Galactic Federation Coming to Us, or are We Leaving Oz?

As humanity’s collective frequency continues to rise, our cosmic families of light will begin to materialize into our realty, or it may be more accurate to say, we will begin to perceive the fleets of the Galactic Federation as we match the 5th dimensional frequency range they currently are stationed in, awaiting our arrival. This is the reason why disclosure announcements are of great concern to the GF, because those billions of people who have no inkling of what’s going on around them are in for quite a surprise when humanity pierces the veil into the 5th dimension and awaiting in our freshly painted skies are millions of spacecraft. To those uniformed and unaware it will appear these spacecraft have just entered our atmosphere, but this is hardly the case. It is us who are crossing the threshold into our new home.
Many at this time are demonstrating their impatience awaiting the arrival of the Galactic Federation fleet, believing it is they that are coming to us. The GF is not coming to us, but they are already here all around us, only in a higher frequency range. The GF are carrying out many assignments to keep the cabal and their minions at bay while we do our part to hasten our home coming and family reunion. What we must continue to do is raise our collective vibration to a level above and beyond the 3rd dimensional vibration of fear and separation. I can’t stress enough how impatiently waiting for the GF to come here and cure all our ails that we have created by giving our power away to those who promised to protect us is the same kind of thought process that put us in this situation in the first place. We hold the power. We are great and powerful beings. We create the world we wish to live in, and many of us are now choosing to live in a world of love, light, and unity, far removed from those we formerly empowered. As we continue to shine our light throughout our world at home, at work, and on the internet, we raise our collective vibration and rise up and away from the grasp of the dark ones like a hot air balloon departing OZ.  

Where Have All the Gray Skies Gone?

The 1980’s have given us many fond memories and most of these have been immortalized by the mass commercialization of that hair sprayed decade that brought us John Hughes popcorn yarns, the power ballad, and of course, aliens. Skinny, gray colored aliens with the big wraparound sunglasses, err, eyes, who seemed to be dividing their time between zipping around and abducting people in their pajamas or trying to figure out how to make a cheeseburger out of a cow, were, rather sadly, the most consciousness stretching topic on anyone’s sparkled and glossy lips. Well today, when VHS players, Reeboks, and fluorescent colored Gap wear are only seen in photos taken with your fluorescent colored disposable camera, those almond eyed aliens are only seen lining the shelves of a novelty store in the form of campy tee-shirts, posters, blowup dolls, and lunch boxes. But where have all our gray skies gone?
Turns out our gray friends are an extremely intelligent race of beings from the Zeta Reticuli Star System, and although they had a hankering for sharing their Zen-like philosophies with their pajama clad study groups, they did not quite practice what they preached. Lacking the emotional resources to successfully ascend with the rest of the universe in 2012, they launched an agenda to create a hybrid race which would retain the Zeta’s immense intelligence and also gain the emotional essences to enable the story of their people to continue. Well, if you’re looking for a rodeo you visit Texas, and if you’re looking for a being with a lot of emotion you visit Earth. (I sincerely understand how a race would wish to perpetuate their legacy and share with other races all they have learned throughout their journey. Their actions in this pursuit, however, cannot be condoned in anyway. Other methods to assist the Zeta’s could have been implemented, but this would not have fit in with the plans of Earth’s ruling oligarchs who chose instead to betray Earth’s citizens in a backroom and very shady deal. This is one of the many crimes against the people the soon- to- be unemployed world controllers will have to answer for in the days ahead.) 
Today the Galactic Federation Fleets are here and our visitors from Zeta Reticuli are not, and you may be quite certain that one’s arrival facilitated the other’s departure. The point of our journey today down memorabilia lane is that soon we will be reuniting with our cosmic families of light of the Galactic Federation. If you are looking forward to having your 6 foot tall blow up alien that’s been sitting in the corner of your bedroom partially deflated for over 20 years signed by a real alien from Zeta Reticuli, you can forget it. The gray skies have cleared up, and although there are a few members of the Galactic Federation that resemble the aliens plastered all over billboards and gift shops in Roswell, New Mexico, we will not be able to ask our former house guests what in the world they had against all those cows in Montana anyway.  

The Newly Unveiled Comalcalco Brick Supports Mayan Calendar Prophecy

One of the bricks used to construct the Mayan Temple at Comalcalco

Another prophetic Mayan artifact fights its way through the ordered blackout of such discoveries, finally making its way into the mainstream news. (Countless artifacts discovered throughout Mexico and Central America that have the ability to reveal the true history of our planet have been ordered 'buried' by the world controllers as soon as they have been unburied by archaeologists.) Concealed within a wooden box and hidden away within a storeroom most of the time since its discovery (a date no one seems to be sure of or willing to say), at the National Institute of Anthropology & History in Mexico City, Mexico, rests a piece of Mayan artwork that has the potential to be among the most significant archaeological discoveries of all time. 

Corroborating the Mayan Calendar artifact that stands as prophecy that December the 21st, 2012, will mark the beginning of a new age in humanity’s journey is the Comalcalco Brick, which was discovered within the Comalcalco ruins of Southern Mexico. Arturo Mendez, spokesperson for the institute, states that the Comalcalco Brick was one of thousands of bricks used in a rare construction method of an ancient Mayan Temple, and has been carefully studied, although (for undisclosed reasons) has never been displayed publicly. The Comalcalco Brick had also been mysteriously covered with stucco material while it was mounted within the Temple wall and turned inward towards the wall at some point to conceal its prophetic message. No official word yet on who attempted to conceal this prophecy, although the modus operandi fits well with the usual lot of darkworkers rather than Mayan elders.    

The Comalcalco Brick contains an inscription carved or molded on the face of the brick which marks the end of the 13th Baktun, which is also the period the Mayan Long Count calendar ends, and which will be completed on December the 21st, of 2012, a day which many believe will signify humanity’s birth into a new age of our collective experience.   

Pleiadian Messages 11/23/11

An 11th dimensional Pleiadian collective speaks of humanity's ascension into a higher dimensional existence.

Pleiadian Messages 11/23/11

You are not pushed or pulled into traveling certain directions. Your guides, your Angels, and your higher self merely guide you gently on your journey. The avenues you may choose to venture are always your choice, and we of the higher realms honor each and every decision you make. Whether you realize it or not, you always make a decision at every crossroads you reach. Today is a new day, and with it brings new choices to be made by you, the adventurous traveler. We see the paths that lie before you, and if you could see these from our perspective, perhaps you would make a different choice sometimes. Think not of your choices as those of right or wrong, but try to see that all are learning experiences, and it is through these experiences that you move closer to the realization of your goal to once again soar with the eagles of the higher dimensions. Many of you will soon be living this dream, and you have many long and hard years of experiences to show that you have earned it. Try to see the changes around you not as catastrophes in the making, as we have said many times, ascension will be experienced differently by all. Many aspects of the old paradigm must crumble before the new ways can take root from the newly created fertile soils. Take heart that these changes are the trumpeter’s call to you that all you have ever wished for or dreamed about will now be yours forever and ever. Does this sound too good to be true? Do you not feel you are worthy? To believe somehow you are not worthy of the Creator’s gifts is to buy into the illusion of separation. It is time to move beyond these false limitations and remember that the Creator loves you all and wishes you to enjoy everything that he and his Creation offers you. It is the time for this. Nothing is too good to be true.
Envisioning your new reality you wish to experience will help bring it to fruition and make manifest. You may wish to practice this technique whenever you can make time for this, as this is a very powerful tool in your possession. Making dreams come true is a power you all possess, and very soon you will all be creating solely with the powers of your mind, just as you have always been doing here in the physical, only you will see the immediate manifestation of your effort right before your eyes.
Events are unfolding at a rapid pace all around you today, and although much still remains unreported by your news media, tell tale signs can surely be seen that your world is changing. Know that all the changes will only lead to good, and know that many powerful minds with hearts of the purest intent are behind these great changes and you will always see these events for their true nature; not something to fear, but something to cherish, as each event brings you one step closer to your glorious destiny, a destination you edge closer to each and every day. You are so very close now. Now is a time for great enjoyment and inner as well as outer celebration. Try not to allow impatience to get the better of you. You have heard many times before that patience is a virtue, but do you feel these words? There are many spiritual virtues, and the learning of each is essential in your growth. Take this time to focus on this important virtue of patience. Have you ever noticed that when you remain patient while waiting for something it seems to come to you faster? Think about this for a moment. Is it your mind just playing tricks on you, or is there a greater universal force at work here?
Soon we will all walk together again and share a table at meal time. This is the way we all lived together in your not too distant past. Our architecture has been left behind as a reminder for you that someone else lived among you, a people from the stars. The time has finally come for you to remember your Star Families as we celebrate in grand reunion. This will happen soon. Can you imagine what you will feel inside to see our great ships come down from the skies to greet you, our ‘long lost’ but never forgotten family once again? We are currently in preparation for this inevitable day. We are working diligently around the clock completing all the final tasks to enable our vast fleets to touch ground and allow our many crew members to once again feel Mother Earth beneath our feet. We look so forward to this experience, more than you may know. Many of us have lived on your planet before, and this grand event will not only be an exciting reunion with our Star Family members, but for many, a wonderful homecoming. There are those of you who will also be experiencing a home coming very soon, as many of you have lived on other planets before, and even call one of these worlds your home today. All your cherished memories of your past will come rushing back to you in the days ahead, and many of your exciting experiences may come as a bit of a surprise to you at first. You are all great beings who have seen and experienced much throughout your long history. Who you are, where you come from, and what great power you possess will be remembered fully by you, and should make for quite an exciting experience for you all. We can hardly wait for this day.
Until then, we suggest you try to enjoy these wonderful and exciting last days of duality, and focus on the marvelous days ahead, the first days of your new and eternally blissful lives.
You are all loved dearly. We are your Star Family.
As channeled through Greg Giles      

Bush & Blair Found Guilty of War Crimes in Malaysian Tribunal

In yet another astonishing sign of our rapidly changing world, justice and karma close in on the once seemingly invincible duo of George Bush and Tony Blair. It would appear the powerful Earth allies, whose members now include personnel within the Pentagon and CIA who are now sworn to use their power to help restore freedom and prosperity for all world citizens, are behind this bold legal maneuver. The Malaysian government and all the men and women of Malaysia deserve our sincerest gratitude for this brave act of holding these proceedings in their country. It is hoped by the legal teams responsible for this tribunal that further criminal proceedings and possible arrests of leading cabal agents in the western world will now take place.

Are You Ready To Go Home to 5D Earth?

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Important Galactic Federation Update from Wanderer of the Skies - November 19, 2011

Greetings from the Federation:

Today we speak of the disclosure plan unfolding in your world. Two leaders of your cabal, key members of a control group responsible for the false flag operations that would seek to undermine our disclosure to you, have capitulated. They have been moved to safe zones to be out of touch with those that would seek to obtain their authority to undertake the plans the Illuminati have developed for the disclosure scenario. They have been effectively neutralized with no harm to anyone.

You must remember that there are two separate forces at work on your planet. One is from off world entities that seek to control you using your own human species in positions of power and trust who have been corrupted by greed and power. The other are those very minions, your own people who have chosen to move away from their own in service to the dark. We will handle those off world as we have already done, including the destruction of their underwater facilities from which they have operated for a very long time. It is up to you to meet out justice to those in your own world and of your own kind, when the time comes. Your systems will be in place for that eventuality. We are certain that this process will result in humane actions and not vengeance, which is wasteful of energy and serves only to create darkness.

The divine plan is already underway. You can expect from us a message that we will deliver to the people of your world when we arrive. It will bypass all your institutions and go directly to the people unfiltered and unedited. We will say to you: People of the world. Fear not for we have come in peace. In the days ahead you will be able to meet with us. For now, we ask that you not panic or have fear of us. We have come from all over this universe and beyond to help you in these coming days. We wish not to conquer you, to enslave you, or control you. The days of having masters is over. You are free. We have come to oversee that this freedom come about and we wish you only love and peace. We are here to give you your true history, a mosaic of who you were and how you came to be, the truth of which has been withheld from you for a very long time. We are your family and we wish to reunite with you as one people. In the coming days your leaders will inform you of our presence on your world since before you were born. We wish for you to become cosmic citizens and to visit the stars with us. Your time to evolve has arrived, and with it comes a great responsibility and thus our offer of help.

This will initiate our discourse with your human race. It is a message we will deliver to everyone, everywhere, when the moment has been triggered. That moment is up to you. But the plans set in place for what follows will go off like clockwork, for it is as we have intended. Our time apart from each other grows shorter by the minute and we are with you always. We feel your loss of faith in this process and your lack of trust in our efforts to move the process along. We will not fail you. You must not fail yourselves.

You are truly great and powerful spiritual beings and your time to live that knowledge has arrived. We bring you joy, love, and heartfelt peace as our gifts to you. Be prepared for the next phase in this process for it is upon you.

Be at peace.

Channel: Wanderer of the Skies

How ‘Not’ to Explain to Someone about Galactic Federation of Light First Contact

You may find that explaining to a friend or loved one about our inevitable first contact with our galactic families may be a bit difficult, to say the least. In this light, some helpful tips might be of great service to you if you should find yourself in such conversation.

You may wish to avoid using movie and television references such as:

(1) ‘Hey, did you see War of the Worlds?’

(2) ‘Remember in that Twilight Zone episode when the aliens just kept saying they wanted to serve man and carried that book around 'To Serve Man', but after the greedy guy climbs aboard the spaceship it turns out the book is a cookbook! "It's a cookbook! Its a cookbook!"

(3) ‘Remember that really funny part in Independence Day?’

‘What really funny part?’

‘The part when the giant spaceship blows up the White House.’

‘Oh yeah, that was pretty funny!’

You may also wish to avoid using one-liners.

(1) ‘Knock knock?’

‘Who’s there?’

‘About two million spaceships.’

Using historical reference may also be a bad idea.

(1) ‘Did you read in history class about how the people had finally had enough and stormed the castle gates and sent Marie Antoinette and Louise XVI to the guillotine? Well, it’s just like that only with extraterrestrials.’ 

Nostalgic reference may fall a bit shy of the mark also.

(1) ‘You know what cereal I used to love? Quisp.’ 

Biblical references may not always find success as well.

(1) ‘Are you familiar with the Book of Revelation, where Satan is described as a reptilian, and at the end of days Christ will descend from the Heavens with his Legion of Angels to defeat the army of darkness?’ "Well... Knock Knock?"

Even though that last example may have a lot of truth to it and be a suitable approach if you were speaking to those familiar with the New Testament, I have always been a firm believer in a more direct approach. Perhaps you may agree, and would like to try this approach the next time your chatting with a loved one and a recent news story about a UFO conveniently enters your conversation.

‘Have you noticed all the recent news stories about UFO’s lately? Would it surprise you if Earth has had contact with many different worlds from throughout space? As a matter of fact, today our world is being visited by many spiritually enlightened beings who wish to openly reunite with their ancient family. These beings are the original planners of this world, and are the same advanced civilizations that built many of the great archaeological mysteries such as the Pyramids in Egypt. They are not strangers to us at all, as we are their family, all of us. A very important social experiment has been conducted here over many years, and each of us has been a part of it. We have been left here, seemingly all alone, to work things out for ourselves. This experiment is now over, and it has been a great success. We are now about to reunite with our universal families of light. As they are many worlds that go by many names, it is easier to refer to them by the name of their peaceful alliance: The Galactic Federation of Light, although other spiritually advanced organizations are here as well including The Ashtar Command. They have returned to assist us with the many Earth changes will we be facing as humanity nears the end of 2012 and ascension into a higher dimensional existence, as well as to share with us gifts that will alleviate so much hardship here in our world. This is humanity's return to the Golden Age.  

They are very joyous to reunite with us, their family, once again. Soon we will have the veil of forgetfulness lifted from us, and all have a big laugh as we remember just who we all are and where we come from. There will be no more secrets, no more cover-ups. All the concealed knowledge and technologies that have been suppressed for so long will now be made available to each and every being on the planet. All the problems of our world will be quickly and smoothly brought into the alignment of our new Golden Age society through the leadership of souls of pure hearted intent. Through a worldwide community effort, all wars, hunger, poverty, illness, and pollution will soon be a thing of the past, as will our lives of daily servitude. Light technologies will replace our need to labor our lives away, and everyone will be free to pursue every creative dream they have ever had.  

Now, if that doesn't work, you could always try:

'Hey, remember in E.T. when all he wanted to do was phone home? Well, if he made that call today, it wouldn't necessarily be long distance.'

Pleiadian Messages 11/15/11

The path of your lives has not been one that many would consider easy or fulfilling. We have seen you struggle greatly at times and wish you to know that it was not an easy task to observe this without attempting to interfere at some points. Refrain was called for on many occasions, as interference in your behalf would not have been beneficial to your development. We have tried at times to point you in certain directions, seeing your choices from a higher perspective, but in the end all decisions had to be made by you yourselves. All has been for your learning and advancement, and even though we watched you suffer at times through hardship, we understood that it was through  hardship that you would find the path back to us. We have seen you grow so much. We are so proud of you, our brothers and sisters. You have journeyed long, and you are thirsted for a return to where it is you belong, where it is that you have no conscious memory of, only a feeling deep down inside. This feeling will continue to grow, and soon all your memories will again blossom as you live amongst us once again.
Today marks a new dawn, where new dreams and visions are taking flight. So much is transpiring behind the scenes that you have not been aware of, but we tell you events are perpetually in motion and great forces are moving mountains to see to it that all of humanity reaches and successfully crosses the threshold of ascension. This is our goal, and we will see to it that this goal is met. You have our word we will always make the most effort at all times in this regard. We have trained extensively to be of service in this, humanity’s shining moment. We would never allow ourselves to let you down in any way. You have come too far and have been through too much to be turned away now. All that has been promised will be yours. So it has been written.

Some of you may read between the lines of your news media stories and see that several events have been unfolding that are certainly not the ‘business as usual’ for your world governments and media outlets. Political leaders are being removed from office as we have promised you. News outlets have been increasing their coverage of sightings of otherworldly spacecraft in your skies. Government agencies have also been disclosing previously classified information regarding ‘UFO’ activity. We see all this from a different perspective, as we see events unfold that precipitate these changes, then we see the fruits of our, as well as your, efforts. Your peaceful protests of what you see as corrupt leadership, as well as all your efforts to spread love and light throughout your world is the catalyst for monumental change. You are the creators of your reality. You are sending a message to the universe loud and clear that you will no longer accept the ways of the old paradigm, and that you now wish to experience what only serves your greater good. The universe hears your desire and only knows how to answer your commands in one way; to grant you what it is you ask for. This is the key to your reality. This is what has been so misunderstood and misused throughout your last thirteen thousand millennia. You are now remembering how to properly manifest the reality you wish to experience. The dark has for so long made every attempt to steer you away from this remembrance. This has been the sole purpose of their many sorted agendas. They believed they were powerful enough and crafty enough to keep you prisoners forever, but they were wrong. You have broken free from their clutches and have regained your sovereignty as a creator God of your own reality. What an honor it is for us to be able to say these words. We stand in awe of your accomplishment. The victory is all yours, as you have accomplished what was once thought impossible.

Countless worlds have journeyed here to take a front row seat for your unveiling ceremony, and you are the stars of the show. We wait with great anticipation to see you all again, and we will very soon, though there is still work to be done. Continue spreading your light wherever you go. The energy this creates powers the winds of change. Support the Occupy Movement in every way you can, as this is another important front being fought against the dark. You are winning all the battles, and once we live amongst you once again you will learn of many more battles that are now being fought by you, our Earth allies. Page after page, your new history books will bring to life your glorious fight for independence. This battle will be won. Victory shall be yours. Freedom is your prize.

We are your Star Family. 

As channeled through Greg Giles              

Harry & Lloyd Explain U.S. Debt

Why Some Lightworkers will Ascend Before December 2012

A number of readers to a recent article I posted have expressed concern that a number of Lightworkers would be ascending before the mass ascension of humanity and their host planet Gaia. These concerns are based on the belief that these ‘departing’ souls would be forsaking their Lightworker duties for the easy life on a beautiful Neptunian beach, or returning to their home worlds for a blissful family reunion. (We will, but that comes later.) Although it is true that many Lightworkers are tasked with the important role of remaining on Earth to anchor the 5th dimensional ascension frequencies, as well as other vital tasks, there are also a number of Lightworkers whose services are called for from the 5th dimensional side of the divine plan. You see, although a great many ascended beings from the Galactic Federation and the Spiritual Realms are working tirelessly to support humanity’s ascension, they are not doing all the work for us. It is our ascension after all, and it is up to us to perform every aspect of this process that we can possibly accomplish ourselves. Keeping the dark cabal and their advanced weaponry at bay during these important times, as well as other critical matters including the stabilization of our planet, are some of the tasks better handled by Galactic Federation forces and the Ascended Masters. There are, however, those tasks that can be accomplished by incarnate Lightworkers, such as preparing 5th dimensional Earth for the anticipated arrival of our fellow human family members, that  are better carried out from a 5th dimensional vantage point. Many of the Lightworkers scheduled to ascend before the mass ascension of humanity may also return to 3D Earth as diplomats and liaison team members, posts that many have previously trained for before their current incarnation, and final preparations for these assignments would be most called for.  
Although there will be members of our human family departing 3D Earth before the culmination of humanity’s ascension, you can be sure they are ascending to continue their service to humanity and are fulfilling all of their Lightworker responsibilities from beyond the veil, as our ascension is our job, and we must complete all the tasks we are capable of.  

Creational Energies Oust Illuminati Berlusconi from Italian Office

Ex-Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi's
palatial estate adorned with Illuminati Dragon

Italian Prime Minister and Illuminati bigwig Silvio Berlusconi resigns as the winds of the new transformational energies filling our world blow strong. These energies act as modeling clay, allowing us to sculpt our vision of the better world in which we now choose to experience our journey. Do not overly concern yourself with the particular details that the news media report about this and many other soon to be governmental changes, as the 3rd dimensional particulars matter not. The light will always find a way, no matter how improbable or impossible a certain task may appear on the surface. Powerful creational energies have been steadily gifted to us as we have shown we are now qualified and trustworthy with these powerful forces. 11/11/11 marked the day in which the greatest endowment of creational energies were given to us to mold and sculpt our new collective reality. In other words, we do not have to literally storm the castle gates to overthrow the tyrannical King and end his oppressive reign. It is our pure intent to responsibly utilize these powerful creational energies and focus our desires on the better world we wish to create through peaceful means that makes manifest our collective dream.
Whether Berlusconi, who was a struggling cruise ship lounge singer before becoming Europe's wealthiest media baron, was brought down by the Earth allies of the Galactic Federation on the grounds of Italy’s struggling economy, or his involvement in a worldwide underage prostitution ring matters not, as many more agents of the dark cabal will fall in the coming days ahead for many a varied and assorted reason, but the hidden catalyst for these changes will be you, and it will be I. What will be evident is that the parties that have for so long controlled our world and held us prisoner in servitude are being cleared from our path to our new world of love, light, freedom and prosperity for all. This is our decree. We the people have spoken, and so it will be. Keep shining your light strong in every direction around you. Focus on the new world you wish to co-create. The pins will continue to fall. Our new world will be ours.   

11/11/11: The First Domino has been Triggered

'Light Portal' by Alberto Amura

The long anticipated day of 11/11/11 may have come and gone without much anticipated fireworks, however, a closer look behind the scenes would certainly be called for if you wished to see just how significant this day was and how much was truly accomplished away from the blinkered vision of the 3rd dimensional eye. On this most magnificent of days, a great portal was opened according to the decree of the Creator, and the necessary procedures were carried out to the letter by the Ascended Masters of the Spiritual Realms and their trusted partners, the ascended beings of the Galactic Federation. That’s some team working together, would you not agree? But there was another essential part of this team whose effort was most called for on this historic day, and without their assistance this far reaching and vital project could not have been accomplished no matter how many Angels joined forces with the mighty fleets of the Galactic Federation. Who are these essential team members? Well, it is you, and it is I. We. We are the key that unlocked this long sealed door. If it were not for the many carefully placed legions of light all across the globe, these powerful energies could not have been sufficiently anchored, and would not have ever been sent through the portal in the first place. The portal would have remained closed, and the changes we all wished to see would have been postponed, yet again. The dark would have staved off their demise for many more days. This timeline was just as likely to be brought into our experience as the successful opening of the portal, but because of our hard work and dedication to spread our love and light and restore our world to the utopia it once was, we have succeeded. Our anticipation and wish for this day set the table, and our connection throughout as one ‘sealed the deal’ for our new world. The powerful energies that bathed our world throughout the 11/11/11 period are our sign that we have done it, and are all the proof in the world that we will ever need that we have succeeded in our tremendous team effort. The Legions of Light will now grow quickly into the many millions and billions now that these new energies have been successfully anchored in our world. The first domino has been triggered. Now that this portal door is opened, it will remain open as we have remained here on Earth as guardians of this sacred threshold. We are the Gatekeepers.  
So what is this portal all about anyway?
This great portal opened to allow the highest and most powerful transformative frequencies to have reached our planet since the days of the higher dimensional Atlantis. You see, true change cannot happen without the matching accompanying energies to facilitate the transformation. Think of the energies as Michelangelo’s color palette. We are the artists, and we now have all the creational tools and a planet sized canvas to create any world we wish to experience. We have demonstrated for all the higher realms to see that we are a new people, united as one, in service to others and to light, and we have earned our glorious inheritance that we will now receive. There is no denying this now. We have now entered into and crossed through this energetic portal, and have reached the point of no return. So many for so long have waited patiently, and even sometimes impatiently, for the much promised and direly needed changes of our civilization to begin unfolding. There was one important stop that had to be made first on the way to this day, and we have successfully made this stop on 11/11/11. We as one are now solidly positioned on a timeline that will soon deliver us all the changes that we have collectively dreamed of. The 11/11/11 marked the most significant moment to date since the Master teacher Jeshua incarnated to begin His mission in service over 2,000 years ago. Do not be disappointed that fireworks did not erupt overhead, as beneath the surface and unseen to the naked eye humanity crossed a glorious threshold, announcing to the universe that we have arrived and we have earned our right to be welcomed into the great galactic community. Well done, all my sisters and brothers of light, well done.  

11/11/11 Ascension Update from the Pleiadians

On this beautiful morning of 11/11/11, my guides have come through and communicated to me that indeed there are those that would be ascending into a higher dimension through the opening of the 11/11/11 portal. It is also my understanding (though my guides did not address this particular issue), that this portal will remain open for a period of time and will not close at the end of this day. My guides also showed me that there are two separate groups; one group comprised of those that will be ascending into a higher dimensional existence, either through the 11/11/11 portal or at a later time, and another group that will remain in the lower dimensions to further their education in duality even after our host planet Gaia ascends with the rest of her children into her rightful place as a gem of the higher dimensions in 2012.
My guides also wished me to understand that there are many souls who will be ascending at this time through the 11/11/11 portal, though all will not ascend at the same moment. Instead, there is more or less a ‘line’, so to speak, of those who will be departing and patience would be a virtue called for at this time.
Memories flood my mind of waiting on a mile-long line at Six Flags for an exciting, though brief, roller coaster ride, only this thrilling ride will never end. Buckle up, remain grounded, and enjoy the ride!    

FEMA Prepared to 'Split Your Eardrums' at 2PM on 11-9-11

Just two days before the day of 11/11/11, a day in which a sun burst of glorious higher dimensional transmutative energies are to shine down upon humanity, FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency), who is still playing the zany and kooky children's game 'New World Order' even though most of the pieces are lost, has decided to conduct a test of the Emergency Broadcast System through all radio and televisions throughout the United States. Notice the date chosen for this most inauspicious of tests; 11- ‘9-11’.
For those of you who value your personal vibrational frequency and understand its relevance in regards to ascension into a higher dimensional existence, I recommend avoiding your television sets and radios as this test is performed, as it is my belief it is at least possible these ear splitting noises will lower your hard earned vibrational frequency. A little background may be essential to understand my viewpoint.
 You are blanketed warmly on your living room sofa enjoying your favorite television program when suddenly your senses are bombarded by an earsplitting collection of sharp screeches, squeals and buzzes. You suffer through the headache inducing interruption as you read the familiar words on the television screen; ‘This is a test of the Emergency Broadcast System’. You remove your hands from your ears as the program you were watching returns, shaking off the inconvenient intrusion into your living room. But what is the meaning of this emergency test?  Could this test be performed in some other way, without being so damaging to your ears?
I do not make it a habit to feed into fear mongering, however after careful consideration and a little fact checking I feel it is important to share what I believe to be a rational and logical opinion on this weekly noise grenade. The FCC claims this test is for the purpose of allowing the FCC and broadcasters to verify that EBS ‘tone’ transmitters and decoders were functioning properly in the case that the president needed to address the American public in the advent of a national emergency.  (Note the word ‘tone’, which is simply a sneakier way to say frequency).
As is known to many, humanity is currently experiencing a raise in our personal and planetary vibrational frequency which will very soon culminate in our ascension into a higher dimensional reality. This fact is certainly well known by the dark masters of this world who have demonstrated time and again their commitment to thwarting this natural ascension process and imprisoning as many as possible in their crumbling 3rd dimensional prison planet. Many techniques have been implemented by these now desperate self imposed rulers, including the deployment of advanced technologies that sabotage a human’s ascension blueprint by obstructing the increase in personal and planetary frequency. This increase in frequency is the key to personal and planetary ascension. Could this weekly test be nothing more than another attack on your bodily frequency? Is it such a stretch of the imagination to believe this ear splitting collection of frequencies is directly and negatively affecting your being? To quote one of my father’s favorite expressions, ‘It sure doesn’t help Kiddo”.  It would seem this ‘test’ is yet another convenient coincidence for the dark cabal, whose innocent weekly test just happens to aid their treacherous anti ascension campaign, a battle they have vowed to win, but have already lost.    
After a little fact checking, it took only minutes to find that the Emergency Broadcast System, easily recognized by the choice of pyramid logo (Hmm… it’s funny how many organizations choose this logo), has never once been used for a national emergency in its nearly fifty year history. Not once. Not even during the 911 ‘attacks’ on New York City. Yet the tests of this system have been carried out faithfully on a weekly basis since 1963. These ‘tests’ are also always performed when it is known that the viewing audience will be large. The tests are never conducted late at night or during the overnight hours when far less viewers would be so severely inconvenienced.
On Wednesday, 11-9-11, FEMA will be at it again, this time testing this system in all 50 states simultaneously, playing with all the buzzes and bells of their little toy and maybe even dialing a few phone numbers once in a while on their glorified Fisher Price Activity Center. Just to be on the safe side, I would suggest immediately muting the television or radio, or better still, turn these items off completely in advance of the test, scheduled for 2PM Wedenesday, 11-9-11, before these ear splitting frequencies reach your senses.

Pleiadian Messages 11/8/11

An 11th dimensional Pleiadian collective speakes of humanity's current ascension into a higher dimensional existence.

Pleiadian Messages 11/8/11

We wish to communicate with you from the Star Realms. All through your many lives incarnate within the physical vessel and the physical worlds, you were subjected to much trial and tribulation. You suffered many losses and you received little reciprocation for all your hard work. Your freedoms were squeezed from you little by little until only a semblance of your true natural state remained. It was then that you began to awaken. It was then that the light that remained within you began to shine brightly. It was then that you began to recall your sovereignty, and began to once again be the all powerful being that you are, you have always been, and you will always be. Such was the plan, conceived eons ago in your time, to assist you in your growing education and development and to forge powerful wings of gold that would allow you to freely travel the gorgeous multidimensional universes at will, according to your own terms and visions of what you would wish to experience. That day has come. You have made it. You have succeeded in passing all the tests and obstacles put before you. You were pushed to the brink of your collective breaking point, but you never broke. What has injured you so has only served to make you stronger, and stronger you are for the whole universe to see.
Your Star Families are not unlike your 3rd dimensional parents who have raised you since birth. In a way, we have worried about you just as your moms or dads may have worried about your safety and future, although we always knew you would make it okay and complete your journey throughout duality unhurt and unscathed. It is now time to reunite with your Star Families from throughout space and throughout time. We have seen you grow so much, and we understand all that you have been through and all that you have learned more than you could probably understand at this time. Some of you are beginning to see a clearer picture of who we are to you, and all shall be revealed in the coming days when the great veil is to be lifted and we are free to embrace each other once again.
Fear not of some of the headlines of your news media, as much of the unsettling stories are contrived merely to frighten you and knock you off balance in these final days of your current 3rd dimensional journey. Some of the earthquakes reported are truly rumblings from your Mother Earth as she sheds her last refuses of 3rd dimensional skin, although some of these shakings are unnatural in nature. All is well, and all is proceeding according to plan. Your future which is indescribably bright is well in hand already and all that awaits you is the glorious unveiling ceremony which you will have a front row seat for. Prepare yourselves for a most spectacular display that is sure to make all your hardships and struggle certainly worth the price of admission, and it is admission you will soon receive to a reality so grand, so immensely gorgeous and fulfilling that no words in your current languages could hardly serve justice to the gift the Creator has so carefully selected for your graduation present. We have shared with you many times just what awaits you, the weary traveler, and we did not oversell. Please try to remain patient as details are finalized here and there. We, the Galactic Federation, in an alliance with our many Earth allies and fully supported by the Ascended Masters of the Spiritual Realms, work diligently towards the goal of your ascension into the higher dimensions and no one or nothing can or will ever deny you what you have so justifiably earned.
A new sun burst of energies are very soon to shine down upon you all and bath your world in the sun drenching lovelight of the Heavenly Realms. Allow this energy to soak your very being, breathe it in. Feel its gorgeous power. Allow this gentle breeze of lovelight to lift you up and sweep you away. See this energy filling inside those around you. See the powerful changes these energies are creating while you visualize the new world you wish to create for yourselves. It will be yours, as it has been written.
We are your family from the stars.  

As channeled through Greg Giles                  

The Beautiful Symbolism of the 'Occupy Anthem' V for Vendetta.

This beautiful and inspirational film can be better understood if viewed symbolically, or what my brother and I like to refer to as the 'story within the story'. My brother Glenn and I co-wrote a book a few years ago that revealed the hidden symbolism in over 50 of the most popular films ever made, and although we did not include V for Vendetta in this work, today is a very special day when we remember the 5th of November and honor Guy Fawkes for his brave stand against injustice. So let us discuss the symbolism of this most inspirational of tales, as our Occupy movement sets a most appropriate backdrop. If you haven’t yet seen this marvelous film, save this symbolic essay for another day and run out in the snow, naked if you have to, and bring this masterpiece of filmmaking and storytelling home.
In our beautiful story, a masked individual finally reaches the breaking point and fights back against the injustice and oppression of his, or should I say her, government, as we shall soon discover. In our opening scene, Evey, our heroine, tells V, our hero, her name, and he replies "Evey? E.V. Of course you are", and adds he does not believe in coincidence. This is a clue for the viewer to look a little closer at our scene, perhaps even symbolically. Here, our story teller wants you to realize Evey’s name (E.'V') is not a coincidence by any means. our story teller could have chosen one of a thousand names, but chose E-V, why? Because symbolically Evey is V! (Remember, we are actually watching two stories unfold at once. Our movie, and our movie hidden within our movie, and it is essential to keep these two stories separate from each other, as if we are viewing them in a multi-dimensional plex!)
Let’s look at the clues left for us to discover that Evey is 'symbolically' our masked hero V.  We never see V's face, but in the opening scene Evey and V are simultaneously dressing before a 'mirror'. This is a clue that Evey and V are a mirror image of each other. It is then Evey is caught walking after curfew, only to be saved from the government 'fingermen' by V. But where would V have come from in the middle of the night? A bit fortuitous, wouldn’t you agree? When Evey was asked by the guard at her job at the television studio about the packages she was delivering, she replies "Bombs." Why would she say such a thing? It is because the packages were indeed explosives. It was Evey who was smuggling them into the studio. It was also Evey's identification that was used to enter Prothero's home, not anyone else’s. It was Evey that was imprisoned for 5 years. or V in roman numerals, so it was her that actually escaped to seek revenge. It was also Evey who was caught on a surveillance camera spraying mace into the detective's face, no one else. It is also Evey who is being pursued by the police throughout our story. Why? It was Evey's parents who were abducted by government agents and killed, giving Evey every motive in the world to seek revenge. In our wonderful breakfast scene, V quotes Macbeth, and Evey shares that her mother would read her Shakespeare every night before bed. Another coincidence, and another hint from our storyteller that this scene requires closer examination. Evey then tells V that she always wanted to be an actress. An actress? And wear a Vaudevillian mask perhaps? Later, when V and Evey are again talking in V's secret hideout, they are once again standing before a 'mirror', reminding us they are a mirror image of each other. Who was it that dressed in costume, just as V dresses in costume, to gain admittance into the Bishop's quarters? It was Evey, not V. Why would V need Evey’s assistance to gain entry anywhere? And lastly, V did not pull the lever on the subway car, sending it on its mission to destroy Parliament and awaken the masses. It was Evey who's hand pulled the switch. V said to Evey that she needed to do it. Why? Because Evey is V, and Evey is us, and we have to do it.  
The symbolic message of this beautiful tale is that V’s hidden identity is in fact Evey, not a super powerful and mysterious avenger on a mission to single- handedly free the world from the clutches of a new world order fascist dictatorship. But what of V's superhuman abilities? The power within Evey's heart gives her all the strength she'll ever need. Evey is just a normal, everyday person like you and me, who has finally had enough and chooses to make a stand. Evey is V, and Evey is you, and Evey is me. We are the superhero, the savior we've all been waiting for. This is why the young woman who was imprisoned in a cell next to V was named 'V'alerie, and this is why our beautiful story ends with us all standing together in defiance of a system beyond corrupt, beyond criminal, beyond obscene. And this is why we are all wearing the same face, the same mask of V. Because we are V, we are one, and it is all up to us. Occupy!

November the 5th  is Guy Fawkes Day, the day in which we honor Guy Fawkes, a brave man who defiantly took a stand against his corrupt government.
“Remember, Remember the 5th of November, the gunpowder, treason and plot. I know of no reason the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.”     

Pleiadian Messages 11/3/11

Initiatory groups first came to Earth many eons ago. Their goal was to implement a better ecological surface world for all life forms. Many other worlds soon joined in this effort, and today millions of distinct life forms call Earth their home. The intelligent species known as Humans also grew from this cooperative experiment. Today, Earth is a joint cooperation of many different worlds for many different reasons, not the least of which is a cultural experimentation center. Refining and reorganizing leadership and cultural standards is a common practice here, and soon Earth and humanity will experience a sudden exchange of all governance and leadership roles. Substituting fair and honest leadership for the current oligarchic system is our intention, and these proceedings are already underway and will kick into high gear in the coming days and months. New energies are being sent to the planet to help facilitate these changes, as energy is the catalyst for change in this universe. You will see for yourself just what these energies are capable of very soon. Enjoy this period in your collective journey, as the excitement and wonder you will experience is quite rare as far as the development of a world is concerned. The sudden and far reaching metamorphosis you will experience is usually substituted for a slower and less noticeable changeover lasting many years. It was decided that humanity and her host planet would undergo a faster changeover due to pressing issues concerning suffering environmental standards and the plans of a negative faction in your world who planned to further implement their diabolical schemes to enslave the human race. This will not be permitted, and we are seeing to it that this negative faction and all their arms are removed from power and rehabilitated. Earth will be allowed to prosper and thrive without this negative interference now and forever into your future. Be assured the extraterrestrial presence in your world that will soon escalate greatly is a sign to you all that you are loved and greatly cared for by your space families. No harm will come to you, and all of you will be looked after and all possible safety measures will be implemented. We love you, and want nothing less than the best your universe has to offer you, which is a remarkably great deal. You will soon witness the love the Creator has for you all, and your lives are suddenly to become something more resembling a beautiful dream than a life of servitude and struggle. You have earned this, all of you. Prepare yourselves for this gift from the Creator. We will be implementing the changes very soon. Until then, please show each other the respect you all deserve. You have been through lifetimes of hardship and struggle together, and together you will open the door into your new world. Your success has been a team effort. Enjoy your gifts, enjoy each other. Love each other as you are dearly loved by us.
We are your family from the stars.
As channeled through Greg Giles        


Pleiadian Messages 11/1/11

An 11th dimensional Pleiadian collective speaks of humanity's ascension into a higher dimensional existence.

Pleiadian Messages 11/1/11

Many of you love all others of your world unconditionally, though there are those who disdain others and only care about themselves, therefore making no attempt to contribute to the whole of society as a collective endeavor.  Truly realizing full potential is a society who realizes that together they make up the reality they will experience. This is the key. The collective consciousness grid is fueled by the thought forms entered into it by each and every member of the society. This grid acts as a projector, filling your shared theater with the images and sounds of your story. Each individual is responsible for his or her parts in your co-written script. Please be careful when choosing your thoughts, as in a way, you may say that it is irresponsible of you to feed energies into the collective consciousness grid that have a negative effect on others around you. Although all is choice and you have the right to choose any reality you wish to experience, karma also plays a role when you affect someone else’s life in a negative way. This is a delicate dance, and it is the wise soul who has learned to give in order to receive. You are only taking from yourself when you have learned to take in order to receive. There really is no such thing as stealing, as in reality you are only borrowing what you will eventually pay back until your balance is paid in full. The same goes for giving, as everything you give will eventually come back to you. Give, receive, share. The balance sheet will always figure perfectly at the end of your day.
Many are experiencing this balancing at this point in your journey. The books must be balanced as you are being prepared to leave 3rd dimensional Earth for brighter and greener pastures of your new lives. Be kind to each other now. Be supportive of those who could benefit from your guidance. Help balance humanity’s book. Many of you will be departing soon, and we on this side of the veil await your arrival with open arms and hearts. What a joy it will be to be with you, our family, again. It has been a very long time, even lifetimes for many.
To see you out in your streets standing up for what you believe in warms our hearts. The energy your stand is creating has been fueling your reality grid since the first protester took their place on Wall Street in New York. Now the countless men and women all over the world who stand in defiance to a system beyond corruption are creating such powerful energies of change, many events are now being manifested and brought to the forefront sooner than expected. Your efforts to change your world will not be in vain. You will succeed, and the better world you so wished to create for yourselves, your families, and all your brothers and sisters throughout your planet is just moments away from bursting through the surface for the whole world to see. There will be no hiding from the light of your new day. There will be no denying your new world has begun.
We, the Galactic Federation, supported by the Ascended Masters of the Spiritual Realms and in alliance with our many Earth allies are working together to see to it that the changes you wish to see in your world are made manifest according to the energies you are creating. Nothing can or will stand in your way. Your day has arrived, and you will see this dawn. Prepare yourselves now, for the changes are set to begin. As we have said, these changes will begin suddenly and once started will continue in rapid succession, not stopping until your world has been fully returned to the utopia it once was. Your planet will once again return to its gorgeous pristine state, and your society will once again be a fair, peaceful, and prosperous place for every being throughout every corner of the globe. There will be no exceptions.
Countless beings have arrived from all corners of your universe, and even neighboring universes as well, to witness firsthand this spectacular event. Buckle up your seat belts tightly, remain grounded and calm. Make it your business to see to it that others are looked after that may not be prepared for these changes either mentally, physically, emotionally,  or spiritually. You have all gotten here together, and you will all cross the threshold into your new lives and your new world the same way, hand in hand. That is the way we will see you return to us after so many very long years. We have missed you all greatly.
We are your Star Family.  

As channeled through Greg Giles