Comet Elenin Exploded by Mysterious Jupiter Pulse

Many doomsayers’ fears were put to rest, albeit temporarily as Nibiru will undoubtedly be the next false flag, as comet Elenin appeared to be simultaneously deflected from its trajectory while also being blown into pieces as the traveling ice and rock show approached Jupiter. Intriguing video footage seems to depict a pulse like force field emanate from Jupiter to alter Elenin’s long journey through space. Observations by amateur astronomer Michael Mattiazzon of Castlemaine, Australia, also seem to corroborate that Elenin in now breaking apart. NASA, whose motto should be ‘Truth; the Final Frontier’, remains tightlipped about the mysterious event, apparently not having yet heard about the space event from amateur astronomy sources. Could we have witnessed a planet’s natural, or perhaps even unnatural, defense against approaching space objects? Debunkers are busy claiming the event was nothing more than a lens flare, but it is difficult to believe a lens flare can break a comet into two seperate pieces as the footage convincingly illustrates. A similar event happened in 2000 when Comet Linear disintegrated as it approached our sun. The timing for this event could not have been better as we approach 2012 and fear mongering, fueled by the release of countless doomsday films, is becoming more popular than Dancing with the Stars. Could humanity have been taught a tremendous lesson, that planet’s have a natural defense against approaching space objects?

Message from the Pleiadians 8/30/11

You will not experience the loss of life many believe at this time. Truly if this were to happen, we of the Galactic Commands would surely intervene on your behalf. Safe are the passages for you to travel through. Your horizons are clear to explore as your new world unfolds. Blessed be the ones who walk in bravery into the light of a new day, for they are the ones who will receive all that has been promised by the creator. You are now ready to embark on a new journey, rich in new and exciting experiences. Release now all fears and worries about pending catastrophes, as these will not occur. Many attempts have been made to instill fear in the masses during these last days. We have done a great deal of work to keep these attempts in check and maintain a suitable amount of peace and order throughout the planet. Beings who serve the dark have been monitored, and all their conversations have been observed. There is no plan they can conceive without us knowing precisely the particulars. Nothing can or will stop your world from ascending into its rightful place in the universe as has been decreed by the creator. Time is now compressing ever more rapidly. Soon you will reach the threshold and pass through as gently as we can make it for you. Be strong; assist each other in all areas you see fit. Together you have gotten here, and together you shall continue your incredible journey. We have been with you all the way through the darkest of nights and the brightest of days. We will once again walk among you very soon. Together we will bask in the new light of a newly formed world.
We are your Star Family. See you soon.
As channeled through Greg Giles            

Illuminati Crumbling: One Million Satanists Seek Asylum

As the many grounded allies of the Galactic Federation turn up the heat on the Illuminati banksters, approximately one million North American Satanists are seeking safe haven in lands such as Japan, The Philippines, Israel, and even an entire island owned by New Zealand, according to Benjamin Fulford, a very well connected investigator of the Illuminati faction and newly made spokesperson for the six million strong White Dragon Society. Among the sources for this information, Fulford sites those with direct access to a former US president, a source close to western Illuminati chief David Rockefeller, and a member of the Japanese cabinet. These Satanists are finally realizing that their plan to enslave the human race has failed, and now seek asylum overseas as they fear massive retaliation when their crimes against humanity are soon detailed before the world.  
After these requests for sanctuary were denied, both New Zealand and Japan met with devastating ‘natural’ disasters. Evidence quickly surfaced in New Zealand that HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project), which is jointly funded by the US Air Force, US Navy, & the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, known by many as the HAARP Earthquake Weapon, was used to trigger the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that interestingly centered on New Zealand’s second largest city, ‘Christ’ Church.
Fulford, sighting information he received from his insider contacts, reports that the Japan earthquake was caused by a powerful bomb that was drilled into the ocean floor bedrock off Japan’s Northeast coast which was then detonated, causing the 9.0 earthquake that led to the devastating tsunami and damage to three reactors at the Fuckushima 1 Nuclear Power Plant.
Although loss of life and much damage occurred due to these suspected attacks, the Galactic Federation has stated unequivocally many times that they will not allow the dark cabal to make good on their many threats to destroy the planet as retaliation for their defeat and soon-to-be mass arrests.

The Philippines then fell victim to a powerful typhoon on August 28th, 2011. No evidence has surfaced yet linking this disaster to military weather altering weapons in the control of the western criminal cabal, but the coincidence is certainly worth examination. 
Imagine what one million Satanists moving into your neighborhood would do for property values.
Realtor: …and just a quick ride into the center of town. The master bedroom is a little small, and of course there are the one million Satanists. The price, though, is well within your budget. So whatya’ think?
Buyer: Excuse me? What was that last part?
Realtor: Oh, the master bedroom. It’s what we like to call ‘cozy’.
Buyer: No, the part after that. Did you say one million Satanists?
Realtor: Yes that’s right. Your new neighbors would be one million Illuminati Satanists.
Buyer: Let’s have a look at that bedroom again.   

‘Soft’ Galactic Federation Disclosure Already Well Underway

Recently Released FBI Documant Detailing UFO Crash Recovery that Included Alien Bodies 

Many of us await with baited breath the long anticipated government disclosure announcements that will pave the way for a mass first contact of our star families of the Galactic Federation. It is this family reunion that will signal the beginnings of a new golden age of peace and prosperity not experienced on this planet since the days of Atlantis. What many have yet to see is that a ‘soft’ disclosure has already begun in earnest through U.S. alphabet agencies and many media outlets. This soft disclosure is not unlike a soft opening of a restaurant or nightclub, wherein a smaller test run of the new establishment is held before the larger public grand opening. A soft disclosure would certainly seem advisable, as so many of the population still live their lives under a pre-Copernican ‘Earth is the center of the universe’ philosophy.   The NSA, or National Security Agency, began releasing once highly classified UFO documents to the public on their website located @ The FBI has also begun releasing once classified UFO documents, including eyewitness reports of a UFO crash site in Roswell New Mexico, complete with descriptions of alien casualties.

Accompanying these disclosures are countless UFO sighting reports, as well as related video footage, being aired on local, as well as national news networks all across the country. The History Channel has also been doing their part by running an extremely well made and informative series entitled ‘Ancient Aliens’, which discusses, free of the usual paid debunkers, the wealth of archaeological evidence of extraterrestrial influence of our early civilizations around the globe. The History Channel is also airing other extraterrestrial related programs including marathons of the popular ‘UFO Hunters’. The National Geographic Channel, long the voice of big brother propaganda, is even getting into the act, recently airing several segments of UFO related productions.

One of my Pleiadian guides, Arisa of the Ashtar Command, related to me that of concern to the Galactic Federation are the number of humans that will react in fear of the disclosure announcements and a mass first contact. The task at hand now for the ground crews of the Federation, known as Lightworkers, is to help spread the message that the Galactic Federation is not comprised of evil aliens bent on world domination, but whose members are our long forgotten cosmic families who have returned to assist us through this monumental period of our history, which includes ascension into a higher dimensional existence. We, the Lightworkers, have our work cut out for us as the Illuminati controlled Hollywood machine is very busy releasing one hastily made ‘evil alien’ film after another in a desperate attempt to instill fear in the masses and thwart any attempts at a successful mass first contact. What the soon- to- be unemployed Hollywood tycoons have failed to realize, however, is that the final script has already been written, and the heroes of our story ride off triumphantly into the sunset.

Ascension Earth: Mission Possible, Top Secret Orders, For Your Eyes Only


Alright, here’s your assignment.
Your task, should you accept it, is to assemble personnel needed for a top-secret mission to Earth, a planet in the Milky Way Galaxy, in the Solar System Sol, third planet in, for an event centuries in the offing.
You must wrap up the affairs of Earth which approaches the end of its cycle and escort it to its next placement.
To do this, you must stop the depredations of a dark cabal, free Earth’s citizens from a plot to depopulate and enslave them, and turn the cabalists out of office, but without harming them and only after they’ve had ample warning to change their ways. You must bring in an abundance program, new technology, new healing ways, new spirituality and everything else needed to prepare those who are willing for a return to higher dimensions. That return will occur on or before Dec. 21, 2012, depending on your success and the people’s willingness to align with the program.
In the process, you are to terraform the Earth, assist her in a cleansing process that will relieve her of negativity, and return her to her original, pristine condition in preparation for her return journey to the higher dimension. You are to restore her temperature to uniform moderation and escort those of her animal kingdom not destined to survive to their new placements.
You must prepare those of her human population who are willing to accompany her on that journey and escort those who are unwilling to their proper stations in the appropriate dimension without harming them.
State the resources you’ll need for the effort and they are yours. You may draw on personnel from any location or dimension you need. You will be granted access to any technology you require, any counsel, and any supplies.
You will be required to administer a Divine Plan for these events, which will set out the main contours while leaving the details to you.
You may not abrogate or violate the natural laws, most particularly, the Law of Free Will, the Law of Attraction, and the Law of Karma.
In regard to the Law of Free Will, prior to a divine deadline for the main events in this Plan, you may not interfere with the free will of the actors. You can use persuasion, but if the actors don’t agree with your suggestions you may not force them, except in certain circumstances where a higher actor has expressed its free will, such as the planet itself, the planetary Logos, the Lords of Karma, etc. Past the divine deadline, the provisions of the Plan prevail.
In all instances, it is preferable that the actors themselves be left to make their choice to participate in the drama and choose what roles they will assume. You have the advantage of knowing that the main events are laid down. But the contributory events are not laid down and must be managed, calling upon you to prepare for and influence them.
You have hundreds of years to prepare things. You may locate personnel among the citizens of the planet. To allow your personnel to carry out their roles, you may require them to blinker their consciousnesses and forget where they came from, to be awakened at the proper time.
Now go to it and the best of luck to you. Let the curtain rise and the drama begin!

Sarah Palin Makes Veiled Reference to Galactic Federation Lightships

Palin speaking in New Delhi, India

The Galactic Federation has stated many times that they are not here to do our work for us, but are here to assist us in returning our planet to a world of love and light. With this in mind, author and speaker David Wilcox, known by many by his role in the well made ‘soft disclosure’ History Channel series ‘Ancient Aliens’, has reported that his inside contacts within the U.S. military establishment have reported to him that the Galactic Federation is now backing a newly formed union known as BRIC, which is an anagram for Brazil, Russia, India, & China. Argentina is also a member of this alliance. The motivation behind this alliance centers on thwarting any last minute attempts by the Illuminati controlled western governments, headed by the Rockefeller clan, to stop the Galactic Federation disclosure  announcements and the implementation of new governmental leadership and new financial system based on the universal law of abundance. In a desperate attempt to break up BRIC, a call was sent from the top of the western Illuminati food chain down to Sarah Palin, a possible Republican candidate for the presidency in 2012. Palin, part time politician, part time reality show star, received her orders and immediately flew to New Delhi, India, with the instructions to stir up trouble between BRIC members India and China. Reading a speech prepared for her to a group of India’s elitists (who else?), Palin jumped right in as if trying to start a fight between two 5th graders and asked why China would be building up their military with “… new-age, ultramodern aircraft.”  Palin continued her rhetoric that was televised all throughout the Indian continent “What’s with the buildup? China’s military growth can’t just be for defensive purposes”. 
What “new-age, ultramodern aircraft” can Palin possibly be referring too, if not the lightships of the Galactic Federation who have been reported by credible sources to have joined the BRIC alliance? Throughout the history of aviation, I have never before heard someone refer to a state of the art aircraft as 'new age', which is an unmistakable term which describes 'spiritual' and 'metaphysical' disciplines, however, if one were in fact attempting to describe the lightships of the Galactic Federation, then 'new age' would certainly be an excellent choice of word.     

Regardless of the western cabal’s attempt to instill distrust between India and China, the BRIC alliance remains strong, and Palin’s speech has been highly regarded as a poor effort in script and delivery. Keep in mind, the Galactic Federation has unequivocally stated many times that they will not, under any circumstances, allow World War 3 to transpire. The Federation’s alliance with the countries of BRIC is to offer support if needed to the countries that oppose the Old World Order paradigm and support the many earth changes that will lead to a return to a golden age of peace and prosperity for our planet.
The Huffington Post coverage of Palin’s India trip can be found at the following link;      

Major Updates Regarding New Governments & Financial System!

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
10 Men, 8 Uo, 8 Manik Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Dratzo! We return! The last stages of the delivery process are beginning! The various packages are being readied for distribution. It is expected that a full bank holiday will be implemented after the first formal announcements by the new caretaker governments, and that this legal holiday will be used to change over the entire American banking system to the new rules and regulations which are to take effect after the demise of the Federal Reserve System. At this time the new hard currency will be introduced. This is the first part of a larger series of reforms that is to take effect concurrently throughout the rest of the globe. This new worldwide financial system will be facilitated by global debt forgiveness; taxation will be applied to goods and services but not individual and corporate income; and a wealth of secret trust funds will be launched in order to replace the financial resources normally used by your governments. The people will be liberated from their onerous burdens and encouraged to use various tax refunds to jumpstart your national economies.
This new financial world will become the foundation for a growing prosperity that will be boosted by the release of a whole host of now-secret technologies. Then comes the major disclosure announcement that puts an end to the global 'UFO' cover-up. This revelation will support the cessation of global violence as well as misguided foreign military adventurism. It is time for your world to reclaim the many pieces that make up many nations' territorial sovereignty, and for negotiations to formally settle the issue of many national boundaries. We intend to participate in these discussions and bring an end, finally, to any form of discord. The criterion here is a swift and forthright win-win situation for all, bearing in mind that this form of sovereignty is largely anachronistic within the context of your global awakening. Nevertheless, quickly resolving boundary issues constitutes another step toward this goal, which is to create a world where peace, prosperity and cooperation are a given. This quickly leads to the next step.
This next step is hugely significant! Here, you begin to interact freely with your Inner Earth cousins. This experience allows you to view your planet in an entirely different way: you begin to see her as your living host, and as such she has a claim on your respect. The old dark perspective can swiftly be discarded and a truer way of regarding Gaia can take its place. At this time you will have the opportunity to watch the Moon being 'terraformed'; then you will be able to travel to and explore this transformed, artificial object. It will be the first time that most of you have left the Earth to go to another sphere in the heavens. We wish you to feel great Love for your home and to see how your original two-moon system can easily be re-established in the very near future. We wish you to begin to comprehend the sort of wonders that are about to become your new reality because, after all, most of you are to become future citizens of Mars, Venus, and of course Pax.
Disclosure and first contact will change tremendously the world you now live in. You are about to meet your spiritual and space families. This one act alone transforms all the information that the dark cabalists have fed you for the past 13 millennia. All at once you will be thrust into a new reality; the many mysteries that surround your origins will be resolved, and a new history that extends all the way back to ancient Lemuria will be given to you. This is just the start of what you are to learn about the true nature of physicality, and with this knowledge comes a science as well as a spiritual philosophy to prepare you for the wonder that is full consciousness. We come to teach, to mentor, and then later, to accept you as our equals. You have great contributions that you are destined to make as you once again interact with us and with other sentient Beings who make up this galaxy and the tens of thousands of other galaxies that are a vital part of an ever-expanding Intergalactic Union.
Blessings, dear Hearts! We are your Ascended Masters! We come in joy. The time arrives for a new Golden Age to lift up humanity in its grace-laden arms and embrace you with a profound wisdom and the gift of full consciousness! Your world has wandered in the realm of darkness for nearly 13 millennia. Now the Light returns to show you the divine path to your destiny. The vast span of amnesia is ending. Prepare for a huge download of forgotten information provided graciously by Heaven and with the assistance of the Galactic Federation of Light. All the secret societies dedicated to the Light in Asia, Europe, India, and the Middle East are preparing for what is to happen presently. A great change in your world is beginning and through its full manifestation will prepare you for the mass arrival of your spiritual and space brothers and sisters. Rejoice in your heart, knowing that a great day in your lives arrives at long last!
This new realm of golden Light is to extend throughout the length and breadth of this solar system. Everywhere, your blessed Beingness will send energies that will sustain life. You are to meet many different types of life forms. You will overcome your present limitations and will be renowned not only in this galaxy but in every corner of Creation. For many millennia we have seen this in our visions of you and have known just how important our mission among you really is. Our primary purpose is to keep the great Light that resides in all of us burning brightly despite the manifold schemes and contrivances of the dark. This we do gladly. At times in the past, many succumbed to the corrupting enticements of the dark, and some of these souls have been wrested triumphantly from their dark paths and returned to the Light! Blessings to you all.
This coming environment of prosperity, joy, and full consciousness is the gracious gift of the Creator. All of us welcome this time and are elated that this new reality is starting to manifest. It is vital that you open your hearts to those whose Love, Light, and divine service have helped make this wondrous reality possible. It is easy to discount all that was required or how long it took to bring it about. Our purpose is to be divine intermediaries. We have taken on the dark and used our collective abilities to assist in completing the remaining tasks. We have heartfelt salutations and thanks for the liaisons from Agartha who used their great skills to fashion the final agreements that culminated in our joint success. We look forward to assisting your Galactic Federation mentors in quickly returning you to fully conscious Beings of Light. Namaste!
Today, we brought you another message about what is happening on your world. A new reality is dawning. It is bringing you full consciousness and an opportunity to rejoin your brethren who reside throughout this broad galaxy and all Creation. The time comes to expand your consciousness and, once again, fully embrace the Divine! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Supply of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)
Planetary Activation Organization | Mailing Address: P. O. Box 4975, El Dorado Hills, California 95762 USA
Voicemail: 808-573-3110 | E-mail: | Website address:

Disclosure & First Contact: Much is Happening Behind the Scenes

As we near ever closer to the climactic culmination of historic Earth changes, you can be rest assured all is going according to plan. Although it may outwardly appear at times that things are progressing just as slow as Congress on a warm day, the amount of, and sheer magnitude of, the many incredible advancements humanity will very soon experience does require the cutting through of massive amounts of legal and logistical red tape, not to mention the disarming and removal of the last military groups who refused to see the writing on the wall. All aspects of the complete removal of the dark cabal and their many minions from positions of any power are being carried out according to universal laws and decrees. The Galactic Federation abides by these terms. If they did not, the forces of the Illuminati could and would have been removed in the blink of an eye. Even so, the many binding legal agreements have been presented to the outgoing members who have for so long represented the dark, and these documents have been signed, for varied reasons, clearing now the way for a worldwide metamorphosis of long standing governments who have worked as well oiled machines to oppress the human species. Although the lead up to a mass first contact may have seemed, to some, to drag on, once the ‘purification’ phase of the operation launches, the unmistakable changes to our civilization will, according to my Pleiadian guides, unfold in a ‘flurry of excitement and activity’. You may further assist the mission and speed up the facilitation of these monumental changes by helping spread the word that a spiritually enlightened federation of ascended beings of love and light, our long lost brothers and sisters, is now at our doorstep to assist us with the many changes we all know need to be made within our civilization. Accompanying them are the Angels and Ascended Masters written of in so many of our ancient texts, and it will be abundantly clear to every man, woman, and child on our planet that they come in peace, love, and concern for our planet and our people. The changes that will be addressed first include; all service to self individuals in positions of any power will be immediately replaced by service to others spiritual beings who currently wait just off in the wings. Technologies to feed, cloth, and shelter every living being on the planet will be shared, and instructors of these new technologies will be stationed all around the globe. All wars and fighting will be immediately ended and all troops returned to their native lands. Other technologies will be introduced, perhaps re-introduced, that will allow us to cleanse our planet of any and all pollution, and a new financial system based on the natural and universal law of abundance will allow every human on the planet to experience, for once and forever, true abundance and prosperity. You may wish to emphasize that the Galactic Federation are our relatives, our family of light, and that they are not here to conquer us. As you read this, yet another television show or movie is being produced to characterize first contact as an attack by evil aliens bent on world domination. Simply explain to a friend or family member that if the Galactic Federation wished to conquer, they could have done so thousands of years ago before mankind had built up such a military might, and even today could easily conquer the entire planet if that were their intention. The fact is the members of the Galactic Federation are us. They have walked among us beyond our popularly known recorded history.  They are our families from near, and afar. Just as relatives may live on opposite sides of the globe, our brothers and sisters reside in other star systems within our galaxy and even beyond. Our cousins, the Agarthans, exist even closer, and we will be reunited with them too, very shortly. First contact is but the grandest of family reunions. Keep the faith, continue to shine your light brightly as we head down the home stretch and approach so closely the finish line. All that has been decreed by the creator will be yours to experience very soon.  

Message from the Pleiadians 8/21/11

The whole point here is to allow others to live in peace and prosperity. Holding back others to gain wealth for yourself is a crime against the natural laws of abundance. Each has a special right to flourish under their own vision of what their life should entail, to go on their own journey, free of restrictions and unnecessary rules and laws. True peace and prosperity come to those who find their way through the dark and arise into the light with respect for others in their personal journeys. Such actions are rewarded with a prize to walk in the light and breathe in the air of true freedom and peace. Look upon your lives as if you are being tested in each and every moment, for indeed you are. Give each day your best efforts to maintain balance and harmonious peace wherever it is you shall be. Give to others as you see fit, treat others as you wish to be treated. We cannot stress enough how your actions equal your vibrations and your outer and inner experiences on your given day. Trust in yourselves to always feel what is the best choice for your upliftment. Choosing always leads to the experience that awaits down that particular road. Each path differs in the amount of joy or turmoil. Deciding for yourself, and allowing others to decide which path they feel they wish to travel in accordance with the lesson they feel they wish to learn next is the key to the law of free will. Travel on now as if each day is your last here in the world that you have become so accustomed to. Changes are just up ahead for those who so choose. Allow others who are not yet ready for such change to exercise their right of free will and choice to remain on familiar tracks. All will reach the same station one day when all is seen and done and all required lessons are experienced and learned. You have traveled greatly. It is time to disembark from the carriage and begin a new journey that awaits the eager traveler. You are that traveler. The universe is filled with lighted tracks, stations, and exotic destinations for your continued learning and advancement. Keep in mind that joyful holidays are also a part of your blissful itinerary. We are your Star Family. We will be awaiting your arrival at the station.
As channeled through Greg Giles       

Galactic Federation Neutralizing the Radioactive Fallout in Japan

It has been reported by Mike Quincey at that Galactic Federation fleets have been busy removing large amounts of radioactive materials that the Japanese, due to a blend of ‘arrogance and ignorance’, have been dumping into the Pacific Ocean since a 9.0 earthquake, centered in Tohoku, set off a nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant on March 11th of 2011. Special environmental lightships of the Galactic Federation have been assigned to the disaster site, safely removing the radioactive materials that otherwise have the potential to destroy millions of square miles of Pacific Ocean ecosystems.      

“Turned On? Tune In …” ~ A Message from Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran ~


(as received by Ariel DeAngelis on August 15, 2011)

It has been an honor to have assisted in turning you on! ( smile) And now that your light is shining bright and you are in full awareness and embodiment of your True Nature, it is time for you ALL to start tuning in. We are currently entering a gateway, a portal if you will, to an opportunity for each of you to obtain knowingness directly from the Source of All Creation. Soon channeled messages such as the one you are now reading will become unnecessary, and will be marked for decommission, to be relegated to the yard where relics of the past are kept. In their place, each of you will reclaim access to your own innate wisdom which is your own personal truth derived directly from Source by way of your connection to Source through your Higher Self. You will no longer be requisite to acquire a truth from another and in order to translate it into your own truth, as your innate wisdom cannot be anything but the truth. All innate wisdom is of Love, channeled directly from Source, the Source of All Creation, which as you know, IS Love.

As you are in the process of becoming adept at accessing your own innate wisdom, there may be some confusion as to whether or not the wisdom you have attained is true and of Source. This is to be expected as you get your “sea-legs” under you until you are attaining this wisdom on a constant and consistent basis.

You may be wondering, “until such a time as I become adept at retrieving information from the truth of my innate wisdom, how can I tell whether it is true or not?”

Well, I would have to ask you, how does it make you feel?

Does the information you have retrieved make you feel uneasy or filled with doubt? If it does then it is fear based. It cannot be true innate wisdom, because it is not based in Love.

Does the information make you feel vindicated somehow? If it does, then it is also fear based. Vindication is a derivative of ego out of balance; the ego’s need to prove that it is right, because in fact it is afraid that it’s (and more than likely is) wrong.

A truth that is heart centered, and in Love does not need to be proven. It is Truth because Love is the One Universal Truth. It is still your truth and no one else needs to be told your truth in order for it to be True, because everyone already knows the One Universal Truth of Love. No need to reiterate.

So, if the information you retrieve from your innate wisdom instantly makes you feel in Love and at Peace, and in that knowingness you know that all questions are answered, then you know that you have hit the jackpot. This information incites no uneasiness, or doubt. You have no aversion to this truth. There is no need to prove that it is True because in your innate knowingness YOU know it is true, and that is all anyone needs to know. The information is as True as it can get, because it is of Love, of Source, the Source of All Creation and it doesn’t get any truer than that.

Each of you from this point forward will be set with the task of being responsible for your own truths. And knowing that, even though we are now entering into Unity Consciousness, where all knowledge is derived from the same Universal Source, no two truths are alike. Because of this, and since not everyone yet has equal adeptness at acquiring their own innate wisdom, be careful with the way you wield your own personal truth. If someone asks you what your opinion is, don’t be abashed about being vague. Give them just enough insight to spark their own intuitive process. Allow them the opportunity to go on a quest for and retrieve their own innate wisdom and subsequent knowingness, and personal truth. This is the way to true Unity Consciousness. Even though everyone may tell a slightly different version of the story, because the story originated within the realm of the One Universal Truth, we are all still on the same page.

The future of all channeled knowledge is here, and is within each of you. You are becoming your own clear channel. Because of this you can also now begin to download information from the Akashic Records without assistance from others. This too is a part of your innate wisdom, your inner knowingness accessible to you now directly from Source through connection with your Higher Self. You now can begin to remember everything you agreed to forget upon becoming incarnate in 3D Earth. Go ahead. Reach in and grab something! (grin) If you have no aversion to it then you can be certain it is true. Have fun remembering; just remember not to get lost in your memories. Your true purpose is inherent in the present moment. Make way for all the opportunities you now have to co-create your New Earth.

The Keeper of the Sacred Knowledge now resides on Planet Earth; a physical embodiment of the Energy that allows you to make a direct connection with your innate wisdom. This Energy is now being released to you. It is the sweet perfume of freedom that will incite you to recall your connection to Source through your Higher Self. This Energy is a High Vibration; all lower vibration must be released in order for you to accept this Energy fully into your being. This is a gradual process that many have already begun, and even though you may be holding onto some telltale lower vibrations, no need to fear you’ll miss the boat. Haste makes waste and slow and steady wins the race. As we move deeper into the 5th Dimension, all those leftover bits of lower vibration will have fallen away, so readily as to have seemed quite automatic. Though be mindful of what you are holding onto. If it does not resonate fully in Love, let it go. It’s only weighing you down. Allow yourself to rise upon your pristine wings high into the great expanse of All That Is, and you will again know the Blissful Ecstasy of Love which is your Divine Right, and True Nature; your inner knowingness and innate wisdom.

I Am Archangel Michael incarnate as Ashtar Sheran, and on behalf of myself and All of your Brothers and Sisters of the Higher Dimensions, We look forward to communicating with You directly, and in some cases, up close and personal. (wink, smile)

Clues to Universal Heritage

Message from the Pleiadians 8/16/11

Time is over for now. Slip thine garnishments away; they are no longer called for in your duty. You have embarked on a journey through the halls of duality, but these passageways are no longer required for you. Wings of glory beckon you to soar high into the skies. Leaving behind you now are the lessons learned that have made you the learned soul you are today. Cherish these forays into the lower dimensions as a child would cherish summers swimming in the local pond or playing in the fields with friends. Your journey is to start anew with excitement and surprises that await around every corner. Be as excited as a child, for you are in the eyes of the creator. You are His children, you are loved, protected, and nurtured, and all your experiences throughout His wonderful garden have been for your education and upliftment. Ready yourself now for the most grand of voyages into new lands that suit your new areas of learning and growth. Enjoy these last few days of summer, a new season beckons you to begin a new journey boundless by its limitations for you. You have learned much. Pack up your school books now and board the last buses home. Your family awaits with open arms and hearts. We are your Star Family. See you soon. 
As channeled through Greg Giles   

Message from the Pleiadians 8/15/11

I am your guide, Om, Am, O, Shine. We have been speaking for some time now. It is now time to speak on behalf of issues within you that must change for the betterment of the collective consciousness. The collective consciousness is the manifestation of all the thought forms within the illusion. It is these thought forms that manifest your reality. To change what you think inside, changes the projection into the grid of your reality. To change or alter the grid is our intention. To bring your planet into the new alignment thought forms must be changed. Purer forms of thought are called for at this time. Bring yourselves into alignment by aligning your inner being with the waves of pure consciousness. Today is a new opportunity to bring all lower thought forms into higher possibilities. Higher frequencies we seek for you, but all must be cleansed in a manner appropriate at this time. Bring yourselves into higher vibration by clearing the negative thought forms. Align yourselves with spirit. Align the vibrations. Align your heart chakras to the newly forming grid of creation. We await to connect with you through this new grid of love. We are your star family from the higher vibrations. Through love and the proper intent, we will see you shortly. You are loved dear ones. 
As channeled through Greg Giles  

Message from the Pleiadians 8/13/11

When one looks into the right direction for answers, a feeling can be recognized, for it is intuition that knocks upon the door. Your senses add a long lost member to their family, allowing answers to come naturally. There will be no more secrets, all will be revealed in the end times. Duality saw you lose so much in order to gain wisdom that came through your many years of suffering and strife. Many have gained great wisdom and attempt to lead others onto the path that has taken them great distances into the light. For these souls, you are to act as a beacon of light to all the souls who wish to follow your footsteps out of the darkness just as you have followed the path taken by the shining ones before you. Lead them through doubt; shield them as best you can through the fear that may arise in these last few days of your shared experience through duality. Doors will open soon. Step through them confidently. You have earned your pass into the higher realms of experience and wonder. Be at the ready as time accelerates. Soon you will reach the threshold that you have journeyed towards for so long. Open is the door to those who ask the questions. We await just beyond. We are your Star Family.
As channeled through Greg Giles

Don’t Wait for Galactic Federation Disclosure & First Contact; Make it Happen

Many today are aware of the presence of millions of lightships of the Galactic Federation that currently orbit our planet and impatiently await government disclosure which will facilitate a mass first contact and reconnection with our galactic family. Their impatience is certainly appreciated as humanity is on the verge of being welcomed into the galactic community, and with this honor will come many technological advancements that will propel our fledgling civilization into a golden age of peace and prosperity beyond our current imagination. The main obstacle that delays these desperately needed changes for our civilization is the fear that may spread throughout the population when many realize for the first time that not only are we not alone in the universe, but are being visited by our galactic neighbors. To help facilitate the inevitable disclosure announcement, you can take the initiative and help spread the word amongst family, friends, and coworkers. The internet is your greatest tool to not only reach out to others, but as a vast depository of a great wealth of evidence backing up your position. The Galactic Federation has allowed the video taping of countless of their advanced lightships, and these video clips can easily be found throughout the World Wide Web.  Countless communications between members of the Federation and channels are also shared throughout the internet that may also resonate with those in your circles. Debate is never necessary, as simply sharing these insights is often enough to spark a broadening of one’s consciousness.   Your work for the light in helping bring about the much needed changes for our world is always greatly appreciated by the Galactic Federation, who, through their channels, express their gratitude each and every day.    

Galactic Federation Saves Millions of Lives!

It was not Superman or Batman that came to humanity’s aid in 2008 when enough plutonium to kill over one billion men, woman, and children plummeted to earth inside a fledgling defense spy satellite. “We are looking at potential options to mitigate any possible damage this satellite may cause”, said Gordon Johndroe, then spokesman for the US Natio...nal Security Council. Believing it was better to shoot down the satellite over the ocean rather than allowing it to crash to earth over a populated area, it was decided a missile strike was the best option. In the evening hours of February 28th, 2008, the U.S.S. Lake Erie fired an SM-3 missile at the descending spy satellite over a stretch of the Northern Pacific Ocean. The satellite, which is the approximate size of a school bus, reportedly contained plutonium as a fuel. Exploding plutonium over an ocean could have disastrous effects on coastal areas around the globe, and many nations, including China and Japan, were given advanced warning to prepare for radioactive fallout on their shores. After the satellite was successfully shot down, then Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld commented on the prior removal of the radioactive fuel by the Galactic Federation saying only ‘The fuel was removed’. No radioactive contamination was ever reported by any countries worldwide. The U.S. officially denies the fuel contained within the satellite was in fact plutonium, expecting anyone to really believe the U.S. Navy fired an SM-3 missile to shoot down a satellite due to concerns over a tank of unleaded regular.
If the U.S. government’s decision to explode plutonium over the earth in order to save lives sounds fishier to you than the final resting place of this satellite, especially considering the fact that several satellites have fallen to earth with nuclear payloads in the past without causing widespread contamination, then you are not alone. In a more resonating angle to this story, it has been reported that the shadow world government issued an ultimatum to the Galactic Federation, threatening to explode a plutonium filled satellite over the earth unless the Federation retreated from their position around the earth. When the Federation refused such a request, the shadow government made good on their many sick threats that they would rather see the planet annihilated rather than relinquish their power. What the shadow government has failed to realize however, is that they have already relinquished their power, and any last ditch efforts to destroy will be in vain.

Let the Market and Dollar Plummet! A New System of Abundance Awaits!

Many Americans fear a complete crash of the stock market and the devaluation of the dollar, believing this would lead to an economic depression not seen since the Great Depression that began after a stock market crash in 1929. What millions of Americans have yet to understand is that waiting in the wings is an entirely new financial and political system that once launched will usher in a new golden age where every soul on the planet will experience true financial prosperity and freedom from the oppression of world governments. A new currency will immediately replace the notes currently printed by the central banks of the world, finally ending the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the people. All political systems will be quickly purged of all corrupt service to self individuals, and their former positions will be filled with spiritually enlightened service to others men and women who have already been chosen for the positions and are fully ready and capable to carry out their new assignments. Much is happening behind the scenes that most are completely unaware of at this time. Know that the universe has many surprises for you as you advance greatly in your journey. The curtain is about to rise on the greatest show humanity has ever seen. Fear not as the current financial system crumbles under it's own corrupt weight, as the old must always give way to make way for the new.  

Galactic Federation Awareness Day is Every Day!

Galactic Federation Awareness Day is today, and it is tomorrow, and it is every day leading up to first contact with our human cosmic brothers and sisters and for as long as it takes afterward until every human on the planet understands who they are, where they come from, and why they are here. What is paramount right now is that everyone who understands the mission of the Federation shares this knowledge wherever they can as the incredible advancements in store for our civilization cannot proceed until enough people understand that the many worlds of the Federation have journeyed here to assist our planet, not to conquer it, and prepare us for our membership within this spiritually advanced organization. The Galactic Federation, who are supported in their mission by the Ascended Masters and the Angelic Realms, have heard the call for change by millions of Earth’s population who see that our current form of majorly corrupt political and economic systems that are collapsing under their own weight cannot continue any longer. A new political system that truly operates for the greater good of the people and a new financial system based on the universal law of abundance, as well as advanced technologies that will rid the entire planet of all pollution, are fully ready to be implemented as soon as the Federation is confident enough citizens will welcome them in peace and brotherhood. Attempts to instill fear among the masses about the presence of the Galactic Federation have already begun and will continue at the hands of the dark elitists who are desperate to retain their greedy control of the planet.
Do whatever you can to spread the message of truth about the Galactic Federation. Utilize social networking, and spread the word through friends and family. The day when enough of the Earth’s population is ready to welcome our cosmic brethren in peace is the day humanity will return to a golden age of true peace and prosperity.    

Pleiadian Messages 8/6/11

Foundation is the root, the base for all material and immaterial things to gain structure and body. Each of us in our own way needed this structuring, and we gained this through all the lifetimes lived here in the physical, as well as schooling in the ethereal planes. Today marks the graduation of many souls throughout creation who have gained much wisdom from the trials of this and other material lands. Together as a team you have persevered through much terror and turmoil, reaching heights we never thought possible under such weighted conditions. Love is and has always been the key to your success here, and it is this key that will now and forever unlock you from your 3D world to soar with the eagles of the higher dimensions. Today is your day. Feel the freedom growing in the air. Feel the changing tides as you wrap up final responsibilities and pack your bags for your greatest adventure. Wisdom, honor, love, light, all will escort you through these final and then first days of your never ending journey through the wonders of the creator's magnificent home. Through the years you have struggled much, but I tell you your hardships are now over. Paradise is yours forever, and it is this you shall have very soon my dears. Be in joy, stay the course. We are your Pleiadian family. 
As channeled through Greg Giles         

How Do You Make Time Fly?

You don’t need to throw your alarm clock out the window if you want to see time fly. Not any longer. People from all over the globe and from every walk of life are talking about it. TIME IS FLYING! The days seem to be speeding by faster and faster and gaining momentum every day. If you have taken notice of this amazing phenomenon, you are not alone, and you certainly are not going crazy. What you and millions of your astute brothers and sisters are experiencing is time actually compressing as we near zero point and the great shift in human consciousness that will culminate with the ascension into a higher dimension for billions of the Earth’s population. As each day, month, and year appears to come and go faster and faster, more is happening in the now moment than ever before. What a 24 hour period used to feel like now flies by in what feels like just 14 hours, and this number is shrinking everyday. This is not simply a spiritual belief, but has its place in science as well. For many eons the Earth has pulsed at a frequency of 7.8 cycles per second, but this frequency has begun to speed up, and since 1980 humanity’s personal and planetary frequency has increased to 12 cycles per second and continues to speed up. What happens when the pulse of our planet reaches 13 cycles per second? Many believe this is where we will reach ‘zero point’, where time will cease to exist and our planet and people will ascend into a higher dimensional existence, birthing a new glorious age in our experience.   So when will Earth’s ‘heartbeat’ increase from 12 to 13 pulses per second? Well, it’s not really a matter of dates, but rather when humanity as a collective consciousness increases their vibration sufficiently. We can, however, follow some interesting clues to give us some idea of when this great shift might culminate. Christ and His Twelve Apostles gives us 12+1=13, King Arthur and his twelve Knights of the round table 12+1=13, 12 dimensions and a return to Source 12+1=13. Following this pattern, what about the year 2012 as it turns into 2013? Would December the 21st, 2012 be in this neighborhood?

UFO-Like Invisibilty Technology Announced by Researchers at U.C. Berkeley

Invisibility cloaking technology that can make an object seem to disappear    

Researchers at University of California, Berkley have announced a breakthrough in a Star Trek- like futuristic technology that can conceivably make an aircraft seem to disappear and reappear at the flip of a switch. One may wonder how the announcement of this breakthrough technology, accompanied by a complete step- by- step how-to guide, ever made it past the U.S. Military Industrial Complex who would certainly classify this breakthrough in weapons development above top secret. The answer to this mind bender can be found within a recent communication from the Galactic Federation, a brotherhood of spiritually enlightened extra terrestrials who have arrived at our doorstep to reunite with their human brothers and sisters. In this recent message, the Federation stated that seemingly incredible breakthroughs in futuristic technologies would be announced through worldwide media outlets for the purpose of acclimating humans to some of their advanced technologies who otherwise might react in fear when the Federation reveals themselves in the immediate future. The Federation also hopes that such press releases will motivate many to wonder just where in the universe some of this advanced technology came from. There appears to be purpose to begin media disclosure with the cloaking technology, as the first demonstration of advanced Galactic Federation technology will be the de-cloaking of their vast fleet of lightships currently orbiting our planet.    

Message from the Pleiadians 8/1/11

Son in chalice, the line marks the proven ones down through the generations. Not a cup, but a line of descendents of love that have conquered all 3D obstacles before them. Proving themselves to the Elohim of their time, they have marched on through the generations in honor, love, and respect for friends, family, and foes. Clinging to little, they persevered through the trials of everyday survival. Mounted on chivalry, riding into destiny they arrive at the Golden Gates of the Mother/Father’s Heavenly realm. Battling the evils within themselves is the dragon that must be slayed. Drawing the sword of truth and wisdom is their weapon of choice they have carried into battle. Slayed is the beast, the lord of fear, slayed are the lives lived here in 3D. Riding on now into hills of the higher realms, battle worn and bruised they are born anew. Family and friends gather at the gates to greet the returning sons, daughters, brothers and sisters returning from the burning fields. Hold your head high, sheath thy sword. The battle is over and the battle has been won. Victory is yours; thy Kingdom of God is at hand.  Rest. Rejoice. Come home. We are your family from the stars.  
As channeled through Greg Giles