Understanding Dimensions

As we approach the culmination of the ascension at the end of 2012, the understanding of a few fundamentals are called for, that is, if you wish to have a bearing on where it is you are going. Understanding the concept of dimensions is essential, and is an important point on your universal compass. Firstly, let’s clear up a misconception, or rather, misinformation, that we were all fed during our brainwashing in school. We were taught that the first three dimensions are the height, width, and length of an object, and the time it took to travel around this object is the 4th dimension. Theories were then introduced regarding other dimensions. These dimensions were angled, sliced, squeezed, and contorted to intersect the first three dimensions.  I have to catch my breath at the moment, as I am laughing hysterically. Dimensions are, in reality, much like the 12 grades of an educational system. (And seriously, isn't this planet a lot like the third grade?) Each dimension is distinguished from the others according to frequency. The higher the rate of frequency, the higher the dimension. The 3rd dimension is where we currently reside, and it is a dimension of duality. Us and them, good and evil, abundance and poverty, war and peace, everything that exists within our dimension has a dual, or opposite point. This is our curriculum here, to experience the dual points of this reality, and all lessons here are designed to further our advancement, allowing us to graduate to a higher dimension. When we 'die', we do not necessarily graduate to a higher dimension. (If you leave school without passing your courses, are you invited to the graduation ceremony?) Instead, our soul travels to the 4th dimension where we can reflect on our previous lifetime. Under the guidance of our councilors, we study lessons learned, lessons missed, and the paths we chose during the previous incarnation. If you feel you are quite content incarnating into this dimension you are certainly free to stay, the choice is entirely yours. For those who feel the experience of duality no longer serves them, much of humanity, if not all, will soon be ascending into the 5th dimension. There are no dual points in this dimension; all are one, all is love. This is why humanity's ascension to a higher dimension is also known as the 'singularity' event, as opposed to our experience here in 'duality'. Throughout this lifetime you may have referred to the 5th dimension as ‘The Kingdom of Heaven’, although I believe it would be quite acceptable to refer to all the higher dimensions as the 'Heavenly Realms'.

So what does all this have to do with 2012? There are grand ceremonies scheduled for 2011 & 2012. All souls who choose to begin a new experience in the higher dimensions will be 'graduating' during these last days of our current age. Many of our brothers and sisters who have yet to complete their lessons in duality will be able to continue their schooling in worlds similar to our current civilization, though Earth will no longer be available for this purpose. Our planet is a living, breathing, conscious being, her name is Gaia, and she too will be ascending to a higher plane of existence with her children. (I must mention here another possibility, as it is believed by some that the Earth will ‘energetically’, not physically keep in mind, but energetically, split into two separate spheres in 2012, a 3rd dimensional world and a 5th dimensional world.)  
There is much more to understand about dimensions, but I hope this brief tutorial sheds some light on this important subject. I have to ship a Christmas gift now, and UPS wants to know the dimensions of the package. “It’s in the 3rd dimension now. If you don’t get here and pick it up soon, it will be in the 5th dimension.” He hung up.