefit of coastal seawalls in the form of ‘brick and mortar’, as you say, constructions, although it is not brick and it is not mortar we will use, as this is a metaphor. What construction materials we will use are glass-crystal sealing structures. These structures are strong, these structures are sound, these structures are light- weight, these structures can be raised high, they can be stretched wide and they can be dug deep into the sands of the bottom of your seabed.

These structures can also be made to appear beautiful. These structures reflect the sun, they shine in the sun, they gleam in the sun, and your coastal areas will not only improve in their safety and their form, but in their aesthetic appearance as well, and we feel those of you who live on your coasts, those of you who visit your coasts and even those of you who only view photographs of your coasts will see these structures as beautiful additions to your already gorgeous beaches and shorelines. How these glass-crystal structures are constructed is through the use of our advanced technologies that are mounted on board our large spacecraft. We will fly over your coastal areas inspecting the sea floors for their contours, their depth, their density and their stability, what they are made of and how deep we can or we have to embed these glass-crystal ‘walls’, if you will. We then will lower our spacecraft to slightly above sea level and begin to install these structures by simply moving levers on a control panel. These seawalls will come down from the hulls of our ships that have been designed and constructed for just this purpose and voila! Your seawalls are strongly and safely embedded deep into the underlying seabed of your coastal shorelines.

We will continue this method up your coastlines many miles and this will take many days, and this is why we feel the urgency to begin this operation with you almost immediately. We will say that it will be at least a couple of days and even at the most two to three weeks before we begin, but we say to you to take heart of what we say, for we will be beginning this operation very shortly as much needs to be done in a very short time. We hope to see many names today volunteering for this very important assignment and we look so forward to working with you, our brothers and sisters of our human family. We will be in touch with those of you we feel would be a positive addition to our team in one way or another.

Please do not overly concern yourselves with how we will contact you or rendezvous with you, as this is nothing for you to be concerned about. All will be explained to you in its due time, dear ones, and you have nothing to worry about if you have not yet perfected your telepathic abilities. There will be no reason to worry that you may have missed a message from us as, if we feel you would be a positive addition to our team and your name is duly noted under one of these messages, we will rendezvous with you in one way or another. It will be done. Have faith and confidence in our methods, just as we have nothing but faith and confidence in you, dear ones.

Until we speak again, we are your brothers and your sisters of your family of the Galactic Federation of Light, and we look so forward to working personally with you. Thank you.

As channeled through Greg Giles