Pentagon now Joins 87 Country Alliance United to Crush Illuminati Federal Reserve Bankster Cartel

Since the historic meeting of finance ministers representing 57 countries took place on a ship in international waters off the coast of Monaco in August, 2011, the total number of sovereign countries who have joined the alliance designed to defeat the Illuminati/ Federal Reserve/Wall Street Bankster cartel has now grown to 87, according to well informed sources of former Forbes financial editor turned spokesperson for the allied White Dragon Society Benjamin Fulford ( Conspicuously absent from this list of countries who endorse a new financial system and return to constitutional government are Germany, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Japan, Israel, and the United States, as the governments of these countries are still controlled by the Illuminati and their banking cartels. It seems soon to be ex-President Barack Obama will have a little more to explain than his phony Hawaiian birth certificate. In the United States, a faction within the alphabet agencies of the Pentagon has agreed to back the new financial system and incoming U.S. constitutional government. This Pentagon faction now joins the U.S. military faction that has also vowed to support a return of constitutional government. It has been reported by channels of the Galactic Federation that cabal controlled rogue elements of the U.S. military have agreed to stand down and not bear arms against the forces of the new alliance. These major developments, coming on the heels of the destruction of two major Illuminati underground complexes and the refusal by a growing number of aligned nations to accept or trade with Federal Reserve dollars has now forced the once dominant cabal into a corner, leaving complete surrender as the only remaining option for them. The surrender or incarceration of the leading members of the cabal will then open the door for immediate Galactic Federation disclosure announcements and open contact with our cosmic family of light, paving the way for a return to a golden age and ascension for humanity into a higher dimensional existence. As my Pleiadian guides have recently advised, “Hold on to your seats, we promise you an amazing ride.”     

Pleiadian Messages 9/26/11

All will reach the point where they wish to be in this moment, the now moment. A great leap in consciousness is the moment when an individual chooses to begin considering the collective over the individual needs for the betterment of the society as a whole, rather than his or her needs for personal betterment. Switching perspective from ‘I need this’ to ‘We need to do this to further our advancement’ is the key. You are one. No one’s life improves or advances without everyone’s life improving and advancing. Look at it this way. You begin to earn more money at the expense of others. You buy beautiful things to make your house a home, to make the interior of your home more comfortable and beautiful. Then you walk out of your front door into a war zone, because a balance was not maintained. One benefited at the expense of another. Your society is made up in the same manner. It needs to maintain a harmonious balance in which all prosper in order for it to continually maintain this level of prosperity, or imbalances will begin to rock the boat, so to speak. You are all experiencing this ‘rocking’ at this moment in your collective journey. Your ship has taken on so much water it is now crucial to stop your forward progression for a moment and bail the water out of your boat. This is being done in the form of the collapse of your entire worldwide monetary system. The privately owned and operated Federal Reserve Board of the United States, along with the privately owned World Bank must now cease to operate and turn over all powers of your financial system to a new and honest form of economic exchange. This act will only begin to right your ship, but will be a watershed event in the history of your planet. Many events will quickly follow, leading to a miraculous change in direction for your society as a whole. A return for you to a golden age utopia is our intention, and all the pieces are in place to begin to fall like dominos that have been strategically set all across your beautiful little planet. We, the Galactic Federation forces, have had tougher assignments, but not many. This assignment has called for an immense cooperation with many Earth allies spread throughout many different institutions of finance, military, governments, intelligence,  even through the ranks of some of your planet’s secret societies. The assistance of these service to others men and woman has been incalculable. In the end, all who have assisted in this tremendous endeavor to return your planet to a world of love and light, peace and prosperity, will be revealed if they so wish. All who have denied you for as long as they could your universal rights of freedom and prosperity will also be revealed, whether they like it or not. Such is their karma, the path they have chosen to experience your collective journey through the halls of duality, a long and hard journey that has made you all better for the experience. Hold fast now to all your convictions. All your collective efforts to raise your world back up into the light are moments away from paying off in a most awe inspiring way. You have only experienced moments like these in a dream, and now all your dreams are about to come true. Keep this thought in your mind as events unfold before you. It is required that many hold their heads and remain fearless to balance the collective consciousness as there will be many who allow fear to consume them during these challenging moments ahead. You all have chosen to be here at this most wonderful time, and many of you now understand this clearly and feel blessed to have been invited to this spectacular unveiling. Remain as calm and composed as you can. Lead by example and demonstrate to the others that there is no reason to fear. All has been decreed by the creator to return your world to its rightful place as a gem of the higher dimensions. You are a jewel in the crown which is your beautiful blue planet. Your majestic place in the heavens of the higher realms is waiting for you. Your moment is just ticks of a clock away. Prepare now and expect great things. The heavens have promised you a return of your once glory, and it is this that will not be denied you. Get ready, your show is about to begin. Hold on to your seats. We promise you an amazing ride. See you so very soon.
We are your Star Family.
As channeled through Greg Giles      

Secret Illuminati Underground Cities Destroyed by Galactic Federation

Corridor of a secret underground installation under Dulce, New Mexico 

The recent rumblings in Virginia and Colorado on August 23rd, 2011, that millions of Americans were told were naturally occurring earthquakes were, in reality, not earthquakes, but explosions detonated by the Galactic Federation and their Earth allies that completely destroyed two underground military installations that were key Illuminati refuges that have been built at the massive expense of the American taxpayer, according to many sources of investigator Benjamin Fulford, popular researcher David Wilcock, as well as several channels for the Galactic Federation. Naturally occurring earthquakes leave a tell tale seismographic signature that was reportedly absent in either the Virginia or Colorado quake. Channels for the Galactic Federation have reported that these explosions were not nuclear in nature, but a very advanced technology that has reportedly left only small fragments of the once massive installations. David Wilcock has stated on his website My intelligence suggests it is possible that as many as 30,000 people were in each of these two underground cities at the time that [the explosions] went off. So we’re talking about the potential of 60,000 deaths.” Channels for the Galactic Federation on the other hand, are reporting that the GF safely removed all personnel to an undisclosed location before the blasts, which certainly fits the modus operandi of the spiritually enlightened organization. These underground cities, replete with hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, and even hydroponic farms, have been built beneath many major cities all over the world by the elitist ruling class as safe havens to hide as their plan to instigate a planet wide cataclysm unfolded on the surface world. (There will be no natural cataclysm, and as stated many times by the Galactic Federation, all attempts by the dark cabal to cause one will be prevented.) The Galactic Federation has already cut off all lanes of escape through space, and are now eliminating any underground hiding places for the cabalists, whose days are now extremely numbered. This event may be the most important milestone reached to date in the efforts to remove the dark cabal and their minions from power, clearing the way for a return to a golden age for humanity.

Message from the Pleiadians

Secret Meetings of the World's Elitists Known as 'Bilderbergers' Finally Exposed in EU Parliament

Message from the Pleiadians 9/20/11

You are about to witness events once thought only made for motion pictures. Hollywood could not invent such a compelling story, true in its sincere portrayals of the two competing (yet on another level collaborating) sides in this battle of good versus evil, or dark versus light. In this epic saga, the light will triumph, and all that is good, and all that is love, and all that is light, just, fair, which holds integrity & harmonious balance will prevail to shine on your new day and your new way that you will experience God’s most grand theater. Along your journey you have met friends, foes, challenges, triumphs, failures, love, loss, good times and hard times. You danced in lighted ball rooms, you fought on darkened battlefields, you helped and inspired others, and you were picked up when you were downtrodden. All was according to your needs, wants, ambitions, and higher calling to mold your wings to one day soar from this reality into a new golden dream that will cater to your hearts most inspired desires to add to God’s incredible creation. All the tools you will ever need or wish for will be at your disposal to add your own colors, your own splash, and your own original vibration to the already gorgeous canvas that is the multi dimensional universes.  Seek out what it is you love, what it is your heart desires, for it is just this that you shall have very soon, my dears. Just as a child gazes through the glass enclosures of a candy shop display, so too shall you be offered such mouth watering choices for your sweet tooth for excitement and adventure. If it is travel that vibrates your heartstrings, to the ends of this and other universes you shall journey. If it is a dance with beings from all across the universe who jump in rhythm to a beat of love and light, it is this beat that shall fill your ears so very soon. The time is upon you, the orchestra is tuning up for the overture to your symphony. Be brave, be joyful, help others understand and assimilate the changes that are many and that can be quite radical to some. It is your task to help ease your world into the new paradigm. You have trained for this mission throughout many lifetimes, it is now time for you to take center stage and do what it is you do best. There will be many who fall under fears powerful spell, and this is an area many of you have trained long and hard to become specialists in; recognizing, responding, transmuting, and shielding as many needing souls within your sphere of influence. The ‘wounded’ will come to you. Infuse them with your light. You are an expert at lightwork. You are a master universal Lightworker. That is why you are here. You have been able to ascertain and understand the events that are about to unfold, events that to many others around you will be mind blowing. Ease their pain, their suffering of this fear. There is nothing to fear. All is, and will be according to the decree of the creator, as carried out to the letter in love and light by the spiritual hierarchies and the Ascended Masters who comprise the Galactic Federation fleets. Your well being is our highest priority. Your ascension into a higher state of existence is our final goal of many and sometimes quite involved tasks. We are highly qualified in every area of this grand endeavor and we will succeed. We have trained extensively to be of service in these times. It is now time for us, all of us, to complete our tasks and return your planet to the utopia it once was. Enjoy this spectacular ride.
We are your Star Family.
As channeled through Greg Giles
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Galactic Federation Disclosure: All Systems Go

A window of opportunity is open at this time and the Galactic Federation have announced through several different channels, including this writer, that they will capitalize on this opportunity and attempt disclosure announcements, as has been long anticipated. There will be a series of global announcements informing the populace of the presence of the Galactic Federation fleet. There will be many who react in fear to these announcements, and the current elitist ruling class who so desperately wish to retain their stranglehold over the planet may attempt to add fuel to the fire by stepping up their propaganda campaign to paint our returning family members as evil invaders. Regardless, nothing can or will prevent humanity’s return to a golden age of peace and prosperity. For those who understand that the Galactic Federation are not invaders but are in fact us, our cosmic brothers and sisters from long ago, and that Earth is, and has always been, a colony of an alliance of many different universal societies, your task is to inform those family, friends, and co-workers within your sphere of influence that our shared families of light have returned to assist us in righting this ship we call home, and prepare us for our welcoming into the galactic community.   
Following these initial announcements will be a series of personnel changes within corrupt governments around the globe. Behind the scenes, a new financial system will replace the Federal Reserve Board, finally putting an end to the scam long perpetrated by this private company’s owners that has bankrupted our global financial system. Other changes we all know need to be made within our civilization will quickly follow, and every man, woman, and child on the planet will share in the natural and universal laws of abundance and prosperity.   

Message from the Pleiadians 9/13/11

Some letting go is necessary. We have come such a long way, but it is now time to take the next big step. It may seem all is done and that all that awaits is the final ushering in of all that has been promised, but I tell you, further work must be accomplished. Releasing all fears is a huge step towards the final utopia, and this must be done by the masses before events can take place. Your 911 memorial ceremonies were another reminder of the fears that lay dormant within many of you that could be resurrected at any moment. The dark masters know this quite well, and plan to use the renewed fears of another terror attack to further delay your new world. Do not fear, all attempts by the cabal to disrupt the final stages of disclosure, first contact, and then finally ascension will fail as have all of their desperate plans that they have attempted to hatch as of late. We, the Galactic Federation of Light forces, are here in your atmospheres and we are present in great numbers on the ground in the form of our incarnate Lightworkers. Our strength is great, our resolve is absolute, and we will not be stopped. Events are now set to commence. Time is running oh so short. Prepare yourselves and many others within your sphere of influence for the cavalcade of once thought impossible or improbable events to now take place. We promised you fireworks, and it is fireworks you shall see in the very near future. Events will transpire rapidly and one after another in rapid succession. Our plans are mapped out to the minutest detail, and we are quite qualified through our experience to carry out all assignments to the letter. You and your future are in very capable hands. We love you all very much, you are our brothers and sisters from long ago. We would never do anything to cause harm to you, and will make every attempt to ease your transition into your new world of love and light as best as we can. We have longed to walk amongst you once again as we had long ago. The time is now present to make our move. Prepare, ground yourselves, and expect great things. The show is about to begin, you have a seat in the front row. The curtain is set to rise on one of the greatest performances ever to grace a stage anywhere in this universe.
We are your Star Family. We will be with you again shortly. 

As channeled through Greg Giles    

Former V.P. Dick Cheney Fearful of his Imminent Arrest

See Dick run. See Dick torture. See Dick arrested. Former Vice president Dick Cheney may be touring the country promoting his new book which details his days in office as President, that is Vice President (I do forget sometimes whether he or George Bush was calling the White House shots), but book sales are not the foremost concern on his mind. Cheney fears he will be arrested at any moment for his war crimes, according to Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, a former aide to one time Secretary of State Colin Powell.  He would then be prosecuted before the International Criminal Court, which officially is seated at The Hague in the Netherlands,  although the actual proceedings may be held anywhere in the world.
Former President George W. Bush has also expressed fears recently that he too will be arrested for his crimes against humanity, even cancelling a trip to Switzerland where he was to be paid to deliver a speech.
Many feel the fears expressed by both Bush and Cheney validate statements made by the Galactic Federation, who have many times stated that many arrests of current and former world leaders will soon be made throughout the world. These arrests, followed by the purification of global governments and financial systems throughout the world, will usher in a new age of peace and prosperity for all of humanity.

'Psychic' FEMA Books Time on 11-9-11 to Broadcast through ‘Emergency Alert System’

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, took weeks to get water delivered to thirsted victims of Hurricane Katrina gathered inside the Louisiana Superdome, yet the same agency has the psychic foresight to schedule a three minute time slot to broadcast an emergency alert November the 9th, 2011, months in advance. The Emergency Alert System, previously known as CONELRAD and then the Emergency Broadcast System, is the earsplitting collection of noises that suddenly command your television screen right in the middle of your favorite program. The system has been in use since 1951, but has never once been implemented in an emergency (accept for a few weather alerts), even during 911 and the destruction of three skyscrapers. Yet the wizards at FEMA foresee in their crystal ball the necessity to broadcast some kind of an alert on 11-9-11 (notice the similarity to 9-11.) Since it is more likely we strike oil in our backyard than get the truth out of anyone at FEMA, let us examine two differing possibilities for FEMA’s Nostradamus- like prediction of the future.
This May be Good News

It is possible that the inevitable announcement that the criminal corporate regime which is the United States government has been replaced with a true constitutional government by and for the people. As 9-11 will always be a date that symbolizes tyranny, 11-9, its mirrored reflection, may be destined to be forever remembered as a day of liberation and true freedom for the masses who have for eons lived lives of enslavement and oppression at the hands of the ruling elite. This announcement, which will usher in a new golden age of peace and prosperity, will be made very soon, and I can't think of a more appropriate date than 11-9.

A ‘false flag’ terror alert is also a possibility here. Although FEMA may claim their intention is to merely run a drill, keep in mind a drill was 'coincidentaly' being run in New York City on the morning of 9-11, and a drill was also being run in London on the morning of 7-7-05, when four bombs were detonated throughout the city, in another remarkable coincidence. The fact that FEMA  has booked a slot to use the Emergency Alert System on the date 11-9-11, which again is a mirror reflection of 9-11, is just a bit too coincidental for me. FEMA was conceived and implemented to carry out a plan that would culminate in the imprisonment of every last US citizen that dared disobey the tyranny of the New World Order fascist dictatorship. It is possible the order was sent down from above to FEMA to make a reservation with the Emergency Alert System as part of a desperate plan to postpone the inevitable demise of the dark cabal,  who still foolishly believe they have any chance to implement their fascist state.
There will be a rare alignment of planets around the date 11-9-11. This may, or just as likely may not, cause at least some seismic activity. We also know, and this has been corroborated by the Galactic Federation, that the western criminal cabal utilizes advanced technology to cause earthquakes. It is important to remember that the Galactic Federation has stated many times that they will intervene to minimize any effects of either natural or man made disasters.
This planetary alignment may also be a favorable sign, as a celestial alignment can also create quite powerful positive energies.     

Go Ahead and Count Your Chickens

It is difficult to know if the adage ‘Don’t count your chickens before they hatch’ was hatched (I couldn’t resist) by elements that wished to control you through means of disinformation, as the astute will find is often the case, or by a well intentioned soul who yet understood the mechanics of the law of attraction and manifestation. Say you wanted a flock of chickens and wished to apply the laws of attraction to facilitate this clucking manifestation, truly trying to feel the joy a flock of chickens would bring into your life (Hey, I’ve had weirder friends), is the key. Although it may be a bit difficult if you are new at this manifesting thing, it does become easier when you become positively convinced your desires will always be rewarded by the forever gracious universe. Try to actually feel how joyous you would be if your new friends were already feathering up your home. This is the secret, the key to manifestation that will allow the laws of attraction to work for you and not against you, as they would have if you had waited to count your chickens until they hatched.   

Illuminati Fuels Irene as Galactic Federation Weakens the Storm

Hurricane Irene traveling north along the U.S. coastline

The Galactic Federation has stated through channel ‘Wanderer of the Skies’ ( that they detected the use of chemtrails and other devices used to strengthen Hurricane Irene and divert its path. The leadership of the dark cabal knows well that time is running out quickly for them, and in desperation are attempting to postpone their inevitable demise in any way they can. The Galactic Federation took action to minimize the hurricane that was downgraded to a tropical storm before it impacted the New York Metropolitan area. The Federation would like to thank all the grounded members of the family of light who, through the power of individual and collective thought helped minimize the storm’s destruction.   The Galactic Federation has many times stated that they will intervene to minimize the effects of natural, as well as manmade disasters, but must allow certain aspects of personal, as well as planetary karma to play out.           

57 Finance Ministers Meet Secretly to Iron Out New Global Financial System

Rice being tended to in an underground facility

A large ship floating far out in international waters was the setting for an exclusive meeting of fifty seven of the worlds finance ministers, according to Illuminati investigator Benjamin Fulford (, citing his international contacts within the White Dragon Society. What is even more intriguing than who was on the guest list is who was purposely left uninvited to the historic meeting hosted by neutral Switzerland. Representatives of the Federal Reserve Board along with their Washington cronies were left landlocked, as were representatives of the Kazarian/Zionist faction of the Illuminati and their western counterparts headed by David Rockefeller. Unable to take a hint, Republican Senator Jay Rockefeller had to be physically stopped at the dock by armed guards attempting to board the ship. Other G8 countries who were conspicuously left off the guest list were the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, & Japan. Russia, China, and the Netherlands each had representatives at the meeting as did representatives of the Pentagon who have agreed to break long ties with the outgoing Federal Reserve Board. Accessing their vast knowledge of the global financial system, Switzerland officials were successful in blocking representatives associated in any way with the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commission.
Another topic of discussion at the historic meeting was the imminent arrests of the world’s leading conspirators who plotted to reduce the global population by 85% through mass genocide planned for 2012. Video footage detailing five separate underground ‘cities’, complete with self contained agricultural systems, was shown as proof of the cabal’s plan to wreck havoc on the surface world while they enjoyed their underground  sanctuary paid for by our tax dollars.