Living Above the Illusion

My twin brother Glenn and I have a favorite expression we often use. Hawaiians great each other and also bid farewell with ‘Aloha!’,  the French say hello with a friendly ‘Bonjour!’,  a Spaniard will greet you with a friendly ‘Hola!’, and our Italian friends  wish you well with a ‘Ciao!’.  My brother and I, in lieu of these popular cultural salutations, bid ado with ‘Live above the illusion!’, ceasing the opportunity to replace the normal verbal volley with a reminder that we indeed live within a deceitful illusion, and to each other reinforce the virtue of living above this mere mirage.  

Understanding why this 3rd dimensional civilization is but an illusion requires a bit of imagination, a commodity sometimes rare these days as a number of otherwise very capable minds have been tightly squeezed of its most precious asset due to the demands of the status quo, and those soon to be replaced keepers of.

We exist within a mere illusion due to the very nature of our existence here, a nature that exists nowhere else but a 3rd dimensional world, and there are very many higher dimensions and worlds seated upon them. Think of our experience here as summer camp, a different kind of summer camp where instead of learning to shoot a bow and arrow or to swim in the chilly morning lake we learn what it is like to experience dual points or polar opposites of everything we encounter throughout our day. Everything here on Earth has a dual point or polar opposite, everything. Happiness and sadness, poverty and abundance, war and peace, life and death, are all fine examples of our curriculum here, but one shining example of duality sharpens the point exceptionally well, and is actually the only example of duality you need ever know; love and fear.  That is the nature of our assignment, or one aspect of our assignment anyway, as the human species is quite gifted at serious multitasking.

In reality, real-ity, there exists only two emotions in this entire universe; love and fear. For what is not of love is certainly born of fear. Of these two emotions, one is real, the other illusion. Our entire universe was created in one breath, one emotion, one thought, and that thought was love. All is love. Love is all and everything that is. Love is the constant, the forever, the eternal. We were created of love, we exist in love, we are love; nothing more, nothing less. But here in this 3rd dimensional world we have something else; a slowly vibrating, negative and debilitating emotion known as fear. So I ask you; if only love is real, and we exist, (for the summer anyway), in a world where there exists love AND fear, is what we are experiencing real? Or are we just living within the illusion?  Until we speak again, live above the illusion! Greg

Many Feet Two Shoes


Some of us will be 'graduating' to a 5th dimensional existence very soon, and some of us will continue our schooling in this, the 3rd dimension. It’s all about your vibe, or more to the point, the dimension in which you exist is directly proportionate to the rate at which you vibrate. This rate is known as your personal frequency. There are many who today stand on the cusp, so to speak, and could either ascend to a higher dimensional existence when the ‘gates’ open soon, or remain in a 3rd dimensional world. For those interested and so motivated for a new view from their front porch, it is certainly not too late to raise your personal frequency to a 5th dimensional level. Although there are no shortcuts, there are exercises you can do to increase your vibration. Keep in mind these exercises are not designed to give you any kind of cardiovascular workout, but practiced appropriately, they will certainly strengthen your heart all the same.
 Here's an effective exercise I have done, and I could literally feel a 'quickening' of my vibration. The next time you're at the supermarket, or any crowded place for that matter, take a moment and observe another soul. Are their shoes expensive, or are they low quality? Why are they so? Are they worn out? Does this person walk great distances to work while you drive? What about their clothing? Do you find their clothing more practical than fashionable? Do you think you’re the only person who wishes to wear beautiful things? What about the lines on this person's face? Does it appear this soul has worked hard for many years performing physically demanding labor? What about the items in their shopping cart? Do they appeal to your culinary palette, or do the items they have chosen from the shelves appear to complete the least expensive meals possible, just enough to afford them the adequate sustenance to keep them returning to their jobs every day?  Do you look at this person in distain and convince yourself their difficult life is their own fault? Or do you feel for this person, and truly understand that it was you who wore those identical shoes in many of your previous incarnations? One may ask what the difference is. The difference is the dimension you will find yourself in at the close of 2012.
This exercise is designed to allow you to stand in another's shoes for just a moment. What can you do when you pass by a shopper who seems to be wearing your old shoes? When this person makes eye contact with you, share a smile with them. You may be very surprised what a little smile can do for another soul on their difficult journey.

Bank Announces 'The Shift is Happening!'

A popular bank in the Buffalo area of New York State has recently launched a commercial television advertising campaign airing in the Western New York region. Cattaraugus County Bank, or CCB, whose logo represents a symbolic allusion to the esoteric Tree of Life or the ‘Path to God’, also appears quite knowledgeable in regards to the great consciousness shift currently underway on our planet, a shift that will culminate in the ascension to a higher dimensional existence for much of the human race. This great shift will mark the end for the world’s banking elitists who have knowingly perpetrated a fraud upon the people making themselves wealthy beyond description while at the same time imprisoning the masses to an existence of indebted servitude. Boldly declaring ‘The Shift is happening’, CCB and the producers of the short 20 second spot appear to be covertly sending a message to other elitist organizations and individuals through the use of the media, a tactic used so often throughout history that it is quite remarkable more citizens have yet to catch on to the secretive communiqués. Or perhaps, CCB has awakened to the fact that there will be no stopping the great shift in human consciousness, and have instead chosen to resonate with the inevitable evolution of the human species and the subsequent relinquishing of all wealth and power of the banking cartels.  

No word yet if other banking institutions have decided on similar ad campaigns to announce peaceable surrender as we near the removal and possible tribunals of the worlds corrupt banking masterminds. (Reports have surfaced that elitist family members have been seen hoarding every single cardboard box that U-Haul had available in the entire country). 

Rumors have also surfaced that the owners of the Federal Reserve and the World Bank have been mulling over and narrowing down script ideas for their own television ad campaigns. So now without further ado, here are the finalists for the new ad campaign announcing the resignation of the disgraced former heads of the world’s largest banking institutions.

Number 10 ‘We we’re just kidding!’

Number 9 ‘Alright, alright… a free toaster to every new depositor if you let us keep our banks’.

Number 8 ‘What the heck are we going to do with all these damn Ameros?’

Number 7 ‘Alright you two numbskulls, Rocky, you’re on drive thru. Liz, you’re on fries! Oh sorry I forgot, Queen Liz’.

Number 6 ‘Okay we admit it, there’s more gold in Flavor Flav’s mouth than there is in Fort Knox’. 

Number 5 ‘Hey alright Lightworkers! We did it, yea! We sure showed those evil darkworkers a thing or two huh? Hey, when's the Lightworker Christmas party? Wouldn't want to miss that. I'll bring the deviled eggs!  

Number 4 ‘Your Honor, my clients ask the court for leniency on the grounds that over the years they have faithfully offered free checking’.

Number 3 ‘Let me get this straight. We’re going to get the very prison cells vacated by all the bank robbers you’re letting go?’ 

Number 2 ‘We can always play the race card. Oh wait, we’re white! I told you we should have hired at least one minority!’

And the favorite to be chosen as the new ad campaign of the world banking elitists is…

“We knew this sh*t was going to happen as soon as Jesus knocked over all the baskets of our money changers!’

DNA Evolution

Since human DNA contains hydrogen bonds which are a phosphodiester (the backbone of DNA and central to all life on Earth) they essentially act like light activated structures within the DNA. DNA could be called the “language of light” since it responds to and changes its structure when immersed in light generated from the Galactic Center. This occurrence will happen in 2012, as our planet aligns with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.  As our bodies become more in tune while processing this higher vibrational energy, our cells will experience a complete metamorphosis.  This transformation is but the next leap in the evolution of the human species, for which there have been many, and with it can be expected a significant expansion in the personal and collective human consciousness.   

Propaganda Machine at it Again! End of the World now October 21st!

Mass media, who have yet to mention once the word ascension as it relates to the choice that is every human’s divine right that can be exercised on or before December 21st, of 2012, have of course jumped all over the story regarding May 21st as the end of the world, and now continue to peddle their pitiful propaganda by covering 89 year old Colorado Minister Harold camping’s latest update that maybe October 21st 2011 is the end of the world. This attempt to further sway public sentiment in regards to 2012 all started when Camping read a Bible passage and interpreted the meaning as prophesy that May 21st is judgment day. No word yet how and why mass media have taken it upon themselves to assume judgment day and the end of the world are at all related, but I guess little details like that don’t interest the Associated Press or Reuters. Red flags may also be hoisted when one attempts to figure out how an 89 year old small town minister found such easy passage to headlines and lead stories on the biggest news networks worldwide. One never knows, however, if Harold did not indeed interpret at least some of the passage correctly. Perhaps a karma reading had been scheduled for May 21st. I know I pay my karma bill regularly; somebody has to be keeping score somewhere.

In truth, May 21st marks yet another embarrassing and desperate attempt by the disturbed puppet masters to incite public apathy in regards to December of 2012. At the end the day, a new weapon of propaganda was created by the elitist controllers who will dust this silly story off again and again as we approach December of 2012, as evidenced by another headline news story that Camping has now changed his interpretation to October 21st.

 Today is a good day to clarify for those who are unclear about December 2012 and ascension and what it means, or doesn't mean, to them personally.

Ascension is not an EVENT. Ascension is a PROCESS that has already been underway for some time and will CULMINATE on December the 21st of 2012. In other words, the window that is now open will close on December the 21st 2012. It may or may not open again anytime soon for the few who are today so very close to raising their personal frequency adequately for ascension. The big obstacle for those who are on the cusp is that all those who are here today doing their best to share what we are experiencing will be gone after December the 21st 2012. Without those voices, where will be the beacons of light to act as wayshowers for those who will wish to ascend but are yet fuzzy on the matter? This is the reason why those who today understand the incredible opportunity ascension is work so hard to leave a written record of what we are experiencing as our personal frequency accelerates and our lightbodies activate. If you think this a fairytale, then the elitist propaganda whitewash is paying off for those who wish to keep as many here in their control as possible. You see, for what is it worth to be King if you have no subjects to support your reign?

Do not ignore the foolish attempt today by those who consider themselves your rulers, instead file away what you see in the media as a reminder that there are forces that are attempting to con you in order to control you. Every day that passes by without the media mentioning the word ascension should be a red flag to you that something is wrong. If you feel the media does not mention ascension because they do not believe it to be true, then you must ask yourself; ‘Why did every media outlet in the world not only cover Harold’s May 21st prediction’, but lead with the story on the major news networks?’   

If there is a God, why does there exist such Evil in the World?

Many ask ‘If there is a God, why does there exist such evil in the world?’ Many believe this is a rhetorical question and there exists no real answer, however, this question can certainly be answered. Before we proceed, however, we must first correct the question; ‘... why does there exist such evil in THE world?’ The question assumes there exists no other world but this one. The question should properly be phrased ‘... why does there exist such evil in this world?’ Understanding the significance of this alteration is a prerequisite to understanding the answer.
Earth is but one 3rd dimensional civilization. Here in 3D, we experience what is known as duality. For everything that exists here there exists a dual point, or opposite. Good and evil, happy and sad, rich and poor, life and death etc. The reason why we journey here is to gain perspective, for how would a soul learn what is good if there exists no evil?

Through our experience here we have the opportunity to grow and mature as a soul through our sometimes difficult lives, raising our personal vibrational frequency adequately for ascension into a higher state of existence. This is known as ascension, but could be more easily understood as graduation. After ascension you would no longer exist within the construct of duality, and therefore you will no longer experience evil, only good. You will no longer experience need, only abundance and you will no longer experience death, only life.
The National Geographic Channel feels the need, (and feeds an agenda) to constantly program you to believe you exist in a dog-eat-dog world and that this is the natural order and therefore must be and always will be. Refuse this attempt to program your mind. A dog-eat-dog existence is not the natural order. The natural order is abundance, not scarcity. Only a dualistic civilization modeled on scarcity breeds animals that need to ‘feed’ on each other to survive. This includes humans as well. After ascension you will experience a dimension where all animals play together in gentle peace. This includes humans as well.    
All the seemingly terrible events we experience here in 3d are designed to happen for our learning and greater good, or at least can be utilized for our greater good. These events are wake up calls for all of us in the hope that we will see that it is not here in a 3D world that we wish to exist. Without these events we would be lulled into apathetic content and not search for that better realm. Natural disasters, wars, a crumbling economy, and even the loss of loved ones need to be recognized as a wake up call that there must be something better somewhere, that God, the universe, and the Spiritual Hierarchy must have designed something better for their children to experience. And they have. Assimilate all you have learned here, release all the negative emotions associated with your learning experience, and choose better for yourself. This is your divine inheritance.


Being asleep means you believe you know everything and there is nothing yet to learn

Being awakened means you have learned you know nothing, yet wish to learn.   Greg Giles

May 21st, End of the World, or Cunning False Flag?

Mass media, who have yet to mention once the word ascension as it relates to  the choice that is every humans divine right that will be exercised on December of the 21st, 2012, have of course jumped all over the story regarding today May 21st as the end of the world.  It seems 89 year old Colorado Minister Harold Camping has read a Bible passage and has interpreted the meaning as prophesy that today May 21st is judgment day. No word yet how and why mass media have taken it upon themselves to assume judgment day and the end of the world are at all related, but I guess little details like that don’t interest the Associated Press or Reuters. One never knows though, perhaps a karma reading has been scheduled for today. I know I pay my karma bill regularly; somebody has to be keeping score somewhere.

In truth, today marks yet another embarrassing and desperate attempt by the disturbed puppet masters to incite public apathy in regards to December of 2012. At the end of today, a new weapon of propaganda will have been created by the elitist controllers who will dust this silly story off again and again as we approach December of 2012. Today is but a good day to clarify for those who are unclear about December 2012 and ascension and what it means, or doesn't mean, to them personally.

Ascension is not an EVENT. Ascension is a PROCESS that has already been underway for some time and will CULMINATE on December the 21st of 2012. This window may or may not stay open long for the few who are today so very close to raising their personal frequency adequately for ascension. The big obstacle for those who are on the cusp is that all those who are here today doing their best to share what we are experiencing will be gone after December the 21st 2012. Without those voices, where will be the beacons of light to act as wayshowers for those who will wish to ascend but are yet fuzzy on the matter? This is the reason why those who today understand the incredible opportunity ascension is work so hard to leave a written record of what we are experiencing as our personal frequency accelerates and our lightbodies activate. If you think this a fairytale, then the elitist propaganda whitewash is paying off for those who wish to keep as many here in their control as possible. You see, for what is it worth to be King if you have no subjects to support your reign?

Do not ignore the foolish attempt today by those who consider themselves your rulers, instead file away what you see in the media today as a reminder that there are forces that are attempting to con you in order to control you. Every day that passes by without the media mentioning the word ascension should be a red flag to you that something is wrong. If you feel the media does not mention ascension because they do not believe it to be true, then ask yourself; ‘Why is every media outlet in the world not only running but leading with the ridiculous story of the end of the world today?’

The Lotus Flower

We all began our journey as a lotus flower, heeding our call to the light, rising up from the muddy depths to one day burst through the surface and bask in the warm light of our glorious inheritance. Greg Giles

Indigo Shine (with Symbolism Revealed)

Whether you are 5th gearing it (Existing within 5th dimension) over a stretch of Autobahn super highway, or touring along a tranquil country scenic-way, you are behind the wheel of an engineering masterpiece, (the new universal human template), no matter what part of the world your vehicle was created. (No matter in which country you were born). These marvels of intricate design come off the line (birth) in a wide variety of different makes, models and colors (different races & ethnicities), that, while sharing the roadway (sharing the planet) with other like- vehicles (other like-minded souls on the conscious ascension path) paint the highway (world) in a pallet of rainbow luminosity. (Blue Rays, Ruby Rays, Indigo Rays, Rainbow Rays etc.)

Showcasing the latest in aerodynamics and cutting edge design, these super charged rockets feature the latest in technological advancements. (DNA activation and the attributes related to the newly activated genes). Appearing a little shinier and a little flashier (Aura), these beauties come loaded with an advanced road hugging suspension capable of handling the most difficult twists and turns like a dream. (The Indigos chosen to be here at this time on assignment have demonstrated an ability to handle 3rd dimensional difficulties). Delivering a one-two punch of maximum pony power through advanced after market packages that conceal twelve cylinders under the hood (full 12 strand DNA activation), combined with a complete bumper to bumper endless life-time warranty, (Ascending beings must no longer experience death), you have to be in one to believe it. (Those who are not yet spiritually awakened do not believe). 
Delivered complete in stunning showroom brilliance, (after DNA activation and ascension, the human body will be restored to a state of perfect health and youthful appearance), and equipped with an advanced on board computer system which features the latest in state-of-the art broadband Wi-Fi designed to keep you connected to all other like-equipped vehicles on the road today. (Third eye, pineal gland activation will enable psychic communication with other ascended beings.) 

The newly designed and futuristic on board computer sensory equipment showcase the latest in technological advances. An intuitive sensor is mounted smack in the middle of the dash (Third eye)and once activated (pineal gland activation), keeps an eye (Third Eye) on changing road conditions ahead, alerting the operator to detour for a safer journey. (New intuitive abilities allow you to steer clear of future obstacles on your path.)

Each new vehicle is delivered factory sealed with an expanded computerized filing and storage system (Improved mental capacity), enabling a greatly enhanced processing environment capable of calculating driving conditions in the nanosecond range , all while greatly reducing real time operating errors out on the road. (Faster and more accurate thought processes will greatly reduce errors in judgment.)

World- wide manufacturing partners (Couples) have historically offered a wide variety of vehicle styles, sizes and colors to choose from (Body types), offering production end models most suitable for localized extreme weather environments, job performance demands, and local fuel availability. (Specific body types on earth are a product of environment, physical labor requirements, and local food availability). Today’s cutting edge designs, however, offer a ground breaking universal standard that will ensure an optimum driving experience wherever you choose to tour your vehicle, on or off road. (The new universal human template is no longer bound by environmental necessity, and will be suitable to experience many worlds.)
Vehicle interiors (souls) are installed custom (body/soul union), in agreement with your local qualified leasing representative in your area. (Spirit realm elder). Test drives are always recommended, and is the option preferred by serious drivers looking to get the most out of their new vehicle experience. (Future lives can be, even here in the 3rd dimension, pre-screened, and body types can be chosen to suit varied abilities). It takes a little extra time in the seat to achieve superior handling abilities for sporty models, or to fine tune your vehicle acoustics for lovers of the musical arts. (It will take a little time to attune to your new body and abilities.)

Interior lighting (Soul) is based on universal color themes (Rays) and come in a rainbow array of beautiful colors, shades, tints, and hues. (Blue Ray, Indigo Ray etc.) Note: Color refers to the wavelength composition of light, shade is a gradation of color referring to its degree of darkness, tint is a gradation referring to its degree of lightness, and hue indicates a modification of a basic color, such as in response to exposure to light. (Lightworkers, Darkworkers, and the positive effects of light work). Interior lighting (Soul) ranges the full spectrum from Powerful Blue, (Blue Ray/Power), Healthy Green, (Green Ray/Healing) Pure White, (White Ray/Purity), Fiery Ruby, (Ruby Ray/Compassion), Smart Yellow, (Yellow Ray/ Intelligence), and the hottest shade to burst onto the scene, a revolutionary (Earth changing) new Indigo for those who find their eyes sensitive (Empath) to the lighting (souls) of other models. (Beings.)
Last minute vehicle inspections are now being completed, and new rides are scheduled to roll of the assembly line and into your local showroom in just a matter of months. (Ascension). Advanced prototypes of the complete line of cutting edge makes and models (5th dimensional human) can be taken for a virtual test drive at any Internet destination where like-minded enthusiasts gather. (Online spiritual communities). Come see for yourself the latest in evolutionary design, (Universal human), and feel free to join the new vehicle (5th dimensional human template) discussion forums. Your input is always enthusiastically welcomed!
Whichever make or model you choose to drive today, (body type) you can be sure there are exciting new adventures just up ahead as a new twelve lane interconnecting super highway (12 dimensions) is about to be christened. (Christ consciousness). Fire up your engines (Hearts) for the greatest road rally in history! (Ascension)

Greg Giles

A Magikal New Adventure!

An exciting and magikal new adventure awaits you, though it requires the release of everything you have understood to be real, but is in reality an illusion. Release all that does not serve your greater good. Release the emotions that shackle you to ex-lovers, friends and even family who no longer exist on your new frequency of love and light. Release the belief you need to slave in order to live in a beautiful home. Release the belief your body must break down from aging or illness. Release the belief you need to be told what to do. Release the belief you are not able to manifest any reality you choose. Release all fear, doubt, and uncertainty. Your new life is waiting for you just around the corner!

Who are the Galactic Federation?

The Galactic Federation can easily be understood as the United Nations peacekeeping forces of our universe, with one major difference, of course. The Galactic Federation, unlike the United Nations mercenaries, operates through integrity, love and compassion, in service to others according to the universal laws of free will. Each and every galaxy in this colossal universe is inhabited by planets hosting intelligent life, and each galaxy has representation within the Galactic Federation. As the Galactic Federation is composed of representatives from millions of different worlds, there are of course many interconnecting alliances within the larger governing body. The Galactic Federation of Light, Galactic Federation of Planets, Galactic Confederation, League of Light, The Ashtar Command and the list goes on. Every member group comprising the Galactic Federation is benevolent and operates within the service to others frequency. There are, of course, other worlds who have mastered space travel to some degree who do not operate on the same frequency of love as the Galactic Federation, and it is these worlds that have caused such mayhem through their agenda to conquer other worlds, primarily to strip a planet of its resources with little or no regard for the lives of the inhabitants. The Galactic Federation first attempts to reach an agreement with the invaders, and if a détente cannot be reached the Galactic Federation will then be forced to launch their fleet of millions of lightships to come to the aid of the world under attack.

‘Gray skies are gonna’ clear up, put on a happy face’
This now brings us to planet Earth. Many of you who will read these words will immediately recognize the 3rd dimensional beings from the star system Zeta-Reticuli, recognizable most from their gray appearance and large almond shaped dark eyes, although all beings resembling the Zeta’s are not necessarily Zeta’s, and of course do not always share their same motivations and agendas. It is also important to understand that not all Zeta's share the same agenda as well, just as there are political and ideological divides here on Earth. The Zeta's in question are those unwanted intruders who seem to have a bad habit of stripping a planet of its resources and failing to honor the universal law of free will while violating the rights of beings they deem inferior. And as in any similar campaign of plunder, the taking is not without its share of giving, of baloney, that is. Undertaking a campaign of propaganda that would make the Nazi Third Reich proud, the Zeta’s, after careful study of human culture, learned the earthbound human race shared a varied degree of spiritual belief, so peddle their propaganda of spiritual soup they do while following their homebrewed virtue ‘practice not what thou preach’.

Over the ecliptic ridge rides the Cosmic Cavalry known as the Galactic Federation. Handing our party crashers their walking papers, the guardsman of the galaxy have issued a complete quarantine of our planet and atmosphere making sure no intruders interfere as we as a planet and a people ascend into a higher dimensional existence. The U.S. government knows well the details of this quarantine, and the subject has been posed by astute journalists to U.S. Congressman on occasion, followed of course by the usual denial. If it is disclosure by the U.S. government on this issue that you await, you may be interested to learn the U.S. government and their shadowy puppet masters who in reality pull all the strings, has indeed signed a treaty with one of the two previously mentioned groups. If you feel confident it is with the Galactic Federation with which an agreement in agenda was reached, you may wish to reconsider your next political contribution as the Galactic Federation has been forced to include all NASA missions to their quarantine list. Not since my Uncle Sonny needed to explain to my Aunt Dolores why he laid ten smackers against Secretariat in the Belmont has anyone so foolishly backed the wrong horse. 
In an update to this article, the Galactic Federation has given the current U.S. government criminal regime and their Wall Street banksters no choice but to vacate their positions of power. As an outgoing gesture of good will President Obama may, or just as likely may not, introduce the Galactic Federation to the populace. If the current regime does not offer full disclosure, the new spiritually enlightened caretakers of the U.S. government will happily introduce our space brothers and sisters to a global audience. This event is but moments away, and will open the door to a new era of freedom, peace and prosperity many have never before dreamed of.

Fine Tune your Ascension Receiver

As we edge ever closer to the grand finale of our ascension experience on December the 21st, 2012, a bit of fine tuning could be beneficial to those who wish to get the most out of this truly magnificent of experiences. There are two ways to experience ascension; in body and out of body. If you wish to remain in body then your body must be in tune with the higher frequencies that will facilitate this shift. It is very easy to understand just how this shift will occur if you simply picture a home or car stereo receiver, known as a stereo ‘tuner’.  As you surf the dial in search of a good song, you are surfing through varied frequencies. If your tuner is not tuned to a particular station, you cannot hear what is being broadcast on that particular frequency. This will certainly be the case on December the 21st, 2012, when the higher dimensional frequencies will be broadcast worldwide. Now suppose you are driving in your car and you hear the first few notes of your very favorite song, yet your dust filled 1972 Pioneer Super Tuner is missing a knob and is barely clinging to your dashboard by rusty and frayed wiring. A clothes hanger previously used to liberate free your keys from within the locked doors is now mounted in place of the antennae last seen moments before you drove through the local car wash. Your body is your temple, and it is also your Pioneer Super Tuner; the new 2012 model.  Give it a tune up by feeding it the proper nutrition; vitamins, minerals, and plenty of non-fluoridated spring water. Finding foods that raise your vibrational frequency is certainly a difficult task, but an effort can be made to avoid foods that drastically lower your personal frequency. Processed carbs and sugars, aspartame, dairy, and especially meat products should be avoided. For all those who wish to ascend yet have not made the shift to a vegetarian diet, a fifth dimensional world is a world where animals are not eaten, so you might as well get used to the idea. For more on ascension friendly healthy food alternatives, check out .  Connect with other like-minded souls as our connection to each other raises our collective frequency. Get plenty of sleep and seek quiet times for rest and reflection. Turn off the television as much as possible, avoid violent programs and films, and stay clear of the fear mongers disguised as the six o’clock news team. Take a walk through a garden instead. Release all the emotional baggage you have been carrying, as no carry-ons are permitted on board your ascension vehicle. Forgive all, release all, and move on from all your past experiences. Remember always that all was meticulously planned for your higher good. Fill your world with beautiful poetry, music, and literature, always remembering to only project positive thoughts as the golden rule is thought creates.  It is now time for new experiences in a new world. Stay tuned!

In a Dream

'In leaps and bounds we will grow, when we only begin to believe what we already know'

These words were spoken to me in a dream when I was young.


Are you seeing 1:11 and 11:11 more and more as days go by? In this year of 2011, there will be a rare occurrence of the dates 1-1-11, 1-11-11, 11-1-11, & 11-11-11. In numerology, the numbers 11, 111, and 1111 are very significant numbers for us to recognize. This year of 2011 is a magical year for all of us as we edge ever closer to the culmination of personal and planetary ascension into a higher dimensional existence in 2012. A clue left for us to recognize the great importance of this year is this; add the last 2 digits of your birth year to the age you will be on your birthday of this year. The sum will always be 111!

The Caduceus and the Penthouse Suite

The caduceus

The caduceus is an ancient esoteric symbol of enlightenment, made popular by its use by the global medical establishment. The symbol is commonly found on ambulances, hospitals, and even adorning elevators. For some, the caduceus may conjure up images of a reptilian race of beings, theorized by some to be the puppet masters of global political structures. As many universal cultures were represented here on Earth throughout antiquity, the true origins of the caduceus are at present extremely difficult to trace. The symbol of the snake winding up the rod or staff producing angelic wings dates as far back in our recorded history as 2600 BC in Mesopotamia, and there are several references to a caduceus-like symbol in the Bible; (Numbers 21:4­9, and 2 Kings 18:4) The true meaning behind this ancient symbol is at the root of the massive spiritual awakening and the global shift in consciousness occurring on our planet today.
The symbol represents Kundalini (Sanskrit ‘coiled’) energy rising up from the base of the human spine according to one’s spiritual awakening and understanding. As a being masters the many virtues associated with their current dimensional plane, the Kundalini energies will rise to one day culminate in enlightenment symbolized by the angelic wings which will ascend a being into a higher dimensional existence. The rod or staff is a symbolic representation of the Tree of Life, symbolic in itself of the path of the soul on its journey towards enlightenment. The next time you see the rising snake of the caduceus displayed outside an elevator, visualize the Kundalini energies rising up from your lower back delivering you to a higher plane of existence as you push the button for the penthouse suite.

Tip-iT! The Wackiest Balancing Game Ever!

Many of us will surely remember playing one of our favorite games of all time when we were children, but what many have yet to understand is that long after we packed Tip-iT up in its box and slid it under our bed, we continued to play the wackiest balancing game ever. Our current 3rd dimensional incarnation is an educational game known by many as the game of duality. Or perhaps we might refer to our game as Tip-iT? The object of our game is certainly similar to the object of Tip-iT. We are to create a balance. We are to identify the dual points of our existence here, and then create a balance between the two. So what are these dual points and where can you find them? You will find them everywhere. They are all around you. All and everything in this 3rd dimensional world has a dual point, or polar opposite. Good and evil, happy and sad, rich and poor, young and old, life and death, the list goes on and on. Your first task in our game is to identify these duel points. For those who are traveling blinkered through this lifetime, noticing only what revolves around you and your life is not accomplishing the first task of our game. Everyone on the planet today originates from another place in the universe. Even if you have never existed on another planet your soul was still created in a spiritual realm somewhere else. It is there, in a realm of perfection and of love and light that there exist no duel points. But it is there where you also cannot understand what is love or hate, what is good or evil, because there exists no dual points for you to gain any perspective. Ask yourself; why would my soul leave there, leave a realm of pure love and light to incarnate here, in a world full of, well, dual points? Clearly you now see you are on assignment. One day you will be home again, and there will be many souls who have not made this incredible journey as you have, and these souls will be your students as you share with them your daring travels through a dimension of duality. This is your assignment. (Well part of it anyway).

Once you have mastered the first stage of our game, identifying the dual points of this dimension, you now have the opportunity to successfully complete the game by creating a balance between the two. This task is the object of our game, the golden ring, the finish line. Not every soul incarnated here at this time shares an identical task, however. For many, myself included, striking a balance between talking and listening was the challenge to meet in this lifetime. For many others, it is the creation of a balance between the light and the dark that is the goal. But what does this mean exactly? How does one create a balance between the light and the dark, or between good and evil?

Many souls incarnated on Earth today are on a path of ascension into a higher dimensional existence. These souls have identified the dual points of good and evil, or the light and the dark, and have chosen to embrace the light, or to have ‘polarized positive’. But what many of these souls have yet to recognize is the fact that without the assistance of the dark, without the dark playing their vital role in our game, we would not have a game at all. How can a soul polarize positive if this soul did not incarnate into a world where so dwelled the dark? It is this understanding, that here in this dimension the dark is as much needed as the light, and that acceptance, forgiveness and integration of the light and the dark forces is essential for a soul wishing to ascend beyond duality into a realm of oneness. It is this understanding that creates the elusive balance between the light and the dark, completing our game. Congratulations TipiT! You have successfully completed the ‘wackiest balancing game ever’!

Ascension 2012; Real or Imagined?


Though many upon the planet at this time want nothing more than ascension into a higher dimensional existence, it can be said that no one really knows for sure if this subject of ascension is anything more than wishful thinking, where perhaps many folks whose hearts are in the right place took the baton so to speak and ran with it, perhaps too far. Is there any way to get a better bearing on the direction of this ship, or must we be content to ride the rough waves of hopeful uncertainty?

Fortunately for those who would rather plan a surprise party than walk through the door of one, there is a way to glance into the crystal ball and catch a glimpse of the preparations that are seemingly underway at this time. Ascension is not but an event, it is a process; an ongoing process that has already begun and continues on a massive scale with each breathe we take as we approach Zero Point. Understanding ascension as a process allows us the opportunity to read the tea leaves and gain insight into our very near future.

Mass Consciousness

Of the most startling of clues is the indisputable change in the mass consciousness of the citizens of planet Earth. The sleeping giants have awoken, and as more and more shake off the cobwebs of a long and deep slumber, a tidal wave of awakened spirit crashes over our still sleepy brothers and sisters. The momentum already amassed by the newly conscious is a force that can and will never be stopped by anyone or by any means. The people have the power, not a man, woman or government, covert or otherwise. We the people have always held the power, the rulers of our world have always known this and existed frightened of our potential that could easily strip them of their power. Now we have become aware of this power. Change, real change, is now inevitable and only days away. Rudimentary examination of Earth’s history will reveal just what a momentous occasion this is. Is it mere coincidence that these earth shattering changes in our collective consciousness are perfectly coinciding with the timetable of ascension? As ascension is no more (and no less) than a shift in consciousness, can the momentum of the mass shift in human consciousness lead to anything else but personal and planetary ascension?

Human DNA

Human DNA is evolving, and evolving so quickly a more apt term to describe this metamorphosis would be a leap in evolution. Mainstream science, historically the final holdouts to any change that may force them to update their pre Penicillin text books, have officially announced that two year old British boy Alphie Clamp is the first human diagnosed with three strands of DNA. As DNA holds the key to new abilities and powers, what awaits those who are now activating their third, fourth, and even twelfth strand of DNA will appear magical to those who still exist within the limiting two strand double helix.

Precession of the Equinox

We as a planet and a people are about to enter a new astrological age, which is a time period which astrology describes as the launch of major changes in the development of a civilization, particularly relating to culture, society and politics. Known as the Precession of the Equinox, as Earth rotates in its orbit around our sun it does so in a wobbly fashion, tracing out a pair of cones joined at their apices. Known as a Great or Platonic Year, this precession takes roughly 25,920 years to complete. We are now completing one of these great cycles, leaving behind the age of Pisces as we enter the new Age of Aquarius.

Solar Activity

SOHO, or the Solar & Heliospheric Observatory was launched by NASA in 1995 to orbit our sun in observation of earth changing solar activity. The video footage captured by SOHO on an almost daily basis is nothing short of spectacular. Not only is our sun displaying remarkable activity including never before witnessed solar flares of incredible magnitude, but massive space craft orbiting in close proximity to the sun have been routinely captured on film and broadcast by SOHO’s official website. Many of these mysterious craft have been filmed shooting pulse or laser type beams of light into the sun, and have also been filmed flying directly into the sun moments before giant solar flares erupt in precisely the same area.

Government Planning

Not only is the US government spending billions of dollars of our tax money carefully monitoring the recent solar activity, they have also siphoned trillions, yes that’s trillions with a ‘T’, of our dollars into black projects building massive underground bases in the inner earth. These pseudo secret underground cities are now fully equipped to protect all the world’s elitist families and thousands of much needed working class folk to tend to their needs, including hydroponic farming, cafeterias and shops. What however, would facilitate such a need ? What has led world governments and the elitists to believe so strongly that our planet is soon to experience an Earth changing event that they have spent trillions of dollars building underground facilities? Their information comes from one source of course, NASA! The same agency that has launched a campaign against the idea of any galactic alignment in 2012, and has denied categorically that Earth is soon to move through a photon belt, has advised the world governments to build massive underground bases to keep them safe. Keep in mind, however, these facts merely illustrate that the world governments and the spiritual community agree that massive earth changes will take place very soon. What exactly these changes are is where you can easily draw the line between the fear embracing ‘ground hogs’ and the winged ascension angels. It may be very true that those of us who have learned to live from the heart and thus have adequately raised our vibration will indeed ascend to a new world of love and light, while those of dark hearts truly need to bury their heads in the sand as their low vibration can only bring to them a future they have created for themselves.

Noah’s Ark

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault, dubbed Noah’s Ark by Norway’s Agricultural Minister, is a secure seed bank recently constructed in Norway in the remote Arctic Svalbard archipelago, about 800 miles from the North Pole. The massive underground storage facility is hoped to safeguard a stockpile of plant seeds in the face of a pending global disaster.

Galactic Alignment

Although we cannot depend on NASA to ever report the truth on any of their findings, we can use their past history of outright lies and propaganda as a gauge. Simply put, when NASA denies and denies, you can believe it is indeed true. If you find it difficult to believe our publicly funded space agency would furnish the tax payers that allow their program to exist in the first place with false information, keep in mind NASA maintains to this very day that they have absolutely no knowledge or evidence of, or any reason to believe in the existence of UFO’s. Enough said. The space agency’s recent all out attack on a possible rare galactic alignment in December of 2012, for me, adds much credibility to the possibility.

There is another source of information that can certainly be considered more trustworthy than NASA, and this information is readily available and plentiful at this time. Countless channels of higher dimensional intelligences have reported the validity of just such a monumental galactic alignment in December of 2012, where our planet will align with the galactic center and the central sun of our galaxy for the first time in nearly 26,000 years.

The Photon Belt

The photon belt is a band of intense photon light, and is believed by some to exist in an area of space about to be entered by Earth due to our galactic orbit. First theorized by Albert Einstein, the Photon Belt is a huge field of quantum light, or the smallest possible packet of light at a given wavelength. This field is characterized by the transition of an atom from one energy state to another. This transition from one energy state to another is indeed very interesting as it is believed by members of the scientific community that if Earth does indeed pass through such a field, its inhabitants can only survive if they somehow transform from their current physiological makeup.

Mayan Calendar

The Mayas, who have documented their origins as being a race of beings from the Pleiades, have carefully left a detailed record of when they understood the end of our current civilization to be. This record is known as the Mayan Calendar, and clearly indicates that December the 21st, of 2012, the day of the winter solstice, will be the end of one civilization and the dawning of a new.


December the 21st, of 2012 is a day known to astrologists as the last day of Sagittarius; the day when the archer aims his mighty bow, and with careful precision launches his arrow through the heart of the serpent, sleighing the mighty beast.

The Galactic Federation

We can all remember a time not too long ago when, although we had heard of eyewitness reports of a UFO sighting, we hadn’t ourselves spotted a UFO flying overhead, or even knew a friend who had been lucky enough to observe one. Today however, with each passing day UFO’s are routinely witnessed by countless people throughout every corner of the globe. If you yourself have yet to witness one of these craft, the odds are you have a friend that has. With the advent and popularity of the portable video camera and even cell phones, UFO’s are documented on video with startling frequency and in striking detail. Some of this footage has captured hundreds of UFO’s flying overhead as one massive fleet. NASA’s own cable television network, before the implementation of a video feed delay to edit out footage deemed off limits to the viewing public, aired incredible video footage of their space missions being vigilantly observed by fleets of extraterrestrial spacecraft. There is no question that a vast armada of spacecraft have taken position in orbit circling our entire planet, and it is only logical to believe these craft have traveled here to be involved somehow in a major event.


If someone were to ask you just a few years ago to name three channels of higher dimensional wisdom, assuredly you would be hard pressed to come up with any name other than Edgar Cayce. Today, as a result of some powerful universal flow of light (knowledge), it would be easy to name dozens of the seemingly countless channels that share the words of beings who identify themselves as members of the Galactic Federation, The Ashtar Command, The Spiritual Hierarchy, The Ascended Masters, Jesus, Mary, Archangels and so many other beings of love and light. Amazingly, all these different beings speaking through all of these different channels from all walks of life describe one incredible event happening right now; the ascension of our planet and our people into a higher dimensional existence.

Crop Circles

There have been many spectacular crop circle formations that seem to indicate our solar system will soon be experiencing a monumental event. Another important crop circle formation is known as the Human Butterfly crop circle, which was discovered on a farm in the small town of Goes, located in the Netherlands. It is the largest crop circle formation ever discovered, and it depicts a human morphing into a butterfly, symbolic of the caterpillar that morphs from a grounded species to a majestically winged species of incredible beauty.


The last book of the Holy Bible’s New Testament known as Revelations speaks of prophesy of the apocalypse (Greek ‘unveiling’); the return of the Christ and HIS Angels, the defeat of the army of Satan, and the ushering in of a new golden age of love and light; the return of Heaven to Earth. Can Revelations possibly be referring to any other time in our planet’s future? Can we realistically believe there will come a future day in our planet’s history where more seemingly earth changing events will all coincide with one another as they are today? Or is it much more likely that the prophetic words of Revelations speak of our current era?

Taking into account these few examples, of which there are many others, is it difficult to believe humanity is about to experience just what the evidence suggests; that we as a planet and a people are about to experience an event more miraculous than we could have ever imagined?


Positive Radiation

Thought creates. If there were ever to be made an addition to the Ten Commandments it would be this first tenant of our existence. Whatever thoughts you are thinking or expressing in any way, radiate either positive or negative energy waves and particles. There is no way to suppress this energy that emanates directly through the power generated by whatever you are thinking or doing at the time. This energy, either polarized positive or negative, surrounds you and immediately interacts with the creative forces that are as close to you as the clothing on your body. This creational energy immediately begins to answer you and reward you with precisely what it feels you are asking for. If your thoughts are gloomy, you will receive more gloom in your life. On the other hand, if your thoughts are joyful and positive, you can expect joyful and positive experiences awaiting you on your day’s experience. As all and everything throughout our universe is connected, your thoughts affect the collective consciousness of our world and all worlds throughout the cosmos. It is your duty as a citizen of this universe to remain conscious of the thoughts you send out and adjust them as necessary for the greater good of all.

An effective method to produce positive energy through your thoughts is to always utilize positive words and expressions, instead of using negative connotations to express the same theme. Here is an example. Which of these two sentences creates more positive energy?

A) Never entertain negative thoughts.

B) Always entertain positive thoughts.

Sentence B would naturally produce more positive energy as sentence A contains the words never and negative which project a negative vibration, while sentence B contains the words always and positive which create a positive vibration. This simple approach to your vocabulary can help create more positive experiences in your life.

As we approach our personal and planetary ascension into a higher dimensional existence, the creative energies of our universe are more accessible than ever before, meaning it is imperative for all of us to radiate positive thoughts as these energies have the power to immediately manifest as our shared reality.