Raw Food Diet Day Two

Things are looking up for me on day two of the Raw Food Diet as I have purchased a handgun and one bullet from an online gun shop. Okay, just kidding. The diet is actually not that bad at all, the fruit smoothies are delicious, and it feels really great to finish a meal knowing that instead of poisoning myself with anti-ascension toxins that have been purposely added to our foods, I fed my body essential Life Force energies. I experienced a real feeling of accomplishment after each meal and at the end of the day. (See Day One for an overview of the Raw Food Diet).  I seemed to feel a bit tired on day one, either as a result of the natural sugars contained in fruit, or because my body is now shifting the way it burns food for energy. Regardless, my body will adapt just fine in the next few days. I will post again when my telepathic connection with my guide is restored and update my weight loss for those interested in beginning the diet for these reasons.