"Thank you God for the food I eat. Especially the nuts. Not so much the berries."  

One of the Most Inspirational 'Occupy Movement' Presentations You Will Ever See!

Please keep in mind, do not allow the negative emotion of anger to consume you, as this is
counterproductive to the transmuting of energies within you and within our world.
Watch for the hypocrisy as our elected officials praise protests of foreign governmnents that the
D.C.Corporation is secretly overthrowing for their own greedy purposes, yet ignore the movement
right here at home.

Bon Voyage! Many Starseeds Now Departing 3D Earth!

My Star Family has contacted me and stated that it is time for me to now make arrangements to depart 3rd dimensional Earth and continue my mission in service to humanity ‘beyond my current limitations’. Several other channels and researchers have reported just such an imminent event in recent releases, therefore it is reasonable to assume a number of candidates will be embarking on this journey in the days ahead. I was notified that I am ‘being prepared’ at this time for this relocation, and was instructed to make arrangements to depart Earth very soon, and for a short period of time as I become reacquainted with my Star Family and my ‘new but familiar surroundings’. How many other ‘first wavers’ that will also be departing was not addressed at this time, as well as if this group will ever again be stepping foot on Earth or into the 3rd dimension at all, or instead will complete their particular assignments on board spacecraft stationed within the 5th dimensional frequency range. Keeping in mind that many Galactic Federation spacecraft have the ability to transcend dimensions, it is possible these first wavers will continue their work in service to humanity in more than one dimension, and may even be interacting again with members of Earth’s yet 3rd dimensional population.    
As the Galactic Federation enjoys the element of surprise over their dark counterparts, how much advanced notice will be given to first wave candidates, if any, is unclear at this time. Keep in mind, that we do find ourselves in a most provocative time period between the end of the Mayan Creation cycle on 10/28/11, and the magical date that has been the subject of much contemplation 11/11/11. My Star Family also expressed that my well being is a priority and that they will look after my safety regarding transport, and I am sure everyone’s respective ‘ascension teams’ share this policy.  
For me, a most intriguing question is; are we to be ascending within our own merkaba powered lightships, or instead are we to enjoy a more James Bond styled secret rendezvous with an awaiting spacecraft? I always dreamed of being James Bond, but even 007 himself has never dreamed of an experience as exciting and mysterious as this.

Pleiadian Messages 10/25/11

An 11th dimensional Pleiadian collective speaks of humanity's ascension into a higher dimensional existence.

Pleiadian Messages 10/25/11

A look forward to events sees humanity finally free from the shackles of tyrannical rule that has kept you locked into lives of slavery and servitude for thousands of years. Slavery has never been abolished. Mankind itself has been slaves to the ruling elite in one form or another for millennia. You are now to be truly freed from your lives that have been filled with toil and struggle. Greener pastures we wish for you, our family, and it is just this that will now be yours. Do you not sense this incredible change sweeping over the horizon dear ones? Do you not feel the changing breeze that promises to set your world free for once and forever? You have so much to look forward to now as the dark rulers of your planet are being removed from power. We, the Galactic Federation, in cooperation with our Earth allies, are in the final stages of the removal of these dark forces and their many scattered minions. Arrests will be made, as there is no other way in some cases to silence the endless planning and scheming of certain individuals who stubbornly have refused to bow out gracefully. We are fully prepared and quite capable of such a task, and look forward to carrying out this operation that will see the last of the cabal’s holdouts incarcerated and relocated to secure areas where they can no longer be any threat to your safety and well being.
Through the many years of your incarnations, much has been thrown in your path to distract you and hamper your journey towards your natural right of ascension into a better and brighter reality. You let nothing stop you. You persevered through long years of hardship and loss, sadness and pain, but you never quit. If you had, you would surely not be where you are today, standing at the threshold of every dream and every wish you have ever had. Do you now see just how far you have come? More and more souls are awakening to this fact every day, and it will not be long now until a preponderance of your planet’s population is awakened to your new and once undreamed of possibilities. We are here to help you visualize these possibilities, for visualization is a very powerful tool in regards to manifestation of your chosen reality. Let no one distract you or stand in your way now as you are so very close to the unveiling of all that you have truly earned. Grace is at hand, and all past karmic debts are being satisfied as you are being prepared for your grandest adventure. Know in your hearts that are creating these glorious changes that your safety and well being is our top priority, and we do everything we can to see that no harm comes to you. Certain aspects of personal and planetary karma must be permitted to play out, but always keep in mind that we use our advanced technologies and many years of experience to see to it that all threats either natural or otherwise are restrained considerably for your safety and well being. We wish you to know that the end is clearly in sight, and a new beginning that promises beauty, splendor, and surprise beyond your current imaginations awaits you fully prepared for your greatly anticipated arrival.  What a joy it will be for all of us to dance together in the light of blissful reunion. We are your family, and have always been a part of all your lives. There was a time when we walked together and shared meals together as one, united by something deeper than you may currently understand. You will soon remember this connection, and you will soon know what we mean when we say we are one, as indeed we are. So we have always been and always will be.  
There are so many worlds who have come together in the name of peace and progress throughout this and other galaxies, and your beautiful blue planet and all of you dear souls are a testament to this wonderful universal cooperation. You are indeed our children. You possess the bloodlines of many and great beings from many advanced civilizations throughout the cosmos. You, your children, and your children’s children to come will be known throughout space and throughout time for who they are, where they have come from, what they have been through and how incredibly far they have come. Your efforts to persevere, to preserve your families, your villages, your cities, countries, and even your entire civilizations has been looked upon by so many other planetary civilizations with awe, and whatever it is that ticks inside the hearts of the human race has been the subject of great examination and careful study by great minds for many millennia. This immutable spark of divine fortitude is unique to the human race, and will be forever preserved within you as you are soon christened the Galactic Human.
We are truly honored to call you our family, and we are so proud of each and every one of you. You will know this when we have cleared all paths that will enable us to safely walk amongst you again, our brothers and sisters.  This moment is edging so close, and we are already making last minute preparations for this grand reunion. We will be with you again so very soon. Until then, you may help us facilitate these changes as we assist you. Keep spreading your messages of light most far and most wide, as this creates the energies that fuel your new unimaginable reality. We will be with you soon.
We are your Star Family. 

As channeled through Greg Giles                                      

Entrance to Inner Earth as Photographed from Space

Agartha Inner Earth Entrance at the North Pole

Lightworkers & Social Networking

Social networking is a tool long designed and planned to be implemented at this time of great transformation. The Internet and its many avenues of connection are by no means a convenient and coincidental innovation. The dark ages, signified by a lack of knowledge, are fading fast as we create a new age of light. Light is information, and it is the task of many millions of volunteers to make this light accessible to all who seek it. Primarily, two goals are to be met through social networking. The first goal is to fire up our planet's new energy grid through the connection of a certain number of awakened beings. Through the hundredth monkey and domino effect, critical mass will be reached when a fraction of the potential incarnates awaken and connect with the collective consciousness of their awakened brothers and sisters. The second goal is to utilize social networking to paint our world in the colors of higher vibration, which not only serves as a beacon to the many newly awakened who may seek answers, guidance, and new friendships, but increases the frequency of our collective reality. Connect with the many like minded souls today on sites such as Facebook (use the search pane using related keywords to locate individuals or groups of like minded souls), and join us through the many online spiritual communities of Lightworkers, Indigos, Pleiadians, Sirians, Lyrans, Arcturians, whichever communities throughout the World Wide Web you feel you resonate with. You are warmly invited and your participation is universally appreciated and more important than can be understood at this time from our limited 3rd dimensional perspective. Feel free to post any and all uplifting messages of love, hope, and inspiration, poetry, short stories, channeled communications, photos, or pieces of music that help raise the collective vibration of our planet. If a post inspires you, chances are it will inspire others, so feel free to utilize the share applications that can be found on almost every web page you visit.  Be the change you wish to see in the world, a world we are changing dramatically with each and every connection we create!

The Ceremonies are About to Begin

You have come so far, individually, as well as a collective. A planet and its people do not ascend until the individuals who send their energy into the collective consciousness grid experience, mature, learn and grow. There have always been two paths for humanity to travel, one which there is no longer a need to discuss, and the path that has led to the doorstep humanity stands before at this very moment in time. It has been a very long journey for you and all as one, but humanity as a collective has reached the threshold of the higher dimensions because of individual souls like you who have succeeded in rising above all obstacles the illusion has so cunningly placed before you. You are a survivor, a fighter, a winner. You are a leader among men and women who have bravely persevered to forge your own path out of the darkness. You did not allow yourself to follow the Sirens call of the lower vibrations, you swam against the deadly rip currents of popular opinion, and you were wise enough not to fight fire with fire, violence with more violence, but with love. Love is the key. It is also the door, and everything beyond it. You were created by love, you are love, and you exist within love. Love is all there is, and you have discovered this for yourself. Congratulations dear ones, you have made it. It is time for your grand universal graduation ceremony to begin. Your family will be there to proudly watch you receive your diploma. They would never miss your biggest moment, and have traveled far to be here for the celebration. It is your day, you have earned it. It is soon time for you to open your graduation present which promises to be everything you have ever wanted, needed, or even dreamed of.    

Pleiadian Messages 10/18/11

I see you gathered in the streets, in protest of the long series of wrongs which have been done to you and your families in the name of greed and power. These were done in an attempt by those who have been consumed by greed and darkness to control you and imprison you in a world of their own creation, to further their corrupt reign of insatiable desire for more money, more power, and more control. You have succeeded in breaking free from these shackles of tyranny. It is time to celebrate and put all these trying times behind you. You are just moments away from embarking on an incredible voyage that will see you pulling away from the dock which has been your three dimensional world of separation and illusion. The members of this dark cabal were used to help facilitate your learning and advancement. All was deemed necessary for your upliftment. We, the Galactic Federation, along with the Ascended Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchies have been working feverishly to help free your world from the clutches of these darkworkers for some time now as their part in this grand production is no longer required for your benefit. This endeavor has been an enormous challenge, but we tell you all is now being returned to a world of love and light, and soon you will bask in the warm glow of your new and exciting lives. Do not ever be afraid of these changes. This is why you are here. To experience for yourselves firsthand the incredible ride which is ascension of a people and a planet into a higher dimensional state. You all jumped at the chance to be here at this time, and that time has come. Get ready for the thrill ride of a lifetime. You all have earned this moment as you have worked so hard in so many areas you can have little idea, but we tell you that you have earned all this, and you will receive the blessings we speak of very soon. 
            Much is happening behind the scenes and we do try to give you a glimpse of the secret goings on from time to time. We feel the more you know about what is happening, the more excited you will become about the changes. Your joyous excitement raises your collective vibration and helps facilitate the necessary changes. All of you have done your part. You all deserve such a warm thank you from us, your family from afar. Please remember, you all have gotten here together. You are all one, one in the name of the Creator, one in the name of love. Treat each other with kindness, forgiveness, and compassion. Each is your brother, each is your sister. Treat them and respect them as such.
            We have been keeping tabs on all the dark’s maneuverings and we are very happy to report that their once very powerful organization is in tatters. They are now barely functional, and will not be able to mount any substantial objection to your ascension to the higher realms. This has been our main function here at this time. Ascension is a natural blessing from the Creator and your universe. Ascension is not our invention and we, the Galactic Federation, are not the overseers, if you will. The Creator is the overseer to these proceedings, we are merely helpers, sent by the decree of the Creator to assist you at this time as it was foreseen that much resistance to your journey would be created by the dark cabal. We know their game, and we are far better prepared to handle their attempts than you could be at this time. Many Earth allies have also contributed to the demise of the Illuminati and their band of misguided minions, and much gratitude is owed to these brave men and women of your world. As we have said, many of these individuals will be made known to you at the proper time, and we look forward to meeting you at the proper time as well. This time is approaching rapidly. You may have seen several messages and predictions circulating the internet at this time, and all we can tell you is to use your wise judgment and your powers of proper discernment when assimilating the many avenues of information. Does the author of the information resonate with you personally? Does he or she send forth waves of love and light, or do you perceive other motives, other intentions. It is all up to you. Do your best to feel the messages' signal. Feel its radiance. You have heard ‘The proof is in the pudding’, taste their pudding before buying what they are selling. We are not saying all of the information you may be reading regarding upcoming events are falsehoods. We are merely suggesting you be discerning in what you accept as messages coming from sources of light.
            We wish you all to know the end is drawing near, which will open a new door to a new beginning. Never doubt for a moment your safety and well being is not being cared for every step of the way, for indeed it is. You are our children, our brothers and sisters. How would we ever let any harm come to you? You have so much to look forward to. All your hopes and your dreams for a better world are just moments away from materializing in the most incredible of fashion. Many of you have never experienced such a gorgeous display before in any of your previous incarnations. This moment will surely be remembered by all of you throughout your blissfully eternal new lives. We promise you magic and wonder, delectable delights for all your heightened senses. Remain calm and composed. Try to experience the rush of joy without losing your composure and becoming overwhelmed. Step into your new lives confidently, the gift is yours because you have earned it. There can be no other way. So it is.
            We await your arrival at our doorstep with great anticipation and excitement. What a joy it will be to see all your shining faces again. It has been such a very long time. We will be together so very soon. Until then, we love you. We are your Star Family.
            As channeled through Greg Giles                          

Mass Media Signals to Galactic Federation they are Ready to Play Ball

Female Sasquatch filmed at Bluff Creek, California
by Roger Patterson in 1967

Earlier this week, several channels of higher intelligences began reporting that mainstream media, which has long been in the control of the dark cabal, would begin to report the true goings on within our world, and even beyond. My Pleiadian guides have also shared this information with me during our last communication. Many may have taken notice of an interesting press release coming on the heals of this announcement that stated scientists are now 95% convinced the Sasquatch species exists, and yet many may have failed to realize the major significance of this story. It was not a coincidence that one of the greatest mysteries of our time was selected as a sign, a signal to the Galactic Federation and their millions of Earth allies that the media corporations were now willing to ‘play ball’ and end their years of lies, cover-ups, and propaganda.
The Sasquatch and his Himalayan cousin the Yeti, have for many years been a subject the dark cabal has spent much time, energy, and money covering up, as the Sasquatch species has the power to unravel the cabals complete and despicable fabrication of the true origins of humanity. (A recent propaganda documentary airing on the National Geographic channel even featured actors that were paid to falsely claim that the famous Patterson footage was actually one of them in a gorilla suit. No mention, of course, of why they would choose to portray Bigfoot with huge female breasts, or where they were even able to find such a costume.)
What has for so long worried the masters of the dark cabal was the day humanity finally learned that we did not evolve from apes or the caveman as they so wish us to believe, but instead, we are already advanced beings of light who have traveled here from many different star systems within this vast universe. We have had little memory of our universal heritage due to our agreement that we would complete this cycle of duality wearing a veil of ‘forgetfulness’, in light of the catastrophe of Atlantis and the necessity to finish our evolutionary cycle clear of this memory. Many of us today are not only direct descendants of the advanced peoples of Atlantis, but are indeed the very same beings who called Atlantis our home.
It may now become more evident to many just how important this recent press release regarding Bigfoot is, and just how far the implications may reach.

Are You Ready for Your Body’s Return to Perfection?

The Golden Means Ratio or Divine Proportion, depicting man's return to full consciousness
and physical perfection, symbolized by the sacred geometry ratio of circle to square.
(Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci c.1487)      

 The human race as a collective and as a whole has today so much to be incredibly proud of. Although it looked for a time as though our family completely lost sight of our ethics, morals, and compassion for each other, we hung in there, keeping hope alive within our battered hearts that there must be a better way to live our lives and to treat each other. Deep down we believed that if we just tread the rough waters long enough we would one day see land in the distance, guided by a beacon shining from a lighthouse built by a people, just perhaps, we once were.  We all volunteered for this assignment, a cooperative experiment by many evolved worlds within our shared universe. We understood we would be thoroughly tested, dragged to the breaking point of our collective psyche, only to receive enough mercy to wake up the next day and start the battle all over again. But the battle is now over, and the battle has been won. We stand here today in testimony, as survivors, one people, one race, who have beaten the odds and withstood every challenge before us, and we are by no means merely better for the experience. We are to be officially welcomed into the great galactic community of love and light. No longer humans, no longer mere mortals. We are soon to be christened Galactic Humans. A universal, multidimensional being of light.       
 We return home now to the light, with the wisdom of a sage, or wise man atop a peak, but with bodies tired, battered, and bruised, scarred of the years and the lessons hard learned. But do you not remember the promise made to you so long ago? Your gift from the Creator for your efforts here and a job so well done? Only perfection exists in the higher realms, and as your consciousness expands towards perfection and you are lifted up in the arms of the Creator’s love, so too shall your body be returned to its rightful state of perfection.

Pleiadian Messages 10/11/11

Pleiadian Messages 10/4/11

Pleadian Messages 9/26/11

Pleiadian Messages 10/11/11

Once the place in the heart is found, all can proceed. The necessary changes are scheduled and will take place, nothing can, or will stop this from happening. The heart is where all these changes derive from, and this must always be remembered. For what good are the changes if the heart is forgotten and the corruption of your society is allowed to transpire once again? We ask of you at this time to take a moment and stand atop all that is and all that shall topple and all that will come, and ask yourself where everything went so wrong, and what is turning everything around at this point in your collective journey. It is your intentions, pure or impure that is the catalyst for changes either positive or negative in nature to occur. Try to see things from a higher perspective always, and your journey can and will be so much easier without all the need for collapse and rebuilding from the ground up. We, the Galactic Federation fleet, in conjunction with the Ascended Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchies look at your beautiful world in wonder. How beautiful it once was, and how badly it was destroyed when so many strayed waywardly from the lighted path. We ask you to always be mindful of your footsteps and where you trample, as your world is so vital to the universe in so many ways you cannot possibly understand this at this time. Much is connected throughout the vastness of space, and your planet and all its multitudes of different species is a lynchpin of this great universe. You are appointed stewards of this great world, Sheppard’s to see the flock safely delivered home. Many beings from many different galaxies and star systems have sent representatives here. Earth has been a great experiment in cultural refinement and structuring. If you had any idea how many worlds took note and careful study of everything you all do here, you assuredly would all act and treat each other so very differently. We love you all, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking part in the grand endeavor, and we wish you to know that all has been a great success. You all deserve such gratitude for all you have done and been through, and you shall be greatly rewarded for your efforts. Try to always remember that you are all in it together. You are all family, members of the great universal families of light. You are representatives of many and great worlds who have also grown so much through trials and tribulation. You all should be proud of your accomplishment; we understand full well your journey here has been quite arduous at times.

Today marks a turning point in your collective reality. So much has been transpiring behind the scenes, and most has been kept from you by your current world controllers and the media outlets they have kept in their pockets for so long. That day is over now, as media outlets around the world have agreed in principle to now begin to speak the truth and accurately and fully begin to report the real goings on in and off your world. You will begin to see many things that will shock many people. Be there for your friends and family as they are souls who have not advanced as quickly as you have. Comfort them, answer all the questions they might have, remembering your own truth that there is nothing to be afraid of. All has been decreed by the creator. Earth is not alone in the universe, and you have never been unaffected by numerous civilizations throughout space. The archeological evidence is surely overwhelming, and could never be denied. You are about to be reunited with the architects of many of your greatest archeological mysteries, and we are prepared and excited to answer any and all of your questions concerning all your planet’s long held secrets. There will be no more secrets kept from you. Knowledge is light, and your world is now readied to fully return to the light where it has always belonged. We stand in this light today, and it will not be long now until you stand with us in reunion, bathed in the eternal light of the Creator’s divine love for us all. Prepare for this magical moment. See you all so very soon.
We are your Star family.  
As channeled through Greg Giles    
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Brazilian Reports Pleiadians Testing Ascension 'Gateway' in Jungle Part 3

Brazilian Reports Pleiadians Testing Ascension 'Gateway' in Jungle Part 2

Brazilian Reports Pleiadians Testing Ascension 'Gateway' in Jungle Part 1

All Your Hardships are Just Moments Away from Vanishing Forever

The human race as a collective, and each and every individual soul on the planet today will soon experience a release of the shackles that have kept us all chained to lives of slavery at the hands of the elitist ruling class and their tyrannical laws that were specifically designed to strip us of our rights to live lives of freedom and prosperity. Their greed derived from fear. Fear of not having enough money or power. We agreed to incarnate here under these conditions, but this agreement came with the stipulation that we would also have the opportunity to experience this planet’s return to a golden age utopia. You may sleep tonight knowing in your heart that this transformation is already well underway, and will culminate with the ascension of this entire world into a higher dimensional state. Throughout the remaining fourteen months, you will see many amazing things. You will see firsthand that there is, and has always been, souls of light, of love and kindness just like you throughout every corner of the globe, and throughout all different races and nationalities. You will also find that there are also kind and peaceful souls who also wish to return this planet to a world of love and light throughout the ranks of the police, the military, and throughout the alphabet intelligence agencies at the Pentagon. For so long, you have only seen the worst of what the human race is capable of. You are now about to witness for yourself, without having to take anyone else’s word for it, just what the human race is also capable of. This has always been the plan of the Creator, His Angels, and spiritual warriors. Have you been here so long and have been through so much hardship that you can no longer believe that God and His universe have so much more to offer you than what you have experienced here? Have you not seen the miracles possible when enough humans come together in common goal? Soon you will be freed from lack, from your shackles of servitude, from debt and from disease. Never again will a human go to bed hungry, or on the street. Never again will a human bear arms against his brother. Never again will our planet be poisoned. Is this too fantastic for you to believe? Do you not realize that all of this could already have been accomplished without the assistance of anyone else, but just by the redistribution of the enormous amounts of wealth that has been systematically stolen from the people by just a few interconnected families and the governments they have owned like so many trophies on their mantelpiece? This is not secret knowledge, as anyone with basic math skills can easily confirm these facts by researching the public accounting records of our global financial system. For the first time in our history, enlightened souls within many different agencies within the Pentagon have joined forces with powerful members of the public sector, as well as like minded souls within the US and even foreign military establishments to bring down these ruling families who have made themselves Kings, Queens, Presidents, and even spiritual leaders. Do you not believe that together we can defeat these few families and their draconian rule and redistribute their stolen booty? Never before has humanity experienced such a bonding, such a coming together of enlightened souls from so many different walks of life. You so wished to be here to witness this, the most incredible time ever to be alive anywhere in this universe, and you will not for one moment be disappointed. The show is about to begin.

Pleiadian Messages 10/4/11

All follow, or will follow the path. Before one incarnates, a blueprint is mapped out for one’s journey through the challenges and triumphs of duality. Never before has so many accepted such a rigorous test, and the results are nothing short of spectacular. Keep in mind that all have agreed to experience just what they have experienced, and nothing anyone has encountered was not agreed to beforehand. All is as it should be, and all has been designed to test and strengthen one’s character and resolve. You all are doing so marvelously. Soon you will all graduate to a higher area to learn and to grow. That is what it is all about, that is why you chose to come here in the first place. Although at times it seems that all makes no sense, and that all the hardships and sadness is for naught, we tell you everything has its purpose. In every area you needed to grow were events and challenges that were designed specifically for you to learn from. Accept these challenges with grace and understanding that they are precisely what you wished to experience at that exact moment in time. We, the souls who have remained for now beyond the veil, and you, the souls who have journeyed down through the dimensions, have carefully worked together in all the areas agreed upon before your earthly incarnation. Understand this truth and your difficult journey, and the load you are carrying will lighten considerably, don’t you agree? We at times watch you decide which path you choose to take when a fork of decision presents itself to you. We marvel at your choice sometimes, and we respect and understand when your decision leads you down a path that is rocky and dark. All roads lead to enlightenment.  That is the grand design of the labyrinth of choices you all have before you. Some may take more time to reach the lighted doorway to the next higher dimension, but be assured always to know all will arrive at the same door eventually, according to personal preference and choice. We have all reached these doorways, and we tell you your individual journeys are worth every part of it. Through loss, struggle, and hardship, your journeys were escalated through ‘time’ to hasten your arrival at the gates you so wanted to reach. That is the answer to a question so many of your world for so long have pondered. ‘If there is a God, why is there such sadness in the world?’ So many have asked this question, but so few have reached its understanding. Do you now understand? It is through these difficult challenges that the door you have only dreamed of for so many lifetimes is finally before you. You today stand at the threshold of something so glorious, so beautiful, do you sense it? Can you feel it? You are so very close. Be joyous you have all made it together. You are right beyond the doorway as we await you so excitedly on our side. Can you feel us? We can already feel you. It will not be long now. So many of your world are allowing confusion and sadness or fear to consume them at this time as they are feeling the new energies that accompany all the changes awaiting you, but we tell you, enjoy these energies, cherish them, for they are the keys to your door that will open into a world so magical, so absolutely beautiful that if you knew this today you would be singing and skipping everywhere you went. So rejoice, smile, paradise is at hand. You have but so few days to wait for events to get underway. Spread this knowledge, spread your light. All will happen as we have planned. Nothing can stop your return to full consciousness and the higher dimensions from which you came, and we, the Galactic Federation of Light and the Ascended Masters of the spiritual hierarchies have been given the honor to see that this decree is accomplished and all our carefully designed plans are followed to the letter. We will not fail, you will not fail. All is unfolding precisely according to plan. Rejoice, and know that so very soon you will cross the threshold into a living dream, where everything you have ever wished for will be yours forever and ever. So it has been written.
We are your Star Family. We await just beyond the door before you. See you soon.

As channeled through Greg Giles            

Galactic Federation Promises Escalation of ‘UFO’ Sightings

Recent UFO Sighting Over China

The Galactic Federation has stated through their communications channels that they will now increase the number of displays of their lightships as they fully realize that less than fifteen months remain before the ascension of humanity into a higher dimensional existence and many changes must get underway. The long awaited disclosure announcements that will introduce our cosmic family of light are essential, as first contact and a mass landing of Galactic Federation personnel is a vital step to prepare our planet and people for the final installment of the overall plan, ascension. The Federation feels so many of Earth’s population still remain unaware that the universe is teeming with intelligent life, and therefore a mass landing at this time  would insight a great deal of fear. The GF has also stated that they have been initiating many sightings in third world countries for some time now, and that these events have gone largely unreported by western media. The Federation promises that they will now begin a campaign of sightings throughout the United States and other major cities around the world that are of such caliber that it will be unmistakable that the craft are theirs, and that media outlets around the globe will have no choice but to air the video evidence.